Joe Rogan Endorses Bernie, "Woke" Liberals Flip Out

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    The Young Turks’ Emma Vigeland ( EmmaVigeland) breaks down the dumb response to Joe Rogan’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders.
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  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer 11 days ago


  • ihartevil
    ihartevil 20 days ago

    i am not sure what story he was talking about there but TYT did some when opiodes from a bagel were found in a womans blood so she tested positive and the baby got taken away from a bagel (it had poppy seeds in it and it happened under obama) there were several stories like that
    joe is for legalizing all drugs so my guess is that it was that story and he was upset about it (there were several like it)
    you need to always know the full story and from what i got from joe is he isnt against transrights and he knows i am trans and samis baby cousin and doesnt have a problem with me or what bathroom i choose to use

  • ihartevil
    ihartevil 20 days ago

    joe has always been a progressive that doesnt like burnt bridges he doesnt quite understand what he says comes off as sexist as times as well and i have explained that to him
    he listens and he is somebody who has always been a progressive but trying to be friends with everybody makes him hide that
    as well as sometimes not understanding all the information because he is extremely busy and cant always pay attention to politics

  • Xez1919
    Xez1919 26 days ago

    Correct analysis-!

  • Trump Debate Live
    Trump Debate Live Month ago +1

    all of this is irrelevant. Trump 2020.

  • Dre Naii
    Dre Naii Month ago

    joe was a sports commentator and so had to address a transgender, fighting in the ring against female fighters. joe has always been supportive of gays and trans otherwise.

  • Yovski Nine
    Yovski Nine Month ago

    Spot on.

  • Jules Winnfield
    Jules Winnfield Month ago

    Real liberal voices are being drowned out by the fake "woke" shit. Real liberals don't get offended by dumb shit and fake racism. Real liberals fight for worker's rights and wages, equal and civil rights, are anti-war, environmental preservation, etc.... they don't go out destroying people's lives over trivial shit, they don't see everything through racism glasses, and they aren't uptight and offended about everything. These "woke" types are simply a gross perversion of the true meaning of the word liberal.

  • porch
    porch Month ago


  • Colin W
    Colin W Month ago

    The fact that Joe Rogan gave his voting preference/endorsement in front of Bari Weiss, the big New York Times columnist ultra establishment suckup, was extra extra extra sweet!!

  • Dan ThreeTwo
    Dan ThreeTwo Month ago

    How is saying a biological man transitioning to a woman should not be allowed to beat the shit out of a biological woman while he called the transgender a woman the whole time. America loves it's lables.

  • Alexander Thailand
    Alexander Thailand Month ago

    Have these people never seen a damn Rogan Standup?

  • Alexander Thailand
    Alexander Thailand Month ago

  • Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Rommel Month ago

    There are only two genders, its a fact.

  • Andrew Marinelly
    Andrew Marinelly Month ago

    He's said nothing trans-phobic, like me he was raised to protect the weaker and to see a former man beating the crap out of a woman he's doing the right thing and calling bullshit before the inevitable ramifications of fists to a face.
    I boxed when I was young and know far less then he does about those dangers but enough to know this a man standing up to protect people and nothing else.
    I hold doors for women and older women thank me while I can be subject to debasement by younger. But I could give a fuck I know why I was raised to protect women and won't stop because some are delusional and think equality spread to physical ability. It's not a fair world I've fought friends for hitting a guy when he was down and strangers for abusing women I don't seek approval or expect to be lauded but I will always put my body on the line for those weaker.

  • Bugatti Boss
    Bugatti Boss Month ago +1

    Rogan will day whatever he thinks people wants to hear.

  • Cliff Akers
    Cliff Akers Month ago

    Bernie is a leach on our taxes his whole life. He has never done anything but make money off of Americans. His life is a waste. He's pathetic. Any and everyone that comes from a socialist country would never vote for Bernie, they've seen what it is. Why are they trying to come to America. If you want to change America you are not apart of the team.

  • JokerSF
    JokerSF Month ago

    Liberals are a joke. For real. No trolling here. You all honestly believe the crap the main stream media shovels out to you without question. Where are your free thinkers? Wake the f**^ up. You are being played.

  • ShariaFreeUK
    ShariaFreeUK Month ago +1

    It’s a sad day when folks rely on what Joe says or who he endorses politically.
    Me I prefer to look at the decades of misery socialism has inflicted on humanity.
    But hey Joe just dismiss that forget these victims they don’t matter do they.
    Image and scripted word is the thing not actions or reprehensible laws imposed or the worlds poorest by socialist regimes these days not the stark reality of what Bernie or the policies he would inflict on the American people would really look like if imposed.
    Just ask the people of that live under communism today how they feel about that Joe.
    Perhaps you could invite them on your show?
    Oh sorry Joe they are not ‘celebrities’ are they?
    Being consistent about supporting socialist policies that damage the lives of millions is not an asset Joe.

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Month ago

    Yes Joe gives a Plattform to people and let's people make up their own minds what they think about those people and their ideas. Isn't that what free speech is supposed to be?
    He's not trabsphobe he says everyone should do what he wants but if an athlete was born as a man that person has a giant physical advantage versus a female athlete.

  • The Sleepy King
    The Sleepy King Month ago

    Should've said trump.

  • Shawn Scrimsher
    Shawn Scrimsher Month ago

    Joe Rogan's taking too many drugs! He's a millionaire and he wants a socialist to be president. He would never be where he is now under a socialist society! Now that you got all your money Joe you want the rest of us to take a cut in pay and make the same across the board as everybody else! You're a Benedict Arnold!

  • STOIC_77
    STOIC_77 Month ago

    Emma is totally right! As if all the hate and bs-ideologies/opinons wouldn't exist only bc you don't give them a platform?? That would be great but HELLO REALITYCHECK! ... and I prefer to at least get a chance to see where the bullet comes from. If Rogan ONLY interviewed right-wing dudes & duderellas 🤷‍♂️ okaaay but that's not the case! So what? GO BERNIE GO! ✊

  • Will Lull
    Will Lull Month ago

    These trolls would be touting Rogan's endorsement if it was their candidate. They're just concern trolling.
    I don't think people realize how much worse Howard Stern is than practically any other radio host. Rogan doesn't hold a candle to his darkness. No one got upset that Hillary went on his show.

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago

    I think most people are centrist. The vocal minorities are the ones on each side of the extreme devide.

  • Quantify Crypto
    Quantify Crypto Month ago

    I support Rebel HQ and am a huge fan of Joe Rogan. Also.....Bernie and Yang

  • gilbert gonzalez
    gilbert gonzalez Month ago

    Wow, I thought Rogan was intelligent. I cant believe how wrong I was. 90 year old career politician that's done nothing for his constituents but talk about how socialism will work even when it's worked nowhere else. I guess if he looks like an old uncle joe, your all for ruining our country w idiocy.

  • Punk Dorris
    Punk Dorris Month ago

    Joe has never made transphobic comments. Watch the show.

  • Charles T
    Charles T Month ago

    Bernie Bros out I'm force OK he's a nice guy BUT HE'S A COMMUNIST DUHHH

  • Edward Roberts
    Edward Roberts Month ago

    Eggfart somali diaperheaded hijaber lady's

  • Edward Roberts
    Edward Roberts Month ago

    Ahnd de amarillo brillo bean-o yuccas cOrrrrrtez

  • J Johnson
    J Johnson Month ago

    Well it was nice to listen to your podcast.... I'm out!

  • Walt Conway
    Walt Conway Month ago

    Joe.... no more skunkweed for you. How frickin stupid are you? The words coming out of your mouth. He is an old school communist. He is even too stupid to take the endorsement. Joe you just dont know how many fans you will lose over your support of this Venezuelan style socialist. You are old enough to know better.

  • Nik B
    Nik B Month ago

    She kinda sounds like Jesse Jackson. It's the tongue.

  • G erman C arrasco
    G erman C arrasco Month ago

    BS, it is not about Rogan, it is about Bernie getting popular.

  • gilla 166
    gilla 166 Month ago

    Well...I am no longer a Joe Rogan fan!

  • G.Raider4l
    G.Raider4l Month ago

    I keep hearing about bad comments Rogan made in the past...what are they? Are they serious stuff or just a slight difference of opinion?..All I can think of is the trans women competing against natural women in athletics shouldn't b allowed but that's just common sense...okay transphobic comments seem to be the problem...can someone please let me know what they are?!. I

  • captaintorch123
    captaintorch123 Month ago

    Jesus there was nothing transphobic what he said about transgender females athletes, someone please explain how

  • TheBoogerJames
    TheBoogerJames Month ago

    All the Joe Rogan shit is all taken out of context. Find the actual videos. His "transphobic" comments are all about how he doesn't think trans women should compete with bio women in martial arts because they have an unfair genetic advantage. He does callen Fallen Fox a "fucking man" as he is upset that she had been hiding her transition and beat up some bio women pretty badly in MMA. He has said the N-word a lot. Never called anyone the N-word, but ya know just saying it out loud makes him racist apparently. He once talked about going to see Planet of the Apes in a black neighborhood. He says "it was like I was in planet of the apes, Africa". then like 10 seconds later, he's like "oh shit, that sounded racist, my bad" and goes on to talk about what a great experience it was, and decries the lack of black representation in mainstream movies. Fuck that's some racist shit right there. These ultra-woke thought police think if you say their trigger words then you are automatically racist, sexist, transphobic, etc. while ignoring that context matters.

  • Steven Valenti
    Steven Valenti Month ago

    Really? Joe your gonna vote for crazy liberal Bernie Sanders? who has been in government for what 30years now? And has done nothing but get filthy rich. Bernie is a socialist and wants to destroy America. Joe I believe your goddam brain is truly fried. Why don't you and Bernie leave the country together? with all you all's money and go and ruin some other country and get high together you fuckin burnt out idiot.🤨

  • anarchy deluxe
    anarchy deluxe Month ago

    I love how Joe literally includes the best defense of himself in his commentary before this was even a scandal.

  • jairo perez
    jairo perez Month ago

    Not only does he communicate with the apolitical center, but he also talks to dolphins 👍

  • sira castori
    sira castori Month ago

    I agree with you, but you know better than saying 'the left'. We are the left too and people paying lip service to newspeak don't get to represent the left more than us.

  • Whitney Fields
    Whitney Fields Month ago

    Those past comments of Rogan's WERE offensive and still ARE offensive. There is fact that promoting this endorsement doesn't really minimize the concerns of those black voters who are already skeptical of Bernie's stance on race. Promoting this endorsement is also really poor strategy for the Democratic primary, where Bernie will need many votes from people who don't listen to Rogan.

  • Carmine Naugahyde
    Carmine Naugahyde Month ago

    Rogan comes across a genuine empathic if a bit suggestible guy.
    Its Probably all that DMT he's doing.
    So sure. He may not understand the politics down to Kropotkin but he's never struck me as someone
    with a particularly hateful bone in his body.
    Most of the dumb shit he's said is born of ignorance and just saying what it takes to jive with his guests.
    He's person. Not a static Personality. An image, a flag, a badge. Or Monolithic Brand.
    The leftists flipping out over this are still stuck in the capitalist psychic trap of simulacrum and spectacle.
    Dialectical materialism has failed. Its time to engage the working class on a different front.
    Hail Eris.

  • Austin Anthony
    Austin Anthony Month ago

    Joe Rogan gives a platform TO ANYONE on his show, who has influence, to understand their perspective whether he disagrees with them or not.
    Discussion requires critical thinking and logical reasoning which Rogan has prided in every show.
    Honestly these SJW's probably saw a clip or post out of context that put him in a shitty exaggerated vacuum.

  • CandyManKiller
    CandyManKiller Month ago

    joe rogan a communist hmmmm OK that sux

  • Champagne Hour
    Champagne Hour Month ago

    Did they call for Obama to return the $1 million campaign donation he received from misogynist, xenophobe Bill Maher?

  • TheCommentSection
    TheCommentSection Month ago

    I thought Joe endorsed Tulsi Gabbard !?

  • Gnosistube
    Gnosistube Month ago

    Lol "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water" never heard that before and it gave me a good chuckle. You earned my thumbs up.

  • Elijah
    Elijah Month ago

    What Joe Rogan said wasn't even transphobic, he's against transgenders competing in sports becuase they have a physical advantage.

  • Bo Peep
    Bo Peep Month ago

    People who resort to identity politics should be shunned by the rest of us. And, I am not referring to Joe Rogan but to his critics. Enough already.

  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Month ago +1

    Ok. Joe Rogan has lost his mind. Bernie is a socialist. Trump all the way.

  • Derek Boyle
    Derek Boyle 2 months ago

    Liberals are insufferable twats. As someone on the left, it's really embarrassing.

  • Rohit
    Rohit 2 months ago

    Love Emma’s commentary!

  • Tristan Patterson
    Tristan Patterson 2 months ago

    I've never seen a more clear cut analysis of this issue. Thank you.

  • SamWize Ganji
    SamWize Ganji 2 months ago

    I think the rage against Bernie is manufactured

  • kingkongz88
    kingkongz88 2 months ago

    Bernie is for real and not a fake progressive. Independents feel that. Let the pc police eat it. I'm sick of faux progressive snobbery & ignorance. We are all a lot closer in perspective on most issues. It is a ridiculous polarization in a fake red/blue game by two corrupt parties enabled by a bought media.

  • B. Greene
    B. Greene 2 months ago

    Emma please: STOP CALLING RIGHT WING NEOLIBERAL NEOCONS "THE LEFT"!!! You are LYING to your audience with that Propaganda!!

  • B. Greene
    B. Greene 2 months ago

    You mean "woke" NEOliberals. They are Republicans in all but name.

  • Matt Marinovich
    Matt Marinovich 2 months ago

    Sen. Sanders has always been consistently on the right side of history and Joe Rogan is merely pointing that out.

  • Keyser94
    Keyser94 2 months ago

    We should take his endorsement with a grain of salt, after all he is the kind of guy that agree with people like Jordan Peterson and Milo Yiannopoulos, just because he have some populist and progressive ideas, not make him super liberal, you say it himself, he is a centrist. What happen to sticking to your principles and ideologies? Or you want to be a "big tent" like the Democrats?

  • Joslyn Starling
    Joslyn Starling 2 months ago

    Super easy to say if your not Trans. Trump was expected,hell we demanded, that he disavow and reject the endorsement of David Duke. Somehow though it's perfectly fine for Bernie to accept it from an equally vile piece of shit. Love Bernie will vote for him no matter what but very disappointed. As for you fucking hypocrites stop bitching about Biden reaching across the isle to segragest and acting like this isn't the same fucking thing.

  • Michael M
    Michael M 2 months ago

    Ah yes, James Damore, surely he was the hateful one for implying that perhaps, just perhaps, there were fewer female programmers because women didn't like that particular job and not because of rampant (unproven) discrimination. By no means, by absolutely NO MEANS, were the woke coworkers who physically threatened him so he had to work from home the hateful ones. Neither were all the people who called out for his firing. And of course, there is nothing hateful about then blacklisting the guy in the industry after you've doxxed him, threatened him and had him fired. Or maybe this Ella Dawson girl is a bigoted, hateful moron.

  • matt curcic
    matt curcic 2 months ago

    Where are you on the spectrum , Emma?

  • Edward Roberts
    Edward Roberts 2 months ago

    Trumper man with plan 2020 and beyond. And he will get reelected .

  • SiCk SiDer
    SiCk SiDer 2 months ago

    Go watch Beau of the fifth column TVclip channel and his take on Bernie taking Joe's endorsement. He is 1000% right. People are fucking ridiculous, and I would bet most of them were the Hillary type that were obsessed with Hillary having a vagina and therefore being the most "qualified". Fucked hacks. Bernie shouldn't cave like he did with Cenks endorsement.

  • Otto Grandin
    Otto Grandin 2 months ago

    Trolling about UFOs is so 80s... If Trump talks about the issue your network has a total different angle to the story.. Dissapointed.

  • Bruno Simões
    Bruno Simões 2 months ago

    Even with this video and I appreciate it. You guys don't get Joe Rogan viewership. From Portugal, Born in Angola, 27 of Age, a mix of cultures and loves that podcast. Thanks to that podcast I'm able to change opinions with people that I agree and don't agree. Thank to that podcast I find guys like Ben Shapiro or Kyle Kulinski and cause of that I'm more political than ever. Cause I see what guys like Shapiro try to represent and do but at the same time I got to find Kulinski who fights back and believes in what is good! And Kyle is Joe's favorite news outlet on youtube. So don't think you know people cause they see the world with a different view, Joe has one of the best evolution in the World and he is getting wiser and wiser along the way. I thank him for that, cause I'm learning a lot with him and the guest's on that podcast. Even in the fight companions with those conspiracy theories, cause, in the end, it's all fun and game and Joe is just a cool guy!

  • Fábio Gomes
    Fábio Gomes 2 months ago

    Here is what I don't like about this. Complaining about Rogan talking with people like Milo or Peterson is, to me, the epitome of entitlement. So what if he talked and agrees with some points of view? Do you think those 2 are wrong about everything they say? They are not. Like every human, they are correct about some things and wrong about others and the only way to understand what is what is to discuss it over and over and over, with logic and respect, even if respecting some one like Milo is hard, because most of the time he is trying to triger you. But he is not wrong about everything he says and at some point you need to open your eyes and see that the world is not black and white, them vs us. And even if you disagree, you can respect. If all you do is surround yourself with people that agree with everything you think, everything you do, you are no better than trump. You can only learn what you don't know and talking with some one with a different point of view can teach a lot of things and allow you the opportunity to teach them as well. Rogen has talking with a plenitude of individuals from all spectrum of existence at this point and you should try to do the same, instead of seeing some one with a different view like an enemie, see him as some one that can teach you something you don't know, at least why he thinks differently than you.

  • Scott Hafele
    Scott Hafele 2 months ago

    Joe was talking about an mma fighter that was a Male until an adult. Then became a female and beating the shit out of females. Bone structure and muscles dont change. That was his only point. Imagine a man in any female sport. He was referring to one person when it comes to fighting. Yall are fucking stupid.

  • jjmalaprop
    jjmalaprop 2 months ago

    “CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post - they all think that they’re the center, right? They pride themselves on being the center. But they’re really the center of power. They represent what the elite see as center.”
    The quicker the masses realize this, the better off we’ll all be in distinguishing between fact and agenda.

  • johnny22
    johnny22 2 months ago

    For those on the left ( and this could apply to the right), how do we stand up to this cancel culture, and show that this "alt-left" group does not speak for the rest of us. I'm all for everyone's rights, but this section of the left (personally I just think they're self serving trolls and don't really give a shit about anything, other than their narcissitic selves) bitches and moans about everything, to the point where it seems like they are mentally unstable, no common sense or reason. Their whole persona is me me me. Thoughts?

  • RigorMortis81
    RigorMortis81 2 months ago

    The regressive, hyper sensitive left needs to tune into reality.

  • War is Peace
    War is Peace 2 months ago

    Rogan's "transphobic" comments weren't phobic at all. He was speaking specifically about combat sports and the overt advantages trans women fighters have over their non trans opponents. His expertise in fighting is unparalleled, instead of raging and freaking out maybe his expert opinion should be considered instead of the ignorance of allowing "feeling" to guide decisions.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 months ago

    Well said Emma!

  • Ross Dixon
    Ross Dixon 2 months ago

    Joe Rogan is not transphobic.
    He didn't want a transgender woman beating up a women. He was protecting women in a sporting sense. Anyone arguing this doesn't live in the real world. Trans women have advantages over women in a sporting environment.

  • J & B
    J & B 2 months ago

    Thank you for making these videos. You are the only person on your team that I can fully stand behind. You are wickedly smart and straight-forward. I really appreciate you giving your time and energy to this cause.

  • Alan Glasgow
    Alan Glasgow 2 months ago

    The only thing transphobuc about Joe is his stance on trans women competing against biological women in sports, particularly in combat sports. To say there won't be an advantage to bring a biological male in a combat sport is asinine.

  • Johnny Zeee
    Johnny Zeee 2 months ago

    Heard Chuckles the Clown, and Martha Stewart will be next to endorse Sanders.