This Is Why I Play Him in Challenger | NON Clickbait 1v9 Game | Bronze to Diamond Episode #84

  • Published on Jul 14, 2018
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Comments • 335

  • Dany Akerman
    Dany Akerman 25 days ago


  • Muhamed Saif
    Muhamed Saif Month ago

  • João Ferreira
    João Ferreira 3 months ago

    Mundo cant be a 1v9 champ because he has very low damage. If you dont have your team behind you to do damage hes very useless.

  • Gearhead 1
    Gearhead 1 5 months ago

    That Illaoi was actually terrible.

  • Niscent
    Niscent 5 months ago +1

    you know why mundo does so much damage, is so mobile and still does so well in the meta as a tank? because he's not a tank, but a juggernaut.
    edit: on a side note, you can also build righteous glory instead of deadman's for the hard engage, and zzrot is a nice alternative to gargoyle to get a lot of resistances too (while pushing much harder). i don't like gargoyle, because as mundo the only thing you do while being unkillable is dealing damages, so you should never activate gargoyle.

  • Honig Son
    Honig Son 5 months ago

    i allways starts giants belt into warmogs , i feel like it double the q damage and makes you really anoying and still unkillable if you back up shortly after trades

  • Dan
    Dan 5 months ago +2

    Mundo is great, mained him for a season
    but a champion that is easily counter by literally One item is not playable in higher elo.
    you were lucky to get that far in this game because none of them buy mortal reminder or any item that reduces healing.

  • ady gombos
    ady gombos 5 months ago +1

    "Non hard feeding team"

    Is this a hard feeding team? 80% of my teams are worse than this one not even exaggerating.

  • steven deslauriers
    steven deslauriers 5 months ago +1

    any and every tank can do that damage, given thornmail is like 1/3 if not more of it :D. but yea Maokai comes to mind. high base dmg and also %hp dmg on his saplpings if used in a bush, Zac with his great aoe hp% dmg w. Rammus vs 2+ ad will tear the dmg part with his w.. and thornmail ofc. orn/sion.. just yea.. tanks build thornmail/sunfire and just Exist which makes them deal dmg passively

    • Niscent
      Niscent 5 months ago

      @steven deslauriers definitely, and that what makes the difference between tanks and juggernauts. if you take malph or maokai, they're in the fight to have a very high nuisance power, they cc and aoe damage everyone making rooms for the carries to dps with lower risks while being too hard to kill to be worth focusing. then you take juggernauts such as nasus, darius, mundo, and those guys will be dealing damages, massive single target damages, so the enemy team is absolutely forced to focus them, because those guys will kill a team one man after the other if they live through the whole fight.
      if you're the one who has to, how do you peel as volibear or maokai? you throw some cc, get the guy off the carry. as nasus or mundo, how do you peel? you run at the threat and put on your angry face to look more threatening. and i find it beautiful that you can carry a teamfight without damaging anyone, just looking scary and running at the right person at the right moment.

    • steven deslauriers
      steven deslauriers 5 months ago

      @Niscent I do agree with most of this. but i still honestly think you can just just as high dmg as mundo with Maokai. Even so in full tank on both sides. Sure mundo e adds a bunch of ad to his auto attacks. but maokai has quite high base dmg on both q and e. and Both are aoe :) so if you ever ifght anywhere other than right down a lane or in each other's base , Maokai will benefit from his e bonus dmg from bush. I would also throw in zac in there still because all but one of his abilities are aoe. Not to mention you also have so much more cc on the last 2 compared to mundo, and they are both just as tanky lategame imo.

      As for saying his q and e are a bigger portion of mundo's overall damage, the q does great dmg vs other tanks. but not that much vs squishies (It's current hp dmg, therefore the lower the target's hp when the ability lands, the less bonus dmg it deals). The E dmg is very relevant in the laning phase, but unless you build to scale it. its dmg isnt all that great passed midgame. Sure you will auto for a whole 120 more per auto. but if you dont build attack speed, its still only a margin dmg increase. Sunfire will deal just as much as the e bonus dmg if you have 2 person close enough to you. More than it if you have 3-4 person in range. Thornmail will reflect a ton of dmg to whoever attack you (easily 50 dmg an auto to enemy adc... which hits MUCH faster than you ever will :D) and ofc if 3 of the enemy team hit you. it can easily outshadow the whole 120 dmg per 1 sec or so you get from attacking someone iwth E up, which you only get if no one is kiting you!

    • Niscent
      Niscent 5 months ago

      what you're saying about tanks is true, but mundo is actually a juggernaut, and the damage he gives through his E and Q is very high, much higher than what he gets out of his thornmail and sunfire. sunfire is a core item on mundo because it improves his pushing power, and any other item he could get to push is very inefficient because mundo don't have to build damages.
      using E easily gets you to 200-300ad, building tiamat or titanic is pointless when you already have so much damage on one auto, to improve your dps you need either cdr for more Q and E reset or attack speed for more 250ad autos. that's why some people build phantom dancer on mundo, you get attack speed and crit chances to scale all the ad from your E.

  • z dag
    z dag 5 months ago

    I think your titles suck

  • Ashik Rahman
    Ashik Rahman 5 months ago

    another clickbait, u said 1v9, but ur lane was 3v1, poor illaoi LOL

  • Brains BLu
    Brains BLu 5 months ago

    Heres some advice quit repeating the same shit over and over again. We get it the first time dont need to hear it 45 more times after that.

  • The Real FeN
    The Real FeN 5 months ago +16

    ``This is why i play him in challenger``
    *has 300 games in g1*

  • Diego Vera Velasco
    Diego Vera Velasco 5 months ago

    Illaoi 1-11 la peor que he visto , que suerte tiene la gente tío xd
    Los imbéciles que solo graban las cosas que ganan por qué les toca contra noobs xD

  • Denis Pineda
    Denis Pineda 5 months ago +1

    Irelia's hand looked like sivir's

  • Helge Wuebbenhorst
    Helge Wuebbenhorst 5 months ago

    Nice clickbait illaoi feeding

  • sirri turan aricioglu
    sirri turan aricioglu 5 months ago

    Its not like what ya tell always peeps r not pushin like this guy :/

  • Different Omar
    Different Omar 5 months ago

    WOW a challenger player winning vs golds team with inting illaoi !!!!!! so disappointed

    • Different Omar
      Different Omar 5 months ago

      @xKingTanTanx and who the hell are you ?? his personal lawyer ?????

    • xKingTanTanx
      xKingTanTanx 5 months ago

      Why spend the time to watch it then ?? It was dope Dikhed

  • Andrea Pedroni
    Andrea Pedroni 5 months ago +2

    Jeez that nocturne was dealing tons of dmg

  • The Bat Freak
    The Bat Freak 5 months ago

    is this challenger? looks like a bronze game to me.

  • Anton Koudimov
    Anton Koudimov 5 months ago

    This dude doesn't know how to cs properly. Wasting his flash and potions for no fucking reason, have wack predictable moves, don't know what he's talking about. Even I could give the "analysis" he's giving you. If this guy own a chall acc he probably got boosted. It seems nowaday every player can stream and get famous and no matter how bad he is.... Maybe i should give it a shot too lol...

  • Zed Macadaeg
    Zed Macadaeg 5 months ago

    What I saw at 34:10 almost made me uninstall my TVclip app. Have a like.

    RENHHRE GRNNRN 6 months ago +1

    dont listen him dont play mundo .. play yorick

  • hinaru kurama
    hinaru kurama 6 months ago


  • Peta Kubata
    Peta Kubata 6 months ago +1

    Man you played really bad. You literally wasted First two flashes...... No reason to Flash

  • Anbu Hyuga
    Anbu Hyuga 6 months ago

    Bro dont make people play this shit. Mundo is fucking cancer.

  • Kyle Idler
    Kyle Idler 6 months ago +1

    Subbed for the RS outro

  • Jarad Shaw
    Jarad Shaw 6 months ago

    Old vid but i wouldn't build warmongs even today. Mundos regen is good enough without it. Last three items instead should of been sereks gage , frozen guantlet , and thornmail to counter the nocturn. Also forget spirit vis. Ik ik this sounds troll bc its a mundo staple but phantom dancer would been better bc atrack speed ms, and the passive before it was updated stacked with tabis. And your w would proc the reduction on people right before being hit. Also with this build you had plenty hp to deal with fizz burst. And noc would kill himself trying to attack u. The synergy between your ult and gages shield is perfect as your looking at nearly always one or the other up.

    • Jarad Shaw
      Jarad Shaw 6 months ago

      Actually last item pot of iron. Since hp regen for mundo is based of max hp. Also the w tenacity stacking with iron,and it increases ult and gage shield effects

  • Donny
    Donny 7 months ago

    Lol we need a non feeding team, but it's okay that elaui fed top lane all game for the enemy team

  • Alex Von der Vamp
    Alex Von der Vamp 7 months ago

    Wp Jay! I disagree with you about not buying spirit v. vs full ad team, even vs full ad I buy it as 3rd or 4th item, I think it helps too mutch with Q, R and passive

    • Alex Von der Vamp
      Alex Von der Vamp 6 months ago

      @Tim Bos I wrote in response to what he says at the end of the video, if I remember right

    • Tim Bos
      Tim Bos 6 months ago

      He bought it 3rd item lol

  • Ed Vargas
    Ed Vargas 7 months ago +1

    Not deliberately killing the tentacles left behind by Illaoi triggers my OCD.

  • OhezzO
    OhezzO 7 months ago

    Cho can do alot better

  • Fehler37
    Fehler37 9 months ago

    this is rly a gold/plat game? looks like bronze :D

  • Ed Vargas
    Ed Vargas 9 months ago +2

    that graves is heavy. lol

  • P00rStr94
    P00rStr94 9 months ago

    dont forget about Rammus as full tank
    his damage is insane aswell

  • Manolis Nomikos
    Manolis Nomikos 10 months ago

    they are gold and look like bronze of EU

  • Jon MacDonald
    Jon MacDonald 10 months ago

    Then why are you playing him in a gold game to show us that he's good in challenger?

  • Andrew Seemann
    Andrew Seemann 10 months ago

    I love mundo

  • Renz Baqs
    Renz Baqs 10 months ago


  • Stephen Boerner
    Stephen Boerner 10 months ago

    Now that was impressive

  • Ritz Zhang
    Ritz Zhang 11 months ago

    illoi is pretty stupid as well even if she feed into 1/7 still do shit ton of dmg

  • Rosol568
    Rosol568 11 months ago

    Mundo suck rly cho is better a lot

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 11 months ago

    what region does he play in?

  • Aroop Roelofs
    Aroop Roelofs 11 months ago

    Why didn't you get reju? imagine dat earlygame regen xD

  • Kratos
    Kratos 11 months ago

    I'd like to play mundo atk speed and dmg for more funn : )

  • Ashes
    Ashes Year ago +3

    mundo at the end tanking both towers and their team reminds me of my vanguard in pvp on swtor
    "oh y'all are trying to kill me"
    (health never goes down below 90% w/ heals, and 40% w/ buffs)

  • Nintendork
    Nintendork Year ago

    You won cause they didn't split. The match was lost long ago if the enemy did what they had to do.

  • Big B
    Big B Year ago

    My friends and I just invented a cool drinking game! Every time Jay says his Mundo is unkillable and almost dies, you skull. When he ACTUALLY dies you skull twice! 30 mins in and we're all hammered! LOVE THIS VID! HIC! lawl. * vomits *

  • Geno Shock
    Geno Shock Year ago +1

    i always had connection issues in europe... constant disconnects and game freezes unfortunately

  • Simon Tammen
    Simon Tammen Year ago

    Awesome Video ! 😍

  • Freaky24100
    Freaky24100 Year ago

    CHallenger?` never ever!!! i have no rank and fuck all of this NOOBS!! ahahahahahahahahah ;DDDD

  • DSK Bogdan
    DSK Bogdan Year ago +1

    Everytime graves died you played
    You just tanked the dmg (cause low ello retards just focus the tank) and your team did the rest.
    So much clickbait and bullshit claiming 1v9 and "unkillable".
    Dude , nobody in their team build exec blade or Morello against you so that's why you're "immortal-omg-unkillable".
    It's just your luck that the people in this ello are retarded and don't know what to build to counter shit. NOT TO MENTION
    They have 0 knowledge on how to PROPERLY focus a target down.
    I get it that your fanbase is mostly made of hardstuck bronze/silver kids but at least stop clickbaiting in your titles like a cunt.

  • epnick
    epnick Year ago

    This was not 1v9. Illa was the worst so this kinda was 4v6

  • epnick
    epnick Year ago

    You really helped me get a grasp of freezing lanes and timing when to farm

  • J J
    J J Year ago +4

    Hey Jay Sea I have a suggestion for when you do tank champions
    Can you also show the damage tanked as well as the normal damage dealt?
    When I play a tank I want to see how much damage I tanked for my team too, since you know I'm a tank

  • J J
    J J Year ago +2

    23:43 it's crazy how you only have 3 items built (4 if you include your boots) at 26 minutes.
    If you were tryndamere I know you would probably have full build by now or you would be really close to it.
    The difference in item price for tank and damage dealer is crazy

    • uhdictiveSUGAH
      uhdictiveSUGAH 10 months ago

      It takes much longer to be able to powerfarm as a tank like Mundo than a brawler like Tryndamere. That said, enemy laner and jg feeding kills in attempts to dive you under tower will always speed up the process :)

  • garnhamr
    garnhamr Year ago

    error 404 team not found makes me sofa king mad

  • Mike Flanders
    Mike Flanders Year ago

    u suk dicc

  • Fzeeq
    Fzeeq Year ago

    your videos are fkn top quality. learn more from you then some of the top ranked lol youtubers.

  • Happy TwoBe
    Happy TwoBe Year ago +50

    Mundo goes where he pleases