Everything GREAT About Pacific Rim!

  • Published on Aug 20, 2016
  • Pacific Rim has a C- critic score, which is actually not terrible based on the premise. But I believe it actually steps beyond the borders of its genre....Nah. But it's still awesome and better than a C-. So this is why the critics are wrong. Here's everything right with Pacific Rim.
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  • Jovan C
    Jovan C 2 days ago

    Where is my damn shoe!

  • Tyler Goerlich
    Tyler Goerlich 3 days ago

    Oh my goodness Idris Elba

  • Vault Dweller
    Vault Dweller 3 days ago

    1:42 THE CAKE IS A LIE

  • Jimothy Michaelz
    Jimothy Michaelz 4 days ago

    this was one of my favorite movies ever

  • Ryan Zajac
    Ryan Zajac 5 days ago

    My top 10 favorite kaijus:
    1: Knifehead
    2: Otachi
    3: Leatherback
    4: Slattern
    5: Scunner
    6: Raiju
    7: Mutavore
    8: Onibaba
    9: Tresspasser
    10: Otachi Baby

  • RedJive213
    RedJive213 6 days ago

    How THE FUCK did you not win that chest engine after otachi?

  • Caelan JONES
    Caelan JONES 6 days ago

    This movie was so good I watched 10 times in a row

  • Eljon Espiritu
    Eljon Espiritu 7 days ago

    There are things you can't fight - acts of God. You see a hurricane coming, you get out of the way.
    But when you're in a Jaeger, suddenly you can finally fight the hurricane. You can win.

  • TheReal Lifehacks
    TheReal Lifehacks 7 days ago

    A little late, but the idea of the wall made perfect sense, they thought the Kaiju were mindless animals and that they'd reach the walls and try and find somewhere else to roam

  • bluewhipped icecreamsundae

    This is my new favorite channel to watch

  • Mees Hermans
    Mees Hermans 8 days ago

    0:50 But mechs are objectively worse than tanks / artillery / air support, just upgrade our existing armies and we'll be much better off...

  • Angela McDonald
    Angela McDonald 8 days ago

    I’m curious about why the score didn’t get a mention. I loved it more than most other movie soundtracks and I’m kind of disappointed you didn’t mention it but I agree with everything else you said. This movie is one of my favourites to date.

  • Alimian DeathRose
    Alimian DeathRose 11 days ago

    cant wait to see the one for Pacfic Rim 2

  • Sparren
    Sparren 11 days ago

    "The Bone Slums"

    *Skull Town in Apex*

    BARF_SIDEOS 12 days ago

    I was really hoping you’d mention GLaDOS as I’m a hardcore portal fan

  • Argumemnon
    Argumemnon 12 days ago

    No win for the Russians just walking calmly away from the impeding nuclear doom?

  • Josele Gomez
    Josele Gomez 14 days ago

    Evangelion real life? no?

  • Kirkendall Greene
    Kirkendall Greene 15 days ago

    "Today we are cancelling the Apocalypse!" Is one of my favorite line deliveries in all of movie history.

  • Quaynoid
    Quaynoid 16 days ago

    Is it just me, or am I crazy for loving the soundtrack?

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 16 days ago

    I can %100 agree with the Cherno Alpha part. It was my favorite Jeager when I first watched the movie. Too bad we couldn't see more of it.

  • Ganz The skeleton
    Ganz The skeleton 16 days ago +1

    I click on this video and next to this it's *everything wrong with pacific rim*

  • Michael Wang
    Michael Wang 17 days ago

    Wheres my goddame shoe!!!

  • Jay Ajay
    Jay Ajay 17 days ago

    Do everything great about real steel

  • Nitro
    Nitro 18 days ago

    I was thinking about portal the entire time I watched this movie

  • Nitro
    Nitro 18 days ago

    this is my favorite movie

  • I am arsidius
    I am arsidius 18 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the portal to the kaiju world is in a pacific rim

  • Cosmic Memer
    Cosmic Memer 25 days ago

    I forgive you.

  • Lightning Tomy
    Lightning Tomy 25 days ago

    Was I the only one who heard Honk Honk the first time

  • Jordan Hallengren
    Jordan Hallengren 26 days ago

    TheRe's aWlaYs more rOom for science

  • Jacob Mitchell
    Jacob Mitchell 26 days ago


  • a crystal clod from Hufflepuff

    Are they in the monster-verse

  • Charlie Griffiths
    Charlie Griffiths 27 days ago +1

    Published on my birthday.

  • Bored Ninja
    Bored Ninja Month ago

    Pacific rim: when an anime concept was put into a live action movie and it DIDN’T suck

  • Peter Chen
    Peter Chen Month ago

    Anyone else feels like the first scene where they board Gipsey Danger alone deserve like 10 wins?

  • Dave Murray
    Dave Murray Month ago +1

    Dude, you are simply amazing. Thx for this incredible video.

  • Zes
    Zes Month ago

    no such hting as every or great or not

  • Unhumanized
    Unhumanized Month ago

    Bone slums heck yeah

  • Techy
    Techy Month ago

    Remember the Cake is a Lie, there never was cake but only Pie.

  • Ivan Sorio
    Ivan Sorio Month ago

    Are u the same with cinema sins??

  • Jester
    Jester Month ago

    Wait, Kaiju blood is bad, right? So that's why they don't use swords often, and they normally use either blunt or plasma weapons, right?

    .........Then what the *FUCK* were the Chinese Government thinking when literally the only weapon they gave Crimson Typhoon was 3 fucking saws?

    • Jester
      Jester Month ago

      +Shadow Strider
      But it obviously cuts things. Really well at that. Look at the 5 minute clip of Crimson Typhoon fighting, and you can see that the saws actually cut, instead of just giving the kaiju a bunch of bruises.

    • Shadow Strider
      Shadow Strider Month ago

      Well the fingers are blunt so instead of cutting the beast it's like multiple clubs hitting someone at once

  • jklol 2000
    jklol 2000 Month ago

    But the cake it a lie

  • Madthing
    Madthing Month ago

    Its not a ship sword, its a baseball boat!

  • Chris Talbot
    Chris Talbot Month ago

    The tanker is a bat, not a sword. Not quite a bat with nails in it, more like an aluminum bat. And the fact there is NO way it would survive being handled like that does not prevent its use from being AWESOME!! I knew it wouldn't work and I didn't care. :-)

  • Chris Talbot
    Chris Talbot Month ago

    How can you not "win" this awesome line: "Now we have to make a choice here. We can either sit and wait or take these flare guns and do something really stupid."
    Recognizing that it's a stupid idea and doing it anyway as an UP YOURS to the kaiju (and maybe buy Hong Kong just a touch more time) is just too awesome!! :-D

  • Pumpkin Pyromaniac
    Pumpkin Pyromaniac Month ago

    One of my favorite shots is of Gipsy Danger in Hong Kong City walking above the camera and the sheer feeling of how small we are. And that theme is such an earworm lol

  • Mayhem
    Mayhem Month ago

    Gypsy collapsing in the beginning of the movie is probably the best part of the entire movie for me.

  • Miguel Owen
    Miguel Owen Month ago

    Voice over

  • Speedygecko // DraconianSG

    this was my monster movie before i found Godzilla

  • Legacy_
    Legacy_ Month ago +1

    I never understood why no one liked this movie, I really liked it! Personally I’ve never played the game or watched the anime? I forgot where it came from... but I felt like this movie alone was a great movie. It has good characters and overall I loved the attention to detail. Anyone who isn’t a fan of this movie- what don’t you like about it? I’m genuinely curious, since I haven’t seen the anime or played the game.

  • vwgames49
    vwgames49 Month ago

    12:21 Mako is a character I want to see more of in the sequel. Oh the irony

  • Chappie
    Chappie Month ago

    Fact Fiend did a video about the names of the Jaegars and then complained about the fact that more people apparently went to see Grown Ups 2 than go see a movie about big robots fighting alien monsters in the ocean.

    so according to that, a movie about a guy giving himself and his friends a vacation to an exotic location sold more tickets in the opening week than a movie about giant robots fighting against illegal immigrants from another dimension, though i did google both movies, and Pacific Rim, according to google, earned like twice the amount in ticket sales, though i believe that's a total ticket sale that they're showing.

  • Sepron Indlvarn
    Sepron Indlvarn Month ago

    Pacific Rim Uprising?

  • GDS Pathe
    GDS Pathe 2 months ago

    If they didn't use the sword to keep blood from getting everywhere what was with Crimson Typhoon using buzz saws?

  • Dopamine
    Dopamine 2 months ago

    This movie is 1 giant "yup" moment.

  • Jason Patrick
    Jason Patrick 2 months ago

    this is american Attack on Titan

  • Efositix Covers
    Efositix Covers 2 months ago

    I used to watch this movie twice everyday and my dad banned me from watching this movie

  • Bryce McKenzie
    Bryce McKenzie 2 months ago +1

    I love this Anime. It's beautiful

  • Maks
    Maks 2 months ago

    +1 for - "Nuke sir?" - "Did you see Russians? They will get it."

  • Aryan Raj
    Aryan Raj 2 months ago +1

    Just LOVE this movie💓

  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez 2 months ago

    Cthulu should be a win

  • Jalen Damerval
    Jalen Damerval 2 months ago

    7:42 That cowboy walk! Literally Gipsy danger was designed to look like a gunslinger, you hear the clinks.

  • Forchin Brewer
    Forchin Brewer 2 months ago

    Hope to see more of Mako
    Uprising: “Hold my beer”

  • CaptAmerica300
    CaptAmerica300 2 months ago

    The music man. That little riff that just exudes badass and squeezes your adrenalin out. It plays for a second in the ship sword part of the video.

  • Lincoln Hyett
    Lincoln Hyett 2 months ago

    I totally agree with you👌

  • Isabella Sullivan
    Isabella Sullivan 2 months ago

    The end clip had me in stitches 🤣🤣

  • eljefe1989
    eljefe1989 2 months ago

    Dude, did they took the sound away for Copyright?

  • Rennis Tora
    Rennis Tora 2 months ago

    No mention of one of the best scenes in the movie? (maybe it was after the credits?)
    Where Hannibal pops out of the tiny monster still alive?... I'm not remembering that wrong am I?

  • WickedNewb
    WickedNewb 2 months ago

    May you please do How to Train Your Dragon 2?

  • Sri Harsha
    Sri Harsha 2 months ago

    I love you for doing these

  • Funbattleduty The 1st
    Funbattleduty The 1st 2 months ago

    Pacific rim is one of the best robot films ever, alongside transformers and iron man/avengers franchise as well as power rangers because all have cool battle bots that, apart from Pacific rim, all had something to do with my childhood and who I am now

  • nick lis
    nick lis 2 months ago

    CAPS YOU FASCIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nick lis
    nick lis 2 months ago

    ship sword scene...
    (shipping increases)

  • hi there
    hi there 2 months ago

    New movie looks bad :(

  • Ru !
    Ru ! 2 months ago

    this is my favourite movie

  • Jake 1198
    Jake 1198 2 months ago

    Now I really want a Pacific Rim/Godzilla crossover.

  • inanecastle3
    inanecastle3 3 months ago

    this movie was so fantastic and its such a shame that the second one didn't live up to it

  • Elliott Hirt
    Elliott Hirt 3 months ago

    And yet, cinema sins said the opposite of what you said at 7:00


    6:07 wait that isn't just a normal Jaeger... ITS STALIN

  • Alex Reilly
    Alex Reilly 3 months ago

    "The world came together......pooling its resources..." I can't be the only one who laughed?

  • rose
    rose 3 months ago

    u know what else has a great japanese/hong kong neon aesthetic with well developed side characters? speed racer (2008). which you should do.

  • palaceofpineapples
    palaceofpineapples 3 months ago

    Robot Jox!

  • Kevin Brandon
    Kevin Brandon 3 months ago


  • Caroline Rheinschild
    Caroline Rheinschild 3 months ago

    If you pay attention to Leatherback you can see the extra skin on its arms. When I saw it the first time it reminded me a little bit of a bat. I think they used a similar structure so while it's a good twist its logical and you can kinda see it coming if you're a bio-nerd

  • joel aldridge
    joel aldridge 3 months ago

    ive only recently started watching anime so when first seeing this I didn't understand him saying anime
    know I do
    and im glad I do

  • RJN 132
    RJN 132 3 months ago

    the attack on titan future build a wall to stay away from monsters
    turning into monsters to kill other monsters

  • James Daly
    James Daly 3 months ago


  • Miguel Angel Rangel
    Miguel Angel Rangel 3 months ago

    Should retitle it “Everything IS Great About PACIFIC RIM”.

  • Micah Pecson
    Micah Pecson 3 months ago +1

    Fun facts:
    - If you'll notice in Raleigh and Chuck's fight scene, one of the things he uses against Chuck is an actual open-handed slap, followed by Raleigh dropping and using Chuck's weight against him. Now who used that exact same technique earlier in the film? That's right: Mako, during their "compatibility" montage. Chances are, Raleigh wasn't even thinking about it. He just went for it. They've only Drifted ONCE, and yet, he's already incorporating her movements into his fighting style.
    - Chuck is so antagonistic towards his father because when the first kaiju ever hit Sydney, Herc had a choice between saving Chuck's mum, Angela, or Chuck. He only had a few minutes to do so, seeing as Jaegers didn't exist back then and the only way to end kaijus were to nuke them. So he ended up picking Chuck, never knowing whether it was the kaiju or the nuke that killed his wife, and Chuck still resents him for it.
    - The Kaidonovskys hold a world record for longest neural handshake ever, clocking in at 18 hours. Theirs was a particularly interesting case, seeing as they were husband and wife, instead of being blood relatives. A true testament to how strong their bond is.
    - Mako's family made swords for a living. Her adding the chainsaw swords to Gipsy Danger is most probably her way of honoring her family's trade.
    - Raleigh was born in 1998; Mako and Chuck in 2003.
    - The blue streaks in Mako's hair symbolize the coat she was wearing the day she lost her family and the color of kaiju blood in general. It's her way of reminding herself that she WILL get revenge for her family someday.
    - The dominant pilots are usually on the right. (e.g. Herc, Sasha, Yancy, Stacker, etc.)
    - The pose Gipsy Danger does before going into battle - punching the left palm with a closed right fist - is actually a way of showing respect in martial arts. It basically says that the person doing it does not intend to harm innocent beings, and will only do so if provoked.
    - Among the last Jaegers, Cherno Alpha was the only one that didn't have escape pods.
    - There were over 51 Jaegers and kaijus made for this film. Every week, the staff would vote on their favorite ones. Most of the Jaegers were from countries found around the Pacific Ring of Fire, such as Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, and more.
    - The reason Newt and Hermann are Drift-compatible is because, just like Raleigh and Mako, they have sparred before ... only VERBALLY, and on a daily basis, too!

  • Robzilla
    Robzilla 3 months ago

    Glados probably wants the kaiju dead too. For researching purposes. It’s easier to study a dead body.

  • dosmastrify
    dosmastrify 3 months ago

    Video fades in
    "the music!"
    video ends

  • Philip Sun
    Philip Sun 3 months ago

    +7 wins for FD RX-7

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 3 months ago

    Cherno alpha= Chernobyl

  • Tony Weisenburger
    Tony Weisenburger 3 months ago

    "if she comes back for the sequel"
    only disney star wars tops the disappointment of sequels more than this movie's sequel...

  • 100black towers
    100black towers 3 months ago

    I dont think Pacific Rim ist bad but ... yeah i cant watch it without thinking: This is the American Verison of NGE but without the religiose aspects, with just 30% of the character/story depth and with a lot more focus on the action instead of the characters mindset and what they think about there situation. I just cant like PR as much as NGE

  • terminatort2t800
    terminatort2t800 3 months ago

    Still remember watching this movie for the first time and giggling like a small boy when the Jaegers came on screen...My wife giving me this look like, is this my husband. You know its a good movie when you can still watch it 3 years later and not get bored.

  • Dragon Scale
    Dragon Scale 3 months ago

    Still the closest thing to a Live Action Mecha Anime!
    Unless you count Power Rangers that is! 😂😂

  • Bridget Martz
    Bridget Martz 3 months ago

    Everything great about real steel

  • 2002 AU Fairmont
    2002 AU Fairmont 3 months ago

    In the Pacific Rim Novel Cherno was a legit badass, battling a Kaiju for 20 hours straight and Crimson was one of if not the best hand to hand combatants in the whole jeager series but no, They had to be destroyed in 5 minutes

  • Haze Daddy D
    Haze Daddy D 3 months ago

    6:04 Never liked that the body rotation is credited to the T 1000 when I'm pretty sure its a Transformer's reference but I can not find the scene I'm thinking of now.

  • Oliver Dizon
    Oliver Dizon 3 months ago

    Why is all the favorite actors named Charlie?!