How The Dutch View Americans? | Amsterdam


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  • Jake Soo
    Jake Soo 6 hours ago

    “Every people” around the world can be Loud, noisy, silent,shy, arrogant,fake or whatever. But it doesn’t mean that all of us are the same, for example I’m racist and you’re not, and just because I’m racist it doesn’t mean that people in my country are racist too. You can’t really tell what kind of person the people in particular nations just by knowing one person on that particular country.

  • • ĸaтнarιne •
    • ĸaтнarιne • 8 hours ago

    I agree. Americans are generally louder because it’s more acceptable here. Whenever I travel to Europe, I’m always embarrassed by the incredibly loud group of Americans that you can spot from a mile away.

  • Vesselin Kirilov
    Vesselin Kirilov 12 hours ago

    Fuck the Dutch. Most of those folks looked like degenerates.

  • EvilResident
    EvilResident 23 hours ago +1

    I hate Americans. They are the most retarded, superfluous, fat and ugly people of the planet.
    We Dutch find Canadians much nicer people.
    The world without Americans would be a paradise. Maybe they should do something like in the movie 'the Purge' - shoot each other, and who's left alive may shoot themself in the head..

  • rachel m
    rachel m Day ago

    I’m not sure if calling Americans rude and arrogant should be considered as rude and arrogant.. I know these are just stereotypes but I’m very surprised by how the dutch view Americans..

  • Forex Money
    Forex Money Day ago

    American's full if racists pricks

  • Wolf Man
    Wolf Man Day ago

    It’s sad to say this is the truth especially women American women they are the most false of people that I have come across it’s like they have no soul.

  • Chaz Dadkhah
    Chaz Dadkhah Day ago

    The Netherlands is more of a free society and friendly than's all about that Dutch Dream now.

  • Take the red pill by jack Nicholson faker Wilso

    Fake. Expressly polite. Very friendly. Loud. Intolerant think they better than anyone else everything is big big over there religious. Obese They eat more fat. Eat a lot Work aholic Dumb and Ignorant easy to get into bed rid don’t walk
    Opinionsfrom media

  • Caitlyn Thompson
    Caitlyn Thompson Day ago +5

    My heritage is like 50% Dutch 😂😂😂

    • Ennio Paone
      Ennio Paone 15 hours ago

      +Caitlyn Thompson I don't know what that last sentence has to do with my question.

    • Caitlyn Thompson
      Caitlyn Thompson 16 hours ago

      +Ennio Paone But I'm American 😂
      You know , every white American has her/his european heritage

    • Ennio Paone
      Ennio Paone 17 hours ago

      Still more Dutch than the people being interviewed. I'd rather hear your opinion about Americans.

  • Jk Stax
    Jk Stax Day ago

    who has more Dykes

  • Onryn Slim
    Onryn Slim 2 days ago

    Weed and mushrooms are NOT legal in the Netherlands!! Weed is accepted but NOT legal!

  • Tony J
    Tony J 2 days ago

    Wow and this whilst the Dutch are one of the most arrogant and offensive people on the planet ... and generally rather disliked by my many other people around the globe 🤔

  • Jake Klomparens
    Jake Klomparens 2 days ago

    I'm not to loud. Coming from a Irish Dutch man

  • whitefly2
    whitefly2 2 days ago

    So do the Dutch think that the Holland is the best. I know some Dutch people that come to the US on vacation and it's always, everything is better in Holland.

  • glo wood
    glo wood 2 days ago

    And what have the Dutch contributed to the world?

  • Ih8stupid Peopleakasjws

    I know the answer, it’s who gives a fuck.

  • Christopher John
    Christopher John 2 days ago

    "Americans are more intolerant" USA is one of the most diverse places you could ever go..

  • mixedandnot
    mixedandnot 3 days ago

    We are Americans from a small town. Everything the older woman said and the younger man in light denim jacket, is a true definition of Americans - mostly in the suburbs and cities. In small towns we care about each other, but we do think we are better than the rest of the world because we have become a world power and a strong nation. We are known to belittle other cultures and races, we move fast and we do not listen to other people quietly. It is a fault of ours.

  • Jodielo Lantigua
    Jodielo Lantigua 3 days ago


  • Lee Francis
    Lee Francis 3 days ago

    No American gives a rat ass about fucked up Europe.

  • bestfashion7904
    bestfashion7904 3 days ago

    I am a naturalized American I have lived in Europe and I also live in America obviously and these comment are spot on. I thought I was the only one that felt that way but guess I wasn't.

  • victor van dyke
    victor van dyke 3 days ago

    Well here is my two cents. My name is van Dyke! Used to be van Dijk. That was too difficult for most to pronounce, so born in South Africa, the "i" and "j" suddenly became a "y". My life in South Africa then was as van Dyk. After moving to America in 1978, it became van Dyke, which it is today. Having never lived in Holland, but still speak and read Dutch, I have my own opinions.
    America is by far the best country in the world! Just look, we even let idiots like Donny Trump become President. Non the less, most people in the world, if given a choice, will pick America over any other country as far as Economics are concerned. Nowhere else can you make as big as in America beginning with nothing.
    Now for the real answers. Yes they are sometimes rude and loud, yes they are mostly obese, yes they eat too much, yes they don't know much about other countries and cultures, yes most only speak one language, American.
    I have to tell you, living here now for more than 40 years, it is still the best in the world. Most people when you get to know them are friendly, most are very giving and will help their fellow human beings, America has lost more young soldiers defending other countries than their own, yes Europe, think about it. America has more inventions than any country, American are what keeps the world safe, whether you like it or not. America has made the world small? Yes, every time you Google something on Google Earth, every time you use the internet, thank America.
    I recently (2017) toured Europe with my American son, had a great time, loved it all. We are great Premier League Football fans, go Man City, but we love America with all it's warts and all.

  • Bonjarta
    Bonjarta 4 days ago

    As an American, I agree that many people are fake friendly, but I also think that many people are genuinely friendly. You just get used to telling them apart :).

  • ryan clarke
    ryan clarke 4 days ago

    I honestly couldn’t gaf what other countries think about us 😂😂 glad I live here that’s forsure

  • XxMiiikexX
    XxMiiikexX 4 days ago

    2nd amendment wasn't just defend yourself, family, or property, it was also so citizens could purchase the same weapons as their government.

  • freedomfyter
    freedomfyter 4 days ago

    An english transplant old granny is not a Dutch.

  • Heather Bluebird
    Heather Bluebird 5 days ago

    Bwahaha he says Americans are fat, yep you're right about that. He also says they're easy to get in bed even over there, they want something. Yeah, well, we like to screw!

  • Bill Bailey
    Bill Bailey 5 days ago

    How quickly Europe forgets they would all be speaking German if not for the US. Tell this kids ask their grandparents about America bet it's a different story.

  • Bangtan Ftw
    Bangtan Ftw 5 days ago

    What I think of Americans: They should stop mentioning weed as the biggest reason to come to Amsterdam. Seriously.

  • Kacejo Jdjd
    Kacejo Jdjd 6 days ago

    2:58 this is true

  • Fred Collier
    Fred Collier 6 days ago +1

    I think the Dutch are about as clueless about Americans as Americans are about the Dutch. Everyone here seems to paint us with broad strokes - we're much more individual than most of the characterizations stated here. There's one thing for sure - we're nothing like the America Obama tried to change us into and we're not all as egotistical as Trump. We have a lot of pride and we are very spiritual and obviously have short comings and we have a lot to be thankful for. We have more in common with you than you think so don't be so quick to judge and we'll try to do the same. God bless!!

  • dookdawg214
    dookdawg214 7 days ago

    Holy god, how cute is that girl at 1:16? That's the thing about the US... if you're walking around NYC and you see a girl like that, you can be sure she's European.

  • John T. Wolfbanger
    John T. Wolfbanger 7 days ago

    The dutch spend most of their day doing nothing and getting high. They are able to do this because they are lazy socialists with sky high tax rates. "Let the others pay our way!" They are far too tolerant, which is why their women and young boys are being raped by Muslims they have naively let flock into the country. Holland hasn't had any real power for centuries. They just wait for other larger countries to free them once occupied. A very weak country with weak minded, lazy people. I loath them! I'm going to punch the next person who even mentions Holland right in the kisser!!

  • Jeff P
    Jeff P 7 days ago

    Got to hand it to these people they speak English very well!

  • kevin thompson
    kevin thompson 8 days ago

    The US has a population roughly the same as the five largest European countries (Russia aside), while the size of the US is 250,000 square kilometers smaller than the entire content of Europe. If someone puts all US citizens in one basket, they are the ignorant ones. With all the diversity in Europe, Europeans think the US has one mind set? Then are harsh on US citizens and culture for not being the same as it is in their country? This is why Americans don’t care what you think.

  • James Ashcraft
    James Ashcraft 8 days ago

    We weren’t so fake and loud when we liberated and cleared the Germans from there country

  • gkarjala
    gkarjala 9 days ago

    I have appreciated Yafa Show vids, and feel I'm better for them. Can't say that about all channeld

  • Taunic
    Taunic 9 days ago

    That older lady seemed like she was projecting a little bit...

  • Marijke Meersman
    Marijke Meersman 9 days ago

    Grappig om te denken dat er veel Belgen zijn die het stereotiep over Nederlanders hebben dat zij luid zijn :p

  • Jermaine Sam
    Jermaine Sam 10 days ago

    I can understand what they're saying. Sometimes are feel Americans are TOO nice and it comes off disingenuous. Especially when you go to smaller towns, everyone will smile and say hi.

  • Doreen Achtymichuk
    Doreen Achtymichuk 10 days ago

    they eat way too much . they are very fat. and stupid.

  • Derwin da Destroyer
    Derwin da Destroyer 10 days ago

    1:41 is spot on
    For that alone I'd marry her

  • Dr. Hartman
    Dr. Hartman 11 days ago

    If the world was a class, America would be the one kid that thinks he’s great but everyone laughs at him behind his back

  • Maverick Milestone
    Maverick Milestone 12 days ago

    Notice how most gave negative stereotypes. It shows that people are the same everywhere. Loud, fat, arrogant, religious, gullible, dumb, ignorant, sluts, . Now what stereotypes can you make about the Dutch after hearing them make so many negative stereotypes? Judgemental? Don’t know much about the US? Critical? Insulting? They think they are better? Ironic 🤔

  • demonqueen26
    demonqueen26 12 days ago

    It looks pretty and while I would visit I wouldn't stay permanently. I agree for the most part. Americans are mostly rude, arrogant, and willingly uneducated.

  • PyroCham
    PyroCham 12 days ago

    To be honest, this video is so cringy. As a Dutch person, I feel embarrassed. Personally I don't believe in stereotypes, instead I believe in individualism. Besides, people seem to forget that the US is huge and people in every state have a different lifestyle.
    The video on itself is a good tool to show us all how shallow we really are. Not only the Dutch :)

  • sjagy sjagy
    sjagy sjagy 13 days ago

    wanne be saviors of the world..

  • Dat Eagle Tho
    Dat Eagle Tho 13 days ago

    Fuck Amsterdam and look at the rest of the Netherlands

  • Josh Calton
    Josh Calton 14 days ago

    I love Europe but if I can't carry a gun I could never live there forever

  • Tubofluxar
    Tubofluxar 14 days ago

    Dutch people are really loud themselves. When traveling abroad they are always the loudest ones in restaurants.

  • Jack Aktepe
    Jack Aktepe 14 days ago +1

    Well one thing is for sure, the Dutch certainly aren't polite.

  • japie graaf
    japie graaf 14 days ago +1

    Funny that most of the interviewed are actually from abroad and not Dutch

  • Erik
    Erik 14 days ago

    American ppl for me. Lot of Obese, loud, think they are the smartest, think they are the central point of the world and fake,/overreacting. Best movies, hard working people.

  • Pat Downs
    Pat Downs 14 days ago

    The Dutch think we wear fake wooden shoes and whoop like indians.

  • Eder Telvino
    Eder Telvino 14 days ago

    That's awesome! I'd like to know about other countries!

  • Wout Meulemans
    Wout Meulemans 14 days ago

    Americans are Fat. I'm sorry

  • lorem dragon
    lorem dragon 14 days ago

    But I want to move to America

  • Dd Ddd
    Dd Ddd 15 days ago +1

    Americans are trash and pure evil and scum, piece of shit

  • Erich Weiler
    Erich Weiler 15 days ago +1

    Oh my God. The stupid Dutch bastard says, "we get most of our info from Facebook." THERE YA GO... FACEBOOK IS NOT MEDIA AND IT'S AMERICAN YOU DIPSHIT

  • Erich Weiler
    Erich Weiler 15 days ago

    It was funny.. When I went to Amsterdam for a few days, I partied and it was boring, really. I go to Germany and they tell me how fucked up the Dutch are.... One guy had me rolling for hours. He tells me this joke:
    There's an German, an American, and an Dutch guy on a boat. The boat starts sinking and the German guy says, "QUICK! GET THE WOMEN AND THE CHILDREN OFF THE BOAT!" The American says, "FUCK THE CHILDREN" and the Dutch guy says, "DO WE HAVE TIME FOR THAT?"
    You fucking idiots still ride bikes....

  • Erich Weiler
    Erich Weiler 15 days ago

    OF COURSE WE THINK A LOT OF OURSELVES. THE BIGGEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLD.. MOST TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED NATION IN THE WORLD-BY FAR. I was in Amsterdam in the mid-nineties, and they were bragging about getting Mac computers.. WOW.. I had an Apple computer in the 80's.. Fucking idiots.. We're fake? Wow. There was one woman who says, "they're fake... They're extremely polite...." Sounds like someone that's never been out of her own village..

    • Erich Weiler
      Erich Weiler 12 days ago

      Sarah Jones Start naming them. You have a guy in Holland talking shit about the America, WITH AN AMERICAN BASEBALL TEAM’S HAT ON

    • Sarah Jones
      Sarah Jones 13 days ago

      And yet there are still so many countries that are better.

  • Erich Weiler
    Erich Weiler 15 days ago

    I love the first guy talking about Americans, as he's wearing an American hat. FUCKING MORON... Sorry, but as an American, I'm going to stand up for my country.. You people don't know what the hell you're talking about... Seriously.. This is the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever seen.

  • arda doan
    arda doan 15 days ago

    Holland doesnt have ghettos at all and we dont need guns to protect ourselfs, our healthcare is equal and i can go on and on.... But America is the greatest, yearright.
    Normal people are a minority. The country is full of fat loud fake poeple

  • CGSU Belgium
    CGSU Belgium 15 days ago

    The video lasts 9:11 minutes, it won't get more american

  • Dommy Sena
    Dommy Sena 15 days ago

    I really do hope before they shit on America they abandon their ideas of consumerism

  • Samuel Bosma
    Samuel Bosma 15 days ago

    Is it a coincidence that the video is 9:11 long?

  • Bart Peters
    Bart Peters 15 days ago

    45 is really changing the world's view of the U.S. and it's not positive. He's the poorest representative you can have for the country.
    I'm putting my travel plans on hold.

  • Elmer Wierenga
    Elmer Wierenga 16 days ago

    New York is a beautiful country!

    • Blackbess
      Blackbess 16 days ago

      Yes, and Belgium is a beautiful city !

  • Ratna Sadal
    Ratna Sadal 16 days ago

    I ♡ AMERICA! I DESPISE THE DUTCH & their obnoxious germanic language

    • Blackbess
      Blackbess 16 days ago

      Truly spoken as a real American !

  • Mike Zurella
    Mike Zurella 16 days ago

    I can honestly say most Americans are ignorant, stupid, lazy, and un-god like. Such as most of the people in the world. You are all alike all around the world. None of you are special. Some of us are better than others. It's not an American thing it a human like being thing. Some of us possess qualities and attributes that most of the people in the world will never aquire in this life or in the next. 😉

  • Erik B
    Erik B 17 days ago

    America gave the world 3 things Mickey mouse coca cola and Elvis presley soo thnx america

    • Blackbess
      Blackbess 16 days ago

      Couldn't live without those !

  • MelleTwaklapper
    MelleTwaklapper 17 days ago

    Most americans are made when dumb fucks dumber

  • Patrick McEvoy
    Patrick McEvoy 17 days ago

    Wow,the Dutch dont think much of Americans either🤬, even though hes got an Oakland As cap on🤪🤣 Americans are all fat drunk and stupid...yah, yah, yah...[geological? 🤔] opinions formed by the internet? And other media...yah..that explains a lot. Thnx.

  • prowland8471
    prowland8471 17 days ago

    If you ask an American what they think of the Dutch, we would probably just say they are insignificant drug addicts who think immoral prostitution is ok. Sad that these people Yafa interviewed are so ignorant. If you lived where I live, yes, you need a car because we are bigger and my local grocery store isn’t a mile down the cobblestone walkway, but 10 miles from my house. I find it interesting that most of these people probably haven’t ever been to America. And if it is so bad, and we are so bad then why is everyone trying to come here? Oh yea, because we are great!

  • Luc Vandermeer
    Luc Vandermeer 17 days ago +1

    About 20.000.000 ppl live in the Netherlands.
    This guy inervieuw's a few ppl (not even all dutch) and over a 200 commends from angry Amirican's...

  • RA
    RA 17 days ago

    America is a police state where you will be locked up for scratching your ass the wrong way. Fuck America 🖕🏾

  • Kasper Utz
    Kasper Utz 17 days ago +1

    Your 'facts' are ALL wrong.....
    Tallest nation are Norwegian....
    Drugs (weed, magic mushrooms etc) aren't legal..... they are decriminalised.... totally different....
    And three of the 'Dutch' people you interviewed were British....
    Really badly researched.....

  • sulligirl
    sulligirl 17 days ago

    You Americans in these comments are losing your minds. We all have a picture in our mind about other groups of people so these folks are just putting that out when asked a direct question. Keep in mind the video was probably edited to be somewhat negative. On any given day I can go into a public place and experience real life examples of fat, workaholic, over zealous or uneducated Americans. I can also find real examples of genuine, warm, intelligent, healthy, open minded Americans. The last guy interviewed probably had the best response.
    Texas is bigger than the entire country of France so there is no way to pigeonhole such a large and diverse population. Our diversity comes not just from ethnicity but also religion, education, and the blending of all these things within families, friendships and communities across our country. It’s just not possible to explain to foreigners.

  • Cindy Allen
    Cindy Allen 18 days ago

    That little older lady is right on she is right smh

  • Cindy Allen
    Cindy Allen 18 days ago

    This is spot on lol!!!! Smh

  • midnightchannel
    midnightchannel 18 days ago

    "They think they are better than everyone else", interesting misunderstanding if this British woman, to think we'll of yourself is NOT the same thing as thinking poorly of others, of comparing oneself to others.
    An older Italian man explained these kinds of ctural differences to me. He said that both America and German tourists looked and sounded very much alike (ie, lid), but Germans jusged everything they saw as inferior to Germany, while Americans did not make any comlarison, ie, Americans all were saying everything was wonderf, "Wow! This castle is GREAT!"., and made no comment one way or another about the US.

    • midnightchannel
      midnightchannel 18 days ago

      To he clear, that lady is the one who really thinks "Americans are better than everyone else".

  • TieMan
    TieMan 18 days ago +1

    Half of these aren't even Dutch. Either they were tourists or students. Dutch accent is so easy to recognize

  • Joel Tompkins
    Joel Tompkins 18 days ago

    I don't think they are correct not everyone in the US is this way . I think most of us would get along fine with other cultures . There is a learning curve to it but i believe they only have TV or travelers to make this judgment on .

  • Wild Wood12
    Wild Wood12 18 days ago

    We have our rights , which make us more Hospitable than tiny countries are use to ever having... 😉

  • Wild Wood12
    Wild Wood12 18 days ago

    That guy had it rlly close , less government , granted he jst couldn't put it into simple American words , but he had the right idea... Good job I think a little more of the Dutch now 😉😅😂😂

  • cold honky
    cold honky 18 days ago

    fuck you hash smoking retards your country will soon be destroyed by muslims if it isnt already

  • MimoMa
    MimoMa 18 days ago

    I never heard so many dutch humans that spoke such a good english, guess they are picked out of public xD.
    And BTW you picked 5 people, they not talk for the whole dutch country.
    Anyway thanks for the video :)

  • TeamHatchet64
    TeamHatchet64 18 days ago +1

    Fake huh?

  • Caroline Delaunay
    Caroline Delaunay 18 days ago

    "they think they re better thant everybody else" quite nails it

  • Archie Bunker
    Archie Bunker 18 days ago

    When you run the world you gotta eat good

  • Adnan
    Adnan 19 days ago +1

    Wow , Dutch think Americans are loud and they are individual or .... come on Dutch people look at yourself .

  • sir jordan
    sir jordan 20 days ago

    Americans are not religious

  • Psycghost !!!
    Psycghost !!! 20 days ago

    I had a dream that I was going to Amsterdam.
    After I woke up I was
    Literally was in a bad mood the rest of the day.

  • bigchief
    bigchief 20 days ago +1

    America, greatest country in the world, why do yo think everyone wants to get in? The poor bastards in Europe are going to be over run by the muslim hoard in 50 years.

  • Will Howl
    Will Howl 20 days ago

    Its funny, half of them are painting the stereotypical picture of the fat, ignorant, naive, stupid American yet they're drenched in American fashion, speaking the American's (and the English's) language, and are likely all consuming American culture.

  • Robert Gardea
    Robert Gardea 20 days ago

    From White American ancestors speaking

  • askerkaca
    askerkaca 21 day ago

    f..k that they been suck it up and slave trade Ghana, Benin, Togo and Nigeria and other poor country millennium now all the sudden they become a saver

  • brian duffy
    brian duffy 21 day ago


  • Timbeah
    Timbeah 21 day ago

    It's actually a strange question: 'what are stereotypes the Dutch have about Americans..' the whole definition of a stereotype is 'an image that is widely believed, but that doesn't accurately reflect the reality'. So by answering this question you'll get answers that Dutch believe are widely believed but not true...