A switch-pitcher faced a switch-hitter and chaos ensued

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Baseball games are already long, so why not just take all the time needed to sort out a rule when there's one-out left in a blowout victory? That's exactly what the umpire did when Pat Venditte, an ambidextrous pitcher, faced off against a switch-hitter, and no one knew what to do. The result was a 6-minute standoff as each player attempted to get the upper hand (pun intended). This led the MLB to immediately amend their rulebook, guaranteeing to keep play moving the next time this comes up. And as a result, baseball is the quickest sport in the world.
    Written and produced by Ryan Simmons and Will Buikema
    Shot by Mike Imhoff
    Edited by Jiazhen Zhang
    Animations and graphics by Phil Pasternak
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Comments • 862

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / 4 days ago

    Be whacked if he could switch mid at bat

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / 4 days ago

    4:58 A high school kid is a switch pitcher dunno if he is going be good enough to make the majors who did this just trained with both arms since he was like 5

  • some guy ok
    some guy ok 4 days ago

    Just flip a coin jeez

  • soaky4
    soaky4 4 days ago +1

    Fun Fact: Michael Vick is actually right-handed. He just throws the football left handed.

  • Kayleigh Lehrman
    Kayleigh Lehrman 5 days ago

    Does Will's shirt say "LAURA DERN"?

  • Shukijo
    Shukijo 6 days ago

    Watching these video's is like learning sports backwards

  • johnnybikesalot
    johnnybikesalot 7 days ago

    So how did they decide the game where this came up? Before they made the rule. That game that caused the rule? What was their decision then?

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith 7 days ago

    All the time that it would take you to "learn" to be ambidextrous would take up the time that it takes to practice to become a professional athlete. Ain't no way.

  • PoorGamer
    PoorGamer 9 days ago

    My classmates trained herself to become ambidextrous because she's having a bad time writing on a spring notebook on both sides. She did it for like a year or two on highschool

  • The Solve
    The Solve 10 days ago

    I’m a switch pitcher

  • Magucci13
    Magucci13 10 days ago

    The end was actually hilarious 😂

  • Least subscribers with no videos

    I naturally pitch, hit, punch right handed and write, eat , brush my teeth right handed but I can switch them if I have to

  • Jesse Macmillan
    Jesse Macmillan 16 days ago

    Guy in the hat is retarded holy cow lmfao.
    ambidextrous: able to use the right and left hands equally well. but somehow you're able to train yourself to become this and still have a dominate hand?? One to many brain cells lost for this guy.
    sure this guy may have trained with left for a long time and I don't doubt it but if somebody is considered ambidextrous that means they cannot have a dominant hand.

    • BaseballproGamer
      BaseballproGamer 11 days ago

      Pat venditte isnt actually ambidextrous. His dad trained him from infancy to throw with both hands. He didn't naturally use both.

  • Marley McNamara
    Marley McNamara 16 days ago

    I’m in love with these videos at them monent

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 23 days ago

    You're not born Ambidextrous. Handedness is developed at a young age and can be changed over your life.

  • hr1meg
    hr1meg 27 days ago

    Mickey Mantle's father taught him how to be a switch hitter and hit from both sides of the plate.

  • LukeL007
    LukeL007 27 days ago +1

    I do believe the original rule was that once the batter declares a side to hit from he cannot change until his next at bat. Because of that one can argue that the batter make the decision based on the pitcher he is facing and thus the pitcher must declare first.

  • Darren Wilson
    Darren Wilson 28 days ago

    I wish i could just filter out every video that has Will in it from sb nation

  • The bearded gamer
    The bearded gamer 28 days ago +1

    The batter challenges the pitcher, the pitcher can’t throw until the batter is ready. The batter should decide and then the pitcher can

  • Miller Fouts
    Miller Fouts 29 days ago

    u can train for both hands, my dad was a right footed, but he was pushing a lawn mower and he ran his foot over, so to play soccer (he was playing in college at the time) he taught himself to be lefty in a week or two

  • Justin Cantrell
    Justin Cantrell Month ago

    Wish the umps were mic'd up for that. That must have been one interesting conversation.

  • malimills
    malimills Month ago

    So the batter ultimately wins

  • Chaseace1020 Yeet
    Chaseace1020 Yeet Month ago

    I trained myself to be a switch hitter

  • Nick Paradies
    Nick Paradies Month ago

    Does his shirt say “Laura Dern”?

  • Daren Gauthier
    Daren Gauthier Month ago

    I absolutely did train myself to be ambidextrous, I used to throw like a girl with my left hand, and now I can throw knives through plywood, with my left hand, which subsequently led me to being able to throw a football and baseball with my left hand, I am in a fight, technically south paw, and when I skateboard I am southpaw, but when I bad, I am a righty, and when I'm snowboarding, I am a righty
    I write with my right hand and my whole life I did everything with my right hand until I got into throwing knives
    (except for fight and skateboard, for some reason I'm goofy foot in SouthPark, but my karate Sensei, did not allow me to practice or train ever, in his presence, as a southpaw, so technically, my first ambidextrous experience, was trying to learn how to fight outside of my comfort zone and technical dominant hand)
    But it didn't carry over like after learning how to throw knives
    And I do the half flip method

    • Daren Gauthier
      Daren Gauthier Month ago

      Ultimate Frisbee, both hands, that came before the throwing knives

    • Daren Gauthier
      Daren Gauthier Month ago

      I also used to pitch
      and I was a natural sidearm but my coach wouldn't let me practice or play in any games catching any balls side on, so I had to relearn how to throw with my right hand
      I remember in the process even hitting the back of my own head a couple times with the ball in my hand
      to this day I can still perfectly throw left-handed or right-handed, underarm sidearm or overhand
      Very accurate, and some speed
      as far as pictures go though, I would probably be considered on the slow side
      And no ways near the fast side of the list
      I bet there's actually a four or five mile an hour difference between my left hand and my right hand though
      and that's with very little practice at all, tons of throwing knife practice, but I've only thrown a few baseballs or footballs with my left hand just to prove concept to people

  • Austin Luszcz
    Austin Luszcz Month ago

    He was not born ambidextrous. His dad had the idea to have him switch-pitch when he was 7.

  • Dana Eiland
    Dana Eiland Month ago +1

    Its EZ-home teams choice

  • Parker Coyle
    Parker Coyle Month ago

    No such thing as a pitchers plate

  • Sean M
    Sean M Month ago

    We’re overthinking this. Batter can not keep exiting the batter’s box. Umpire does NOT have to grant a time out every time it is requested.

  • garet wa
    garet wa Month ago

    baseball is older then dirt? disliked video

  • Khawk
    Khawk Month ago

    Should be allowed to switch hands at any time even between pitches not just batters

  • Jose Stickman
    Jose Stickman Month ago

    ALL kids that play baseball should be compelled to hit and throw ambidextrously, as in Lacrosse, Soccer and Basketball.

  • Chuck E.
    Chuck E. Month ago

    idk why i keep getting suggested these videos of dudes who don’t know anything about anything talk about sports

  • Jay Crew
    Jay Crew Month ago +2

    "All he did was just be born ambidextrous"
    ... yeah. He didn't work his ass off for 20+ years to reach the majors. He was just born able to switch pitch at a professional level.

  • Tatsujiro Kurogane
    Tatsujiro Kurogane Month ago +1

    If they released hungry tigers onto the field at random points baseball would be almost interesting.

  • Xority
    Xority Month ago +2

    This would work better

    Just have the batter whisper which side they want to the umpire without standing in it and the pitcher whispers to the umpire which hand without showing and that is what they will have to use

  • Adam Fee
    Adam Fee Month ago

    pat would probably be a god at lacrosse

  • Jonathan Waddell
    Jonathan Waddell Month ago

    I taught myself to hit lefthanded and so does most switch hitters in the major league

  • Game_Over420
    Game_Over420 Month ago

    You guys are actually retarded

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson Month ago

    I grew up using both, but knew my right side was stronger so I used it more. As I got older I tried to use my left more or both cause I knew it would be an advantage. In basketball I could do both sides or use both hands no problem, I hit on both, I could kick with both use eating or kitchen utensils both hands, I kind of could throw both hands, writing was my biggest struggle, I suck at it then I use my left it looks like a dyslexic two year old it's gotten somewhat better, but I just use my right when it's important or has to be quick.

  • Arnold Palmer
    Arnold Palmer Month ago

    Dude with the hat has no idea what he’s talking about

  • olaalcantara
    olaalcantara Month ago +3

    Inigo: "I am not lef'-handed"; Wesley: "I am not left-handed, either."

  • RoyalPlayz Yt
    RoyalPlayz Yt Month ago

    That’s my baseball coach hitting agents him

  • John Sineni
    John Sineni Month ago

    But can the hitter change sides of the plate during an at bat?

  • Matthew Amaya
    Matthew Amaya Month ago +11

    I don't think these guys have ever played a sport a day in their life. It's so hard watching someone talk about sports that has no idea what they're talking about.

    • Brent Miller
      Brent Miller Month ago

      Yeah, I simply stopped the video after the "not impressed by someone who can pitch with both hands" statement. I really need to stop watching youtube.

  • Derek Otter
    Derek Otter Month ago

    That's crazy i never heard about him till now and it turns out he's on my hometown minor league team 😲

  • Zachary Massengale
    Zachary Massengale Month ago +3

    How did the guy on the right get this job? And how much does he get paid? I'll do the same job with a personality for way cheaper, I promise!

  • Brady Ward
    Brady Ward Month ago

    So if he throws his arm out, he's got another one left

  • Sirran Haal
    Sirran Haal Month ago

    I think he is wrong about training to be ambidexterous, there are intervals of time known as critical periods during development of the nervous system, and if you do not train both hands during this interval you permanently miss the boat of ambidexterity.

  • Swat Team
    Swat Team Month ago

    People act like he’s not gonna look at scouting reports on the switch hitters lol, most switch hitters have a dominant side (although not by much) and he could make his choice based on which side would be worse. A example would be Jose Ramirez has a OBP of .405 against right handlers while he only has a .339 against lefties, so in that situation vendittie would pitch lefty

  • Rikard Lindblom
    Rikard Lindblom Month ago

    Dealers/croupiers all train both-handedness.

  • D Payne
    D Payne Month ago

    The rule is wrong. It should be the batter chooses the side and then can't change. Also it's nearly pointless. The batter in the minors changing sides is beyond foolish. Let me guess, he batted .212 against lefties and .215 against righties. Dude just go up there and take your licks.

  • daedalron
    daedalron Month ago

    I think a much better would be that the batter has to state to the umpire which side he'll be on. Then, not knowing the decision of the batter, the pitcher has to pick a hand to throw with. It would be much better that way.

  • Rob Cheung
    Rob Cheung Month ago

    this actually happened with me in softball cuz the opposing pitcher switched pitching hand in the same at bat so i switched when he switched. The ump finally involved a similar rule. so random.

  • imax digital
    imax digital 2 months ago

    You can train for that? lol. You can train for it, yeah. Can you through 85-88 mph just from training with your non-dominant hand? Hell no.

  • Earthboundmike
    Earthboundmike 2 months ago

    Away picks first. Right?

    • Earthboundmike
      Earthboundmike 2 months ago

      Uh. Yea, I'd assume that the away picks first. But ok.

  • DrkBlueXG
    DrkBlueXG 2 months ago

    Don't worry guys, I found Barb. She's not dead.

  • Marcel Moreau
    Marcel Moreau 2 months ago

    Neither should have to declare but should only be allowed to change sides 1 time per at bat.

  • Daniel Jensen
    Daniel Jensen 2 months ago

    Having the batter stand dead center and then move to the side at the last minute to hit the ball sounds much more interesting than normal baseball.

  • alex mei
    alex mei 2 months ago +1

    Rafael Nadal is a right handed tennis player who plays with his left hand because his uncle forced him to

  • Ret Marut
    Ret Marut 2 months ago

    I always describe myself as left handed with a dominant right hand.
    Funny thing is, I write and do specific tasks with the left hand, but almost all other things I do right handed. So I wouldn't call myself ambidextrous, but I can switch hands if necessary for many things. This comes to the price of lesser proficiency on the off hand.

    • Compucles
      Compucles Month ago

      I hear that many left-handed people naturally (and not just because it was forced on them when they're young) have some tasks that they prefer to do right-handed, whereas most righties have their right hand as the dominant hand for every or almost every task. Personally, the only thing I do left-handed is shoot pool.

  • Brandon McAndrew
    Brandon McAndrew 2 months ago

    Look at soccer players we use both feet even though I’m right footed I can pass with about the same power and accuracy with my left foot

  • Mr. Me
    Mr. Me 2 months ago

    Ambidextrous person here, we still have a "dominant" (generally the hand you use most often) hand. It is just easier for us to adapt to tasks using either of our hands.

  • wa27
    wa27 2 months ago

    Where do I buy a "LAURA DERN" t-shirt?

  • panamalapatriamia
    panamalapatriamia 2 months ago

    Actually there is an universal windup. When pitcher comes with both heels on the mount. But you couldnt use it with runners on base.

  • Slackin_242
    Slackin_242 2 months ago

    You can easily switch dominate hands. It only takes about a year. Ask anyone whos lost a hand

  • WubZ
    WubZ 2 months ago

    Basketball players shoot/dribble w both hands when they aren’t ambidextrous

  • cyangarasama
    cyangarasama 2 months ago


  • Daniel Anderson
    Daniel Anderson 2 months ago

    Makes a ton of sense to be ambi, you can test one arm while pitxhing with the other.

  • Gideon C.
    Gideon C. 2 months ago

    Dude is right, you can train to be ambidextrous and more and more people are training to be ambidextrous in certain sports like mixed martial arts and soccer. HOWEVER, something that should be noted is that dexterity is based of a scale (12 points typically), from which eye is dominant to which foot is dominant, fine motor skills vs gross motor skills. People who are completely right dominant or left dominant are actually the minority. Having said that, people that are born truly 100% ambidextrous are basically unicorns and most people who are a slightly ambidextrous usually make a choice of which side they want to train early in life.

  • Whammaster
    Whammaster 2 months ago

    Such an easy ruling, each one tells the ump what side they choose in secret for 5 at bats, can be switched for each at bat. Falls on ump to remember, or at the very least have 2 officials remember each choice for the designated player. That way no advantage is given and it's completely luck based.

  • denelson83
    denelson83 2 months ago

    It was a freak occurrence.

  • Suave Maurice
    Suave Maurice 2 months ago

    Yeah if we couldn’t train to do things with the opposite side pro skateboarders couldn’t train to skate switch

  • White92Guy
    White92Guy 2 months ago

    you can train to be ambidextrous, it's a pain in the ass and your dominant hand will always be better. In my case I'm left handed but when they started teaching writing and stuff at school, I saw everyone doing it with their right hand and assumed that that was the only option and the same goes for throwing things. It wasn't until years later when I started shooting guns (around 10 years old) that I just wasn't able to use a gun properly when firing it right handed, I know kinda weird but it didn't feel right and so my grandpa at the time told me to switch hands cause my grandma was left handed as well but grew up in a time where left handed people were something to do with the devil so was forced to learn stuff as a right handed person, but anyways, now I shoot left handed which is sorta a pain literally cause if the gun is meant for a right handed person then the casing ejects to the right but if a left handed person holds that same gun it ejects the casing right towards the right where your right arm is. Still write right handed cause while I write more legibly with the left, the English language wasn't designed to be written by left handed people. Upside is I can now throw things with both hands now, I suck at baseball though.

  • Kylefassbinderful
    Kylefassbinderful 2 months ago

    Yet another rule making baseball more about hitting than pitching. Batters have so much in their favor these days it's very unequal.

  • Kylefassbinderful
    Kylefassbinderful 2 months ago

    You guys are obviously not living in the Bay Area lol we def know who Venditte is.

  • mike taylor
    mike taylor 2 months ago +1

    They both should have to tell the umpire in secret and whatever they tell him, is what they have to use

  • Ian Schulze
    Ian Schulze 2 months ago

    Is that John Ritter from the IT tv movie?

  • Randy Randalman
    Randy Randalman 2 months ago

    Hitters should be prepared for whatever the pitcher throws at them. MLB got it backwards

  • killa100
    killa100 2 months ago

    The other guy was right. Pat wasn't naturally an ambi. He was trained by his dad when he was younger to pitch with both hands

  • Connor Corbitt
    Connor Corbitt 2 months ago

    My uncle went to highschool with Pat Vendittie. And you can be trained to switch hands. when I was in preschool my teacher made me use my right hand and I was a lefty but now I’m right handed and when my uncle was little (same one who went to school with Pat Vindittie), my grandpa locked him in his room until he learned how to juggle and in the process he became ambidextrous he throws a football just as good with his left as he does his right.

  • Peter Goeke
    Peter Goeke 2 months ago

    Idk why but I get mythbuster vibes from these videos

  • Flygon Jinn
    Flygon Jinn 2 months ago

    The only way the pitcher would have the advantage is if he knows the batters stats before hand and force the switch hitter to bat from his weak side. Which isn't even that reliable, but it's something I suppose.

  • Gio Patton
    Gio Patton 2 months ago

    Bro this dude deleted my comment on how this dude is saying “it’s easy to become an ambidextrous pitcher”

  • Eric Duranti
    Eric Duranti 2 months ago

    You haven't lived until someone makes a rule because of something you have done.

  • Asheyandy
    Asheyandy 2 months ago

    Pat actually did train starting at age 7

  • Atticus Kayser
    Atticus Kayser 2 months ago

    the new rule: rock paper scissors to see who gets to choose

  • Brett Wiley
    Brett Wiley 2 months ago

    Laura Dern!

  • F L
    F L 2 months ago

    Why is this an issue, the batter has to hit what the pitcher throws.
    Isn’t there a time limit during which the pitcher has to pitch, or can a pitcher hold on to the ball indefinitely?

  • Lester Paddington
    Lester Paddington 2 months ago

    What happens if the batter gets ejected and they put another batter in? Like is it still the same at bat cause its the same strikes/balls, but its a different batter

  • TheWhiteTower4
    TheWhiteTower4 2 months ago

    You can definitely be a lefty and a righty at the same time in basketball

  • Jake K
    Jake K 2 months ago

    For lacrosse it was important for us to play with the stick in either hand, which basically meant you had to teach yourself to become ambidextrous. It can be much easier when done at an early enough age.

  • Miller Bell
    Miller Bell 2 months ago

    Billy Wagner who is one of the best lefty closers of all time was a righty but he broke his right arm so he learnt to pitch lefty and ended up throwing 99 mph lefty

  • RobD8870
    RobD8870 2 months ago

    Just love these hipsters...

  • Anthony Tesoriero
    Anthony Tesoriero 2 months ago

    That was my first live baseball game that happened

  • James Brown
    James Brown 2 months ago

    I’m ambidextrous baseball player

  • Mike Moresi
    Mike Moresi 2 months ago

    It's a little unclear on the dialogue after the rule being stated: can Venditte switch per at-bat or only per appearance?

  • jeremy balsley
    jeremy balsley 2 months ago

    I've always had a yearning for a switch pitcher, who knew?

    SDSW TV 2 months ago

    Cricket has switch hits mid 'pitch'! Its great

  • Raccoon BTW
    Raccoon BTW 2 months ago

    People keep saying that the rule against ambidextrous pitchers switching their throwing hand before every strike isn't fair but it's not like their going against a switch-hitter every pitch.