J vs Ben: ULTIMATE Harry Potter MOVIE Trivia Quiz

  • Published on Dec 13, 2018
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    Today J and Ben face off in the ultimate Harry Potter film binge trivia quiz to find out who knows the Harry Potter movies the best!
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Comments • 3 289

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  9 months ago +508

    What is your favorite Harry Potter movie?!

    • Conishen
      Conishen 5 hours ago

      The movies from best to worst for me:
      7 (part 1) / 7 (part 2) / 6 / 3 / 1 / 5 / 4 / 2

    • Irin Ruel Norwind
      Irin Ruel Norwind 4 days ago

      Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone :))

    • Zalcry
      Zalcry 11 days ago

      It's the philosopher's stone thanks very much. It's how JK titled it and its how it is everywhere else in the world . smh

    • - RPJM -
      - RPJM - 13 days ago

      Jk it’s deathly hallows 1

    • Amelia Hughes
      Amelia Hughes 14 days ago

      Order of the Phoenix

  • Conishen
    Conishen 5 hours ago

    The movies from best to worst for me:
    7 (part 1) / 7 (part 2) / 6 / 3 / 5 / 1 / 4 / 2

  • Avis Karm
    Avis Karm 20 hours ago


  • Oliver Payne
    Oliver Payne Day ago

    For the record, most of the world knows it as the philosopher’s stone, film and book. They changed it for the USA cos they thought they’d be confused by the word philosopher. They proposed the title “Harry Potter and the school of magic” originally, which Rowling rejected.

    • Oliver Payne
      Oliver Payne 52 minutes ago

      Conishen ah fairs

    • Conishen
      Conishen 4 hours ago

      @Oliver Payne Calm down buddy, I'm not even contradicting anything you said, just adding. It's interesting that JKR rejected "Harry Potter and the School of Magic" in the US but it still went through in France, that's all.

    • Oliver Payne
      Oliver Payne 4 hours ago

      And in Spanish it’s piedra filosofal, what’s your point? A philosopher’s stone is the name of that object in myth, a sorcerer’s stone isn’t a thing.

    • Conishen
      Conishen 5 hours ago

      In French it is called "Harry Potter à l'Ecole des Sorciers", which would translate to "Harry Potter at Magic School".

  • Maggie Middleton

    J, Ben, they didn't put Tonk's hair pink because they felt pink should only be represented by Umbridge
    P.S. I have an Umbridge, her name is Mrs. Tonubee and she is the worst teacher you will ever have.

    Besides Umbridge

  • Koopy Sandwich
    Koopy Sandwich 3 days ago

    You know that the film is the Philosopher's Stone in the UK, right? Both versions exist.

  • Ashlyn Dubreas
    Ashlyn Dubreas 4 days ago

    Nope David Tennant came up with the tick for a multitude of reasons. He wanted to add more depth to the character and also give Barty Crouch Snr something to make him suspect that Mad-Eye Moody was in fact his son.

  • Cole Mowery
    Cole Mowery 5 days ago

    Order of the Phoenix is the best movie.

  • mike donovan
    mike donovan 5 days ago

    Interesting fact is, crouch jr poking his tongue out periodically wasn't in the books or script it was improvised in the movie by David Tennant to give him a distinctive mark that anyone who knows him will recognise that specific twitch.

  • Erin Egan
    Erin Egan 8 days ago


  • CourtneyLeiigh
    CourtneyLeiigh 8 days ago

    J HASN’T HEARD OF THE STONE ROSES????????????????????????

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 9 days ago

    Luna 'sleep walks', goes to bed wearing her shoes, and keeps losing her shoes. If she were a werewolf, that would make sense, but lets be honest, she does these things because people kept stealing her shoes to make her seem even crazier, as a cruel joke. They even show her shoes tied to rafters at one point. People were picking on her.

  • Sarah Abarsan
    Sarah Abarsan 10 days ago

    U guys are hopeless 🤣 i answered from memory at the same time as u and i had 18!!!! I could be the Hermione of your bunch 😅👌 i can hear u guys saying "she's a nightmare, honestly!"

  • Moa
    Moa 11 days ago

    He came up with that toung thing him self

  • Zalcry
    Zalcry 11 days ago

    the durselys give him his school supplies in the third year. ffs do you guys know anything

  • KitKatie Kat
    KitKatie Kat 13 days ago

    Actually, Harry snuck down to the cupboard under the stairs, and used the trick the Weasley twins showed him the year before.

  • Bethany Platt
    Bethany Platt 14 days ago

    I always thought that students could do magic outside of Hogwarts if they were doing homework. Also, Harry got in trouble with the Ministry for doing magic in the presence of Muggles. Also also, Lumos Maxima is a spell to make the light brighter.

  • atzurblau
    atzurblau 16 days ago

    "Ralph" is pronounced like "rayf" no like "ralf"

  • Kakuzato Jr
    Kakuzato Jr 17 days ago

    My score 15/20

  • Brandon Schueller
    Brandon Schueller 17 days ago

    Question #4... it IS a BLACK SOCK!!!! Harry even calls it a Black Sock in Goblet of Fire in chapter 21. J and Ben were correct and the quiz was wrong!!!!

  • DaimendXd
    DaimendXd 17 days ago

    16:00 I actually knew this, I was watching the movie again and wanted to know what the name of the song was. Somehow by typing the words u hear from u song can get u there.

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd 17 days ago

    I beat Ben score of 14 honestly like three were shots in the dark like the rock star guy I guessed
    My favorite movie...
    Half Blood

  • Harry Wilkinson
    Harry Wilkinson 18 days ago

    It is called the philosophers stone. That is the name of the book not sorcerers stone

  • fejkvin
    fejkvin 20 days ago

    Thonks actually doesn't have a pink hair cause they thought the pink colour should only be connected to Umbridge

  • Greg Dennison
    Greg Dennison 21 day ago

    where is this new merch??

  • Luna Geoghegan
    Luna Geoghegan 22 days ago

    It is philosophers stone, they changed it for America.
    Please get your facts right, I love your Harry Potter videos but come on.

  • James Brolly
    James Brolly 22 days ago

    If any of you call it Sorcerers stone you’re wrong because the books and movies were made in England, Philosophers stone was the original title it was just changed for Americans. It’s like when Americans spell certain words different than we do in the UK. Like Americans say color, not colour, and neighbor, not neighbour. The English language was created in England we know how to spell the words correctly why change them?!?!?!?!

  • James Brolly
    James Brolly 22 days ago

    In the book it starts off purple, but she changes it to bubblegum pink

  • James Brolly
    James Brolly 22 days ago

    The score counters didn’t change when they both got Q19 right

  • Calum Magee
    Calum Magee 23 days ago +5

    As soon as I saw the title i automatically said, “fancy seeing you here, professor mcgonnagol"

    • baby groot
      baby groot 4 days ago

      Calum Magee you spelled it wrong .-.

  • Julie Barton
    Julie Barton 23 days ago

    The tongue jut was a character choice

  • DanKorCZ
    DanKorCZ 24 days ago +1

    06:25 that sock is black though, I don't care how pedantic you wanna be, at the end of the day it's black

  • Christine Crawford
    Christine Crawford 26 days ago


  • Michael Walsemann
    Michael Walsemann 28 days ago

    The Prisoner of Azkaban - easily!

  • theRockRider1209
    theRockRider1209 28 days ago

    I only didn't know about the tea stirring wizard in prisoner but aside from that I got em all

  • Jane Thomas
    Jane Thomas 28 days ago

    3:00 anyone else confused about how almost all the percents add up to more than 100, like if Ben has 50 % and 15 right how can J have like 63% and 19 ish right...there was only 30 of those questions asked...am I missing something?

  • Ashlee Knowlton
    Ashlee Knowlton 29 days ago

    My favorite is probably Prisoner of Azkaban because it's the last movie that is positive at all.
    In order though it's probably
    Prisoner of Azkaban
    Sorcerers stone
    Chamber of Secrets
    Half Blood Prince
    Order of the Phoenix
    Goblet of Fire
    Deathly Hallows Part 2
    Deathly Hallows part 1

  • Chase McLaughlin
    Chase McLaughlin 29 days ago

    Fun Fact in Canada the sorcerer's stone does not exist in canada the firat book and film of the harry potters is the philosophers stone

  • Poppy Stiglitz
    Poppy Stiglitz Month ago


  • Vibrant Music
    Vibrant Music Month ago +1

    I got 19/20 I got the bridge question wrong

  • Thomas Griffiths
    Thomas Griffiths Month ago

    Fun fact i fell over on the millenium bridge and cut myself to pieces

  • Adam Carlson
    Adam Carlson Month ago +3

    "Nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak!" (that was from memory and just from looking at the thumbnail. Obviously not his FIRST words, but still)

  • John Kirkland
    John Kirkland Month ago

    The ignorance from J in this video is ridiculous

  • imp tiger
    imp tiger Month ago

    hahaha i only knew it was "o children" because i liked the song so much i looked it up like a year ago

  • Leetethin
    Leetethin Month ago

    I got 11 as well

  • W.P Photography
    W.P Photography Month ago +1

    7:36 in the book it says the Dursley’s gave him the stuff during the holidays

    BLAZEISONFIRE Month ago +5

    Hermione fixing glasses is the wrong clip. She fixes them in Diagon Alley on Chamber of Secrets and on the train in Sorcerer's Stone.

  • holly
    holly Month ago

    Obviously O Children 🤷‍♀️✨

  • Klatcha Bobby
    Klatcha Bobby Month ago

    Ralph Fiennes is 56, and Voldemort was only 67-71 in the movies

  • Klatcha Bobby
    Klatcha Bobby Month ago

    This is one quiz where I just annihilate everyone I know. I’ve been watching the movies since I was 3, and I had seen every film before I’d ever read the series. I’ve probably watched every single movie at least 25 times, and that’s no joke. Even now, if I haven’t watched the whole series at least 3 times a year now, it just feels weird.

  • Laura Marika
    Laura Marika Month ago +2

    Tonks hair is purple because film makers want to pink only for Umbridge!

  • Colton Ventry
    Colton Ventry Month ago

    Please do a reaction video to severus snape and the marauders fan film

  • freedy
    freedy Month ago +2

    Ive seen you answer some crazy questions on this channel, yet you dont know who the stone roses are? LOL should definately give them a listen

  • Zara Hoffman
    Zara Hoffman Month ago

    Where's the link to the data breakdown of J vs Ben? Lockhart painting himself in the portrait is a reference to Norman Rockwell.

  • Slytherin Yasss
    Slytherin Yasss Month ago +2

    The philosber’s stone is in the uk.
    Sorry if I spelled anything wrong. 😔😔😔😔and....... I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!,Harry Potter

  • LonKirk
    LonKirk Month ago

    I got .... 14/20 · Scored 70%
    Result: Cine-magic
    Share Your Result
    You love the Harry Potter films so much, you probably would buy a pair of Omnioculars to watch them again and again. But there’s still a tiny bit more studying to do for full marks.

  • Malgorzata S.
    Malgorzata S. Month ago +9

    J should have definitely lost a point for writing your instead of you're

  • Alexa Chaidez
    Alexa Chaidez Month ago

    Tonk's hair is purple because they did not want the pink to clash with umbridges palete

  • Toffee Brain
    Toffee Brain Month ago

    Finally I could outshine you two. Victory is mine 😂

  • beatriz cecilio
    beatriz cecilio Month ago

    Question 15th the professor Slughorn also calls Wallenby at the 3 broomsticks when he approaches Harry, Hermione and Ron. When he’s leaving : “Good to see you, Wallenby.”