The History of my Hair

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • So many haircuts in a reasonable amount of time

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Comments • 59 267

  • MrTopGamer
    MrTopGamer 30 minutes ago

    6:22 someone made fanart the second one and its just why why does she look nude??????????

  • Adam Bright
    Adam Bright 48 minutes ago

    I have been pierced by a hair it was my friends dogs hair

  • Ivan Krsmanovic
    Ivan Krsmanovic 48 minutes ago

    I have two colors of the hair.

  • Herlin Kearney
    Herlin Kearney 53 minutes ago

    Wait at 5:33 is that a snub from sword and sheild

  • Talon Tube
    Talon Tube Hour ago


    Change your profile pic to a LEGO Star Wars character today!

  • jdereks
    jdereks Hour ago


  • Humaira LoGic
    Humaira LoGic Hour ago

    I also have thick hair like you
    It's annoying

  • Sangre Gamer
    Sangre Gamer Hour ago

    Quiero mis subtitulos :v

  • Tøxic_Gazz
    Tøxic_Gazz Hour ago

    I’ve been stabbed by a hair before..

  • Custin Buazo
    Custin Buazo Hour ago

    Fucking shit

  • Sapphire Gaming
    Sapphire Gaming Hour ago

    Every time she says Dummy Thicc I died

  • TheKitsuneRecorder 1

    I have been pierced by a hair strand. Mine mostly. :/

  • Comthefox2486
    Comthefox2486 2 hours ago

    but im like 1,253.8 miles away from arizona

  • Mariama Kaloko
    Mariama Kaloko 2 hours ago


  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 2 hours ago

    5:35 it’s snom!!

  • Vinnie Kleiner
    Vinnie Kleiner 2 hours ago

    I conveniently I have purple hair

  • Exceptionally Quiet
    Exceptionally Quiet 3 hours ago

    I can't color my hair anymore. Not only does it not last, but I can't take myself seriously

  • otária quaisquer
    otária quaisquer 3 hours ago

    Cabelo longo da um trabalhão ^_^

  • Kylee Marie
    Kylee Marie 3 hours ago

    My hair comes down to my waist. So I hate when people with short hair complain about hair in everything because it sheds, it’s in my food, in my throat, my shower and I have to pull out the longest hair out of my butt crack.

    Actually that parts kind of satisfying but no need to go into details-

  • Undeadfox85
    Undeadfox85 3 hours ago

    I got a hair cut and one of the hairs got stuck I'm my hand

    DAB DAN 3 hours ago


  • Necromancer Noivern
    Necromancer Noivern 3 hours ago

    i like how jaiden said kilometer even though she is from the states

  • kinley J
    kinley J 4 hours ago

    ive died my hair 6 times

  • Kaiser Franz von Lappen der 2.

    5:33 I also like watching Snoms.

  • Phoebe Douche
    Phoebe Douche 4 hours ago

    Can you do a face reveal?

  • Mermaids HEART
    Mermaids HEART 5 hours ago

    Hey Jaden I've had dyed hair before and they all stayed for like 2 months cuz my mom is also a hairdresser and she has a really good dyes for hair

  • King Kong
    King Kong 6 hours ago

    I have short and pointy hair and it got pierced into my skin and when i pulled it out my hand was bleeding a little bit

  • Emma Calvan
    Emma Calvan 6 hours ago

    You wanna know the hardest part of having dyed hair?

    E V E R Y T H I N G

  • Juliet Mitchell
    Juliet Mitchell 6 hours ago

    I swear to god. The other day I was on my bed with my cat and my cat sheds a lot. Then I noticed that my wrist was itchy and my cats hair periced through my arm I just pulled it out and was like... Wait what just happened?!

  • PickleT.V
    PickleT.V 7 hours ago

    4:15 *Jaiden points at me* >~

  • lilu globen
    lilu globen 9 hours ago +1

    Pffft what about Mexico,you never went there,so your hair isn’t there

  • LumaRczech
    LumaRczech 9 hours ago

    Can confirm what the scientists say, got your hair at home.

  • Melanie
    Melanie 11 hours ago

    when she pointed at the guy with green hair I started sweating because thats EXACTLY what my hair looks like

  • bella 17790
    bella 17790 11 hours ago +1

    Lol my hair is too short also XD

  • Jude Cogan
    Jude Cogan 11 hours ago

    I have had a hair Pearce my skin once it never happens again though.

  • Marsh Mallow
    Marsh Mallow 12 hours ago

    I’m in nd and I still see jaiden hairs

  • Devin Gaio
    Devin Gaio 13 hours ago

    I Got Dyed Hairrrrrr

  • RavenCraft 514
    RavenCraft 514 13 hours ago

    This is literally me.

  • peno and nita
    peno and nita 14 hours ago

    Jaiden's hair is thic with 3 c's

  • Megalomani mercenary
    Megalomani mercenary 14 hours ago

    will not answer my comment ┐( ˘_˘)┌? or answer¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Megalomani mercenary
    Megalomani mercenary 14 hours ago

    Wow ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

  • Vivian Lie
    Vivian Lie 14 hours ago +1

    I have fake nails on so whenever i run my fingers through my hair a few strands would go through the nail

  • Karen gray
    Karen gray 16 hours ago

    Jaiden: my hair is everywhere
    Me: ...I think I found a Jaiden hair...but I'm in australia-

    SCRUB KNIGHT 17 hours ago

    My hair is stiff idk why I'm a boy

  • Galaxy wolf Girl
    Galaxy wolf Girl 18 hours ago

    I get my mum to do my hair, first time I got if dyed, it was falling out as it’s the first I did it

  • furry lover16
    furry lover16 19 hours ago

    Your hair is alive lol

  • Dwade Lebryant Jaime
    Dwade Lebryant Jaime 19 hours ago

    You dont have to say "James and I" because hes the only one who watched your personal vids

  • veronica robinson
    veronica robinson 19 hours ago

    *laurnzside sued you*

  • T3ARS G4CH4
    T3ARS G4CH4 19 hours ago

    Me: *takes out hair tie*
    The Hair Tie: *aight imma head out*

  • Mikayla Ross
    Mikayla Ross 20 hours ago

    "At least on of you has dyed hair"
    Like if you have dyed hair

  • Alone Here
    Alone Here 20 hours ago

    5.34 is that a Pokemon I see

    Yes I know that is snom from Pokemon

  • Chloe Alvarez
    Chloe Alvarez 20 hours ago

    *insert spinning snom.*

  • Selective Panther
    Selective Panther 22 hours ago

    I just noticed a Pokemon when she said sophisticated

  • ruth abundiz
    ruth abundiz 22 hours ago

    Sister got pissed by my moms before in her life to

  • Ky BloodWolf
    Ky BloodWolf 22 hours ago

    Me having freaking anime hair in real life. It will pop up like the swoops in Jaiden's hair.

  • Devil of Doom
    Devil of Doom 22 hours ago

    I hugged my dad once and he had a bit of a scruffy beard and i some how cut my self and left a little bit of blood on his face. pretty disturbing now that i think about it.

  • Tomas Eugenio Loli Diaz

    Creo que soy el único que habla español : V

  • Quinn Paquette
    Quinn Paquette 23 hours ago

    SNOM!!!!!! you play Pokémon sword or shield?

  • Evy Barrera
    Evy Barrera 23 hours ago


  • Kevin Cornell
    Kevin Cornell 23 hours ago

    Jaiden.. I just took a shower and I think I also got pierced with an extremely THICC strand of hair