I Let My Best Friends Pick My Boyfriend: Daniela | Bestie Picks Bae

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • It's Thursday, and you know what that means: Bestie Picks Bae! Daniela is 18 and single and ready to mingle. She asked her three best friends, Mica, Bianca, and Lana, to help pick her boyfriend. They each have different requirements for Daniela's bf: one wants him to be a quarterback, one wants a class clown, and one wants the class president. They interviewed 10 potential baes speed date style to see which is the best match for Daniela. One catch? Daniela has no idea who they're picking until the very end! Is this a match made in heaven, or should they have swiped left?
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Comments • 8 901

  • Seventeen
    Seventeen  2 months ago +4024

    OMG That ending! What did you think of Daniela's reaction????

    • snotdog films
      snotdog films 2 days ago

      dirty dan ok but there is a difference between honest and rude...you’re shallow and closed minded!!!

    • Sman King
      Sman King 4 days ago

      Omg she is soo snobby. Like u is not all that

    • Julian Moreno
      Julian Moreno 5 days ago

      how do i get on this???

    • Short StacccK
      Short StacccK 7 days ago


  • Antonia Vergara
    Antonia Vergara Hour ago

    Okay Matthew was the real babe

  • anna
    anna 4 hours ago

    i think marcelo came back😂

  • Star Child
    Star Child 4 hours ago


  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 6 hours ago

    I'd love to let my girls pick my bae bc I need to find a tall guy 😂😂 And I think this show would find multiple tall guys for me 😂
    Btw I'm 6'1... 😋

  • Leana Howe
    Leana Howe 6 hours ago

    When the guy said cats only want you to feed them I was like OHHHHH HELL NAHHHH

  • Evan K
    Evan K 8 hours ago

    I’m in high school and I haven’t even met anyone as bad as these girls

  • Kylie Gonzalez
    Kylie Gonzalez 17 hours ago

    Dam they are so fucken annoying and rude

  • Pati Saurus
    Pati Saurus 17 hours ago

    What does having siblings to do with being family oriented?
    I mean you can hate all of them 😂

  • Faith N.
    Faith N. 19 hours ago

    these captions thoooo

  • Nathan Riedinger
    Nathan Riedinger 20 hours ago

    That felt really toxic

  • dwebsone
    dwebsone 20 hours ago

    Battle of the Simps 😂😭

  • Philip Nelson
    Philip Nelson 21 hour ago

    You could tell some of the guys were trying to get out... "I'm not a family oriented person" 😂

  • Benjamin Bogosian
    Benjamin Bogosian 21 hour ago

    Andy talks and looks like a masshole sports fan. loved his reaction tho

  • Emmatheweirdo
    Emmatheweirdo 22 hours ago

    Bro at 21:32 Jahnari seemed like he was going to cry bro!

  • The Lyrikalious
    The Lyrikalious Day ago

    What wrong with double texting nowadays. I misspell words son so I’m going to correct myself and not seem illiterate.

  • Sandra Salgado
    Sandra Salgado Day ago


    GETACHEW Day ago +3

    Btw not all girls like shoppin. I hate shoppin

    Like if u understand

  • Daisy Quezada
    Daisy Quezada Day ago

    Seem like they only picked the guy Cz he had a car 😂😂😂
    Girl in the middle : he has a car

  • Maja Nikolovski
    Maja Nikolovski Day ago

    Jahnari is just gorgeus😍

  • cutie msp
    cutie msp Day ago

    Me if i was there
    *how many girls have u kissed*
    Me: 25.... thousand u can let me go now
    (But srsly who let her in)

  • Henlo Henlo again

    Ok but why is her and her lil friend group literally the stupid mean girls in every high school movie

  • Nikola Nina Skopowska

    Really meat and smile question? That's so stupid

  • Nikola Nina Skopowska

    Omg Micah is sooo cute!

  • Go Away
    Go Away Day ago +1

    she said 👽

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom Day ago

    That girl with the bangs...her out fit is bothering me 🤭😳😳

  • Zayla
    Zayla Day ago +1

    “alright well bye daniella🤷🏾‍♂️” lmfao why i keep laughing skcjdjcje

  • Well Hello
    Well Hello Day ago +1

    He could be her dad.

  • Kailey mikell
    Kailey mikell Day ago

    They set her up

  • Amanda Hendrickson

    But whats Jahnari’s Insta thoo👀

  • Pro player 702
    Pro player 702 Day ago +1

    Cody and Jahnari was type cute ngl😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Chuck Laverdale
    Chuck Laverdale Day ago +2

    Bro like no homo but Matthew’s hot

  • oh hell
    oh hell Day ago

    They deadass look like the kind of girls that would bully me in elementary and middle school 🗿

  • •Sweet Flavour•

    I kinda feel like the questions were so stupid

  • Mariam Diallo
    Mariam Diallo Day ago +3

    oh nooo daniella doesn’t eat ribs that just means that orion can never ever date her in a million years (sarcasm y’all)

    but in all seriousness, orion was a good candidate and these questions don’t determine how compatible u are with someone and how you’ll react with them

    • Orion
      Orion 14 hours ago

      Mariam Diallo thank you 🙏🏻

  • Aislyn Howard
    Aislyn Howard Day ago

    joshua is a short king

  • Letícia Longo
    Letícia Longo Day ago +4

    LMAO they actually seem like a bunch of ten year olds. not trying to insult the ten yo tho.
    She’s being extremely disrespectful and rude, i feel sorry for the guys participating in this.

  • Jenny Amezquita
    Jenny Amezquita Day ago +1

    I wanted jahnari to win but well and I feel bad for the guy that won that is so messed up but nice try
    All of u

  • Abigail Zelaya
    Abigail Zelaya Day ago

    This is so dumb. Why is she on here if shes gonna be annoying

  • Nath Oli
    Nath Oli 2 days ago

    No one beat a Brazilian
    Da licença mermão
    Mesmo que ela n tenha gostado

  • Tony For the Top
    Tony For the Top 2 days ago

    Is it just me or does daneila look like Lele pons

  • Hello
    Hello 2 days ago

    Someone teach them how to put in those hair clips omg

  • Aaliyah Pacheco
    Aaliyah Pacheco 2 days ago

    Daniela is basic😁

  • adoreamelia
    adoreamelia 2 days ago

    sorry DANIELA. who do you think you are? laughing like that, what a cow omd. she’s just straight up rude i can’t. the way she looks omd. she’d be a bully in school, no lie. i’d LOVE to argue with her, like if she made a stupid comment. AGGGG IT ANGERS ME SO MUCH

  • adoreamelia
    adoreamelia 2 days ago

    before i clicked on this video i knew she would be rude and annoying

  • Grace Parker
    Grace Parker 2 days ago

    i’m trying to be on here next with my besties. they would probably make this difficult

  • Average Girl
    Average Girl 2 days ago

    She’s going to see this in a few years and be mad at herself. She’s way too immature for a relationship right now

  • Average Girl
    Average Girl 2 days ago

    Wow I actually hate her

  • Average Girl
    Average Girl 2 days ago +13

    Poor Micah, he was a gentle soul. And hot asf she missed out

    *And he lucked out tbh lmao*

    • samira
      samira 4 hours ago

      he seems like such a sweetheart, he deserves better tbh

  • Average Girl
    Average Girl 2 days ago +7

    So she wants a family guy but she’s also very superficial and immature. okaaaayyy

  • Average Girl
    Average Girl 2 days ago +1

    Some of these guys knew they couldn’t handle her immature middle school ass lmao

  • Samantha 2018
    Samantha 2018 2 days ago

    How rude

    ZOEY SCHMIDT 2 days ago +3

    anyone know Jahnari’s insta? or any other social? lol

  • Amber Lily
    Amber Lily 2 days ago

    Barely anyone in this ‘show’? has substance

  • jhopee BTS
    jhopee BTS 2 days ago +1

    it was down to me or chicken nuggets I'm weak

  • Twisted Testes
    Twisted Testes 2 days ago

    Daniella looks like my used condom

  • Mattricks
    Mattricks 2 days ago

    Shots fired

  • Julia Ochoa
    Julia Ochoa 2 days ago

    This series makes me uncomfortable

  • xxxtentacion- FanGirl

    I kinda wish they chose Jahnari because Marcello didn't seem as confident as he claimed to be. I'm sure he wouldnt actually just drop all his plans and come pick her up either.😕

  • 1k subs no videos Rip

    Basic white girl

  • anonymous buoy
    anonymous buoy 3 days ago

    Friendzoned at last shit..

  • Breyannaa H.
    Breyannaa H. 3 days ago

    Cody HMU I just wanna see something

  • Scuffy
    Scuffy 3 days ago

    that is the complete definition of what a guy doesn't want to hear.

  • Aurora . Yee . Haw
    Aurora . Yee . Haw 3 days ago

    tbh I love cats more than dogs

  • Brian K
    Brian K 3 days ago

    She doesnt deserve any of these guys lol

  • Zaidah Graziano
    Zaidah Graziano 3 days ago

    At 10:52 when the dude said he kissed 5 girls I thought he said 5 year olds because I was too busy laughing at the guy before him. 😂😂

  • Alesia Rucker
    Alesia Rucker 3 days ago

    Why does she remind me of whoa Vicki 😐

  • Terry Earl
    Terry Earl 3 days ago

    Andy mad savage 😤

  • Adalia Lopez
    Adalia Lopez 4 days ago

    How do I get on this show 😩😩

  • Jackeline's Dank
    Jackeline's Dank 4 days ago

    Momma boy . I ain’t no momma boy lmao 🤣🤣

  • Janka Krizsán
    Janka Krizsán 4 days ago

    She was so rude. At least pretend you like him, jeez. You don't actually have to go on a date but don't embarrass him in front of the cameras...

  • Ahmad Makableh
    Ahmad Makableh 4 days ago

    “I want them to be goofy but I want them to be mature” females man I swear...

  • Molly Kundid
    Molly Kundid 4 days ago +1

    Anyone wanna do a solid and drop Cody’s @ he’s a full catch 👀

  • Tracy diaz de leon
    Tracy diaz de leon 4 days ago

    Shes such an asshole.SMH

  • Lizzy's Art Channel
    Lizzy's Art Channel 4 days ago

    I dont understand why everyone is saying that cats are independent because they aren't and I own 8 cats

  • Griff Owen
    Griff Owen 4 days ago +1

    I love Andy man what a great choice of words and a great gesture to go out with.

  • aalyah lira Leyva
    aalyah lira Leyva 4 days ago

    She's immature af Marcello was literally the handsomest guy there with good feels and everything but she want a bad guy😂😂✌

  • Voile.
    Voile. 4 days ago

    Somebody drop Jahnari's Ig or something though 😪.

  • Yee is here
    Yee is here 4 days ago +9

    This would make a great Kurtis Conner and Dean video

  • Delphine Missongo
    Delphine Missongo 4 days ago +1

    This man flipped her off I’m dead lol I would do the same with how full of herself she is shoot 😂

  • Yegha Jamyang
    Yegha Jamyang 4 days ago


  • viii viii
    viii viii 4 days ago +1

    highkey some stupid ass questions asked 🤦🏻‍♀️ you can't look for an ideal partner with questions like that, sorry

  • Kaitlyn Drake
    Kaitlyn Drake 4 days ago



  • Ali Nader
    Ali Nader 5 days ago +2

    Bruv this little peace of uhum.. this guy is mature,loving,caring,handsome guy(no homo) deserves a better girl that this like I said peace of

  • Gabriela Febus
    Gabriela Febus 5 days ago

    bro when her friends burst out laughing... it seems like me and my friends ngl. but i don’t think I’d laugh at them like them cause it’s just rude

  • jo p.
    jo p. 5 days ago +1

    "I'm an animal lover, but if I had to choose: dogs"- every man ever

  • Jayden Valerie Smith

    22:11... Well dang 😳💀

  • Lily Summerlin
    Lily Summerlin 5 days ago

    "i'm very attracted to the ones that look like they get into fights." HUH??

  • biGg b0i b0b
    biGg b0i b0b 5 days ago

    Holy shit how the fuck would if you double text or not to find a one for you????Look for fucking personality not stupid questions like these

  • idk dien
    idk dien 5 days ago

    tbh I think the besties wanted some of them guys and intentionally send them away like JOSHUA he wasn't even that short

  • Jan Baumann
    Jan Baumann 5 days ago

    Most these guys have Buble af bums

  • China Garcia
    China Garcia 5 days ago

    If they had known he had a car from the beginning this would’ve been easier for them

  • Yeah I know
    Yeah I know 5 days ago

    Why would u ask their technique in kissing what the fuck? That’s so awkward

  • Sin
    Sin 5 days ago

    Matthew looked like Shane Dawson and Onision had a child 😐😵

  • Lesly Limon
    Lesly Limon 5 days ago

    okay, but forreal where have I seen Marcelo from?

    • Gramata David
      Gramata David 5 days ago

      what do you mean he said he speaks flaunt Portuguese and he is in america so Brazil
      and it said something about Brazil in the start

  • Weiner6286263
    Weiner6286263 5 days ago

    She seems like the girl who would cheat on you and lie about it even when you have the proof. Then she would get her friends to come jump you or something

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares 5 days ago

    I loved Joshua tho 😂♥️

  • Braelyn Rachel
    Braelyn Rachel 5 days ago

    jahnari can take me on a date 🥺

  • XxReidxX
    XxReidxX 5 days ago

    Double text? These guys are needy 😂