Post Malone Sauces on Everyone While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Dec 8, 2016
  • From the breakout success of "White Iverson," to a guest spot on Justin Bieber's blockbuster Purpose Tour, Post Malone can't stop winning. Now, as he prepares to drop his debut album, "Stoney," on 12/9, he risks it all by taking down a platter of dangerously spicy wings. In the process, he offers some top-shelf animal anecdotes, a very hot In-N-Out take, and a working definition of "sauce." Let's get weird.
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Comments • 23 941

  • The Lone Wanderer
    The Lone Wanderer 2 hours ago

    I fucking knew he was going to say Skyrim and I’ve never even heard him speak

  • Kieran Keattch
    Kieran Keattch 4 hours ago

    My motivations has risen from Johnny Knoxville ,Steve-o,terry ,joey Diaz and now malone from binge watching these

  • The Silent Gamer
    The Silent Gamer 7 hours ago

    Post is gonna be the Johnny Cash of our generation... bet on it.

  • miko
    miko 9 hours ago

    The business and bad people with money will destroy this talented man.

  • SithGaming Robloxian Measure Man

    Title sounds very sexual

  • Nico Parker
    Nico Parker Day ago

    hes like if Jack Black was a rapper

  • Marianna Sanchez

    “He had my Gucci loafers.........I didn’t like that” ~ Post Malone

  • Javeria khan
    Javeria khan Day ago

    Hella of a trip to the toilet 😂😂😂

  • SliQ vs the World

    He's ....actually a really cool dude! I didn't expect it initially based on his look, but then I looked past that and then started to understand why he does he plays skyrim and like conspiracy stuff, I will admit when I'm wrong, and I was wrong here, he's actually a good dude.

  • LandonNorris
    LandonNorris Day ago

    Why’d he have to go and get all those face tats

  • Tilly Divine
    Tilly Divine Day ago

    "I don't know how he does a show like every night - for two like hours - for like a year! He's a superhero."
    What fuicking bollocks
    Millions of people do a real job - for "like" 8-12 hours "like" every day - for "like" 40 years. Those people are superheroes. Not that spoiled little twat.

  • That One Meme LoRd
    That One Meme LoRd 2 days ago

    Did you guys know that instead post Malone they were supposed to go with reviewbrah

  • Megan Kao
    Megan Kao 2 days ago

    My friend wears suits to school

  • Martín Valdez
    Martín Valdez 2 days ago

    Just wanna be famous so I can be on this show haha idgaf bout money just wanna do this! Ima do my homemade version F it

  • Darin Simmons
    Darin Simmons 2 days ago

    DA Bomb: 12:32

  • Rj Juarez
    Rj Juarez 2 days ago


  • Steven Marshall Benedict Simanungkalit

    Fuck yeah, life

  • McDubbin337
    McDubbin337 2 days ago

    Whataburgrer all day! In and Out = garbage

  • Eric Bumbera
    Eric Bumbera 2 days ago

    How can you not love this guy

  • JT Shatzer
    JT Shatzer 3 days ago

    Post out here wasting chicken

  • xRpMx19
    xRpMx19 3 days ago

    i liked this video 1:49 and fell in love with Post Malone at 1:40

  • Smol Potato
    Smol Potato 3 days ago


  • Michael Breilein
    Michael Breilein 3 days ago

    It took Justin Bieber an hour to write “fuck u post” in solo cups?
    ... good thing the kids like his music! Haha.

  • Victoria Mulvey
    Victoria Mulvey 3 days ago +3

    He ate at the mellow mushroom my friend works at in atl when he was here for music midtown, and y’all he tipped his server $500 😭😭💖💖 he seems like such a nice person genuinely it like melts my lil heart

  • crazy moustache
    crazy moustache 3 days ago

    I feel like post is the type of guy who didnt get hit in the head by his fame

  • Safiya B
    Safiya B 3 days ago

    i thought he was possessed 9:23

  • Dreyton Bennett
    Dreyton Bennett 3 days ago

    Shit, post was that guy that wore suits in middle school

  • thaear
    thaear 3 days ago


  • Brian Nesheiwat
    Brian Nesheiwat 3 days ago

    How much you wanna bet most of the people saying "post malone's personality is attractive" are mostly gold diggers because I bet without his money, they would give a shit.
    I'm a post fan myself btw

  • waddlesmcsqueezy
    waddlesmcsqueezy 3 days ago

    Post sounds like a gangster Dunkey

  • noice soldier
    noice soldier 3 days ago

    Who remembers his first song

  • Lifes a trip 14
    Lifes a trip 14 3 days ago

    Rip miller

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 4 days ago

    Boneless though?

  • Jack Stuart
    Jack Stuart 4 days ago

    When he burped “boobs” i fell in love 😂

  • Miguel
    Miguel 4 days ago +6

    Post is not the typical famous person, I love that

  • xgoldlion07x
    xgoldlion07x 4 days ago

    Darn I wanted to not like him but he seems nice lol

  • Allie Nicole
    Allie Nicole 4 days ago

    Why does Post look like someone who had a long shift at forever 21 LOL

  • reggae I
    reggae I 5 days ago


  • Davis Tuck
    Davis Tuck 5 days ago

    Yeah every time i go to in'n'out i have to get 2 burgers. Of course when i go to whataburger i get a tripple patty with bacon so ya know.

  • SolarZ EclipXz
    SolarZ EclipXz 5 days ago +2

    Huge respect for post Malone for Skyrim 🙏

  • Joe Bryant
    Joe Bryant 5 days ago

    Always Tired

  • Jaxz Lawyer
    Jaxz Lawyer 5 days ago +1

    Post Malone knows Megadeth very cool much respect.

  • Reyna Wells
    Reyna Wells 6 days ago

    i just realized post sounds like H20

  • God's Precious Daughter

    Post seems to be really down to earth

  • ThatCanadianGuyEh
    ThatCanadianGuyEh 6 days ago +3

    9:27 im DEAD

  • Rronalds2
    Rronalds2 6 days ago

    I'm sorry, but is Post eating chicken nuggets? I don't think there was a single clip of him actually eating a wing with bones. Got nothing against him, but people who don't eat all the meat (which no one can contest is happening here, right?) or who fake the wing-eating...... smmfh.

  • David Abbatangelo
    David Abbatangelo 6 days ago

    Someone please find the part where he says “swag” I’ve been searching forever and can’t find it

  • Ahmed Mohammed Khalaf
    Ahmed Mohammed Khalaf 6 days ago +1

    Its easy to relate to this guy he is so so normal and organic

  • Picture Perfect
    Picture Perfect 6 days ago

    Who the fuck is this clown? Seriously, this turd isn't inspirational, at all. You can't understand his ridiculous, fake "life advice" because of his mush mouth. He's blabbering about being yourself while simultaneously doing his damndest to be someone he isn't. He's whiter than a fresh fallen snow trying, and failing miserably, to be black. It's so bad that his attempt at being black is an insult to all white guys playing black. He makes Jamie Kennedy from Malibu's most wanted look like Tupac Shakur, ffs. He dresses like a slob that got his shit from the salvation army. Come on, dude. Your name is Austin. Cut your hair, brush your teeth and take a shower. Then you can get on down to the 9-5 job you belong at. You're an embarrassment.

  • Guy Ravenscroft
    Guy Ravenscroft 6 days ago

    17:50. jESus cHrISt. Voice crack

  • Pixie Ninja
    Pixie Ninja 6 days ago

    Haha! Post is a clown. Such a great personality.

  • RustySpoons
    RustySpoons 6 days ago

    6:38-6:41 😳✊🍆

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 6 days ago +1

    I can smell him through my screen

  • Danny Helser
    Danny Helser 6 days ago

    starting at 11:53 post gave knowledge that grabbed me by the soul and shocked me and then just let out a fat burp

  • Hailey Reed
    Hailey Reed 7 days ago

    Is that...milk..on his beer?? 7:45

  • danielle harbolt
    danielle harbolt 7 days ago

    So damn good lookin

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith 7 days ago

    Boneless wings because you have fragile fingers ... Go lay down ..

  • Sarah Gallant
    Sarah Gallant 8 days ago

    The faces he makes 😂😂

  • Cyril TV
    Cyril TV 9 days ago

    Sounds like a porn title

  • Nicole Gilmore
    Nicole Gilmore 9 days ago

    Omg I love him.

  • Ahmed Xunayed
    Ahmed Xunayed 9 days ago

    Eeeh... Swaaaag.... Boobs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ahmed Xunayed
    Ahmed Xunayed 9 days ago

    9:24 he's scary 😵

  • CassiTheNerd
    CassiTheNerd 9 days ago +1

    The milk and beer thing is freaking me out.

  • TheSlimification1
    TheSlimification1 10 days ago

    Did Post see any actual proof that bin ladin died.. because the rest of the world didn't..

  • Jonny McDobbsy
    Jonny McDobbsy 10 days ago

    Christ....don't do drugs, kids.

  • Scum Boi
    Scum Boi 10 days ago

    I don’t like it, I don’t like it.

  • exploding cunt
    exploding cunt 10 days ago

    "Megadeth is a great band, so is Rage" i love this dude

  • Astro Venus
    Astro Venus 10 days ago

    I have no idea who this posty guy is but he kinda won me over 🥰

  • David Mcbride
    David Mcbride 10 days ago

    No tats

  • Sarah
    Sarah 10 days ago

    whats the background music

  • iluv music
    iluv music 11 days ago

    I can feel it in my asshole lmao ahh thats good

  • Travis Wammack
    Travis Wammack 11 days ago

    Confirmed, Post Malone has never had Bojangles'.

  • It'sfreerealestate
    It'sfreerealestate 11 days ago

    Can we get Post back a second time??? Please

  • It'sfreerealestate
    It'sfreerealestate 11 days ago

    two of my favourite people in one video!

  • Clash Clans
    Clash Clans 11 days ago

    Ewww bud light

  • VodkaHindJelly
    VodkaHindJelly 11 days ago

    He seems like a nice guy, but also trying to act like some kind of tough guy that he's not.
    And his music is talentless, sorry. All those legends tattooed on your body and you make cheesy garbage pop? Talk about irony!

  • Pilot Plane
    Pilot Plane 11 days ago

    Sean is probably the best host I've ever seen

  • Pilot Plane
    Pilot Plane 11 days ago

    It's funny because I dont like Post's music but I love him as a character he's hilarious

  • mrmikef10
    mrmikef10 11 days ago

    This wannabe Chris Pontius won't so shit.

  • S Ba
    S Ba 11 days ago

    You kno I'm just there hangin with seal team 6 uh the ones that killed asadibinladin

  • jesse criner
    jesse criner 12 days ago

    One of the only current rappers I like, post is a legend

  • Apemagician
    Apemagician 12 days ago

    I like how Post drinks his beer with his pinkie up the whole time lmao

  • SkorpioTv
    SkorpioTv 12 days ago

    Ouf, for a moment there I thought Post Malone's face tattoos were gone but then I realized this video is 2 years old,

  • dakota schaffer
    dakota schaffer 12 days ago

    Tbh my boyfriend goes to school in suits everyday

  • theshadowtalks
    theshadowtalks 12 days ago

    The only episode I wished the guest needed medical assistance! Good grief.

  • Devin Simmons
    Devin Simmons 12 days ago

    I may have already said this but I don't really like post Malones music but I love the dude.

  • Linnea Connery
    Linnea Connery 12 days ago

    You can do whatever you want, you’re the dragon born

  • Braden Adams
    Braden Adams 13 days ago

    He didn't eat the last sauce he faked it

  • Natalia Fajardo
    Natalia Fajardo 13 days ago

    Is wearing glasses backwards a new style 😂😂

  • Zachary Lockwood
    Zachary Lockwood 13 days ago

    Lil dicky!!!!

  • teckim
    teckim 13 days ago

    Hes so damn cool!

  • Bush Wookie
    Bush Wookie 13 days ago

    So post malone is trying to look like a rabi?

  • TacticusPrime
    TacticusPrime 13 days ago

    All of these women are calling Post Malone sexy. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

  • Drill Bitt
    Drill Bitt 14 days ago

    Fuck yeah skyrim

  • Eric B.
    Eric B. 14 days ago

    This is Post Malone post-face tattoo

  • Serj the Tank
    Serj the Tank 14 days ago

    The gucci loafers lol

  • mirza nuhanovic
    mirza nuhanovic 14 days ago

    is it possible to get your Hot Ones sauce in Europe ? I would really much like to try it =D anyone ?

  • 40 Future
    40 Future 14 days ago

    Post is one cool mf

  • Paul Clemas
    Paul Clemas 14 days ago

    Such a curious chap. I dont like his music much but he really is an engaging guy!