Critical Role - Mighty Nein Intro


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  • pernus
    pernus Day ago

    So fucking good!!!!

  • Twichl
    Twichl Day ago

    You really have to slow this down just to take in all the DETAIL that these masters have worked into this thing. Pause at 1:00 it's such an absolutely gorgeous frame

  • Adam Wimmer
    Adam Wimmer Day ago

    The transition from Yashas sword to the stick with Molly's coat on it was beautiful. It hit me right in the feels.

  • João Pedro Gaelzer

    great opening... inspired me!

  • Shadow Lord
    Shadow Lord Day ago

    😳 cool

  • Lazy Lion
    Lazy Lion Day ago

    This intro is the reason i started watching the entire series XD

  • iylila
    iylila Day ago

    Every time I see Yasha's sword become Molly's death marker my heart breaks a little. The way the music fades and how we see Caduceus in his graveyard somehow makes it that much more heartbreaking.

  • Meme Obsessed
    Meme Obsessed 2 days ago

    And all the headphone users are sitting there just like:
    *Ooooohhhh yeahhhh....*

  • Graham Fenn
    Graham Fenn 2 days ago

    Yasha is a fucking badass, I wish she could be developed more

  • andrew simat
    andrew simat 2 days ago

    looking for animated tv series with this kind of animation style. If you know any please tell me

  • Ohiomoon18
    Ohiomoon18 2 days ago

    Tbh, the best part of this video is the hooded DM of Matt Mercer going through a bunch of his NPCs that he's created. The genius idea to add his NPCs and the pure ominous feeling of it is perfect. Apart from that, it's my bias as a DM that makes me like it so much

  • Tawny Ventura
    Tawny Ventura 2 days ago

    Okay but the transition between Yasha and Molly... The glaive stabbing downwards... that can't be a coincidence

  • Chloé Bahuaud
    Chloé Bahuaud 2 days ago

    Is that a serie? Where can I watch it? It looks so cool!

  • zap 4th
    zap 4th 2 days ago

    1:24 .... i just realized..... is that a beholder eyestalk?

  • Hripoy Koren
    Hripoy Koren 2 days ago

    Critical Role is my favorite anime

  • Jellyfish King
    Jellyfish King 2 days ago

    Me rewatching for the 6th time? It’s more likely than you think

  • Grant Phillips
    Grant Phillips 2 days ago

    Chills every time

  • cartoon80s90s
    cartoon80s90s 2 days ago

    Every time I watch the animated intro play I think that this is the most epic thing I have ever seen. Perfect animation, music and lyrics.
    I just hope that one day we'll get an animated series, voiced by the nerdy-ass voice actors we love.

  • Luciano Gug
    Luciano Gug 3 days ago

    Epic just epic

  • FoggyHunterX
    FoggyHunterX 3 days ago

    So... any chance you might do one for TFS Natural Oneders?

  • Kal-El Steel
    Kal-El Steel 3 days ago

    1:05 ow my heart. the fact it plays with the words ''roll the dice'' just really got me

  • sapphire dicson
    sapphire dicson 3 days ago

    Awesome intro!

  • The Night
    The Night 3 days ago

    ABSOLUTELY love it!

  • Reevews
    Reevews 3 days ago

    How much would they need to make a full anime do you think?

  • readalot
    readalot 3 days ago


  • Aussie Daz
    Aussie Daz 3 days ago

    I Wish i could thumbs up more than once. Best intro EVER!!!

  • Valerie Labarre
    Valerie Labarre 3 days ago +1

    a Tumblr post made me realize that just before they start chanting mighty nein in the background at like 0:15 you hear Vox Machina faintly. and I think that's just great.

  • Dungeon Master
    Dungeon Master 4 days ago +1

    Sam said that Travis also sings in this, so you might want to change the credits.

  • psycho kitteh
    psycho kitteh 4 days ago

    I fucking adore this... thank you for this masterpiece

  • Maxime Paquette
    Maxime Paquette 4 days ago

    This is just amazing!!! I love you guys!!

  • Joseph Mort
    Joseph Mort 4 days ago

    They just can't get over Travis's falchion...

  • JazzKetchupIV
    JazzKetchupIV 4 days ago

    Just one more time. Just one more time.

  • Kyle Ketron
    Kyle Ketron 4 days ago

    this is by far the greatest thing ive ever seen i just got into d&d and i love every moment of this new hobbie.

  • LtLampshade
    LtLampshade 5 days ago +1

    I've accidently stumbled across spoilers, haven't I?

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 5 days ago

    Hey is it alright if I use this song to make an animation for my own campaign?

  • TheRagnarok 3320
    TheRagnarok 3320 5 days ago

    Does anyone else hear "and your nerdy ass friends" insted of "nerdy best friends"?

  • TheRagnarok 3320
    TheRagnarok 3320 5 days ago

    I will?l never acomplish something like this

  • The Lich
    The Lich 5 days ago


  • Nick Hilts
    Nick Hilts 5 days ago +1

    Animated Series anyone? I know I’m not the only one who’d sponsor it...

  • Malvisk
    Malvisk 5 days ago +1

    I find myself returning to this video repeatedly! Love it!

  • Itai Sprachman
    Itai Sprachman 5 days ago +1

    This how D&D looks to us players

  • Neffarious Panda
    Neffarious Panda 6 days ago

    I thought Yasha's wings were more skeletal than batlike. Didn't Matt describe her wings as skeletal during her mourning of Molly?

  • Pixlated Mic
    Pixlated Mic 6 days ago

    I wish my group was this good at D&D. Half of the group rolls 5 and under and the other half rarely show up. And im a first time DM so so far im having the worst experience. I think i'll end the campaign with a bang...unleashing the terrask (how ever you spell that world ending monsters name)

  • Everfree
    Everfree 6 days ago


  • Queen Qwerty
    Queen Qwerty 6 days ago +1

    petition to make past critical role episodes an animated series

  • Digital Hammer
    Digital Hammer 6 days ago

    I have heard of critical role but never bothered watching it I now plan to binge it

    • ajs1031
      ajs1031 5 days ago

      Just a hint. Watch it at 1.25 speed. You won't miss anything, and you'll save about 150 hours.
      Welcome to Critterdom.

    • LaughingAtYou
      LaughingAtYou 5 days ago

      Good luck, an enjoy. Only around 700 hours of content :)

  • LifeJust DoesntCare
    LifeJust DoesntCare 6 days ago

    We need to make them into a complete cartoon

  • ghostofgeek
    ghostofgeek 6 days ago

    Is that Asharladon at the end?

  • Thomas Hall
    Thomas Hall 6 days ago +2

    im watching this in a playlist and im crying harder after animatics about molly help

  • Joshua Morales
    Joshua Morales 6 days ago

    If anybody could give me a name to look up to find more music that sounds like this that'd be highly appreciated, like it's somewhere between stock ballads and anime theme song

  • DragonFartMaysa
    DragonFartMaysa 6 days ago

    Haha I wish my campaign had an epic intro ;-;

  • Cataru Moore
    Cataru Moore 7 days ago +1

    Why is this not just an anime. like My God. Someone make an animated adaptation of this campaign.

  • Anddroiden
    Anddroiden 7 days ago

    this might actually be the best minute and a half of animation i have ever seen

  • reck84
    reck84 7 days ago

    If this was a cartoon, I would watch the shit out of it :D

  • ashez2ashes
    ashez2ashes 7 days ago +1

    I'm still shocked that Netflix hasn't decided to make a critical roll animated show. It just seems like a gold mine ready to be plundered.

  • Magi V
    Magi V 7 days ago +5

    I really, REALLY need an animation of Vox Machina to this song. Please. Unfortunately I can't animate, but to all you genious creative folks out there, get on it! You can do it!

  • Elysium
    Elysium 8 days ago

    I have watched this so many times. It never gets old.

  • Pizzapocalypse
    Pizzapocalypse 8 days ago

    We need a animated show of this!!

  • whitegrowsthelily
    whitegrowsthelily 8 days ago +1

    Anyone else notice Beau's blushing as she watches Yasha at 0:29?

  • Norman Pyle
    Norman Pyle 8 days ago

    The Caduceus turn undead scene still gives me chills after watching this about a million times!

  • alex gahan
    alex gahan 8 days ago +1

    They've spoiled me now, I'm gonna have a hard time watching animatics know, knowing this gold exists

  • Jacob Hoover
    Jacob Hoover 8 days ago +1

    Laura Bailey and Ashley Johnson sync well with each other.

  • wsuhoey
    wsuhoey 8 days ago

    Hooray! The theme song is on Spotify!

  • MinniMaster
    MinniMaster 8 days ago

    Yo if anyone could make an animated intro like this for OutsideXbox and OutsideXtra’s Oxventure, that’d be spectacular

  • Aether Solz
    Aether Solz 8 days ago

    dude, if they turned the mighty nein into a animated series id watch that shit

  • tico zayas
    tico zayas 8 days ago

    Want to dl this song, title??? Or link would be even better...

  • Muhammad Zaki
    Muhammad Zaki 8 days ago

    Don't mind me
    0:31 Caleb seeing through on Frumpkin's eyes
    0:52 Fjord blinked in his action sequence
    1:16 Caduceus healed Beau's scar in her tricep

  • Theseus Rahl
    Theseus Rahl 8 days ago


  • Dylan Baker
    Dylan Baker 8 days ago

    That gave me goose bumps😂

  • Todd- Bomb
    Todd- Bomb 9 days ago

    I love this so much!

  • Anubis Awaits
    Anubis Awaits 9 days ago +1

    Is this Dungeons and Dragons? If so, catch me up on who critical role is

    • ajs1031
      ajs1031 9 days ago +3

      Seriously? OK, look. Up in your youtube search bar type in "Critical Role Arrival at Kraghammer". And strap yourself in.
      Critical Role is a way of life. Several extremely nerdy Voice Actors (video games, cartoons, the woman singing most of this song is Patterson from the show Blindspot) got together to play D&D. After a year they thought about filming it. What resulted was one of the best shows ever to be put on Air, absolutely unscripted, and exactly like being in the room when some group is playing D&D.
      If you've ever played tabletop D&D then this show will remind you of every session you've ever played with your friends. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be angry, happy, sad, shocked, and pretty much every other emotion you can imagine.
      I'll warn you though. There are now more filmed hours of Critical Role than there are of Star Trek.

  • Mrsmusicaddict4evr
    Mrsmusicaddict4evr 9 days ago +1

    I need a DnD anime with these voice actors RIGHT now. Please make this an animated series/anime please.

  • Decoy Rants
    Decoy Rants 9 days ago


  • Theo Salmon
    Theo Salmon 9 days ago

    This is seriously so dope

  • Jacob Colby
    Jacob Colby 9 days ago

    Fuckin Epic 🤯🤘🏻

  • Sage Schispell
    Sage Schispell 9 days ago

    There's so many subtle details in this intro and it's so damn cool and the song is amazing and I can't literally find any single thing that bothers me and it gave me chills, even in the moment the mimic opens up I thought Yasha was completely static but if you watch ehr eyes they open slightly, so much damn attention to little tiny detail in this I love it!!!!

  • Assy mcgee
    Assy mcgee 9 days ago

    OMG please some have to make an anime about this I bet anyone the plays DND or appreciates any kind of those games I bet they would watch this show throughout the end of time if anybody thinks otherwise they're fools I would bet they can make a profit out of this and I bet it wouldn't boost the channel to a whole different level.and anybody that cares for this channel try to make a donation so this can come to life as an animation and for d&d players everywhere. I'll probably think it might go through 5 seasons give or take.

  • alexanderjames mackenzie
    alexanderjames mackenzie 10 days ago +2

    anyone else really want a Netflix cartoon series based on the webseries after watching this

  • A1mightyDeath
    A1mightyDeath 10 days ago +1

    Holy shit I got chills 10/10

    • A1mightyDeath
      A1mightyDeath 10 days ago

      Also this would be an amazing fucking intro to an animation series.

  • efrain lopez
    efrain lopez 10 days ago +1

    I just got into dnd for my kids. I happen to critical roll because of matt (overwatch fan) now I'm obsessed with the show. Can't get enough

  • NerdyGirlCosplay
    NerdyGirlCosplay 10 days ago

    This looks really cool!

  • Cláudio Sousa
    Cláudio Sousa 10 days ago

    i'm loving the music so much

  • Mikki Meyhem
    Mikki Meyhem 10 days ago

    Chills. Literal chills.

  • Connor Treadaway
    Connor Treadaway 10 days ago

    the mighty 9 is cool and tack mack is today at 7:00 pm

  • Kaleo Andrew
    Kaleo Andrew 10 days ago +1

    Where is Moly?

    • sheamus
      sheamus 9 days ago

      This trailer ruined it for me too. You're close-ish just let it be a surprise.

    • Kaleo Andrew
      Kaleo Andrew 10 days ago

      +GoombaGenocide i'm at ep 14 right now, just tell me if its close to the "fact "

    • GoombaGenocide
      GoombaGenocide 10 days ago +1

      Do you really want an answer? It's a BIG spoiler

  • iTz Olie
    iTz Olie 10 days ago

    Holy shit... this is epic

  • Nate North
    Nate North 10 days ago


  • BerntBaloney13
    BerntBaloney13 10 days ago

    It says Laura Bailey and Ashley Johnson are singing I can't tell who is doing what part but holy shit they have an amazing voice... but their voice actors... yeah but just because you have 1 talent with your voice doesn't mean you should get all...

    • Michael Hayden
      Michael Hayden 9 days ago +1

      0:27-0:36 Laura
      0:36-0:44 Laura & Ashley
      0:48-0:57 Ashley
      0:57-1:05 Ashley & Laura

    • sheamus
      sheamus 9 days ago

      Ashley can sing pretty well and I mostly hear her. I think Laura, Sam, and Travis are doing backup vocals

  • Livia Ferrer
    Livia Ferrer 11 days ago


  • Marcelo Gimenez
    Marcelo Gimenez 11 days ago

    Is it Thursday yet?

  • Micaela Santos
    Micaela Santos 11 days ago

    this is beautiful wth. so well made

  • Koffee Bat
    Koffee Bat 11 days ago +4

    Never seen critical roll... Think I its time to see that now

    • OkamiRose
      OkamiRose 9 days ago

      Koffee Bat Enjoy the ride! Start on campaign 2 (these characters) since there's less episodes. Campaign one has different characters (played by the same people) and over 100 3-4 hour episodes.

  • Ester Aquino
    Ester Aquino 11 days ago +1

    I can't get over this intro 😫😄😂😊

  • Logan
    Logan 11 days ago

    Hhhooolllyyyyy ssshhiiiizzzzzzzz

  • Sam
    Sam 11 days ago +1

    I dont even watch critical role but seeing molly's coat at 1:05 hurt

  • Harrison Kyriacou
    Harrison Kyriacou 11 days ago +1

    I get chills every time

  • Clara Bonon
    Clara Bonon 11 days ago +1

    1:05 when will it stop hurting?

  • Letícia Aurora
    Letícia Aurora 11 days ago +1

    Guys, can the cast sing these theme song in the live show this month?? :')

  • Sanguinius on vacation

    Just got back from Sacanime, and let me tell you the amount of critters in cosplay this year was wonderful ! The only 2 characters I didn't see where Grog and Scan , I did see a Ruby, a terry, and a Pumat though!

  • Barry B. Benson
    Barry B. Benson 11 days ago

    This took 5 months. I can’t begin to feel the pain they must have felt when molly died and they needed to re do a lot of the scenes.