Is ANIMATION BACK on YOUTUBE?... feat. TheOdd1sOut, JaidenAnimations, TimTom, TheAMaazing and more!

  • Published on Dec 6, 2018
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  • Constantine Lester
    Constantine Lester 7 days ago +1

    I am making a comic
    Like if you would like to see it!!!

  • AC9MOO
    AC9MOO 10 days ago

    This was like a TedTalk for me

  • super mario max
    super mario max 21 day ago

    What about daidus

  • Liam Oeun
    Liam Oeun 24 days ago

    I watched 5 animaters that were on the title screen

  • Dr. LeGrand
    Dr. LeGrand Month ago

    Please do storytime animation tutorials Jazza!

  • Jacq's Munchies
    Jacq's Munchies Month ago

    did he ended up making one? because i am interested in starting my own, you can't really find many or any story time animators who grew up under a dictactorship and i think people might be interested....

  • Ferreto vanila
    Ferreto vanila Month ago +1

    Jaden with the eye bags tho
    Me too girl me too

  • mandogdogdogbboydoggoose

    Animation has always been on TVclip and is acutely really big

  • mandogdogdogbboydoggoose

    No not really

  • Abazore 420
    Abazore 420 2 months ago

    The new animation is so shit just git gud

  • Abazore 420
    Abazore 420 2 months ago

    I hate all the story time animators, theirs no humour at all

  • Abazore 420
    Abazore 420 2 months ago

    All these new animators are so unfunny

  • Adriah Cox-Garcia
    Adriah Cox-Garcia 2 months ago

    40%of my life is animashion
    (Ok mabe now 50% because I wach alot of animashion chanels)

  • Scarlett DRAWS
    Scarlett DRAWS 2 months ago +1

    this gave me so much inspiration.. thank you so much jazza and my other fave youtubers❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • rresto erish
    rresto erish 3 months ago

    You guys forgot Emirichu and Danplan...

  • howTo E-KkattYT Reactions

    i want to try animation once i can afford a drawing tablet

  • Wolfiyee
    Wolfiyee 3 months ago +1

    Part of being a TVclip animator is the uphill battle of making regular content to the best of our ability as well as entertaining and keeping our subscribers around.
    I have massive respect for these animators who make coherent content and upload at the same pace that I'm able to upload my crappy animations.

  • Tigger Animates
    Tigger Animates 4 months ago

    please make a story time tutorial!!!

  • It JayP
    It JayP 4 months ago

    James doesn't animate (Not until he got a team of people to do it for him).

  • Fatboy Rebel
    Fatboy Rebel 4 months ago

    heheehhe 2014 Jazza... changed, and then some XD

  • Wild animations YT
    Wild animations YT 4 months ago

    I have always had been wanting to have an animation channel like my friends but I thought my drawing style sacked and this vid made me want to do it more and made me think that my art style is beautiful

  • Re_ Noob
    Re_ Noob 4 months ago

    where is SomethingelseYT

  • Lana Jaleel
    Lana Jaleel 5 months ago +1

    Jazza: clean and calm
    **Insert James screaming**

    SQUILLY 5 months ago

    Where's It'sSomethingElseYT

  • Lord Soviet Cheese
    Lord Soviet Cheese 5 months ago

    Sees animators.
    I click.

  • OB8 Gamming
    OB8 Gamming 5 months ago

    Didnt shane dawnson died on youtube

  • Oxtail Haddock
    Oxtail Haddock 5 months ago +2

    You forgot the best animator!!!

    Icecream sandwich guy!

  • DragonBoi
    DragonBoi 5 months ago

    sure its back but when will the complex animations come back?

  • David Walker
    David Walker 5 months ago

    I like Oney. He’s the funny man

  • A-DrewG
    A-DrewG 5 months ago

    the reason animation is back is due to the fact animation has shifted from being used to create comedy or action shorts to instead the more vlog esc style which a animator discussing something about themselves or a story or event and using animation to follow. It simply enhances vlog format as a actual vlog is more or less stuck with someone sitting infront of a camera talking (or walking around outside) while a animation on the other hand can recreate the story with exaggerated features and add more comedy visual wise making it more interesting.

  • Fish Animates
    Fish Animates 5 months ago +1

    1:44 am I the only one wondering what jaiden Animations video that is?

  • hayward barrows
    hayward barrows 6 months ago

    Odd1sOut Rules

  • Caner Bey
    Caner Bey 6 months ago

    Yunus'un Yeri en iyi animasyon storytime kanalıdır

  • Cra zo
    Cra zo 6 months ago

    You forgot danplan

  • daniel rouw
    daniel rouw 7 months ago

    Yeah make a tutorial video. I'd watch it. And take notes.

  • Zatria'ss Random Video
    Zatria'ss Random Video 7 months ago

    The J trio James,Jaiden And Jazza

  • Mallowfly !
    Mallowfly ! 7 months ago

    “ Animation is back!

  • R3m Playsz
    R3m Playsz 8 months ago +1

    Hmmmmm Algorithim

  • MythVision
    MythVision 8 months ago

    This is good news

  • Isaac animates
    Isaac animates 8 months ago

    1:53 it’s ginger pale

  • GenSen
    GenSen 8 months ago +4

    As a story time animator myself I can say this video is very accurate

  • Grace Watts
    Grace Watts 8 months ago

    Please please please I would love to learn how to make animation

  • Hamid Bakhtari
    Hamid Bakhtari 8 months ago


  • Techno3601
    Techno3601 8 months ago

    Alex Clark is better than any other animation channel.

    • Lunawolf094
      Lunawolf094 8 months ago

      Techno3601 noooooo,,,NOOOO *its domics boi.*

  • Little baby UwU trash
    Little baby UwU trash 8 months ago

    9:51 I thought James didn't animate LIFE IS FUN.

    • Lunawolf094
      Lunawolf094 8 months ago

      He did parts of, along with a few others including RushLightInvader.

  • Kevlar's animation craziness


  • Fantasy Girl7689
    Fantasy Girl7689 8 months ago

    Although I don’t plan to start animation right now I definitely would be interested to see how one might approach storytime animation

  • Bina is dope
    Bina is dope 8 months ago

    My animation is terrible I’ll never get famous lamo

  • Bina is dope
    Bina is dope 8 months ago +2

    6:12jake Paul lights Disney on fire

  • Vukkum Sai Prakash
    Vukkum Sai Prakash 8 months ago

    Yes,...Teach us story time animation Jazza...

  • Vukkum Sai Prakash
    Vukkum Sai Prakash 8 months ago

    Dear Jazza,
    This video is really informative....I have lots of ideas but couldn't able complete them into an animated videos cleaning becoz it is time consuming. Story made animation might give me a chance to try my stories on TVclip. Thank you... For the rescue.

  • Nikka Lugod
    Nikka Lugod 8 months ago

    Gingerpale squad???

  • Swimology
    Swimology 8 months ago +1

    I just noticed how white Jaiden's teeth are lol

  • CallMeCardboard
    CallMeCardboard 8 months ago

    can anyone tell me who the animator in the red hoody and horns as I forgot his channel name 😭😭😭

    • Lunawolf094
      Lunawolf094 8 months ago

      can we hit 1,000 subs with no videos *SomeThingElseYT*

  • Gamingence
    Gamingence 8 months ago

    I remember when I use to draw : (

  • tendai kawadza
    tendai kawadza 8 months ago

    story time yes

  • mom&kiel agustin
    mom&kiel agustin 8 months ago

    I killed article 13

  • Sarah Pacheco
    Sarah Pacheco 8 months ago

    Story time animation tutorial please!

  • Ste Pha
    Ste Pha 8 months ago

    This my favorite part 1:38

  • Lily Small
    Lily Small 8 months ago