100 Phrases Every Russian Beginner Must-Know

  • Published on Sep 4, 2018
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  • CornFetishhh3
    CornFetishhh3 16 hours ago

    All the fuckbois saying how attractive she is should watch 7:47 over and over

  • OC Vegas Property
    OC Vegas Property 4 days ago

    Helped me to slow the video speed as some parts were too fast.

  • Sound Engineer Звукоинженер

    28:12 Русские зимы? лол Зима очень холодная в России . Более подходит.

  • Sasha Gusev
    Sasha Gusev 5 days ago


  • Sasha Gusev
    Sasha Gusev 5 days ago

    The practice of communicating in Russian with native speakers in WhatsApp is free

  • Аааа Аааа
    Аааа Аааа 5 days ago

    хорошее видео! с меня лайк! но я изучаю английский и если есть люди, которые хотят изучить русский, то давайте поможем друг другу! я помогу вам, а вы мне!

  • a filthy lizard person

    How do I say the Duolingo bird is coming to kill me for not taking my Russian lessons my Russian friend is scared and I don't know how to tell him then I'm going to die I could only use emojis because those were the closest thing he could understand to my language please help it's coming it's going to kill me every door in my house is locked but it's going to kill me some way its power is Unstoppable we can't defeat it but I need to tell my friend before I die

  • a filthy lizard person

    All I want to say is death to America but I don't feel like that would be taught very easily also if you're wondering it's so then I can say a joke in Russian to my dad who doesn't speak Russian

  • Mum Bigjoe
    Mum Bigjoe 8 days ago

    thnmaks kayta this so amazing

  • عمار الطائي

    Love ❤️ you and Russia 🇷🇺

  • Barney Fife
    Barney Fife 10 days ago +1

    You are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. If only i could meet you. AS well the lesson was brilliant and im all on board if there is a pay site. So grateful . please let me know Barney

    • ingwarthewise
      ingwarthewise 10 days ago

      Barney Fife uhh, please be more realistic?

  • Jim Scheltema
    Jim Scheltema 12 days ago

    When do you use teper versus ceechass ?

  • Evan Tee
    Evan Tee 12 days ago +1

    much better if the Russian pronunciation were in English also

    • CornFetishhh3
      CornFetishhh3 2 days ago

      Evan Tee Noooooo transliteration is distracting and totally sucks

  • Sound Engineer Звукоинженер

    Девушка почему-то меня раздражает.

  • Серёжа Верипов

    Zdravstvuite suka I give up

  • Colin Hirschberg
    Colin Hirschberg 15 days ago

    Lastly, is a synonym of ? According to some of my Kazakh friends, is another frequently used word for head in Russian, and it derives from a word for head in some Turkic language.

  • Colin Hirschberg
    Colin Hirschberg 15 days ago

    Why are the Russian numerals for "one" and "two" and rather than and , respectively, in the following Russian saying: ("One head is good, but two are better.")?

    • Кира Сокол
      Кира Сокол 14 days ago

      Одно (Single n) солнце (Single n) - one sun
      Два (Plural n/m) солнца (Plural n) - two suns

    • Кира Сокол
      Кира Сокол 14 days ago

      Один (Single m) мальчик (Single m) - one boy
      Два (Plural m/n) мальчика (Plural m) - two boys

    • Кира Сокол
      Кира Сокол 14 days ago

      I forgot to explain the second word
      Две is the plural feminine form of “одна”

    • Кира Сокол
      Кира Сокол 15 days ago

      Голова из feminine and that’s why we use Одна(f), and not один(m) or одно(n)

  • Colin Hirschberg
    Colin Hirschberg 15 days ago

    What are the plural forms of the following words for mother and father: , , , and ? I could not figure any of these nouns' plural forms out by using Google Translate.

    • Кира Сокол
      Кира Сокол 15 days ago

      Colin Hirschberg
      Мать - матери
      Мама - мамы
      Отец - отцы
      Папа _ папы

  • Colin Hirschberg
    Colin Hirschberg 15 days ago

    Is the plural of , which means "hour," or ?

  • Colin Hirschberg
    Colin Hirschberg 15 days ago

    What does the interrogative word mean?
    This word's masculine and neuter forms are and , respectively, so what is its feminine form?
    Are there any other common Russian phrases or sentences in which is used apart from and ?

  • Colin Hirschberg
    Colin Hirschberg 15 days ago

    What is the difference between

    • Кира Сокол
      Кира Сокол 14 days ago +1

      Colin Hirschberg sometimes я люблю can mean I like))

    • Colin Hirschberg
      Colin Hirschberg 14 days ago

      Кира Сокол, thank you very much for your explanations, which have cleared up most of my confusions, but I still do not understand why Katya's example question gets translated as "Does your father like fishing?" instead of "Does your father love fishing?". If only meant "to love", then wouldn't every single occurrence of get translated as some conjugated form of the verb "to love" and not "to like"?

    • Кира Сокол
      Кира Сокол 15 days ago +1

      Colin Hirschberg мне нравится - I like, я люблю - I love

  • `2strokeboy`
    `2strokeboy` 16 days ago

    Sorry its going too fast, you need to be in fully dedication and take notes to follow, not easy for the average learner but still nice, thanks

  • C'est Taylor
    C'est Taylor 17 days ago

    These channels are really useful I just wish they'd listen to us and put a transcription for the sentences

  • Jonibek Rakhmonkulov
    Jonibek Rakhmonkulov 17 days ago +1

    I know just a little about Russian and I am trying to enhance it. This video is genuinely helpful. I am watching it repeatedly. Большое спасибо Катя.

  • Jonathan Brisby
    Jonathan Brisby 18 days ago

    Different Video Included the Pronounce,not just how to write Russian

  • Sushi Mezupo
    Sushi Mezupo 21 day ago +1

    When she made a sentence using zdrastvitye hahah, I got killed... xD

  • Z
    Z 21 day ago

    I speak four languages and learning others. For beginners, I recommend speaking a bit slower. Otherwise, please change the title from "Beginners" to "Intermediate". Thank you!

  • Ondřej Matějka
    Ondřej Matějka 22 days ago

    Slavs don't saying I'm good, thank you :-D
    Almost all that basic phrases are very different from Czech language, I am surprised how much not understandable it is for me. That explains why I have no idea what's going on when I meet some Russian people who speak Russian. :-D

  • Valeria валерія

    7:15 Помогите ( help help ) In mid of Russian jungles you lost and asking for help then suddenly the big polar bear appear to you 😂 🐻 😟

  • Ryan Vargas
    Ryan Vargas 24 days ago

    Which came first...The rocket or the Katyusha?

  • J M
    J M 27 days ago

    I would like to eat her салат

  • Saiful el Muttaqin
    Saiful el Muttaqin 28 days ago

    i cant read russian letter, so use english letter to read your word

  • iconic
    iconic 28 days ago

    All of the Russian people I’ve met are all named Katya 😂

  • Biko Kasim
    Biko Kasim 29 days ago

    hello guys, who wants to learn Russian,feel free to message me

  • Wolfgang Maya
    Wolfgang Maya Month ago

    Thank you :) soooo goood :)

  • Alessandro Parrinello

    Dovrebbe dare anche la traduzione letterale. Dire "sto morendo di sete" e dire "ho molta sete" non è la stessa cosa per chi vuole imparare

  • andrew c
    andrew c Month ago

    like the vid but your going way to fast auuuhhhhhhggg!!! pulling my hair out!

    • minixtee
      minixtee 26 days ago

      yeeessssss me too! I kept pausing every second of the video for listening, writing and repeating. i'm seriously already watching the video for 1 hour and i've had 50 words. Will continue another day. Good luck with your russian!

  • John M Guzman
    John M Guzman Month ago +1

    I'm enjoying learning Russian so much, thanks to you. I laughed and learned.

  • iToldYou
    iToldYou Month ago +1

    if you want to correspond with native russian you can write me

  • Russian to the world
    Russian to the world Month ago +1

    The video is useful for the elementary level 👍

    • John M Guzman
      John M Guzman Month ago

      Can you speak Russian? Greeting from California USA

  • Itz TechnoRj
    Itz TechnoRj Month ago

    I thought your name was katyusha...

    • Вася Штырьков
      Вася Штырьков Month ago

      Katyusha, Katyuha, Ekaterina, Katerina, Katya, Katen'ka, Kat'ka - different forms of the same name. Main official form of this name - Ekaterina (written in her passport).

  • speed150mph
    speed150mph Month ago

    Haha it’s been a long time since I tried learning any more Russian. What actually surprised me is how quickly I remembered how to read the words. Thank god Russians spell words the way they are pronounced. Now it’s just a matter of putting meaning to the words 😁 спасибо

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  • BBnose
    BBnose Month ago +1

    Why are you so cute?

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    Rick the stick Month ago

    in german bitte is also please + welcome

  • Ali Baba
    Ali Baba Month ago

    hello teacher
    i have change my pc keyboard to russian language SO all alphabet whiten just one (Ё) please how to white it

    • Ali Baba
      Ali Baba Month ago

      Спасибо ёёёёёёёё

    • Giant Rumpa
      Giant Rumpa Month ago

      (Ё) button is located where ~ simbol is

  • LKN
    LKN Month ago

    I am a beginner learner, don’t know the scriptures. Please write the pronunciation in English scriptures . I can’t read Russian.
    Thanks and Regards

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