Bing Crosby - Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian Christmas Song)

  • Published on Dec 7, 2013
  • Clark W. Griswold is Christmas
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  • Shayan Dogan
    Shayan Dogan 8 days ago

    2019 ?

  • anvitha sekhar
    anvitha sekhar 3 months ago

    Gabe from the office brought me here

  • Gabe Bradshaw
    Gabe Bradshaw 4 months ago

    Yeah but he's such a dick in person in real life

  • cielo huerta
    cielo huerta 5 months ago

    She's really f'n hot 😍 I think I know what I want for Christmas this year lol 😏 😎

  • James Watkins
    James Watkins 6 months ago

    Can't see the line, can ya Russ?

  • Phoenixgirl 101
    Phoenixgirl 101 8 months ago

    I haven’t watched this movie but I had to sing this song in front of people

  • andrea murphy
    andrea murphy 8 months ago

    One of the funniest Christmas movies of all time must of see it 100s of times you could never get sick of it just brilliant

  • tom ban
    tom ban 8 months ago

    Im Clark

  • Andreas Ruesch
    Andreas Ruesch 8 months ago


  • phxxr650r
    phxxr650r 8 months ago +1

    Its dec 25th. Have you seen your families uncle Eddie yet.

  • kystars
    kystars 8 months ago

    This made my Christmas.. that woman had a great body :)

    • kystars
      kystars 8 months ago

      @King Torre the other hot scene.. also in red is from Fast times at Ridgemont high . remember phobe cates and Brads fantasy?

    • kystars
      kystars 8 months ago

      @King Torre no, I have it on DVD :) but it still always makes my Christmsa :)

  • jerry hansen
    jerry hansen 8 months ago

    brilliantly written scene -- an entire movie of clark's bizarre thinking in 2min+

  • ben cresswell
    ben cresswell 8 months ago +1

    2018 anyone merry Christmas

  • Gary Pulliam
    Gary Pulliam 8 months ago

    1:40 you're welcome.

  • Jochen Kerwin
    Jochen Kerwin 8 months ago

    Mega Coole Szene ....the best ever :-) merry christmas

  • Peter Wagner
    Peter Wagner 9 months ago

    One of dä BEST Movies #X-Mas (-;

  • LadyLake Music
    LadyLake Music 9 months ago

    Uncle Clark are you Santa Claus

  • Sadie Eastwood
    Sadie Eastwood 9 months ago

    It was aired on tv tonight in Canada watched it with my husband Our tradition every year 😊🎄

  • Thatgaming Guy
    Thatgaming Guy 9 months ago

    Is in anyway the dude who wrote this related to bill Cosby?

  • Mrs. Alamillo
    Mrs. Alamillo 9 months ago

    What is the name of this movie?

    • Lynn Kanerva
      Lynn Kanerva 8 months ago

      National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

  • Batman DrStrange
    Batman DrStrange 9 months ago

    she comes from "that" italion family that makes her cute as well as hot

  • John Vallett
    John Vallett 9 months ago

    Haha, found it, should of known, same song is is L.A Confidential,

  • Fredrick Berry
    Fredrick Berry 9 months ago

    Eddie: Snots, get outta there. Get on in the kitchen and getcha something to eat. Too funny.

  • Traci Salazar
    Traci Salazar 9 months ago

    I ❤️you girls

  • Traci Salazar
    Traci Salazar 9 months ago

    I wanted him to go to the pool

  • Traci Salazar
    Traci Salazar 9 months ago

    I just like the girl

  • Will Day
    Will Day 9 months ago

    Thaddeus "Chubby" Chadsworth (1867 -1979) Pies! Pies! PIES!!!

  • Ruben Delgadillo
    Ruben Delgadillo 9 months ago +21

    Tis the season to be Merry. Well that's my name. No shit!

  • Michael Guernsey
    Michael Guernsey 9 months ago

    I Love This Movie

  • Doug Lynch
    Doug Lynch 9 months ago

    Leave this classic the way it is , you gotta laugh !!

  • 22 Vision
    22 Vision 9 months ago

    Fun Fact: In the pool scene, you may notice that the young actress who played Ruby Sue is wearing a bathing cap in the water. Reason being, her hair was actually really short (boy short) while filming Christmas Vacation and she wore a long haired wig in the film. Putting her in a bathing cap was an easy way to hide it for a quick scene like this.

  • kaph123
    kaph123 9 months ago +6

    I always understood "Mele Kalikimaka is a wise way" and not "Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii's way" :D

  • maxx 3000
    maxx 3000 9 months ago

    Man sieht keinen AbRus, nicht wahr Drucki?!

  • Mardin
    Mardin 9 months ago +1

    Classic Movie in Germany in Christmas every year

  • M. H.
    M. H. 9 months ago

    Super,ist bei uns Weihnachten mit der ganzen Familie immer Pflicht.

    • Dietmar K
      Dietmar K 9 months ago

      Auf jeden Fall.. 😊...... Einfach nur toll 😄

  • Christopher Potts
    Christopher Potts 9 months ago


  • greenaum
    greenaum 9 months ago

    I never knew that Chevy Chase is actually a place, til I played Fallout 3.

  • Macdonalds rap city
    Macdonalds rap city 10 months ago

    My friend is in Hawaii right now and I'm stuck in a blizzard XD so I'm listening to this while I'm doing homework

  • Mara Kupke
    Mara Kupke 10 months ago +1

    it’s great to read that there are so many people who also watch this movie every year at christmas time :)

  • Alan K
    Alan K 10 months ago

    i sold my soul to the flying spaghetti monster.

  • Corey Messick
    Corey Messick 10 months ago


  • Benni Klingenhöfer
    Benni Klingenhöfer 11 months ago +2

    Cool und Geil und Geil und Cool

  • Blade Killer
    Blade Killer 11 months ago

    The actor is tall 5.7

  • Chelsea Bosco
    Chelsea Bosco 11 months ago +1

    As a northerner, I can say that Clark Griswold dreaming of his pool in the summertime is one of the most relateable scenes in the movie.

  • Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

    In hindsight, this woman was really basic...but hey, gotta prop up (another) white woman's beauty at all costs.

  • Sychael Lawinger
    Sychael Lawinger Year ago

    It’s sad that I heard about a nice Hawaiian Christmas song and they turn it into a porn video

    • Heather Smith
      Heather Smith 9 months ago +2

      Sychael Lawinger who turned into porn? Don’t watch. It’s a fantasy scene ...sorry your brain is far jammed up it, you can’t handle. Why not complain about the way he choose the womanin “reality” at the department store, where he ends up saying his wife is dead then divorced to get up on her, talking about every single body part she has, and ask her to lift her skirt and show panty line.
      It’s a fantasy scene. Get over it. It’s nothing to do at this song itself anyway.
      But thank you for letting us know where your mind is at

  • Action!
    Action! Year ago

    Best Christmas Song 👍👍👍

  • Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen Year ago

    We all have a relative like uncle Eddie

  • Qi'Ra Solo
    Qi'Ra Solo Year ago


  • Vad L
    Vad L Year ago

    end was like "what" :-((((

  • valar
    valar Year ago

    It's hilarious how he doesn't have control over his own fantasies.

  • Cole McNeal
    Cole McNeal Year ago

    This is my math teacher at school and she hot

  • viktoria winter
    viktoria winter Year ago +1

    ein absoluter Ohrwurm , wunderbar

  • dinosauce
    dinosauce Year ago


  • ItsAsish
    ItsAsish Year ago


  • killuminati63
    killuminati63 Year ago

    The Orch!!!

  • Kate Harris
    Kate Harris Year ago

    My family & I watch this movie every year. One of my favorite traditions!

  • Matt Shields
    Matt Shields Year ago +1

    You serious Clark?

  • Determined Gamer
    Determined Gamer Year ago +1


  • Mikael Engström
    Mikael Engström Year ago

    Nice song!
    And if you google "hawaiian christmas amy burvall" you'll find another great version...