Joey "CoCo" Diaz Breaks Out the Blue Cheese While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jan 26, 2017
  • Joey "Coco" Diaz, the man Joe Rogan calls the funniest comic of all time, brings his F-bomb-heavy swagger-as well as a side of blue cheese-to First We Feast's spicy-wing challenge. As he sweats profusely through the pain, he manages to deliver some incredible anecdotes about getting bitten by dogs and eating edibles with Bert Kreischer's dad. This is classic Hot Ones!
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  • Always Goin fishin
    Always Goin fishin 4 hours ago

    What’s happening cocksuckas

  • Ron Sir
    Ron Sir 5 hours ago

    The REALIST MoFo Ive seen on this show.

  • Ben Jamin
    Ben Jamin 7 hours ago

    Sean was born in '86 and the Patrick Ewing sweating at the free-throw line is pure brilliance!

  • Mr. Human
    Mr. Human 11 hours ago

    You killed joey

  • flubb831
    flubb831 13 hours ago

    Fungi toenail fungus spreading to my face

  • Noah Hastings
    Noah Hastings 14 hours ago

    Can't wait for UFC Heavyweight Champion Joey Diaz in 5 years

  • Zack Rodgers
    Zack Rodgers 19 hours ago

    Uncle Joey looks so happy

  • G Funk
    G Funk Day ago

    "I got a 22 in my Ass hole right now pointing straight at you” Joey-Diaz

  • Bath House Becky

    I love this man infinitely.

  • Hector Nunez
    Hector Nunez 2 days ago

    I got Brain matter coming out! Haha

  • Ron Barrie
    Ron Barrie 2 days ago

    This guys great

  • Amaterasu janus
    Amaterasu janus 2 days ago

    slinging dick like nobodys business cocksucka!

  • Seth Harshman
    Seth Harshman 2 days ago

    I love how the crew is laughing 😂

  • A LG
    A LG 3 days ago

    14:06 - Insert bubble caption...I'll go first "Did he sign the legal forms?"

  • 0000030331
    0000030331 3 days ago

    these fucking sauces aren't even hot. Yucateco? Really? get the fuck outta here!

  • Kasperi Divekaniemi
    Kasperi Divekaniemi 4 days ago

    Anybody else keep coming back to rewatch this? Lmao

  • Jeseph Willis
    Jeseph Willis 4 days ago +1

    Who else slowly fastforwarded to see his shirt get progressively more soaked in sweat?

  • Aiden Pettine
    Aiden Pettine 4 days ago

    13:20 mess with the playback speeds.

  • datapenguin
    datapenguin 4 days ago

    If these were stars of death instead of hot wings, the tables would be turned, and this host would be in the ninth circle of hell.

  • Michael Hertel
    Michael Hertel 4 days ago

    :53 Joey talking to his dealer back in the day.

  • Thud Muju
    Thud Muju 4 days ago

    you should get joe rogan on the show

  • gunterm2009
    gunterm2009 4 days ago

    Joey is a good dude. He will always make ya laugh and have a good time

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams 4 days ago

    Taylor Ham??? You disrespectful sum-muh-muh-bitches! PORK ROLL!!!

  • Endless Waltz
    Endless Waltz 4 days ago


  • shadowberetta
    shadowberetta 4 days ago

    Joey Diaz is a living legend.

  • SnowCaine 36
    SnowCaine 36 4 days ago

    The coolest motherfucker ! OG Diaz

  • The Jack of Realms
    The Jack of Realms 5 days ago

    sure looked like kens blue cheese lol

  • Jon Costello
    Jon Costello 5 days ago

    "You got heart. Who gives a fuck about budget when you've got heart?"
    Joey Diaz is now my Sensei

  • Lucky Bastard
    Lucky Bastard 5 days ago

    Get game grumps on the show

  • Jeremiah Thomas
    Jeremiah Thomas 5 days ago

    "Just wait till that warm water hits, that's when you can tell your girl her services are no longer needed".... "I do my own laundry, and got someone to spit on my asshole" HAHAHAHAHA DIAZ!!!

  • Keen Penny4322
    Keen Penny4322 5 days ago

    Get Joe Rogan on the show!!

  • MajicGecko PMPL
    MajicGecko PMPL 5 days ago

    Joey first person to eat all the meat of the wings :D

  • Ate Five Edibles 8 5 edibles

    Let him spark the joint damn it

  • Chri Mitc
    Chri Mitc 6 days ago

    Best episode ever

  • Hardstyle818
    Hardstyle818 6 days ago

    Joey is already sweating heavy after the 1st wing (Tabasco sauce). This is gonna be a good one!!!! I think he’s gonna tap out before the end. Hilarious

  • Estray One
    Estray One 6 days ago

    gotta get Joe Rogan on!

  • Bradley Browning
    Bradley Browning 6 days ago

    I would've loved to hear him and Patrice O'Neal tell stories

  • redbeard603
    redbeard603 6 days ago

    What a mess of a human being

  • HardtHorned Outdoors

    This mother fucker is bad ass hahaha so fucking awesome

  • Shamus Garrity
    Shamus Garrity 7 days ago

    Is there a general population section for Hot Ones? I’d love to just show up, eat wings and have someone like Sean just bounce questions off my brain

  • Francisco Torres
    Francisco Torres 7 days ago

    Uncle Joey is the man!

  • Matthew Hackett
    Matthew Hackett 7 days ago

    Joey "chronic asthma wheezing' Diaz

  • Mikepeter Gumball
    Mikepeter Gumball 8 days ago

    What a foul mouthed mother fucker, But daym that Man had manners.

  • Me Too
    Me Too 8 days ago

    I was so high I couldn't make a right turn

  • Vincent Nguyen
    Vincent Nguyen 9 days ago

    Joey is a legend! Love his stand up!!!

  • 02phenom
    02phenom 9 days ago

    This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!!! Holy sh*t!!!

  • Zack Shoemaker
    Zack Shoemaker 9 days ago

    The single best interview of them all!

  • Rasta Goobers
    Rasta Goobers 9 days ago

    Natalie, cut the shit it's 2017

  • George Hristov
    George Hristov 9 days ago


  • Stars N’ Stripes Forever

    “THE GUN” my man!!

  • MrIceBrick
    MrIceBrick 10 days ago

    " suite don't fit, my fuckin pants fall off, but I keep goin." words of a true fighter; Love it!

  • Nathaniel Espinoza
    Nathaniel Espinoza 10 days ago

    Uncle Joey!!!

  • Sorue Poscendo
    Sorue Poscendo 10 days ago

    Joey!!! Sweet boy, it's gonna hit us hard when you go but, right now love bro 👍💯💯💯💯😁

  • Dominic Diorio
    Dominic Diorio 11 days ago

    This guy is god no cap

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 11 days ago

    That's such a dick move to give someone THC without them knowing or consenting to it! 🤯

  • JungleDumplings
    JungleDumplings 11 days ago

    ju jitsu? lol. riight.

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 11 days ago +2

    13:22 when my car breaks down

  • Abdullah Alsulaimi
    Abdullah Alsulaimi 11 days ago

    Joey Diaz is a boss

  • Isabella Di Iacova
    Isabella Di Iacova 11 days ago

    Joey knows how to eat a taco 😘

  • Advance Logistics
    Advance Logistics 12 days ago

    Devils on his side or he would be stone cold dead right now, Satan's got a lot more work for him to do..

  • Muhammad Alkay
    Muhammad Alkay 12 days ago

    He almost died lmao

  • reggie simmons
    reggie simmons 12 days ago

    "i got a 22 in my asshole right now! pointed at you!" lol

  • Mark Hutsell
    Mark Hutsell 12 days ago +1

    It's Joey _"We mugged a hooker."_ CoCo. (7:16)

  • Dan
    Dan 12 days ago +2

    I need a joe rogan hot ones now. I need to know what Sean would ask someone like joe rogan

  • PiecesofVinyl
    PiecesofVinyl 12 days ago

    "I live in fuckin' Valley Village up there with those fuckin' MUTTS!" I just found my inner-voice made flesh and blood. There are still real men left.

  • Richard Michael
    Richard Michael 12 days ago

    Joey is DA BOMB! Long Live NJ

  • smashrhythm
    smashrhythm 13 days ago

    And even drier wings

  • Mike Barela
    Mike Barela 13 days ago

    Joey reminded me of the bad guy from dumb and dumber after he ate the poison and was sweating / taking his pills

  • Michael Vick
    Michael Vick 13 days ago

    “I only did it because I wanted to get his dad fucked up”

  • Dan Wesson
    Dan Wesson 13 days ago

    I have the blueberry ghost pepper - Its amazing! I also have Da Bomb- fuck da is horrible! Immediate pain

  • Francisco H Coronado
    Francisco H Coronado 13 days ago

    Now I *NEED* to know the whole story about this "banana bread that was killing motherfuckers" XD Sounds like one HELL of a drug

  • يحيى المنتصر

    is that flex seal dude?

  • Latabrine
    Latabrine 13 days ago

    I looove this guy! And i'm just starting this video👍

  • Kelly Lorenzo
    Kelly Lorenzo 13 days ago

    Joeeeyyyy!!!! Should of brought him ranch dressing and see how he’d react lol, he’d probably jump over the table...LIKE A DOCTOR!!!

  • JWPrimetime
    JWPrimetime 13 days ago

    Mad dog 357 ruined my night a few years ago.

  • I Smith
    I Smith 14 days ago

    Pork roll tf

  • bunnface99
    bunnface99 14 days ago

    I feel like joey would be a mob boss if he didnt do stand up

    VALENTINE HILL 14 days ago

    I’m sweating just watching him

  • Godzilla InSpace
    Godzilla InSpace 14 days ago

    man, joey is a gross motherfucker; but man you gotta love em. Dudes hard to hate

  • Hunter Hoffman
    Hunter Hoffman 14 days ago

    I wonder if the wings get colder as they eat them and at the end they have this weak-ass cold wing with mega death apaloocha sauce or whateva

  • ESEKiLLiN562
    ESEKiLLiN562 14 days ago

    if the cameras weren't on he'd probably smack the host for mentioning that clown hart as being great. I think he should've just sparked that joint to where that cock sucker stands. ..but then I rather him be humble take their money and get some promotion .

  • Josh Vaughan
    Josh Vaughan 15 days ago

    Coco Diaz is a real OG muthafucka cocksuckas

  • Destruco Niat
    Destruco Niat 15 days ago

    Would it be the jiujitsu or the jersey in you? THE GUN BITCH. 😂 uncle joey a treasure man!

  • Christopher Rivas
    Christopher Rivas 15 days ago

    Joey makes a horse sound 12:22

  • Jason Ruka
    Jason Ruka 15 days ago

    "Mexicans got tacos for sale.. White dudes got Meth" Lol... the contrast?!

  • Toms Maksins
    Toms Maksins 15 days ago

    You guys are killing the poor man.

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown 15 days ago

    Strawberry poptarts are the best.

  • Tone E
    Tone E 15 days ago

    yeahhh thats the one that killed kennedy :):)

  • Tone E
    Tone E 15 days ago

    fucking amazing!!!!!! this guy is so real

  • Francesco DiLeonardo
    Francesco DiLeonardo 15 days ago


  • GussyBoombastic
    GussyBoombastic 15 days ago +1

    Joey! Keep tellin it how it is cuzzo! You da man brotha 👊

  • Trying 2019
    Trying 2019 16 days ago

    Rock monster

  • Damion Gipson
    Damion Gipson 16 days ago

    Joey is a fuckin legend!!!😂😂😂💯

  • Active Guard
    Active Guard 16 days ago

    Everyone always breaks on “Da Bomb”

  • Cecilia Montano#22
    Cecilia Montano#22 16 days ago

    Joe Rogan next plzzz!!!

  • Edwin Velez
    Edwin Velez 16 days ago

    Co-co D is the real deal! Dude does not sugar coat.

  • Shuga Life
    Shuga Life 16 days ago

    He probably got to 400+lbs eating too many fruits and vegetables and potatoes and eating vegan. He needs more animal fat and protein to be healthier! All the long term vegans are known for diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Watch out for that evil vegan diets!!

  • anuj kumar
    anuj kumar 16 days ago +1

    I love this motherfuckaa...and I so fuckin wish I had a grandpa or an uncle like Joe.

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack 17 days ago

    "Let me tell ya somethin' Sean Evans"