VENOM - Official Teaser Trailer (HD)

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    WEB HEAD 4 hours ago


  • Dean Foz
    Dean Foz 4 hours ago

    1:16 when you realise sony is only making spiderman related movies to keep the spiderman licence
    (But that animated spiderman movie looks interesting)

  • Jackrabbit
    Jackrabbit 5 hours ago

    Not sure about this one, Venom destroyed a Spiderman franchise in the past and its by Sony...again. So yep it might be that again.

  • Sarcasm !
    Sarcasm ! 5 hours ago


    Now give me likes

  • charizki mulyadi
    charizki mulyadi 5 hours ago


  • Randall Arauz Flores
    Randall Arauz Flores 5 hours ago

    when is Monday again 1:16

  • BaronvonPiano
    BaronvonPiano 5 hours ago

    1:16 when you see that Venom doesn't actually appear in the venom trailer.

  • hulk fan
    hulk fan 5 hours ago

    Why do movies suddenly like wrecking ambulances first Furius 7, The Mummy, and now this. I can’t wait for this movie. Looks kinda fun I guess

  • Atheismo
    Atheismo 6 hours ago

    A venom without spider-man. What a joke.

  • Thy Savior
    Thy Savior 6 hours ago

    1:16 When random people who probably dont even know who or what Venom is start commenting only about 1:16.

  • OrangeDude
    OrangeDude 7 hours ago

    plz run skillet-monster in his transformation xD

  • Cayden
    Cayden 7 hours ago

    1:16 when you're Tom Hardy screaming.

  • chase
    chase 7 hours ago

    3:16 stone cold

  • Crazy Stuffs
    Crazy Stuffs 8 hours ago

    Will he take part in mcu?

  • McUniqueKiller2_ YT
    McUniqueKiller2_ YT 9 hours ago

    At 1:16 , while that long scream, as you look at his neck, you can see him transforming into the Venom.

  • its legend 704
    its legend 704 10 hours ago

    looks cool can't wait to watch it

  • its legend 704
    its legend 704 10 hours ago

    1:16 when you get grounded

  • Mix Stuff 4u
    Mix Stuff 4u 10 hours ago


  • Dương Anh Nguyễn
    Dương Anh Nguyễn 11 hours ago

    1:16 when your phone is out of battery

  • Mario
    Mario 13 hours ago


    KUNYUN LI 13 hours ago

    when venom logo show up,it reminds me this 👙👙👙

  • tito prisha
    tito prisha 15 hours ago

    1:16 when i see 1:35 on february

  • Zosphus
    Zosphus 15 hours ago +1

    If any of you are wondering why you don't see Venom himself, look at his neck at 1:15.

  • danielamorales
    danielamorales 15 hours ago

    When you buy a new $100 lego set and its missing pieces 1:16

  • xloserx 62
    xloserx 62 15 hours ago

    it’s Wednesday my dudes 1:16

  • kyle wang
    kyle wang 15 hours ago +1

    worst marvel trailer I ever seen.

  • JT Markham
    JT Markham 16 hours ago +1

    May not have seen venom in the trailer but still super hype about the movie

  • Dhairya Dave
    Dhairya Dave 16 hours ago

    1:16 When you hit your toe against that edge

  • Dhairya Dave
    Dhairya Dave 16 hours ago

    1:16 When you wake up in the morning and realise your phone want charging

  • Dhairya Dave
    Dhairya Dave 16 hours ago

    1:16 When she licks your freshly shaved balls

  • Skibble nanners
    Skibble nanners 16 hours ago +1

    1:16 When the symbiote starts to take over 👋😗


    1:16 when tienes ganas de cagar pero la profe no te deja ir
    Y te terminas cagando vivo

  • _ NitroBullet45 _
    _ NitroBullet45 _ 17 hours ago

    1:16 when you land in fortnite and someone is already chasing you with a shotgun

  • Shifan Shaffe
    Shifan Shaffe 17 hours ago

    1:16 When destroy nut December begins...

  • awsomegamer 562
    awsomegamer 562 17 hours ago +1

    1:16 when you step on a lego

  • ItsFrouz Dx
    ItsFrouz Dx 17 hours ago

    Sony - Columbia - Marvel = OP Movie

  • Joshh_Calii
    Joshh_Calii 18 hours ago +1

    1:16 me when everyone keeps saying they didn’t like the teaser because it didn’t show venom

  • Jorge Mata
    Jorge Mata 18 hours ago +1

    1:16 when you flatten photoshop file and hit save

  • Lil’ Cuber
    Lil’ Cuber 18 hours ago

    1:16 When you drop the soap in prison

  • Jonoah Carter
    Jonoah Carter 18 hours ago +1

    1:16 when she thick and has a bf

  • Widdums7
    Widdums7 19 hours ago

    1:16 when you stub your toe on the living room table

  • Mathiasxd148-
    Mathiasxd148- 20 hours ago +2



  • KProGamerX3 Peters
    KProGamerX3 Peters 20 hours ago

    Challenge: take a shot everytime u see someone with a 1:16 joke

  • Zeta Dynavolt
    Zeta Dynavolt 20 hours ago +1

    1:16 when spiderman won’t let you help your poor daughter

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 20 hours ago

    1:16 when you play a mario maker level that is impossible but the guy who made it made a dev exit to allow it on mario maker since you have to beat you own mario maker level to make it allowed to be played by people

  • Jama M Jama
    Jama M Jama 20 hours ago

    1:16 when you fail at x

  • Ren 98
    Ren 98 20 hours ago

    Soo will be andrew garfiled's spiderman here?
    I hope so, i loved the amazing spiderman movies

  • Tristan
    Tristan 20 hours ago +1

    I hope they don't show much more. This was a great trailer and they can really play into the sinister theme of this movie by keeping the trailers vague.

  • III Bazza III
    III Bazza III 20 hours ago

    1:16 when you come second in Fortnite

  • Rodolfo Cortez
    Rodolfo Cortez 21 hour ago

    1:16 When the line for Infinity War is full

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams 21 hour ago +1

    1:16 When Fergie sings the Star Spangled Banner

  • Minnie Coffey
    Minnie Coffey 21 hour ago

    P Peter Parker getting the suit 1st not Brock

  • john fidels revolution

    1:16 *When you wake up after dreaming about the first Venom movie 8I (Spiderman 3)*

  • Ryan Wong
    Ryan Wong 21 hour ago

    1:16 when you see the amount of 1:16 comments

    MARIE - PIER 21 hour ago


  • Aaron Naylor
    Aaron Naylor 22 hours ago

    Wow.........Underwhelming trailer.

  • Gaming Moments
    Gaming Moments 23 hours ago +5

    1:16 When u realize TTG is getting a theater movie

  • Joker
    Joker 23 hours ago

    It's kinda like this both is and isn't an MCU movie.

    FASTER! 23 hours ago +1

    Just realized this is Look Alive all over again

  • Dewey Crowe
    Dewey Crowe 23 hours ago

    Is venom a Spider-Man villain or a friend?

  • 9R0J3CT 4NDR0M3D4

    we need a new movie of spawn

  • BHarribo
    BHarribo Day ago

    When a new episode of that yuri Anime drops, but there are no kissing scenes: 1:16

  • Brandon Turner
    Brandon Turner Day ago

    1:16 when you're constipated holding onto the wall

  • janirwin16
    janirwin16 Day ago

    Is this part of the MCU

  • CJJGK World History

    1:16 when the movie comes out until October

  • ItsErikBruh - Vlogs, Gaming, and more!

    1:16 when you find out ROBLOX is adding anthro

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert

    Worst fucking trailer ever

  • P3P3 FR0G3
    P3P3 FR0G3 Day ago +1

    Tom hardy is amazing

  • Leevi Makela
    Leevi Makela Day ago

    scandal little oppose whose celebration special although anywhere.

  • Stranger Fan101
    Stranger Fan101 Day ago


  • trlorlro yamal
    trlorlro yamal Day ago

    y venom ?

  • Simon Neeper
    Simon Neeper Day ago

    1:16 when you have to get up for school

    PANTHA Day ago

    1:16 when you come second place on fortnite

  • norouzi man
    norouzi man Day ago

    1:16 when your watching the teaser while hitting that last rep on the bench press

  • Rolfadinho OTG
    Rolfadinho OTG Day ago

    1:16 When you miss your connecting flight and are now stuck at a foreign airport.

  • That Motherfucker Guy

    1:16 When you have Vietnam's flashbacks

  • Ariel vlog
    Ariel vlog Day ago

    Pura basura muestren a venon

  • LegendGameR
    LegendGameR Day ago

    1:16 When you need to retake your exam coz of 1 point.

  • Kirim
    Kirim Day ago

    1:16 when you realize there’s no Tron 2

  • Kirim
    Kirim Day ago

    Was the lake at the beginning in the digital wall picture supposed to represent the mental onset of Venom??

  • Assassin Gamer
    Assassin Gamer Day ago

    1:16 is like 1:16.

  • penut butter
    penut butter Day ago

    1:16 when somebody touch your spaget

  • yesenia carolina

    Fortnite meme-
    When you killed a guy but he has nothing and you have a pistol with no ammo until you hear a squad outside 1:16

  • Pokemon Dude Alex

    1:16 When you get second place in Fortinite.

  • Carlos Esquilin
    Carlos Esquilin Day ago +1

    Regardless if it didn’t show venom this movie is gonna be awsome

  • Lego lads
    Lego lads Day ago

    I'm confused. Is this a real trailer or is it fake

  • G Quantum
    G Quantum Day ago

    Probably the most boring trailer I’ve watched

  • Luna Wilson
    Luna Wilson Day ago +1

    i watch the video over and over again just to hear his voice. am i in love with him?

  • weareanonmyous wecannotbestopped

    Now I'm pass on seeing this movie sony fycked it up

  • Hacking Narwhals

    1:16 when you do not know da wae

  • Cody The Fox
    Cody The Fox Day ago

    When you saw tyrell wilson put your OC in his terrible top 10
    Also What's the name of the song?

  • Fazebaer360 dose stuff

    The legends are true

  • Ronin
    Ronin Day ago

    So he can't play wolverine... man

  • BigHero6 Fanatic2004

    1:16 When your least-favorite movie is becoming a franchise

  • Ed Bain
    Ed Bain Day ago

    This ?

  • StrangerCorps 6
    StrangerCorps 6 Day ago

    Where's Venom? :v

  • Ryan Kelepi
    Ryan Kelepi Day ago

    1:16 when someone takes too long in the bathroom

  • Bencsac
    Bencsac Day ago

    1:16 when you bust and she keeps on sucking

  • January Ananda
    January Ananda Day ago

    I wish they would bring back Andrew Garfield's Spider-man