How The Dutch View Americans? | Amsterdam


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  • Owen Kelly
    Owen Kelly 7 hours ago

    After all we did for them in world war 2

  • chung ong
    chung ong 11 hours ago

    Agree, they are fake

  • Jack Reacher
    Jack Reacher 14 hours ago

    That dude with the fucking As hat!!

  • coupleofbeers31
    coupleofbeers31 17 hours ago

    As an American I almost died of laughter when I heard some people in this video say that Americans are "nice" and "extremely polite". I have lived in 4 major metropolitan areas coast to coast and been all around the US and I can say for certain, 100% that that is complete and utter bullshit.

  • gsagga1
    gsagga1 20 hours ago

    Why are you questioning English shouldn't you be talking to Dutch only. Maybe you should change the title

  • Dave Conrad
    Dave Conrad 22 hours ago

    People of holland can not perceive why Americans are this way, the majority are highly medicated and flouridnated, which don't tell me nothing about dental healthcare. If your grandmother had fluorosis ( real condition look it up) you wouldn't be saying the same thing.anymore....monsanto is mad science, everything is mad science. Just one big experiment. Damn nazi science

  • miporsche
    miporsche Day ago

    Why would anyone want a list of stereotypes? This is stupid, don't you think? We all have different stereotypes in our minds. If you want a list, just ask yourself. Then the follow up question would be, "Why would I think this?" Painting everyone with one brush is useless, and wrong.

  • Andrew Olmstead
    Andrew Olmstead Day ago

    Being friendly is fake?

    JOHN COLLINS Day ago

    Never trust a Dutchman. Small minds and small dicks. A dangerous combination.

  • Have Drone Will Travel

    So the Dutch are judgmental then? If I'm polite to you I'm being fake? Wow. What a loving people, NOT.

  • elijah5791
    elijah5791 Day ago

    Dutch Guy: "Americans are dumb, they say things like 'Amsterdam is the capital of Germany.'"
    American: So, they don't know their *Geological* locations well?
    LOL! What a dolt. Way to make his point, bro. :D smh

  • sarah j.
    sarah j. Day ago

    the old bitch has learned nothing in allllllllllllllllllllllllllll those years

  • ScreamingPatriot
    ScreamingPatriot 2 days ago

    Only college kids are the dumb ones.

  • Benjamin Wilson
    Benjamin Wilson 2 days ago

    should-should we just be mean to people? like, do they not want us to be nice?

  • Frédérick VELLAYOUDOM

    This is not stereotypes! This is truth!

  • A daily dose of history

    They should be thankful for us Saving there lives in ww2

  • colorbar.s
    colorbar.s 2 days ago

    Stop being triggered y'all. Your country isn't great, and you're way too self centered.

  • Abyssinyan Ali
    Abyssinyan Ali 2 days ago

    Everyone says Americans are nice well shit I’m from Minnesota and there’s nothing more nice than us

  • Jarmo
    Jarmo 2 days ago

    Why would you even put the country you are interviewing in the title if you don't interview the actual Dutch people

  • Dick Penisman
    Dick Penisman 2 days ago

    In all fairness the only Americans these people have most likely seen are drunk college students on vacation drinking and getting high on daddy's money.

  • X XX
    X XX 3 days ago

    He is asking them about stereotypes. That doesn't mean it is actually how they think about the Americans. If he'd ask them what they think about Americans, they'd give different answers. It's just stereotypical things that we hear from others but it does not necessarily mean that the Dutch actually think that way about the Americans.

  • Getthefuckoffmylawn
    Getthefuckoffmylawn 3 days ago

    We are the best.

  • Mr E
    Mr E 3 days ago

    Half of these people were tourists from another country ....Ill give u another one: Americans are clueless about the rest of the world

  • janrobertbos
    janrobertbos 3 days ago

    BTW, half of the people he interviewed are BRITS!!! Definitely not Dutch.

  • NyCoLe
    NyCoLe 4 days ago

    Well we see what drives America..

  • ducktogo duckdaf
    ducktogo duckdaf 4 days ago

    I am Duchts but i the Americans are the best men

  • Bowen Schultz
    Bowen Schultz 4 days ago

    I do like hamburgers and pizza, I cannot deny that.

  • jaeleen reyes
    jaeleen reyes 4 days ago +1

    Why is every American mad like tf bitch they’re not wrong

  • destin
    destin 5 days ago

    It’s funny because most Americans couldn’t even point out their country on a map.

  • Shane Johnson
    Shane Johnson 5 days ago +1

    Dutch people seem to be angry at the world and are always complaining. I used to have a Dutch uncle in America, and he was always bitching and complaining about something. He got his ass kicked in a casino for mouthing off to someone, and then he got angry at the casino security for not arresting the guy and threatened the casino security. Security put him in a head lock and called the police. He had to appear in court and the judge ordered him to go to anger management counseling, where they put him on anti anxiety drugs to calm his nerves. You couldn't carry on a normal conversation with the guy, because anything you said, he would disagree with. If you said the sky was blue, he would disagree. He seemed to get a thrill out of arguing with people.

  • Technical Kane
    Technical Kane 5 days ago

    Number one rude
    Number two piece of shut
    Number three they think they are better then all (suck my dick)
    Number four really rude people
    Number five less minded people

  • Savage Snayle
    Savage Snayle 5 days ago

    OK not into stereotypes generally but Americans are often loud and over confident. As if they are half pissed when not in the States. Also remember the interviewer did say he is asking dutch people about stereotypes they have heard not what a persons opinion actually is.

  • Francis Slagley
    Francis Slagley 5 days ago

    Omg that guy just called Americans hoes

  • Nazim Hajiyev
    Nazim Hajiyev 5 days ago

    Been living in USA for 15 years. Many things that were mentioned here are correct. I love United States but every country has good n bad things.

  • Mikayla Smith
    Mikayla Smith 5 days ago

    People always say we are ignorant as Americans but don’t understand why Americans are the way they are? The fact that we have to work, we don’t have any other time, so we get fast food, if we don’t work enough we don’t have money so we get fast food. Lols

  • Nazim Hajiyev
    Nazim Hajiyev 5 days ago

    AJAX Amsterdam!!!!!!!!

  • emma jean
    emma jean 5 days ago

    im an american and a lot of this is true

  • Bip Nop
    Bip Nop 6 days ago

    First of all the policies of the U.S. government and business are different from the characters of the U.S. citizens. Most U.S. citizens are good. They are just brainwashed into a state of silence and acceptance of their leaders and economic state. Sheep they may be yet longing to be free.

  • Bip Nop
    Bip Nop 6 days ago


  • kári
    kári 6 days ago

    is the accent fake or he realy this posh.sounds like a steriotipc usa news reporter

  • Daniel Navor
    Daniel Navor 6 days ago +1

    Fuck the Dutch!

  • Sabirah Wynants
    Sabirah Wynants 6 days ago

    Not all Americans are fat and they don't al eat burgers! 😡

  • AircooledNation
    AircooledNation 7 days ago

    2:20 Nice beetle Silverbug from 1982

  • jeddo/don
    jeddo/don 7 days ago

    Sounds like folks in Amsterdam thinks everyone in America are just like the movies. All good in the hood though. Just know this Americans are the most generous people in the world also Trump is going to make the world great again. Haha

  • Justin2534
    Justin2534 7 days ago +3

    We might be a crazy and dysfunctional group, but fuck it I like it here and even though I some things we may not be, but America is the BEST!!!!

    • Justin2534
      Justin2534 5 days ago +1

      +Technical Kane did your small little European self esteem get hurt? Lol go fuck yourself kid

    • Technical Kane
      Technical Kane 5 days ago

      Suck my dixk

  • arctic bear
    arctic bear 7 days ago

    I've met a lot of americans who really think highly of themselves and I think I'm not stereotyping cause almost all americans I've met at some point in a conversation they start to show their conceited and arrogant side

  • JASON P.  Roberts
    JASON P. Roberts 7 days ago

    Dutch are the ones with a red light district.

  • Emily Anthony
    Emily Anthony 7 days ago +1

    All the countries in the world are enjoying the high tech and modern comfort that are 99 percent are invented by the Americans. Smile,

    • Bram Sanders
      Bram Sanders 6 days ago

      dude are you actually serious? Confirming the stereotype yet again.

  • r m smith
    r m smith 8 days ago

    who cares?

  • Alma Veuger
    Alma Veuger 8 days ago

    Geldelanders can be very polite too

  • txwelder
    txwelder 8 days ago

    I wonder if they think about this stuff when they are being raped by a pack of muslims

  • You PTAs cunt Retard

    I think Americans proud of our opportunities and laws but not everyone takes advantage of it and I’m one of them

  • Gino Corbrietti
    Gino Corbrietti 8 days ago

    yafa looks like a american........................................

  • Rxvolt
    Rxvolt 8 days ago

    I saw the Thumbnail and thought they were talking about RDR2.😂

  • Jacob Wooten
    Jacob Wooten 8 days ago

    I hear there is oil In the netherlands

  • lanna lane
    lanna lane 8 days ago

    There are comments about Americans being fake. I suppose that I have a 'fake' smile, too. I feel that my attitude affects those I come in contact. I think a smile can brighten someone's day, and in return they will have a smile for someone else. It's meant to give warm feelings. I think it is cultural, we often stereotype Germans as having a dour, unpleasant attitude and I'm sure they they are perfectly happy.

  • Flying Fynn
    Flying Fynn 9 days ago

    who cares.

  • ķêķîsțâņ
    ķêķîsțâņ 9 days ago


  • Indy Duinmeijer
    Indy Duinmeijer 9 days ago

    Die oudere vrouw klinkt zo niet nederlands, meeste oudere hier spreken niet eens zo goed engels😂

  • drschplatt
    drschplatt 9 days ago

    You think Americans are loud? Haha, go to Asia some time.
    Basically this video shows you that stereotypes are useless, inaccurate and often way off base.

  • ricky rhodes
    ricky rhodes 9 days ago

    They (Europe) didnt hate us around 1945!! Just saying

  • ricky rhodes
    ricky rhodes 9 days ago

    Yeah well you fuckers wear wood shoes!! And that old lady isn't better then anyone !! The 2nd Amendment rocks!!

  • Nick Gubler
    Nick Gubler 9 days ago

    I'll eat every fucking chicken in Amsterdam.

  • Aren't I Adorable
    Aren't I Adorable 9 days ago

    When Travelling to Europe...remember to .....
    Fit in and be unhappy, don't smile and never boast, or mention anything about the States, they don't want to hear it anyway, talk only about them, no one else.
    Go and listen to how much they dislike the US. They won't tell you...but they don't like you, they only like your money!... Remember never show Happiness, they're unaccustomed to Free People who are happy...Leftism will destroy the joy that should be in their hearts, hence they don't understand true Freedom.

  • Aren't I Adorable
    Aren't I Adorable 9 days ago

    No matter what the Euro's say...I love the continent, not the Politics..the History!

  • Aren't I Adorable
    Aren't I Adorable 10 days ago

    Europeans are simply a Continent of ingrates, I'm 69 and have been all over the world...And Europeans especially the Uk are the most unhappy people I have ever met. The Culture of Europe is Hedonistic, Vulgar, Rude people, especially the French and secondly the English who are still pissed that they Lost a country because they treated the people like scum and lost a war and then needed us Twice to get their ass's out of two damn European wars, one in which my father lost two legs and a left arm, became a drunk, fell down some stairs, broke his back, paralyzed and died three months later in 1959, my dad lost his life fighting a damn European war and I ended up in an Orphanage for 10.7 years. And FYI, the USA is different from State to State and each State thinks their State is better than the other States yet we treat people from other States kindly, showing them that we like your State. This is the Culture that you as a young twit doesn't understand because you have been educated by a Hate America Left-Wing Marxist POS who knows little about America. And if the USA had never existed your ass would either be speaking German or Russian. We're Happy because we're Free...unlike you asso!

    • Sarah Jones
      Sarah Jones 9 days ago

      You dumb AmeriCUNTS always bring out the 'war card' each time you get criticised by others because what they say is the truth and you prats don't like that so you use the 'we saved you in the war' bollocks in a desperate attempt to distract yourselves away from the reality of what other nations really think of you just so you can feel superior - my god you people are pathetic lol. It's obvious that culture and history in Europe is MUCH better compared to what the shitty, overrated USA has to offer. All you arrogant rednecks have for culture is baseball (which is Canadian by the way) school shootings, fast food, and as for history well... never mind lol. Also, you do realise that the US isn't the only country that has freedom, you dummy!

  • Mike Bradshaw
    Mike Bradshaw 10 days ago

    Lol omg alot of these comments about Americans are true. But the other truth is not many to no country likes us. I mean thats sad that we have no one. I think thats a big indicator about who we are as people.

    PANZERFAUST90 10 days ago +1


  • Dan Holmes
    Dan Holmes 10 days ago

    The lady at 1:44. Such a sweetheart! Love, from California!

  • Robert Kaite
    Robert Kaite 10 days ago

    Arthur I have a plan you just need to have some damn faith.....oh wait different Dutch

  • Sam Delikát
    Sam Delikát 10 days ago +2


  • Sam Seaver
    Sam Seaver 10 days ago

    Lmao the British lady of all people thinks Americans think they’re better than everyone 😂

  • buddhastaxi666
    buddhastaxi666 10 days ago

    The old white haired lady was was the couple

  • Bruce Burns
    Bruce Burns 10 days ago

    As an Australian I have yet to meet the stereotypical ugly American , no they have been al intelligent thoughtful well mannered and pleasant and likeable , its all just a myth about Americans just like people have this impression that all Germans talk loud like Hitler .

  • Aaron Edmonds
    Aaron Edmonds 10 days ago

    Isn't this the country that surrendered to the Germans with no fight?

  • Aaron Edmonds
    Aaron Edmonds 10 days ago

    Who really cares what the Dutch think? What contributions have they given the world lately? Funny to hear them say Americans think they are better than others while these Dutch sound fake,judgmental, and very conceited. These have got be the most hypocritical people I have seen

    • Aaron Edmonds
      Aaron Edmonds 9 days ago +1

      +Sarah Jones sounds like you are very uneducated and have no clue about anything. You are the only cunt. Say what you will,but reality says you are wrong. You sound jealous. You sound arrogant and childish. The whole world hates us,yet they try to be us. They come to visit, and is the number one place people immigrate to.Explain that one. Guess it's easy to talk trash when you live in a shithole country like you do

    • Aaron Edmonds
      Aaron Edmonds 9 days ago +1

      +Sarah Jones no,she is not right. Not even close to right

    • Sarah Jones
      Sarah Jones 9 days ago

      She is right you know.

  • viva kashmir
    viva kashmir 10 days ago

    *Love from indian Occupied Kashmir*

    ThePROFESS10NAL 10 days ago +3

    Just as cunty as the Germans!

    • Flex Seal
      Flex Seal 23 hours ago

      +Sarah Jones don't play innocent now. Yeaaaaa i got u bitch

    • Sarah Jones
      Sarah Jones Day ago

      +Flex Seal Saying what?

    • Flex Seal
      Flex Seal Day ago

      +Sarah Jones your american idiot so stop trolling cause i saw u in another vid saying it

      ThePROFESS10NAL 9 days ago +1

      Sarah Jones no not when it’s hypocritical.

    • Sarah Jones
      Sarah Jones 9 days ago +1

      God, you bloody yanks just can't take criticism, can you?

  • LILITH Goddesses 93369

    ❤️❤️❤️🍄 I wish I lived there ❤️❤️❤️

  • Vincent Mileto
    Vincent Mileto 11 days ago

    America is not better! It is unique in many ways that no other country in the world is!

    • jaeleen reyes
      jaeleen reyes 4 days ago

      Vincent Mileto in America there’s a high possibility you’ll get shot at school

  • Jordan Jnee
    Jordan Jnee 11 days ago

    Regular politeness isn’t synonymous with being fake, just as bluntness isn’t synonymous with being in a bad mood in other countries. These are cultural divides that anyone visiting another country should try to understand instead of judge. But I can see how Europeans think it’s arrogant, because many of them don’t like America and will view their norms in the same negative light.

  • Adam Wilson
    Adam Wilson 11 days ago

    I am an American. And I don’t like most Americans

  • Simpleton
    Simpleton 11 days ago

    America is like a cool uncle...dumb as fuck but ya cant help but love em

  • Simpleton
    Simpleton 11 days ago

    As a southern america i can agree that america is a cess pool

  • Hannan Jett
    Hannan Jett 11 days ago

    Keep it going. I have always wanted to know what the world thinks about Murica!

  • Jordan Medina
    Jordan Medina 11 days ago

    Fucking garbage #merica

  • Abby121
    Abby121 11 days ago

    I don’t think people realize how a lot of Americans are self conscious and don’t think a lot of themselves

  • Lyle Stavast
    Lyle Stavast 11 days ago

    oost, west, thuis best...

  • Lyle Stavast
    Lyle Stavast 11 days ago

    Until we all get free stroopwafels, we don't wanna hear about our flaws. (nice and direct, ala the dutch way...;) ) lol

  • Davi 3D
    Davi 3D 11 days ago

    Magic mushrooms aren't legal. And why did he mention alcohol? And not prostitution wich actually is legal?

  • katelynfe
    katelynfe 11 days ago

    Im an american but i can relate more to the dutch tho. I hate americans and america

  • Gary
    Gary 11 days ago

    wow,these people have no clue what a real red blooded american is...we give the shirt off our backs to help people, and you say its fake.

  • David Clark
    David Clark 12 days ago +2

    Hey yafa we don't give a shit what Europeans think why do liberal's always want us to be like European countries

    • FANBOY Lets' Plays
      FANBOY Lets' Plays 6 days ago

      We should leave nato and end all trade and diplomacy with Europe

  • pavo6503
    pavo6503 12 days ago

    I think you got some Englanders in there.

  • Winter Soldier
    Winter Soldier 12 days ago +1

    So we elected Donald Trump and that's bad thing and you allowed Muslim and Sub Saharan Criminals,to rape your women,convert u into a Islamic Dictatorship and that's a Good Thing,What a bunch of Brain Deads in this video?

    LICKMYNYNE 12 days ago


  • Stefan Dingenouts
    Stefan Dingenouts 12 days ago

    Where did you get the idea Amsterdam is the only city in the world where you can smoke weed, drink alcohol and eat magic mushrooms legally? That's ridiculous, it's not like this one city has it own unique laws...

  • Aren't I Adorable
    Aren't I Adorable 12 days ago +1

    When you are only taught one side of the Political Spectrum as the Left-Wing Jackass Europeans, the info they get about the people come from one source...Fkn Left-Wing European Ignorant Ingrates!

  • Stephanie Lim
    Stephanie Lim 12 days ago

    If the Americans are Friendly/Polite, so does that makes Canadians/Philippines a Saint? 😂😂

  • shermdeazy
    shermdeazy 12 days ago

    We do have an over abundance of fatties here. Lol