The Redmi K20 Pro Is The New Value Champion

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • The Redmi K20 Pro is the most request unboxing in a while. It's the latest value smartphone from Xiaomi. The starting price for the Redmi K20 Pro converts to roughly $360 USD making it an incredible value. The K20 Pro features a Snapdragon 855, 4000mAh battery and OLED full-screen display.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  4 months ago +3853

    Can India Replace China For Apple? -

    • Jorge Perez
      Jorge Perez 17 days ago

      I thought about getting the phone but was quickly turned off by supposed adds that come with mi 9T.

    • Akashdeep Dalhor
      Akashdeep Dalhor 18 days ago

      Yeah dude I can buy iphone x but I would choose the pocophone f1 because is 3 times cheeper and has a better value for money indian smartphone market has totally changed people uses their phones only for few months and upgrade them with cutting edge technology people in india want to experience every new arrival in the market

    • Jorge Perez
      Jorge Perez 23 days ago

      Does anyone know about the phone missing a band. I saw a review from an individual stating that they were having issues while on TMobile with this phone in the US. I want to buy it but want to make sure I can make calls with no issues. Thanks

  • Mahadi Mahadi
    Mahadi Mahadi 14 hours ago

    Redmi k20 pro vs red magic 3 pubg mobile

  • realman
    realman 18 hours ago

    Is not amoled it is super amoled what is much better and without curved edge ,so better deal even with double price

  • MvP
    MvP 20 hours ago

    I'm confuse is it a Mi9t or K20...are these available in U.S? or just china and India...

  • Newtt Isaac
    Newtt Isaac 21 hour ago

    As a Xiaomi phones User I highly recommend PocoLauncher app 😝

  • latoucheF7
    latoucheF7 Day ago

    You can use an app for the app drawer. Your comment in the video is irrelevant.

  • saeed shakoori
    saeed shakoori Day ago

    WTF the phone was great how its possible i wished that i had

  • padmanabh mayekar
    padmanabh mayekar 2 days ago

    lew did you ever notice that you're the Jordan Belfort of tech, like no matter the gadget is a success or fail you make your money

  • Blunion05
    Blunion05 2 days ago

    The back of that phone looks like a yugioh card

  • Mostafa Shemees
    Mostafa Shemees 2 days ago

    Can u compare it to the latest Xiaomi note 8 pro, please

  • Len 01
    Len 01 3 days ago

    I have seen k20pro but phablet or amoled is the same mobile or something different? I always buy my mobiles in a store but in internet the price is better and I'm confused with that, someone can help me pls

  • Random Clicks
    Random Clicks 3 days ago

    To be honest iphone xs sound so clear

  • Farhad Said
    Farhad Said 3 days ago

    Now its called mi9t pro

  • Neil Miranda
    Neil Miranda 3 days ago

    Redmi Note 8 pro
    Oppo K5
    Xiaomi Mi 9t
    Which one? Should I get the one with SD730G?

  • Amman Fawaz
    Amman Fawaz 3 days ago

    6:11 me tryna sleep in music class

  • Kirk Patrick
    Kirk Patrick 3 days ago

    please unbox xiaomi redmi note 8 pro 😍

  • Nikesh Kumar
    Nikesh Kumar 3 days ago +1

    Hey Lew, please unbox realme X2 pro it is the new *flagship killer* killer..

  • Martin Olsson
    Martin Olsson 4 days ago

    Can't deside if I will get this one or a huawei mate 20 pro, the price is the same here, is mate better choice for camera and screen?

  • Lucas.
    Lucas. 4 days ago

    Quick message to everyone wanting to buy one.
    I'd really recommend you use aliexpress because you can get a 64 gb there for around 300 usd.
    Its officially sold by Xiaomi themselves. You should really take a look there for sure for when u live in europe.
    its around 350 in belgium . But 270 on aliexpress .
    I bought mine there ! Really recommended.

  • mirko venali
    mirko venali 5 days ago +1

    Just started used mine, which Is the mi 9t pro Xiaomi cause It Is global, and it's amazing

  • Kennedy Fong
    Kennedy Fong 5 days ago +1

    Mi 9t please from Mexico

  • Techy Spidey Yash
    Techy Spidey Yash 5 days ago

    Yo Bro once check out Lenovo Vibe shot . which is a rare piece and unknown . But you know its sound is Awesome or you may say it as ultimate , monster . So once check it out . the unknown phone of 2010

  • hydrodonut73 _
    hydrodonut73 _ 5 days ago +1

    My mind : K20 Pro

    my wallet: Mi 9T

  • Kelvin Lau
    Kelvin Lau 6 days ago

    But it is a garbage brand from Chinazi

  • Damjan Mihalic
    Damjan Mihalic 6 days ago

    any experiences with the pop up camera not working if you drop your phone?

  • Vignesh Dhakshinamoorthy

    What kind of customer support would you get in North America in case something in the device malfunctions? That is important. You cannot afford to ship it back n forth to China?

  • Paul McNaney
    Paul McNaney 8 days ago

    Do these phones work in the USA on the Verizon network?

  • Nicobornico
    Nicobornico 8 days ago

    I have mine since yesterday. It is really great

  • Sofir Uddin
    Sofir Uddin 8 days ago

    So I've had this phone (8gb/256gb) variant for about 2 months now, I live in the UK and ordered it overseas, currently it is in android 10, the phone performance is amazing for the money, I have an s8+ which I know is a few years old but it blows it out of the water. The fingerprint reader is way faster in android 10 then in launch pie firmware. I am loving the full screen display, HD and 4k content looks amazing on the super amoled screen. Now on to the camera, well cameras lol, the lack of OIS does hold this back from being better than was it is, the quality is very good and easily on par with last year's flagships, the selfie camera and pop up is very good for what it is. Video recording is probably where it could be better. Overall there's nothing in the price bracket that even comes close to this, this can easily compete with phones twice it price.

  • dilan empire
    dilan empire 9 days ago

    Redmi note 8 pro please

  • Zeno Modiff
    Zeno Modiff 9 days ago

    Hey Man I am Hari From India Can U giveway The Phone to Me....Then It Is So Nice Of U

  • Shei khEdward
    Shei khEdward 10 days ago

    this K20 Pro, can you install Google Play Store on it ?

    • Pink Chicken
      Pink Chicken 9 days ago

      It's pre-installed, so there's no problem

  • giannis moutsai
    giannis moutsai 10 days ago

    Xiaomi mi 9t pro(redmi k20 pro) or Huawei p30??? In my country they are both at the same price now at 400€..HEEEELP❗❗❗❗❗

    • Robert Langdon
      Robert Langdon 5 days ago

      mi9t pro, better processor, better battery, better screen(huawei p oled looks like lcd very washed out), even the camera is subjective , my sister's p30 is just okay in terms of camera, when you zoom in the pictures there's a water color effect common in android phones, it lacks the crispness and details of top still shooters like google pixel and iphone xs, just grab the mi9tpro you'll not be disappointed, the screen is just bonkers good.
      but if you can wait the realme x2pro and oppo reno ace with the same price and sd855+ and 65w/50w charging is just around the corner, when they get on sale the mi9tpro might drop their price so it's a good idea to wait.

  • Nepali Khukuri Gamers
    Nepali Khukuri Gamers 10 days ago

    I phone 8 plus s

  • glen herron
    glen herron 10 days ago

    On thing he mised no ssd card slot. That is a big problem.

    • glen herron
      glen herron 7 days ago

      @Light yagami ya and if the phone packs up what then. With sdd card you can save data. Question if the phone came with an onboard simm whould you buy it?

    • Light yagami
      Light yagami 7 days ago

      Well you get 128/256gb storage how much you want?

  • JK streamz
    JK streamz 11 days ago

    I'm watching on my k20 pro
    If u got any questions comment down below👇

    • JK streamz
      JK streamz 8 days ago +1

      @Anurag Bhattacharya ur welcome it was a pleasure helping someone out😃

    • Anurag Bhattacharya
      Anurag Bhattacharya 8 days ago

      @JK streamz okay thanks bro.. I'll definitely buy this phone soon then... Thanks for taking out time to reply to my queries... Have a good day! 😊

    • JK streamz
      JK streamz 8 days ago

      @Anurag Bhattacharya the clarity of the pictures taken is really good but it's only good when u focus and take the shot (as in every phone). The ultra wide also works really well

    • Anurag Bhattacharya
      Anurag Bhattacharya 8 days ago

      @JK streamz thanks man!.. would you mind giving me your opinions on the rear cameras of the phone? It'll be a big help..

    • JK streamz
      JK streamz 8 days ago +1

      @Anurag Bhattacharya The phones really really good, talking about battery life is good if u don't use ambient display and switch off always show fingerprint. As of now there is absolutely no lag and it really feels like ur using a beast.
      I'm loving it: )

  • Giri Dhar
    Giri Dhar 11 days ago

    Could you please do an unboxing of the Redmi Note 8 and the Note 8 pro?.........maybe the next budget king😉

    CAPTAIN SkuLL 11 days ago

    Try realme xt ..first 64mp quad camera setup

  • Aloysius Nerbes
    Aloysius Nerbes 12 days ago


  • Nico1977 N
    Nico1977 N 12 days ago

    new to android, can you just out stock android and replace xiaomi launcher, or is it not that easy

  • Oh Hiroshima
    Oh Hiroshima 12 days ago

    Xiaomi mi 9t pro

  • razhypro
    razhypro 13 days ago

    Ranking in 5 on Antutu benchmark tho!

  • Jackal Prince
    Jackal Prince 13 days ago

    Hi. When you say it has no app draw that puts people off. It's very easy to install Nova and a lot of people use custom launchers anyway

  • Emilis Kusas
    Emilis Kusas 13 days ago

    Hey can you review xiaomi mi 9?

  • vithun ks
    vithun ks 14 days ago +1

    Watching in my new k20 Pro

  • Fish 4 Fun
    Fish 4 Fun 14 days ago

    K20 has way less LTE bandwidths than OnePlus.

  • Xmans___
    Xmans___ 14 days ago

    K20 have flat or curve screen? I hate curve on my honor 10

    ATTITUDE LEGENDS 14 days ago

    Please release a review and comparison video on redmi airdots and xiaomi airdots.

  • Magic Monkey Dust
    Magic Monkey Dust 16 days ago

    I am about to order direct from China... 🇨🇳 The... (Get ready) 😃... Wait for it...
    K20 Pro Premium Edition.
    12GB 512GB 855+ (Plus) 2.96 Ghz
    Prices begin $460+
    Now find me a phone all round. That is better than that... Especially taking into account the price.
    But even if the price was even more. It is still worth it. Really. It is a flagship. And the price just eats anything else. By far.

  • Seek the Truth with me

    Not available in my country even Mi t pro

  • Prashant Koirala
    Prashant Koirala 16 days ago

    Redmi:*launches flagship for 360$*
    Apple:How dare you???

  • D motherfucking
    D motherfucking 16 days ago +1

    Lew is the type of the guy who grow beard just to teat camera

  • Iluminati
    Iluminati 16 days ago

    Where does one go to buy this? If one doesnt live in the Asian region?

  • drakonismo
    drakonismo 17 days ago

    Would this phone work on Sprint?

  • Peter Nugent
    Peter Nugent 17 days ago

    I love miui and I'm Irish

  • 翟秋实老师
    翟秋实老师 18 days ago

    what is a PERFECT phone in my mind! No notch at all no head phone jack no camera on the phone, 99% ratio screen .

  • 翟秋实老师
    翟秋实老师 18 days ago +16

    pop up camera, Apple will copy this in 2021. have my word

  • delhi boy
    delhi boy 18 days ago

    Mi has no quality..worst software..i love huawei n vivo quality

    • Roniel Alado
      Roniel Alado 11 days ago

      Quality is purely subjective and I don't know what kind of quality do you even refer to

  • Moziz zack
    Moziz zack 18 days ago

    i stay with the google pixel 3 xl