J vs Ben: ULTIMATE Harry Potter MOVIE Trivia Quiz

  • Published on Dec 13, 2018
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    Today J and Ben face off in the ultimate Harry Potter film binge trivia quiz to find out who knows the Harry Potter movies the best!
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Comments • 3 454

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  Year ago +556

    What is your favorite Harry Potter movie?!

  • Jessica Rainsford
    Jessica Rainsford 15 hours ago

    Who ships Luna and Neville?

  • Luke Ryba
    Luke Ryba 2 days ago

    wait Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone the movie exists...

  • What About The Droid Attack On The Wookiees?

    I only knew the answer to the song which Harry and Hermione dance to because of the achievement/trophy called O children in LEGO Harry Potter years 5-7

  • Jack Thomson
    Jack Thomson 5 days ago

    The film is actually actually called the philosopher stone but they changed it for Americans

  • Rachel Blesy
    Rachel Blesy 5 days ago

    Lumos Maxima is to make the light stronger u make me so made somtimes

  • JmeaHD
    JmeaHD 6 days ago

    10:20 Ben hitting the table was really well timed with Cedric hitting the ground. I hope that was intentional.

  • Meghan Mallon
    Meghan Mallon 6 days ago

    Deathly Hallows Part 2

    After all this time?

  • Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    What was Harry doing under the blankets at the beginning of PoA?
    Playing with his wand. 😄

  • RageUnicorn
    RageUnicorn 9 days ago

    That's a washed out black sock

    • Christopher Thomas
      Christopher Thomas 22 hours ago

      It's just a wet dark grey sock, he was in all that water in the chamber of secrets

  • Daria Lewinska
    Daria Lewinska 12 days ago


  • Jo Bent-Hazelwood
    Jo Bent-Hazelwood 12 days ago

    I'm English and the original book is called philosophers stone,so yeah

  • Fearne Swainson
    Fearne Swainson 14 days ago +1

    Philosophers Stone is the original name but Americans had it as Sorecere’s Stone

  • Mackenzie Smith
    Mackenzie Smith 14 days ago

    J: I know for sure it is B
    Ben: I also picked B
    Derick: It is not B

  • Mason Sommers
    Mason Sommers 15 days ago

    Just letting you know that the sock Harry gave Dobby was in fact black. I have the page open right now. You have been vindicated edit:oops it’s a film quiz. Still that question is a lie! A lie I tell you!

  • Joseph Sperring
    Joseph Sperring 15 days ago

    Imagine saying that the Philosopher’s Stone doesn’t exist, when that what all the characters in the movie call it throughout 😂

    • Marauders4EVR
      Marauders4EVR 12 days ago

      US and UK movies are different! In the US, the characters all say "Sorcerer's Stone". The word "Philosopher" is never said!

  • Ultra Capacity
    Ultra Capacity 16 days ago

    The reason he gets in trouble for using those two spells (blowing up his aunt an the Patronus Charm) is because it was in the presence of a muggle. When doing Lumos Maxima, he is alone.

  • rtmordecai1
    rtmordecai1 19 days ago

    Anyone else slow it down and use the captions to make sure he didn’t say the right number of backs? It actually was 7, so that was pretty impressive she got that in real time.

  • Anita Wiqvist
    Anita Wiqvist 20 days ago

    I got 19/20 (I didn't know the lead singer). I'm actually surprised, because I haven't watched the movies that many times. I guess I got lucky with the questions.

  • Sarah Pryor
    Sarah Pryor 20 days ago

    Azkaban is not only the worst HP movie, it’s one of the worst movies ever. I’m am entirely convinced that director heard from a friend whose kid read the book how the basic plot was supposed to go and then proceeded to fact check nothing.

  • Sarah Pryor
    Sarah Pryor 20 days ago

    POA he steals some of his stuff back from the cupboard so he can do his homework. Doesn’t account for him doing magic outside of school. HOWEVER, I believe he also casts Lumos in OotP during the dementor debacle and that isn’t an “added charge” during his hearing, he’s only in trouble for the patronus. So maybe in-universe “lumos” doesn’t count. Maybe they think muggles would just assume it was a flashlight and isn’t overtly magical.

  • M. C. Manó és Cinó
    M. C. Manó és Cinó 22 days ago

    The spell LUMOS MAXIMA does exist. It is in the books. Lumos and Lumos Maxima also. Just to clear things. Pretty sure Dumbledore uses it in Half Blood Prince when they go for the horcrux with Harry :) AND by the way: I simply love these quiz videos of yours :) And completely feel Ben, because I know almost every answer, but I also am someone who just can not function under the pressure of competeing. Go Ben! And also go John :)

  • Richard Lindsay
    Richard Lindsay 23 days ago

    Man, that looks like a black sock!

  • Cscape
    Cscape 23 days ago

    I missed the first and last questions. XD

  • weckar
    weckar 24 days ago

    Sooooo question 5 is plain wrong about the location, right?

  • Sydney Williams
    Sydney Williams 24 days ago

    Anyone else notice that it should've been 13:12 but after the Neville Luna question the tickers stayed the same?

  • EmmanemersPride
    EmmanemersPride 27 days ago

    Doesn’t it end with something like as the kids get off the train they say “Bye! I love you!!” To all their parents?? Maybe I’m wing but I saw it recently.

  • Andrew Watton
    Andrew Watton 27 days ago +1

    Was today years old when I noticed q3 is definitely referring to a Legilimency pause. "People will think you're" [glances, then stares daggers at Harry] "up to something"

  • Dat nice Hufflepuff
    Dat nice Hufflepuff 29 days ago

    In the opening scene of the third movie they were saying that he should have gotten in trouble for doing magic. I remember the ministry of magic saying that it is only illegal when it is seen bye muggal.

  • TheDottyLife
    TheDottyLife 29 days ago

    I have yet to read the books 😬 don’t hate me. But the fourth movie got me really into the series so I feel inclined to say that’s my favorite but I also really like part two of the seventh

  • Azzy Donut
    Azzy Donut Month ago +1

    Can i just say it is Albus not Elvis

    I need to get my Harry Potter knowledge corret :)

  • Chubby Peasworthy
    Chubby Peasworthy Month ago

    It is the philosopher's stone, that is the name of the book and the film in the UK. They changed it for America to simplify it for you guys and make it sound more appealing.

  • David Crawford
    David Crawford Month ago

    My fav Harry Potter movie is prisioner of askabain and book is chamber of secrets

  • LukeG 08
    LukeG 08 Month ago

    At 16:17 the song was O Childer. The only way I knew is 'cus' of LEGO Harry Potter years 5-7. It's one of the trophies

  • Jack Devejian
    Jack Devejian Month ago

    15:28 it reminds me of the Percy Weasley imperius curse video!!

  • dorianewing78
    dorianewing78 Month ago

    I feel like while both of them make an effort to not sound so southern, Ben is the one who slips up the most and actually sounds like he’s from the south .

  • Connor Scott
    Connor Scott Month ago

    I am convinced J is the same person as this League of Legends streamer Foggftw.

  • Chesca Sarvida
    Chesca Sarvida Month ago

    Only one mistake aye

  • Chesca Sarvida
    Chesca Sarvida Month ago +1

    3:43 is where the quiz started

  • Madi Kytta
    Madi Kytta Month ago

    Smidge-y smidge more subtle

  • Andrew C.
    Andrew C. Month ago

    Tbh technically there are some extras in the background that speak after ready, but I’m not sure it’s scripted

  • Dylan Best
    Dylan Best Month ago

    The British version is philosopher's stone, and the British version is the first version

  • The PriorStone
    The PriorStone Month ago

    Ben’s face at question 4 killed me

  • Joey Jerry
    Joey Jerry Month ago

    It has been exactly a year since this video was released. Just wanted to say it.

  • Bry+Meg
    Bry+Meg Month ago

    I love the album that nick cave song is in, o children is so good

  • Phoenix Adventure
    Phoenix Adventure Month ago

    I think prisoner of azkaban and the halfblood prince are my favourites and the chamber of secrets is my second favourite harry potter movie.

  • Alastair S
    Alastair S Month ago

    3:53 There are technically two movies, the scenes where the stone was mentioned were filmed twice one for the 'philosopher's' stone and one for the 'sorcerer's' stone. The title 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' is usually used in records such as box office performances. So technically 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' is the right title and the movie definitely exists. Jo herself named the book 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' and the movie is an adaptation of the book, the movie was filmed in the UK and the UK uses 'Philosopher's', those are all reasons why the real title is 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'.

  • Arthur Evans
    Arthur Evans Month ago

    When they say that Harry Potter and the philosopher‘s Stone isn’t real but they really just changed the name for Americans

  • Will Partridge
    Will Partridge Month ago


  • GameHunter115
    GameHunter115 Month ago

    yo actually uhh HP is a British series and it's called Philosopher's Stone in the UK, so technically your movie is the wrong one 🤭🤭

  • Knuckleball Gaming
    Knuckleball Gaming Month ago

    In the whole world its called philoserpous stone but in America it the sorceras stone

  • Jetke Holt
    Jetke Holt Month ago

    The quiz is wrong for question 5! Hermione doesn't repair his glasses in diagon alley she repairs them on the Hogwarts express! The clip you put into the video even shows that.

    • Jetke Holt
      Jetke Holt Month ago

      @TheHoly Hay OH! Totally didn't realize this was a movie quiz! 😂😂

    • TheHoly Hay
      TheHoly Hay Month ago +1

      Jetke Holt well the problem with this quiz is strictly a movie quiz so it kinda conflicts with the books in my mind!

    • Jetke Holt
      Jetke Holt Month ago +1

      @TheHoly Hay Very interesting! But in the book it is still on the hogwarts express

    • TheHoly Hay
      TheHoly Hay Month ago +1

      Jetke Holt thats a removed clip in the second movie

  • Brandon vapes
    Brandon vapes Month ago +2

    The tongue flick thing wasn't scripted. He did that himself

  • patrick silke
    patrick silke Month ago

    I beat you both with 15

  • Influx Eren
    Influx Eren Month ago


  • Johnny’s Dog training

    He acutally got it right

  • Elijah Nope
    Elijah Nope Month ago

    oh hey i got 11 and haven't even seen any of the movies and also haven't read the books in several years

  • Tom Knight
    Tom Knight 2 months ago

    Technically Harry doesnt cast Lumus (Maxima) infront of any muggles so hes good, as the other times, Muggles were present!

  • Maria Sol Moscoso
    Maria Sol Moscoso 2 months ago

    OMG It's the first time I beat both Ben and J!😃 I got 19!!

  • Jᴀᴄᴋᴇʀᴄᴏ
    Jᴀᴄᴋᴇʀᴄᴏ 2 months ago

    The last line of dialogue, if you go by the last lines spoken, is actually "Come on then! Get a move on!" or something like that. After Albus gets on the train you hear someone yelling that while running past him. Whether you count that or not is your decision, but I like to count it because I find it funny and it also might possibly have a deeper meaning to it. Like moving on from your childhood or moving on in general or something like that.