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Britains Got Talent Kyle Tomlinson performs "Hallelujah" - A Golden Buzzer

  • Published on May 23, 2017
  • David Walliams's Golden Buzzer act Kyle Tomlinson goes straight to Britain's Got Talent's live semi-finals
    Kyle Tomlinson has become the fifth and final Golden Buzzer act on Britain's Got Talent.
    The 15-year-old from Sheffield previously auditioned for the show when he was aged 12.
    After Kyle had finished singing, Walliams said: “I thought it was really good,” before hitting the gold button. "Well done Kyle," said Walliams. "It was a really, really moving performance."
    Simon Cowell added: “You gave every single ounce you could possibly give to that performance" while Alesha described his story as being like a “fairytale”.
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  • Stephen Whitfield
    Stephen Whitfield 9 minutes ago

    my name is kyle, im fiffteen, and im just looking for a person i can laugh with

  • Blake Watkins
    Blake Watkins 5 hours ago

    This guy makes me determined

  • Erin Klir
    Erin Klir 8 hours ago +1

    Wow that is great singing

  • Maryam 303
    Maryam 303 12 hours ago


  • lhawkes5
    lhawkes5 22 hours ago +1

    That was really lovely.

  • K
    K 22 hours ago +1

    What a sweet young man.

  • Olga Ludlam
    Olga Ludlam Day ago +1

    Very well done

  • Richard Schroth
    Richard Schroth Day ago +1

    Kyle proved David right. He needed voice coach and got it. Here's the proof.

  • Fernando Gonzalez
    Fernando Gonzalez Day ago +1

    Actually he came back and proved David's right....

  • peter glad
    peter glad Day ago +1

    What song is this? Did anybody knows

    • Simiiformes
      Simiiformes 12 hours ago +1

      Halleluja by Jeff Buckley

  • Александра Потемкина

    Просто чудо !!!

  • Deep Town
    Deep Town Day ago

    Молодец пацан, талант от бога! Привет из России!



  • God
    God Day ago

    Why does David look like an older Elon musk

  • It’s Me
    It’s Me Day ago

    Anyone notice how happy Simon was when David hit the golden buzzer? Watch it again. Simon looked genuinely thrilled.

  • Keanu Asperin
    Keanu Asperin Day ago

    5:55 boi

  • Patty Lehman
    Patty Lehman Day ago

    Just beautiful

  • a wood
    a wood 2 days ago

    In my opinion, Kyle needs to slow the song down and sing this at a more leisurely pace. He has a great voice.

    • Simiiformes
      Simiiformes Day ago +1

      What? He sings this song perfectly in every way. If he "slows it down" the audience would be asleep. Listen to other covers of this song. This young man nails it in every way including the tempo.


    I got something in my eyes!!

  • James LeLeux
    James LeLeux 2 days ago

    yes I loved the sing and his voice as well. I want to know what Simon was snacking on that he could just eat one piece at a time lol

  • ML MONEY88
    ML MONEY88 2 days ago

    Wow. I bet the janitors will have alot of fun with that

  • Izzie
    Izzie 2 days ago +2

    Awwww the fact that David was the one who pressed the buzzer❤️

  • Izzie
    Izzie 2 days ago +1

    Oh my god he’s incredible

  • Sem Lunghars
    Sem Lunghars 2 days ago

    David wasn't wrong. He made him come back strong. Well done Kyle and David. Btw Simon looks good smiling, he should often do that. Hehe

  • Yakub Ajarat Adenike

    even though I already have this video on my phone, I can't stop playing it like it might run away anytime.
    I love the performance, it was very very brilliant, nice one Kyle
    am here to check if someone will comment bad about him and blast the person
    but I can see we are all moved by this amazing boy😊😊
    like David said: well done Kyle, it was a very moving performance 👊👊👊👊👊
    i now watch this every morning

  • Beverly Blackwelder
    Beverly Blackwelder 2 days ago

    Wow!! One of the most beautiful auditions ever!!!

  • Marcia Musiak
    Marcia Musiak 2 days ago

    very good

  • Bryan Chaney
    Bryan Chaney 2 days ago

    I have heard several version of this song, and I have yet to hear a version that tops Kyle's performance. Just wish there was a version of him singing the whole song.

  • friedrich nietzsche
    friedrich nietzsche 2 days ago

    3:6 "We made an end of them, as we had made an end of Sehon, that reigned in Hesebon, destroying all the inhabitants of their cities, ( men, women and children," )-("DESTROYING ALL THE....CHILDRENS )
    ( In the Hebrew ( Bible hallelujah ) - is actually a two-word phrase, not one word. ... However, "hallelujah" means more than simply "praise Jah" or "praise Yah", ) DEUTERONOMY 20:17. GENOCIDE!!!
    28:53 "Thou wilt be fain to eat thy own offspring, the flesh of thy own sons and daughters, the Lord’s gift to thee; so bitter the stress and the want these enemies of thine shall bring upon thee."
    20:17. "All of them must be put to the sword, Hethite and Amorrhite and Chanaanite and Pherezite and Hevite and Jebusite, as the Lord thy God has bidden thee;"

  • friedrich nietzsche
    friedrich nietzsche 2 days ago

    48:10. "Cursed the man who goes about the Lord’s work grudgingly, nor with blood stains his sword!"

  • BLUEWØŁF Gacha
    BLUEWØŁF Gacha 2 days ago

    I thought he said "Im 50" BOI WHAT THE HACK??
    realizes he said 15: ok ok u good boi ☺

  • Rita Briggs
    Rita Briggs 2 days ago

    Who will still watch this with me in 2020 congrats son

  • Arbaz Abid
    Arbaz Abid 2 days ago

    oo Kyle you brave brave soul, loved it

  • heloisa oliveira
    heloisa oliveira 2 days ago

    Bravo Bravo Belíssimo!!!

  • Mohammed Anes
    Mohammed Anes 2 days ago

    What's the song at the golden buzzer ?

  • Aaron Bradley
    Aaron Bradley 2 days ago

    New fat fucking worthless amateur has any rights singing that song he should be shot or kept away from hamburgers for the rest of his life cut away from junk food for the rest of his life and just left to rot in a sewer drain actually it's hope show and everybody behind it needs to just be fall the same fate

    • Izzie
      Izzie 2 days ago

      Sorry that you’re jealous that he’s way more talented than you’ll ever be. He has an incredible voice and portrayed this song beautifully. I’d pick him over your sorry ass any day.

  • Alexandre Pfister
    Alexandre Pfister 3 days ago

    to avoid the blah and listen to the performances of the young man starts 2:07

  • Abeer Nusair
    Abeer Nusair 3 days ago


  • Jayda Kuehnl
    Jayda Kuehnl 3 days ago

    He is so good best cover of this song I've heard in my life

  • Jack_Offical
    Jack_Offical 3 days ago

    Hallelujah for that

  • Patrice Marie
    Patrice Marie 3 days ago

    WOW! ..... PASSIONATE .... WOW! .....

  • Audrey Dominique
    Audrey Dominique 3 days ago

    His father's reaction makes me cry. Chills. Chills

  • Yasmin Hirt
    Yasmin Hirt 3 days ago

    I‘m sure, Leonard Cohen himself gave him a golden buzzer!

  • Yasmin Hirt
    Yasmin Hirt 3 days ago

    Unbelievable! Incredibly beautiful!! ❤️

  • Ella Criqui
    Ella Criqui 3 days ago +1

    This left me in tears! I loved it!!

  • Le P'tit théâtre de Gaillard

    Wahou !!!

  • Laura Duskblood
    Laura Duskblood 3 days ago +1

    Dang he is so good!

  • ninjafireball
    ninjafireball 3 days ago +1

    Gave it directly a thumbs up because he gave me the chills right when he started singin.

  • swerdna1970
    swerdna1970 3 days ago

    great show for fat screamers.

    SHINOBI BOI FOR DAYS! 3 days ago +3

    Janitors nightmare:tHe GoLdeN bUzZeR

  • hitchikejoe
    hitchikejoe 3 days ago +1

    this kid is going places!!!

  • manuel galrinho
    manuel galrinho 3 days ago +2

    He proved David was right. He got a teacher and he improved.

  • mr.awesome
    mr.awesome 3 days ago

    He sounds how an electric guitar looks

  • Kasen and Jacob
    Kasen and Jacob 3 days ago

    Like Simon wouldn’t say what David said 😂

    RJ JRKM 3 days ago +1

    I don't know why am crying..great performance😍

  • Samuel Mopao
    Samuel Mopao 3 days ago

    Me too I like this song

  • Richard Dick
    Richard Dick 3 days ago +1

    Simon:with a good song these snacks are incredibly delicious

  • q p
    q p 3 days ago

    I love you Kyle.

    LATONYA FUQUA 3 days ago

    David go stand in the corner

  • MazeFrame
    MazeFrame 3 days ago +1

    Now I am not sure anymore wich version I like better, the Pentatonix one or this one. I think I prefer this.

    • Josh Gordon
      Josh Gordon 2 days ago

      Lee Dewyze, listen to his version if you like this song

  • yellow snow
    yellow snow 3 days ago +3

    his voice sounds like electric guitar SICK

  • Jane Jamieson
    Jane Jamieson 3 days ago +7

    So happy he came back-was a brilliant performace!

  • Raf Raf
    Raf Raf 4 days ago +12

    Incroyable.... quelle voix.. et quelle émotion il dégage.. à 15 ans.. bravo !

  • Neto Coelho
    Neto Coelho 4 days ago

    03:26 Great

  • Alan S
    Alan S 4 days ago +1

    Good lad, I’ll show you he says and he did 👍

  • Will Ford
    Will Ford 5 days ago

    David gets hate but they don’t realize he created something beautiful

  • Marten Dekker
    Marten Dekker 5 days ago

    This is's the opposite of what the lyrics say. The song is a pleading...NOT a victory cheer. & the voice he uses is artificial & has no real emotion. 👎

    • Aaron Powell
      Aaron Powell 5 days ago

      You're a jackass. Show-boating is the point of the show. You showcase your voice strength and range and control, and that's what gets you to get to the next level.

  • Maria Metler
    Maria Metler 5 days ago


  • Jeff Mooney
    Jeff Mooney 5 days ago


  • alsosusieq2
    alsosusieq2 5 days ago +5

    holy crap what a voice. not my favorite rendition, but damn..

  • Gpipes local1
    Gpipes local1 5 days ago +48

    God bless him , beautiful song and a beautiful voice. Loved it 👍👍👍

  • Kurd2Movie
    Kurd2Movie 5 days ago +4

    This is first time in my life I saw Simon was smiling

  • Lady V
    Lady V 5 days ago +4

    he got the hairs on my neck to stand up....well done young man wow!!!!!

  • Simiiformes
    Simiiformes 5 days ago +15

    When random criticism inspires us and starts a fire in us to do the best we can and come back a total winner. Fantastic. We've all been criticized for better or worse. But if it's for better, then let's get going.

    • Simiiformes
      Simiiformes Day ago +1

      @Raiha Patuwai That's nice of you to say. I hope all YOUR dreams come true in your life. Blessings to you.

    • Raiha Patuwai
      Raiha Patuwai 4 days ago +1

      Nice wording

  • Wyatt Waters
    Wyatt Waters 5 days ago +27

    Not a soul:
    David: “I thought it was REALLY GOOD (wacks buzzer)”

  • Wyatt Waters
    Wyatt Waters 5 days ago +22

    Well I’m crying now so yup

    Just a said mofo crying in the corner

  • sina mumuta
    sina mumuta 5 days ago

    Love the Hallelujah

  • Michael Gilroy
    Michael Gilroy 5 days ago

    He killed it!

  • Abel Lizandro
    Abel Lizandro 6 days ago +5

    He used well David’s advice . We need people who help us grow

  • ef jenkins
    ef jenkins 6 days ago +3

    2:53 "When you realize you've F- uped

  • Iosif Fodor
    Iosif Fodor 6 days ago +4

    I think ,this is Aleesha's golden buzer....look at 4:36 . I think she told David,to pres the GB(sory for my english)

  • joe smith
    joe smith 6 days ago

    Wow nailed it. Just wow

  • alejandra maria velez diez


  • Татьяна Сафронова


  • Epsilon Silver
    Epsilon Silver 6 days ago

    Hello???? He came back and proved David right!!!

  • Vixen Feline
    Vixen Feline 6 days ago

    Just WOW 😳

  • Adam Kirby
    Adam Kirby 7 days ago

    Is that fat morgz

  • Deana Jones
    Deana Jones 7 days ago

    Lovely voice..lovely song

  • Rebecca Cook
    Rebecca Cook 7 days ago

    I love this song. So many singers butcher it. Kyle has the gift of bringing in the listeners emotion. I pretty much cry every single time I come to enjoy it again. Beautiful voice, talent that will help him realize his dreams. Bravo Kyle!

  • Bailey BRIGHT
    Bailey BRIGHT 7 days ago +32

    He definitely had some monster energy drinks to get this good

  • Johan F
    Johan F 7 days ago

    This is soooooooooooooooo good !! I even got emotional and loved to see his dad being so proud. He deserved that golden buzzer... :-)

  • margiethomas8
    margiethomas8 7 days ago

    Still my favorite!!!!

  • Marcello Dupond
    Marcello Dupond 7 days ago

    I hate this shows ...... is all programmed

  • Daddy Diego
    Daddy Diego 7 days ago +9

    If the judges stand that's how you know you have done very good.

  • Vibeke Hansen
    Vibeke Hansen 8 days ago

    bravooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Cristiano Arlan
    Cristiano Arlan 8 days ago

    Show, canta muito!

  • Niuean Laho
    Niuean Laho 8 days ago

    He took the advice and now its paid off

  • Ihsan Jabboury
    Ihsan Jabboury 8 days ago

    Just wow

  • Rodrigo Lutz
    Rodrigo Lutz 8 days ago

    cara... dificil de não se arrepiar!!!!

  • 1800nunyabiz
    1800nunyabiz 8 days ago

    That golden buzzer thing is such a crock of shit.