The Redmi K20 Pro Is The New Value Champion

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • The Redmi K20 Pro is the most request unboxing in a while. It's the latest value smartphone from Xiaomi. The starting price for the Redmi K20 Pro converts to roughly $360 USD making it an incredible value. The K20 Pro features a Snapdragon 855, 4000mAh battery and OLED full-screen display.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  Month ago +3154

    Can India Replace China For Apple? -

  • Hyakkimaru Rōnin
    Hyakkimaru Rōnin 12 minutes ago +1

    Who's watching this video on xiaomi!!

  • Ijaj Ahmed Shaikh
    Ijaj Ahmed Shaikh 44 minutes ago +1

    Apples Are Thugs who are looting us by just giving small small things in the name of iOS and this companies like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, are giving real money value things to us ...

    Isn't so reply me if so..

  • Pawan Sharma
    Pawan Sharma Hour ago

    Realme X is also there pls check.

  • WhatsappStatusDaily
    WhatsappStatusDaily 3 hours ago +1

    feeling proud it is going to be launched in india after china 😉

  • Seigo Sato
    Seigo Sato 4 hours ago

    Does this work with T-mobile(USA)?

  • I love India
    I love India 6 hours ago

    Realmi x no1 k20 fail

  • Siva Raj
    Siva Raj 8 hours ago

    Redmi k20 has 8-layer graphite stack cooling system?

  • Murali K Nair
    Murali K Nair 9 hours ago +1

    over priced...😯😏

  • Paul Hilton
    Paul Hilton 12 hours ago

    @unbox theopy and @Lu did you test if this works on north American 4g lte bands? Is it worth exporting it

  • ManiDeep M
    ManiDeep M 18 hours ago

    Can anyone confirm if Redmi K20 Pro has NFC?

  • Christian Güthermann
    Christian Güthermann 19 hours ago

    Do you plan to try the Umidigi phones? I'd love to hear your reviews on those phones.

  • Harshit Singh Raghuwanshi

    can u do unboxing video of 'realme x' phone ..

  • Shakur92S
    Shakur92S 20 hours ago

    5:57 What smartwatch is that ? If anyone know !!

  • Mahesh Sarkar
    Mahesh Sarkar 21 hour ago

    Just ordered

  • TheForgottenArtist
    TheForgottenArtist 22 hours ago

    I have my faith for redmi
    I have been using Redmi 3s prime for 3 years. I'm a heavy gaming person. And even today it's killing it, the camera, the speed, the durability, the battery life, everything succeeds a budget oppo/vivo/samsung smartphone

    • John Mc.Cartney
      John Mc.Cartney Hour ago

      Im redmi fan too, started using xiaomi from redmi note 4x, 2 years later and it's still rock! And i decide to make it to redmi k20 pro. Awesome performace at such low price. Totally worth it !

  • Rudvesh Khadye
    Rudvesh Khadye 23 hours ago

    Lew but the Indian K20 pro has an App tray

  • Allen Thomas
    Allen Thomas 23 hours ago

    Could you please do a review on Oppo f11 pro.

  • John Kayi
    John Kayi 23 hours ago +1

    Please don't drag and nab appreciating so much abt product of Xiaomi company. They are pricing high this product in India because of you guys. You guys are sole reason of price hype of this product in India. First time I am disliking your video. Sorry Luu !!

    • John Mc.Cartney
      John Mc.Cartney Hour ago

      Could you tell me the average price of k20pro at the moment? In my country it exactly around 400 no joke. Beautiful price for such a beast

  • Nikhil Nardele
    Nikhil Nardele 23 hours ago

    Mi k20 pro this device are otg supported

  • sankalp chaturvedi
    sankalp chaturvedi 23 hours ago

    Switch sim to K20

  • sankalp chaturvedi
    sankalp chaturvedi 23 hours ago

    Pop the sim

  • Anirban Karmakar

    Does the camera supports time lapse video shooting?

  • Joy Bhowmick
    Joy Bhowmick Day ago

    its switch time.

  • Shawn D'mello
    Shawn D'mello Day ago

    Bruv you look like Fred Durst from 1999

  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sanjeev Kumar Day ago

    Jerryrigseverythig be ready to tear it down

  • The Shekka
    The Shekka Day ago


  • Rish Pandey
    Rish Pandey Day ago

    Realme x ?? 8 gb 128 is cheaper than this

  • The Lion Cub
    The Lion Cub Day ago

    Autodesk and adobe users🤘🤘 Join with me..

  • reeceroyce 215
    reeceroyce 215 Day ago

    Make it your daily driver

  • Apostolos Christou

    This or Xiaomi mi 9 ?

  • Sar Aptor
    Sar Aptor Day ago

    360 dollars is still way more expensive in our country

    VINAY KUMAR P Day ago

    What's the watch you are wearing

  • Lol AZFaR
    Lol AZFaR Day ago

    How to by in 🇺🇸 ?

  • ChuaN
    ChuaN Day ago

    u have any idea why they re-brand it and name it 9T pro instead?

  • halwa rajan
    halwa rajan Day ago

    Shame on you...
    Comparing redmi with one+7pro...
    Senseless fellow...
    Finally it's a paid video isn't it....

  • Veizai
    Veizai Day ago

    Why Xiaomi is so popular in India? I happen to know a few Indian guys on the internet, they all have an extremely positive view on Xiaomi. I have no idea what spell had Xiaomi cast on the Indian people, must be pretty powerful magic tho.

  • Rajat Raj
    Rajat Raj Day ago

    Garibo ka iphone

  • Slim Essid
    Slim Essid Day ago

    these phones are going to force other companies like apple to either lower their price or start innovating again

  • Chiraayu Rana
    Chiraayu Rana Day ago

    I fucked my money on oppo f11 pro 😭😭

  • bamboozle
    bamboozle Day ago

    There must be always a stupid indian who would make jokes about Apple products because why not

  • Animesh Rose
    Animesh Rose Day ago

    Sigh India! K20 launching on 17th July 2019 12:00 P.M.

  • Marneni Shashank
    Marneni Shashank 2 days ago

    China and India is lucky

  • Hayden Gorps
    Hayden Gorps 2 days ago +2

    Do we know when the global version of this is out in the US? (the mi 9t pro?)

  • Priyank Makwana
    Priyank Makwana 2 days ago

    @Unbox Therapy, 14 million subs and you don't even hide sensitive info on your video 0:55 imei, serial # etc all visible. Just a heads up Lewis. Btw I am a big fan of your channel love your content 😀

  • Aleksandar be together not the same

    Xiaomi fucked apple so Hard xiaomi smartphone fuck any iphone also 868 pixel display in iShit xr for 1000$ hahahaha

  • Jetblackstang
    Jetblackstang 2 days ago

    Specs are awesome 435.00 for 8gb ram 256 gb for the global version... But will it work on T-mobile Network bands don't look compatible?

  • Aqib Danial
    Aqib Danial 2 days ago

    vtec powaahh!

  • Lokesh Thakur
    Lokesh Thakur 2 days ago +8

    Who watches it before tomorrow launch in India......

  • Ajinkya Patil
    Ajinkya Patil 2 days ago +1

    Bro u got lots of phone can u give me one plz???

  • pahadi boy
    pahadi boy 2 days ago

    Hey! technical guru ji is standing behind you

  • hummerchine
    hummerchine 2 days ago

    Yer amazing
    But yer running quite the contradiction these days
    Both reviewing the very best and the mid to low end at the same time
    I sort of get if anyone can pull it off you are the man is short. I’m a tech geek and at this point I don’t care at all about the nicer low-end phones. Glad to know they exist...but no need to hear a bunch of words about a phone I will never buy.
    I’m running a maxed-out iPhone XsMax. Absolutely LOVE IT and everything considered I personally think it’s still the best smartphone on the market. Of course said market has gotten more crowded and is evolving...that’s what I want to hear about.
    Yer awesome and smart...likely working both ends of the market is your sweet spot. If so, more power to you!
    It’s me...this detracts from your higher-end message. Like I’m deleting a lot of your videos now either before watching them or in the first few seconds.
    ‘Nuff said

  • guramrit singh kullar

    realme X plz

  • Has C
    Has C 2 days ago +1

    Both Oneplus and the k20 look like awesome phones, till you happen to drop some water on em.....

  • Ben Hoover
    Ben Hoover 2 days ago +1

    Well oneplus 6t, 8/128 is available for around 410 USD here in India. Lmao, poco at around 260.... RIP mobile phone Industry rn!

  • ?Probably Keagen?
    ?Probably Keagen? 2 days ago

    Where can you find it for $360?!?!

  • Nick McKiernan
    Nick McKiernan 2 days ago +2

    Always had iPhone, tried K20 Pro, love it. Voice rec works, awesome battery, brilliant.

    • Nick McKiernan
      Nick McKiernan 9 hours ago

      @Brayan Gilbert I meant Google assistant as opposed to Siri, it's 10 times better

    • Brayan Gilbert
      Brayan Gilbert 10 hours ago

      Voice record in game??

  • Ajith Abi
    Ajith Abi 2 days ago

    Yeah...make an unboxing video of realme X

  • Vasu Nandan
    Vasu Nandan 2 days ago

    Why don't you try Vivo z1 pro it's awesome😎😎

  • Maurits Adriaanse
    Maurits Adriaanse 2 days ago

    where can you buy this phone?

  • Vidhu Bhushan
    Vidhu Bhushan 2 days ago

    MiUi kills the experience specially with forced advertising and bloatware which can't be removed. Unfortunately Xiaomi is not ready to come up with a higher prices model without these ADs.

  • Irfan Ali
    Irfan Ali 3 days ago +69

    My heart say s10+
    My mind says k20 pro but

    My pocket says realme c2

  • Arpan Shah
    Arpan Shah 3 days ago

    Will this phone work in Canadian Sim?

  • AaDiL ShanavaS
    AaDiL ShanavaS 3 days ago

    Use Nova Launcher

  • GAMING Addy
    GAMING Addy 3 days ago +8

    Switch to redmi k20 pro how many agree like now same as poco f1

  • Edited Singh
    Edited Singh 3 days ago

    First time we have in our better then...iphone Xs max in much less price....this is 21 centuray where chepest thing is technology

  • Siva Raj
    Siva Raj 3 days ago +1

    Redmi k20 pro doesn't have image stabilisation in some video modes so will it be fixed in further updates or it can't be fixed?
    Kindly reply

  • Himanjyoti Boruah
    Himanjyoti Boruah 3 days ago

    Where can I buy a red magic 3 in india? Help me

  • Nuno Correia
    Nuno Correia 3 days ago +6

    One Plus 7 pro: *kills flagships*
    Redmi k20 pro: *kills One Plus 7 pro*
    Realme X: *kills Redmi k20 pro*

    My wallet: *happy*

    • Nuno Correia
      Nuno Correia Day ago

      Vice Gaming so it the pixel 3a, and i cant see anyone complaining

    • Nuno Correia
      Nuno Correia 2 days ago

      @Vice Gaming its a cheap phone dude

    • Vice Gaming
      Vice Gaming 2 days ago

      Loool with what? Realme X? Which is built with cheat plastic materials?

  • Claire Maldré
    Claire Maldré 3 days ago

    What's the watch he got in this vid?