4 U.S. Presidents Whose Lives Put Action Movies to Shame - Badassing Your Way Through History


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  • The Blazest
    The Blazest Day ago

    Hamilton is the best president

  • Dimitrije6500 :D
    Dimitrije6500 :D 3 days ago

    Cleavlands vice presidents were Thomas A. Hendricks (1885-1889) and Adlai Stevenson (1893-1897), saved ya the google

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  • Augustine Njoroge
    Augustine Njoroge 6 days ago

    A bit too many US presidents stories involve being shot. There might be something wrong with that or is it just me.

  • Mar Scho
    Mar Scho 8 days ago

    Why is he leaning? Who the fck was the camera man?

  • Mika Lei
    Mika Lei 8 days ago

    his *or* *-HIS-*

  • joshua moe
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  • Calcium Sulfate
    Calcium Sulfate 10 days ago

    How about Andrew Jackson? Most thought he shouldn't have been president because of how many Native Americans he killed during the Indian Removal. At least, I think. I dunno.

  • Lane Douglas
    Lane Douglas 12 days ago

    Ask not what my boner can do for you

  • Danny O’Flanagan
    Danny O’Flanagan 13 days ago

    Trumps life movie would be Dumb & Dumber!

  • Cephalopodman
    Cephalopodman 15 days ago

    2:29 you mean Fortnite?

  • Cossette O'Donnell
    Cossette O'Donnell 16 days ago

    Your jokes are atrociously fucking horrid... 🤢

  • Christian First
    Christian First 16 days ago

    Andrew Jackson was just fucking insane. He killed an unknown amount of people in Duels and beat people with his cane for literally no reason.

  • cerulean
    cerulean 17 days ago

    “his or his own movie” ???

  • Andrei Roman
    Andrei Roman 19 days ago

    Andrew Jackson.

  • Sherlock h87
    Sherlock h87 20 days ago

    Andrew Jackson

  • mr. T-bag you
    mr. T-bag you 20 days ago

    Cringy af yo.

  • Wandering Nomad
    Wandering Nomad 24 days ago

    This guy is really really not funny at the least...wow

  • Wandering Nomad
    Wandering Nomad 24 days ago

    That's what power gives you...lots of b.j.s

  • Justice Hamson
    Justice Hamson 25 days ago

    I RE WATCHED this over n over ur jokes r fucking hilarious this video made me laugh endlessly fuck these hater ass bitches u the man

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  • Justice Hamson
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  • Nine Nifty Facts
    Nine Nifty Facts 25 days ago

    Who else wondered if someone had ever been buried while still alive?

  • Nine Nifty Facts
    Nine Nifty Facts 25 days ago

    I bet you don’t like Trump because you’re a liberal...

  • Manual Control
    Manual Control 26 days ago

    Thanks. Chester A. Arthur sounds like a really interesting case.

  • Pavle Mash
    Pavle Mash 26 days ago

    He did get shot on a monday, september 19 1881 was a monday

  • 11shadowsin
    11shadowsin 27 days ago

    aldai stevenson 1 >.>

  • Gavin Grisham
    Gavin Grisham 27 days ago

    Hooovah! Haha

  • Craig Daniels
    Craig Daniels 27 days ago

    That host is so cringy

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    Lool that thumbnail tho

  • Amor Y Paz
    Amor Y Paz 27 days ago

    Im sorry this guy is not funny. It’s annoying

  • ABstract
    ABstract 27 days ago

    What about Teddy Brosevelt?

  • Uranium Civics
    Uranium Civics 27 days ago

    It's pretty racist to assume black people aren't smart enough to own gold.

  • Ki Energy
    Ki Energy 27 days ago

    at the beginning did he say " his or his own movie". What the fuck does that mean

  • Alex Wilhelm
    Alex Wilhelm 28 days ago

    add in the fact Chester A Aruther was probably born in Canada and you've got a winner

  • Bo
    Bo 28 days ago

    Passive posture, unsure, choppy speech pattern, self deprecating and stale humor. Weakness embodied, not a good energy emanating from this “man”

  • Cryphorce
    Cryphorce 28 days ago

    "and Garfield got shot, *on a monday i bet* "

  • The California Garage
    The California Garage 29 days ago

    Jfk, Andrew Jackson, Lyndon b Johnson and bill Clinton

  • dacosta0656
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    Liberals are gay

  • sactown916
    sactown916 29 days ago

    This guys attempt at humor makes me cringe

  • Chuck's poke
    Chuck's poke 29 days ago

    President Hoover is still actually held in high esteem in parts of Russia even today a self made million before 30 years of age. He personally developed , oversaw and executed the massive Russian famine relief efforts in 1921. While avoiding sabotage from Lelnin and his party members, corruption, theft American Relief Administration which he formed saved 100s thousands of Russian citizens from starvation. Ironically, when he became President leading up to Depression, he didn't have clue as to find a say to handle the economic crisis.
    Theordore Roosevelt was a odd-ball and some described him as a nerd in his early 20's, he actually would get laughed in his face manly because of his fancy outlandish euporean dress attire. There are rare pics of him wearing balloon MC hammer type pants which I would say mase him appear as those he was the head clown for circus. To help him with his political aspirations his family hired an New York Ad Agency and PR firm. His image was totally recreated down to the eye wear specs that he wear. The final result. Theordore we all know of today. If he had never recreated his image he probably still had many opportunities because of his family tremendous wealth. It just would have taken him longer to do so. Now I can,t recall the agency he used but it still one of the large As Agency still in existence today.
    JFKenndy was that and even more with the woman. But did you know Kennedy's had a life-long friend which he might when they were roommates which he was a student in boarding school. So what about it, his friend was gay and even wrote JFK a letter expressing his feeling for him. The letter which still exist was meet With a reply. JKF the young teen replied., "We can always be friends but as for anything else. I am just not that kind of boy. They both remained the closet of friend with Papa Joe declaring this young man as one of gis sons. He was in JFKs wedding and worked to in Kenndey campaign. After Kennedy became President he entered the White House and Oval Offive at will. He was the President best friend for life With Jackies approval.
    He went by the name of Len Billings. He considered John F. Kenndys oldest and dearest friend.
    With all due respect regarding JFK womanizing, he was just a make who're. As per service secret members and other White House officials, they did not understand him and his extra martial affairs. He was married to most beautiful woman in the world. But he still kept company with hookers and female call girls. Giving one occassions while in meeting with members of Joint Chief of Staff while on visit in Hawaii., Prostitutes were hired and Kennedy conducted the meeting in a hotel guest robe where he cut the meeting short so he could get back to his party with 3 hookers. The Generals were a bit shocked to witness what they had heard about previously. What really pissed the protective detail agents off the most, Kennedy would not allow them to search these women at all. They concerned as a potential security risk the whole ordeal as treat to national security. The agent stated what if one of these last had a razor blade in there possessions at the time.
    If you wanna make a movie about a kick ass President, may I suggest Andrew Jackson. Badest Man in USA. So feared that he personally delayed the Civil War just by his feared reputation. He made clear to the Southern state the just the mere utterance of politicians or state legislature bring up topic of leaving the Union, he would personally come to the state and hang them from the nearest tree. Only President of course to only defy Supreme Court final ruling which resulted in Trail of Tears incident. He under went a growling 2 hour medical operation to remove a bullet he had received and still carried years earlier during days at war. He underwent this procedure after winning election and felt he would get it remove before heading to Washington to be sworn in as President. How did he withstand the pain.....a bottle of whiskeys at his side. As the doctor poked and explored to locate the bullet, President-Elect just drank from bottle of whiskey until the doctor located and proceed to surgically remove the bullet fragment.
    What dis he do when the all powerful Bank of the United State during the banking war during his administration. Well even thou Bank of the United States was quasi governmental national bank. Andrew Jackson just withdraw all government s money from bank and shut it down. No such thing as too big to fail during his day.
    What happened to gentleman that made a failed attempt of Jackson life while making a visit to Capital building one evening, the President almost beat him to death with his came after the gunman gun misfired and was unable to get off a shot. The man was a real bad ass. He life and time as President of the United State would make an interesting movie.

  • Charioteer Division of Horus

    Well, Millard Fillmore led his cabinet in fighting a fire that started in the Library of Congress in 1851 but other than that yeah not much at all.

  • Grayson Schaffner
    Grayson Schaffner Month ago

    I want a Hoover movie. Also someone tried to shoot Andrew Jackson and old hickory beat the man half to death with his walking stick. Also he got shot and years later got the bullet taken out of him and mailed it to the guy who shot him. He should get a movie.

  • SCRUFFY537
    SCRUFFY537 Month ago

    The amount of times he shits on white people in this just to pander to minorities earned him my dislike

  • Tyler Shelton
    Tyler Shelton Month ago

    No Teddy Roosevelt? Fack

  • Box Fox
    Box Fox Month ago

    They didn't mention Andrew Jackson. He totally deserves a movie

  • Another Alt Alt
    Another Alt Alt Month ago

    These jokes were pretty darn bad.

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  • Andrew Odinson
    Andrew Odinson Month ago

    Teddy Roosevelt?

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  • vesai1
    vesai1 Month ago

    Gonzo hugginstuff is probably Adlai E. Stevenson if anyone was wondering

  • TheMarkster245
    TheMarkster245 Month ago

    Daus thou speak ill of Eastwood ? Burn him at the stake!

  • f r a n c o
    f r a n c o Month ago

    3:37 i LOVED that reference

  • Chad Esu
    Chad Esu Month ago

    Not Andrew Jackson tho?

  • golden taco
    golden taco Month ago

    This guy is funny.

  • Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson Month ago

    If this guy is the head writer, maybe that’s why Cracked sucks so much.

  • Speaty
    Speaty Month ago

    Well it’s background while I’m playing roblox but yes I am listening

  • Jim Jefferies
    Jim Jefferies Month ago

    Liberal bias

  • Info Sun
    Info Sun Month ago

    Why is this guy trying to be funny? It's an insult to humor.

  • David Martin
    David Martin Month ago

    What about the morderous once?

  • Trae Herren
    Trae Herren Month ago

    "white people money" so there were never ever not one rich person of color?

  • Jo Balboa
    Jo Balboa Month ago

    Hoover... the Great Depression…

  • Caleb Morris
    Caleb Morris Month ago

    This is rad! The facts were interesting and the comedy was really funny. One tip though-I think the comedy would land a lot better if you slowed down a tiny bit. There was a lot of funny stuff in here, but it felt rushed. Not that you asked for comedy advice or anything 😂 besides that, killer material, mate.

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper Month ago

    When he mentioned magneto and professor X Easter egg

  • Ethan Evers
    Ethan Evers Month ago

    John f Kennedy was also stranded in the sea while his naval boat crashed his boat made it to an island and was saved

  • Kyle Hankins
    Kyle Hankins Month ago

    JFK was a total scumbag

  • Kaiser KAWG, cxvii
    Kaiser KAWG, cxvii Month ago

    Andrew Jackson, the man, the myth, the legend?

  • Mr Red
    Mr Red Month ago +13

    What about George washing the guy who was a general for independence and reluctantly became president only to set many rules and customs used to this day

    • Funinthesun
      Funinthesun 11 days ago

      Could of easily established a military dictatorship with the support he had.

    • Starfall
      Starfall 29 days ago

      I want to see a movie about George washing.

    • Ad Victoriam!
      Ad Victoriam! Month ago +1

      He's not that important

  • Mr Red
    Mr Red Month ago

    That guy looks like an awkward child with a suit on

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  • Anand R. Misir
    Anand R. Misir Month ago

    John has a lot of explaining to do to Jackie

  • Oisín Murray
    Oisín Murray Month ago

    The least badass guy on the planet talking about badassery

  • Jacob Fowles
    Jacob Fowles Month ago

    George Washington? Dude was a bad ass what politician today would turn down a kingship
    Also you’re an idiot with the “white people crime” talk

  • MaSoNGaMeR115
    MaSoNGaMeR115 Month ago

    'white people with money' jews dont like being called white

  • Andreus Triant
    Andreus Triant Month ago

    He has to state “WhITE people with money” god you are white like wtf if this isn’t racism what is?

  • Nitty Gritty
    Nitty Gritty Month ago

    Handsome robot hahaha

  • LaVonte Malcom
    LaVonte Malcom Month ago

    I’m trying to see all these movies

  • Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

    Also known as: 4 Reasons Why Our Presidents Are Better Than Yours

  • JediaAssassin
    JediaAssassin Month ago

    Really funny. And food facts.... excluding you fuckwit

  • Alexander The great

    There is no problem what so ever wanting to have sex but if you want to do it every day that is gonna turn out badly

  • Mike Rossi
    Mike Rossi Month ago +17

    no Theodore Roosevelt or Andrew Jackson? gtfo

  • Bushido Brown
    Bushido Brown Month ago +17

    How about a movie about a sex robot that wants to be a regular, not used for sex anymore
    Pretty robot?

    • The White Half Of Obama
      The White Half Of Obama 28 days ago +3

      Detroit: become human

    • Meraki 6
      Meraki 6 Month ago

      Bushido Brown like a robot that get attached to the people who have sex with them and wants to love them forever

  • David Bennett
    David Bennett Month ago

    Screeeeeeeeewww yoouuuuu!!!!!!!!

  • last Sc
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  • Cray
    Cray Month ago +1

    JFK died cause the assassins wife had sex with JFK

  • Kevin Cortes
    Kevin Cortes Month ago

    This dude blows.. I don't see this videos for the humor but for the facts... Don't need the shitty humor

  • roaddogrichard
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  • Rivera Robert
    Rivera Robert Month ago

    Hoover movie

  • Essex 37
    Essex 37 Month ago

    You sound like my 11th grade science teacher...and that is awesome.

  • Kaleb Johns
    Kaleb Johns Month ago

    This si actually wrong in multiple ways, first President Arthur wasn't president in the 1860s he was president in the 1880s, second Herbert Hoover wasn't president during WW1 he was president at the start of the Great Depression, and as many other people have said you should have included both the Roosevelt especially Teddy since he was a fucking badass!!!

  • Luisa Koller
    Luisa Koller Month ago

    differently shore few let request drive deserve yes he bomb.

  • justin garcia
    justin garcia Month ago

    Like everyone else, I’m gonna comment how you forgot about Teddy Roosevelt. Who got shot in his chest, and STILL FINISHED HIS SPEECH

  • king aqib
    king aqib Month ago

    JFK allegedly didnt last long - I lasted longer in my first time than what is reported about him.

  • Dr Bear
    Dr Bear Month ago

    There are streets and parks in Poland honoring Hoover.
    He ran a sort of Marshal Plan after WWI.

  • Wobble Bop
    Wobble Bop Month ago

    Poorly executed. Art was fine.

  • Rehab. Halim
    Rehab. Halim Month ago

    Buddy the machine = The Mob

  • Stoney Wan
    Stoney Wan Month ago

    I shitting love history. Its the best and deepest lore of all

  • Eddie Blondin
    Eddie Blondin Month ago

    Grover Cleveland's vice presidents were
    Thomas A. Hendricks
    Adlai Stevenson I

  • Jann
    Jann Month ago

    Grover Cleveland did NOT have a brain tumor~ he had JAW CANCER. Yes the surgery to remove part of his jaw was on a boat And Yes they told the public that the surgery was for a absessed tooth

  • willcop
    willcop Month ago

    He reminds me of m2k