Catalan protests: Separatists clash with police in Barcelona | DW News

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • Spanish and Catalan leaders are appealing for an end to the violence in Barcelona and other cities after protesters clashed with police for the third night running. The demonstrators want the release of Catalan independence leaders who received long prison terms. They also want a path to nationhood. Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas after reportedly being attacking with petrol bombs.
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Comments • 378

  • alfrepico
    alfrepico 23 days ago

    SPAIN IS A FASCIST STATE. Freedom for all political prisoners, 13 years in jail for organizing a democratic referendum..

  • KByville Pika
    KByville Pika Month ago

    The EU should make it clear that if Catalonia becomes independent then EU sanctions and total rejection from the EU should make it clear that Barcelona is Spain!
    Provisional autonomy is more than enough.

  • Shayne Ward
    Shayne Ward Month ago +1

    Peacefully protesting is legal,they are doing what HK people are doing .So fight for freedom , stand with Catalonia

  • Axel Cross
    Axel Cross Month ago

    Freedom Catalonia, New State.

  • Eric Louclair
    Eric Louclair Month ago

    We need a civil war!

  • Jerry Teh
    Jerry Teh Month ago +1

    TVclip wont recommend Catalonia Protest videos,
    UK protest videos are all comment disable.
    I guess no more freedom of speech in the europe now, LOL!

  • Exclusive X
    Exclusive X Month ago

    Catalonia is already free, all the time, and there has always been full freedom and full rights. But there is a very aggressive totalitarian separatist conspiracy that wants to take over the region of Catalonia. Separatists only preach hatred and social fracture. Prisoner separatist politicians are already going out very soon, in a few months. The separatists live on deception and lies.

  • lin mibee
    lin mibee Month ago

    Like hongkong, bbc will 100%support protests,trust me!freedom!freedom!

  • Dawson Winter
    Dawson Winter Month ago

    Keep supporting Hong Kong, and someone will learn from it.

  • poortaiwanese
    poortaiwanese Month ago

    Nancy Pelosi ' What a beautiful sight' America needs to arm the Catalonians.California, Quebec, it is your turn next! FREE CALIFORNIA, FREE QUEBEC! Give me freedom or give me Death!

    • Philip Gomez
      Philip Gomez Month ago

      FREE CALIFORNIA... Give it back to the native Americans. And Quebec... and the whole continent, north and south. America for the native Americans. California for the native Californians. Arm the native americans. Nancy Pelusi speak with a fork tongue. Give me freedom or give death. FREE AMERICA, FREE CALIFORNIA.

  • d
    d Month ago +2

    Nancy Pelosi “A beautiful sight to behold”

    • Philip Gomez
      Philip Gomez Month ago

      Watch 'Dances with wolves'. The last part... what a horrible sight to behold.

  • Abigail Vella
    Abigail Vella Month ago

    Evry one is fed up freedom wins always

    • LordF
      LordF Month ago

      How are Catalans not free?

  • Fish Ball
    Fish Ball Month ago +1

    Catalonia protester - Separatist
    HongKong protester - Freedom fighter .


    • LordF
      LordF Month ago

      That's because unlike China, Spain is a democracy, and ethno-linguistic nationalism like the one these protesters defend doesn't bring back very fond memories in many of us.

  • 孙笑川
    孙笑川 Month ago


  • 孙正奇
    孙正奇 Month ago

    be water!(dog’s head pro)

  • albert lee
    albert lee Month ago +1

    US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi it is time you say “a beautiful sight to behold”
    UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt it is also time for you to suggest the investigation into the use of force by the police.
    NBA, please speak up your support for the protestors.

    Don’t be double standard and hypocrite.

  • Pilot Zhou
    Pilot Zhou Month ago +1

    I hope Nancy pelosi can say at this moment that this is also a "beautiful sight," as she said during the Hong Kong riots.

    • Philip Gomez
      Philip Gomez Month ago

      Why hoping Americans to comment? Watch K. Costner's 'Dance with wolves' ... It is a horrible sight to behold.

    • LordF
      LordF Month ago +1

      Unlike China, Spain is a democracy, and ethno-linguistic nationalism like the one these protesters defend doesn't bring back very fond memories in many of us.

  • Lorac Ail
    Lorac Ail Month ago +1

    After several months of criticizing the HK police for being "brutally violent" and prasing the so called “peaceful” protectors for fighting their freedom in HK. Now the demoCRAZY backfires...

  • Andrew Jiang
    Andrew Jiang Month ago

    "A beautiful sight to behold" and “Stand with Catalan, Fight for Freedom”

  • B ahams
    B ahams Month ago +1


  • abc 123
    abc 123 Month ago +1

    We support the recent protest for Catalonia, Scotland and California Independence

    • pepe0801
      pepe0801 Month ago

      @Philip Gomez again , California and Cataluña have never been nations .In the US only Texas can make that claim.

    • Philip Gomez
      Philip Gomez Month ago

      @pepe0801 my point is those who lives in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

    • pepe0801
      pepe0801 Month ago

      @Philip Gomez California is mainly white so what's your point . They are as "native" as Elizabeth Warren...

    • Philip Gomez
      Philip Gomez Month ago

      @pepe0801 you forgot California have a reason for independency. It was stolen from the native Americans long time ago. White man speak with a fork tongue.

    • pepe0801
      pepe0801 Month ago +1

      Of those 3 only Scotland was ever an independent nation with valid reasons for independence.

  • Max Williams
    Max Williams Month ago +1

    Fight for freedom! Catalonia People Support You For Freedom!

  • HN Xandar
    HN Xandar Month ago +4

    Free Scotland! Free California!

  • Barbatos Tekkan
    Barbatos Tekkan Month ago

    Support Catalonia

    • pepe0801
      pepe0801 Month ago


  • Sean Green
    Sean Green Month ago +5

    Free Hawaii!! Restore the Kalakaua reign!!! Who’s with me!

  • Slokan666iqMINDBLOWING

    Yee so world war 3 confirmed?

  • Thomas Yan
    Thomas Yan Month ago +5

    Wow, they are just so PEACEFUL as HK protest!👍

    • Carl Y
      Carl Y Month ago


  • 703WL
    703WL Month ago +2

    What ??? Separatist,,, nope ,,, they are only protest to be freedom,,,hahaha,,,biased western media when this happened in hk

    • LordF
      LordF Month ago

      That's because unlike China, Spain is a democracy, and ethno-linguistic nationalism like the one these protesters defend doesn't bring back very fond memories in many of us.

  • 汤姆大叔之澳洲纪实篇

    Freedom for Catalonia,Freedom for Scotland, Freedom for North Ireland

  • General Diplomat
    General Diplomat Month ago +4

    Stand with Ireland, fight for freedom! Freedom of speech!

  • General Diplomat
    General Diplomat Month ago +1

    Stand with Catay, fight for freedom! Love from China

  • yy歪歪
    yy歪歪 Month ago +2

    Fight for Freedom! Stand wth Catalonia! Nancy Pelosi where r u??

  • Not Socrazy
    Not Socrazy Month ago +1

    They are not separatist....They are freedom fighter .... Fight for freedom Stand with Catalonian....

  • Hilary Okpara
    Hilary Okpara Month ago

    Free Biafra. Nigerian hausa fulanis terrorist Government are killing Biafrans. Biafrans are seeking for there independent too.

  • Epicure
    Epicure Month ago +2

    Viva Catalan! El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +10

    Why is there no "Catalonia Human Rights and Democracy Act" in US?

    • LordF
      LordF Month ago

      Free California!!

  • Steve Luo
    Steve Luo Month ago

    guys, let's stand with catalan! fight for freedom!👍👍👍 @ Ted Cruz

  • Sjimon Stodulskiy
    Sjimon Stodulskiy Month ago +3

    I can not understand! You are leaving in beautiful city of Barcelona! In the free country. One of most open and tolerant countries in the world - Spain. Why you want to be independent!? How does it hurt you, hoes does it change your live so that you need to be criminal !? People are dying in other countries for freedom, being out of control of regimes, dictators, wars. You are living in Barcelona and you are talking about breaking down the human rights and your freedom ! Che stupido! Ignorance!!!!

    • TONI RK
      TONI RK Month ago

      Pues porque sus dirigentes llevan varias décadas lavándoles el cerebro. Son una horda de zombies que sienten un odio irracional contra España por eso. No sólo quieren la independencia, quieren la enemistad con España A quienes aún quieren sentirse españoles se les discrimina y persigue, pronto se verán como los judíos en el III Reich

  • W. K.
    W. K. Month ago +4


    • TONI RK
      TONI RK Month ago

      Es España la que se tiene que independizar de vosotros, no sabes que alivio sería perderos de vista

  • Sun Sand and Playa
    Sun Sand and Playa Month ago

    Freedom is not a free gift. For the freedom you need to fight.

    • Sun Sand and Playa
      Sun Sand and Playa Month ago

      LordF Well, you should ask them that question. Millions of them ask to be independent and, at some point, they will be. Hope, the rest of country understand that. If not, the war is the only way to do that. That would be tragically wrong way. Just let them go.

    • LordF
      LordF Month ago

      How are Catalans not free?

  • Free Europe
    Free Europe Month ago

    Free Catalunia!!! Free Transsylvania!!!

  • Alberto Pinotti
    Alberto Pinotti Month ago +4

    I Want to said that in Italy there isn't violence generally. We're pacific, but in the south we've the problem of mafia that intimidate some people. However, we've defeat the terrorism and the mafia such as an octopus infiltrates in the public administration. In the North specially. In the South instead intimidates with violence and it infiltrates while in the North only infiltrates.
    Excuse me for my English

  • Rasputín43
    Rasputín43 Month ago +5

    Spain is a fascista state.

    • TONI RK
      TONI RK Month ago

      @Rasputín43 Sospecho que no es necesario, ya formas parte de ellos. Eres indepe. A ti te han lavado la cabeza, pero por dentro. Te sacaron el cerebro y te metieron boñiga, por eso vas soltando mierda. Tú y miles como tú, adoctrinados, manipulados, domesticados y adiestrados por vuestros amos que solo buscan aprovecharse a vuestra costa y vosotros les dejáis. España jamás fue un estado fascista, ni siquiera con Franco, si bien pudiera haber algunas semejanzas y menos ahora. Puede que la democracia que tenemos sea de retrete, pero no vayas rebuznando que España es fascista porque eso es una falacia que si tuvieses algún seso dentro de tú cráneo ligero te darías cuenta de ello.
      Y no vayas por ahí amenazando a nadie, insensato.

    • Rasputín43
      Rasputín43 Month ago

      TONI RK tú no sabes lo que es el fascismo niñato lo único que sabes es ser un borrego analfabeto que apoya el fascismo actual payaso ya verás lo que es pasarlo mal en la vida apolla do a esos que se lucran de otros reprimiéndolos

    • TONI RK
      TONI RK Month ago +1

      @Rasputín43 Es decir, un fascista. ¿Lo quieres más claro? FAS-CIS-TA y cuanto más te encabrones, más fascista serás, así que contrólate, si es que sabes

    • Rasputín43
      Rasputín43 Month ago

      TONI RK un fascista dice el hijoputa este mejor di uno que te quiere romper la cabeza

    • TONI RK
      TONI RK Month ago +1

      @Rasputín43 Nlo es preciso, solamente un fascista podría poner un comentario como el tuyo.

  • tricky tricky
    tricky tricky Month ago

    Good luck Catalonia but there be hundreds under cover police among you ready to identify you.

    • pepe0801
      pepe0801 Month ago

      At least half of the people of Cataluña support Spain and the police against those who are destroying Cataluña and wish to destroy Spain.

  • Xi Jinping
    Xi Jinping Month ago


  • Kevin Xie
    Kevin Xie Month ago

    Peaceful protest.

  • Marek Prochazka
    Marek Prochazka Month ago +3

    Start boycotting Spanish products. The EU tolerates injustice in Catalonia let us show our strength.

    • pepe0801
      pepe0801 Month ago

      I don't think you have much purchasing power from your parents basement.
      You comment on an issue you know nothing about .

    • J -tone
      J -tone Month ago +4

      Don't talk trash without knowing about the issue

  • Teh Yew Boon
    Teh Yew Boon Month ago +3

    Accept the fact that democracy is going to fail in the coming years. Freedoom......

  • Jeremi Nicol
    Jeremi Nicol Month ago +2


  • Jeremi Nicol
    Jeremi Nicol Month ago +2


  • Jeremi Nicol
    Jeremi Nicol Month ago +1


  • anahorett анахорет

    What tear gas What rubber bullets did you say that peaceful protesters behave this way When it was in Ukraine

    • TONI RK
      TONI RK Month ago

      ¿Pacíficos?, ¡Atila y los hunos sí que eran gente pacífica!

  • Galen Chow
    Galen Chow Month ago +1

    Who can tell me this is peace? Why US government support this in HongKong? It's not funny and not a joke.

  • Juan Martín Díez
    Juan Martín Díez Month ago +6

    Barcelona on fire, extreme separatist violence

  • Wind Neo
    Wind Neo Month ago +3

    Once more, Millions took to the streets !!
    Once more, Police Brutality !!!
    Free Catalonia !!! Release the arrested HEROES !!!

    • TONI RK
      TONI RK Month ago +1

      @Wind Neo Do you talking to me?. Como se ve que no sabes de que estás hablando.

    • J -tone
      J -tone Month ago +2

      First of all, as a catalan I can tell you that we haven't been opressed since the democracy was established in spain 40 years ago. This issues come becuse of people who want to have the power over catalan people and told lies to them, ending up dividing catalonia

    • Wind Neo
      Wind Neo Month ago

      @TONI RK Look, u don't have to agree with me.. Millions of people has been oppressed by their govt for too long, their are fighting for their future.. and see how to those Police acting so violent.. Shame on You !!

    • TONI RK
      TONI RK Month ago +1

      Mira, en lo único que estoy de acuerdo contigo es en lo inútil que es el presidente Sánchez, en lo demás has metido la pata hasta la cadera.

  • mad Rascal
    mad Rascal Month ago

    United Europe ......hehehehehhehhre😁😆😄😅😂🤣🤩

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago +2

    Free Caltalonia

  • Xun Xu
    Xun Xu Month ago +13

    Free Catalan people! The violent police should be convicted.

    • TONI RK
      TONI RK Month ago

      Pobrecitos los catalanitos,que los españoles malos les tratamos a palos

    • Zachary Liu
      Zachary Liu Month ago +2

      Spain did nothing wrong and shouldn’t be separated. Hk shouldn’t be separated too . 很大一部分西班牙人很支持中国的, 别伤害他们的感情了. 搞事的媒体都是bbc cnn nyt啥的.虽然我知道你们是在讽刺, 但是对老外来说容易造成更多误解。

    • yuuki kurisu
      yuuki kurisu Month ago +2

      Fight for freedom. Stand with Catalan

    JW HARD Month ago +8

    they are not separatists, all i see are peaceful pro-independence demonstrators just like those on hk streets

  • zhmz888
    zhmz888 Month ago +2

    blow back...right in front of the face...and there is more to Bavaria!!