How Geography Gave the US Power

  • Published on Aug 15, 2017
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  • Colin Johnson
    Colin Johnson Day ago

    American citizens general lack of awareness of global political, economic and cultural activity can also be attributed to its geographic isolation.
    Don’t believe me?
    Ask any America to identify a flag other than their own.
    Ask any American to describe what the EU is.
    Ask any American to name 3 countries in Central Asia.
    Ask any American what the U.K. is.
    They chose the right political system so that way, only leaders need to be aware of geopolitical and global diplomacy - otherwise its citizens can benefit from the prosperous privilege of its isolation and massive economy, and not know a damn thing about the rest of the world and how it works.
    I know this because I am an American and I do know how the rest of the world works because I haven’t always lived in America.

  • Omega Sirius
    Omega Sirius 3 days ago

    We got power from the US Constitution, The Bill of Rights, not geography.

  • Shridhar Koti
    Shridhar Koti 4 days ago

    U r view on success of very country is geography

  • midnightgamingtime
    midnightgamingtime 5 days ago

    This series should be named: How geography can help or fuck up a country.

  • Alexander Wang
    Alexander Wang 6 days ago +1

    Is that a trap remix of Historia Civilis' usual music in the background?

    • Max Conway
      Max Conway 4 days ago

      I was sitting here waiting for the big electronic music swell after he finished talking but it never came

  • Colin Sutherland
    Colin Sutherland 6 days ago

    Hey the Connecticut river isn't useless!!!

  • Kevzete
    Kevzete 8 days ago +1

    The biggest danger to the US is the unchecked rise of the far left.

  • Bobby Knuckles
    Bobby Knuckles 9 days ago

    Native Americans were given reservations and received financial payback........for taking their land........and other things. Were the slave descendants paid back ? Of course not

    • Cant wait for the next season
      Cant wait for the next season Day ago

      What's bullshit is the US didn't even take their land. We are paying them even though America had nothing to do with them losing.

  • MBHerbig
    MBHerbig 10 days ago

    you should do the same one about germany....
    we have one of the worst geography you could have...
    cuz it actually forced us to start ww1.

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez 11 days ago

    We will fall from within like the Romans because of SJWs ect.

  • londonoalex
    londonoalex 12 days ago +3

    Man, France should be kicking themselves now, LoL.
    1.2 trillion for 200 million.

  • J K
    J K 13 days ago

    Its not geography, its white people.

  • Saulus Worthing
    Saulus Worthing 15 days ago

    This video explains the advanced Native American empires that colonized the world. Some people will look anywhere but at the people who make up a nation for the reason for its success.

  • Mr. Jones
    Mr. Jones 15 days ago

    Not that any of this would ever happen, I'm just sayin'.....

    Canada would destroy the United States in war because their nuclear deterrence would be useless. Have fun carrying out a nuclear strike on Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver, which are less than 100 miles from major US population centers and share watersheds. The US and Canada also share missile defense infrastructure, which would greatly complicate such an attack.
    Like the United States, Canada is also geographically very difficult to 'invade' because of its arctic and subarctic climate and mountainous terrain. Over the past 20 years, the US military has been putting a great deal of effort into training and acquisition with desert climates in mind.
    Having a large, well funded military doesn't always spell victory. Remember *Vietnam?*. Canada does not have the largest military in the world, but it's also nowhere near the smallest. It's the 14th largest, and one of the most well trained - consistently producing some of the best snipers (a Canadian still holds the record for longest kill). We have a substantial force of young, capable reserve troops available for duty. Being closely related to the United States, we have access to much of the same technology and work with the same military contractors. We have a lot of information about your military that China and Russia don't have - because you trust us.
    We have far less debt, and far greater access to natural resources - most notably oil - of which Canada has the 3rd largest reserves in the world and freshwater - of which Canada has the most in the world. Canada is far less dependent on importing natural resources than the United States, which could pose a problem during war-time.
    Also, lets face it - Canada has a far greater number of strong allies than the United States. Right now, politician tension in the United States are so high some people would argue that they're on the brink of fighting a war with their own country. Their big military is spread too thin across a dozen different international conflicts to be truly effective. Canada is a member of NATO, and although the US is too, hostility against another NATO country immediately revokes your membership. All our NATO allies would view you as the enemy - and the commonwealth of nations (including Australia, India, and South Africa) would join in, too. Most of the planet would be against the United States if they ever declared war with Canada.
    In such an event, Canadians would wear down invading US troops just like tiny Finland did to the big, bad USSR during the _'Winter War'._ It would last a long time, and there would be many casualties on both sides, but in the end the US would probably _'strategically withdraw'_ due to lack of advancement, high cost, high casualties, and international (and domestic) pressure.

  • Tom vikson
    Tom vikson 15 days ago

    The success of the US is probably similar to the success of Britain pre world war 1 and 2 , isolated on an Island , they avoided damages to their country in all continental wars and conflict except world war 2 of course , but they are not too isolated to trade with others . Great political system like the bill of rights and church separation that draw in intellectual and great minded refugees. The fall of British empire had given the rise of the US ,actually, the empire never fall , they just moved the head from London to Washington .

  • DJ Wise Pariah
    DJ Wise Pariah 16 days ago

    Um, there are multitudes of ways around using the TransCanada Highway if something were to happen. One bridge going down didn't affect the nation at all. There are side roads within 14 kilometres of said collapsed bridge that circumvent it entirely. We also have the Railway stretching from one coast to the other, and the TransCanada trail, complete with all the added infrastructure set up to create, support, and maintain the trail. It's not a highway, it's still a road system. Next we have the winter trails. Once snow hits the ground, we don't need roads. I mean sure, some roads literally only exist when there's snow on the ground, but I mean with how many people use snowmachines, it's more economically advantageous for some communities to use nothing but snowmachines until the snow melts again, and they aren't hindered by a lack of infrastructure. In the event of an invasion, our military doctrine is to essentially use that perceived lack of a supply network to our advantage. Our military isn't just highly trained to be able to maneuver in Canada, we're literally the only military in the world that's trained to do so. If an invading force were to destroy the rail system and highway, attempting to cut the country in half, it would still take us only two days to move troops from say Toronto to Vancouver, whereas it would take even the most experienced mountain divisions from other nations roughly two months just to get through the Rockies, with the exception of US troops who potentially could use their own string of the range to train troops to traverse it. But they don't do that already, so, right now, no one could get through there without getting bogged down in attritional warfare.

  • Serpko Bakotiinii
    Serpko Bakotiinii 16 days ago +1

    There is no any chance to concour USA, but there is way to destroy it with weapon of Eurasia Empire (Known as Russia today)

    • J. Marie
      J. Marie 4 days ago

      The Brainsmasher All it needs is good leadership. Trump is terrible but presidents only have 2 terms max.

    • The Brainsmasher
      The Brainsmasher 8 days ago

      First, your english sucks.
      Second, russia is not an empire but america is.
      And third, when fascist empire of america run out of petroleum it will crumble. Damn i would pay anything to see that day.

  • killerzone5
    killerzone5 17 days ago +1

    Please explain how America is constantly getting into war if it is far from the affairs of abroad.

  • Laventryx
    Laventryx 17 days ago

    I love your vids, but having a map of colonial America while talking about Dred Scott seems misleading

  • Quinn Reverance
    Quinn Reverance 17 days ago

    Dâ C.U erst pæxe pro fortę anst mand. 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️

  • Michael McCabe
    Michael McCabe 18 days ago

    Point of Clarification: The Southern USA was only better for the slave trade than the northern USA. Slave ships overwhelmingly went to the Caribbean and Brazil, with whatever was left over being dumped in the South. Even with free labor, the South stagnated economically, and Southerners who migrated north to find work eventually became a pillar of the abolitionist movement when they saw the contrasts.

    • Michael McCabe
      Michael McCabe 17 days ago

      @marcuswildfire1234 Actually, Saudi Arabia didn't outlaw slavery until 1962. Far more slaves went to the Middle East than the Americas.

      Russia also abolished serfdom in 1863.

    • marcuswildfire1234
      marcuswildfire1234 17 days ago

      Ah Brazil the last country to outlaw slavery. (Not sure when the Russians ended serfdom so don't hammer me with that.)

  • Miranda St.pierre
    Miranda St.pierre 18 days ago +1

    You put Philadelphia In the wrong place

  • Texgal
    Texgal 19 days ago

    Thank you for sharing such amazing information

  • ryan olson
    ryan olson 20 days ago

    If new England was a farming community it would have centered near Springfield mass, or Greenfield, not anywhere in Connecticut.

    • marcuswildfire1234
      marcuswildfire1234 17 days ago

      River transport rules all for farming. If you can't get surpluses to market they're useless. Making lands near rivers tbe best.

  • Mitchell Casilly
    Mitchell Casilly 22 days ago

    Ever wonder why Africa will never be allowed to develop? We always had all the necessary resources...

  • Joshua Ball
    Joshua Ball 22 days ago

    We spent a 150 years fighting stone age people armed with British made rifles.

  • Joshua Ball
    Joshua Ball 22 days ago

    We spent a 150 years fighting stone age people armed with British made rifles.

  • John Edward Gallagher
    John Edward Gallagher 22 days ago

    what you are saying takes away the american ingenuity that way a central part of our power. Shameful to base it all on geography when it was Americans who built america.. Why do people hate american exceptionalism yet promote it in others.

  • brian stoll
    brian stoll 23 days ago

    I don’t think you can put a monetary value on that land. Maybe 1.2 trillion a year, not in total.

  • John Booth
    John Booth 25 days ago

    3:00 Would being on the fall line also permit the existence of mills? Or at least mills in proximity to navigable waters?

  • Abay Maulen22
    Abay Maulen22 26 days ago

    Your just American that why you say America has better geography than other countries

  • Trevor Butler
    Trevor Butler 27 days ago

    the opening statement about the safety of the US vs geography is only true today. US and colonial history is filled with wars on American soil. It wasnt until the establishment of Canada and Mexico that homeland peace came about.

  • Nick Jorddan
    Nick Jorddan Month ago

    2:44 AYYY COLUMBIA!!!!

  • YoshiPeach Mario
    YoshiPeach Mario Month ago

    France should never have sold off the Middle US

  • Marcelo Nunes
    Marcelo Nunes Month ago

    Brazil has way more natural resources. Way more geographic diversity. More coast than US. Brazil borders are so pacific that even today it requires no passport or any of its 10+ neighbors to enter the country. Brazil had the first biggest slavery era in history of mankind, putting US to second. And although, comparing US prosperity with Brazil is just ridiculous!

  • The Senate
    The Senate Month ago

    @wendoverproductions you’ve been reading Peter Zeihan haven’t you

  • Ade
    Ade Month ago

    I still think the British empire at its peak could do some damage. Those guys were everywhere

  • Ade
    Ade Month ago

    The Russians selling Alaska was the biggest mistake ever made in history

    • Ade
      Ade 27 days ago

      Somebody I know they didn’t know that but it was still a mistake.

    • Somebody
      Somebody 27 days ago

      Well they were scared that the British would take Alaska so they sold it to the United States.

      And it was sold at the time before oil was used in an industry so they didn't knew the natural resources sitting in the Alaskan ground.

  • Ade
    Ade Month ago

    In short they have enough usable land

  • DaFlawlessPotato Gaming

    just noticed battlefield 3

  • Strategic Greek Mapper

    Fuck you USA when it is for other countries you are racist and say: "this country's Geography problem"but when it comes to USA you say " how Geography gave the USA power" you fucking bossy spoilt American cunts

    • Somebody
      Somebody 27 days ago

      Because it's the truth stop acting like an whiny bitch and get some commonsense.

  • andy luo
    andy luo Month ago

    So there’s a problem with every other country’s geography, US’s geography is a success! Sure lol. Perhaps Americans should vote you for their next president for your patriotism.

    • Junebug Comptonia
      Junebug Comptonia Month ago

      Can you think of any negative drawback to it's geography? The U.S. is the World's #1 Superpower and that speaks for itself.

  • Leonidas Sabr
    Leonidas Sabr Month ago

    Ya it had nothing to do with white male ingenuity.

  • Month ago

    And you can thank the British for the United States success and scorn the French and Spanish for making a mess of the inevetable expansion. This is exactly why the British must leave the EU because Great Britain is being held back by inferior nations which form part of the EU e.g. France Spain and Italy not to mention Portugal and Belgium. All the answers as to why Great Britain (or the UK if you must include Northern Ireland) are trying to leave the EU is because 1, The British are not Europeans and 2, because Hong Kong and Singapore let alone Shanghai or NZ OZ or anywhere in fact would not be as successful as they are today without the British ingenuity and sense of invention (2015 Britain submitted and had approved, more than 50% of the world's inventions as I understand it) The North East of the USA is still the most successful part of the so called country, now how is that?

  • Enrique 1989
    Enrique 1989 Month ago

    This video is FAKE

  • Enrique 1989
    Enrique 1989 Month ago

    Why did you omit the part in the which they stole TEXAS and the way in the which they treated Mexicans?

    • Junebug Comptonia
      Junebug Comptonia Month ago

      @Enrique 1989 Because nobody gives a fuck.

    • Enrique 1989
      Enrique 1989 Month ago

      kokofan50 that is not full history, idiot

    • kokofan50
      kokofan50 Month ago

      Texas broke away and was an independent nation for a decade before joining the US.

  • Enrique 1989
    Enrique 1989 Month ago

    This guy is a liar and hypocrite, of course it’s American, this video is wrong

  • cdgh99
    cdgh99 Month ago

    Americas physical isolation and natural resources also helped them win the world wars and go on to become the dominate world power. All the US needed was a country to funnel its wealth and military power through in oder to overcome the Nazis and Facist's, the UK. Similarly, Hawaii was the stepping stone to dominate the Asia Pacific and defeat the Japanese militarists. If the UK or Hawaii had fallen to the Nazis and Japanese, the end result of the war may have been very different.

    • kokofan50
      kokofan50 Month ago

      No, we would have just retaken Hawaii, only prolonging the war.

  • Thighhighsenpai Oof
    Thighhighsenpai Oof Month ago +6

    Even though the United States doesn’t need to really protect itself it still has the most powerful military amazing

    • Rexy 1776
      Rexy 1776 27 days ago +1

      We have national interests abroad. Britain is safe geographically yet it realized it had to prevent any European country from dominating Europe because then its position would be threatened .

    • David Loz
      David Loz 29 days ago

      Thighhighsenpai Oof USA also Has Allies,It has Canada as a Ally And is Chill with Mexico and Brazil.

  • Михайло Заклецький

    Don't worry , Yellowstone will blow up - US is gone :)

    • Braelon Banger
      Braelon Banger 10 days ago

      Михайло Заклецький if that volcano goes off it wouldn’t just destroy North America it would block the sun for decades causing temperatures to plummet and causing mass famine across the world

    • Михайло Заклецький
      Михайло Заклецький Month ago

      @XxXSwagMaster360NoscopeBlazeItSkayte4lyfe XxX Not necessarily

    • XxXSwagMaster360NoscopeBlazeItSkayte4lyfe XxX
      XxXSwagMaster360NoscopeBlazeItSkayte4lyfe XxX Month ago

      Михайло Заклецький Along with the rest of the world

  • Raelyn
    Raelyn Month ago

    “The United States is a country that worked by chance”?
    No, it seems like it worked by stealing land from natives and profiting off of free labor from Africans

  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex Month ago

    USA USA USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Iman Fani
    Iman Fani Month ago

    Such a flawed narrative of geography where every one has a problem and only U.S has a strength. I guess after U.S is gone it’s for others to make the U.S problem video...

    • Iman Fani
      Iman Fani Month ago

      Zakary Loreto all the previous empires said the same thing. It’s called exceptionalism, it is a symptom the end is nigh. None of the founding fathers had this mindset. This is a tell tale sign that republic is over and petite emperors riegn for a little while

    • Zakary Loreto
      Zakary Loreto Month ago

      Iman Fani the us has no real problem in geography maybe other than its split into two west and east by the Rockies and getting hit by natural disasters

  • Able Reyes
    Able Reyes Month ago +1

    need to remove that background noise , hard to hear ....

  • Nigerian Prince 219

    Everyone else: Geography Problem
    USA:Geography Power

  • LunaGaming
    LunaGaming Month ago

    Damn that's why I hate the south 4:00

  • Strategic Greek Mapper
    Strategic Greek Mapper 2 months ago

    Isn't this quite racy? Saying "Geography problems" of other countries but when it cilomes to USA we must say good things about the Geography of that fucking spoilt country

  • Marcheski TV
    Marcheski TV 2 months ago

    I think the reason The United States’ army is so strong is because of climate. In Florida, you have tropical in case you have a war with Indonesia (which will never happen). We have the eastern climate (east coast). We also have deserts and plains, and Alaska in case we go to war with Soviet Russia

  • CJC Cast
    CJC Cast 2 months ago +1

    This is why the United States is so powerful!
    1. Hard to Invade:
    Isolated from Global Affairs,
    surround by weak countries, geographically hard to invade
    2. Resources
    Many Natural Recourses like coal, oil, farming and agricultural, one reason USA is an economic superpower, that North and South America are like a good mine of recourses!
    3. Transportation:
    Can get goods from one side to the other! Has great infrastructure!
    4. A Government Controlled by the people:
    Even though it’s not related to Geography America’s free Democratic Society is one big reason why America has been so successful!
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 the last question is will the US remain the superpower it is or will China take us over!

    • Zakary Loreto
      Zakary Loreto Month ago

      CJC Cast China will take over as number one,they have four times as many people, but don’t worry we will still be a superpower

  • Izabella Sonier
    Izabella Sonier 2 months ago +1

    Oof, the trans canada highway bridge collapse hurt me. I was going on a road trip to Vancouver at the the time, and I happened to be just an hour away from the bridge when it collapsed. I was stuck for 16 freaking hours... fracking canada. Get better roads

  • Craig Futch
    Craig Futch 2 months ago

    The United States of America has been blessed by what they call Providence. Special place set aside for the Lord‘a select . But that does not mean that she can turn her face from God and maintain her blessing. Liberals and progressives are the hands of the devil!

  • John Cocksmith
    John Cocksmith 2 months ago

    Surrounded by militarily weak countries?
    Canada burned down the Whitehouse... twice.

  • cowsparks
    cowsparks 2 months ago

    lol the bridge in canada didnt "collapse". the architects who designed it didn't take into account how cold northern ontario got in the winter and didnt allowed for shrinking/expansion. so one side of the bridge was more elevated than the other side. if you google image "nipigon bridge failure" youll see what i mean

  • levi fox
    levi fox 2 months ago

    3:47 Rio in Brazil, during the Slave Trade Era, had more slaves than all of the US combined. The US only had about 10% of all slaves that came from Africa. So that is debunked.

  • Kj_mast_er
    Kj_mast_er 2 months ago

    " the right set of people" to invade and murder

    • Rexy 1776
      Rexy 1776 27 days ago

      Kj_mast_er Which is what happened in most of those other areas either that or a caste system formed where the natives were put on a lower caste then those invaders.

    • Kj_mast_er
      Kj_mast_er 27 days ago

      @Rexy 1776 that whole region is turks and their brothers in ethnicity just like china and japan bantus and khoi&san, europeans , it can almost be called replacement but what happened in the americas is wiping out of inhabitants and installing a new demographic.

    • Rexy 1776
      Rexy 1776 27 days ago

      Reminder that most of the nations that exist today are a result of one people moving in and replacing another Turkey (Turks came from Central Asia), Britain, etc.

    • Somebody
      Somebody 2 months ago

      Lol the warcrimes of the US are nothing compared to other nations

  • Terminator Knight
    Terminator Knight 2 months ago

    8:55 not chance, it’s DESTINY!!!

  • Stormrage
    Stormrage 2 months ago

    And thats why 9/11 is a hoax.

  • Mhamad Riyad
    Mhamad Riyad 2 months ago

    Quite biased to be honest with you, you didn't mention Manifest destiny which in the catalyst for the country to expand westward. and what about the indigenous people compulsive immigration?

  • The Castamereian Raynes

    France should've kept Louisiana

  • Ellen Laprise
    Ellen Laprise 2 months ago

    Interesting! We are lucky in the United States.

  • Thore
    Thore 2 months ago +11

    US: doesn't have to fear any kind of invasion because they have the perfect geography
    also US: has the worlds biggest military

    • Rexy 1776
      Rexy 1776 27 days ago

      Marcheski TV The vast majority of Russia’s nuclear arsenal is outdated Cold War tech lmao. Just because they have the most doesn’t make them the biggest nuclear power.

    • Rexy 1776
      Rexy 1776 27 days ago

      We have national interests abroad if we abandoned Europe we’d just see an expansionist, full and ready Russia conquer Eastern Europe which would make it to where Russia could challenge us on the global stage (literally Cold War again). Also we have interests in Asia such as not allowing China to control 1/3 of the worlds trade (South China Sea), not allowing Islamic fundamentalism to takeover Afghanistan again and preventing Pakistan from falling apart because nuclear weapons.

    • Mohammad Mondol
      Mohammad Mondol Month ago

      The US has to"protect" their oil interests.

    • CardboardKing
      CardboardKing Month ago +2

      @Marcheski TV "active" soldiers makes no sense, and the us has nukes just as good as the ruskies.

    • Marcheski TV
      Marcheski TV 2 months ago

      I think 3 countries share first place.
      China, United States, and Russia
      China: has the most active soldiers in the military
      United States: best military budget and Air Force
      Russia: good ol’ nukes

  • Harsh Adukia
    Harsh Adukia 2 months ago +1

    This video shows how US was based on econonmy and wealth rather than any commonality or unity.

  • Jan-Niklas
    Jan-Niklas 3 months ago +7

    The US profited massively from WWI and WWII

    • Matthew Longley
      Matthew Longley 23 days ago

      @Jan-Niklas They were already number one when the competition was at its fiercest.

    • Jan-Niklas
      Jan-Niklas 23 days ago

      @Matthew Longley but I think US Economy grew that fast in the 21st century because they had less competiton than before and so they became nr 1 being way ahead of any other state

    • Matthew Longley
      Matthew Longley 23 days ago +2

      Not as much as you'd expect. The US was already the richest single country in the world by 1890 with no slowdown in sight. US involvement in WWI and WWII were both the result of extra-hemispheric powers attempting to interfere in the western hemisphere, which had been the US's line in the sand since 1823 with the Monroe Doctrine.
      People talk a lot about America's industrial rivals being bombed out as a reason for why the US got so rich, but it's not really true - the US was already rich. What it wanted was a deeper degree of security, which could only be achieved by ensuring that hegemonic powers in the eastern hemisphere were sufficiently contained so as not to threaten the western hemisphere.

    SMOKEU 3 months ago

    lol at the Battlefield 3 ad @ 8:52

  • William Lee
    William Lee 3 months ago

    France regrets selling New Orleans I guess.

  • Tom Kelly
    Tom Kelly 3 months ago

    We have loads of amazing rivers here in Canada. It is the winter that makes them no longer navigable when they are ice covered.
    Oh don't forget to mention that US and Canada each are about the size of Europe. With far far smaller populations

    • kokofan50
      kokofan50 2 months ago

      The US population is about 1/2 the size of Europe.

  • 00UncommonSense00
    00UncommonSense00 3 months ago

    When playing Risk, I always chose the North American continent for my starting point. I usually always won.

  • Julian Lonowski
    Julian Lonowski 3 months ago

    Food oh yeah yeah

  • M C
    M C 3 months ago +1

    "It's not New Orleens, it's N'Arlens. N'Arlens."
    Kitchen Nightmares anybody? xD

  • Sledcat
    Sledcat 3 months ago

    Canada (Great Britain at the time) had a chance to take the western region north of Mexico and west of French Louisiana. As well, They could've Bought Alaska, but they didn't!
    America's advantage was the "sense of adventure", which Most Nations had lost! Mexico stood by the "old Spanish Ways", and the British Empire had exhausted it's desire for new territory! The Young, Youthful exuberance of a New Nation Plowed through, and the advantage was theirs.

  • Mattack
    Mattack 3 months ago

    Mexico and Mexicans are not our friends

  • JJ Forlini
    JJ Forlini 3 months ago

    Did you say canada has no main transport river, the Saint-Laurent

  • A K
    A K 3 months ago

    God save the... I mean "Murica Fuck Yeah!"

  • Raja
    Raja 3 months ago

    Please do Canada !

  • Creamofthecrop
    Creamofthecrop 3 months ago

    1:37 - thats def not philadelphia... since when was it in delaware?

  • John Choi
    John Choi 3 months ago +1

    I love this country.

  • Dinosuar Lover
    Dinosuar Lover 3 months ago

    If you people in the comment section HATE America so much get the fuck off TVclip we made it and you must hate us so much so just gtfo of TVclip

  • Gerald O'Hare
    Gerald O'Hare 3 months ago

    Then God gave us SHALE. We crack the rock and pure clean oil leaks out. Vivat Jesus ! God gave us Elon Musk and Steve Jobs just to sweeten the pot. We invented GPS then gave it to the world. We have enough natural gas to last 💯 years. We are the only industrialized nation in the western world with a growing population. Our music and movies span the globe. We are at a point where we don’t need to defeat our enemies but merely disrupt them with economic sanctions. You can hate us, ignore us or love us but we just don’t care. The 21st century is the American century. We simply don’t depend upon other nations for anything. You will see a much more insular America now. We don’t need anything from anybody. Let India fight Pakistan...we don’t care.

  • Raji Fredrick
    Raji Fredrick 3 months ago

    Us needs to take over half of russia to keep the world safe

  • S B
    S B 3 months ago

    Canada doesn’t exist. Mexico is a joke.

  • Dmb25108
    Dmb25108 3 months ago

    You have a factual error about Canada it’s only in the north western portion of Ontario that the trans Canada highway is two lane other that a few portions in eastern Canada. The Ontario portion is due to the Canadian Shield (a extremely rocky area in that area) the rest of the highway is 4 lane and also branches off in places. In the west we are more closely tied to the USA regions. The people of the lower mainland are more like the people of the Seattle area, where the rest of western Canada is more like the people of the dakotas, Montana region.

  • WildBill22360
    WildBill22360 3 months ago

    It could not have been hard work, ingenuity, high values, Christianity, of Americans up until the mid twentieth century could it? No, everything good about America is only because of its geography. Then why is Mexico so corrupt and messed up?

    • Zakary Loreto
      Zakary Loreto Month ago

      WildBill22360 well it’s a combination, the us has a stable and effective government and also good geography. Mexico does not really have good geography or a good government

  • John D. Rockefeller
    John D. Rockefeller 3 months ago

    So we could invade Canada.

  • Texplained
    Texplained 4 months ago

    mexico is largely a desert.....😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Slaye
    Slaye 4 months ago +1

    Thank you so much! I've learned so much from your channel!

  • Vincent Gallagher
    Vincent Gallagher 4 months ago

    Don’t forget Gunpowder

  • Owen Swinkels
    Owen Swinkels 4 months ago

    Why is every country bad exept for America

  • asianbubbleteapilotboiiiBOEING777-8X

    And that's why trump has declared a national emergency in the southern border with Mexico.

  • Joel Grayson
    Joel Grayson 4 months ago +1

    9:02 Where are my New Yorkers??

  • 64imma
    64imma 4 months ago

    Imagine if france never sold their portion of land to the United states. Or if the land in the Louisiana purchase became a separate French speaking country in the Americas.