What a REAL Chinese Home Cooked Meal in China Looks Like


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  • laowhy86
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    • Little Dikkins
      Little Dikkins Month ago

      Your daughter is absolutely adorable.

    • Alex Kime
      Alex Kime Month ago

      I love that you love your own videos

    • Joel Widgins
      Joel Widgins 2 months ago

      she looks like my cousin Tiffany.Sprinkled with laziness.

    • Odorous Smegma
      Odorous Smegma 2 months ago

      You love your own comments? You tart!

    • UncleRaab
      UncleRaab 2 months ago

      How did "American" Chinese food come to be? It DOES seem so different. But, every Chinese buffet or restaurant I've been to is owned and run by.........people from China. What gives?

  • Sage
    Sage 2 days ago


  • Jojo Augustus
    Jojo Augustus 3 days ago

    It is important to wash your vegetables everywhere around the globe. Not only in China hahaha.

  • Amy Nguyen
    Amy Nguyen 3 days ago

    I want a little girl just like her!

  • Misses Witch
    Misses Witch 3 days ago

    donate slippers to laowhy

  • kit kat
    kit kat 3 days ago

    as a hindu and vegetarian i feel bad for the fish as well as for the pig

  • Keming Su
    Keming Su 6 days ago

    All people are commenting about the fish and no one cares about the vegetable. Sad.

  • Esther P
    Esther P 7 days ago

    Wow, using human excrement as fertilizer and eating with an open mouth is a bit different. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Vee
    Vee 9 days ago

    “He didn’t get to see his own death” 😩


  • east
    east 10 days ago

    wonder whats its like to have a wife that can cook

  • Elizabeth Lee
    Elizabeth Lee 10 days ago

    You should say Cantonese meal, but not Chinese meal because food in China is regional

  • MissJonette
    MissJonette 10 days ago

    You actually cut the fish before you killed it ? Disgusting ! Absolutely not going to subscribe

  • Bat Guano
    Bat Guano 11 days ago

    A friend steamed fish a lot (freshly caught trout and things from local rivers and lakes), using a bamboo steamer, but he always steamed the fish outside the house because it would make the kitchen reek of fish.

  • Paula Bradley
    Paula Bradley 11 days ago

    Great meal, thanks

  • Cynthia Price
    Cynthia Price 12 days ago

    I have a friend who has taught at a school in Guangdong area.

  • Rachel Ricano
    Rachel Ricano 12 days ago

    Cutest baby!

  • noreal name
    noreal name 13 days ago

    Oh how cute the girl xD

  • Hong Chittarath
    Hong Chittarath 14 days ago

    Nice cook

  • Victor Daher
    Victor Daher 16 days ago

    #Savage! hahahah love it

  • Mama
    Mama 16 days ago

    Can you please tell me the name of the brown pot she has on the stove?

  • Estefferson Torres
    Estefferson Torres 16 days ago

    Nice video. I'm from Brazil and I've been watching your videos for some time now and I'm curious about how chinese people season their food.
    Specially about the rice, cause brazilians eat it literally every day, like chinese people do. Here in Brazil we fry chopped garlic (or onions) in oil. After they're golden we pour hot water, season it with salt, put in the rice and let everything cook together.

  • Chong Yin Koon
    Chong Yin Koon 16 days ago

    So delicious :)

  • harveyt7
    harveyt7 17 days ago

    My parents cook the same dishes but in different variations of the same things. We always had a soup, fish, chicken and vegetables. Oh and of course real rice not that boil in the bag crap.

  • Xx_Fancyclair98_xX Galaxy

    I’m Chinese and this is what asains eat everyday (mostly)

    Breakfast- rice

    Lunch- rice

    Dinner- rice

    I eat this everyday

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 17 days ago

    Your cooking is great and simple......i bet that tasted great! I give you 10 out of 10

  • Katelyn Wilken
    Katelyn Wilken 18 days ago

    The bones in the soup

  • Katelyn Wilken
    Katelyn Wilken 18 days ago

    Do you eat the bones

  • Powerhouse Smasher
    Powerhouse Smasher 18 days ago

    Taste better America? Thought everything in China is counterfeited? Even rice!!!

  • Ramdom Stuff life
    Ramdom Stuff life 18 days ago

    a taste of china 🇨🇳 我是中国人😋

  • Derek Allen
    Derek Allen 19 days ago

    I work at a Chinese restaurant in America and they cook fish just like that all the time. Great video Vivian. Oh and yes, the restaurant owners are Cantonese.

  • rudydog420
    rudydog420 20 days ago

    0:27, look at all the trash on the right, man! I bet that's stinky up in those apartments above. Looks like my first place back when I was a teen.

  • cheeseisme
    cheeseisme 21 day ago

    This is really fabulous because it is very intimate and real! Something else that is wonderful is getting the translation on what the locals are saying. In most cooking, travel shows, you never get to hear what the people are saying and it makes them seem dumb in a way, because they are silent and don't say anything. I loved hearing how the lady was worried about you filming her killing the fish. It shows how much we are alike, and not so different. It is also marvelous to see what you really eat and how you cook it. Love it!

  • Jennifer W
    Jennifer W 21 day ago

    My mother is a 95 year old Italian. Her parents came over from the old country. She used to hold down a chicken while her mom killed it. Turn they'd watch it run around with its head cut off. (Nerves still firing. ) that's where the saying comes from!

  • Jennifer W
    Jennifer W 21 day ago

    Seeing how they're killed makes me want to be a vegetarian; if only I liked vegetarian meals!!

  • Jennifer W
    Jennifer W 21 day ago

    Wow, i'm a wuss... i could never kill my own fish!!!

  • Michael Fu Lu
    Michael Fu Lu 22 days ago

    When you cook vegetables and meat for that long, it does extract all the flavor and nutrients. Same with western stock making! It’s science. You’re just eating over cooked and flavorless meat/and veggie (aromatics) at this point. I’m a Chinese American chef in the USA

  • lit weed
    lit weed 22 days ago

    Guy: "Why you got to be so violent?"
    Girl: "That's how we cook"

  • Joy Channing
    Joy Channing 22 days ago

    Japanese soy sauce is toooo salty but is a good match for sushi.

  • Grimm Wald
    Grimm Wald 22 days ago

    Oh baby, that chinese on fish violence get's the views going.

  • turblijura
    turblijura 22 days ago

    I`m not chef or Chinese, but if You have good ingredients, You can always prepare good meal. Bon Appetit!

  • properlogic
    properlogic 23 days ago

    you don't eat rice!?!?!?!??! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!

  • NeoTsaristPhoeny
    NeoTsaristPhoeny 23 days ago


  • Big Poppa
    Big Poppa 23 days ago

    Where can I find a nice cleaver like that one?

  • Maur OG
    Maur OG 25 days ago

    Ok that flopping fish did for me I'm not going to eat fish too much anymore because I watched another show in the fish was filleting in half and it started jumping and it didn't stop so I don't know what's going on with the fish not dying like it's supposed to so you can cook it and eat it can you imagine if you had a sister was frozen in the freezer and you took it off and it throw it out and it started flopping okay I'm going to watch the rest of the video

  • Pramod Naidu
    Pramod Naidu 26 days ago

    Hi, @Laowhy86 did your wife said they put human poop to grow vegetables? at 4.46

  • Frank Brookfield
    Frank Brookfield 27 days ago

    Well done Vivi!!

  • Joe Z
    Joe Z 29 days ago

    This reminds me why I'm a vegetarian.

  • S3Ri0us
    S3Ri0us 29 days ago

    Thank god we didn't see a dog dying...oh wait is this real pork meat?.........

  • Itz_Me!
    Itz_Me! 29 days ago +3

    You have to have this or you not Chinese.

  • mao美
    mao美 29 days ago

    one thing i can’t understand is why you westerners don’t wash your rice y’all dirty as fuck

  • Yi'en Liu
    Yi'en Liu Month ago

    Man Americans are so much different then Asians and is It just me or are black people more like Asians than most people think

  • Tylonfoxx
    Tylonfoxx Month ago

    When the fish is so fresh it literally jumps out of the bowl, you know it's good ;)
    but really, really a waste not to eat the pork bones, it just tastes so good after being infused with all the different tastes of the broth and it gets really nice and tender.
    I've heard a (an albeit Japanese) saying that a good soup (or ramen) keeps a man well fed for three days. On day one, you eat the pork bone meat on a bed of rice with some steamed veggies. On day 2 you eat the soup or ramen, on day 3 you eat the rest (and the best), because (proper) Asian food is nice and filling in that feel-good way :D
    But, in the end, there's nothing that warms the heart more than seeing a child go head over heels for a good bite of one's cooking. That's where you know it's really good :)

  • Jj J
    Jj J Month ago

    I should f you in the a!

  • Bananana - a Banana

    Warning to all Chinese:

    Make sure you have a soup pot. If you don’t... your not legally Chinese

  • Francesca Salimbeni

    My gosh! I am happy to be vegan! poooor fish, I prefer chinese tofu!!!

  • tom ster
    tom ster Month ago

    i like the family portrait on her tshirt :P

  • Shanee Kameli
    Shanee Kameli Month ago

    She’s gorgeous and she can cook 👩‍🍳 💃🏽

  • David Xu
    David Xu Month ago +4

    It's different in every part of China

    • G Dubya
      G Dubya 9 days ago

      True. Every province has it's own "thing". My favorite regions for food are Sichuan, Guangdong, and Shandong.

  • Sean Tiu
    Sean Tiu Month ago

    That's a cute Splatoon shirt

  • David C Witkin
    David C Witkin Month ago

    That was indescribably grotesque.

  • bigpappahemi426
    bigpappahemi426 Month ago

    If you are cooking all that then, to me, you are a chef! My "cooking" consists of pulling something out of a box and shoving it in the microwave!

  • Ocean Young
    Ocean Young Month ago

    Why don't you eat rice?

  • Daniel Xu
    Daniel Xu Month ago

    为什么有阿拉伯字幕 没有中文字母啊

  • Kayinfso Here
    Kayinfso Here Month ago

    1st time visitor - loved the video - you two are cute, and loved the cooking show!

  • Jerry Adams
    Jerry Adams Month ago

    The primary reason to wash rice to remove the starch so the rice is not a sticky mess.

  • Ian Chesney
    Ian Chesney Month ago


  • Andrew Grey
    Andrew Grey Month ago

    Were they getting pissy with u for filming them? Are u known as that gringo with the camera? lol

  • Faith Pon
    Faith Pon Month ago

    Hi Vive, here in MN you'd would be highly respected in Minnesota. A lot of people fish here and killing and cleaning your own catch is highly respectable thing.

  • Karl Bryant
    Karl Bryant Month ago

    It fell on the dirty floor 😱

  • Bethany Grimes
    Bethany Grimes Month ago

    I could not eat anything that came into contact w human poop no matter how many times you washed it.

  • ed
    ed Month ago

    Oh my god her shirt when shes cooking! Is that splatoon?

  • Adriean Cortez
    Adriean Cortez Month ago

    Omg that little baby is just toooo cute, i love how chunky she is omg she is such a blessing .Please take good care of her because she well take care of you ... And the food looks delicious

  • Big Teddy Bear
    Big Teddy Bear Month ago


  • Asiacheetah
    Asiacheetah Month ago

    I don't have a clay pot. Guess I'm not Chinese.

  • bby ghoul
    bby ghoul Month ago


  • TheFabio
    TheFabio Month ago

    it's okay, really. Just don't let your dog near them.

  • Jovani Jaimes
    Jovani Jaimes Month ago

    Of course u have a wak 😂

  • Lion flower
    Lion flower Month ago

    I'm vegan but I would have fried that fish.

  • Lion flower
    Lion flower Month ago

    Wait! They put human poop on your veggies in China??

    DAMEIN O'FERRALL Month ago

    Used to teach English in China. If you're native Chinese, your English is fantastic!

  • Just Toxic
    Just Toxic Month ago

    asians look like orangutans

  • adrianlindsaylohan
    adrianlindsaylohan Month ago

    Don't worry guys, all the fish fillets from our American supermarkets come from fishies that have generously killed themselves for us.

  • Regal Star
    Regal Star Month ago

    Have you ever put your penis in the dead fish mouth?

  • axiomist
    axiomist Month ago

    That is super delicious. So simple and tasty looking. Surprised me no rice ! Eating like this youll never get fat and will be very healthy. Beats the hell out of mc donalds and barbeque loaded with sugary sauces. Your little girl is so cute. Wants everything you eat. My only " but in " advice : keep her away from the sugary stuff.

  • 13thBear
    13thBear Month ago

    Very interesting video. I enjoy learning about other cultures, but vegetables grown with human manure??? That sounds like a recipe for serious food borne disease!

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 Month ago

    The American getting offended by violence. How ironic.

  • Tile by Tony
    Tile by Tony Month ago

    And when I get excited, my little China girl 🇨🇳 says, oh baby just you shut your mouth..she says shhhhhhh
    Oh oh oh ohhhhh little China girl..

    • 80s Guy
      80s Guy Month ago

      You shouldn't mess with me
      I'll ruin everything you are
      I'll give you television
      I'll give you eyes of blue
      I'll give you a man who wants to rule the world....!

  • Bonda Fa Alwa
    Bonda Fa Alwa Month ago +1

    Hi! May I know what is the different if we put the salt and all of the soy sauce etc in a pan with veggies than put it all after the veggies have been cook?

  • odinmage
    odinmage Month ago

    This is what women should be doing when not actively blowing you.

  • By gotuenglish 2Join

    did Vai de-scale it?

  • Destiny Ortiz
    Destiny Ortiz Month ago

    Overfishing is a real problem

  • Isha Brown
    Isha Brown Month ago

    Really enjoyed watching your videos, food looks lovely plus interesting to learn about chinese food well done Viv 😀

  • JustSomeCarrotHere Don'tMindMe

    Honestly tho, I love how wholesome that meal looked. Another thing, say if you were cooking a meal for a regular family in America, WHEN WOULD YOU EVER ACHIEVE GETTING YOUR KIDS TO EAT VEGGIES AND FISH LIKE THAT! it just wouldn’t happen!

  • Paula Griffith
    Paula Griffith Month ago

    That good healthy !! Good food

  • Happy and Wonderful

    Your wife seems simple, sincere and hardworking. You are lucky. Oh and she is Cantonese, that's good!!!! Cantonese is the best Chinese race.

  • greatpolarbear
    greatpolarbear Month ago

    Guangdong= CANTON/CANTONESE (English) Sorry, but I refuse to have the Chinese change my language. So Beijing will always be Peking. So please understand if you are sending to English speaking people, use OUR translations.

  • Akali Dixon
    Akali Dixon Month ago

    So you cook animals alive in your country ? Wow

  • The Cookie Couture Channel

    Great video!!! Love to see all you are cooking!! Thanks fo sharing!!

  • Karl Hungus
    Karl Hungus Month ago

    Mmm...flied lice.

  • Iron Gate-051
    Iron Gate-051 Month ago

    Jesus, cooking animals alive is pretty inhumane.