10 Things That Are BANNED in America!

  • Published on Dec 3, 2016
  • Part 2: tvclip.biz/video/A22RM-5s_L8/video.html
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Comments • 16 713

  • Jodie Mills
    Jodie Mills 9 hours ago

    We still have Kinder surpise in the UK

  • Max Avril
    Max Avril 15 hours ago

    kinder suprise eggs is allowed in the usa I have them all the time in san francisco

  • melisa 143
    melisa 143 2 days ago

    Buy kinder eggs all the time at the store here in Michigan...i dont think you are right !!!!

  • LoLo Sullivan
    LoLo Sullivan 2 days ago

    Mmmmmmmmmmm Nope cheese.

  • every sports now
    every sports now 6 days ago

    the kinder eggs are not banned in America there are kinder eggs at every store

  • Layla_7676
    Layla_7676 6 days ago

    A friend brought me some from Germany and they were soooo good, then I saw them here and I was beyond disappointed

  • Mary Jo Greer
    Mary Jo Greer 8 days ago

    I work at my local Walmart here in Clarkston Washington.. And we sell kinder eggs..... Don't think they are banned in America anymore lol

  • Echo 360
    Echo 360 8 days ago

    I've seen importanted antiques in some antique stores

  • Echo 360
    Echo 360 8 days ago

    I always see kinder eggs every were in norgate the swapmeets and 99¢ stores

  • FalseRed13
    FalseRed13 10 days ago

    Number 3 should be implemented everywhere but with harsher repercussions

  • Joey Tijhof
    Joey Tijhof 10 days ago

    Whahaha....... Nope cheese😂...... good one

  • Desirea Thames
    Desirea Thames 12 days ago

    Kinder surprise eggs are not banned in America. My kids ask for them at Target, and the grocery store all the time. I live in Colorado.

  • Jamie Turner
    Jamie Turner 13 days ago

    I ate tinder's eggs before

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin 16 days ago

    All these things are banned in America. But try to ban guns so no one gets killed in America you get screaming people yelling that it's their constitutional right to own guns and shootings continue.

  • Liam N
    Liam N 17 days ago

    Nope not banned kinder eggs are here fakeout

  • Witchy Vibes 11
    Witchy Vibes 11 17 days ago

    They sell them here in NY my daughter buys them the kinder egg....

  • ZillaKing17
    ZillaKing17 18 days ago

    We have something called a kinder JOY egg

  • Reagan H.
    Reagan H. 19 days ago

    Wait but we have kinder eggs...

  • jo Mcu
    jo Mcu 21 day ago

    They have kinder eggs in america

  • Morgan Jarosz
    Morgan Jarosz 21 day ago

    I've bought kinder eggs and other similar chocolates at Walmart

  • cool doge boy unknown
    cool doge boy unknown 21 day ago +1

    Then why I see them on the dollar store

  • LittleBffFlower -gaming

    0:57 we have kinder eggs just there much much different the kinder is the same but we have a plastic thing with chocolate on one side and a toy on the other

  • Priyanka Chakrabarti
    Priyanka Chakrabarti 22 days ago

    “Oh, but Buddy looks so soft, why can’t I make him into a scarf?”
    - N̶o̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶e̶v̶e̶r̶
    - Cruella DeVil

  • Huggable The Panda
    Huggable The Panda 23 days ago

    We have yowies which is an American kinder surprise egg

  • SierraCola
    SierraCola 24 days ago

    kinder eggs have made it to the united states! it's packaged differently though.

  • Rachael Kirkland
    Rachael Kirkland 25 days ago

    "Mmmmm...nope cheese"
    This guy is great

  • Jessica Rose The Trap
    Jessica Rose The Trap 25 days ago

    we aloud to have kinder surprise eggs but ill let it go bc u post this in 2016

  • BroccoliN 2
    BroccoliN 2 26 days ago

    Me listning to 2:59 `PRETTY BIRD PRETTY BIRD" is it just me that get a reminder of the film dumb and dumber

  • 85asparrow
    85asparrow 27 days ago +1

    🤣 for years now, every now and the I send my friend in the USA some haggis and irn bru, he’s never received them just a letter from the FDA 🤣

  • Fishy McFishface
    Fishy McFishface 27 days ago

    I'm in America and have eaten lots under 3 yrs

  • Theresa Geiger
    Theresa Geiger 27 days ago

    They are sold in Walmart

  • Julie Spalding
    Julie Spalding 27 days ago

    We do have kinder surprise

  • Samantha Coy
    Samantha Coy 28 days ago

    Hagus puding skirt wering race

  • Elver Avellaneda
    Elver Avellaneda 28 days ago

    I seen does at the stored in the USA

  • Rock Candy
    Rock Candy 29 days ago

    I live in the us and I have ate a kinder suprise

  • Patricia Jankey
    Patricia Jankey 29 days ago +1

    Those kinder surprise eggs are here in the states.

  • Wayne Harden
    Wayne Harden Month ago

    I’m in America and l eat those

  • Michael Horne
    Michael Horne Month ago

    I get kinder eggs at Wal-Mart in Texas

  • Me play gatch girl Mia

    Aki is a Jamaica favorite

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf Month ago +1

    They have a substitute for kinder eggs here now

    JERTHO Month ago

    mmmm Ackee. one of my favorites. but not when my buddy's mom makes it. btch cant cook for sht

  • Superbrookie 08
    Superbrookie 08 Month ago +2

    Good thing I don’t live in America because kinder eggs are the best

  • Emily Martin
    Emily Martin Month ago +1

    America:there kinder eggs

  • Emily Martin
    Emily Martin Month ago


  • Kay Denton
    Kay Denton Month ago

    I have ate one before arrest me I guess well out of America lol

  • Andrew Lush
    Andrew Lush Month ago

    I've had kinder eggs

  • Zz nator
    Zz nator Month ago

    Linder is legal now

  • Jariya Baum
    Jariya Baum Month ago

    Hahaah i live in hawaii and we get kinder eggs

  • BanShe74 !
    BanShe74 ! Month ago

    Funny got akee tree in my backyard... in Florida. as for ephedra they could care less about the health part of it. What was happening is people with ADHD, weight loss, also help with insomnia, were using it instead of all the more harmful synthetics prescribed by the drug industry to help them, so... government, health association, and Big Pharma banned it as to they were losing billions. When banned people had to go back or see a doctor to get rid of or manage their problem or just deal with them. it help more people then harmed people. The screwed up thing is the synthetics harm more people then the ephedra ever did. Anyways love your channel been with ya from the get also, introduced your channel to my kids, who have also grew up on your knowledge. thank you for just being you.
    Tina Monroig & Family

  • Travis Keith
    Travis Keith Month ago

    Other countrys are stupid they eat sheep but won't marry one.

  • Melissa Meeks
    Melissa Meeks Month ago

    I have kinder eggs here in martinsville va I get them all the time

  • Flat Moon Society
    Flat Moon Society Month ago

    This guy's a dense Canadian you can't believe everything you read on Wikipedia you liberal

    DARK HOOD Month ago

    In South Africa it's called kinder Joy's

  • Misty Milton
    Misty Milton Month ago

    These actually are different , the ones now , have one half of it with some
    Gooey chocolate and Ferrero
    Roche type
    Crunch thingies inside. It’s not a hollow egg:(

  • Misty Milton
    Misty Milton Month ago

    In Germany , they were simply called Kinder Eggs. They are sold at Walmart now .

  • Patriotic_Dev
    Patriotic_Dev Month ago +1

    Isn't America two continents? I thought these were banned in U.S.A not the continent as Canada wouldn't have it

  • Deku Midorya
    Deku Midorya Month ago

    Wait wait I ate the yellow plums it’s so good

  • Mountain Gamer
    Mountain Gamer Month ago

    They are legal in North Dakota I guess because I’ve seen them in gas stations before

  • Desiree White
    Desiree White Month ago +1

    They still sell kinder surprise eggs

  • Nick Quinn
    Nick Quinn Month ago

    America:We ban thing for "HEALTH ISSUES" like randome eggs,antiques,food
    Canada and uk:uuuuuum guns,teasers,actully dangerous stu-
    guns are fine
    U.K.:said no one ever...
    America:shut up,we also ban anything that you guys use to
    U.K.canada:u wot mate