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  • Published on Oct 26, 2018
  • Sometime on the evening of October 19, 1990, the flamboyantly gay Sydney socialite Ludwig Gertsch was strangled with an elastic strap in the bedroom of his lover, Mr Vincent Esposito. His body was found, wrapped in a doona, in Blue Mountains scrub on November 11, 1990. In September 1994 a Sydney Coroner found that Ludwig Gertsch was strangled "by a person or persons unknown". But that's where the murder trail ends - his killer has never been brought to justice. The murder of Allen Hall at Warnervale, where he lived with Christine Hicks, the estranged wife of boxing mentor and horse trainer Cec Waters, presented a curious public with a cruel and twisted story. Water’s eldest son, Dean, eventually was charged with Hall’s murder. However, it would be revealed later that Dean had succumbed to his father’s demands. Cec Waters was depicted as a bullying, obsessive father, who was determined to make his three sons become boxing champions but slaves to his evil will.
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Comments • 168

  • animal lover
    animal lover 5 days ago

    Brian Roberts the solicitor knows who did it

  • animal lover
    animal lover 5 days ago

    When you experience abuse to the stage that you are incapable of thinking for yourself, running away is incomprehensible and physically paralysing.

  • Jane Marsee
    Jane Marsee 6 days ago

    All that loud noise for the first 30 seconds is more thsn just annoying.

  • bart mart
    bart mart 17 days ago +1

    Dad sound like paddy Dorothy the English traveler probably his cuson

  • Zak Burrell
    Zak Burrell Month ago

    Pathetic story

  • Nicole Clements
    Nicole Clements Month ago +2

    I feel bad for him. He was beat down mentally, physically, and emotionally. He just wanted his dad's love.

  • Nicole Clements
    Nicole Clements Month ago +4

    Glad he ain't my daddy

  • Papa Faye
    Papa Faye Month ago +1


  • CornellJunkie
    CornellJunkie Month ago +1

    What happened to all the Money? That’s what I wanna know n was waiting for it....

  • Viola Gentsch
    Viola Gentsch 2 months ago +2

    Cesswater???? More like cesspool. Lol

  • Viola Gentsch
    Viola Gentsch 2 months ago +4

    Steve Liebman is like our Bill Curtis. Pleasant.

  • Millicent Ouma
    Millicent Ouma 2 months ago +1

    REPENTANCE is POWERFUL. Sets you free🙏🙏

  • cruisepaige
    cruisepaige 2 months ago +4

    10:00. THIS is why abused people don’t “just leave”!!!!!

  • desmond farrell
    desmond farrell 3 months ago +7

    I hear him talking and can hear in his voice the sadness of an abusive father and childhood

  • starquant
    starquant 3 months ago +3

    I totally believe Deans account. It is entirely possible for a parent to brainwash their child to a point where even as an Adult, the child will still take all the abuse that parent has to dish out.

  • Ipso Facto
    Ipso Facto 3 months ago +2

    Re: the second part of this documentary. Why is there no mention of why Vincent Esposito was ruled out as a suspect? Surely he would have been the prime suspect. How did he get out of it???

  • zempath
    zempath 4 months ago

    If you don't know how to pronounce "chutzpah", just say APD, or, Antisocial Personality Disorder. Much easier to say, very easy to understand.

  • Abdi Piano
    Abdi Piano 4 months ago +2

    This is the problem with the British monarchy legal system upon Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Criminals are set free while innocent people endures harsh treatment.

  • Seppi Seppsen
    Seppi Seppsen 5 months ago

    there is a slight tinge of homophobia in the narratives of this film

  • Happily Single
    Happily Single 6 months ago +19

    He sounds like Charles Manson. Too coward to do it himself, but brainwashed others to do it for him.

  • Juanita Richards
    Juanita Richards 6 months ago +5

    Deans father was a Cess pool.......not a human being.

  • Juanita Richards
    Juanita Richards 6 months ago +6

    Why do people have dogs and then shut them up for doing their job - warning you that someone is on the property? Why did this young man not kill his father instead, if he had to kill anyone? His poor mum had found happiness at last after a brutal horrible marriage. How could he take that away from her?

  • John Bryan
    John Bryan 6 months ago

    Gay men are disgusting!

  • Miriam Spillane
    Miriam Spillane 6 months ago +5

    Small man syndrome

  • buggiebuild1
    buggiebuild1 6 months ago +3

    Well of course I'm surprised of the verdict, his friend getting time, him walking, but why didn't anyone those boys beat the ever living shit out of their father they could've all ganged up on him, but then again they might've went to jail for that I don't know this was a weird case

    • cruisepaige
      cruisepaige 2 months ago +2

      buggiebuild1 Brcause he had TOTAL CONTROL OVER THEM. Are you dense? Oh yes, I can see by your “writing” that you are.

    • Troow
      Troow 5 months ago

      You don't do that as a kid. It take many years before you realize that, no matter what you do, you will never make a monster love you and change.

  • Osya Sa
    Osya Sa 6 months ago +14

    It’s amazing how small disgusting angry little man can bring so much suffering to the people who don’t resist and do whatever he said

  • guysmalley
    guysmalley 6 months ago +2

    Nice and expensive watch

  • olaf jensen
    olaf jensen 6 months ago +1

    Aussie's a horrible bunch of people

    • oldie oner
      oldie oner Month ago

      Where are you from. Please let us know the crime statistics in your country of residence.

    • Marguerite
      Marguerite 6 months ago +3

      What? There are bad people in every country that do evil things, don't label the whole of Australia as horrible people.

  • biscuit
    biscuit 6 months ago +3

    How are they his parents when hes clearly biracial..

    • Brittnee Winfrey
      Brittnee Winfrey 6 months ago +2

      Are you meaning Dean? If yes, he stated in interviews that he was his father's first born. Christine was his stepmother but was raised knowing her as his mom. I don't believe his biological mother was ever shown or talked about. Hope that is helpful.

  • Peregrine McCauley
    Peregrine McCauley 6 months ago +6

    Good series .

  • erebusl
    erebusl 6 months ago +4

    I’m sure ruby earring man believes he’s not a suspect.

    • Art Vandelay
      Art Vandelay 6 months ago +1

      erebusl he also had a peg leg and hook hand

  • erebusl
    erebusl 6 months ago +43

    His friend who tried to walk away still gets 16 years. Disgraceful.

    • SharpshootersGaming
      SharpshootersGaming 18 days ago +1

      erebusl How is that disgraceful? Shouldn’t of been involved in the first place.

  • Karen Anne
    Karen Anne 6 months ago +22

    What an evil man this father was 👿

  • Lilian French
    Lilian French 6 months ago +6

    What happened to the Estate after the Fraud had been discovered...who ended up with the money and besides 4 years imprisonment did the shady lawyer have to pay back the money he mis appropriated?......

  • Otara Dias
    Otara Dias 6 months ago +2

    Shameful family

  • Vbastard
    Vbastard 6 months ago

    some fucked up people down under - must be something in the DNA.. But for the life of me i cant think how!😂😂🤔🤔🤔

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle 6 months ago +3

    A poor dramatization can really mess up a crime program. Their presence indicates a need to fill out the rest of the interview footage, rostrum camera footage and B roll.
    Because it's usually filler, very little time is spent writing, casting, rehearsing. Sometimes they don't even write a script, the idea being that the actors will be given an outline and they can improvise dialogue, which won't be used because the scenes are MOS (no sound).
    In this case, however, during the bit with Cec Waters and the cop, it _should_ have been MOS, but they included a couple of lines of really stupid dialogue vamped by the performers.
    They serve Waters with a search warrant and then ask if they can search, which is silly. But the cracker is when Waters says, "Look, I've been here all night!" to which the cop replies, "I'll ask the questions!" Huh? To be fair, they did fade the sound, but not fast enough.

  • Robert Alpy
    Robert Alpy 6 months ago +1

    The gay guy was stealing from his own business. In The US we would have nailed him for tax evasion early and banged him up for twenty years.

  • Robert Alpy
    Robert Alpy 6 months ago +3

    Only Catholic Priests have the Sacrament of confession and therefore the seal of confession. So why didn't the pastor get arrested as well for helping to hide it after the fact? Protestant heretics have no sacraments to bind them.

    • Jane Marsee
      Jane Marsee 6 days ago

      Robert, even Protestant ministers MUST keep silent, too. You are mistaken.

    • Pheluv
      Pheluv 3 months ago +1

      The Church of England offers confession upon request.

    • advocate 1
      advocate 1 3 months ago

      There is a world of difference between faith and religion. One might be called by faith to confess regardless of religion.

    • rahowhero X
      rahowhero X 6 months ago

      Pastor client confidentially I suspect ... like lawyer client or dr patient.

  • Robert Alpy
    Robert Alpy 6 months ago +13

    Guy is crazy and he obviously sexually assaulted his sons. Poor kids.

  • Deb G
    Deb G 6 months ago +6

    Um...why did you say, almost right off the bat, speaking of the brutal father, "He destroyed a handicapped man's marriage by having an affair with his wife."? If I was going to blame anyone for that affair, I'd have to say that it was the woman who opted willingly to be complicit or even driving the affair. It's her fault...he didn't force her. All she had to do is say no. That was just an effort to make a bad man look worse. So, for me, your gender bias casts doubt on the perspective and objectivity of this report.

    • Kizzabell
      Kizzabell Month ago +2

      @Juanita Richards she wasn't talking about his wife. It briefly mentions at the start that he ruined a handicapped man's marriage by sleeping with his wife.

    • Kizzabell
      Kizzabell Month ago +1

      It's often the 3rd person who gets blamed for being a homewrecker when it should be the married person who is cheating.

    • Juanita Richards
      Juanita Richards 6 months ago +3

      Bullshit. This little CESS pool of a man had utter control of everyone around him. Making his own wife a prostitute and using her to pay debts, then wanting to have her killed when she inadvertently falls in love with the debtor and finally finds some happiness in her life - which was short lived. He got his own son to commit murder. I can't imagine anyone saying to to him without living in fear forever after - which might not be very long.

  • space cadette
    space cadette 6 months ago +29

    For close to thirty years I have suffered abuse at my mother's hands of all but one type of abuse, I escaped three months ago and have never felt freer, I completely understand how Dean feels tho I was never fully broken the way he was the fighting for my own morals and mental wellbeing has left me with severe non combative ptsd and other mental health issues as well as the physical issues I have due to beatings and stress ect, but it is always possible to escape

    • Tom Huckerby
      Tom Huckerby 18 days ago +1

      Yes you can escape but not from the issues that you have gotten from being abused I have been away from home for years and still am dealing with the effects

    • Siyathokoza Zulu
      Siyathokoza Zulu 4 months ago +2

      are you okay?

    • von Stroop
      von Stroop 6 months ago +6

      Good for you friend. Good on ya.

    • N E N E A N N
      N E N E A N N 6 months ago +6

      space cadette good on you.. always keep safe and i hope you find happiness.. xx

  • sonny d
    sonny d 6 months ago

    What the f*** is with that little queers teeth they have like his front teeth fused or what the f*** is going on they look weird

  • Sinead Campbell
    Sinead Campbell 6 months ago +32

    It's not often that I feel sorry for anybody that takes someone's life, but in Dean's case my heart genuinely goes out to him.

    • Brittnee Winfrey
      Brittnee Winfrey 6 months ago +6

      Same. It's hard getting my head around Damon getting 16 yrs while Dean is free, but I feel Dean has lived enough in hell. I hope he forgives himself and his demented father so he can have peace.

  • sonny d
    sonny d 6 months ago +1

    A man that commits murder as somebody else is a chord is even more dangerous than the killer himself because he's that gullible he can be convinced to kill somebody he already admits to doing drugs and hanging out with criminals the guy's a f****** criminal and deserves to be in prison we don't want people walking the streets that can be convinced to just go kill somebody cuz they're jealous dad wants him dead that's f****** absurd like I can be convinced to do anyting it's not like the guy raped and murdered his mom or something they're having consensual sex he should be behind bars for life

  • sonny d
    sonny d 6 months ago

    F*** is wrong with people they commit murder and then they're drowning in Despair and they don't feel the same anymore get the f*** out of here dude you have to tell people about it to feel better just ridiculous f****** God damn pussies I just don't understand it what the f*** is wrong with people how can you decide to kill somebody and then you're all ate up about it I just don't get it you put that s*** in the compartment and drive on it's just f****** killing somebody with a shotgun get real want to sit and f****** prison for 20 years still feel the same on top of being locked up you f****** idiot

    • JL
      JL 6 months ago +2

      sonny d relax crazy

  • Peter Amonto
    Peter Amonto 6 months ago

    Conditsis must've been mates with juror's and or judge's.

  • Peter Amonto
    Peter Amonto 6 months ago

    What a fucked up story

  • huub1989
    huub1989 6 months ago +1

    Anyone else find that the actor playing Cec Waters accent had a Northern Irish accent not a north of England accent?

    • Brittnee Winfrey
      Brittnee Winfrey 6 months ago

      @maxi tef good point. lol. One does not know how they would sound unless they had the experience.

    • maxi tef
      maxi tef 6 months ago +2

      Yea yes yes you are right but don’t forget he had a bullet with dog shit under his tongue 😛

  • Hajar Renate Midbrød
    Hajar Renate Midbrød 6 months ago +8

    Cec Waters was Obviously a Narcissistic manipulative Psychopath , a dangerous violent deranged predator , he was pathologically incapable of human emotions such as love , empathy or compassion !!! a born psychopath... btw is Dean waters half aboriginal ? he looks mixed ...

  • Dryootube
    Dryootube 6 months ago +3

    that is really a horrible story

  • Jabber The Hull
    Jabber The Hull 7 months ago +2

    Who gives a fggt?

  • Susan Marcotte
    Susan Marcotte 7 months ago +14

    I am so sorry for what you had to go through. Our parents can do damage that stays with us for life I'M so proud of you. You are an amazing person. Tell your children everyday how amazing they are.

    • Luke Reeves
      Luke Reeves 6 months ago +1

      Don't turn them into narcissists. Just tell them you love them. Amazing should only be used when they have actually performed 'amazing.'

  • R R R
    R R R 7 months ago

    Greedy queers.

  • Parul Lance
    Parul Lance 7 months ago +9

    I'm glad he is gone.

  • Rick Swing
    Rick Swing 7 months ago

    White people suck! And I'm a white person.

  • Raymond long
    Raymond long 7 months ago +4

    All that money he now has for 4 years and come out RICH

  • Ed McCaffrey
    Ed McCaffrey 7 months ago +6

    Hard to determine which is more heinous, the psychological trauma inflicted by the father on his sons, while forcing his wife into prostitution to bankroll their boxing careers, or homosexuals engaged in greed and murder. Mankind is very evil indeed, all the time.

  • Bob Jolly
    Bob Jolly 8 months ago +21

    God what it must have been like to be raised by that monster... this was a very interesting story.... thank you

    • Christina M
      Christina M 7 months ago +1

      It reminds me of the parent in the fictionalized, true-story movie, ``Official Misconduct,'' about a Canadian hockey player whose father made him skate all night out on the frigid pond, among other things.

  • Naomi Jean Sterling Faria

    To the guy that said theywhisked the body very quickly: Old man, you're a freaking idiot. An educated foo, no less. What else do you want them to do with a dead body? You want them to let a dead body lay in the bed or wherever the body is discovered until all the friends get a chance to look at the body and examine it? Once again, I will reiterate my earlier sentiment, you're an idiot, and an educated fool. There was an autopsy done, after all. Does it sound like they wish the body away too quickly to me. Sure they moved the body, you idiot. But I daresay they DID NOT WHISK THE BODY AWAY, AT ALL. They took the body to the medical examiner's lab in order to conduct the autopsy and to begin the investigation into this man's death. That is standard police work. You WOULD REALLY COMPLAIN if it took them very long at all to start the investigation and get that body down to autopsy! Hey, Dummy, that's what you have to do with a body for the investigation. In order to perform an autopsy you kind of got a whisk the body down to the medical examiner's lab/morgue/etc. Do you get it now, dum dum?

    • Janet H-B
      Janet H-B 6 months ago

      Naomi Jean Sterling Faria dumb ends with a “b”