How Geography Gave the US Power


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  • Owen Swinkels
    Owen Swinkels Day ago

    Why is every country bad exept for America

  • asianbubbleteapilotboiiiBOEING777-8X

    And that's why trump has declared a national emergency in the southern border with Mexico.

  • Joel Grayson
    Joel Grayson 2 days ago +1

    9:02 Where are my New Yorkers??

  • 64imma
    64imma 3 days ago

    Imagine if france never sold their portion of land to the United states. Or if the land in the Louisiana purchase became a separate French speaking country in the Americas.

  • Leonardo gonçalves
    Leonardo gonçalves 4 days ago

    Brazil it's very similar. Big Rivers, awesome land to coffee,tabacco, sugar cane. No wars whatsoever with weak neighbors and yet still very poor cause lack of identity. Independence was created on a weak foundation. And other more organized smarter nation's like England made us borrow money and tech with high interests. They outsmarted commercially for a long time.

  • Alfred Justin Dumalagan

    Bodi bodi boop boop

  • Josh G
    Josh G 5 days ago

    "Luckily, France agreed to sell New Orleans..."
    Please see: Haitian Revolution. Then let's try this again.

  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts 5 days ago

    "Settlers in the South figured out that the area was fantastic for tobacco cultivation"
    What did he mean by this? Tobacco has been cultivated in the area since long before the Europeans came.

  • PizazN
    PizazN 7 days ago

    BS on layers on BS. Nothing special about American geographical location.

  • Colt Warner
    Colt Warner 8 days ago

    And not to mention the slaves traded in the east

  • Colt Warner
    Colt Warner 8 days ago

    The south was a minor in the slave strade compared to south america . End of story.

  • Bri I
    Bri I 9 days ago

    Would love to see a video on how California became the fifth-largest economy in the world. Suck it, Idaho!

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    France must feel hella stupid for selling the Louisiana territory for that cheap lol

    xK4GUTSUCH1x BB 10 days ago


  • Replay Ghost
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  • ibrahem AL Harbi
    ibrahem AL Harbi 12 days ago

    This amazing video

  • mrfacques
    mrfacques 12 days ago

    Mexico is not largely a dessert, you dumb ass, also, prior to the rise of the US and the decline of Mexico in the 19th Century, it was Mexico that was the super power in North America

  • Almighty Alious
    Almighty Alious 14 days ago

    couldn't continue watching the music was loud and annoying u fucked it up

  • Adam Kain
    Adam Kain 17 days ago +1

    The US could easily invade Canada and Mexico if they were that type of country. Good thing we value sovereignty, unlike umm... every other superpower ever.

  • Lynariz Gerardine
    Lynariz Gerardine 19 days ago

    Thank You James Madison!!

  • Kerrson Jireh
    Kerrson Jireh 21 day ago

    thank god

  • somethin somethin
    somethin somethin 23 days ago

    @ 9:00 sounds like Regan's speech -paraphrasing- 'i believe that this continent was set aside in a divine way, between to the two great oceans to be a beacon to all people who had a profound love of freedom and liberty ' it does kind of sound like Providence or destiny. I mean Columbus left in 1492 which is the same year that Europe finaly was done being ransacked and invaded by the ottoman empire/Moors. All the people no longer dying in wars and from starvation and ect. Quickly started to overpopulate Europe in a few decades (no birth control) so they had to go somewhere. The timing is astounding.

  • JoeZhouRuan
    JoeZhouRuan 23 days ago

    Would be good as a series, rather than a summative video. Some significant pieces left out, which do relate to geography and America's political and economic development. A few: The taking of land from the American Indians (and relocation of their groups), the trans-Atlantic slave trade and how it played into the country's historical economic development, and American's military bases around the globe.

    • Cant wait for the next season
      Cant wait for the next season 19 days ago

      @JoeZhouRuan to be fair most of land the US owns, the US didn't take or steal it. The US pretty much colonized their own land.

  • Menino Jake
    Menino Jake 24 days ago

    Stop giving Marylanders more reasons to think they are from the South. This needs to stop. Maryland is a northern state. That’s it. No debate.

  • SwetyBG
    SwetyBG 24 days ago

    If america has a place where they could grow crops then stop eating burgers

  • Nathan Thomson
    Nathan Thomson 25 days ago

    The one big flaw with this video is the absence of a discussion about the importance of an agriculturally-based economy to the U.S.'s power. In the colonial era, the American colonies' economies were largely based on agriculture (tobacco, sugar, cotton, high-yield vegetables like corn and potatoes), other than New England. Pre-industrial farming then needs two things: land and manpower. The need for farm land caused a constant push for expansion - even in the 1700's - and this was a significant driver for both the 7 Years' War as France blocked westward expansion for the British colonies, and the American Revolution as Britain continually cut the American colonists off from expansion into the Ohio region with the Royal Proclamation of 1763 and the Quebec Act of 1774. The need for manpower then led to yes, slavery, but also large-scale immigration. This was in large contrast to the French colonies in Canada which were largely economically-based on the collection of natural resources like furs and wood given the much poorer climate and rugged terrain. This mean that by the outbreak of the 7 Years' War in 1754, the French colonies (Canada to New Orleans) had a population of just 30,000, while the British colonies had a population of around 1.5 million. The larger population and the constantly poor relations with the First Nations peoples due to land conflicts and a lack of need for economic cooperation in contrast to the French meant that the British had to have a significantly larger military force in its colonies as well. This is then a major reason the American colonies didn't become French territories during the 7 Years' War, as well as an important reason why the Americans had so many solid military leaders for the American Revolution. George Washington, himself, was an British colonial officer involved in the skirmish that started the 7 Years' War in North America.

  • Trevor The Elephant!
    Trevor The Elephant! 25 days ago

    What about communism

  • John Smith
    John Smith 26 days ago

    The US is more like a continent than a country.
    China also but China's overpopulation of 1.3 Billion and growing is a disadvantage because it will use up it's natural resources quicker the the US with a more reasonable 325 Million people.
    China does not look at the long game.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 4 days ago

      +Monkeytacular Relying on other nations for resources can backfire. Do you know how many foreign companies in Africa and the middle east had to pull out and run when a 3rd world country changes the rules overnight?

    • Monkeytacular
      Monkeytacular 7 days ago

      China is in for the long haul, most of the African countries are practically satellite states of China. Im sure that in the coming years most of China's imported resources will come from Africa.

  • Iman Ansori
    Iman Ansori 29 days ago

    Please make Indonesia geography problem 😁

    • John Smith
      John Smith 26 days ago

      Small land mass that is vastly overpopulated.

  • Richard Moroney
    Richard Moroney 29 days ago

    The music is so annoying I had to mute it and read closed captioning.

  • manny mo
    manny mo 29 days ago

    I wonder who come the US is a superpower and couldn't win Vietnam, North Korea, and even couldn't deal with the Taliban 18 years and the Taliban are still around.

    • manny mo
      manny mo 19 days ago

      +Cant wait for the next season What a stupid thing to say are you really saying North Korea used their citizen's as a human shields and the let them be after all the world knows what the US did to innocent Japanese? Not ounce but twice, Sure the US lost Vietnam as they couldn't stay fighting there, I wonder why you didn't mention 18 years in Afghanistan and the Taliban are still around way longer than any war.

    • Cant wait for the next season
      Cant wait for the next season 19 days ago

      @manny mo use common sense buddy it's nearly impossible for a super power to conquer a country that uses their own citizen's as defensive shields. The US didn't lose North Korea. And it's debatable that they lost Vietnam.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 26 days ago +1

      It was not a all out war.
      During the Vietnam war if you were in the US you would not know a war was on like during WW2. People were listening to Rock and Roll and Drive Muscle cars.
      If the US switchover civilian products to military and sent all the females to work in war production with everyone on war rations, and returned to Vietnam it would be over faster than the over running of Iraq in 2003.

  • Noah Johnson
    Noah Johnson 29 days ago

    I love the geography videos! Maybe do one about how geographically amazing the Great Lakes region of the US is?

  • John Macomber
    John Macomber Month ago

    This series of geographic advantages and disadvantages for countries is fascinating -- but there is one section in this video in particular I do not understand. You say the judges in the south were given larger areas with fewer people, while the judges in the norther states were given smaller areas with larger amounts of people. Wouldn't that mean there were in total, more judges in the north than the south, as there would have been more judges in smaller spaces in the north, than the few judges given very large areas in the south? You say the opposite is ture, and I do not understand how.

  • Dmeads 56
    Dmeads 56 Month ago

    Imagine if Yellowstone erupted, the entire world would be suffering because of the US’s large export of agricultural products.

    • Sprixx 3D
      Sprixx 3D 27 days ago

      If Yellowstone erupted not only is the US going down, but Parts of Canada and Mexico too, its one powerful volcano...

  • TheDecimator5 !!!!!

    The right mix of people? Yessir Europeans!!!!!

  • cameroncall007
    cameroncall007 Month ago +1

    4:56 - THE SUPREME COURT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A REPRESENTATIVE BODY! If the 19million people in the north want a voice in government, they're supposed to look to Congress. STOP SPREADING THE FALSE NARRATIVE THAT SCOTUS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A SUPER-LEGISLATURE.
    Rant concluded. Please continue with the video..

    • lsuperior
      lsuperior 10 days ago

      just because it doesn't directly represent people, don't mean it didn't have a historically profound impact on our laws or governance.

  • danniel kim
    danniel kim Month ago

    The America has been invaded and harassed by the southern neighbors for years.

  • mt89
    mt89 Month ago

    It’s ok give it a few more years and china will proudly kick your ass

    • Cant wait for the next season
      Cant wait for the next season 19 days ago

      +John Smith exactly China will might pass US economically but never military since they have a geography problem, more people they need to spend money on, and a whole lot of enemies.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 26 days ago +1

      China's overpopulation of 1.3 Billion is a disadvantage because it will use up it's natural resources quicker the the US with a more reasonable 325 Million people.
      China does not look at the long game.
      How do you ever kick the ass of a country with nukes?

  • VermillionCaptain z

    ye but 8.50 they dont tho

    ARMY R US Month ago

    You are Patriotic

  • Raul Orozco
    Raul Orozco Month ago

    The SOUTHWEST was 170-year-lease, and it's over.....Sorry you didn't receive the memo?

  • TenthYoung
    TenthYoung Month ago +1

    i love america

  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi Month ago

    If i get a civ 6 spawn like USA i would be so happy... Haha

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Month ago

    Fyi.. the bridge in nipigon didn't 'collapse...and if it did they couldn't build a new one in 17 hours.. lol

  • Aditi Singh
    Aditi Singh Month ago

    Explains why they were so eager to kill off all the native Americans to get the land.

    • Cant wait for the next season
      Cant wait for the next season 19 days ago +1

      +Aditi SinghThe US didn't take most of the land dumbass the US colonized thier own land. And stop acting like natives weren't people they were people. It's perfectly fine borders change all the time.

    • Aditi Singh
      Aditi Singh 26 days ago

      +John Smith Well a decent person wouldn't view the land for 'taking'. Or at least, wouldn't try to kill the whole lot of them

    • John Smith
      John Smith 26 days ago +1

      There was 6 million natives on North America, someone was taking it. England just got there first.

  • Gecko o
    Gecko o Month ago

    Wait, what?, México a desert?, I didn't know that I live in a desert until now, I mean how often do you see pine threes and frecuent heavy rain in a desert?

    • Sprixx 3D
      Sprixx 3D 27 days ago

      It does annoy me that people day Mexico is desert and I'm american lol. But southern Mexico is very tropical with forests and beaches, ect. Only the area closest to the US border is desert.

  • Mysteryskatin
    Mysteryskatin Month ago

    Uh, I'm not a scientist but I'm pretty sure our powers are derived from Our Lord and Savoir Jesus H. Christ when he wrote the Declaration of Independence four score and seven years ago and killed the British in a big flood. Get your shit figured out pls.

  • kyle robinson
    kyle robinson Month ago

    NYS had a huge huge huge slave population. We like to think of those evil Southerners as the only slave owners but NYS was a Copperhead State and largely agricultural.

  • FuZZyHippy
    FuZZyHippy Month ago

    Canada beat U.S in the war of 1812. And we let you have your country soooooo you americans are dumb and never learn that we won and burned down your white house.

    • kokofan50
      kokofan50 Month ago +1

      That wasn’t Canada; that was Britain.

  • Sofia Shen
    Sofia Shen Month ago

    great info but please adjust the volume of the music or get rid of it immediately, it's not supporting the subject at all, it's just noise and distracting

  • Dinkins masonry
    Dinkins masonry Month ago

    I guess the global bankers fixed the problem of america,she isnt what she used to be right americans

  • U.S.A.
    U.S.A. Month ago

    America. We aren't perfect. We killed natives and didn't call black people humans until the 60's. But every nation has it's dark history. Germany and the holocaust. Russia and the Soviet union. Japan and it's facist empire. But its important as well to focus on the good the U.S.A. did as well. After the cold war, Germany became a useful asset to the EU, Russia after the fall of the Soviets finally brought it's citizens a better life, Japan is at the top of the world in technology. Can't always focus on the bad and over look the good.

    • Cant wait for the next season
      Cant wait for the next season 19 days ago

      @U.S.A. does it matter if it's natives why do natives get special treatment. They are humans which mean is war is war. And América had every right to colonize their own land after all most US land was there's in the first place.

  • Calvin Manning
    Calvin Manning Month ago

    What softwhair do you uce to animate you vidios

  • Christopher Varga
    Christopher Varga Month ago

    The reason why they did not cross the Appalachians was that the Proclamation of 1763 forbid them to. When the colonies finally gained independence from Britain, they were able to settle west of the mountains.

  • saelaird
    saelaird Month ago


  • miky carney
    miky carney Month ago

    Since when do Supreme Court judges represent people as opposed to the Constitution?? 🤔🤔

  • Cubing Adventures
    Cubing Adventures Month ago

    Like my comment

  • Tommy Evans
    Tommy Evans Month ago

    Why is it the only video about geography GIVING POWER to the US while the others are about geographical PROBLEMS to other successful countries such as china ? Oh wait you're American. 😬 Honestly, I like your videos, they are well made, but this really bugs me

  • Ricky L
    Ricky L Month ago

    Rivers were important until about 1835, then the railroad came. If it weren't for railroads the US still would not have been able to have developed into what it is today. How do you get grain from the northern mid west or cattle from the south west to market without the transcontinental railroad, let alone open up other natural resources like lumber or minerals? The rivers helped but the railroad quickly replaced them as the driving force of what built the country. Good vid none the less!

  • Cj O’Hara
    Cj O’Hara Month ago

    Yet they can’t afford healthcare🙄.

  • João Sinott
    João Sinott Month ago

    So this channel is about why everyone esle geograpy in the entire planet suck and USA is better than everyone. Great channel

  • Victor Rodrigues
    Victor Rodrigues Month ago

    How cute and patriotic

  • Chudi Frank
    Chudi Frank Month ago +4

    As an American let me start by saying all countries has her own priorities. We Americans prioritize on our military first before any other thing. It looks and sounds bad but it is the truth and we Americans don’t mind it. other guys accuse and insult us about it but that’s fine because at the end of the day it’s our military that fight for us, protect us, and keep us safe. People can say we’re too naive and we don’t put enough time and money to our schools and transportation. While this is true it ends up coming up with priorities. Our school is not that bad and our transportation systems can improve. Let me ask you this while staying in your house and safe and there are threats everywhere in your backyard and around you, do you think you’ll learn anything when you go to school? Do you think the teachers will devote 100 percent of their time to teach you when threats are all over? All I’m trying to write here is that being safe is number 1 at least for us Americans before any other thing.
    Also people do say that we’re no threats to the big countries with high military budgets because we’re surrounded with the pacific and Atlantic. While this is so true there’s an old saying that says “the moment you think you’ve made it, that is the beginning of the end for you” so while American is being geographically protected by waters with already strong military, there’s always room to improve and still strive for greatness. I live in North Carolina where there’s a marine military base I’m so proud of them because anytime I go there, the guys work hard as if there’s a war coming up tomorrow it makes me smile and feel protected. This makes me believe that while everyone knows the US is a super power for their military they’re still working hard and not feeling cocky about it.
    At last the US is known for a lot of things but one thing that stands out is our military and as long as they keep working hard, then I’ll know deep down our taxes is being used properly. Then we can work our way to our schools, transportation etc. no country is perfect and certainly not the US. We’ve Russia for example which is a super power on their own right and a well respected country. No one messes around with them and the US believe it or not do respect them and their military but look at Russia and its economy. We’re 100 times better than them in economy we’re 100 times better than them with our interstate and roads, we’re 1000 times better than them in education and so is other European and some Asian countries yet they’re respected. Russia set their priorities in military and no one can blame them for that. At the end of the day schools don’t win wars, transportation and super sonic rail ways don’t win wars. What wins war and protect the people of a country is their military and Americans understand that. This doesn’t mean that other countries should abandon making their countries better with better schools, transportation and so on. It all comes down to priorities of your own countries. God bless Americans 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸and God bless other nations.

  • Mattman365
    Mattman365 Month ago

    5:04 *DAMN YOU SUN*

  • I_am_ a_fetus
    I_am_ a_fetus Month ago

    6:37 Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase for $15 million

  • Ed Cew
    Ed Cew Month ago

    Lots of assumptions and convenient statements. Fails several simple sanity tests.

  • Ricardo Durks
    Ricardo Durks Month ago

    This channel is the most stupidies of the world!

  • Sisonpyh M
    Sisonpyh M Month ago

    Are you trying to brainwash viewers with little chimes?

  • Qarnayn _
    Qarnayn _ 2 months ago +1

    This video makes me love my country even more. You can fight us but you will never win. We have more guns than people, best geographic choke points on Earth! MANY allies. "Old Europe will tremble at our might, it will trail us in our shadow with it's priests and Kings, hobbling along as it can. What a colossus shall we be" Proud to serve my country United States Marine Corps.

  • Mark R
    Mark R 2 months ago

    It really did not happen by chance - that is stupid. You failed to mention the Christian values that built America into what it is; it really cannot be attributed to chance or just geography - that is too simplistic a view point.

    K V No.1 BADMAL ,BOLANGIR 2 months ago +1

    Western propaganda only us has advantages till China India Russia Brazil etc passes them in every thing
    Lol 😂 how bias can a TVclip channel be

  • A Pacing Goose
    A Pacing Goose 2 months ago

    8:38 Are you sure about that?

  • sVlog559
    sVlog559 2 months ago

    Congratulations american successful i respect this

  • billandpech
    billandpech 2 months ago

    If geography rather than culture gave the US power, why didn't the same geography give it to the natives that lived there for tens of thousands of years first?

  • Emil Joseph
    Emil Joseph 2 months ago

    Every other country has 'problems' because of it's geography but for the US its actually a 'blessing'? lol biased channel piece of shit

  • readyshredyspaghetti
    readyshredyspaghetti 2 months ago

    Can't forget our furry friends, the beavers. They are why the thousands of rivers in the US exist at all.

  • The Cuck Channel
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  • Big Meme
    Big Meme 2 months ago

    You put Philadelphia in the wrong place

  • YourMasked Friend
    YourMasked Friend 2 months ago

    Your saying bad thing about Asia and now you say good things about US your channel is a hypocritical channel if you talk bad about one country then you should talk bad about all the countries you involve in your videos!!!!

  • Douglas W
    Douglas W 2 months ago

    Viva los eeuu! Best country en todo el mundo 🤙

  • Cpt. Crash
    Cpt. Crash 2 months ago

    Awesome video.. got it all right from my known knowledge .. keep up good work bro

  • Mishchievious Badger
    Mishchievious Badger 2 months ago

    1.2 trillion....the us values that at way more than 1.2 trillion. Thats a way under estimate

  • Alexander Jacob
    Alexander Jacob 2 months ago

    Damn Louisiana used to be fucking massive. Too bad it got broken up into a bunch of smaller states

  • lchpdmq
    lchpdmq 2 months ago

    Formed and populated by people like Jefferson, Franklin, and Washington, the us could have been in Inner Mongolia and it would be a world power. The people are what did it.

  • Clarke525
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  • Josh O'Connor
    Josh O'Connor 2 months ago

    Murica : 1 world : 0 tell them chinkanese were gunnin for em

  • Gordon Ferrar
    Gordon Ferrar 3 months ago

    America needs a civil war.

  • El Ceviche
    El Ceviche 3 months ago

    Manifest Destiny can suck my dick from the back.

  • dmaster225
    dmaster225 3 months ago

    How romanticized, conquering is never pretty.
    The real reason the country exists is because the right people did the right heinous things, at the right time, to the right people.
    It's the fools that live under it's protection that take war and violence for granted. But war is an ancient thing that has always been the reason any country exists.
    But other than that nice explanation on the geographical effect on the economy.

  • SVN
    SVN 3 months ago

    In this series of videos titled "Geography Problems", one finds major countries and economies. But when the topic is USA, it's not a PROBLEM...but advantage...wonder why so!

  • Erick Zamudio
    Erick Zamudio 3 months ago

    We need to be stronger ULTIMATE POWER

  • DamnJungleFunction
    DamnJungleFunction 3 months ago

    Mexico's indigenous population was far larger than the area comprising the modern day United States before Columbus and for some time after, and was the center of economic activity and power of the pre-Columbian world. It was also blessed with significant mineral resources. It's problems have much more to do with the legacy of Spanish colonialism and unstable governance.

  • Pumpkin Face
    Pumpkin Face 3 months ago

    7:10 "The US seemed untouchable"
    I was waiting but you never put it in, but what about the Cuban Missile Crisis? Cold war in general?

  • JohnDavid500
    JohnDavid500 3 months ago

    you're just a stupid american who wants everybody to think americas the best

  • The clinger
    The clinger 3 months ago

    Didn’t mention Alaska or Hawaii

  • Reptilian Freemason
    Reptilian Freemason 3 months ago

    Hence, Africa

  • ทัพพสาร สาระดี my name is fifa

    Us geography always sucess in us narrator eye

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    And Russians and Chinese wanna gloat about their geography.

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    Anyone Remember Age of Empires.Drop a Like.

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