Post Malone Sauces on Everyone While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Dec 8, 2016
  • From the breakout success of "White Iverson," to a guest spot on Justin Bieber's blockbuster Purpose Tour, Post Malone can't stop winning. Now, as he prepares to drop his debut album, "Stoney," on 12/9, he risks it all by taking down a platter of dangerously spicy wings. In the process, he offers some top-shelf animal anecdotes, a very hot In-N-Out take, and a working definition of "sauce." Let's get weird.
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Comments • 24 686

  • Hale Malone
    Hale Malone 3 hours ago

    I would press your suits daily beautiful! Love this video, even tho I don't fcks wit the hot shit!

  • Gravity
    Gravity 4 hours ago

    He tries so hard and still looks like a normy dressed up as a weirdo. He needs to just relax and just be himself.

  • Charlie Rosenthal
    Charlie Rosenthal 10 hours ago

    Didn’t really care for Post Malone before this interview. In-fact I had to force myself to watch this interview, but now I actually kind of enjoy his bizarreness and personality. Especially talking about his middle school self.

  • Suzy E
    Suzy E 12 hours ago

    we love you post malone

  • martin goyles
    martin goyles 22 hours ago

    Who is Post Malone?

  • Ryan Tong
    Ryan Tong Day ago

    "look at me now motherfuckers." Love that.

  • sniperlif3
    sniperlif3 Day ago

    I made the mistake of putting too much Blair's in my soup once, don't get me wrong, the flavor was awesome for the soup, but the heat was far to much for the soup with how much I added.

  • champisidra
    champisidra Day ago +1

    I supposed to hate him, but the I watch this vid I feel so sorry for hate him, he’s so cute omg 😭

  • Hami-G
    Hami-G Day ago

    u look like NPH

  • Dakota Felihkatubbe

    Post Malone needs to check out sherly curry she is an 80 sum year old lady that plays Skyrim

  • DailyRapFacts
    DailyRapFacts 2 days ago

    if youre a posty fan, you'll like our new video "11 facts you didn't know about Post Malone"

  • Shukran Bog Visuals
    Shukran Bog Visuals 2 days ago

    i bet Sean got the most celebrity fuck u's then any other man

  • Shukran Bog Visuals
    Shukran Bog Visuals 2 days ago

    do Jake Paul bro

  • The Insomniacs' Theater

    If you fail to get Tech N9ne for season 9, you automatically fail season 9

  • Eduardo Reyes
    Eduardo Reyes 3 days ago

    I see you all ain’t never lived in México, I’ll recognize only the bravest of us can stand the hottest sauces, but, come on, we eat them insanely spicy flavors like it was nothing, I’d like to be invited to them wings, I wanna taste them

  • icediamonds
    icediamonds 3 days ago

    Fun fact: Post Malone was friends with minecraft youtubers years before he became a singer C: If u wanna see Post Post Malone-
    Jesus fuck this comment is like that annoyin spam shit in comments, my bad XD

  • Gay Jesus
    Gay Jesus 3 days ago +1

    even if you don't like his music you gotta respect him as a person, I mean come on

  • Stephen Goulding
    Stephen Goulding 4 days ago

    At least the hot sauce will cover the smell of that scrote.

  • Mister Turk Turkle
    Mister Turk Turkle 4 days ago

    So glad this is fake

  • Hobby Taylor
    Hobby Taylor 4 days ago +1

    Post Malone is a cool dude.

  • Gamer Chika
    Gamer Chika 5 days ago

    I dont like it ,i dont like it. Lmfao

  • MrBrucelee117
    MrBrucelee117 5 days ago

    Hey post malone. You ARE fat.

  • Gamer Chika
    Gamer Chika 5 days ago

    I love this goofy dorky cute guy

  • Elif Kar
    Elif Kar 5 days ago

    14:06 is my favorite part💯💯

  • Ximena Oriana
    Ximena Oriana 5 days ago

    11:42 hahahaha i love you posty

  • Austin James
    Austin James 5 days ago


  • Sparkles Mashau
    Sparkles Mashau 6 days ago

    Has Masego been here? Because I would love to see him here. 😋

  • Tyler Kincade
    Tyler Kincade 6 days ago

    You can say that they dont like different bc everyone wants you to be what they expect and shit. Kicked out of 3 schools for being metal as shit in more classy areas

  • TheSman
    TheSman 6 days ago

    I was actually playing Skyrim when he started talking about it.. I looked over like, "God??"

  • jonathan bell
    jonathan bell 6 days ago +1

    This guy takes bad hair day to a whole new level

  • Wilson Mathias
    Wilson Mathias 6 days ago

    If Nate Diaz ever becomes a musician he'd be like Post

  • Sofia Salas
    Sofia Salas 6 days ago

    Seguro le dio chorro

  • phil simbage
    phil simbage 7 days ago

    9:24 looks retarted autistic with albinism. no offense just saying

  • Jannelle Ingham
    Jannelle Ingham 7 days ago

    Hot wings milk and beer 🤢

  • Abagail Evans
    Abagail Evans 7 days ago

    I love him even more now because he chose Whataburger 😍

  • Reid
    Reid 7 days ago

    Post don’t even got to act cool he just is

  • CrimsonGiant
    CrimsonGiant 7 days ago

    I wonder if sean would play D&D.

  • Louis R
    Louis R 7 days ago

    post look like that 0.1% germ Lysol cant kill

  • Mary Petrauskas
    Mary Petrauskas 7 days ago

    Let up on using the Lords name in vain. Makes you look bad,

  • Oy Vey
    Oy Vey 7 days ago +1

    He’s actually the funniest cunt

  • yeeyee
    yeeyee 8 days ago

    12:30 , LOOK AT THIS ICON

  • gahuii darkNlight
    gahuii darkNlight 8 days ago

    Post is so humble lol I love it

  • sakumzi adam
    sakumzi adam 8 days ago

    Post Malone is the only person who can look Rich & Broke both at the same time

  • Wizard of the Found Kingdom

    I love him, if anyone tries to change my mind, you were some of the people who disliked the video

  • Charlotte Burns
    Charlotte Burns 8 days ago

    Where has his face tattoos gone?

  • Dhadin Salvacion
    Dhadin Salvacion 8 days ago

    Such a great artist..i love him more!

  • Salgen Guiterkas
    Salgen Guiterkas 8 days ago

    Milk and beer?!?... oh.. fuck... XD

  • Lil Nukki Termansen
    Lil Nukki Termansen 8 days ago

    Your glasses Are up sit Down 🙃🙃

  • Norman Bates
    Norman Bates 9 days ago

    *B u U u U u U u R r R r R p P p P*
    Posty: *SwAg!!*

  • Jack Reacher
    Jack Reacher 9 days ago

    Billie Eilish has the same vibe as this dude but he has a lot more manners

  • Courtney Pastor
    Courtney Pastor 9 days ago

    I love Austin’s personality 🥰😂 he’s so cute haha

    ACHIMA MOLIKO 9 days ago

    Thats me one day, imma look at the camera and say look at me motherfuka im eating hot wings

  • dirtbiker08josh
    dirtbiker08josh 9 days ago

    Didn’t like him

  • Adriana Urasma
    Adriana Urasma 10 days ago

    11:48😂 look at me now mf

  • Telios Abraxas
    Telios Abraxas 10 days ago

    This guy's fucking ugly, he looks dirty and homeless. It's only because he's famous and has money, but he's uglier than my asshole.

  • Meater Yeeter
    Meater Yeeter 10 days ago

    Bro i agree, skyrim is such a big game that you can spend hours playing it and forget about your life and be in the game

  • Stuff Joo
    Stuff Joo 10 days ago +1

    This fella has personality character, very intelligent and very unique. I'm very impressed with his one of kind resume.

    DRAGOID 10 days ago


  • Marsi
    Marsi 11 days ago

    post is so fucking amazing

  • Grant Kerr
    Grant Kerr 11 days ago

    What a sound chap :)

  • jonathan santiago
    jonathan santiago 11 days ago

    in 11:44 u can hear someone say HEY

  • Bbaebegurl
    Bbaebegurl 11 days ago +10

    The way he said “hey I’m opening for Justin Bieber dude so can u just like let me in bro” 😂

  • Echo Froofroo
    Echo Froofroo 11 days ago

    Why does he remind me of Billie Eilish’s character?? Collab??

  • Marcos Jimenez
    Marcos Jimenez 11 days ago +7

    My friend actually met post at a restaurant in Arizona. They had closed down the place but let everyone who was still eating stay. He said Post was so down to earth and paid for his meal.

  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley 11 days ago

    He was much nicer than I thought. And he has great taste in legendary musicians.

  • Pizza G
    Pizza G 11 days ago

    3:14 yo its cool its cool, kappa

  • AJpaws
    AJpaws 12 days ago +1

    “He said he makes a ton of money doing lobsters.......... not doing lobsters but you know”

  • lmZell
    lmZell 12 days ago

    fuck that wing

    *2 seconds later*

    jesus christ

  • Jak
    Jak 12 days ago

    17:33 *boobs*

  • Coyoi
    Coyoi 12 days ago

    4:55 post moans and idk how I feel

  • HixenYT
    HixenYT 13 days ago +1

    Postmalone sounds like a rapper version of video game dunky

    • AzriAhmad
      AzriAhmad 8 days ago

      Dude trueee 😂😂😂

  • ooVEXXXoo
    ooVEXXXoo 13 days ago

    you should use the end for the last dab

  • The Sierra SuTM
    The Sierra SuTM 13 days ago


  • Christian Taylor
    Christian Taylor 13 days ago

    I love Skyrim, Great choice Post

  • Amal
    Amal 13 days ago

    why havent you had justin bieber yet

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken 13 days ago

    I really want to see Steve hawking eating spicy chicken wings but he passed away.

  • Felix Franco
    Felix Franco 14 days ago +1

    "people don't like when you're different from them and you go against the norm" Very well said posty! Our uniqueness is our essence. Being like everyone else is boring

  • Jay Tjardez
    Jay Tjardez 14 days ago

    "boobs" took me out

  • Patricia Day
    Patricia Day 14 days ago

    High post Malone

  • Nojus Nevardauskas
    Nojus Nevardauskas 14 days ago

    This show is pretty much about nothing exept a celebrity eating hot wings and chocking.

  • Fiona Walker
    Fiona Walker 14 days ago

    1. did not know post malone was this funny
    2. does anyone know where his face tattoos went? Makeup?

    • Freedom Jones
      Freedom Jones 13 days ago

      Look at the release date of this video..

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong 14 days ago

    He's so ugly that girls with low self esteems instantly get wet.

  • Jack Fitz
    Jack Fitz 15 days ago

    Bring him back!

  • Mr. Zealous
    Mr. Zealous 15 days ago

    Was that a glass cup or a small vase? Rofl

  • Rae Rae
    Rae Rae 15 days ago

    Post reminds me of Rick lol from Rick and Morty. I love them both😆😍😍

  • Madison Falco
    Madison Falco 15 days ago

    I love that he said crab but Issa lobster haha

  • Madison Falco
    Madison Falco 15 days ago

    I love Post😭❤️

  • Thecloud wave420
    Thecloud wave420 16 days ago

    Dude fuck ya toast mellon skyrims

  • Phylly San Antonio
    Phylly San Antonio 16 days ago

    I not wild about this music genre, but he is tolerable.

  • Kamila Gonzalez
    Kamila Gonzalez 16 days ago

    he's soo funny lmfaoooo

  • OGFyof
    OGFyof 16 days ago

    "Who ever made this is a psycopath..." had me dead

  • Мариетта Цовян

    invite pewdiepie 😍😍😍😍

  • Dan Tetreault
    Dan Tetreault 17 days ago

    Fuck yeah! I was born in Saskatoon!

  • Greenboy 994
    Greenboy 994 17 days ago

    Aye! Megadeth ( :

  • Haley Faragalli
    Haley Faragalli 17 days ago


  • Gothgirl 2121
    Gothgirl 2121 17 days ago

    The wings got to him good. 😝

  • j g
    j g 17 days ago

    I've never cared for this guy much, but this changed that lol. How can you not like someone wearing a gadsden flag shirt?

  • Reaper Actual
    Reaper Actual 17 days ago

    This dude looks like a hobo with that nasty unwashed hair.

  • Dirk Thajew
    Dirk Thajew 17 days ago

    The only thing gayer than Sean is Post Malone

  • Elizabeth De la fuente

    I love him😍