Belichick & Pats don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt for Spygate 2.0 | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Jason Whitlock, Marcellus Wiley, LaVar Arrington & TJ Houshmandzadeh talk about the New England Patriots and the NFL investigating a videotaping incident involving the team.
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    Belichick & Pats don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt for Spygate 2.0 | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
    Speak For Yourself
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  • Speak For Yourself
    Speak For Yourself  Month ago +56

    Do you think Roger Goodell will suspend Bill Belichick?

    • HVAC Quality Assurance
      HVAC Quality Assurance 27 days ago

      Not trolling, and NOT defending Bellichick or Peyton, BUT, if Michael Vick is still collecting a paycheck from this entity, after KILLING DOGS, ditto for Ray Lewis, then you really can't give BB or any coach the Pete Rose treatment.

    • Welcome To My Kropy TackleBox!
      Welcome To My Kropy TackleBox! 28 days ago

      you CONNOT Put GOAT And Cheater In The Same Sentence And Make Them Coincide With Each Other❗️
      That’s Grammatical Suicide👎🏾😡❗️
      Being That belichek Has Been Been Implimented In Several Cheating Scams Already, he Nor braidy Should NEVER Be Considered As GOATS, BECAUSE THATS LABELED FOR NONE CHEATERS😡😡😡❗️❗️❗️

    • Welcome To My Kropy TackleBox!
      Welcome To My Kropy TackleBox! 28 days ago

      he NEEDS to Be Fired, Because he’s A Repeat Offending Cheater👎🏾😡❗️

    • Jeremy Thompson
      Jeremy Thompson 29 days ago

      @Stal Zemsty When?

    • Jeremy Thompson
      Jeremy Thompson 29 days ago

      @D Rex 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Jacob Gonzalez 15 days ago

    I’m shocked Wiley isn’t against belicheck thinking he’s guilty because he’s white normally he’s always against anyone white

  • Terence Simon
    Terence Simon 18 days ago

    The public, or NFL fans as a whole, dont think Tom Brady is the Goat. The New England Patriots fan base does. Ask NFL fans other than Patriot fans if they think he is the Goat and if the coach is the greatest and you will see that they dont think it to be true because of the cheating. Oh and Belichick himself admitted to the first "Spy Gate" when he said he didn't know it was against the rules to do what they did. He said that himself. So how long had he been doing that before he was caught. In my book the Superbowl wins prior to him getting caught are voided and the "Greatest Coach Ever" title does not apply. Anybody can be a great coach if they already know what their opponents will be doing. Just saying.

  • Welcome To My Kropy TackleBox!


  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson 29 days ago

    So sick of the crooked media covering up for these frauds. No wonder the NFL is losing fans left and right

  • Think Dragon
    Think Dragon 29 days ago

    🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 (Tbc...)

  • Brandon Norman
    Brandon Norman Month ago

    You dont burn non-damning evidence, if evidence is deliberately destroyed, we are allowed to assume guilt.
    Belichick is a narcissist who doesn't respect boundaries, he'll continue to cheat until the nfl stops him, and they want this to go away because of the implications on their darling dynasty.

  • Kat Potter
    Kat Potter Month ago

    Belichick has no integrety, period. He is a cheater! Has been cheating for years. He knew the taping was going on. The videographer saying "oh I just delete the tape" doesn't cut it when it happens over & over. Soon as the NFL & Roger Goodell cowtowed to Trump when it came to the Kappernick insident, they lost all integrity of the NFL!

  • Luther Vandross
    Luther Vandross Month ago

    The integrity of sports gambling is tainted, you don't want gamblers mad at you...they take chances that aren't always fully thought-out.

  • Luther Vandross
    Luther Vandross Month ago

    Double jeopardy can not apply when new facts or evidence is introduced. But belichek deserves a hang-nail for his arrogance.

  • Bill Bond
    Bill Bond Month ago +1

    Was their proof Sean Payton was a part of bounty gate ?
    My understanding was no but since he was head coach he must of known , Same for Billacheat.

  • Cynthia Barrie
    Cynthia Barrie Month ago

    Haz has it.

  • Cynthia Barrie
    Cynthia Barrie Month ago

    Ha ha ha...burned the tapes. Intent is on trial here...guilty.

  • Nicholas Hormuth
    Nicholas Hormuth Month ago

    The nfl should investigate and really find out if he was involved and just find out the truth

  • Joseph Mancuso
    Joseph Mancuso Month ago

    Goodell wont suspend Belichick because Robert Kraft will pay Goodell to throw this away.

    MAKE IT HAPPEN Month ago

    Plus ppl not adding this in the mix. They needed that win to lock up the #1 seed. Even though they was playing a 1 win team don't Mean they couldn't win.

  • Fred Kenzelmann
    Fred Kenzelmann Month ago

    Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft are Best friends so I don't think Bill Bellichick gets suspended but Bill Bellichick should be kicked out of the NFL or suspended for one season minimum

  • Catalan500 _
    Catalan500 _ Month ago

    “He should be suspended even if he didn’t do it” it’s big brain time I see

  • Will
    Will Month ago

    Whether Belichick was involved or not, the cameramen are employees of the Patriots and blatantly cheated again.. I love how the Patriots suggested that there are independent guys that work for them. Come to find out the cameraman who was caught red handed has been an employee of the Patriots for 18 years. He's been there before and during both cheating scandals . Don't try to say you didn't know you were doing anything wrong when you clearly know the rules... Who are better cheaters? Patriots or Astros?? Who does it better lmfao smh

  • Old Man Cali
    Old Man Cali Month ago

    Why they clowning O.J?

  • Chuck Cribbs
    Chuck Cribbs Month ago

    Patriots have to film the Bengals to beat them??? They cheat all the time. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Jezebell 8
    Jezebell 8 Month ago

    Oh please, Belichick is a career cheater. The Patriots should be stripped of their last 2 rings.

  • Arron Knowlton
    Arron Knowlton Month ago

    Nobody does anything in the Patriots organization without Bill knowing about it. Noone

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez Month ago

    Bill Belichick and his statement is void. The individual(s) that did the deed and employed by the same franchise as Mr. Belichick. This is a team sport and anyone that wears the logo is part of that team. So to me, this sounds like Mr. Belichick is not a team player and is sending the wrong message to the world and those with hope of playing at the professional level.

  • Tom Herman
    Tom Herman Month ago

    double jeopardy doesn't apply when you commit the crime a second time...

  • Al Handleit
    Al Handleit Month ago

    Hey Marcellus- what do you think happens with all that video footage? You don't think that gets back to Belichick? You think the video crew (that was briefed repeatedly by the NFL AND the Bengals on what they could not film) "accidentally" just broke those rules less than 20 minutes later while they were filming a movie on a Patriots scout? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! BTW, it is fairly common knowledge that what was on the tape in spygate 1 was the jets signal calling sequences.

  • Vinh Ho
    Vinh Ho Month ago

    Why you guys sound like lawyers?? This ain’t COURT

  • Fenorris Styles
    Fenorris Styles Month ago

    In The Word Of WWE Vince McMahon Bill Belichick You Are Fire

  • Hank Wakefield
    Hank Wakefield Month ago

    Does Bill Belichick own the Patriots? What am I missing here? The fine goes to Robert Kraft because the owner should have known what was going on NOT the head coach. Does Bill give them the OK to make changes on the website? Does Bill give them OK on merchandise? These talking heads are ridiculous!

  • James Stuard
    James Stuard Month ago

    I love Marcellus because he ups my game debating pats fans..

  • Greg Janover
    Greg Janover Month ago

    this fool thinks bill wont get suspended due to double jeopardy?? so his logic you rob one bank and guilty you cant be charged for robbing another bank. idiot!

  • Chief 10
    Chief 10 Month ago

    GO PATRIOTS, Belichick for President 2024! Brady for Vice President 2024!

  • Ebony Ferguson
    Ebony Ferguson Month ago

    So the Patriots can cheat year after year and get away with it and no penalties but AB is guilty and fired with no evidence only assumptions. SMH

  • CJ Turner
    CJ Turner Month ago


  • Cavemantero
    Cavemantero Month ago

    he's not going to suspend him...because it makes Goodell and the League look bad to the kool-aid drinkers...everybody else knows those motherfuckers have been cheating for a decade now.

  • Time Uptown
    Time Uptown Month ago

    Is Pete Rose a G.O.A.T.? Not in the eyes of the Hall of Fame.

    BRENT A Month ago

    Nothing will happen to the Patriots. Nothing ever does. Yet the Saints get Sean Peyton suspended an ENTIRE YEAR. and it just so happened the same year they hosted the SB

  • Aries73
    Aries73 Month ago

    Ever since Gutless Gooddell became the commissioner, the NFL has become no better than WWE when it comes to integrity.

  • Louis Blackwell
    Louis Blackwell Month ago

    Well I think ALL the other 31 teams need to smart'n' up and stop being victims of the Patriot way

  • Nick Cunnimgham
    Nick Cunnimgham Month ago

    Double jeopardy happens when the person has already been found not guilty.

  • Waco Tx
    Waco Tx Month ago

    Quid Pro Joe Biden, Hijacking Spygate Word on www to hide Democrat Corruption from Voters is just a Game to the Eltes...

  • Gunni Bare
    Gunni Bare Month ago

    They broke the rule of filming sideline and we watch the game field not sideline 1 year just like sean payton boom

  • Richard Abbott
    Richard Abbott Month ago

    Your all just a bunch of jealous fools ... only one man on this knows not to judge these lies that continue ... The Patriots are getting the Trump treatment ... It's a all a bunch of BS ...

  • Richard Abbott
    Richard Abbott Month ago

    If you look at this logically you would know the Patriots don't need to tape Cincinnati's side line
    The truth fabout your history is Godell burned the Tapes because he had the tapes of multiple teams had done the same thing and he had to destroy that evidence ...

  • Kimchicracker
    Kimchicracker Month ago

    The crew members were foot soldiers who were going to take the fall if something went wrong. This whole “Do Your Job” thing is an elaborate scheme.

  • Michael G
    Michael G Month ago

    Imagine for a moment, if you will, something happening within the Patriots organization and Belichick not having any idea that it is happening.

  • Robert Ernette
    Robert Ernette Month ago

    In the US Navy, the CO, XO, and CMC don’t man the helm. But if that ship runs aground, smacks into another ship, or something of the like, that triad gets canned. They may not have been driving the ship, but they are considered responsible. Billy boy should see the same thing.

  • hereitis again
    hereitis again Month ago

    They are bar room lawyers. One may not introduce past transgressions or history into a case..It stands on its own isolated merit. Past events prejudice unfairly the current events. The evidence is only for the current event. These jocks want to use history as an accumulated impression to convict Belichek of something. No. One event now is what may be examined. Not the history, not the supposition of a continuing pattern of behavior. Look at this incident as unique and solitary and weigh the evidence.

  • Jaime Ramirez
    Jaime Ramirez Month ago +1

    Jason should be suspended from McDonald's

  • matt brugge
    matt brugge Month ago

    The problem is if nothing is done, I fear that Brady is going to take all sorts of cheap shots next year for sure. Other teams will get tired of this and basically go "oh we play the Pats, hit everyone multiple times who care anymore"

  • Ezz Mac
    Ezz Mac Month ago

    Goddy was all over Garrett in just a few hours but now it's going to be talked about for a few weeks. They're cheating again 😡 . Brady: I didn't know anything about deflating balls while destroying the phone.

  • JGibby
    JGibby Month ago

    This is literally the first time I’ve ever agreed with Whitlock. I’m convinced that the reality is the show wouldn’t work if everyone sat around agreeing with each other and Wiley just drew the short straw this time. I usually skip past Whitlock though.

  • BummyDAn
    BummyDAn Month ago

    First time I ever agreed with whitlock

  • Jordan Henderson
    Jordan Henderson Month ago

    lol, the Patriots have so much real estate in everyone's heads that they think he executive produces all the organizations TV shows

  • MattyIce21
    MattyIce21 Month ago +1

    Everyone forgets Josh Mcdanniels brought his spygate ways to denver and got in trouble for it , this is technically spygate number 3.

  • Adam Roose
    Adam Roose Month ago

    The public didn't anoint Brady & Belicheck as G.O.A.T. the NFL did. Neither Brady nor Belicheck should make it to the H.O.F. because it would ruin the integrity of the honor.

  • pensive69
    pensive69 Month ago

    Hey guys! What ought to happen is for all the other owners to get together in one big press conference. They they need to jointly say...Roger; either you get rid of Bill or we get rid of you and Bill.
    Crime must not be tolerated in the NFL.

  • Donald Westerkamp
    Donald Westerkamp Month ago

    This is just another a way the NFL is trying to get the team's to win or losses they just need the drama that's why the Saints didn't get the call last year because the pats couldn't beat the Saints .stop saying that the pats are the best team when they are always get caught cheating your ruining the best game in the world.brady is the most over rated QB of all time. The NFL is the biggest joke of all sport

  • Jay C
    Jay C Month ago

    Permanent asterisk

  • robin devily
    robin devily Month ago

    they didnt even mention Eddleman doing performance enhancing drugs then winning a superbowl