Godzilla and Mothra vs. Ghidorah and Rodan | Godzilla: King of the Monsters

  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)
    Scene: Godzilla and Mothra Fight King Ghidorah and Rodan (Battle in Boston) (Final Battle)
    Playlist: tvclip.biz/p/PLh5zc345D06WIBGnBIfs1jPN-X7o5ceHf
    Storyline: The crypto-zoological agency Monarch faces off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah.
    Movie Info: www.imdb.com/title/tt3741700/

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  • Wilfred Mah
    Wilfred Mah Day ago

    I thought Rodan was part of the Earth Defenders faction, not aliens

  • Rangga Gaming
    Rangga Gaming Day ago

    I love godzilla


    Definitely an interesting premise
    1:44 🧡🔥💙

  • tony ferguson
    tony ferguson 3 days ago

    nose porque pero me encanta el sonido que hace motra ggg

  • venus
    venus 4 days ago

    I cried when butterfly died

    TITANMAN251 6 days ago

    3:38 Take That Traitor!

  • Wolfys
    Wolfys 7 days ago +1


    • Wolfys
      Wolfys 7 days ago +1


  • 丂卄丨几ㄖ
    丂卄丨几ㄖ 8 days ago +1

    Every Godzilla movies that ive seen, i worry more for the buildings than people

  • aida ona
    aida ona 9 days ago

    Go mothra

  • amazingness cantolope

    Godzilla be like: wtf

  • Lê Anh Tú
    Lê Anh Tú 9 days ago

    "Be grateful I'm not aiming for your heart" - Mothra

  • Larry 101
    Larry 101 10 days ago

    My favorite shot of the movie 0:13

  • Farhan Ali
    Farhan Ali 10 days ago

    Godzilla and mothra will win

    DEMON OCTLING 10 days ago

    I love how Mothra Killed Rodan with Badass hero look on her face.
    Rodan: "I WILL EAT YOU.."
    Mothra: "No you're not Muthafacka..."

  • PJ JO
    PJ JO 12 days ago

    Mothra is an epitome of elegance!

  • Chris TheScienceKid
    Chris TheScienceKid 12 days ago

    2019-2020 TVclip: No swearing in the first few minutes
    2021-2027 TVclip: No fictional prehistoric kaiju who want to defend their homes and kill enemies
    3030-Like Forever TVclip: Only Mickey Mouse content

  • Roblox Lover101
    Roblox Lover101 12 days ago +1

    Every time mothra dies she gets a rebirth lmao

  • Chellow Infinity
    Chellow Infinity 13 days ago


  • Michael Song
    Michael Song 14 days ago

    I wish Mothra was as powerful as she appeared in the Japan films. Mothra was super fast (instant max acceleration).

  • Diana Pearl Novo
    Diana Pearl Novo 15 days ago +1

    Godzilla and mothra’s roar/shriek was kinda cute to me.

  • Edpro 5649
    Edpro 5649 15 days ago

    Like for Godzilla comment for ghidorah

  • Donutzz
    Donutzz 16 days ago

    Can anyone can't just ignore that Rodan was an ally of Godzilla in the past. And the new movie shows that he's King Ghidorah's minion

  • stefany condori
    stefany condori 19 days ago

    Mothra of a sting broke his heart (well, more or less xd)

  • Hyper Something
    Hyper Something 19 days ago

    If ghidorah didn’t bite the electricity Godzilla would win without mothra

  • Harry Walker
    Harry Walker 20 days ago


  • halifaxx55
    halifaxx55 21 day ago

    Rodans like "no, you ain't about to jump , come here"

  • pliosaur and liopleurodon


  • Harlen Poteete
    Harlen Poteete 25 days ago

    I'm about to frickin kill meself mate stop called Ghidorah 'Ghidora'

  • OceanShark Gamer
    OceanShark Gamer 25 days ago

    Team Rodan, Comment
    Team Mothra, Like

  • Jumpingmagic
    Jumpingmagic 28 days ago +1

    Mothra you absolute beauty! You literally are the main show.

  • Bits of Lit
    Bits of Lit Month ago

    Godzilla: Hol' up

  • Larry 101
    Larry 101 Month ago

    Hey the guy in the back right kinda looks like coryxkenshin 1:22

  • Sarah Anderson
    Sarah Anderson Month ago +1

    Guys ifnyou want to see more hit the like on meh

  • 1527뽀로로
    1527뽀로로 Month ago

    1:02 ..............kk

  • vGamerz
    vGamerz Month ago

    rodan you son of a bitch-

  • Hnl Nizmo
    Hnl Nizmo Month ago

    “How does it feel, bitch?” 2:00

  • Thomas Yip
    Thomas Yip Month ago

    3:40 Mortha: YOU ARE TERMINATED!!!!

  • mm2 vibes
    mm2 vibes Month ago

    godzilla king of the monster
    mothra queen of the monster

  • Kasem Shani Baqi
    Kasem Shani Baqi Month ago

    They should have a baby

  • wobashiligang
    wobashiligang Month ago

    2:28 wait that’s illegal

  • Anna White Wolf
    Anna White Wolf Month ago

    One head: Ok, if u two others don't work, I'll fight it on my own!
    Godzilla: pushes him through the house

  • Marvin Martin
    Marvin Martin Month ago

    My one problem was that when mothra stings rodan the cgi looks so cartoon.

  • TheVoiceOfTruth
    TheVoiceOfTruth Month ago

    gods this movie is chalk full of sjw shit

  • Trapking SWAG
    Trapking SWAG Month ago

    A decade ago the title would sound like some 480p edit with old clips/pictures with rock music playing in the background. What a time to be alive

  • Chris G.
    Chris G. Month ago

    Her smile was cringy for some reason

  • josiah covin
    josiah covin Month ago

    Can we all agree that mothra said
    "Get off my knife" before allowing rodan to fall

  • Arial Blade
    Arial Blade Month ago

    When your girl decides to help you in a co op boss fight and the two of you become unstoppable beings.

  • tejas banode
    tejas banode Month ago

    00:05 This kid is really STRANGE.
    Monsters, other dimensions...

  • Euis Dahyati
    Euis Dahyati Month ago

    Godzilla wins

  • Cookies,Cars,Chasing stars With Lucari

    Who saved Mothra

  • Gerard Kwok
    Gerard Kwok Month ago

    02:04 KG calling Rodan for aid

  • Fishbone 11
    Fishbone 11 Month ago


  • mrbiggtings
    mrbiggtings Month ago

    Rodans a pagan lol

  • BoDen
    BoDen Month ago

    After all this somehow Rodan and Godzilla were the only ones that survived.

  • Tyndaldi
    Tyndaldi Month ago

    I learned about all the other titans from that PS2 Godzilla game a long time ago when I was a kid. Watching this movie and slowly recognizing each Titan as they made an entrance was pretty cool. Like seeing King Ghidorah was O.O and then Mothra was like :D :O :'( >:( :) lol Good stuff.

  • tennaj
    tennaj Month ago

    3:37 when my one night stand says" wait wait I'm not on the pill! "

  • Spare Rice
    Spare Rice Month ago +1

    Mothra’s cute asf

  • Lord Zanthar Teh Allen

    God this movie has the cheesiest music and dialogue.

  • mace medalla
    mace medalla Month ago

    imma make a wix website where godzilla fans send me there own versions of mothra

  • blastroise hunt
    blastroise hunt Month ago

    This is that 1/3 time that mothra actually beats rodan. I think Rodan would bear mothra most of the time.

  • Not a Problem
    Not a Problem Month ago

    2:33 so that's where Rise of Skywalker got it from.

  • Gor Karapetyan
    Gor Karapetyan Month ago

    godzilla ✅✅✅and mothra ✅✅✅vs king ghidorah❌❌ and rodan✅✅✅❌❌

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones Month ago

    03:22 is a proper bitch slap.

  • kauan lucas
    kauan lucas Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣 gozzilla

  • Clain Kirkpatrick
    Clain Kirkpatrick Month ago


  • Snoozecoop™
    Snoozecoop™ Month ago

    Meanwhile my boy Kong on Skull Island picking his nose well at least he is 400 feet tall now. Gotta lift those mountains Kong you have a big humongous fight this coming November.

    NIGGACHU Month ago +2

    Reasons Mothra is maybe the best character if not the best ever:
    - Immortal
    - Has a symbiotic relationship with godzilla
    - Deadly
    - Smart AF
    - Giant phucking *MÖTH*
    Now why godzilla ia one of the bests too:
    - Deadly
    - The King of The Monsters
    - Also the main
    - Giant-fucking-practically-indestructible-mass destruction-nuclear-iguana

  • The MysticGod1587
    The MysticGod1587 Month ago

    Mothra>Captain Marvel

  • Joao vitor Figueredo
    Joao vitor Figueredo 2 months ago

    Thais is

  • Nas 12
    Nas 12 2 months ago +1

    0:48 godzilla running like a theropod dinosaur

  • Jason Jason
    Jason Jason 2 months ago

    Yo rodan is a beast literally
    He had to bow 4 the true king tho but he was still fire man I love rodan
    But damn mothra

  • Kaiden Farris
    Kaiden Farris 2 months ago

    Godzilla is so cool like he's so strong and when he turns into fire godzilla

  • Jenney Vang
    Jenney Vang 2 months ago

    I love the action and monsters new designs in this movie and Serizawa really bring out the angst. What i dislike is the the story plot and some of the characters. For an example, a kid is added to the story but served no purpose except putting herself in danger and making Ghidorah "hangry" (the guy haven't eaten for thousand of years. give him a break) The two characters I like most is Serizawa (because he f*cking give his life to save godzilla) and Alan (because of the line, "Long lived the king". They just had to add that line from the GoT. And I just got done with GoT, much to my disappointment.) Of course, i like the humor they add in there and that fact that Ghidorah came from outer space who is trying to control the monster as their new alpha and had to fight with Godzilla and Mothra, etc. I guess I would prefer a story plot where the humans are trying to find more monsters like Godzilla. Of course, they had already found some, still in their deep slumber and when they found Ghidorah, they accident awaken it and everyone in the area were all killed. Meanwhile, there is a group of people trying locate Godzilla whereabouts and came upon the mythical city; Atlantis. and idk stuff happen lol but still, with the some of the plot aside, the monsters and actions look great! Rip Serizawa, Ichi, Ni, and Kevin though... I'm pretty sure we will see Kevin soon... lmao.

  • Cam D
    Cam D 2 months ago

    I don't like how unrealistic this was in comparison to the first one (as far as realism in a movie like this can go). In the first one they moved slow, they destroyed everything just by being near it, you could really get a sense of their size and weight. But in this one, they're moving around at such high speeds, it doesn't look all that great. Big hits in this movie didn't feel anywhere near as big as they did in the first movie.

  • Mariku Luuv
    Mariku Luuv 2 months ago

    Ghidorah: *kills Mothra*

  • Erik Janicki
    Erik Janicki 2 months ago

    Damn, this move turned Mothra into a badass.

  • menina sonhadora
    menina sonhadora 2 months ago

    Godzilla ganha

  • Adriana Ramirez
    Adriana Ramirez 2 months ago


  • Caco Splat 2
    Caco Splat 2 2 months ago

    *noo Godzilla D:*

    *He got bited on the neck by a 3 headed Bitch*

  • J. Robert R
    J. Robert R 2 months ago

    3:39 Definición grafica de cuando ella me rompió el corazón.