Charmed - unaired pilot - Part 1

  • Published on Jan 20, 2018
  • Charmed had unaired pilot which cast a different person for phoebe, I'm glad they change it, what did you find different.

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  • Millennial Adulting
    Millennial Adulting 14 days ago PART 2

  • Tanja Ruth
    Tanja Ruth 28 days ago

    why did they change the cast?

  • M B
    M B Month ago

    They were filming in the actual manor at 1329 Carroll Ave in LA for this pilot, see the stairway closer to the front door instead of in the middle of the conservatory. I thought it was cool but it was way too cramped in there. In the television pilot, they rebuilt it on a sound stage at their lot.

  • Elizabeth H
    Elizabeth H Month ago +1

    They also replaced the actor playing Andy.

  • Iyah Rbes
    Iyah Rbes 2 months ago +3

    Don't get me wrong this actress is great at acting but she didn't fit the role of phoebe halliwell due to her being more mature than the character.

  • Cat C.
    Cat C. 2 months ago +2

    I believe that Alyssa's Phoebe has the messy life. I feel like this one is just too bland to be believable. and not enough of a contrast in personality to the other two to be interesting.

  • Bernice Gaze
    Bernice Gaze 3 months ago +1

    No, don't like her. They made the right choice

  • Javier Flores
    Javier Flores 4 months ago +1

    Maybe in other dimension Lori would have been a good Phoebe. However, in this reality Alyssa's Phoebe is much much much better than Lori. That's my point of view.

  • Piper Waugh
    Piper Waugh 4 months ago

    Neverrrr 😭

  • moskeelah hicks
    moskeelah hicks 4 months ago +7

    i prefer Alyssa maybe because i'm just now just know finding out that there was another phoebe. I like the phoebe i grew up with

  • Hoang H. Nguyen
    Hoang H. Nguyen 5 months ago +1

    The interior of this house also use for 2016 movie 'The Love Witch' (Trish's house)

  • Christopher
    Christopher 7 months ago

    Prue looks like little red riding hood

  • star
    star 8 months ago +34

    Lori just wasn't right for the role, she's the tallest with a deeper motherly voice than all of them but she's supposed to be the youngest one...the right decision was made to replace her

  • SweetSexySavage _
    SweetSexySavage _ 8 months ago +4

    She look like she was the older sister ... Happy that changed it

  • of course
    of course 9 months ago +7

    fan theory i guess but I think Piper is more calm and nice because in a way she is still mourning Grams and how Pheobe and Prue left her as seen in episode 3x17. They really made her feel really lonely. Piper is more somber for the first half of season 1.

  • Ardeshir Panahi
    Ardeshir Panahi 9 months ago

    This is worse than the alternate Captain Janeway 😶

  • Paul G
    Paul G 11 months ago +64

    Lori seemed like the eldest sister based on height, stature and voice. Alyssa was more youthful.

  • Esmeralda2diamon
    Esmeralda2diamon Year ago +47

    When Lori plays Phoebe she comes off as a total different character. Alyssa`s Phoebe is spunky and a rebel. While Lori is more calm and nice. Almost to calm to be Phoebe. :/

  • Melissa Brannam
    Melissa Brannam Year ago +5

    Voice sync sucks. This is so different from the orig

  • April Nicholes
    April Nicholes Year ago +8

    Even though this pilot is so bad I like this Andy way more he seem more like Prue type

  • Noli yuri Cruz
    Noli yuri Cruz Year ago +15

    i really love phoebe..and alyssa makes it beautiful.

  • Penny for my thot
    Penny for my thot Year ago +35

    Imagine if Lori stayed, Shannen would have stayed too, and Constance burge wouldnt leave too, and the show would have been cool as the first 3 seasons. After prues death it was kind of lame. I never liked paige

    • Valeria Gutierrez
      Valeria Gutierrez 4 months ago +1

      @Mark A Peterson That "bitch from hell" is what made the show better. In my opinion Lori would've made a nice Prue with the deeper voice and height but not a rebel like Phoebe

    • Pynthox Gamer
      Pynthox Gamer 6 months ago +2

      @anonymous anonymous but paige wasn't there to replace prue. She was there to reawakening the power of three.

    • anonymous anonymous
      anonymous anonymous 7 months ago

      Yeah, the show went to shit after Prue died. Season 4 was actually good. I like Paige. I truly consider her a Charmed one in her own right, and not just a replacement for Prue.
      But yeah, from season 5, something was missing.

    • star
      star 8 months ago +8

      @Mark A Peterson uh no, she completed the show

    • Mark A Peterson
      Mark A Peterson 8 months ago +1

      Alyssa ruined the show because she'a a cunt bitch from hell

  • Love potion gone wrong

    I wish they had used this Andy

  • Todd Lay
    Todd Lay Year ago +19

    This isn't so bad. Did Shannon get along with Lori herself,better than Alyssa?

  • Daniel Arcure
    Daniel Arcure Year ago +34

    Holly’s acting is basically the only thing the same here. Shannen seems different.

    • Kris Bright
      Kris Bright 2 months ago +2

      Holly's acting doesn't seem as good as the final version of the episode. Doesn't sound as believable. Like listen to the retelling of the bagel incident where Piper and Jeremy first met. It sounds so much better in the version with Alyssa.

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas Year ago +17

    The Pilot episode of Charmed sucks , different House , different vibe .

    • M B
      M B Year ago +8

      The reason the house is different is because they shot this pilot in the actual manor in Los Angeles.

  • HellHoKitty
    HellHoKitty Year ago +14

    A different Andy too. I didn't notice a difference between Milano and Rom they both have the same Phoebe Vibe.

    • star
      star 8 months ago +4

      Lori is the tallest with the deepest voice, but playing the youngest sister... from a purely aesthetic point of view alone she needed to be replaced

  • Julia _
    Julia _ Year ago +15

    im so glad they got phoebe