DP/30: The Road, actor Viggo Mortensen


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  • Olivia McDonagh
    Olivia McDonagh 15 days ago

    Could listen to him talk all day; beautiful voice, beautiful mind.

  • the baddest
    the baddest Month ago +1

    the amount of times i've watched this interview for his voice alone.

  • Antonietta Carozza
    Antonietta Carozza Month ago

    Grande....Il remingo

  • Grace Ann Pierce
    Grace Ann Pierce 4 months ago +1

    more i see\more i hear - more i love /ga

  • Look Away
    Look Away 5 months ago

    He seems like a weak man, nothing like his characters.

  • ingelise p0ulsen
    ingelise p0ulsen 8 months ago

    OKE LOVELY man all agree ?? HE is sort of combinatien :: K. DOUGLAS ( chinkuiltje ) Clint EASTW.- littel bit JEAN P. -George CLO.- WAT more ?? Shaman intregriteit - heerlijk SEXSY-perfect hight-++ he caryes it sooo naturel.💜💙🤸‍♀️🙌MAKES A lady fall contineu .ilp. THEN the point ::mij DADs name is/was VIGGO E. POULSEN.💖 ps . CLINT eastw.?? BYS 🧓

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood Year ago

    happy 60th birthday viggo peter mortensen !!!

  • Diego Ornelas
    Diego Ornelas Year ago +3

    Asmr voice:) I love Viggo! Such a calm, gentle soul; I could listen to him for hours!

  • RedSnt
    RedSnt 2 years ago +1

    The Road was one of the saddest things I've ever seen. I think Grave of the Fireflies was more sad, but live action wise The Road definitely takes the cake.

  • Kuarzorosso Patricia Torres Torres

    Love light life. PTT :'( Why?

  • Charles Lawrence
    Charles Lawrence 2 years ago +1

    i like him in long hair or short very manly a mans man so to speak

    PHs PALACE 2 years ago +1

    Robert Duvall is in the road. see it!

    • Marcelo Kuroi
      Marcelo Kuroi 2 years ago +1

      Oh God, Robert Duvall is fantastic in this movie!

  • Mal De Miel
    Mal De Miel 2 years ago +25

    hypnotizing voice

  • ely blu
    ely blu 3 years ago +14

    A real actor.

  • Chris Lauria
    Chris Lauria 4 years ago +5

    I'm about a third of the way through the book, and having already seen the movie, so far I'm pretty impressed with how faithful the movie is to the book. This really is a beautiful story of love in the absolute worst of circumstances.

  • Miltiades Of Athens
    Miltiades Of Athens 4 years ago +2

    This is beutiful.

  • Hangry Hippo
    Hangry Hippo 5 years ago +5

    The Indian Runner *****

  • My2CΞnts
    My2CΞnts 5 years ago +4

    Incredible movie.
    Through out the whole movie I was expecting them to find a sapling or some other clue that the world was eventually going to recuperate. But they didn't. In the movie, the world IS dying, and it IS the end of history, and there is no coming back from it. But there is still love and compassion.

    • PsycheodeliaDelle
      PsycheodeliaDelle 2 years ago

      @Pr0DlgY excuse me, how long has the human race been on this planet? For 2 million years. Ice age happens every 30 000 years. What, you just suck at Maths or you are just dumb as fuck? Lmfao.

    • Pr0DlgY
      Pr0DlgY 3 years ago +2

      Katharina Hagen um.. in the movie they explain That the animals are dying. so is the vegetation. That did not happen during the ice age. and "mankind" has not been through multiple ice ages.. only one as far as i know, and there were plenty of animals to hunt. besides, there has been litte developement in human naturen for hundreds of years in the past. especially up untill the last 100 years, People are getting less and less self sustainable, and has forgotten how to live primitivley. we are getting more reliant on automation and technology. we are essentially digging our own grave in a way if you ask me. tell a 12 year old Kid to light a fire without matches (or Even with) compared to a 12 year old from the 1820's. Basic human survival skills has died in the recent generations. i rareley see children playing outside anymore even.

    • PsycheodeliaDelle
      PsycheodeliaDelle 3 years ago +2

      No, it's not the end of the history. By reaching South characters are given the opportunity to survive as they have something to eat and its warmer. Manking survived multiple ice ages so far, so this wouldn't kill them either.

  • SophyaAgain
    SophyaAgain 5 years ago +4

    Eastern Promises! Simply f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!!

  • Vicky Jaenicke
    Vicky Jaenicke 5 years ago +16

    i just love his voice *-*

  • Jack McConnell
    Jack McConnell 5 years ago +5

    Viggo is so cool,definately in my top 5! His best film was the lord of the rings, but the road comes pretty close.

  • tyrota
    tyrota 6 years ago +2


  • dincleberry joe
    dincleberry joe 6 years ago +1

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  • Rene Ayala
    Rene Ayala 6 years ago +3

    I wish the interviewer would shut up while Viggo is talking.

  • Aquiter Corona
    Aquiter Corona 6 years ago +2

    I love Viggo's movies and surely I got really scared in some part of the movie. But the subject landscape and looks comes up so much I just feel like I should mention it. Viggo is a painter and writes poems, etc. so he talks in a very poetic way, which I also do and love it, so I can only imagine how much he wants to say about the surroundings he worked in during this movie. And, FunFact, I also have a black DSi. Just like the one in the background on the nightstand :3

  • Poetic Justice
    Poetic Justice 7 years ago +5

    I admire this man so much. A really good interview too.

  • marcinharj2008
    marcinharj2008 7 years ago +1

    Great video, thank you!!

  • DonDiego256
    DonDiego256 7 years ago +7

    Thank you for this interview. Viggo Mortensen seems like a very thoughtful actor and a great guy.

  • raven
    raven 7 years ago +2

    The File size of this video must be astronomical if it took three years to upload.