We Bought Another CLOWN off the Dark Web!

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • Prank Hotline: prankhotline.com
    In this episode, Parker and Chester try to use another clown site to order a clown off the Dark Web.
    Parker's instagram: @parkerhaj
    Chester's instagram: @snipertrader20

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  • LuxuryDark
    LuxuryDark  Month ago +3892

    Can we smash 50,000 likes and 500,000 subs? #luxarmy

  • haider aktham
    haider aktham 2 minutes ago

    He was texting burns

  • leno2443 TV
    leno2443 TV 42 minutes ago

    How can they still sleep??

  • Memeless? Dreamless!

    “no one plays with legos”

  • Vivian Esparza
    Vivian Esparza Hour ago

    i play with legos

  • Galaxy_Gacha Z
    Galaxy_Gacha Z Hour ago


  • Galaxy_Gacha Z
    Galaxy_Gacha Z Hour ago

    I play with legos

  • Enkhbat Munkhtsetseg

    I think parker needs to take some rest

  • Sarit Johnson
    Sarit Johnson 2 hours ago

    So I know this is stages but this is really cool

  • koł der
    koł der 2 hours ago

    Clown: giggling
    Text: demonic giggling

  • Omar Biksmati
    Omar Biksmati 2 hours ago

    Hood watching this at 3am I am

  • Fortnite Hawk
    Fortnite Hawk 2 hours ago

    Sir Somthing with the clown he looks like it or pennywise

  • Omar Biksmati
    Omar Biksmati 2 hours ago

    This is a weird clown

  • jose marquez
    jose marquez 2 hours ago

    Stop don’t order clowns anymore They mait kill you

  • ok i guess
    ok i guess 3 hours ago

    If that clown poured water on me I would have karate kicked his stilts down

  • SuziesYTchannel
    SuziesYTchannel 3 hours ago

    The thing said don't leave him alone.......4:45 They leave him alone to talk 🤦🏾‍♀️😆

    DESIRE 3 hours ago +1

    *spears him through a table*

  • dantdmboy5417 Playz -Roblox-

    I was a little scared but the clown wasn’t too too bad than what I expected

  • Sophie Grace
    Sophie Grace 5 hours ago

    *all caps saying not to leave him alone*

    *two minutes within the video. Leaves him alone*

    *he's gone, both surprised*

    *my fatass eating popcorn*
    "The clown really did take the last laugh."

  • Ace Clan
    Ace Clan 5 hours ago

    Truth Or Dare,Dare:Restart the video and watch it full screen with full volume,Truth:Were U Scared??

  • Juni Bustos
    Juni Bustos 6 hours ago +1

    I never got a shout out

  • Juni Bustos
    Juni Bustos 6 hours ago +2

    I play with legos and by the way I subscribed and liked I love your videos I'm a big fan and can I get a shout out please

  • Niilo22
    Niilo22 6 hours ago

    That clown looked stupid because he had those big shoes which made him look bigger but if he didnt have those big shoes he would have looked way more creepier

  • bhadd
    bhadd 6 hours ago

    7 foot tings

  • bhadd
    bhadd 6 hours ago

    [demonic giggling]

  • kenan avdic
    kenan avdic 7 hours ago

    Jebo majku kad bi ga derno stocem

  • Mason Reavis
    Mason Reavis 7 hours ago

    Is Chester gay

  • sxrandii
    sxrandii 8 hours ago

    If a damn clown had a chance of coming back into my house i would practically move

  • Alice Purcell
    Alice Purcell 8 hours ago

    Still play with legos and I am 11

  • loxely
    loxely 8 hours ago

    guys, i found the new and improved version of pennywise!

  • Diamond Emmanuel
    Diamond Emmanuel 8 hours ago

    I want him at my house

  • Stephanie Rose
    Stephanie Rose 8 hours ago

    can you hear my crying from your screen, coz im shitting my pant rn

  • 0oUnkNowNo0
    0oUnkNowNo0 8 hours ago

    If you want to know how to stop him laughing : Just pull out a shotgun

  • oppTrap
    oppTrap 8 hours ago

    so were they joking or not?

  • Kunal Chauhan
    Kunal Chauhan 8 hours ago

    *Is this legit?*

  • ItsMeAgain
    ItsMeAgain 9 hours ago +1

    hi! dont be scared ur safe here :)
    we have:
    hot dogs
    and so much more!
    for drinks we have alot to!
    and some more!
    feel better? :)
    like if u do! :3

  • Chocolatepizza55 - Gaming and Music

    The guy in sunglasses:- I NeEd aNoThEr ClOwN!

  • Jordan Bohanon
    Jordan Bohanon 9 hours ago

    Bro I just randomly clicked on this video and it gave me hella chills down my spine and iam subscriber to yalls channel and keep up the good work guys and I like yalls videos bro

    KENT DESTRUCTOR 11 hours ago

    That clown is stupid
    "Can i have a glass of water?"
    Bruh yow stupid ugly clown
    Its suppose to be
    "May i have a glass of water?"

  • Strayss YouTube
    Strayss YouTube 11 hours ago

    You’re getting possessed now..again

  • Cerys Mcquillan
    Cerys Mcquillan 12 hours ago

    Im terrified

  • Mihnea Slave
    Mihnea Slave 12 hours ago

    Im a kid and i always play with legos

  • Boboy Mactal
    Boboy Mactal 12 hours ago

    Part2 plss

    OCEANZ MUSIC 13 hours ago +2

    LMAO why did I predict the clown leaving when you said wait here haha

  • len cordeel
    len cordeel 13 hours ago

    Burns is back...

  • Andrey Cipaianu
    Andrey Cipaianu 13 hours ago

    If i was that guy i will kick that clown

  • KowPow SK
    KowPow SK 14 hours ago

    6:01 that's crazy russian hacker

  • xxitachi.uchihaxx
    xxitachi.uchihaxx 15 hours ago

    Get a blicky (a gun)

  • armmm
    armmm 15 hours ago


  • Giovanni romero
    Giovanni romero 15 hours ago

    O hell nahhh

  • L3GEND Music
    L3GEND Music 18 hours ago

    I was looking around me😂😂

  • Dominic Nitura
    Dominic Nitura 19 hours ago +1

    How to stop clowns. Like to undo

    XxD3ADHALLOWXX CLS 19 hours ago

    This is actually really fucking creepy

  • Kef The Clown
    Kef The Clown 19 hours ago +1

    I just started watching. And is this clickbait?

  • Jasmine Blanco
    Jasmine Blanco 20 hours ago

    That's the reason why i'm afraid of clowns. They're laughing so weird, they were smiling when they're killing people. Why do clowns existing?

  • Willow Wartella
    Willow Wartella 20 hours ago

    I'm just happy you don't get hurt

  • RT Random things
    RT Random things 20 hours ago


  • zitrone arts
    zitrone arts 20 hours ago

    I came to overcome my coulrophobia, not to feed it. qwq

  • RT Random things
    RT Random things 20 hours ago

    You guys are crazy

  • ᴅᴀʀᴋ ᴅᴇᴍᴏɴ

    Your letting a clown inside your house are you damn 😑