How The Dutch View Americans? | Amsterdam


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  • John Steiger
    John Steiger 52 minutes ago

    Fuck you America,i hate you.
    They fuckt up the hole world

  • Gerry Dalemans
    Gerry Dalemans 3 hours ago

    Based on the amount of comments underneath, about a video based on opinions of what other people might think about America...I would say that you bastards are pretty egocentric. Look up some videos about American people that went abroad and notice guys suuuuuuuck! (Bill Burr voice while reading) Land of the free my ass, you want anything that's for grabs, so even your eagles are bald while at first they had feathers. The domination nation. Now see, I can make these comments because there's no oil here in Belgium. OK, before you get mad let me enlighten you about the fact that I like to bust balls, so no need to get angry immidiately like you always do. Stay safe now, vote Trump, and enjoy your haute cuisine. Greetings :p

  • DutchSavage
    DutchSavage 8 hours ago +1

    Americans are schoolshooters

  • NiqueV1018
    NiqueV1018 18 hours ago

    My husband is Dutch and this is their ignorant view about Americans. There is so much I can say but I won’t because it would be too long. Dutch people aren’t as open and tolerant as they pretend to be. His family was actually pissed that I didn’t fit any of those stereotypes 😂😂😂

  • Melek_Ciftci
    Melek_Ciftci 19 hours ago

    you might want to ask us again...... and dont forget to ask about Pete Hoekstra :/

  • Rick Shelton
    Rick Shelton 23 hours ago

    Yeah, there are A-holes in every country. I don’t blame them for their opinions. When I was there (and when I go anywhere), I engage the locals in conversation. I found everyone to be delightful, especially after they dropped their preconceived prejudices. I will say that the Brits were rather over the top when I visited. Maybe they have confused US with GB. Jk.

  • M. P.
    M. P. Day ago

    Geological location???
    Who says Americans are stupid.

  • Bernie Anderson
    Bernie Anderson Day ago

    Staement @6:41 "They don't know their geological locations well". WTF? Are you saying Americans can't find the Granite quarries!!! Word to look up for the day "MALAPROPISM" .HA! Just messin' with 'ya! Interesting video.

  • programmable Simulation

    Turn off your TV's Europe less you wind up like us fat stupid Americans

  • programmable Simulation

    At three minutes he's wearing an Oakland A's hat

  • Maria Guinsburg
    Maria Guinsburg Day ago

    The old woman use speaking perfect UK English, I am not sure she is local.

  • Staci Kalass
    Staci Kalass Day ago

    As I’m eating a burger and fries 😂😂👏🏼👏🏼

  • Vanatice
    Vanatice Day ago

    the old woman was not Dutch lmao.

  • Yess Noss
    Yess Noss 2 days ago +1

    Woman at 1:53 was brittish

  • Hunter Toennies
    Hunter Toennies 2 days ago

    What I got from this video: Dutch people aren’t very nice. They are mad about us being nice... that’s confusing. (As I’m writing I’m listening to the guy basically calling us horny sluts 😂😂😂)

  • Ashley Dilnger
    Ashley Dilnger 2 days ago

    I love you Dutch you guys are so right about us

  • bluethunderbug
    bluethunderbug 2 days ago

    Full of themselves, superficial, live in fear of everything they don't know, easily manipulated by media propaganda.

  • Jefferson Huang
    Jefferson Huang 3 days ago

    So in conclusion: Dutch are angry... and to be friends, you have to say whatever you feel to them, as long as it's negative.

    • Michael Steel
      Michael Steel Day ago

      By not turn around your words, but just say what it says.

    • Jefferson Huang
      Jefferson Huang 2 days ago

      Michael Steel then how do you confront them

    • Michael Steel
      Michael Steel 2 days ago +1

      No, Dutch people don't fouling around by saying what they have to say, if you like it or not.
      A lot of people around the world having problems with that confronting style. Americans the most.

  • durandurango1
    durandurango1 3 days ago

    Rockin’ an A’s cap 👍 even though you think Americans are fake. 😂

  • Timber Krev
    Timber Krev 3 days ago

    As an American I was a bit disheartened, then I looked at the bigger picture. I am removing all doubt. The USA is a huge nation compared to the Netherlands. Our culture is incredibly diverse and our people have come here from EVERY nation and culture on Earth. I am proud of my nation. Do I think Americans are better than Dutch? Absolutely not! Why would I? You are a part of America.

    • Michael Steel
      Michael Steel 2 days ago

      "Our culture is incredibly diverse and our people have come here from EVERY nation and culture on Earth"
      Oh my god, you know the Dutch culture so well, that for the sake of convenience you just overlook the fact that the Netherlands has the most cultures of the world in terms of area. Look, the only thing you can prove with this is that Americans generally have no idea of ​​what the rest of the world looks like.
      "You are a part of America"
      Stupid and arrogance in one sentence. America must be so proud of you.

  • James Vaught
    James Vaught 3 days ago

    The guy with the A's cap says we're fake. No American should ever invite him to dinner if he's in the US.

  • Noe Berengena
    Noe Berengena 4 days ago

    Did anyone mention that so many Americans thrive on trash TV? The more inane and crude the more they like it. Look at all stupid reality shows with knuckleheads and loudmouths!

  • C.A. Hall
    C.A. Hall 4 days ago

    The amount of people riding bicycles is a beautiful thing. :)

  • Susie parker
    Susie parker 4 days ago

    I found it fascinating that at the beginning of the video that the Dutch people interviewed said that we Americans are "very loud". I lived and worked (and played) in London for two years, and the first thing I noticed when dealing with Americans (for some reason, I always seemed to look like I knew where I was going, because I was frequently stopped on the sidewalk by Americans wanting to know how to get somewhere. (That even happened to me on my very first day out in my London neighborhood (Chelsea) after recovering from the long flight.) I always carried an A to Z large map of London and I'd take it out of my handbag and help them. But as a group, it embarrassed me when I'd be walking down the sidewalks and hear a group of Americans talking loud and fast. I've always been a rather soft speaker, so it took me by surprise. In fact, I worked at a newsagent's (one of my three jobs) with two other English women, and when people came in to buy their newspapers in the a.m. all was fine. Then later, the tourists would pour in. I loved the young German and Dutch kids that were on holiday, and had laughs with them trying to learn their languages.
    I do have to take some exception to the description of the stereotypical American as being "fake" because we're always smiling. People need to remember that when people are on holiday from any nation, they're happy to be away from home and all the stress of work. We get so much less vacation and sick leave time than any other country, so there's a good reason for those big smiles on Americans' faces. Besides, a lot of people (like me) are just plain gregarious and friendly.
    Thanks for this video!

  • stevie jongh
    stevie jongh 4 days ago

    I lived for a long time in the USA. It is a sick society
    The horrible murders, guns guns and more guns and dead people. FAT FAT FAT. Trump, that sicko piece of shit.Stupidities. That fucker is so bizzare. All the religious blabla. Stay away from Europe.

  • Aidara Kirkland /Edinburgh

    *le sigh and whispers* Why do most people think that all we do is smoke drugs? Why?

  • Lea Cochran
    Lea Cochran 5 days ago

    Our media tells us that the EU is dead. They've given up their sovereignty to the elites. That's where all the problems stem from in the world. They're old men using our youth as toy soldiers. They're also pedophiles. They're everything that's evil. If the world doesn't wake up, we will cease to exist. I'm talking about the world banks, and people like the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Bushes, Clintons, the Vatican etc. They don't care about the people. Only they matter in their opinion. They're using the Muslims to accomplish their agenda. The Clintons collected untold millions for the people in Haiti. Did the Haitians get any of it. No, they didn't. They are starving. Why aren't these people in jail? The Bush family helped the Nazis. People would be shocked to know how far reaching their claws of evil are entrenched into almost every society in the world. They like to keep everyone fighting each other so we don't notice what they are doing. Wake up, people before it's too late. It may already be.

    • Michael Steel
      Michael Steel 2 days ago

      I don't get your point in the discussion we having here. Maybe you have to try it elsewhere, on a political forum.

  • Lea Cochran
    Lea Cochran 5 days ago

    There's a lot of Dutch in America. You can't tell what America is like by looking at the media. I don't think America's people are any different than other people in developed countries. Also, there's nothing wrong with being polite. We do not think we are better than anyone else in the world. As far as Trump goes, the alternative was Hillary. I won't go there.

    • Michael Steel
      Michael Steel 2 days ago

      Ask the average American a question about the Netherlands. Then you get a good picture of how well an American is informed about the situation in the world. The worst part is that an American would rather give a stupid answer than no answer at all. Where a Dutchman wisely holds his mouth and admits not knowing.

  • machoalright
    machoalright 5 days ago

    Seems about right. Fake

  • Dylan Gilbert
    Dylan Gilbert 5 days ago

    In the beginning they say that Americans are loud, but people from the north in the Netherlands they are really loud
    And Im from the Netherlands but im just saying it in English

  • JR G
    JR G 5 days ago

    Europeans look so serious and very unhappy

  • JR G
    JR G 5 days ago

    It just goes to show that most have no clue

  • Denise Clark
    Denise Clark 6 days ago +1

    We are the FAKE speak from the Heart Friendly Ones that are super LOUD and everything is Big & Fat. WooHoo and we love us some guns... and SEX lots of loose sex...and fast food - so we can get back to having sex with big fat people at gunpoint. This is how rumors start...Confabulation and ignorant, stereotypical comments. I am an Ordinary human being no-one special. Does anyone ever think about what a melting pot America is and how many cultures we mash-up? Seriously- it is an amazingly individual liberty or stay in your own neighborhood kind of thing---- sure it is. Time to visit and see for oneself. Amazing that only Loudmouth Americans travel to Holland

  • angel 1232
    angel 1232 6 days ago

    Dutch Are Rude to and i dont like them and Your Fake Arrogent Asses there's all kinds of fake people and every kind of culture and for you to call Americans that is a disgrace your country is just as much of a fake as any other country is and I am dutch / German as well be ashamed of yourself you f****** ignorant bastards

    • Michael Steel
      Michael Steel 2 days ago

      We are not rude!! We just say what we think. I don't think Americans are that honest en straight to the point.
      That's why you having so much trouble with the Dutch, because they hold up a mirror to you.

  • The David
    The David 7 days ago

    I must reckon Americans are quite nice in general, loud and out of place indeed, but nice.
    Only, sometimes they're a bit.. i mean, i own a hotel in Venice Italy and they always come up with questions like "is there a guarded parking lot nearby?" or "do you have any ocean-view room left?".
    No ma'm, those are all reserved but i've got one with a nice view on the Eiffel tower if you like.
    Oh yes, please!!
    No ma'm i was kidding, i mean St.Mark's tower.
    Oh ok. Whatever.

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones 7 days ago

    Europeans are SO MUCH nicer than Americans.

  • Richard does it matter

    ...First off Euro, learn some etiquette and show some respect on this forum you are speaking to an American.
    these kind of comments prove its not just a stereo type , but a lot of US actually feel like this .......... only one word ............ GoFuckYourself

    • Michael Steel
      Michael Steel 2 days ago

      The only thing a American thinks is, let's go to Amsterdam the drugs capital of Europe.
      I don't mind if you Americans believe everything what they told you in the media.
      But why are you trying to prove this again and again?

  • Ima Mercier
    Ima Mercier 7 days ago

    Because we do not care where Amsterdame is !

  • musicismyreligion
    musicismyreligion 8 days ago

    The Dutch should view Americans as the people who SAVED their country and culture from extinction in the 1940s.

    • Michael Steel
      Michael Steel 2 days ago

      My thanks are great to America and Canada. But do not forget that America was forced into a war with Japan by the attack on Pearl Harbor. Otherwise you would never see them in Europe.

  • Vereginny
    Vereginny 8 days ago

    0:45 lol the big orange walking dildo on the left

  • Douglas Johnson
    Douglas Johnson 8 days ago

    If it was not for Americans getting into WW2, the Dutch would still be sniffing German Shit------------and liking it.

    • Michael Steel
      Michael Steel 2 days ago

      yes, true. But don't forget why the Americans get involved in the European war in the first place.
      With thanks to Japan, who ware so stupid to attack Pearl Harbour. You woudn't see any American
      tank in Europe without that incident.

  • Phillip Sørensen
    Phillip Sørensen 9 days ago

    An American asked me if we have a moon in the Netherlands....I said , "yes, but it's square." Reply, "Really!"

  • Dana Lawton
    Dana Lawton 9 days ago +1

    So these people are so dark and distrustful that they can't believe Americans are genuinely that polite. I'm American, and partially I could agree, but we're brought up to be polite and open, and that isn't an act, it is part of the culture. The Japanese are extremely polite, not open, but polite, it is part of their culture too. I think the nice thing about Americans is, because we open up to people in the first place, we are also giving ourselves and others the chance to start a new friendship or relationship. If you're always closed and hiding yourself, then only your immediate circles become your life.

    • Michael Steel
      Michael Steel 2 days ago

      I think that the biggest problem in the Dutch way of thinking about Americans is because the Americans know very little about other cultures, but often they do if they know and just come up with an answer to a question. I also often see the mentality of Americans to talk about their country with a lot of bravado or that there is nothing else outside of America. And that comes across a lot of people. Especially with Dutch people who are very down-to-earth and have a saying about this named 'just do it, then you're crazy enough'.

  • Ruby Palos
    Ruby Palos 9 days ago

    I think that since they mostly use bikes to get to places and walk then it must be pretty chill over there instead of over here in america you would hear lots of cars and motorcycles 24/7

  • Arab Katib
    Arab Katib 10 days ago

    However, don't try to ask Arabs (from the Middle East) how they view Americans.. it will upsef A LOT of people..
    (It has to do with Americans' support for the filthy Israrlis and Israel). :^)

  • Scoot Dean
    Scoot Dean 10 days ago

    Boo. If you come to the states we are nicer than "you tube". And the movies, I don't consider all Germans Natzi's. Just life smile and hold onto your wallet. Ha ha From the US.

  • Bo Dodson
    Bo Dodson 10 days ago

    Your welcome world- United States had bailed and protected Europe from tyranny and communism. This is the thanks we get.

    • Grizzly
      Grizzly 9 days ago

      Every country has stereotyes so do Americans think all Dutch people are carrying weed on them and smoke weed all day do you hear us cry about it? no......... And so do Americans got the stereotypes of being fat, wearing guns to everyplace, being stupid. Worries me that i have to explain fucking STEREOTYPES to Americans....

    • Grizzly
      Grizzly 9 days ago

      Jesus christ man these are STEREOTYPES you dont know what that is? Americans are so fast offended xD

  • KofW
    KofW 11 days ago

    Surely that elderly woman may have been around to remember when hundreds of American lives were lost trying to liberate their country from the Germans.

    • Grizzly
      Grizzly 10 days ago

      They ware mostly Canadians...... who liberated The Netherlands

  • X Watchers X
    X Watchers X 11 days ago

    Nothing like riling people up and creating bitterness. In every state in America we all have different laws, rules and manners. We fight for our flag because it represents our fallen. Cars, buses and ubers are used because the trex is much further away. We are the melting pot of the world, So you could meet many different people. I am Spreading Love to all. P.S.Media is nothing but dirty laundry, shock factor, just as this video is.

  • OC Blues
    OC Blues 11 days ago

    4:05 Hypocrite posh european. She’s describing Americans as thinking that they’re better than everyone else by explaining how Europeans are better.

  • Menno Bults
    Menno Bults 11 days ago

    Amsterdam is like any capital city, ignorerend and arrogant, like Americans. The are not Holland.

  • William H Musch
    William H Musch 11 days ago

    Almost half the people that were interviewed were not Dutch haha, but they share a similar opinion I guess..

  • Just Ryan
    Just Ryan 11 days ago

    Our American GI's who liberated Western Europe are rolling over their graves now!! LOLZ

  • Rachel K
    Rachel K 11 days ago

    As a Dutch American I have to live around selfish Americans and it's true what these Dutch say. Americans are self centered and it can be Really annoying to live with them. And Americans have no sense of respect, responsibility and are not really polite at all.

  • Simone Severo
    Simone Severo 12 days ago

    I love Amsterdam! People are so inteligent

  • thedoc
    thedoc 12 days ago

    YAFA!!! What the hell is a GEOLOGICAL location 6:40 .. it is called geographical !! Hahaha

  • kw d
    kw d 13 days ago

    If only America was as perfect as the rest of the World. Especially know....the Continent whose stupidity and ignorance brought us Hitler, Stalin , Mussolini, the Holocaust and the Second World War.

  • Dick Zuckerburg
    Dick Zuckerburg 13 days ago

    ..As for the that Grandma mentioned below, Next Time you need someone to save your @ss from the Germans, call someone else. In World War 1 Russia quit and the German soldiers from the Eastern front went to the Western front , so president Woodrow Wilson ( a total anglophile) decided to let the brits win the war and sent the U.S. army over there. The Germans can beat any other nation's army exceept the Americans.....One reason why is Americans have the 2nd amendment and many Americans have already learned how to aim and shoot a gun before they go into the army.

  • Eric Nijkamp
    Eric Nijkamp 13 days ago

    How i trully love 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸...INDY Eric salutes from Ams....

  • RAC 7602
    RAC 7602 13 days ago +1

    That old lady is quite rude!! I've been to Amsterdam as well as many other European cities. Amsterdam was my favorite European city. A lot of stereotypes as well..... I never touch fast food, drive a small car, totally in favor of gun CONTROL!!

  • Pagan Cloak
    Pagan Cloak 14 days ago

    You may not have realised it but you have been interviewing some British people there as well so you can't really claim the "Dutch view" here then.

  • Flix Nix
    Flix Nix 14 days ago

    It's funny because the dutch are the loud and noisy people in Europe

    • C Skog
      C Skog 5 days ago

      The Dutch I knew said the Germans were loud and obnoxious .

  • Eric S
    Eric S 14 days ago

    Hahahaha those poor people have to deal with the worst of the worst (young American tourists, there for partying) Amsterdam so I can see that.

  • Paul
    Paul 14 days ago

    You should change the title to How People In Amsterdam View Americans?
    The old lady is from England :)
    And the couple 3:49 are from there too.
    The woman 3:24 doesnt have a dutch accent.

  • dareal sisters
    dareal sisters 14 days ago

    If these countries heard how loud the woman are in the hood their eardrums would burst!

  • Shawn Bain
    Shawn Bain 14 days ago

    I love this city. You must go.

  • mark nvt
    mark nvt 14 days ago

    Well those issues are fact, like that ever happy smile " the famous mac donalds smile " also that everything is bigger, bigger glass of cola, bigger pizza's, bigger skyscrapers, bigger cars. and they love to breg about that. then you have that cheerleading thing with the spirit stick, never drop it? it is so weird.

    • mark nvt
      mark nvt 5 days ago

      From what i know is that korfball has been a invented from ringboll, so that must be really, really old. I know that korfball has been invended at 1902. so that means that ringboll is way older then 116 years. Indeed the dates are a bit clouded as we talk about more then 100 years ago. Back then there was no media so it is hard too determine what was first. Its not like that Europeans had contact with Americans and Americans not with Europeans. News came three months later by ship probably, so the information back then must be very insecure and probably it went from the one to the other to the other so that gossip excists easely. But then again i don't really care its just basketball, not a great sport in Europe, you could not even take the national legues here seriously. as most of the talents went straight away too American college basketball?.
      Soccer or football ( not american one) is highly popular in Europe, kids play this game way more then basketball.
      When it comes to hip hop, those main streams most popular in the 80's right? i know Sugarhill Gang, that was one of the first hip hop groups that got famous in the Netherlands, and at that that time we had a great hip hop song called holiday rap by MC miker and DJ Sven. That was for us in the Netherlands when hip hop starts, at the 80's before that there was hip hop too, but that was no main stream, more funny and a bit rubbish.
      About Hamburgers, i don't know where they come from. i assume they make the concept right here, would be foolish too import them from America as shipping alone would be very expensive. Also the expirement of fresh meat wouild be a problem when you go and ship this. It has to be frozen on a containership or by airplane. But then again i am no expert, all i know is that there are a lot of cows here on the lands, i assume they go to the slaughterhouse at some point, and hamburgers can be made from the cow, pigs or chicken right? Its the same as Heineken beer, that stuff is dutch, but factories are build all over the world, so a dutch heineken is just made in an American factory.

    • C Skog
      C Skog 5 days ago

      Well, that's a stretch. Basketball (1891) was invented before korfball (1902) and ringboll (1907) ( Wikipedia sees the dates it but I'm not sure). Basketball as it's known here is an American invention although after a while, sports with a ball and net can look similar. Also, it's pretty well known that hip hop originated with African-American and Caribbean culture in the Bronx in the 1970's and became pretty mainstream in the U.S. in the early 80's. I was in the Netherlands in the mid-80s and it was not mainstream there, at least in the general music scene (but I'm no expert). Not sure about the origin of hamburger - probably from Hamburg originally but could have been popularized from German immigrants in America. Anyway I'd say it's generally known that hamburgers are an American thing (as stereotyped in the video). I don't think hamburgers in the Netherlands come from Hamburg, but rather the U.S. influence. I'm not dissing the have great bread, a lot of variety of dairy products like vla, great beer, herring, licorice, and cookies and EDM music. Also one thing I saw that was different (this was a while ago so don't know if this still exists) was the recycled magazine bundle subscription - cheaper if one subscribes to older magazines. In the U.S. one can check out magazines from the library (excluding the current one) - so same idea but the delivery aspect is pretty convenient.

    • mark nvt
      mark nvt 5 days ago

      So funny when you take some traditions that you think those are from america, but the truth is that all the things you think that came from America are invented in Europe a long time ago. First you brought up the Hamburger, have you ever heard of the city Hamburg in Germany, coincedence? second basketball, you can refer that too korfball which came from Ringboll. thirth hip hop the pioneer of rap, we have here in the netherlands all kinds of hip hop that started in the early 80's not the most popular stuff, but when hip hop became popular in the US it was allready old news in Europe.

    • C Skog
      C Skog 5 days ago

      What I was amazed about is how much the Dutch have taken on American customs in the last decade, especially young people - eating hamburgers, hip-hop, rap, basketball - American couldn't be that bad if they are copying it.

  • Douglas McCrary
    Douglas McCrary 14 days ago

    You know who gives a shit what the dutch think!

  • Edward Warwick
    Edward Warwick 14 days ago

    She said American's are more intolerant than the Dutch. Americans do not want LSD ( magic mushrooms ) legalized prostitution and pot ( used to be illegal till government found money in dealing it ). Did I mention, WTF with our government becoming dope dealers for the cash, pitiful.

  • M K
    M K 14 days ago

    these are honest people, as an American your observation are valid and actually helpful! TY God bless the Dutch!

  • Kadija Love
    Kadija Love 14 days ago

    i saw old cars in the street 4:26 & 4:36

    • Kadija Love
      Kadija Love 13 days ago

      Grizzly Hahahahahaha Thnks 🤣😍🙏🏼

    • Grizzly
      Grizzly 13 days ago

      Well then im glad to hear that your eyes are still working well!

  • monisp8
    monisp8 15 days ago

    I’ve spent time in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag (The Hague) and they each have its own flavor. America (USA) has 50 states and each has its own flavor. The people are different from state to state , region to region. So the Dutch people are making a generalization especially from the over exaggerated characters on American tv. I love what I have seen of the Netherlands and it’s peopje out of the European countries I have visited. But I love America because we are able to move about 50 states and live differently according to where it is. And no I am not loud, fake or think too much of my self, happy to be American.😌

  • anglermatt
    anglermatt 15 days ago

    They all do this. They all do that. ......well I haven't been there, nor has anyone I know been there. But that's what I here on tv hahahahahahaha you must have found the dumbest people to interview

  • anglermatt
    anglermatt 15 days ago

    RACIST PEOPLE ARE HORRIBLE, PEOPLE WHO JUDGE OTHERS ARE AWFUL, I HATE PEOPLE WHO WONT TAKE THE TIME TO GET PEOPLE....WAIT, did you say american, yeah they are loud mouth selfish pricks...the whole world is hypocritical about America. They want peace and acceptance, unless they are American. But yet they want to come to America. And enjoy our country. And that old lady said we are intolerant. Yet you guys are all shitting on me for being American and haven't met me. So you made your country look very . Very stupid

  • Work Mexican Work
    Work Mexican Work 15 days ago

    we think you're fucking idiots. thats it.

  • GITMO Holliday
    GITMO Holliday 15 days ago

    A in their roots rural culture even when living in big cities
    ( rural = individual / easygoing / consumer / religious / throw it over the fence )
    a bit like the way of living in Dutch rural areas

  • I love Rikku!
    I love Rikku! 16 days ago

    Amsterdam is not the only city where u can smoke weed, cmon.. Can do that in every city in Holland.. Amsterdam is so overrated lol..

  • dennis
    dennis 16 days ago

    the U.S. should just get out of NATO and UN, see what happens

  • dennis
    dennis 16 days ago

    these people watch too much American TV/Movies

  • Rianmosch Show
    Rianmosch Show 16 days ago

    I was expecting to hear more about fat people

  • ironwolf16alpha
    ironwolf16alpha 16 days ago

    the current high school and college age Americans yes they are ignorant they are way more ignorant then compared to early 2000s and 90/80s Americans at that age so when the dutch say we are dumb well they are partly right because of the current high school and college age Americans so that is embarrassing

  • ironwolf16alpha
    ironwolf16alpha 16 days ago

    funny part about us Americans eating big portions is that we also supply the world with alot of food we grow

    • Grizzly
      Grizzly 13 days ago

      "ones who come close is certain countries in south America" Funny how DEVELOPING countries are closely behind America with food export instead of developed countries hmmmmmmmmmmm honestly this is so FUCKIGN stupid you think we dont have farms or something? xD ffs

    • Grizzly
      Grizzly 13 days ago

      lol fascinating right? how a country with 17mil people and 770 billion is the second largest arg exporter. I mean in US dollars the dutch arg export value is around 92 billion and the US is at around 150 billion value of ARG export. Germany follows after the netherlands with 86 billion value of ARG export

    • Grizzly
      Grizzly 13 days ago

      I mean the Netherlands a country with a population of 17mil and 770 billion gdp is the second largest agricultural exporter in the world

    • Grizzly
      Grizzly 13 days ago

      Even comparing Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, export more food than the U.S

    • ironwolf16alpha
      ironwolf16alpha 13 days ago

      yes they do but not near the amount that we Americans do the only ones who come close is certain countries in south America

  • lulu 63
    lulu 63 16 days ago

    Omg dude! At 6:43 as the guy is saying Americans are ignorant about where places are you say "They don't know their geological locations well?" GEOGRAPHICAL not 'geological'. Sheesh. Geological is about the earth itself - its make up like rocks. Geographical is countries, cities, terrain et al.

  • 21baltus
    21baltus 17 days ago

    Geological locations? At 6:42 You just proved his point about dumb Americans by talking about geology and not geography.

  • Dawie Meyer
    Dawie Meyer 17 days ago

    Lets rather say what is Dutch stereotypes......they`re a bunch of untrustworhy hypocrites....they benefitted from colonialism and slavery, and now turn a cold shoulder to the minorities whose lives they have destroyed. Bastards !

  • Olle Wennardt
    Olle Wennardt 17 days ago

    So you interview people from all over the world... in Amsterdam? doesn’t say much about the Dutch if you don’t ask many Dutch people...

  • MsCrobin2
    MsCrobin2 17 days ago

    Speaking loud ok some Americans. But alot of Americans are nice and some are annoying and rude

  • Joseph Madawela
    Joseph Madawela 17 days ago

    Trump is to blame

  • jan youtubehater
    jan youtubehater 17 days ago

    they are to loud! and ignorant following donny

  • Chris Blackburn
    Chris Blackburn 17 days ago

    This should be renamed Dutch/English views as at least 3 people were English!

  • Sem
    Sem 17 days ago

    Do Americans even know Where the Netherlands Lies?

  • Karen Knowles
    Karen Knowles 18 days ago

    I’m American, this is right on!

  • Dennis Nonyabiz
    Dennis Nonyabiz 18 days ago

    Americans would have spoken dutch if iT wasnt for the Brits 🤔

  • Ariyal sirrah
    Ariyal sirrah 18 days ago

    It’s good to travel!!!! Everyone who think they know how people are in other countries.....TRAVEL!! 🙂

  • Ariyal sirrah
    Ariyal sirrah 18 days ago

    So I’m a fat whore who likes cars! I’m okay with that. Jk 😘

  • satexman
    satexman 18 days ago Belgians view Americans. Anyway, the answer to both is...the Americans don't care what you think of them so.....
    BTW..thanks for all the slaves.
    AND... my best friends father just died. 99 years old. D-day veteran. Just so you know.
    You're welcome.

  • Michelle Jennings
    Michelle Jennings 18 days ago

    People in America in certain areas are actually genuinely polite and it is not fake. There are other areas where the people are definitely fake.

  • Issu Hagos
    Issu Hagos 19 days ago

    God bless America. They are smartest people in the world , without U. S. A , no science & technology.
    World leader 😆😆😆

    • Grizzly
      Grizzly 18 days ago

      Jesus this comment shows how stupid Americans are xD

  • Arn Gen
    Arn Gen 19 days ago

    More than 50% of these people are not even Dutch!?

  • Dik Hoofd Gaming
    Dik Hoofd Gaming 19 days ago

    mushrooms ar aligil