Comparing Singers With & Without Autotune (Billie Eilish, Charlie Puth & MORE)

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
  • Can Billie Eilish, Charlie Puth and other pop artists really sing? By comparing their genius interviews vs autotune we will find out!
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  • RoomieOfficial
    RoomieOfficial  Month ago +21983

    Saw some comments saying there's ads on the vid - that's true, but it's the record companies monetizing after claiming it, I get no revenue from this video
    *sad violin plays*

  • The KingPin
    The KingPin 7 hours ago

    Auto tune doesnt not sound pleasant and it is not better than natural voice of talented singers

  • Laguz
    Laguz 7 hours ago

    I have a sibling in an elementary school and everyone is kinda obsessed with Billie Eilish, that's a representation of, generally, how young her audience is

  • chub chub
    chub chub 8 hours ago

    Fuk lele pons

  • gacha luna
    gacha luna 9 hours ago

    Billie: i really really hate myself

    Me: noo don't bet sad

  • XxmayhamxX lit
    XxmayhamxX lit 10 hours ago

    5:16 do i hear auto tone on "so" ?!?!?

  • N/A
    N/A 10 hours ago

    Mike posner has such a beautiful voice tho it’s not like any other singer I’ve heard

  • Tanner Kauffman
    Tanner Kauffman 11 hours ago

    How fucking dumb are you one is a singer who is trying in a recording studio and the other the singer just going over lyrics

  • MNM mcg
    MNM mcg 12 hours ago +1

    Billie Eilish reminds me of Aubrey Plaza.

  • Crazy Colton
    Crazy Colton 13 hours ago

    I speaks english guys

  • Graycee Phillips
    Graycee Phillips 14 hours ago

    Me: *sees Billie Eilish in title*
    Also me: *clicks*

  • Emma Anderson
    Emma Anderson 15 hours ago +1

    0:27 the way he say inaccuracies make me uNcOnFoRtAbLe

  • Greg Jones
    Greg Jones 16 hours ago

    Whatt you're 31??

    DKKA_ LAURA_HORVÁTH_ 18 hours ago

    Billie's voice is GREAT! 🤤❤️

  • Avie -Adigue Dizon

    yeah but *who actually threw the picke at him?*

  • 1000 subscribers without a vid??

    It was I who threw the PICKLE.

  • TheLonelyMe
    TheLonelyMe Day ago +1

    "Lele pons is an American internet celeberty."
    i thought she was latina

  • Devin Reilly
    Devin Reilly Day ago

    Ay your hair color is lit

  • Marlene Ambriz
    Marlene Ambriz Day ago

    you talk to much

  • Charlie Findlay
    Charlie Findlay Day ago +1

    I wonder who threw the pickle...

  • NXK Xpert Killler

    I only found out about "cooler than me" in GTA 5 radio station in my car

  • ya boi
    ya boi Day ago

    Turtle on my name

  • Alex Hipetinger
    Alex Hipetinger Day ago

    In Attention, I always heard
    “You been running round
    running round
    running round
    throwing that turtle on my knee” and now i can’t unhear

  • Luna English
    Luna English Day ago

    Billie sang better

  • Superior Octopus

    Even without autotune billie sound is still fuckin good

  • Natalia Colvin
    Natalia Colvin Day ago +1

    12:20 is Billie Eilish if anyone was wondering :3

  • Cindy Rahn
    Cindy Rahn Day ago

    Roomie: I really like when he takes his shirt off on the stage

  • StaleChile
    StaleChile Day ago

    No one:

    Roomie: I like that guy shirtless on stage.

  • Isak C
    Isak C Day ago

    It's not like they only use autotune, there are a lot of other effects on their voices aswell

  • ScattySafari
    ScattySafari Day ago

    John Denver sounded amazing live. Even better than the record. I'm so glad I was alive when pop singers could actually sing.

  • Cyro
    Cyro Day ago



    14:08 im in deep with this girl but she's out of her mind

  • Gabriel Alvim
    Gabriel Alvim Day ago

    Broooo wtf i was listening to the charile puth part and the exact same music starts on the radio wtfff

  • PewDieFistBro !
    PewDieFistBro ! Day ago

    11:14 It is the shape f an F lol

  • Gir
    Gir Day ago

    1:12 that voice I will buy it

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi 2 days ago +1

    What a savage pickle
    Its more famous then Charlie now

  • Fortnite G
    Fortnite G 2 days ago

    I like how your honest about literally everything

  • Tuulikki Aas
    Tuulikki Aas 2 days ago +1

    It sounds like billie dosent use auto tune she only uses an echo

  • NewtslayerProductions

    That was back when everyone wanted to be like smosh

    REEDA ROSE 2 days ago

    i HATE genius because it could ruin people's careers....well maybe I dislike it not HATE it....OK FINE I LIKE cooks up good drama....I was trying to be a good person....k

  • Helen
    Helen 2 days ago

    I hate it when people use Autotune.

  • Nextra YT
    Nextra YT 2 days ago

    I bought your merch!

  • That Reverie
    That Reverie 2 days ago

    anyone else come here just for billie eilish?

  • jestina haslam
    jestina haslam 2 days ago

    Billie doesn't need auto tune, she is auto tune

  • Lemonade
    Lemonade 2 days ago

    I don't like Billie i feel like my ears are going to explode when i listen to it.

  • H
    H 2 days ago

    maybe you all like this robotic bullshit. It just shows no talent.

  • Maackiplier
    Maackiplier 2 days ago

    Fun fact: I think Lele Pons might be latina

  • Role Victor Sudaria
    Role Victor Sudaria 2 days ago

    scrolled through the comments and ummm...
    in this episode of "straight men hating on famous female singers to prove their fragile masculinity"

  • Ryannn T
    Ryannn T 2 days ago

    I feel like all those good bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Green Day, and Guns N’ Roses AC/DC, you get the point but I feel like they get less attention now that autotune is taking over people it’s making them sound better then those bands but if you were to take away autotune those bands would rise back up

  • GrizzlyBearPlayz
    GrizzlyBearPlayz 3 days ago +2

    This is why I like oldies more. It's more original and unique.

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 3 days ago

    He needs to react to Luh Kel

  • Meagan Smith
    Meagan Smith 3 days ago

    did he just call cher, cheer?...

  • Juxtin Lyon
    Juxtin Lyon 3 days ago

    For people that plays gta5

    It’s 1am in the morning and you’re chillin in gta with your friends having fun driving through the streets of los santos. You turn on the non stop pop midnight city, cooler than me, I want it that way comes up. Good times

  • Leonard Lange
    Leonard Lange 3 days ago

    Your a cunt mate microphones are way different assclown s

  • Wa
    Wa 3 days ago

    Oh shit its Cody from zack and cody what's up?

  • Red Pennywuzzey
    Red Pennywuzzey 3 days ago

    Why did Charlie Puth look like Andy Samberg

  • Nikki Brown
    Nikki Brown 3 days ago


  • happyboii
    happyboii 3 days ago +1

    GTA V Vibes anyone?

  • Ida 06
    Ida 06 3 days ago +1

    I really thought a girl sings i took a pill in ibiza lmao

  • Nerthus Adler
    Nerthus Adler 3 days ago

    Look at the singer from Sabaton XD

  • Yvonne Paschall
    Yvonne Paschall 3 days ago

    Just stop talking and play the video we didn't come to watch you look up things

  • Opal Dar-Le
    Opal Dar-Le 3 days ago


  • VeryViper Gaming and Vlogs

    *OkAy, ThErEs A fEw ThInGs To UnPaCk HeRe*

  • G.A.I.N Awesomeness
    G.A.I.N Awesomeness 4 days ago

    No pirate shanties for the win

  • Clumsy Potato
    Clumsy Potato 4 days ago

    You can hear air. If u think about it

  • Gacha Life KitKat
    Gacha Life KitKat 4 days ago

    Alec Benjamin doesn't need autotune lol

  • frank rizzo
    frank rizzo 4 days ago

    I wish it was never invented

  • Kendall Scott
    Kendall Scott 4 days ago

    Did anyone notice he paused the video with his hands up 8:46 like if you did

    • zuzugaming 22
      zuzugaming 22 3 days ago

      Kendall Scott 8:45 but ya It’s just his editor

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin 4 days ago

    Funny story... programs similar to Antares AutoTune are used in every single professional song to correct the most minute pitch issues. However, most engineers leave enough natural inflections that most people would never notice.

  • Blakest
    Blakest 4 days ago

    I feel like this should he labeled with vs without production instead of with or without autotune as there's more going on then just autotune when it comes to version in the actual song.

  • Alana Casper
    Alana Casper 4 days ago

    She's still amazing with or w/o the tune

  • Apostolia Lia
    Apostolia Lia 4 days ago +1

    1) Click paint!!
    2) Fake thumbnail!!

  • Herro
    Herro 4 days ago +1

    I don't really like Billie Eilish's vibrato. Kind of annoys me

    AGE0FQUARREL 4 days ago


  • Magic Turtle
    Magic Turtle 4 days ago

    Muffin time