How to Make Sure Your Home Cameras Don’t Get Hacked

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • A Mississippi family is sounding the alarm after a hacker managed to infiltrate the Ring camera positioned in their little girl’s room and started talking to the child. "I'm Santa Claus! Don't you want to be my best friend?" he could be heard saying. "Not only could they see my children; they could interact with my child. I don't know how they did it," mother Ashley Lemay told Inside Edition. A spokesperson for Ring said the incident was not related to a breach in the company's security.

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  • Stranger Danger
    Stranger Danger 3 hours ago

    *”iM sAnTa cLaUs, dOnT yOu wAnNa bE mY bEsTfRieNd?”*

    *childhood officially ruined*

  • Walid Ali
    Walid Ali 10 hours ago

    What a scary pedo😱😱😱😱😱😱


    Not a single soul:
    Tiny Tim: oH tIp ToE ThRoUgH ThE wInDoW By THe WiNdOw
    *no hate*

  • Man cheong ng
    Man cheong ng 20 hours ago

    People from the past look scary

  • Shayla Thompson
    Shayla Thompson 21 hour ago

    My dad works in security so this will never happen 😌

  • Lyla Hudson
    Lyla Hudson 22 hours ago

    Thats really creepy but why is there a camera in a child’s room?

  • Hey Its Maddie
    Hey Its Maddie 23 hours ago +2

    If that was a woman stalking a boy, the parents wouldn’t care.

  • Parrotgirl Playz

    Man:hi there me:I don’t want free robux

  • Aiden Pulcher
    Aiden Pulcher Day ago

    Red dress girl looks like females Ronald from sis vs bro lmaoooo

  • johnny boy
    johnny boy Day ago

    Creep hacks a camera in her kids bedroom . Decides to go on national TV and tell the country her kids first and last name. 🙄

  • its Jeniya
    its Jeniya 2 days ago +1

    0:38 ouu thats from spongebob😊 -ill go now

  • its Jeniya
    its Jeniya 2 days ago +1

    Wait this can happen 😐

  • Tony thepphasone
    Tony thepphasone 2 days ago +2

    The end that the girl said don’t mess with her family and I am like PERIOD

  • It's ya gurl keke Baby alives and more

    *Tip Toe Through the windowwww*

  • Dang
    Dang 3 days ago

    ...why do that to tiny tim ?

  • WhatLimit
    WhatLimit 5 days ago

    No wonder why this was in the cracking forums

  • GoatTrix
    GoatTrix 5 days ago

    2:10 sorry I kinda cringed

  • Edward Games
    Edward Games 6 days ago

    This guy is such a pervert he is disgusting he is a creep

  • Alexis Tacuri
    Alexis Tacuri 6 days ago

    First of all why would you have a camera in a little girls room

  • Mango. Man
    Mango. Man 7 days ago

    *plays a creepy song*
    TiP tOe ByE tHe WiNdOw 😂

  • Ella Chalmers
    Ella Chalmers 7 days ago

    Why would you put a camera in your child’s room anyways?!?

  • Morstie Tv
    Morstie Tv 7 days ago +1

    0:30 that’s terrifying!

  • Flame Roblox Kïtty fire


  • Morstie Tv
    Morstie Tv 7 days ago

    Just stop hackers it’s horrible if not your gonna be arrested uh and tiny Tim sound different then the real sound but I like him boy I hate this man!!! If have hack his camera 🙄💬

  • Dave Halliwell
    Dave Halliwell 8 days ago


  • miguel cabrera
    miguel cabrera 8 days ago

    Creepy boi:I’m Santa Claus! Don’t you want to be my best friend
    Me:uses demonic voice*No get away u creep
    *i doo actually have a demonic voice ;-;
    Credit to Evelyn moonlight

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 8 days ago

    The song with the guy played was the meme lol

  • Em Dog
    Em Dog 8 days ago

    EeRiE tUnE

  • gamer husky 677
    gamer husky 677 8 days ago

    Him:im santa claus
    Me:no your not

  • Jack Daniel
    Jack Daniel 8 days ago +1

    I feel like it would have scared an adult more. Not the douchebag talking but that music playing. I would have thrown up bruh

  • Ayen Beatrice
    Ayen Beatrice 9 days ago

    If that would be me i would say you were my best friend the one that backstabbed me wtf dude

  • cots fjdjs
    cots fjdjs 9 days ago

    or mmmmmmmmAYBe the cameras could be closed circuits with memory cartridges??

  • Justd_am
    Justd_am 11 days ago

    What if it’s a girl now a guy, mean.

  • davaasuren murun
    davaasuren murun 11 days ago

    She Sounded Like Teen Eww!poor girl😢

  • George Peter
    George Peter 12 days ago +1

    TiP ToE By ThE WiNdOw
    Honey that’s called memes
    But like what if the child was changing he’s such a efing perv

  • Abrohm Flores
    Abrohm Flores 12 days ago +3

    Little girl: hears music- freaks out*
    Me: looks at ring- You. -throws rock-

  • philyhero33go
    philyhero33go 12 days ago

    That dude can go to jail

  • •Not_Kat_Maybe•
    •Not_Kat_Maybe• 12 days ago +2

    That song.

    *W h y.*

  • Brian Nunez
    Brian Nunez 12 days ago

    ???: Hi there
    Daughter: Mommy!!! 😭
    Mom: What is it sweetheart?
    Daughter: Someone's Talking to me on that camera
    Mom: What?! 😱
    ???: *Pretends to be Santa Claus* Hi there I'm Santa Claus!!! Ho ho ho!!!
    Mom: Your're Not Santa Claus!!!
    ???: I am!!! 😡
    Mom: Did you know your the rest of your reindeers?!
    ???: Idk
    Mom: I knew it!!!
    ???: Wait I could expla...
    Mom: Don't Talk to me or my daughter even again!!!
    ???: Oh.... Okay... 😐
    Mom: I'm Calling the police!!! 😡
    ???: Oh no... 😐

  • Borys Wisniewski
    Borys Wisniewski 12 days ago

    1:51 if you look very closely around the room on the shelf you can see the Annabelle doll from snarled

  • Gacha Neko OwO
    Gacha Neko OwO 13 days ago

    Beginning: *HeLlO tHeRe* Also, why does it matter what song the hacker is playing....?

  • teddy wolfie gacha
    teddy wolfie gacha 14 days ago

    I'll be screaming if this happens to me

  • Norma Lopez
    Norma Lopez 14 days ago

    I saw this in the news lastnight

  • Jayden Miller
    Jayden Miller 15 days ago

    Gosh that's creepy I'm happy she ok

  • Jayden Miller
    Jayden Miller 15 days ago

    The dude:I'm Santa don you ant to be my friend. Me:*grabs hammer* no!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Cekovich
    Jennifer Cekovich 15 days ago

    At my old school some one hacked a security camera in my classroom and said he was gonna come to this school and then hacked and played this song "TiP tOe ThRoUgH tHe WiNdOw" with a jump scare

  • Karmyn Johnson
    Karmyn Johnson 15 days ago

    Creppy song

  • Molly’s World
    Molly’s World 15 days ago

    TiP toE thRoUgH ThE wInDow

  • MR BOSS 02
    MR BOSS 02 16 days ago

    Gotta admit tip toe through the tulips is a good song

  • Kim the avenger girl ramos

    RANDOM GUY:I'm Santa don't you want to be friends
    Me:you sound like Santa you creep boutet someone else

  • katiethatme
    katiethatme 16 days ago

    How crepe

  • Twiigs
    Twiigs 16 days ago

    Ewww I didn’t realise how recent was this also I’m watching this at 2am

  • Hailie lindberg
    Hailie lindberg 17 days ago

    The song was creepy if I heard that and I was home alone I'd run to my neighbors and scream and cry! The talking ehhh ok I stay out of my bedroom but yeah the song was CREEPY!

  • koolkatcher
    koolkatcher 17 days ago

    vIdEo GaMeS

  • JannikModel
    JannikModel 17 days ago

    I recognize that voice! It sounds like the youtuber Kaiden fumblebotton or epirika!

  • Chris McCann
    Chris McCann 17 days ago

    When I Lookat At The Tree Beds In The Footage AND UH THE BEDS WHERE COMPLETELY MESSED UP

  • Hi There
    Hi There 18 days ago +5

    “Don’t come to my house and don’t mess with my family.” Very threatening coming from an 8 year old girl wearing a dress.

  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon 18 days ago

    Wtf....”I’m Santa clause, dont you wanna be my best friend?” SIS WHAT

  • Fernanda Aguilar
    Fernanda Aguilar 18 days ago

    That is. So creepy. 😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

  • Ela Benny
    Ela Benny 19 days ago

    “It’s me Santa Clause!”
    Pʟᴏᴛ ᴛᴡɪsᴛ: it’s March