How Geography Gave the US Power


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  • Bob Cruz
    Bob Cruz 10 hours ago

    Americas geography advantage is useless in cyber warfare.

  • aarav sharma
    aarav sharma 22 hours ago

    Vermont was not part of the 13 colonies. It became the 14th State of USA

  • Chirag Patel
    Chirag Patel 2 days ago +1

    Columbus traveled blind, so he mistook Natives for Indians.
    These god damn Muricans have GPS, satellite mapping & what not,
    Yet these dimwits call Native Americans as Indians in 2018😁
    No wonder US education system sucks😁

  • Dark Bixa
    Dark Bixa 3 days ago

    my favorite country ❤ i hope to move there soon

  • F H M
    F H M 3 days ago

    Does anyone else get annoyed whenever he says navigable

  • Brian Crawford
    Brian Crawford 3 days ago

    Slavery in the US wasn't one of the biggest destinations and the history of slavery here is also a blink of time compared to other regions and countries in history. Shit there's slavery still going in Africa and parts of Asia

  • Matt Blackwood
    Matt Blackwood 3 days ago

    You hate the USA don't you

  • Publius Maximus Manlius

    *T H E M U R I C A N I N I N T E N S I F I E S

  • firebirdcas
    firebirdcas 4 days ago

    Hopefully we will discover extraterrestrial life soon.. Earth against Alien. LETS DO EVERY WAR UNTIL THE UN ALL OVER AGAIN!

  • Jack bharucha
    Jack bharucha 5 days ago

    I think it's more like our geography allowed us to maintain such a dysfunctional political system. If we were in another context the country would have been forced to reform or be destroyed

  • Divide Han By 3
    Divide Han By 3 6 days ago +1

    I just have one question. whos gonna invade Canada? there's literally no point. unless you want some food/drink from Tim Horton's.

    • Hffidn Gxjxn
      Hffidn Gxjxn 4 days ago

      Canada has tons of natural resources

  • Sean Jameson
    Sean Jameson 6 days ago

    Boston is at the mouth of the river Charles

  • Ghastly Grinner
    Ghastly Grinner 9 days ago

    the US is being invaded now

  • Gary Surber
    Gary Surber 10 days ago

    Manifest destiny!

  • max vaughan
    max vaughan 12 days ago +1

    It’s funny how he leaves out the Texas secession which had a lot of land

  • Sen Gill
    Sen Gill 12 days ago

    This is a fantastic history lesson.

  • Leo Xu
    Leo Xu 12 days ago

    The tobacco analogy is spot on. There will always be people who put money before lives

  • Snolana
    Snolana 16 days ago

    America is a shit country now though right?

  • Cornelius Carroll
    Cornelius Carroll 19 days ago

    ... I think you're off by a zero or two.

  • ssssaa2
    ssssaa2 19 days ago +1

    Geography is great, but North america isn't the only location that a continental power of this magnitude could have come about. The United States did a phenomenal job in addition to it's nice location in order to get to where it is today, from the founding fathers to today. I don't know if the US is an exceptional nation, but this certainly has been an exceptionally successful period of time for the USA these last couple hundred years, time and time again.
    Compare that to the South American states, which are weak in comparison (despite south america being another solid region for a continental powerhouse), and it's clear that it wasn't just geography.

    • Vasting
      Vasting 16 days ago

      south america has trash geography.

  • gfunk449
    gfunk449 19 days ago

    They're lucky that those colonial settlements didn't stay as separate nation states, but united to form a giant robot.

  • Travis rooba
    Travis rooba 20 days ago

    So the us is like a superhero country #untouchable#

  • Elias da Silva Benedito

    The twin towers were a ''geographical problem?''

  • Elias da Silva Benedito

    You can notice: this channel speaks only well, its country of origin, because the others have a problem, geographical ... how much nonsense and disinformation, my friend. (Podem reparar: esse canal só fala bem do seu país de origem, porque os outros todos tem um ''problema'' geográfico...quanta bobagem e desinformação, amigo.)

    • Elias da Silva Benedito
      Elias da Silva Benedito 16 days ago

      The kind of average American as you believe the ideal progress is American, well, I will not deny that rock'n'roll is the best thing they've ever done ... but this stupidity '' a la '' Homer Simpson is to leave any Lisa Simpsom with her hair standing ... I'm sorry, because I lived in her country for a year, I worked as a Portuguese teacher for Americans who wanted to visit Brazil ... I met many educated Americans, with a vision of world wide ... today I understand that in the cartoon of the Simpsons, what is criticized are the American stereotypes, and by the way ... you can also be ridiculous, even if they are set in dollars

    • Vasting
      Vasting 16 days ago +1

      Elias da Silva Benedito you know if latinos weren't the #1 issue in American we wouldn't know where your third world shit holes are either

    • Elias da Silva Benedito
      Elias da Silva Benedito 16 days ago

      for example ... In the Amazon, the so-called "NGO" (Non-governmental organization) play the role of meddlers in the same proportion of Latinos, since the illegal ones in their country are the majority of Mexicans who clean the dirt that the Americans have a blasé disgust to clean ... the difference is that the Saxon method of illegally entering another's land is more polished due to the good education that his people have in schools, confusing Bolivia with Panama, Brazil with Argentina and Australia with Texas .. .being a poor latino knows the difference from a canadian to an american, even though you speak the same language and in spite of the accents ... but I doubt most of your FRIENDS are able to enumerate the cultural differences around the world, this' 'world' 'that lies beyond the Mexican, Canadian, Atlantic and Pacific borders ... this world there, which Hollywood invents and you believe others believe;)

    • Vasting
      Vasting 16 days ago +1

      Elias da Silva Benedito "returning the replica" yea, talk to me when Latin America has over 20 million illegal Americans in it. And you must be retarded if you believe Americans don't cut there own grass. That stereotype is for rich people on Beverley hills. The average suburban middle class do it themselves. Then again a middle class American is a rich Latin American

    • Elias da Silva Benedito
      Elias da Silva Benedito 16 days ago

      returning the replica ... noted that you have serious problems with your own identity, because the grass that the Americans are too lazy to cut is not as beautiful as in the Hollywood movies;)

  • matthew galer
    matthew galer 20 days ago

    2:48 is SO visually satisfying

  • JustaRandom StraightGuy

    Geography is not the only factor. Capitalism gave the US a huge boost in economy. if the US is communist. no matter how good the geography is the US will not prosper.

  • Prerna Kuchhal
    Prerna Kuchhal 24 days ago

    If you see, almost all ancient civilizations which grew in isolation succeeded. For example, The egyptians, the japanese and so on.

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln 26 days ago

    I'm Korean Chinese Christian.May God Bless America.I thanks America.

  • Popsiclez
    Popsiclez 26 days ago

    Instead of watching the video, I’m getting involved in the drama. In the comment section.

  • Halil Yıldızhan Yavuz
    Halil Yıldızhan Yavuz 26 days ago +1

    Can you make a video about the turkey

  • Leo Stub Kober
    Leo Stub Kober 27 days ago

    well, Canada has invaded

  • Brian M
    Brian M 27 days ago

    I love that he pointed at Philadelphia in Delaware.

  • Uncle Ruckus
    Uncle Ruckus 27 days ago

    If Europe were a country, we'd be in a similar situation. No enemies in the west, the south is relatively well guarded by a sea and there are no people in the north. We have lots of rivers to transport goods inland.

  • TV Gerbil
    TV Gerbil 27 days ago

    Its immense geography also isolate many Americans from the outside world. For these Americans, they have little time to understand the outside world, or care about how the outside world see them.

  • Rodney
    Rodney 28 days ago

    if US located in China position, that will be real disaster to the Asian countries around. Compared with that, China looks not bad at all.

  • lukepiotr
    lukepiotr 28 days ago +1

    So the US doesn't need much of protection, yet has the world's biggest army - makes sense!

  • Matt Biden
    Matt Biden 28 days ago

    America = Largest white population = Largest super power. That is why.

  • il ross
    il ross 29 days ago

    The American south wasn't one of the biggest destinations of the the slave trade.

    MELANATED KING Month ago


  • Blaque
    Blaque Month ago +1

    Uhhh Gadsden purchase? I’m

  • David Pat
    David Pat Month ago

    The biggest threat to the US has always been secession and Civil War. That was true then and it is still true now. It is actually possible today that New York and California start movements to leave the US.

  • Alyssa May
    Alyssa May Month ago

    AAAAAAAAANNNNDDDDDDDDD they stole the whole damn thing! ahaha

  • Gurchamandeep Singh

    How could you forgot about Alaska ?

  • Dalton Agrônomo
    Dalton Agrônomo Month ago +1

    As an agronomist (unemployed), I am reminded that in relation to the United States:
    1- Brazil has no part of its territory in temperate climate. The overwhelming majority of the American territory is temperate. It is the zonality. Except when there is a volcano, tropical lands tend to be poor. And poor lands give poor people; even more before they had fertilizers, which was the case of Brazil, for some centuries. No part of Brazil has highly fertile soils. Even in Brazil's area of ​​reasonable soil fertility, this part of Brazil fits in the territory of neighboring Uruguay. While the United States has the largest area of ​​high natural fertility soils in the world, partly because of the temperate climate and partly because of the super volcano, which is in the present Yellowstone Park and has released fertilizers throughout the American and Canadian territory there hundreds of thousands of years ago.
    2- In a key natural resources, coal, the United States not only has coal in huge quantities, thing of hundreds of billions of tons, but also this coal is high quality and highly cheap and easy to exploit. Brazil has few mineral coal, which is poor in quality and difficult to exploit.
    3 - In a third key natural resource, oil, Brazil only began to exploit oil 80 years after the United States and today, Brazil's land oil is lower than the oil produced in the United States of 1890.
    That is, nature gave Americans and Brazilians:
    1- Nature has given Americans the largest area of ​​highly fertile soils in the world. For Brazilians, nature gave no area of ​​highly fertile soils, and very few percent of regular fertility soils.
    2-Nature has given Americans the largest and easiest and cheapest to exploit coal reserves in the world. To Brazilians, nature gave a low quality mineral coal, only in small reserves and over expensive and difficult extraction. Today, Brazil produces less coal annually than the United States produced in 1878.
    3. Nature has given Americans vast oil reserves, which have been exploited since 1859. To Brazilians, land reserves of oil are only 2% of the original land-based oil reserves in the United States. And Brazil only found oil in 1939, 80 years after the Americans.
    In short: God is not Brazilian. God is American.

  • G3oNinja
    G3oNinja Month ago

    The fact that Philadelphia and New York sit on the mouths of navigable rivers while Boston does not, could explain how they eclipsed Boston in terms of population...

  • Titan Smash Games
    Titan Smash Games Month ago


  • Mujigi Kabugi
    Mujigi Kabugi Month ago

    Such a biased bs all ur videos is about the nations' problem with the geography but in USA its a different song

  • Scooby Dooby
    Scooby Dooby Month ago

    Fairly simplistic view of U.S. geography.

  • e james
    e james Month ago +4

    this land was sought by many............the french, the spanish, russia, the british. They all lost because americans had the superiour political system. In fact, the greatest system of governance ever devised in the history of the world.

  • M McLaurin80
    M McLaurin80 Month ago

    The south was not a "major" destination for African slaves. 97% of all slaves taken from Africa ended up in the Caribbean or South America.

  • Arcademan09
    Arcademan09 Month ago

    "Anyone free for Pizza?"
    "Of course I'm free... *IM AN AMERICAN!* "

  • Clifford Nelson
    Clifford Nelson Month ago

    There was also the issue of why slaves were required was because black people survive malaria a lot better than white people

  • Clifford Nelson
    Clifford Nelson Month ago

    Another Factor on the southern cities being Inland is malaria

  • Erich Burn
    Erich Burn Month ago

    It could have been French or Spanish if they would have kept their shit together so your god doesn't have to do anything with it

  • I Gd
    I Gd Month ago

    wonderful APUSH video

  • demeraradove
    demeraradove Month ago

    it is only after seeing these videos about America's super power status that I am inveigled to visit... #perspective, look at how I am swallowing the kool aid eh!! Cultural brainwashing

  • Ivan Cannon
    Ivan Cannon Month ago

    $1.2 Trillion is as sweet deal.
    I’ll take it!

  • MasterOfTheChainsaw

    Imagine how much more interesting North America would be if France never sold the Louisiana territory to the US. Perhaps today we'd have a much smaller but still respectable United States on the east coast, an independent French-speaking Louisiana in the middle and either a much bigger Mexico and slightly bigger Canada on the west coast, or perhaps a few smaller nations. Would be a spicier continent for sure!

  • chris campbell
    chris campbell Month ago

    The country that is unfuckwitable Geographically spends the most on the military.
    Like sands through the hour glass, this is how the petrodollar burns.

  • internetperson
    internetperson Month ago

    Yep, thats definitely where Philadelphia is

  • W.D Gaster
    W.D Gaster Month ago

    -_-? Rlly?

  • Dalton Agrônomo
    Dalton Agrônomo Month ago

    I'm a Brazilian. The video is good, but it forgets others American advantages: massive amounts of coal, oil and natural gas. All key natural resources.

  • Harold Callahan
    Harold Callahan Month ago

    If it wasnt for the Holocaust of Native Americans and the fact that the rail roads were built by slave that made america a super power.

  • Scatttyyy R
    Scatttyyy R Month ago

    Hey now, Canada can move troops on our train. So unless some super weapon can disable the railline, you best tone down that war time rhetoric, land of the ungreatful rebels

  • Zetimenvec
    Zetimenvec Month ago

    I feel like this video covers the inception of the USA and its early geographical benefits, but not what really drove it to become a superpower. The USA wasn't considered a contender for the world stage for over a hundred years, why?

  • Captain Morgan
    Captain Morgan Month ago +1


  • Clash Fails
    Clash Fails Month ago +1

    Bias much 😂
    Canada and mexico are totally weak countries. Ya maybe compared to the US only because it spends over half a trillion dollars on its military a year. I find it weird how you also have a geography problem for every country but somehow the US is perfect

  • Sarah Rigo
    Sarah Rigo Month ago

    Bull Shit Lying Yankee Puke History!

  • kaww
    kaww Month ago

    Mexico. Militarily weak.
    Fuck this channel


    Thanks for not making this political. Great video!

  • Lizzet Hernandez-Cortinas

    The right mix of people, landed in the right place? You mean colonialism and slavery happened... right?

  • George Leggott
    George Leggott 2 months ago

    Yet they are still one of the most generally unintelligent populations in the world?

  • JustJulyo
    JustJulyo 2 months ago

    Yay! Thank you slavery, tea racism, greed, wars, mass genocide, and capitalism for making America great, again!

  • John LaLone
    John LaLone 2 months ago +1

    US geography is not luck or happen stance. It was strategic through manifest destiny, the rail road system, the interstate system, the federal government and US treasury, as well as the entrepreneurial culture and patriotism that people feel when you participate in a democracy.
    You can argue about the morality of these things all you want, but you can’t say the US became a super power by luck. It was intentionally built by the American people and government to secure the land from sea to shining sea and to keep foreign influence to a minimum.

  • Motor78
    Motor78 2 months ago

    And yet here we are 300 years later: Donald Chump is the president, our economy is utter shit, racism is very much still a thing, inflation is too damn high, people legit depend on mandatory tips to scrap, most of the states suck ass, the IRS and the government are tyrants who deliberately caused 911, queers, and faggots get triggered if you don't call them by their preferred pussy name, we're the most OBESE nation on earth, we're number one in genocide, public transportation is a JOKE to non-existent in most of the US, you go to jail for growing a plant, have ridiculous laws but we're number 1 guises...we're a joke to the rest of the world.

  • Mohammed Abu-Serrieh
    Mohammed Abu-Serrieh 2 months ago +1

    Once again, a superb and splendid video. Keep up the Amazing work

  • D.J.
    D.J. 2 months ago

    Funny how no one ever addresses why Europeans and their children (USA) feel the need to colonize, destroy, terrorize, dominate and take over instead of just being happy where they were

  • George Spiggot
    George Spiggot 2 months ago +1

    USA was built by WHITE EUROPEANS. Deal with it. Not 3rd world uneducated losers especially welfare immigrants. Welfare immigrants and the welfare state didn't build USA. Deport ilkegals and Muslims

  • George Spiggot
    George Spiggot 2 months ago +1

    USA is awesome just get rid of the filthy illegals. There should be no Muslims in America

  • Rammus
    Rammus 2 months ago

    So your saying canada is weak

  • Rex Regum
    Rex Regum 2 months ago +1

    Wrong. What really gave the US power is fact that we're just awesome at everything.

  • blue SNOT
    blue SNOT 2 months ago

    1:49 i know its not the same river but its crazy to see such transformation. It went from green nature to grey cities.

  • TheControlBlue
    TheControlBlue 2 months ago

    Bullshit! The U.S. still faced a military invasion, although one resulting from rebellion, but still one. If the European powers banded together, they could have squashed that flame despite the geography, but as the French helping the Americans against the British has shown America vastly benefited from the turmoil in Europe.
    That you'd make a case that America would not have been a superpower if it was not for the troubles in Europe would have been better, but thinking the geography alone prevented such an invasion is wishful thinking with the sole goal of erasing the accomplishment of the white people who worked hard to raise a civilization out of a wasted continent.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 2 months ago

    Stating that location was a bigger influence than the democratic/republic government.

  • Mosdef Shel
    Mosdef Shel 2 months ago

    Forced Skill labor of American Blacks gave US its power

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 months ago

    Geography problem of Australia

  • Salvador Allende
    Salvador Allende 2 months ago

    when it comes to Russia, China, India, geography is a problem but suddenly in your video about the US, geography equals strengths. Unfair, unbalance?

  • Sky Rostova
    Sky Rostova 2 months ago

    Hey you need a girlfriend? I just like your voice.

  • 16Gym
    16Gym 2 months ago

    terrible music choice

  • 锁金秋
    锁金秋 2 months ago +2

    Canada is likely the only possibility, but they are busying at chilling with weed and being fags

  • Laurence Crisp
    Laurence Crisp 2 months ago

    love the way you briskly move over the MEXICAN AMERICAN WARya stole the Pacific north west+California from Mexicans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then used excuse about slavery to grab the southern states,''they didn't have damn freakin combine harvesters+ya baught the rest from the French+THE RussiaNS,YOU'RE CORPERATE RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REMEBER THE ALAMO!!!!!!!!!! yeah what ABOUT Texas+new Mexico!

  • Mauricio Bastazini
    Mauricio Bastazini 2 months ago

    unless you are Israel 8:50

  • Matthew Wang
    Matthew Wang 2 months ago

    Me as a Canadian at 0:28 We are not militarily weak. We have a lot of Moose :) and we don't have enemies because we don't stir up shit around the world like you Americans do

  • Brian Gillis
    Brian Gillis 2 months ago

    Wow! Honestly... I have to say it. You are awesome!

  • mike dike
    mike dike 2 months ago +1

    america was made powerful because it had a good gene pool....mexico is a shithole because it has a bad gene pool

  • Yami yama
    Yami yama 2 months ago

    So other big nations have geography problems but the US is the only one with advantage, talk about propaganda.

  • Fomo Kun
    Fomo Kun 2 months ago

    Location Location LOCATION!

  • Sean Gray
    Sean Gray 2 months ago

    You seEeEe, bla bla bla
    pls stop saying you see

  • Kevin Avila
    Kevin Avila 2 months ago


  • Romi Agua
    Romi Agua 2 months ago

    Incrível estas explicações, muito obrigado. 👍📈