Joey "CoCo" Diaz Breaks Out the Blue Cheese While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jan 26, 2017
  • Joey "Coco" Diaz, the man Joe Rogan calls the funniest comic of all time, brings his F-bomb-heavy swagger-as well as a side of blue cheese-to First We Feast's spicy-wing challenge. As he sweats profusely through the pain, he manages to deliver some incredible anecdotes about getting bitten by dogs and eating edibles with Bert Kreischer's dad. This is classic Hot Ones!
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  • adam khedr
    adam khedr 4 hours ago

    “ u a fighter ? “ “ NO ! “ “ then why u Fu#%ing me up like this ? “ 🤣🤣 Love Uncle Joey

  • Logan Jipson
    Logan Jipson 4 hours ago

    Lol diaz is a straight dude.. I’d love to smoke a jibb with that guy

  • Diego Soto Garcia
    Diego Soto Garcia 5 hours ago

    Hahahahah love this fucker

  • Nick Zhu
    Nick Zhu 5 hours ago

    Weed will only amplify the burn lol, personal experience

  • Mr. Honkler
    Mr. Honkler 5 hours ago


  • Vincent Galindo
    Vincent Galindo 5 hours ago

    boooo for not being 420 friendly

  • Luis Cuenca
    Luis Cuenca 6 hours ago

    Joey always keeps it real!

  • Jon & Alycia
    Jon & Alycia 8 hours ago

    This guy seems awesome. I've never seen him before

  • Tyler Leyden
    Tyler Leyden 13 hours ago

    Please dont kill Joey

  • Alorc
    Alorc Day ago +5

    Joey Diaz without a lighter? BS. He was covering for them.

    • Wojciech
      Wojciech 8 hours ago

      I think they baked anyway, you can see Sean started behaving more openly afterwards - I think they did end up smoking.

  • Givin er eh
    Givin er eh Day ago

    I wish I worked with this guy.

  • Str81337 Bitches
    Str81337 Bitches 2 days ago +1

    Man he was sweating on the first wing.

  • GUNTHER 66687
    GUNTHER 66687 2 days ago

    Man I know it's 2019 but I still thought he was going to die

  • GUNTHER 66687
    GUNTHER 66687 2 days ago

    Joey Diaz is the man I love when he said I didn't even do meth but I did it just to hang out with the guy and be respectful

  • Abraam Hana
    Abraam Hana 2 days ago +1

    Joey:" I didn't even do meth but did it anyway "
    Sean :" yeah bored "

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy 2 days ago +1

    This may be Big pussie’s long lost brother and I bet he’s driving a blue Saturn

  • Dark Mortuus
    Dark Mortuus 2 days ago

    Just seeing this, I love how Joey's personality rubs off on you in this episode and you seem to loosen up so much with him. Joey Diaz

  • Nathan Aftim
    Nathan Aftim 2 days ago

    Hey fucko

  • TrainMayhem
    TrainMayhem 2 days ago

    12:52 this should be everywhere. I don't get people who wipe without water. How can you merely wipe your hole with a dry toilet paper without using any form of water to wash off the crap? When you non-bidet users fall Hand first into a pile of elephant shit, do you take out your handkerchief and tap the shit off or do you WASH IT?!!
    Thank you Joey Diaz and sorry for the rant.

  • Javier Escuella
    Javier Escuella 2 days ago


  • Aleksandar Ušljebrka

    Get Joe Rogan on this shif

  • psychojewboy
    psychojewboy 2 days ago

    i usually skip around when watching this show. No chance here.

  • adam w
    adam w 3 days ago

    I'd love to see a special challenge where comedians have to do a 5 minute set after eating the two hottest wings. Have them compete, maybe Joey Diaz vs. Bobby Lee.

  • microwavebenis
    microwavebenis 3 days ago

    Before I clicked on this video, I asked myself, in what span of time would it take for Joey to belt out one of his trademark 'F' bombs, and it look less than two seconds.

  • William Hetherington

    first time i heard of this guy, but im diggin it, he's the blackest any white guy can be lol

  • Clos Montana
    Clos Montana 4 days ago

    Get it together cock suckA

  • Elliott Bork
    Elliott Bork 4 days ago

    I can tell sean got nervous because he thinks joeys cool and that made him nervous which made the wings more hot to him than usual, first time I saw him wipe his face and sound so hesitant about the last dab

  • Franco Loconte
    Franco Loconte 4 days ago

    Bro you need to tell your guest that they should not wipe their face,eyes and nose with the same napkin that they wipe their mouth with, c’mon kid.

  • Mandy Spaswick
    Mandy Spaswick 4 days ago

    13:35 Joey's face hahahahahaha

  • Zach Sokoli
    Zach Sokoli 5 days ago

    Get Joe Rogan on here

  • Dawn Mackenzie
    Dawn Mackenzie 5 days ago

    This is fucking amazing! No pussy footin or candy coating here! LOVE IT

  • waffle_stomp
    waffle_stomp 5 days ago

    wow, he really does hate fuckin milk

  • Caleb Buckingham
    Caleb Buckingham 5 days ago

    That shot at Chris Christie was fucking amazing

  • Nikolaj S.
    Nikolaj S. 5 days ago +1

    I like this Joey Diaz guy, and i’m also pretty drynk, greetings from Denmark

  • Skulkerr
    Skulkerr 5 days ago

    *the gun bitch*

  • axel solorio
    axel solorio 5 days ago

    Pineapple Express smacksss tf he talkin about

  • Damian Rojnic
    Damian Rojnic 5 days ago

    this is by far the best hot ones ever. i watch it weekly

  • Pinche Beto 714
    Pinche Beto 714 6 days ago

    *_T R E M E N D O U S_*

  • Nathan Klavohn
    Nathan Klavohn 6 days ago

    Why is Joey Diaz always so wet lol

  • Carson Wentz
    Carson Wentz 6 days ago

    Thats when the piece in his ear told him ight cut that nigga off 😂he was about to go in hahaha

  • Carson Wentz
    Carson Wentz 6 days ago

    Someone shoulda gave my man a lighter smh...

  • Carson Wentz
    Carson Wentz 6 days ago

    Snoop smokes on tv all the time😏

  • greenapplejuice23
    greenapplejuice23 6 days ago

    he sounds like he as throat cancer

  • Tox1cFuse34
    Tox1cFuse34 7 days ago +1

    "I'm gonna shit blood tomorrow" XD

  • NicciJemz
    NicciJemz 7 days ago +3

    Wooowwww this dude is vulgar af, but hilarious lol

  • RyanC
    RyanC 7 days ago

    only one Joey Diaz, pure legend if there ever was one

  • Che1seabluesdrogba11

    Anyone know what brand of blue cheese ?

  • Miles Bitong
    Miles Bitong 7 days ago

    Holy fuck this was two years ago

  • anonymous truthseeker

    hey get Joe Rogan

  • Phil Ill
    Phil Ill 8 days ago

    sean- "if you got in a fight would it be the jujitsu, or jersey in you come out?"
    uncle joey- "the *G U N* bitch... im 53 i aint got time to be hand to hand wrestling. i got a .22 in my asshole right now pointing at you"

    *HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH* holy fuck this is why joey is a fucking legend. i couldnt write something that funny in 100 years and he freestyled it off the top. wow.

  • Delu.x
    Delu.x 8 days ago

    13:57 "aaaaaggg tremendous"

  • James Sturgill II
    James Sturgill II 8 days ago

    I got a 22 in my asshole right now

  • matt kline
    matt kline 8 days ago

    Fucking love Joey's attitude. Just "you got it" or "I'll try it" kind of a polite fuck it type of thing.
    He's class.

  • Todd Bow
    Todd Bow 8 days ago


  • Aaron P
    Aaron P 9 days ago


  • Tyler Glover
    Tyler Glover 9 days ago

    Was he poppin pills wen he pulled that shit out his pocket or tic tacs? Knowing Joey it’s sum xanax😂

    bOOSTEDjOSH 9 days ago

    Felipe esparza!! Bring him on!

  • one person
    one person 9 days ago

    That's right no nanny love from Canada

  • Loaneen Heimuli
    Loaneen Heimuli 9 days ago

    What r the pills he keep popping though?

  • Shawn Sokell
    Shawn Sokell 10 days ago

    Love Joey

  • Ross Hutchison
    Ross Hutchison 10 days ago +2

    if your gonna walk on ice, you might as well dance.

  • Insomniac Jamesy
    Insomniac Jamesy 10 days ago

    "You was succin my titties the first 6 wings... Now you takin me str8 to the finger bang". 😂😂

  • Salena S
    Salena S 10 days ago

    Why didn’t he use the blue cheese tho?

  • [XlANAlX] Bars
    [XlANAlX] Bars 10 days ago


  • Button Pusher
    Button Pusher 10 days ago

    Could hear Lee laughing in the background

  • Lee Kelly
    Lee Kelly 10 days ago

    Joey just lost 3 stone

  • Michael Kennedy
    Michael Kennedy 11 days ago +6

    "You wanna get to him, you gotta go through me, cocksucka."

  • Bloom Eye
    Bloom Eye 11 days ago +1

    One of the best so far!!! Love this guy

  • Daniel Fitch
    Daniel Fitch 11 days ago

    Uncle Joey

  • 11BangBang
    11BangBang 11 days ago

    Eats spicier wing *JOEY NOISES INTENSIFY*

  • mnichols1979
    mnichols1979 11 days ago

    I had to stop the video... IT'S PORK ROLL you benny fuck!

  • Fernando Leyva
    Fernando Leyva 11 days ago

    Now joe Rogan

  • S4V4gE SOUTH
    S4V4gE SOUTH 11 days ago

    Joey Diaz is the fuckin shit! Love this show!

  • Mr Danny Lane
    Mr Danny Lane 11 days ago

    @13:10 was that the Christ killa giggling back there?

  • みさきめい
    みさきめい 11 days ago

    Joey dying after round 1

  • Matt T
    Matt T 11 days ago

    A wise man once said, “Don’t let em tell ya dick, don’t let em tell ya dick, go for it bitch.”

    ZAKK THE MANIAC 11 days ago +1

    God bless Joey Diaz! Love this guy!

  • wyatt kammer
    wyatt kammer 11 days ago


  • Liam Miller
    Liam Miller 11 days ago

    Roman "The Butcher" Barbieri (Mafia 3) :)

  • Roe Jogan
    Roe Jogan 11 days ago

    "Bro, don't let 'em tell ya' dick, don't let 'em tell ya' dick. Go for it bitch. I want people to know that you could do whatever the fuck you want no matter what happened." -Joey "Coco" Diaz 2k17

  • 3xtra Terrestrial
    3xtra Terrestrial 12 days ago

    "Whatever, I'll fucking try it" this sucked me in.

  • Whethan 15
    Whethan 15 12 days ago

    Had to sub

  • Stupidmeatball164?863784
    Stupidmeatball164?863784 12 days ago +1

    Is that fat Anthony from the longest yard

  • Yuedh
    Yuedh 12 days ago

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah I'll do whatever the fuck you want me to do...lmaoooo. Uncle Joey!

  • Bobmob25
    Bobmob25 12 days ago

    If I ever did this program I would die, because for me black pepper is to hot. lol

  • Eddie C
    Eddie C 13 days ago +13

    Coco has more views than lil yatchys episode faith in humanity restored

  • RevDooDatt
    RevDooDatt 13 days ago

    @9:51 Uncle Joey's answer tho 😆

  • d d
    d d 13 days ago

    Joey is a very very stupid man
    who punctuates tales of drug abuse and crime with plenty of profanity. Thats it. Thats all he does. People like him for his authenticity.
    "I hung out with some crazy fucks - we mugged a hooker"
    He mugged a working girl. THAT is low.

    • Foe Grime Mobberlli
      Foe Grime Mobberlli 12 days ago

      your a stupid shmuck with to much time on their hands to post that comment. if you dont like him why watch him?

  • Zachary Mahoney
    Zachary Mahoney 14 days ago

    I eat hot wings with not a damn thing lol

  • Tristan Peyton
    Tristan Peyton 14 days ago

    Joey “I don’t like dosing you with poison or something” Diaz

  • 12to6ix
    12to6ix 14 days ago +1

    I’m a dirty ducking Cuban red neck- Joey the king of coco Diaz

  • Daxton Walker
    Daxton Walker 14 days ago +1

    We don’t get episodes like this anymore. We need more real motherfuckers like Joey and less A listers who look off to their publicists every 10 seconds between nibbles of wings lol

  • Mike Solis
    Mike Solis 14 days ago

    5:02 sounds like a flapping butt hole hahaha

  • J Fraulo
    J Fraulo 15 days ago

    The bidet thing killed me

  • Ernest Kipling
    Ernest Kipling 15 days ago

    Finally, a video of Joey that Lee hasn't fucked up

  • Lewis Coleman
    Lewis Coleman 15 days ago

    They sucking my titties whatttttt

  • Jimmy Bay
    Jimmy Bay 15 days ago

    Lol hes fucking melting before our eyes.

  • robert10197
    robert10197 15 days ago

    the gun BITCH!!!

  • robert10197
    robert10197 15 days ago

    white dudes got meth LMFAOOOOO

  • D Walker
    D Walker 16 days ago