How Vespa Scooters Are Made | The Making Of

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Vespas are more than just scooters. Over the years, they have become an icon of Italian culture and of the made in Italy itself. They have been featured endlessly on the big screen in movies like Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" or "Roman Holiday" with Audrey Hepburn.
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    How Vespa Scooters Are Made | The Making Of
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Comments • 359

  • Studio Tredici
    Studio Tredici 9 days ago

    W la vespa. Le comprerei tutte

  • Gautham Prabhu
    Gautham Prabhu 13 days ago

    I own one.

  • emu emu
    emu emu Month ago

    Pls say the vespa owner that they should make their storage spcial edition red one has no hook in front for that we cant hanging our bag packs, shopping bags so..under the ssat storage is also not that vespa

  • M.S Warps Barabanki palhari choraha

    Bajaj scotar 1988 model my grand father scoter

  • Vivek Kashyap
    Vivek Kashyap Month ago

    Vespa is sister of bullet motorbikes... 😂😂

  • Saran Carnal
    Saran Carnal Month ago +1

    😭😭😭😭 தயவுசெய்து இந்த வண்டி யாரோ வாங்காதீங்க வாங்கினால் கஷ்டப்படுவீர்கள்

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo Month ago

    unfortunately, this channel has a lot of videos that are not useful for business people, and Vespa was the motorbike that killed the founder of some huge company, I can´t remember his name, Pininfarina or something?

  • MultiDimwit
    MultiDimwit Month ago

    vespa lools cool and classy....but it sucks ass.

  • gary oak
    gary oak Month ago +1

    Lol I'm over here in california with a 1993 yamaha jog sports edition with disk brakes imported from Japan or Philippines.

  • bramblecino
    bramblecino Month ago

    But nothing beats a vintage Vespa.

  • Senopati Pamungkas
    Senopati Pamungkas Month ago

    Harga kemahalan...gak sesuai dgn spek & fitur yg di dapatkan, kalo kebanyakan duit mah gak utk ukuran umum org2 di Indonesia tetap terlalu mahal

  • Ram
    Ram Month ago

    Such an affordable scooter!

  • cvcoco
    cvcoco Month ago

    Ok but making them in Vietnam destroys "italiana" which is half the reason to buy one.

  • Sunny Singh
    Sunny Singh Month ago +2

    Price too much & mileage very low..🙏

  • Rajendran Pillai
    Rajendran Pillai Month ago

    Vespa is very costly bike. We cannot purchase a vespa

  • Cattle Corner
    Cattle Corner Month ago

    woohoo !!! she is pretty.!!!

  • steven bathurst
    steven bathurst Month ago

    What not make a 600cc Vespa with a full farting and FM stereo

  • Michele Rubeca
    Michele Rubeca Month ago

    Comunque Oh, che palle ste vespe mono marce

  • NaeMuckle
    NaeMuckle Month ago

    Starter motor off a biplane strapped to some painted scaffolding

  • Alessandro Di Pisa
    Alessandro Di Pisa Month ago

    Mi sento troppo figo a capire cosa dicono senza leggere i sottotitoli

  • enggar arifina
    enggar arifina Month ago

    Vespa 946 sangat mahal di indonesia😥

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago +4

    Spare parts so expensive, Honda and Yamaha, Bajaj , Hero motor , TVS motor is good , easy to maintain , Vespa dealers make money 💰

  • Mohamed Essop
    Mohamed Essop Month ago

    Vespa suppose to be cheap and affordable for everyone this scooter is over priced

  • Shah Samir
    Shah Samir Month ago

    My scooty boby colour is removing and makwheel quality is not good I have complaints to head office no reply is given thought mail Id

    PRATAP SINGH Month ago

    If it isn't electric it's garbage.

  • Anh Quý
    Anh Quý Month ago


  • Allex Pandian
    Allex Pandian Month ago

    I cant understand ur language but a nice video friend

  • bigwheelsturning
    bigwheelsturning Month ago

    Over priced and hard to work on.

  • ian tchernegovski
    ian tchernegovski Month ago

    my first ride was on my brothers vespa ss90

  • Komsha Viriya
    Komsha Viriya Month ago +2

    If vespa cannot solve rust problem of body it will the same as Fait good car but rust st all iron part do as the century model

  • Byron Joseph Hallar
    Byron Joseph Hallar Month ago +1

    The best of both worlds: Honda quality and Vespa aesthetics.

  • jesterd14
    jesterd14 Month ago +6

    My uncle was stationed in Italy after the war, the first thing he did was buy a Vespa. Brought it home and sold it for more than he paid for it.

  • modern studies
    modern studies Month ago

    Cheap Plastic looking

  • Vrindavan Lahkar
    Vrindavan Lahkar Month ago +1

    I think there are more Vespa scooters in India than Italy but no mention of India even once.

    • mothership love
      mothership love Month ago

      The manager said they were sold all over the world. What planet are you on?

  • fbr
    fbr Month ago

    Our first scooter vespa

  • fbr
    fbr Month ago

    Wow I like producer lukin gorgeous 👌☺

    3DOM BEATZ Month ago +3

    just got myself a Vespa GTS 150
    2 weeks ago loving it... 🇹🇭

  • Anton Prasojo
    Anton Prasojo Month ago +4

    The real vespa is 2 stroke and manual transmission
    Not 4 stroke and automatic transmission 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Sorry for bad english

  • Allstar
    Allstar Month ago

    If they weren't so god damn expensive these days, the hipsters have over heated the market even old scrap gets sold for a pretty penny if its a Vespa. 😒😒

  • Feniks 1
    Feniks 1 Month ago +4

    Piaggio is a good thing I have one and Im happy 😊

  • Unix Anonymous Error404

    go with Japanese scooters, vespa is overprice shit quality.

  • Mehmet Han
    Mehmet Han Month ago +1

    New models quality look like Made in China..Feel so plasticy,even the metal parts.

  • Griller Lettuce
    Griller Lettuce Month ago

    Faggio from GTA

  • sushant tomar
    sushant tomar Month ago

    In India this is shit. Costly toy not more than that .

  • Fernando Hernandez Bolio

    Very good motorcycle but........ very expensive for raising economies, i dont know why...? Since Honda goes whit more than 100 millions pn its cub, vespas is just barely 1.5 millions..... a marketing and price lesson to learn...

  • Gwinnet
    Gwinnet Month ago

    Very interesting video
    Thanks form 🇺🇸 🙏

  • Emmanuel Cruz
    Emmanuel Cruz Month ago +2

    Timeless is what you call that vespa became successful and very famous around the world. No other scooter can beat vespa in terms of performance and quality. I love vespa

    • De Blazer
      De Blazer Month ago


  • ardy suryo
    ardy suryo Month ago +1

    It is expensive compared to Japan's brand in Indonesia on its class.
    Also the Vespa workshop is very rare and the sparpart mostly indent and of course, expensive.
    Vespa is already decades in Indonesia, but the market is segmented. 👌

  • Tony Rebeiro
    Tony Rebeiro Month ago

    Oh, I'm sorry, it was in Come September.

  • Tony Rebeiro
    Tony Rebeiro Month ago +1

    If I'm not mistaken, in Ronan Holiday movie, it's not a Vespa but a Lambretta.

  • Ahmad Hammad
    Ahmad Hammad Month ago +3

    In holland all the young morrocans have these scooters very expensive

    • x x
      x x Month ago

      @Sander Korteschiel XD

    • Sander Korteschiel
      Sander Korteschiel Month ago

      @x x If you see a Vespa scooter there's a fat guy with flipflops on it driving anywhere looking angry, you better hide.

    • x x
      x x Month ago +1

      Yeah in the netherlands young people aged 16-24 think scooters are super cool and they try to flex on everyone with their ugly ass scooters

  • carlos VV
    carlos VV Month ago


  • Mervin Palmer
    Mervin Palmer Month ago +2

    The paint system is not good enough for colder climates vespas soon rust e.g. the gts they always rust in the same place in fact for the money they should be made from aluminium or at least galvanised.

    SARBAJIT DAS Month ago

    Please upload a video of vespa electrica how it's made please mam

    • Vespa Lu
      Vespa Lu Month ago

      Maybe not possible because 90 % of the parts were made in india or china. 😁

  • Gihan Perera
    Gihan Perera Month ago

    Is she going to fucktory :O

  • Rider in the PH
    Rider in the PH Month ago

    6000$ for scooter?! bullshit

  • Pranjit Saikia ktm
    Pranjit Saikia ktm Month ago

    Love #Vespa,#VespaIndia

  • Zidane Hernandya
    Zidane Hernandya Month ago +4

    "Vespa's price is very competitive" well, It's cost 10x more than the C70 back then

  • Thomas Cook
    Thomas Cook Month ago +1

    I own multiple gts 300s ss love them never let me down

    • Thomas Cook
      Thomas Cook Month ago

      @Runway runner somthing up with ur bike then mine are grate

    • Runway runner
      Runway runner Month ago

      Thomas Cook ive had couple of times after hard braking that my brakes had an empty feel, no pressure

    • Thomas Cook
      Thomas Cook Month ago

      @Runway runner mine work grate pree abs and abs both good abs not the best but still atop u from 80 fast enoff

    • Runway runner
      Runway runner Month ago

      Except the brakes :/

  • Chronic ACIDD
    Chronic ACIDD Month ago

    Good for wheelies