FaZe Jarvis - Banned 4 Life (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jan 12, 2020
  • So I actaully made a Music Video... This is of course a joke.
    Directed By- m.tvclip.biz/user/HarryMichaelMaude
    Listen to my NEW song - music.apple.com/us/album/b4l/1491768426?i=1491768427
    Twitter- liljarviss
    Instagram- fazejarvis
    Jarvis & Kay Channel- m.tvclip.biz/channel/UC0Jm3RQtmtwxxTc2gZkqDNw
    Twitch- www.twitch.tv/liljarvis
    Business Inquiries- jarvisjaay@gmail.com
    Editor- tvclip.biz/user/thrxve
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  • Jarvis
    Jarvis  8 days ago +14193

    I actually made a music video holeeeeeeeeeee

  • Nathan Hernandez
    Nathan Hernandez Minute ago

    Good song

  • Ray Mathew
    Ray Mathew 3 minutes ago


  • Keymaster lol
    Keymaster lol 11 minutes ago

    Sorry but this isn’t telling us anything about u getting band

  • Macoda Martin
    Macoda Martin 16 minutes ago

    He flexes his money to much

  • Lucian Lo
    Lucian Lo 19 minutes ago

    "Work hard everyday"
    Me: hmmmmm...quite banned he is

  • Araebus
    Araebus 20 minutes ago

    if you search “the box music video” then this pops up

  • Glo Glockz
    Glo Glockz 21 minute ago

    Bruh rap like a robot wit autism

  • Untamed Team
    Untamed Team 24 minutes ago

    Stick to gaming

  • Jerry Borges
    Jerry Borges 35 minutes ago

    Get over it man. lol you haft to make a song about to.

  • Trey Thomas
    Trey Thomas 36 minutes ago

    It's just a game

  • Jerry Borges
    Jerry Borges 39 minutes ago


  • Jerry Borges
    Jerry Borges 40 minutes ago


  • Andrew Plot
    Andrew Plot 43 minutes ago +1

    You can always make videos on Creative Destruction. A budget game for the budget person

  • Rubi Ruiz
    Rubi Ruiz 47 minutes ago


  • Jonathan Lowry
    Jonathan Lowry 52 minutes ago

    Who sung it

  • Albino Soccer Mom
    Albino Soccer Mom 53 minutes ago +1

    He protecc

    He attacc

    He make a dumbass diss track

  • Luis V
    Luis V 56 minutes ago

    ¿?????¿?¿??????! What is this!!!!!

  • Toasty Is confuzledツ


  • Jauzz
    Jauzz Hour ago

    so cringey

  • Noah Collins
    Noah Collins Hour ago

    When the special kid gets detention

  • Johnny_Disaster
    Johnny_Disaster Hour ago

    YoUr InSaNe JaRvIs

  • karen majalca
    karen majalca Hour ago

    L won't be in faz

  • Shayne C
    Shayne C Hour ago

    I see you're still trying to get unbanned? 😂

  • Theo Connolly
    Theo Connolly Hour ago +1

    When I watched this video my ear drums started to bleed and I went blind.

  • Draven Bubb
    Draven Bubb Hour ago

    kind of fire

  • Isaiah Perla
    Isaiah Perla Hour ago

    Dude this sad asf you made a music video because you got banned

  • Black Kilen
    Black Kilen Hour ago

    First of all the video Is just garbage the lyrics are even more trash and at the start of this video Is like mumble rap but worst And i know im kinda late but there is no need to put subtitles i dont think TVclip Would even understand the lyrics of this piece of trash...Dont know how this has more likes than dislikes...

  • BaronVonZaac
    BaronVonZaac Hour ago +1

    You know I bet he plays on a different account in his spare time

  • olembe oo
    olembe oo Hour ago

    if this is grey u are gay

  • The Game snipezzz

    Trasshhhh asssss

    POTATOESRGR8 Hour ago


  • Crim DG
    Crim DG 2 hours ago

    Nice beats

  • Squeak Fluffy
    Squeak Fluffy 2 hours ago

    I wish this never existed it really ruined my birthday

    ENDLESS X Sin 2 hours ago

    Dam the hate in the chat

  • Dude Bra
    Dude Bra 2 hours ago

    50%cringe 50%queer

  • ryzy_trash.6987 tiktok

    To much atuotune

  • Dude Bra
    Dude Bra 2 hours ago

    So cringe scrubby needs to make a vid on this

    DEADSHOTSNIP3R7 2 hours ago +1

    Dis is corny af 😂🤮

  • Matt watt
    Matt watt 2 hours ago


  • Fudge plays
    Fudge plays 2 hours ago

    Ur bad anyway

  • Fudge plays
    Fudge plays 2 hours ago +1

    Embarrassing, you’d be nothing without your brother,auto tune and your fake vids.

  • amine mouttaki
    amine mouttaki 2 hours ago

    jarvis made a music video
    fraizer: jarviis ur insaaaane brooo

  • Evin Muniz
    Evin Muniz 2 hours ago


  • King Prodigy
    King Prodigy 2 hours ago

    Is it just me or Jarvis is a mumble rapper

  • Ashenz
    Ashenz 2 hours ago

    He puts American accent on lol

  • IML Chelis
    IML Chelis 2 hours ago +1

    He is trying so hard to get unbanned

  • Falcons Master
    Falcons Master 2 hours ago

    sorry but u need some practice

  • CynicDai
    CynicDai 2 hours ago

    AutoTune smh

  • Neel Ray
    Neel Ray 2 hours ago

    Rappers enumerated

  • Brian Napier
    Brian Napier 2 hours ago


  • King Johsia
    King Johsia 2 hours ago

    Imagine Epic replies with a diss track @fortnite we wanna see it like if you agree !

  • Master Michael pro
    Master Michael pro 2 hours ago

    Kid shut up paridise day multi no one cares if you got out of a week chair to term his music off his music is sick

  • RyZe 4Life
    RyZe 4Life 2 hours ago


  • Paul Hill
    Paul Hill 2 hours ago

    OMG Jarvis Your Insane!!!!!!

  • GwrXs YT
    GwrXs YT 2 hours ago

    It’s funny I went school with Jarvis he was year older tho but people only liked him because his brother before that he was a loner 😂

  • Zhoxy was here
    Zhoxy was here 2 hours ago

    “Givenchy on me” uglass

  • Bcx. Officials
    Bcx. Officials 2 hours ago

    You’re English mate not american

  • ItsMp
    ItsMp 3 hours ago

    he even uses aim bot in the video😂😂😂

  • H20bro619 Russell
    H20bro619 Russell 3 hours ago

    Your not good 😑😕