Everything GREAT About Pacific Rim!

  • Published on Aug 20, 2016
  • Pacific Rim has a C- critic score, which is actually not terrible based on the premise. But I believe it actually steps beyond the borders of its genre....Nah. But it's still awesome and better than a C-. So this is why the critics are wrong. Here's everything right with Pacific Rim.
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  • palaceofpineapples
    palaceofpineapples 3 hours ago

    Robot Jox!

  • PRAME Storytime
    PRAME Storytime 10 hours ago

    5:33 he was right

  • Kevin Brandon
    Kevin Brandon 16 hours ago


  • Caroline Rheinschild
    Caroline Rheinschild 20 hours ago

    If you pay attention to Leatherback you can see the extra skin on its arms. When I saw it the first time it reminded me a little bit of a bat. I think they used a similar structure so while it's a good twist its logical and you can kinda see it coming if you're a bio-nerd

  • joel aldridge
    joel aldridge Day ago

    ive only recently started watching anime so when first seeing this I didn't understand him saying anime
    know I do
    and im glad I do


    the attack on titan future build a wall to stay away from monsters
    turning into monsters to kill other monsters

  • James Daly
    James Daly 2 days ago


  • Miguel Angel Rangel
    Miguel Angel Rangel 2 days ago

    Should retitle it “Everything IS Great About PACIFIC RIM”.

  • Micah Pecson
    Micah Pecson 4 days ago

    Fun facts:
    - If you'll notice in Raleigh and Chuck's fight scene, one of the things he uses against Chuck is an actual open-handed slap, followed by Raleigh dropping and using Chuck's weight against him. Now who used that exact same technique earlier in the film? That's right: Mako, during their "compatibility" montage. Chances are, Raleigh wasn't even thinking about it. He just went for it. They've only Drifted ONCE, and yet, he's already incorporating her movements into his fighting style.
    - Chuck is so antagonistic towards his father because when the first kaiju ever hit Sydney, Herc had a choice between saving Chuck's mum, Angela, or Chuck. He only had a few minutes to do so, seeing as Jaegers didn't exist back then and the only way to end kaijus were to nuke them. So he ended up picking Chuck, never knowing whether it was the kaiju or the nuke that killed his wife, and Chuck still resents him for it.
    - The Kaidonovskys hold a world record for longest neural handshake ever, clocking in at 18 hours. Theirs was a particularly interesting case, seeing as they were husband and wife, instead of being blood relatives. A true testament to how strong their bond is.
    - Mako's family made swords for a living. Her adding the chainsaw swords to Gipsy Danger is most probably her way of honoring her family's trade.
    - Raleigh was born in 1998; Mako and Chuck in 2003.
    - The blue streaks in Mako's hair symbolize the coat she was wearing the day she lost her family and the color of kaiju blood in general. It's her way of reminding herself that she WILL get revenge for her family someday.
    - The dominant pilots are usually on the right. (e.g. Herc, Sasha, Yancy, Stacker, etc.)
    - The pose Gipsy Danger does before going into battle - punching the left palm with a closed right fist - is actually a way of showing respect in martial arts. It basically says that the person doing it does not intend to harm innocent beings, and will only do so if provoked.
    - Among the last Jaegers, Cherno Alpha was the only one that didn't have escape pods.
    - There were over 51 Jaegers and kaijus made for this film. Every week, the staff would vote on their favorite ones. Most of the Jaegers were from countries found around the Pacific Ring of Fire, such as Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, and more.
    - The reason Newt and Hermann are Drift-compatible is because, just like Raleigh and Mako, they have sparred before ... only VERBALLY, and on a daily basis, too!

  • Robzilla
    Robzilla 5 days ago

    Glados probably wants the kaiju dead too. For researching purposes. It’s easier to study a dead body.

  • dosmastrify
    dosmastrify 5 days ago

    Video fades in
    "the music!"
    video ends

  • Philip Sun
    Philip Sun 5 days ago

    +7 wins for FD RX-7

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 5 days ago

    Cherno alpha= Chernobyl

  • Tony Weisenburger
    Tony Weisenburger 6 days ago

    "if she comes back for the sequel"
    only disney star wars tops the disappointment of sequels more than this movie's sequel...

  • 100black towers
    100black towers 6 days ago

    I dont think Pacific Rim ist bad but ... yeah i cant watch it without thinking: This is the American Verison of NGE but without the religiose aspects, with just 30% of the character/story depth and with a lot more focus on the action instead of the characters mindset and what they think about there situation. I just cant like PR as much as NGE

  • terminatort2t800
    terminatort2t800 7 days ago

    Still remember watching this movie for the first time and giggling like a small boy when the Jaegers came on screen...My wife giving me this look like, is this my husband. You know its a good movie when you can still watch it 3 years later and not get bored.

  • Dragon Scale
    Dragon Scale 8 days ago

    Still the closest thing to a Live Action Mecha Anime!
    Unless you count Power Rangers that is! 😂😂

  • Bridget Martz
    Bridget Martz 8 days ago

    Everything great about real steel

    AAYYEEUU FALCON 14 days ago

    In the Pacific Rim Novel Cherno was a legit badass, battling a Kaiju for 20 hours straight and Crimson was one of if not the best hand to hand combatants in the whole jeager series but no, They had to be destroyed in 5 minutes

  • Haze Daddy D
    Haze Daddy D 15 days ago

    6:04 Never liked that the body rotation is credited to the T 1000 when I'm pretty sure its a Transformer's reference but I can not find the scene I'm thinking of now.

  • Oliver Dizon
    Oliver Dizon 16 days ago

    Why is all the favorite actors named Charlie?!

  • theron hester-payne
    theron hester-payne 17 days ago

    So if the two brothers from the beginning were in the striker Erika you would get an almost unstoppable jager

  • dang hoang
    dang hoang 18 days ago

    Yeah that elbow rocket 🚀

  • Noneyo Bizniss
    Noneyo Bizniss 18 days ago

    *Y U P*

  • On The Move Out
    On The Move Out 18 days ago

    One of the greatest things about Pacific Rim was getting to see twinky Nathan Maloney all grown up! tvclip.biz/video/e0Re3XO5bNk/video.html?t=60 Wow!

  • captain_awesome 21
    captain_awesome 21 18 days ago

    My one complaint about this movie is that it was too short

  • Oliver Dizon
    Oliver Dizon 20 days ago

    So is Raeilgh's brother named another capital city? Wait... Is it Las? Or Vegas?

  • Dan Mchugh
    Dan Mchugh 20 days ago

    If your reading this before watching the video it’s nothing absolutely nothing , if a film never deserved a sequel it was this pile of garbage ....... fuck you hollywood ..... fuck you 🖕🏻

  • Troy Stiles
    Troy Stiles 22 days ago

    No you stupid

  • Alexander Tsynkov
    Alexander Tsynkov 22 days ago

    The glados joke was gold

  • TacTech Channel
    TacTech Channel 23 days ago

    Ok but why two pilots? It seems like a dumb thing.

  • Mr Schiggy
    Mr Schiggy 24 days ago

    Jaeger is wrong its jäger

  • wcharliewilson
    wcharliewilson 24 days ago

    If we could get Guillermo, Nolan and ILM together, imagine what Star Wars would be like?

  • SaintsFan 09
    SaintsFan 09 25 days ago

    I’m really sad the sequel took a major change in tone and style, funny how a bad sequel can kill your hopes/want for more

  • lonurad
    lonurad 25 days ago

    im finding it difficult to figure out whether or not cinema wins is the same person as cinema sins... im getting bamboozled

  • Vinnie Bob
    Vinnie Bob 25 days ago

    it was a seven leaf clover!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Black Hand
    The Black Hand 26 days ago +1

    I can’t actually remember there being anything good about this movie. Just saying.

  • Kent Jones
    Kent Jones 26 days ago

    Too bad Yancy didn't steal his brothers 4 leaf clover LMAO

  • Milan Theory
    Milan Theory 27 days ago

    i was not a fan of this movie at all (while it was nice looking, i thought it was hyper-cliche), i will admit that shot at 7:27 immediately got my attention. love that bit.

  • SomeThrillingHeroics
    SomeThrillingHeroics 27 days ago +1

    11:45 There is camera shake, but I actually think that this film is a wonderful example of how to use it well as a cinematographic tool.
    It's never just slapped on a scene to just make things feel edgy and hectic, but is used to sell the sheer size and power of the combatants.
    Gypsy Danger's entrance in the fight against Otachi is a perfect example, where the camera briefly quakes with the thud of the first couple of strides, but then quickly settles down.
    Yes, we get a few shaky cockpit scenes in response to heavy blows, but the camera shake never causes you to lose track of what's happening on screen. It's how it should be done.

  • Jake Despres
    Jake Despres 27 days ago

    Disappointing sequel no raleigh

  • Dinosnore 42
    Dinosnore 42 28 days ago

    Trump was not in this universe. WALL DENIED!

  • Wither
    Wither 28 days ago

    can we talk about the fact that they built an entire jaeger head for the set whenever the actors are in the head? like what???!!

  • Jalen Damerval
    Jalen Damerval 29 days ago

    I like to imagine he a guy sitting next to you saying why the movies good

  • LethalSammich
    LethalSammich 29 days ago

    I’m gonna pretend the sequel doesn’t exist. Only this movie does.

  • Lego By Grego
    Lego By Grego Month ago

    FACT OF THE DAY:There's a knockoff of this called Atlantic Rim that's on Mystery Science Theater 3000 Which is on Netflix so witch is similar to this but worse obviously because its a knockoff

  • Loud HS161
    Loud HS161 Month ago

    Gundums vs multiple Godzilla

  • Gbomb31
    Gbomb31 Month ago

    7:42 That's where IFC mall is. I know that because I go there a lot to meet my friends and I use that bridge to walk across it. :) :) :)

  • Kurtis Woods
    Kurtis Woods Month ago

    Jo is Korean, not Japanese. U'd have sinned it!

  • Iam Sam
    Iam Sam Month ago +1

    Pacific Rim was at least 5x better than the sequel.

  • Benjamin Green
    Benjamin Green Month ago


    I hated what they did with Mako in Uprising. I mean, she was so awesome in *this* film, and could have carried the next one so well, but they just gaver her an administrative role and then unceremoniously killed her off. They could have at least let her die in glorious battle or something in the third act.
    Also, Ron Perlman always gets a win. **DING**

  • Cookie King
    Cookie King Month ago

    I remember watching this when it came out, and the scene with Mako being chased by the giant lobster (my bad I don't know it's name) made me feel like I was the one being chased, I was terrified lol

  • Minimeister317
    Minimeister317 Month ago

    I never understood with this movie why they didn't just build a shitton of those plasma cannons all around the rift.

  • David Kling
    David Kling Month ago

    You did your job...I need to watch this again.

  • Miguel Souto
    Miguel Souto Month ago

    too much....
    too much awesome

    that is very true

  • turtle turtle
    turtle turtle Month ago

    Oshnivj osjdj is osjm osjdj kskni kZksksj kdjb j kZksksj zlal k l

  • Joshua Parker
    Joshua Parker Month ago

    Giiiiiipssssy daaanger

  • Prince_Nocturne
    Prince_Nocturne Month ago

    Should have added a win to how, when he's collapsing on the beach, it looks like he still has just enough awareness to try and avoid actually stepping or falling on any of the people out there, showing just how good he really is, even when mentally and physically breaking down. This movie was awesome.

  • The Rawhide
    The Rawhide Month ago

    The fact that you aren't roasting the shit out of this movie, gives me anxiety

  • Sam Bailey
    Sam Bailey Month ago +2

    This movie just had weight in all of its action sequences whereas the sequel lost all of that.

  • Kenny H
    Kenny H Month ago

    Did you ever do "Green Sreeet"

  • Paul Matthew Carranza

    No sensei aishemasu means "Goodbye. Sensei I will miss you'"

  • Will Yates
    Will Yates Month ago +1

    How did he not win the badass score

  • speed demon
    speed demon Month ago

    Could you do the sequel to this movie, please?

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith Month ago

    People always laugh when I explain to them this movie is in my top three favorite of all time, but you explained SO well here why I adore it. Apart from the beautiful visuals, the characters are believable and liable to mistakes, the romance was more than just a romance(melding your minds together means so much more than just falling in love), and the scale and weight in the battle sequences were top notch and beyond entertaining. Majorly underrated movie.

    • Jericho Strayker
      Jericho Strayker Month ago

      Its such a shame that it lost everything that was unique about it in the shit Uprising movie.

  • Reese Jackson
    Reese Jackson Month ago

    Fun fact, jaeger means hunter..... they're hunting kaiju

  • Robert Brazier
    Robert Brazier Month ago

    Mate, don't dis us Aussies. Anyway good vid

  • Jerry Yeo
    Jerry Yeo Month ago

    There should've been a hundred more Wins from all the missed Yups

  • Eddie G.
    Eddie G. Month ago

    I challenge you to find as many wins for the sequel cause sadly it was terrible:(

  • BackSpacəTM
    BackSpacəTM Month ago

    I bet this was a hard video to make

  • Christopher Chapman
    Christopher Chapman Month ago +1

    *I'm taking nap right here.*

  • Tobias Daniel
    Tobias Daniel Month ago +1

    Pls do pacific rim uprising

  • Nagisa The Trap
    Nagisa The Trap Month ago


  • ian garcia-mcintyre

    Wish that he had added the music score as a win but still awesome video.

  • Sammi Aal'wynn
    Sammi Aal'wynn Month ago

    I really liked Onibaba because I believe he is a reference to the Baltan Senjin of the Ultra series. Why the Ultra series?? Because that particular scene is set in Japan!!

  • Julius Fisher
    Julius Fisher Month ago

    I don't get why people complain so much about this movie's story, it's a movie about giant robot Vs giant aliens. You don't watch Pacific rim if you want a an absolutely amazing story with a genius plot line. for Christ's sake, just shut up, sit back and enjoy some robot Vs. Alien pummeling for a bit.

  • Liam Kyle
    Liam Kyle Month ago

    Hey man, can you watch Pacific Rim: Uprising. If you think that the movie was great, can you make an EGA video about it? Thank you for reading!

  • 211863 chrisman
    211863 chrisman Month ago


  • Mr. Sandman
    Mr. Sandman Month ago

    The only flaw is when the EMP monster throughs them and they go flying over the bridge the Gipsy Danger doesn't speed vault over the bridge and land on its feet, just saying that would have been awesome to see.

  • Paul B
    Paul B Month ago

    Mako would have been so much better as the Major in Ghost in the Shell than Johanson. And that kaiju chasing her was a truly frightening sequence, it just make souy feel so helpless

  • Richard Feng
    Richard Feng 2 months ago

    Also leatherback wouldn’t have used the emp on gypsy becausee it’s nuclear powered. That’s why they sent it out in the first place

  • Agamer playz
    Agamer playz 2 months ago


  • Glassy Star
    Glassy Star 2 months ago +1


  • a҉s҉t҉r҉a҉y҉
    a҉s҉t҉r҉a҉y҉ 2 months ago

    5:32 You’ve should’ve add a win counter because of the outstanding acting the little girl pulled.

  • Kristian Fischer
    Kristian Fischer 2 months ago

    Dear sir, I cordially invite you to do an Everything Great About Speed Racer video! That would quite simply be the cat’s pajama’s!

  • Samuel Kronkers
    Samuel Kronkers 2 months ago

    The elbow rocket punch is really something that stuck with me from this movie.
    It's just so supremely badass.

  • Captain Fantastic
    Captain Fantastic 2 months ago

    I loved the sword scene. Took it to be a deliberate homage to things like the old voltron cartoons where they fight a different monster every episode, are getting beat and then decide to use the sword at the last minute and cut the thing in half.

  • Orange Minotaur
    Orange Minotaur 2 months ago

    Adam Sandler's 8 crazy nights please

    MR.SWEATSHIRT 66 2 months ago

    Bro, I just noticed that mako is standing next to an rx7. 4:18

  • john Phillips
    john Phillips 2 months ago

    hated it

  • Boomber _
    Boomber _ 2 months ago

    The friendship you mentioned wasn’t really friendship. It was mutual respect.

  • Rory B
    Rory B 2 months ago

    i loved /this/ movie, but uprising... goddamn.... it makes me want to forget about this franchise entirely.

  • YT MEmEr
    YT MEmEr 2 months ago

    the closest we will get to a live action evangelion movie

  • Lou Noreika
    Lou Noreika 2 months ago

    One win for Mako having the strength to hold an umbrella next to a running helicopter ☂️+🚁=🥩

  • Job Campbell
    Job Campbell 2 months ago

    It is a fun flick. Nothing more.

  • TheNoobKing 144
    TheNoobKing 144 2 months ago

    Spoiler Alert:

    *_Mako dies in the sequel_*

  • Michael Lacovara
    Michael Lacovara 2 months ago

    This movie really falls victim to the "I really don't care about this movie after the first thirty minutes" thing. I've always seen the beginning, but I get bored after that because I think the movie has a big problem with pacing. Because the beginning is very explosive. Some of the monotony of the time between mechs is just boring to me. I wish I liked this movie more

  • I’m a Hydrogender
    I’m a Hydrogender 2 months ago


  • Nej Nej
    Nej Nej 2 months ago

    How can you miss the rx7 4:22 has a win!??!?!?!!?

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers 2 months ago

    FYI the sequel is terrible, like, disgusting