4 U.S. Presidents Whose Lives Put Action Movies to Shame - Badassing Your Way Through History


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  • Greezman /GZM
    Greezman /GZM 12 hours ago

    What about teddy .R he was badass

  • Mitch Johnson
    Mitch Johnson Day ago

    Trumps says that women will let "stars" fondle them and you leftists think he's the worst person in the history of humanity. JFK sleeps with countless women and he's a "badass". I'm not sure it's even fair to say you have "double standards". You simply have no standards except "what will give leftists power?"

    You make me sick.

  • shannon l
    shannon l 2 days ago

    *the guy that got shot real bad*

  • Sarah Divina
    Sarah Divina 3 days ago

    My great aunt actually sex with JFK 😂

  • cunard
    cunard 4 days ago

    Im realated to marilyn monroe

  • Frawshy 2
    Frawshy 2 5 days ago

    Andrew Jackson?

  • Dylan Davis
    Dylan Davis 6 days ago

    Thomas A Hendriks and then Adlai Stevenson thats right i looked it up

  • Eclypsa Queen
    Eclypsa Queen 8 days ago

    Uuumm thank god my grandmothers lived on the literal other side of the world.

  • Mister Hand
    Mister Hand 10 days ago

    JFK...poontanging Monroe and Mansfield at the same time. Praise God and pass the ass!

  • Wyatt Varley
    Wyatt Varley 10 days ago

    Adlai Stevenson I was Grover Ceavland's vice president during his second term. I'm so petty I looked it up :/

  • Das Irrelevant
    Das Irrelevant 12 days ago +1

    You seem tense...


  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 12 days ago

    JFK had a pretty cool war story.
    I don’t remember the circumstance but while he was at war, his boat sank and he swam to a nearby island or something. Then he realized that no one else was with him so for a couple hours he repeatedly swam back to the wreck to guide others to the island or if they were injured, swim them there on his back. By the end he had a broken back. He said that it wasn’t the last swim that broke it.

    • J Arnett
      J Arnett 4 days ago

      Chances are that's made up, I bet the voters thought he was pretty badass didn't they?

  • Devon Crawford
    Devon Crawford 12 days ago +1

    Anyone else die at the "Rage Against the Machine" reference on the Arthur intro?

  • hydeman33
    hydeman33 12 days ago

    And forgot to put andrew jackson

  • hydeman33
    hydeman33 12 days ago

    George Washington
    Abriham Lincoln
    Theodore roosevelt

  • 0 00
    0 00 12 days ago

    GARBAGE, take it to the curb.

  • Davian Ranck
    Davian Ranck 12 days ago

    Andrew jackson? He held gun fights in the back of the white house, and when there was an assassination attempt and both guns misfired he beat the man with a cane, definitely a badass

    • Davian Ranck
      Davian Ranck 3 days ago

      +J Arnett yeah but practically every rich white man was fucked back then, Washington owned 8 slaves by the time he was 11 and went on to own thousands, Jefferson had children with his slaves and never bothered to free them. This was about the cool things presidents did not the bad things

    • J Arnett
      J Arnett 4 days ago

      He was basically a serial killer, but since dueling was legal he wasn't exactly. He also treated his slaves awfully and greenlighted the trail of tears, so I think it's safe to say that he was a pretty horrible person.

  • The Director *
    The Director * 13 days ago +1

    John GrandMotherFucker Kannedy

  • Kelly Kerr
    Kelly Kerr 13 days ago

    I love learning about Presidents. It was a hobby until the current POTUS. Now he take us that time. Make him go away!

    • J Arnett
      J Arnett 4 days ago

      At least he's not Andrew Jackson

  • Boozer
    Boozer 13 days ago


  • Dean Nielson
    Dean Nielson 14 days ago

    Hoover was cool but his economics were fucked. I very much agree with the idea of a sexy Kennedy thriller. That would be great.

  • Scott Hawkes
    Scott Hawkes 14 days ago

    They should make a Herbert Hoover movie where you don't figure out that it's about the former President until the end of the movie.

  • Solaz Talbott
    Solaz Talbott 14 days ago

    5:43 mans lookin like me. Bean

  • kopoios nikodhmos
    kopoios nikodhmos 15 days ago

    is it x2?

  • Hannah McFlurry
    Hannah McFlurry 15 days ago

    Kennedy: the guy who got shot real bad

  • Matthew Wu
    Matthew Wu 15 days ago

    Well John f Kennedy is a fucking jigalo

  • Anwar Al asmi
    Anwar Al asmi 15 days ago

    Who does the art for this, I love it

  • Chris c
    Chris c 15 days ago

    This shit was 😂 but what about teddy

  • CloudTheLemon
    CloudTheLemon 16 days ago +2

    Trump takes on the robots who shout out "orange man bad" the movie

  • Kleenexexpress
    Kleenexexpress 16 days ago

    😂fucked up “he got shot... real bad” 🤣

  • Ryan Hurt
    Ryan Hurt 16 days ago

    I think Willam Henry Harrison should be made a movie showing his 32 days in office

  • Adi
    Adi 17 days ago

    Lol I really enjoyed this

  • Christopher 0205
    Christopher 0205 17 days ago


  • uncleweirdbeard
    uncleweirdbeard 21 day ago

    Thomas A. Hendricks and Adlai Stevenson I. I love proving people wrong

  • Justin Bozeman
    Justin Bozeman 21 day ago

    Wow now I like JFK even more.
    I totally agree with that statement if you don't have sex 3 times a day you'll go fucking crazy.
    Daniel tosh has a joke... If I don't get off twice before I leave the house in the morning I will sexually assault the first person I see.

  • Richard Ainsworth
    Richard Ainsworth 21 day ago

    Huuur duur murrican presidents were like action heroes duuuurr. Fuck other countries that have existed for millennia historys badasses begin and end with Murrica! Fuck off these guys were weak tea compared to the rest of history. OMG A PRESIDENT SLEPT AROUND! NO ONE ELSE IN HISTORY HAS DONE SUCH A THING!!!!!! MURRICA NO WONE! GOD BLESS US *NATIONAL ANTHEM OF THE WORLD PLAYS*

    • Cluckery Duckery
      Cluckery Duckery 19 days ago

      Richard Ainsworth dude, he didn't say other countries didn't have rich, interesting histories with badass leaders. He was just talking about a few of America's presidents.
      Why are you such a sensitive little bitch?

  • Julius Ellis
    Julius Ellis 22 days ago

    Hendricks I searched it up

  • SuccessfulThots
    SuccessfulThots 22 days ago

    You tried too hard

  • Diesels & Driveways
    Diesels & Driveways 23 days ago


  • Pheonixlord Prime
    Pheonixlord Prime 24 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Ekkaisara
    Ekkaisara 24 days ago

    Gonna be honest could be a great video but I really dont like the narration.

  • Matthew McEwen
    Matthew McEwen 25 days ago

    You forgot about the Kennedy Sex Tunnels, the Truman Cocaine Lounge, the McKinley Hooker Dump and the Lincoln Slave Colosseum. He... Didn't free them all.

  • Will g04
    Will g04 25 days ago

    But didn’t Kennedy have a wife and kids?

  • meme
    meme 25 days ago

    You know what grandma I’m proud of you

  • Scaddan Productions
    Scaddan Productions 26 days ago

    why do you having to clarify white guy stuff

  • UltimateSocialist
    UltimateSocialist 27 days ago

    Sexual human American

  • TheTuta99
    TheTuta99 27 days ago

    This made me cringe hard

  • Neil Herceg
    Neil Herceg 28 days ago

    I fucking live this guy!! Like and subscribe mother fucks

  • Archer Boy 10
    Archer Boy 10 28 days ago +1

    What about Andrew Jackson.
    Name it 'American psycho in the oval office' TM

  • Zeldicon
    Zeldicon 29 days ago

    Gonzo huggingstuff because shut up, you’re not gonna look it up.

  • John McClane
    John McClane Month ago

    jfk one should be a porn

  • Shay Freitas
    Shay Freitas Month ago

    I hate the thumbnail

  • Marlin Rabid dingo
    Marlin Rabid dingo Month ago +3

    Plot twist JFK is the grandfather to Glenn Quagmire

  • thebeautifuldisastr

    human being . jackson was the general in charge during the trail of tears relocation. He was responsible for the death of thousands of Natives

  • Tommy Wright
    Tommy Wright Month ago

    Before you do a episode like this you need to get your history right Andrew Jackson was called old hickory because one of the solders under him said he was as tuff as a hickory tree . not that he would beat people with a stick

  • Tommy Wright
    Tommy Wright Month ago

    Andrew Jackson although he was the worst president he was a real badass and would be a great action movie . I mean any man who fought in as many dules as he did has to be a badass

  • Danny Burch
    Danny Burch Month ago

    Shame on you.

  • Joey Ro
    Joey Ro Month ago +1

    Abraham Lincoln should’ve been on this,also Hebert Hoover sounds pretty cool as a kid. P.S:Grover Cleveland’s Vice President was Adlai Stevenson.

  • Clunky but Funky
    Clunky but Funky Month ago

    Clicked for the thumbnail

  • Niño Alvin Delima
    Niño Alvin Delima Month ago

    fuck this i can't understand a word.

  • Niño Alvin Delima
    Niño Alvin Delima Month ago

    what the fuck is the host mumbling about?

  • chd261ndla
    chd261ndla Month ago

    are you saying in 1800s , america had the technology on know how to perform operations as big as removing brain tumors and entering through the mouth? Really?

  • Marshall Sam
    Marshall Sam Month ago


  • Spent Casing
    Spent Casing Month ago

    They should do a movie about the most recent president Vladimir Putin

  • Random Workshop
    Random Workshop Month ago

    Trump is taking down an entire century long cabal against our country ....trump wins. He doesn't even have the support of his own party, for the most part, and he is still getting shit done. All you fools that can't see that and believe the media I sure feel sorry for. Hopefully you smarten up.

  • Pete Favelle
    Pete Favelle Month ago

    This is one of those clips that should really measure views by how many people watch all of it not the first second.

  • Rob Williams
    Rob Williams Month ago

    Thomas Hendricks

  • Sean Kauder
    Sean Kauder Month ago

    Wheres Jackson and Teddy?

  • Ace Palecek
    Ace Palecek Month ago

    If he, OR he. LOL thats so true

  • John Keating
    John Keating Month ago +5

    So you're ok with JFK cheating on his wife but not Trump lol

  • Kaylee F
    Kaylee F Month ago +5

    It's kind of funny that my ultra conservative, Catholic grandmother has a bust of Kennedy prominently displayed in her house. She admires him because he was a Catholic, but I don't think she realizes what a horndog he was.

    • J Arnett
      J Arnett 4 days ago

      The ultimate Chad frat bro became president

  • Andrew Maina
    Andrew Maina Month ago

    Garfield was shot on Monday :-)

  • Alex 1611
    Alex 1611 Month ago

    Seems like JKF had it coming

  • Rubber Band
    Rubber Band Month ago

    Yeah well Bill Clinton smoked weed once. He didn’t inhale but still pretty badass

  • Anonymous Guy
    Anonymous Guy Month ago

    Ahhhhh, good ol' Cracked. Still racist, sexist, and hypocritical.

  • Ethan Schoof
    Ethan Schoof Month ago

    This guys humor is cringy. Nice vid tho

  • George Dick
    George Dick Month ago +1

    Dude how the fuck did you leave out Andrew Jackson or teddy Roosevelt literally total badasses

  • Gamer101
    Gamer101 Month ago

    How do you talk about presidential action movies and not talk about Andrew Jackson?!? Way cooler than that lame ass cancer movie. >:(

  • Allan Peda
    Allan Peda Month ago

    Keep the high school level "I'm so stupid" puns in high school please.

  • ericaburke89
    ericaburke89 Month ago

    I looked it up Grover Cleveland had two vp's
    Thomas A. Hendricks and
    Adlai Stevenson

  • Pete Rock
    Pete Rock Month ago

    This host is fucking funny.

  • Dan Boyle
    Dan Boyle Month ago

    What, no Teddy Roosevelt? He and Hoover were two of the biggest badass presidents we ever had.
    Also, there was a movie starring Cliff Robertson called PT-109 That was actually released about 5 months before JFK was killed.

  • Dan Boyle
    Dan Boyle Month ago

    Garfield was shot on Saturday, July 2nd, 1881.
    He did, however, die on Monday, September 19th, 1881 - mostly from medical incompetence.

  • Cale Bisson
    Cale Bisson Month ago

    "Kennedy the guy who got shot real bad"

  • ash
    ash Month ago

    Teddy Roosevelt and George Washington where the most bad ass presidents in my opinion.

  • Jonathan Stern
    Jonathan Stern Month ago

    Grover Cleveland also had a bastard, though he did marry his baby mama while president.

  • Femi Johnson
    Femi Johnson Month ago

    Clever Show

  • Edi Boy
    Edi Boy Month ago

    Don’t forget that Bush survived a plane crash!

    • NJGuy1973
      NJGuy1973 Month ago

      And got picked up by a US submarine, and spent four days in the subs as the Germans dropped depth charges around it. Bush and the crew didn't know if there were ever going to see daylight again, or get blown to smithereens.

  • TheJevardo
    TheJevardo Month ago

    FDR was amazing as well, the only president to serve four terms and during the Great Depression and World War 2. Also he did all of it while suffering polio and hiding that fact from the world.

  • Infamous Chief
    Infamous Chief Month ago

    2:13 Best alternate jfk quote ever

  • Chris G
    Chris G Month ago

    You’re white people jokes are there because you ran out of good jokes and it’s ironic considering you’re so fucking white man

  • Rhysbans
    Rhysbans Month ago

    This dude referenced "Choke." Goddamn

  • rshipley21
    rshipley21 Month ago

    I'm formally protesting the omission of Andrew Jackson from this list and video.

  • Petite Cossette
    Petite Cossette Month ago

    People are on here wanting to be JFK. So you want to be a petty slave to your sex drive like some drug junkie? Pathetic. Cheaters deserve much worse than a bullet.

  • Petite Cossette
    Petite Cossette Month ago

    Dude. You're not even remotely funny. You're just awkward.

  • Ed
    Ed Month ago

    Schools should teach like this.
    Kids will fight for first row seats.

  • kevin sanadi darmawan

    you forgot about goerge bush and his exciting but deadly life as a soldier in ww2

  • Slavic Stan Thanos Fish

    Don’t forget George W Bush escapes Japanese cannibals

  • Nico Paz
    Nico Paz Month ago

    He is a fucking geniouse