Indian Food 101 and Sriracha Butter Chicken with Heems | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Aug 29, 2017
  • Former Das Racist rapper Himanshu Suri-better known as Heems-is here to school Sean Evans on the ins and outs of Indian cooking. From the massive, wall-to-wall spice aisle at an Indian market, to the stacks of ramen-like masala munchies and Parle-G biscuits, Heems breaks down the dos and dont's for desi grocery shopping. Back at the Suris' Long Island home, Heems and his mother cook Sean butter chicken, okra, and naan bread, adding some Sriracha and Halal Guys-style white sauce for a taste of both New York and South Asia.

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  • Mini Mini
    Mini Mini 12 days ago

    A lot of Indians do not use those shit pre made spice kits smh

  • Tiney Ted
    Tiney Ted 13 days ago

    Laziest and least authentic chicken makhani ever made...

  • Drake Colvin
    Drake Colvin 19 days ago

    I thought "Heems" was an indian spice I didn't know about. LOL I'm a metalhead so I wouldn't know him as a rapper

  • Dee1L33
    Dee1L33 19 days ago

    Parle G🔥

  • Phamily Phun
    Phamily Phun 24 days ago

    Roti prata is heavenly

  • Thujan Krishnakumar

    Shout out to First we feast for doing this!

  • haetan
    haetan Month ago

    "we use those prepacked shits now, its quite good, capitalism."

  • haetan
    haetan Month ago


  • Agamerslife 24/7
    Agamerslife 24/7 Month ago

    Does anyone know the two beats in the background

  • Cueyo
    Cueyo Month ago

    Heems is pretty much the definition of cool.

  • Dark Raider
    Dark Raider Month ago

    proud to see brands from Pakistan like Shan, National and Junaid Jamshed appear in this video

  • paladinrage
    paladinrage Month ago

    Why does the rapper sound and looks like he is about to cry or break down any moment lmfao

  • vip129870
    vip129870 Month ago +1

    His mom makes me feel like I grew up in his house. Love it.

  • Jojo Aguilar
    Jojo Aguilar 2 months ago

    Rip Anthony Bourdain

  • james bond
    james bond 2 months ago

    My favorite indian dish is tikka masala

  • M 22:22
    M 22:22 2 months ago

    Shan worldwide brap! #blukbluku

  • Aravind Medisetti
    Aravind Medisetti 2 months ago

    Sriracha in butter chicken!! That's blasphemy!!!!

  • Robert Borunda
    Robert Borunda 3 months ago

    seeing parents disappointment in there children’s success brings me enjoyment as fuck as that sounds fuck, being a banker

  • leeturnbull82
    leeturnbull82 3 months ago

    He actually put siracha in his Indian food?!
    Literally no-one ever has done that in India. Ever.

  • Jordan Nguyen
    Jordan Nguyen 3 months ago

    Ha, this Heems guy and the mom are dope. Love it

  • brodamerons
    brodamerons 3 months ago

    “my mom told me since you guys are paying i should get everything on the list” I WAS THINKING IT BUT I DIDNT WANT TO SAY IT. a+ asian mindset.

  • Osiris Montana
    Osiris Montana 3 months ago

    😂 y’all paying right. He got his whole week of groceries done 😂

  • Frostbite.
    Frostbite. 3 months ago

    Heems has a sexy fucking voice

  • Splashy Vandross
    Splashy Vandross 4 months ago

    Dude is a douche

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris 4 months ago

    Liberal Arts/ lol

  • James Buchanan
    James Buchanan 4 months ago

    These guys are both so stoned.

  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan 4 months ago

    Damn that looked good

  • fragr33f
    fragr33f 4 months ago

    Why do all our Asian parents have the same furnishing taste?

  • Anurag Mishra
    Anurag Mishra 5 months ago

    PACKAGED NAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm out.

  • right spyder
    right spyder 5 months ago

    this was packed with humour!

  • Alan Horton
    Alan Horton 5 months ago

    Heems still wearing the signature red and white Heems jacket.

  • Al Stevens
    Al Stevens 5 months ago

    The word Curry or Kari is well known and used by south Indians.

  • Al Stevens
    Al Stevens 5 months ago

    This guy dont know shit. I'm a white boy, but visited all over India, and in the south, it's spicy, and they don't use prepackaged shit. Friend's mom is from Kerala, here in the 718, and she makes it from scratch.

  • Emil Orri
    Emil Orri 5 months ago

    Rip Anthony Bourdaine

  • Ironclad
    Ironclad 5 months ago

    I sometimes wonder why Punjabi food seems universal among Indian immigrants.

  • Flame Nox
    Flame Nox 5 months ago

    "Ya'll are paying, right?" -me when people say lets eat out.

  • Ku Klux Clain
    Ku Klux Clain 6 months ago

    The thing about Curry is really true, the first time in heard someone mention curry, i Was Expecting the yogurt , chickpea flour etc but it was totally Something else

  • kha Salem
    kha Salem 6 months ago

    Indian food is the Steph curry of asia ... see what i did there 😁

  • Vibudh Sharma
    Vibudh Sharma 6 months ago

    This is the most Indian indian-american I've ever seen. The stuff he tells about India is pretty much on point

  • Wayne Jackson II
    Wayne Jackson II 6 months ago

    why is it ok to be racist against white people?

  • Grzegorz Cichosz
    Grzegorz Cichosz 6 months ago

    I love this guy aaa xddd

  • Rishi Shah
    Rishi Shah 6 months ago

    “The first I heard of curry was as an insult” SO relatable, never knew what “curry” was when I was insulted by it haha

  • Alvina Gracia
    Alvina Gracia 6 months ago

    Heems : "Y'all are paying, right?!" 😂

  • Jeff-Stevenson
    Jeff-Stevenson 7 months ago

    He never ever talks about the food after he eats it, he doesn’t comment on it much, in every video

  • Tahsin Nabi
    Tahsin Nabi 7 months ago

    "You know, the halal joint" 6:47

  • tom dijksman
    tom dijksman 7 months ago

    your intentions are good but you should stick to you cooking is not really your thing or so it seems if you like rapping do your rapping

  • tom dijksman
    tom dijksman 7 months ago

    small stores are often better not always you know where to buy your ingredients looks more like patel grew to big for their own shoes

  • King Singh
    King Singh 7 months ago

    Fuck Pakistan

  • Roberto Hida algo
    Roberto Hida algo 8 months ago

    he looks like he just divorced

  • Ahmadgazzy
    Ahmadgazzy 8 months ago

    the halal joint

  • exec9292
    exec9292 8 months ago


  • Mud Skipper
    Mud Skipper 8 months ago

    the funny thing is that Heems was serious about getting free groceries for the week if FWF was paying lol

  • LitMe1
    LitMe1 8 months ago

    so true no desi people actually describe their food as curry.

  • Jarif Ahmed
    Jarif Ahmed 8 months ago

    Y'all were in Hicksville and I missed it. Damn it!

  • J Eiler
    J Eiler 8 months ago

    Hell yeah got them Correlle "old towne blue" plates and bowls baby!!! That's what's up!

  • SliceofBri
    SliceofBri 8 months ago

    Now I'm craving Indian food gdi

  • racheljade92
    racheljade92 8 months ago

    4:08 this is a good basket 😂😂😂

  • stepasidejesus
    stepasidejesus 8 months ago

    That's racist

  • camgan1
    camgan1 8 months ago

    Getting them to buy his groceries is the most desi thing you can do. I love it.

  • jphonevids
    jphonevids 8 months ago

    "these are breaded potato lentil with things inside" :o~

  • Eric M.
    Eric M. 9 months ago +1

    so we're all going to pretend heems and other members of das racist aren't sexual assaulters? okay then

  • Aaron Jessome
    Aaron Jessome 9 months ago

    Fat mama's boy that want to get rich from doing as little work as possible being a "rapper" man gtfoh

  • Kartik Arry
    Kartik Arry 9 months ago

    its not like we eat butter chicken everyday. Indian food culture is diverse af

  • Richie Beck
    Richie Beck 9 months ago

    I'd watch the hell out of a Heems cooking show.

  • Abir Chaudhuri
    Abir Chaudhuri 9 months ago

    Why Sriracha? Use real heat!

  • ImARaptor
    ImARaptor 9 months ago

    He's fucked up off of something. Maybe bars or strong weed

  • xdeadmeatx
    xdeadmeatx 9 months ago

    Love ya Heems.

  • Dana Leigh
    Dana Leigh 10 months ago

    Playlist for the one person that needs it, please (Just me, obvs).

  • James L.
    James L. 10 months ago

    mom scares me much

  • Isaac Vuong
    Isaac Vuong 10 months ago

    He looks like puck holy shit im crying in the club 😢

  • Just AnAsian
    Just AnAsian 10 months ago

    this dude is the truth

  • Supreme 12191
    Supreme 12191 10 months ago +1

    Indians are poop

    • Jem Noros
      Jem Noros 4 months ago

      Supreme 12191 Pakistanis are shit

  • Thomas John
    Thomas John 10 months ago

    Reminds me of my mom haha

  • Patavinity
    Patavinity 10 months ago +3

    Indian food 101: Sriracha isn't Indian.

  • Dr. Phil's creampie lounge

    jeez, Sean is like a robot. outside interviews he ain't doing too good

  • kokichi808
    kokichi808 10 months ago

    Holy shit those fkn white porcelain bowls with the blue flowers. I shit u not every Asian American household has those, Japanes, chinese, korean, indian, etc.

  • Nick Lite
    Nick Lite 10 months ago

    Dude lost me at butter chicken spice kit

  • Theo Paradox
    Theo Paradox 10 months ago

  • Cristian Jimenez
    Cristian Jimenez 10 months ago

    First Year Of College, I Had A Southern Indian Roommate, & He Cooked Some Badass Indian Dishes!! He Moved The Next Semester, & I Haven’t Had Indian Food Since... I Miss It!

  • Andrea Skarbecki
    Andrea Skarbecki 10 months ago

    if only he made vegetable korma

  • Drodgy
    Drodgy 10 months ago

    Bruh the ville is my home glad to see a brown homie out here doing his own thing.

  • Luna Moth
    Luna Moth 10 months ago

    This is the experience I need most in my life rn

  • Prince Gupta
    Prince Gupta 10 months ago

    The food in india is little different than this, for sure

  • rainepanda
    rainepanda 10 months ago

    punjabi food is the best!! we love it here in dallas

  • Asma QB
    Asma QB 11 months ago

    auntie gives me life...sriracha in butter chicken?!

  • Paul Woelke
    Paul Woelke 11 months ago

    The heat level in Indian cuisine varies a lot by region with the south being spicier than the north. Educate yourself about your POO, man.

    • Paul Woelke
      Paul Woelke 11 months ago

      (That's "place of origin" and also a place in Northern India, probably the place his family's from if the part about him being Punjabi-Indian on wikipedia's right)

  • British Patriot
    British Patriot 11 months ago

    Indian is my favorite food, most people in the UK love it.

  • Mr. FBI Man
    Mr. FBI Man 11 months ago

    Hello mother in a totally natural way like there definitely are no cameras around

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 11 months ago +2

    In true Indian guy fashion, Heems goes "You're paying right?"

  • ajax 711
    ajax 711 11 months ago

    Dude looks high as fuck

  • Apex_Bobby
    Apex_Bobby 11 months ago

    What's the song at 4:20.

  • ronak narkhede
    ronak narkhede 11 months ago

    dat Patel brothers owners son is in my school!!

  • Moar Of WoW
    Moar Of WoW 11 months ago

    My mouth is watering. Looks so darn good. I looooooove Indian food.

  • nuttypagal
    nuttypagal 11 months ago

    Awful. My wife was like "what the f is he doing" I was like "this is an instructional video on how to make food one level above turds"

  • Jessica K
    Jessica K 11 months ago

    Why we in there? Cus fucking Indian/Nepali/middle eastern food is amazing....

    • Jessica K
      Jessica K 11 months ago

      Let's blaze it and cook

  • blahzaze
    blahzaze Year ago +101

    I was shocked when Sean said "what does auntie think?," lmao welcome sean my brown soul has been warmed

  • Vimal Kumar
    Vimal Kumar Year ago

    This dude was high through the entire recording. Kudos to Auntie keeping it together, though! You know he didn't cook that shit, LOL

  • Clementine Rosette

    They don't eat it with rice ?

  • I'm Him
    I'm Him Year ago

    Hot trash