• Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • dantdm playing roblox again.. you're in a time machine..
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  • Braydenhb
    Braydenhb 12 hours ago +1

    I have lost my favorite game :(

  • Sandrino Mesic
    Sandrino Mesic 2 days ago

    and also i have found my favorite game its called super striker league

  • Sandrino Mesic
    Sandrino Mesic 2 days ago +1

    Hey Dan can you please play a game called SUPER POWER CITY please!

  • CalebTheCashew
    CalebTheCashew 3 days ago

    "I want a hat or something"
    *Loud scream*
    "pLeAsE sToP sCrEaMiNg"

  • Bobby Banan
    Bobby Banan 3 days ago

    Hey Dan i luv dis game 2

  • Andrew K.
    Andrew K. 5 days ago +1

    You can slide by pressing "V" while moving

  • Benjamin Sustrik
    Benjamin Sustrik 5 days ago

    that voice at the beging

  • Frostbite the IceWing
    Frostbite the IceWing 7 days ago +2

    Have you play Tower Of Hell?

  • Adam Norhaziq
    Adam Norhaziq 10 days ago

    To equip a hat is in shop press customize character

  • Adam Norhaziq
    Adam Norhaziq 10 days ago

    Also you can jump to wall to climb

  • Adam Norhaziq
    Adam Norhaziq 10 days ago

    Dan press Z to show controls

  • Watercreper123 Gaming and marble racing

    He said triple is four

  • snow
    snow 11 days ago +1

    i love the toxic bomb the best it does alot of dmg but it can kill u so go away from it

    and the lifesteal staff too

  • Bro Bro77
    Bro Bro77 12 days ago

    How in the world 🌍 did you get 4000 coins

  • Sy bros Dark
    Sy bros Dark 12 days ago +1

    I won 3 times

  • Choi Simon
    Choi Simon 13 days ago +1

    i tried the game and too hard to control camera sensitivty

  • Mohammed Bishara
    Mohammed Bishara 13 days ago

    Dan if you see THIS message pls pls pls pls send friend request to my name in Robocop is BurgerGuy11 is my name in Robox and I have gentleman clothes my dream was to be a TVclip OR to be a friend with y outuber pls its my biggest dream in my whole life pls god let danTDM see this message pls life God

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 14 days ago

    You should play strucid

  • Tane KAREPA
    Tane KAREPA 15 days ago +4

    have you tried speed run moon edition on roblox

  • VinnyDoesRblx
    VinnyDoesRblx 15 days ago


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  • boomboom123411
    boomboom123411 17 days ago

    11:07 "I'm in the tree." Vietnam explained for kids!

  • pugmanpugmanasd
    pugmanpugmanasd 17 days ago

    CREEPER 2:26

  • Aiden Boi
    Aiden Boi 18 days ago +1

    6:58 is the best part the little kids scream

  • Samantha Okonne
    Samantha Okonne 18 days ago

    Play Doomspire BricksBattle

  • Joyce Crawford
    Joyce Crawford 18 days ago

    i got tow wins but besides that your still more advansed then me

    GUEST LINKMON99 19 days ago


  • Zan Twiggs
    Zan Twiggs 20 days ago

    The rocket wheelchair reminds me of happy wheels

  • Faze GOD
    Faze GOD 21 day ago


  • Devil
    Devil 21 day ago +1

    I knew it was a ragddoll vid

  • Dreamko Hearts
    Dreamko Hearts 21 day ago

    Just shapes and beats or more roblox please ! :D

  • Dreamko Hearts
    Dreamko Hearts 21 day ago

    Just shapes and beats or more roblox please ! :D

  • Dreamko Hearts
    Dreamko Hearts 21 day ago +6

    Just shapes and beats or more roblox please ! :D

  • sarahbonniehall
    sarahbonniehall 21 day ago

    Do more roblox videos

  • Kayra Demirkol
    Kayra Demirkol 22 days ago

    I Playd That Game With My Brother

  • gaming girl
    gaming girl 22 days ago

    dan pls play bullet hell

  • gaming girl
    gaming girl 22 days ago

    2:33 it helps if you dont die what do you mean thats the point to not die evryone knows that

  • Sophie Wenham
    Sophie Wenham 22 days ago

    Play growing up

  • Darren Wilsher
    Darren Wilsher 22 days ago

    1: I hate fortnight
    2: I hater Roblox
    Was this made just to bug me!?!?!

  • Kaiser Squire
    Kaiser Squire 23 days ago

    Please play more of this

  • Kyle J Balana
    Kyle J Balana 23 days ago +4

    Player 1:oh hi I am pl *died*
    Player 4: take that noob and h *died*
    Player 5: haha I have a stronger gun and all are *died*
    Player 2: wow too easy that I have a minigun and wait oh no
    Player 7:*died*
    Player 9:*died*
    Player 10:*died*
    Player 12:*died*
    Player 8: hehe, just you and m *died*
    Player 2: wow it is easy when you guys are talking and I think I am th only on*died*
    The winner is DanTDM
    The end.

  • Meena Alazzawi
    Meena Alazzawi 23 days ago

    please make more!

  • TJGamingPlayzWolf
    TJGamingPlayzWolf 23 days ago

    Friend me dan

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse 24 days ago +1

    Dan please play tower defense simulator on Roblox

  • Randi Punteney
    Randi Punteney 25 days ago

    Play strucid Roblox

  • David Benni
    David Benni 26 days ago

    More rodblox

  • Borys Wyrwa
    Borys Wyrwa 26 days ago +4

    Can you please play a roblox game called bee swarm simulator

  • Addie D
    Addie D 27 days ago


  • KrustyThe Clown47
    KrustyThe Clown47 27 days ago

    5:26 that was NASTY

  • ReeceMonster
    ReeceMonster 27 days ago +1


  • caitlin turner
    caitlin turner 27 days ago

    play more roblox

  • S Mckenzie
    S Mckenzie 28 days ago +2

    I need to try this game but I also hate Roblox because I lost my account😥😥😥 1 like=for my account

  • Silas Smith
    Silas Smith 28 days ago

    I love rag doll mayhem

    Oof nvm lol

  • Titos
    Titos 28 days ago

    F$/# you dantdm F$"& you

  • tae tae with suga
    tae tae with suga 28 days ago +2

    Dan you need to play Bloxburg!

  • Official-mohammed
    Official-mohammed 29 days ago +1

    I can't play this game because it so hard to move around

  • Matthew Sporer
    Matthew Sporer 29 days ago

    Can u play on ur aecade machine more please

  • Gaming X
    Gaming X 29 days ago

    I played this and got 27 kills I love this game

  • ced tulao
    ced tulao 29 days ago

    anyone on august 3050? watching?my fav game in roblox is ? shark bite