Googly Eyes Challenge W/ JoJo!


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  • Thalia Harman
    Thalia Harman 18 hours ago

    The way Jono said Harry potter 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • ItsBea _
    ItsBea _ Day ago

    More pls

  • Olivia Watson
    Olivia Watson Day ago

    I watched finding Nemo one billion times and I ten

  • Lexi Jones
    Lexi Jones 2 days ago

    You two are so loud

  • Mia38 T_ AJPW
    Mia38 T_ AJPW 2 days ago +1

    she hasn’t watched finding Nemo..

  • Jasmine Taylor
    Jasmine Taylor 3 days ago

    At 7:50 jojo's ascent Harry Potter

  • Sydneys Oddvlogs
    Sydneys Oddvlogs 4 days ago

    You said my name lol

  • Lyric Dorsey
    Lyric Dorsey 4 days ago +1

    i not like you

  • _Lexully _
    _Lexully _ 7 days ago

    Part two PLEASE

  • Kailie sIROIS
    Kailie sIROIS 7 days ago

    Jojo and Rachel video

  • Pauline Madero
    Pauline Madero 8 days ago

    4:41 Rachel made a Miranda face

  • Niya Thomas
    Niya Thomas 8 days ago

    Frankeistein was actually the doctor

  • Shelby paquette
    Shelby paquette 10 days ago

    I'm like 3 years younger then Jojo and I know what finding Nemo is its like the cutest movie ever

  • Lion Craven
    Lion Craven 10 days ago

    I just but a chicken thing and it had spit all over it without me noticing and the spit wasent mine don't reply don't scare me the spit could be mine but I don't remember spitting on it

  • random random
    random random 10 days ago

    Starting at about 5:45 it’s so funny


    it"s Frankenstein's monster not Frankenstein

  • Carmela Doglover
    Carmela Doglover 11 days ago

    That was NOT an ice burg jojo was right just say'

  • Carmela Doglover
    Carmela Doglover 11 days ago

    You guys are sooooooooooooooooo funny !!!!!!!!!

  • Izzy Walton
    Izzy Walton 12 days ago

    Omg guys JoJo Siwa just admitted to being bald

  • Lizzy 16
    Lizzy 16 14 days ago

    You need to just make a JoJo playlist

  • Maisie Lowndes
    Maisie Lowndes 14 days ago

    I have the English version of this is called loopy lenses

  • Demi god Fabulous
    Demi god Fabulous 15 days ago

    GGGAAAAAAASSSSSSPPPPPPPP!!!!!! Jojo hasn't seen finding nemo???????!!!!!!!!?!?!!?!?!?!

  • Iris Fun Life
    Iris Fun Life 16 days ago

    This game is really fun. I and my brother just made a video about it, Hope you watch it and give as suggestions.

  • Natalie Christine
    Natalie Christine 16 days ago

    Not pic man

  • Natalie Christine
    Natalie Christine 16 days ago

    Pac man

  • Lillian Aguayo
    Lillian Aguayo 17 days ago

    That's how you supposed to play the game either way

  • Aizada Roessler
    Aizada Roessler 17 days ago


  • Bianca Carrera
    Bianca Carrera 18 days ago +2

    The iceberg drawing was great

  • Bianca Carrera
    Bianca Carrera 18 days ago

    That was funny

  • Rebecca crewther
    Rebecca crewther 18 days ago

    Rachel's reaction at 6:27 when she saw what she drew. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • AryanaJoi Cammilleri
    AryanaJoi Cammilleri 18 days ago

    What jojo iv seen everything u said and more and I'm 9

  • ProBeachHockey
    ProBeachHockey 18 days ago

    I have a jack and Jill statue in my frount yard

  • Abby Langdale-Hunt
    Abby Langdale-Hunt 18 days ago


  • Torres Family
    Torres Family 18 days ago

    You and jojo are so funny 😂

  • angle vlogs
    angle vlogs 19 days ago

    Rachel is drinking DR. pepper

    I am drinking DR.pepper at 2:00AM

  • Hey hey Aj
    Hey hey Aj 19 days ago

    There is three levels blue the one you had easy yellow medium I forgot what the other one is but it’s hard

  • Amber McCurdy
    Amber McCurdy 19 days ago

    NO ORIGIANALS!!!!!! thats fine i mean its not fine

  • Alexa Alanah
    Alexa Alanah 20 days ago +1

    I’ve never seen Cinderella belle. Pocahontas Mulan or Ariel I have never watched any Disney princess movies

  • Solar EWolf
    Solar EWolf 20 days ago

    You guys played the game really wrong

  • Elsa Rodriguez
    Elsa Rodriguez 20 days ago

    jojo a I . love you so much and me fovorite

  • Reyann Mejia
    Reyann Mejia 20 days ago

    I have watched those movie and I am 11

  • Reyann Mejia
    Reyann Mejia 20 days ago

    My birthday is April 5

  • EG’s World
    EG’s World 20 days ago

    I love this vid you go Rachel😁

  • Sharah Lake
    Sharah Lake 21 day ago

    11:11 that was definitely not a car wash

  • The Crazy Baby Squirrel

    *JoJo and Rachel*
    ❤️Best friends for life ❤️
    But honestly Rachel I love you and your family ❤️ the ballingers are amazing, funny, and just absolutely adorable

  • Mia Moley
    Mia Moley 21 day ago

    “Spongebob square-head”-rachel ballenger 😂😂

  • Kellea Shiles
    Kellea Shiles 21 day ago

    I want u to subscribe to my TVclip channel

  • Kellea Shiles
    Kellea Shiles 21 day ago


  • Ya Boi Sarahhh :P
    Ya Boi Sarahhh :P 22 days ago

    She said this is a card stock I’m dead!

  • Unicorn Power12
    Unicorn Power12 22 days ago

    Jojo is a pen
    Rachel is a highlighter
    Jojo draws the world
    Rachel makes it brighter

  • FanaticSumo2182 Owen Skinner

    I have not seen finding nemo or lion king

  • Maddy V
    Maddy V 23 days ago

    its frankinsteins monster

    PATTONCAKES 45 23 days ago +1

    5:21... Jojo.... Nono..

  • julie timberlake
    julie timberlake 23 days ago

    You should watch bambi it is great

  • Livyplays 27
    Livyplays 27 23 days ago


    • Livyplays 27
      Livyplays 27 23 days ago

      Corgi Gatcha, don’t call me an idiot. I didn’t know that they knew.

    • Corgi Gatcha
      Corgi Gatcha 23 days ago

      Ok they know that idiot

  • tamanah babee
    tamanah babee 23 days ago

    i am 11 and i have seen finding nemo lmao

  • Elijah Amond
    Elijah Amond 23 days ago

    Ok I’m younger and I watched all the classics😔

  • Jalea Ervin
    Jalea Ervin 23 days ago

    Who realized that Nemo is omen backwards and Dory is yord backwards like if u get it😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Niño Thoe
    Niño Thoe 24 days ago

    Sponge bob square head

  • Emily Ryan
    Emily Ryan 24 days ago

    AllAuroundAudrey I agree

  • MyOliviawalter1
    MyOliviawalter1 24 days ago

    Rachel sounds like Dory from finding dory. I think thats pretty cool I like her voice.

  • Mia Radonjic
    Mia Radonjic 24 days ago +1

    4:42 miranda in a different body!

  • Courtney Burton
    Courtney Burton 25 days ago +2

    I have the exact bow on right now

  • Brynlee Miller
    Brynlee Miller 25 days ago

    where are your friendship braclets

  • Brooke Ellmers
    Brooke Ellmers 25 days ago

    I live in australia and Sydney is such a nice place

  • Laura Blogs
    Laura Blogs 25 days ago +1

    i like how Rachel said "Am i not drawing this right! *takes off glasses* "WHAT DID I DRAW!"

  • Miriam Downey
    Miriam Downey 26 days ago

    I love harry potter 😂😂

  • ProGod vall
    ProGod vall 26 days ago

    I whached dance moms whenever jojo was dancing

  • Gianna Guerrieri
    Gianna Guerrieri 26 days ago

    just so u know the numbers on the card aren’t for how many points u get they are for how many seconds u get to draw😂 also the colors are what lens u have to use green: easy yellow: medium blue:hard lol😂

  • mis2angeles1
    mis2angeles1 26 days ago +1

    Rachel: 4:27 "SpongeBob SquareHead"

  • Malaika Khattak
    Malaika Khattak 27 days ago


  • welcome to la la land
    welcome to la la land 27 days ago

    How has jo jo never seen any of the original disney movies I have seen all of them and I’m 13 and some of them never came out in my birth year 🙂

  • welcome to la la land
    welcome to la la land 27 days ago

    4:10 yeh it’s supposed to be difficult to see out of the glasses so when you draw tie drawing looks odd and it makes it difficult for the other person to guess what you are drawing 🙂

  • ITZ_ Angelixx
    ITZ_ Angelixx 27 days ago

    Since the blue lenses are easy.
    Try the yellow or's much harder
    Edit:Oh wait..there's a board and a if you roll can see what lenses you will get

  • Isabel Rumery
    Isabel Rumery 27 days ago


  • Amellia Vazquez
    Amellia Vazquez 27 days ago

    Your playing it wrong why do you think there's a board

  • Madi Bond
    Madi Bond 27 days ago

    Play pictionary with JoJo

  • Jean Hawk
    Jean Hawk 28 days ago

    I'm 12 I have watch all the movies

  • Alexa Alanah
    Alexa Alanah 29 days ago +1

    Omg jojo the teddy bear one my dogs name is teddy bear so I would have gotten that

  • connie Rogers
    connie Rogers 29 days ago

    Is it night time?

  • Holly Coles
    Holly Coles 29 days ago

    Harry Potter was the best lol

  • Kristin Moore
    Kristin Moore Month ago

    8:36 why did she say growing like that? Haha🤣

  • Layla's Guide to Life

    who else has seen little shop of horrors

  • Janey Beaver
    Janey Beaver Month ago

    I have that game and ur ment to set the time to the number next to the thing u r drawing

  • Becca Ukele
    Becca Ukele Month ago

    That was a good try

  • Amina Begum
    Amina Begum Month ago

    11:15- I did too Rachel. Your not alone

  • Brittany Lehman
    Brittany Lehman Month ago

    i want to play that with you and jojo but i already suck at drawing

  • Cornacopia 21
    Cornacopia 21 Month ago


  • Taylor Collins
    Taylor Collins Month ago

    I’m younger then bono and watch all of the original

  • Lynn Baker
    Lynn Baker Month ago


  • Kaylee Skidmore
    Kaylee Skidmore Month ago

    I was born in 2008 and I have watched all the moves you named the original

  • Christine Smith
    Christine Smith Month ago

    Can you do a part 2

  • Isaiah Mcloughlin Mell

    Omg spongebob squarehead Rachel said

  • Satus Tynan
    Satus Tynan Month ago

    , is that JoJo Weston I'm 11 and I've seen all of those movies that don't know listed plus the sequels she's crazy

  • Sam Campbell
    Sam Campbell Month ago

    Sponge bob square head ?😂

  • Katie Kake
    Katie Kake Month ago

    Omg Jojo there are fish in places that have glaciers

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez Month ago

    I’ve seen finding Nemo Mary Poppins Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the music man and I’m only 10

  • XTessXYT
    XTessXYT Month ago

    these two make a video great to watch

  • mary griffith
    mary griffith Month ago

    My nails Sydney Amy Griffith and I am 10 years old

  • Evangeline Allen
    Evangeline Allen Month ago

    Harry potterrrr