100 Phrases Every Russian Beginner Must-Know

  • Published on Sep 4, 2018
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      stephane pierre Month ago

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      just релах Month ago

      Hey, have you been studying Russian? I'm a native speaker and I'm looking for English speakers. I want to improve my English pronunciation and help you with Russian. We can speak, for example, on skype, it can be a good experience for both of us !

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    • just релах
      just релах Month ago

      Hey, have you been studying Russian? I'm a native speaker and I'm looking for English speakers. I want to improve my English pronunciation and help you with Russian. We can speak, for example, on skype, it can be a good free experience for both of us !

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    evets1709 3 months ago

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    • Learn Russian with RussianPod101.com
      Learn Russian with RussianPod101.com  2 months ago +1

      Hello evets1709,

      "у меня три собаки" is more common.

      Team RussianPod101.com

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      evets1709 2 months ago

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