Critical Role - Mighty Nein Intro

  • Published on Dec 7, 2018
  • It's your turn to Role! Check out the new Mighty Nein Critical Role intro and roll on over to Geek & Sundry's Twitch, TVclip, or to catch the show!
    Critical Role is live on Alpha and better than ever! Enjoy Critical Role with exclusive real-time dynamic character sheets, damage and heal animations, and special visualizations. Start your 30-day free trial at
    Animation: Kamille Areopagita & Kevin Areopagita
    Song Title: Your Turn To Roll (Critical Role Theme)
    Written by Sam Riegel and Jason Charles Miller
    Lyrics by Sam Riegel
    Produced by Jason Charles Miller
    Vocals: Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel
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  • Jay eff
    Jay eff 6 hours ago

    I totally could imagine the Mighty Nein being in an adventure on discworld

  • TheSinfultictac
    TheSinfultictac 9 hours ago

    I'm so behind 😭, being hones here, not looking forward to Molly's death

  • Nolan McMillan
    Nolan McMillan 12 hours ago

    The goosebumps are real.
    Every single time. I can honestly say this is my favorite intro of any tv show, movie, or anime. It has the most personal, creative, individual styles and scenes. Each one is specially tailored to each of the specifc characters backstories and tendencies. I especially love the beggining chorus. With sams light "Critical....." And then the deep almost gutteral "ROLE"
    So much so to where it almost sounds like itd saying ROH
    Critical ROH
    Critical ROH
    It is honestly just perfect and extremely well done.
    And Ashelys vocals are amazing.
    And especially how if you notice the majority of the lyrics are timed extremely well with each individual scene.
    It is honestly my favorite thing ever.
    Natural 20 out of 10.
    Also i love how well the significane of the loss of Mollymauk is played. Because even though we still continue the campaign ever epsisode we see the Loss where he used to be, and it shows us exactly how the characters still go on and it is so realistic. Loss is something you really never forget about, it is always there. But you have to keep going and I just love how Matt and the entire crew never forget that he was there. And while Caducese is being played by Talisan as well not only is he a competely different character, he is what the group needs. They need someone to help them heal on an emotional level and not only is Cad a reminder of what they lost he is also the motivation for them to not make the same mistake and to keep going.

  • Scott Bruckner
    Scott Bruckner 15 hours ago

    Is that supposed to say no in German?!

  • Ann-Marie Ellis
    Ann-Marie Ellis 18 hours ago



  • CrimsonKingdom
    CrimsonKingdom 20 hours ago

    If we don't see that fuggin' dragon that appears at the end, I'm gonna be livid

  • Panda The Commanda
    Panda The Commanda 23 hours ago

    Natural 1

  • Akhmad Djuraev
    Akhmad Djuraev Day ago


  • Patrick Meiling
    Patrick Meiling Day ago

    I just came again

  • Cocoa Bean
    Cocoa Bean Day ago

    Where tf is mollymauk

  • Karak Dalík
    Karak Dalík Day ago

    Woa, that´s awersome, not just as Intro but it would be a great advert for the game itself.
    Watching this makes me envy those who are able to enjoy this game with friends.

    • Ashton Lavender
      Ashton Lavender 22 hours ago

      +Karak Dalík you could ask him to ask you to clarify if he feels he doesn't understand. Also, if you get frustrated when people don't get what you mean (which I also do) try to take a breath and think what you wanna say over before speaking. It takes a lot of time, but I'm sure you can do it!
      Ps: venting and asking for advice is perfectly alright!

    • Karak Dalík
      Karak Dalík 22 hours ago

      +Ashton Lavender Ok, *he loves exaggerate* , and sometimes he understands things differently than I ment them, but that is mostly my fault because I didn´t explain it enough . But I know that I should talk to *him* about it and not complain on the internet.

    • Ashton Lavender
      Ashton Lavender Day ago

      +Karak Dalík what kind of misunderstandings? I could help you work it out. The first step to solving a problem is knowing what it is!

    • Karak Dalík
      Karak Dalík Day ago

      +Ashton Lavender I'm really grateful for your willingness but also I feel ashamed for crying like a little child. Truth is that I play similar game with brother. I meant it I wish that I could just sit to table and experience awersome stories, in my sad reality we mostly just argue over misunderstandings... I should stop whining. So thanks for your kindness.

    • Ashton Lavender
      Ashton Lavender Day ago

      If you have discord or Skype, I've been meaning to try out a duet (dnd with one player)!

  • GhostKingLink
    GhostKingLink 2 days ago

    1:00 killed me
    I really miss Molly :(

  • Bronwyn Alayne
    Bronwyn Alayne 2 days ago

    man... i need to catch up when i have a free year of my life.

  • kirara2516
    kirara2516 2 days ago

    Wait. This isn't official? It looks it! Btw the wster guy with the staff reminds me of Sokka from Avatar

  • Brendan Willis
    Brendan Willis 2 days ago

    Coolness animated

  • William Burkes
    William Burkes 2 days ago

    Make this show real

  • Sean Guzman
    Sean Guzman 2 days ago


  • Shawn Redmon
    Shawn Redmon 3 days ago

    I can't wait to watch this!!

  • praise the sun
    praise the sun 3 days ago

    Here i'm just starting to watch asking myself who the heck is this pink haired person and where is Molly

  • TheMemester439
    TheMemester439 3 days ago

    I love the synch on the staff dropping. I also just noticed that you can see Shakasta in the DM book at the end and I love it.

  • DuckDragon
    DuckDragon 3 days ago +1

    I got a dnd boner while watching this

  • NakiaMoraye
    NakiaMoraye 3 days ago

    For the record if any of you somehow missed it, we ARE getting an animated CR!

  • David Chick
    David Chick 4 days ago +2

    I absolutely love this animation style. Depending on the success of their vox machina animated series here I really hope we can see the animated mighty nein become a thing... That Jester is off the charts adorable!

  • Rhino in a suit
    Rhino in a suit 4 days ago

    seeing Molly's grave made me cry.

  • Rag Tag Review
    Rag Tag Review 4 days ago +2

    The animation style reminds me of Topcraft from the 1970's and 80's specifically The Last Unicorn, Return of the King, and The Hobbit, but more fluid and vibrant than what could have been done back in the day. Some of the animation in this intro is truly stunning and it amazes me only two people pulled it off.

  • Anika Przybilla
    Anika Przybilla 4 days ago


  • Glitch_FACE
    Glitch_FACE 4 days ago

    Wish they had included Molly. Like, even if a character dies they get into the OP right?

    • Glitch_FACE
      Glitch_FACE 23 hours ago

      +LuckyDragon yeah i get there would have been issues with including him. I just wish that he had even gotten a cameo of some sortl

    • LuckyDragon
      LuckyDragon Day ago

      Well, there's his cloak... and the animators originally had scenes planned with Molly (e.g. he was in the cart at the opening), but, y'know...

  • Kairo Studio
    Kairo Studio 5 days ago

    We need this cartoon on Netflix!

  • Emily Carter
    Emily Carter 5 days ago +1

    My favorite thing about this intro is when the livestream starts and the entire chat starts chanting

  • Cora
    Cora 5 days ago

    1:00 god tier animation tf

  • KrYpToOn SpOoPy
    KrYpToOn SpOoPy 5 days ago

    1:08 Are you trying to make me cry!

  • AntiHype Player
    AntiHype Player 5 days ago


  • Einflys
    Einflys 6 days ago

    Look on the bright side, theres no terrasque!

  • TheAero1221
    TheAero1221 6 days ago

    1 year ago: Heh heh, DnD is for weird nerds...
    Recently: ...I ...I was wrong. DnD is so cool. People just hate what they don't understand.

  • Yuri Maldonado
    Yuri Maldonado 6 days ago


  • Deltamel
    Deltamel 6 days ago +2

    Now, I haven't listened to Crit Role yet (it's on my list of things to listen to), this is absolutely STUNNING. The animation itself, the music, the camera angles, the showing of characters in a way so that you get an idea of them just by looking at them? It is absolutely beautiful. Now I'm gonna watch this a couple times more, it just looks so damn good.

    • Deltamel
      Deltamel 5 days ago +1

      +A L Elliott yeah ive probably watched this more than a 'couple' times at this point

    • A L Elliott
      A L Elliott 5 days ago +1

      A couple times is not enough

  • Raccoon
    Raccoon 6 days ago

    Я когда хочу вдохновиться, пересматриваю этот клип. Спасибо авторам

  • Xotean
    Xotean 6 days ago +1

    Is the blue girl a tiefling? Or am i totally wrong?

    • Xotean
      Xotean 5 days ago

      +Bernice Summerfield Sweet, thanks man.

    • Bernice Summerfield
      Bernice Summerfield 6 days ago +1

      Yes, a blue tiefling called Jester (played by Laura Bailey who's also the 1st woman who sings in the intro.)

  • Maniac Magge
    Maniac Magge 6 days ago +1

    It'd be the perfect show, comedy, drama, loss, valuable lessons, kick ass fights. It'll be *glorious*

    • Maniac Magge
      Maniac Magge 6 days ago

      And to be fair alot of dnd campaigns would make awesome shows and I don't know why there isn't more movies based off them

  • 8Ansa
    8Ansa 7 days ago

    been listening to this on repeat since yesterday, its such a good thing to have in the background

  • Gerardo
    Gerardo 7 days ago

    Speed X2 works surprisingly well.

  • Trevision
    Trevision 7 days ago

    Ok, this is epic.

  • Richard Weir
    Richard Weir 7 days ago

    Welp. Something happened to Mollymock and I kinda spoiled it for myself. Looking forward to what happens. (Ep 14 currently)

  • Максим Челнаков

    Is this wierd that i have a boner?

  • Tyler Mcgilvery
    Tyler Mcgilvery 8 days ago

    Beau totally gets hated at the end

  • Saphilipine
    Saphilipine 8 days ago

    Oh damn

  • Hunter Vlad
    Hunter Vlad 9 days ago

    Molly 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Misfit Logic
    Misfit Logic 9 days ago

    What's the connection between Taelisin and the Raven and mollymauk

    • A L Elliott
      A L Elliott 7 days ago

      The Raven is the Raven Queen goddess of death

    OTAKUGIRL55 9 days ago

    37 days from now, that Kickstarter will have enough money to animate BOTH Campaigns (once the Mighty Nein is done, of course)

  • Teeter Totter
    Teeter Totter 10 days ago +1

    Goosebumps everytime

  • cak01vej
    cak01vej 10 days ago +2

    I don't remember how I found this, but after hearing this song I started investigating what "Critical Role" and "The Mighty Nein" were...
    Now I'm halfway (ish) through the first campaign, trying to catch up with the stream.

    • A L Elliott
      A L Elliott 7 days ago

      These are great stories

    • cak01vej
      cak01vej 10 days ago

      +Eivind Kvitberg Woah, thanks. I hadn't heard that one.
      I can't wait to catch up with the series! :D

    • Eivind Kvitberg
      Eivind Kvitberg 10 days ago +2

      Same story. I first saw the D&D Beyond Official Theme and thought "Wow, someone made an intro for a hypothetical D&D TV show" but didn't really think much of it after that. Then this showed up in my recommended feed and somewhere in the middle, I recognized the characters to be the same. That's when I knew I had to check this out.

  • NedMusic
    NedMusic 10 days ago +2

    I like this intro better than the Vox Machina one. But maybe I'm biased. :)

  • Joshua Rougeaux
    Joshua Rougeaux 10 days ago

    I wish this was the show. As much as I like Vox Machina, the Mighty Nein are my babes. T_T

    • Ghostie
      Ghostie 10 days ago

      I'm sure if the animated VM specials are sucsessful enough, they will make a MN one.

  • YourAverageManiac
    YourAverageManiac 10 days ago

    Now I want to learn to animate or at least draw well to make something of me and my group

  • jackyboy777666
    jackyboy777666 10 days ago

    Yasha sword drive to Molly wow!!!!

  • 1990Lejanne
    1990Lejanne 11 days ago +1

    Hopefully this will be the next Kickstarter ;)

  • Potato King
    Potato King 11 days ago

    I'm not even joking,when our DM put this on for us to listen to at the e d when it says"it's your turn to roll"one of our rogues rolled a nat20.

  • Victor Snyder
    Victor Snyder 11 days ago

    1:26 Dude looks like he just woke up from a shitty nap honestly...

  • amit gabay
    amit gabay 11 days ago

    I can't really tell their voices in there

    • A L Elliott
      A L Elliott 7 days ago

      What do you mean?
      The opening is done by Travis and Sam.
      "The adventure begins was" done by Laura
      "And they rise from the flames" was done by Laura and Ashley
      "They got magic and Flair" was Done by Ashley
      "Inspiration is waiting" was done by both Laura and Ashley

  • Bryson Allen
    Bryson Allen 11 days ago

    anyone wish this was an anime

    • Epic Walrus
      Epic Walrus 9 days ago

      If the VM specials do well who knows? Cross all crossable appendages.

  • Tyler Knox01
    Tyler Knox01 12 days ago

    1:05 right in the feels man

  • Raiymund Suarez
    Raiymund Suarez 12 days ago

    you sure this isnt just a " Thundercat " Serieeess??

  • wdh 11
    wdh 11 12 days ago

    This animation is so clean.

  • Craig B
    Craig B 12 days ago


  • KijiRyu
    KijiRyu 13 days ago

    I want to watch this but in still on the first season of critical roll with Grog and Vex and Vax. please please turn this in to a animated cartoon

  • AlphaWolvesGamer
    AlphaWolvesGamer 13 days ago +1

    Imagine if this was an actual real Anime based off the events of the Critical Role story?
    At 1:06 they show the actual character. Nothing special, just him playing cards or casting spells.
    But then you get to THAT episode, and it changes to this afterwards?
    I'd start crying every introduction after that. More Anime needs these small touches IMO.

  • Afro Baritone
    Afro Baritone 13 days ago

    So I’ve been catching up with this entire adventure (from campaign one to now). And I watched this for the first time and have never been more hyped!

  • AlphaWolvesGamer
    AlphaWolvesGamer 13 days ago

    Though legit, we need a DnD style anime....

    • LuckyDragon
      LuckyDragon Day ago

      I mean, there's this Kickstarter

  • ProfWulfenstein
    ProfWulfenstein 13 days ago

    This is epic

  • minivixen
    minivixen 13 days ago


    • GoombaGenocide
      GoombaGenocide 12 days ago +1

      Blessed is he who rushes to danger,
      In hopes of sparing friends from pain,
      He laughed and he loved all,
      Long may he reign!

  • Ramlatus Varin
    Ramlatus Varin 13 days ago

    Little Jester is so Cuwte

  • Grizzby
    Grizzby 13 days ago

    Can this plz be a show?

  • Tyhho
    Tyhho 14 days ago

    If the animation has so much to live up to with this.

  • William Canavan
    William Canavan 14 days ago +6

    In case you don't already know, Critical Role Launched a kickstarter to fund an animated series called Legends of Vox Machina here:

  • Paul Arcoleo
    Paul Arcoleo 14 days ago

    I still feel a chill when they show molly's grave.

    • Epic Walrus
      Epic Walrus 2 days ago

      I'm still not over it so every time I see it it's like they're twisting the knife again T^T

  • Bacxaber
    Bacxaber 14 days ago +1

    0:28 The door is wrong in the very next shot.

    • Tim King
      Tim King 12 days ago +1

      she also ages about 15 years ... so it's probably a different door.

  • Ewan McColl
    Ewan McColl 14 days ago

    Dear lord is that Pumat Sol at 1:22

  • The Charming Platypus
    The Charming Platypus 14 days ago +1

    I’m getting some serious banner saga vibes, I dig it

  • BladeArtist100
    BladeArtist100 14 days ago

    I love this, but I still remember the days being bullied for things like DnD

  • DeathbyPixels
    DeathbyPixels 14 days ago

    The characters feel quite stiff, but given the sheer amount of things to keep track of in this, I can forgive it. Very fun!

  • Estelle Welch
    Estelle Welch 14 days ago +2

    I wish I had more people to play D&D with. It's so lonely with just me as the only player. But this is amazing!!

    • lordeppiothe1
      lordeppiothe1 14 days ago

      try tabletop simulator for pc, i met a group there and we have been playing a campaign for a few months now :)

    • Darkdays
      Darkdays 14 days ago

      I agree it is lonely with nobody to play with and I agree with you this is awesome!

  • Rickie Lee Benedetto
    Rickie Lee Benedetto 14 days ago +1

    God I miss molly

  • Matthew Hicks
    Matthew Hicks 15 days ago +5

    Who else is here to watch this for the fiftieth time?

  • Alex Gilpin
    Alex Gilpin 15 days ago

    While I can understand why the kickstarter Vox Machina cartoon series is going to use a simpler style (far less time consuming/cheaper to animate thus more content), If money was no concern I would have wanted this to be the style. It's so much more visually striking, detailed and dare I say artistic. Just watch 1:18 to 1:20 frame by frame, and notice the attention to detail on how Caleb's fire launches streaks of flame on a per-frame basis, and the lighting that is cast across his form. Also notice how Yasha draws the shadows into herself before manifesting those wings. You won't get that kind of attention with the style they're using for Legend of Vox Machina.

    • lordeppiothe1
      lordeppiothe1 14 days ago

      yeah i noticed the same thing, this style is so much more high quality, which in my opinion fits the world of D&D much better..... ah well i'm sure vox machina will be cool too.

  • Beltrán Sala
    Beltrán Sala 15 days ago

    0:56 Now i know that Jester fights with the archetipal protagonists of a kids show

  • Lauren Athanasiou
    Lauren Athanasiou 15 days ago

    It took me way too long to realise that they were whispering the names of the campaigns at the start as well...

  • Dracen Steele
    Dracen Steele 15 days ago

    I've returned to this almost 20 times now. No hyperbole

  • Devin Pack
    Devin Pack 15 days ago +1

    Cold chills. Everytime.

  • Game Bois'
    Game Bois' 15 days ago

    slow to .75 at 0:13 and listen to the secret

  • Reid Garwin
    Reid Garwin 15 days ago +1

    I dont even play D&D and this was probably the coolest thing I have seen made for it

  • wellitsjules
    wellitsjules 15 days ago +2

    Actual tears at Molly's coat

  • Bjorn Ragnson
    Bjorn Ragnson 15 days ago

    I can't wait to see my boi Grog in animated form!

  • AnonymousBathtub
    AnonymousBathtub 15 days ago +1

    Holy fuvk

  • László Hetyei
    László Hetyei 15 days ago +1

    Go and kickstart! We only at 5 million... and have only 44 days left...

  • ItamarO93
    ItamarO93 15 days ago +3

    And now we're getting an animated series of Vox Machina cuz the us Critters saw the Kickstarter and just went "Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY" in less then a day.

  • Fernando Zavaleta Bustos
    Fernando Zavaleta Bustos 15 days ago +2

    If you like the idea of turning Critical Role in an animated series, please support The Legend of Vox Machina on Kickstater.

  • EchoASMR
    EchoASMR 15 days ago +2

    If you didn't know yet.. they started a kickstarter to create an animated series about the first campaign. Go donate and help it become a reality!

  • Allen Olivieri
    Allen Olivieri 15 days ago +1

    im only on episode 23 of the mighty nein, and i feel like i shouldn't of watched this......WHAT HAPPENS TO MOLLY ughhhhhhh.

  • Mattis de Niet
    Mattis de Niet 15 days ago


  • Super Smash Bros Infinity Brawl Countdown

    I Want Critical Role On Cartoon Network

    • EchoASMR
      EchoASMR 15 days ago +1

      If you didn't know yet.. they started a kickstarter to create an animated series about the first campaign. Go donate and help it become a reality!