The Side Of Tana’s VidCon You Didn’t See | Episode 6 | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
  • Two years since being banned from VidCon, Tana is back as a Featured Creator. See how she navigates her return without a scandal… well, kinda.
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Comments • 5 671

  • Rebecca Shifflet
    Rebecca Shifflet 5 hours ago

    Jordan and Tana are totally screwing if not they totally want to...

  • Skylar Somers
    Skylar Somers 5 hours ago

    Like if agree

  • Skylar Somers
    Skylar Somers 5 hours ago

    It’s tanas birthday and everyone is making it about them it’s ok if tana dose it but Jake and cole and the hole team ten is not ok

  • Sarah Kiker
    Sarah Kiker Day ago

    Tana reminds me of a puppy. She doesn't give a shit if the attention is negative. She just wants attention. Give it up already you fraud.

  • Christina Sander

    So Tana is a featured creator for vid con and her manager got her flowers and her FIANCÉE didn’t...

  • Shosho Khilfeh
    Shosho Khilfeh 3 days ago

    i think her and Jake just secretly hate one another

  • Ara
    Ara 6 days ago

    Don't @ me but like I kinda ship Jordan and Tana, they could be like the cute Jana, like, think about it, he's so thoughtful giving her a flower than Jake writing a cringey poem for her but I guess that's how much Jake loves Tana..

  • Erik Putt
    Erik Putt 7 days ago

    Ew tana sucks. After all the shit she talked about vidcon, but she just jumps right back on their dick for the clout. Shes so pathetic and its pathetic that this generation actually looks to a person like this as an influence. Ew dude
    And... shes getting fat

  • Oliver Davis
    Oliver Davis 8 days ago +1

    21:03 let's get *bleep

  • Avree Natividad
    Avree Natividad 8 days ago +1

    I liked the comment “she talks about getting (bleeped) tonight but it won’t be from him” 😂😂😂😂😂 like for real.

  • Blue 1967
    Blue 1967 10 days ago

    Tana didn't brush her teeth or shower OR wash her face before they put a full face of make up on her

  • MTV
    MTV  18 days ago

    Watch all your favorite Tana Turns 21 episodes here:

  • Lexa Terrestrial
    Lexa Terrestrial 18 days ago

    Haha 12 noon.... " need 5 more minutes.... " - ME ! 🙋🏻‍♀️😂🙏🏼

  • Tabatha Billings
    Tabatha Billings 19 days ago

    me and ashley would not be friends anymore

  • Tabatha Billings
    Tabatha Billings 19 days ago

    dude. jakeee really said clown in the last episode.

  • Martina Fink
    Martina Fink 19 days ago

    This show is again about being fake not real and rude and entitled.....why people support people like this, i really do not understand. Did u all see how quick the the PILL BOTTLE disappeared(SCENE: bevor she wakes up getting her make up done to go to vidcon)? Just saying....

  • Lindsay Lovvorn
    Lindsay Lovvorn 20 days ago

    Tana being rude to Jordan breaks my heart when the person she should treat that way is Jake. But instead she treats Jake the way she should treat the one man in her life that actually cares about her. She has a lot of maturing to do and Jake is not helping with that what so ever. Being that late to a meet and greet bc you wanted to sleep is so unprofessional! These are your fans who are the ones giving you the life you are living. You would think she would be much more appreciative than she is? I just don’t get it but I do bc she is only 21! She will look back at these vlogs and be mortified when it comes to her mouth and how much she curses and there are actual children watching her. She is entertaining but I can not watch her vlogs without air pods so my four year old son doesn’t hear all the f bombs that come out of her mouth. Jordan needs to talk to her about the way she communicates in A professional manner! Big corporations could care less about Tana they can get whomever that can hold down an interview without her horrible mouth. Her style is quite interesting as well! If she would just stop the cussing,be lady like and get better clothes she would be great! I enjoy watching her but I would love to be her PR person and whip her into shape! I have the degree I have the experience let me help you Tana!

  • TianieLynn
    TianieLynn 21 day ago

    Tana would be so lost without Jordan.

  • Klarissa Valadez
    Klarissa Valadez 22 days ago

    i know that interviewer was fuckin pissed that jake showed up

  • Klarissa Valadez
    Klarissa Valadez 22 days ago

    she’s so fucking rude ew

  • Klarissa Valadez
    Klarissa Valadez 22 days ago

    so she’s always late because she is sleeping...

  • lil kay h
    lil kay h 23 days ago

    I dont like tanas manger

  • i am pansexual
    i am pansexual 23 days ago +1

    8:38 : me when i need food and someone else has food. uwu

  • mia saint
    mia saint 24 days ago +3

    This series honestly just made me dislike Tana even more lmao

  • girly girl
    girly girl 25 days ago

    poor tana. cmon girl listen to ur friends!! they will be there when there is no clout to use

  • Becca Lendl
    Becca Lendl 25 days ago

    wow the definition of blinded by love. this is something shes "wanted for so long" and is just down to throw it away for jake paul. hes about to do the same thing she did to vidcon 2 years ago for not making her a featured creator, just show up. thats pretty telling of her character

  • Carlee Vondire
    Carlee Vondire 25 days ago

    Thing is tho... Tana is so real... is gross and lazy and she probably farts a lot, but dude that’s just real...and that’s what is likable about her ... she is just young but Jake... ugh no man. No

  • KKFranco.
    KKFranco. 26 days ago

    The guy at 15:56 lowkey looks like a young cameron dallas

  • Alyssa Scola
    Alyssa Scola 27 days ago

    imari pointed out some true facts

  • Mary
    Mary 27 days ago +3

    Jordan: **goes out of his way to buy tana breakfast**

    Tana: I dOnT lIkE eGg MCMUfFiNs!!!!

  • Elizabath Zachariah
    Elizabath Zachariah 27 days ago

    MTV can u allow tana turns 21 in Dubai UAE

  • yangster lively
    yangster lively 28 days ago

    Seriously?you guys give her, a show??? Wow..

  • Jesse Jay
    Jesse Jay 28 days ago +2

    ngl i liked tana before i watched this series

  • Jesse Jay
    Jesse Jay 28 days ago +2

    i feel bad for jordan, tana is so rude to him...

  • Streuselsturm
    Streuselsturm Month ago

    Tana Mongeau is an awful person

  • Danielle Rosendahl
    Danielle Rosendahl Month ago

    I need that Tana Jordan relationship in my life

  • Lindsey Rose
    Lindsey Rose Month ago

    I liked tana until this episode like seriously. Brat ass bitch.

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz Month ago

    "tEaCh YoUr d0g n0t t0 bArk Br0o0o" biiitch STFU with yo botch lookin ass face

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz Month ago


  • Mickieyy16
    Mickieyy16 Month ago

    All I’ve learned from this is that FaceTune is a crazy app

  • Emma Jean
    Emma Jean Month ago

    tana friendzones jordan so much

  • Audrey Ryan
    Audrey Ryan Month ago

    Omg I used to like her but Tana is an absolute brat jesus

  • Uhhmazinqq Saraaa
    Uhhmazinqq Saraaa Month ago

    I don’t like tana’s manger he’s so shady honestly I see what he’s doing it’s fucked up

  • Young Hus
    Young Hus Month ago +1


  • Young Hus
    Young Hus Month ago +1

    Bruh clout chasing

  • Tabatha Billings
    Tabatha Billings Month ago

    AT like 15:50 or somethin this girl in the front lol was holdin her mans hand and props to her lol bc hes sexy and looks like cam

  • Nakita Raulerson
    Nakita Raulerson Month ago

    8:37..... the look u give when u ready to slap a hoe😂😂

  • Garrett Cain
    Garrett Cain Month ago

    How did I get here? This shit is retarded what is wrong these kids? Seriously though..

  • TheGlamourGhoul
    TheGlamourGhoul Month ago +1

    That girl is only 21?! She's very pretty but looks my age and I'm 36.

  • Yasmeen Khader
    Yasmeen Khader Month ago +1

    Jake is so god damn jealous he cant take anyone else being in the spotlight .. always trying to steal tana's thunder!! 👿

  • Yasmeen Khader
    Yasmeen Khader Month ago

    Jake did not wanna support tana he wanted to use her for a way in, not only got clout but because he was banned and also cuz he thinks he can just do whatever he wants!

  • Halla Eliason
    Halla Eliason Month ago

    She treats her manager like trash, and it’s disgusting to watch. It reveals her selfish and superficial personality.

  • mackenzie
    mackenzie Month ago

    tana already had bad history with vidcon, jake trying to force himself there & tana going along with it is just bad and immature not to mention how late she was

  • Viggo
    Viggo Month ago

    Fcking SAAATAAAN Plz kill all 100%

  • Chyaniss Pate
    Chyaniss Pate Month ago +1

    Bro I swear 16:39 stfu let them share the moment your just mad that she talks more love about him then you LET THEM SHARE THE MOMENT THERE ENGAGED!!! 🥵🙄

  • rae monty
    rae monty Month ago

    honestly what an entitled little brat? ‘Idontwannahavethisconversationanymore’ like ok you’re not three. Calm down. You’re late. That’s on you, bc you slept in til 2:00. get over yourself and stop taking it out on jordan

  • BrightEyedAngel416
    BrightEyedAngel416 Month ago

    Jordan’s face at 8:38 oh my god 😂

  • Holly Gibson
    Holly Gibson Month ago +1


  • Holly Gibson
    Holly Gibson Month ago +1

    ** live

  • Holly Gibson
    Holly Gibson Month ago +1

    I live you and Jake so much and I hope one day I get to meet you both love you