Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle - Movie Review


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  • AMuller8
    AMuller8 12 hours ago

    Really funny film, the best sequel I've seen so far..

  • 007niks b
    007niks b Day ago

    seriously -uck you Jeremy Jahns for you review ... why dont you blow off the cast for the money u got.. the movie is like a 2 year old trying to explain jumaji volume 1... seriously Jeremy Jahns why dont you suck my dick for the refund...

  • Tim Treakle
    Tim Treakle 2 days ago

    this film was excellent.this is better than the original.I give a 10/10.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 7 days ago

    awesome movie

  • ma403
    ma403 8 days ago

    Karen Gillan. holy shit!!!!!

  • JIG2000
    JIG2000 8 days ago

    This movie was honestly the most fun I've had with a movie in a loooong time

  • sr 71
    sr 71 11 days ago

    never thought i'd disagree with you man... but now that time has come. i say this movie is definitely worth buying on blue ray.

  • jayyTeęe s
    jayyTeęe s 14 days ago +1

    Might not really like it as much as the original but I honestly had a blast with this movie I just couldn’t hate it

  • ARottenMuffin
    ARottenMuffin 14 days ago

    I feel like Jack and Karen probably did the best as their younger counterparts for sure, Dwayne and Kevin both felt like they were just mostly themselves but Kevin more so of course. I'd say Nick ties with Kevin in that regard since the only real character trait he resembled was some old 90s slang and then that's it. Villain was definitely weak, could've made him a lot more menacing, all he did was awkwardly let a scorpion out of his mouth.

  • Shanoriya Robinson
    Shanoriya Robinson 15 days ago

    I like it 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Mike Kwiatkowski
    Mike Kwiatkowski 15 days ago

    movie was great much better than the 1st one...by the way the bad guy was the hunter from the 1st one same name "Van Pelt" just a different version of him, but I do agree he wasn't as menacing as I would have hoped still good movie though

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 18 days ago

    Jumanji was good I just watched it Online and that shit was pretty damn good Real gamers know what im talking about

  • Sue Banner
    Sue Banner 18 days ago

    It's the game music that kills me, the drums in (and out are funny) the game like elder scrolls.. when the music changes dragon or mud crab SHFT lol

    GRΛViTY 18 days ago

    the hunter was His dad, look closely

  • Garyu Dragon
    Garyu Dragon 21 day ago

    If I watch this with my dad, someone who doesn't understand video games, would he enjoy it?

  • Spent Lizard
    Spent Lizard 23 days ago

    Hey, everybody. Real quick I want to bring something up about Robin Williams' legacy in this movie. Part of the more character-driven moments (yes, this has those) revolve around the kids figuring out who they are and who they want to become for the rest of their one life, and my mind immediately went to Dead Poets Society (which Williams starred in) where he told his students to seize the day and make their lives extraordinary.

  • Jasson Todd
    Jasson Todd 25 days ago +1

    I hope they let Jack Black do the theme song in the sequel.

  • Alex BAZ ▌ CoffeeTimeRO

    Shit movie, first time i disagree with jeremy in years but yea, shit movie

  • Austin Stewart
    Austin Stewart 27 days ago

    The rock fight seen looked like quick time event

  • Austin Stewart
    Austin Stewart 27 days ago

    I know its not recent but i would enjoy a 9 review

  • Horatio-Bastille Pendragon

    I didn’t want a comedy Jumanji movie 😑 how the original portrayed Jumanji as something evil and dark and the heartbreaking moments with lost childhoods and dead parents ..... let’s make a comedy out of it!! What?!

    • Mahir Ahmed
      Mahir Ahmed Month ago

      Horatio-Bastille Pendragon so they want something different and it was pretty fun

  • Orlando Cabrera
    Orlando Cabrera Month ago +1

    This movie took a huge shit on my childhood.

  • Ciaran Damien Bradley

    I seen this on Monday and I absolutely loved it it was hilarious 😂 I’d definitely recommend it it’s a great time and fun I highly recommend it 👍🏻

  • WolfWarrior783
    WolfWarrior783 Month ago +1

    Jack Black was EASILY the best part of the movie. I can't think of a movie that I laughed so hard over.
    Great review btw

  • Sam Correll
    Sam Correll Month ago

    zoology bitch

  • elliott j-s-r
    elliott j-s-r Month ago

    I watched the film and it’s a direct sequel I thought it was a reboot or something but I was quite surprised and I really enjoyed it especially the nods to the original

  • Fernanda uwu
    Fernanda uwu Month ago

    ¿Por qué no hay subtítulos en español? Sufro. T-T

  • MK3424
    MK3424 Month ago

    Dude... the entire audience was laughing with all the jokes... i have seen many movies but this one has to be among the few where the audience actually laughed with all the jokes.

  • Brie
    Brie Month ago

    I am glad I went into this movie completely blind, having the blonde girl turn into Jack Black was a great twist and I am happy this wasn't spoiled for me. What an unxepectedly fun movie.

  • iskoconquers
    iskoconquers Month ago +1

    Jumanji: A Western Isekai

  • Daniel Edwards
    Daniel Edwards Month ago

    I know you don't do video game reviews but could you do a review on Brutal Legends. I wish Jack Black force EA & Activision to make Brutal Legends 2: clash of the Music genre's

  • Cameron Potts
    Cameron Potts Month ago

    It was a great movie. The rock and Kevin hearts best acting roles godlike yea ya ya ha ha :D

  • Ningnomaningnong
    Ningnomaningnong Month ago

    Love your reviews man, lol

  • Dev Man
    Dev Man Month ago +1

    Fun ass movie. Jack black is hilarious lol

  • apocalipsenearby
    apocalipsenearby Month ago

    this movie was the best video game movie that ever existed. warcraft,assasin creed,halo and w/e video based movie how things should roll out

  • xvdmrecords
    xvdmrecords Month ago

    I saw the movie and it wasn't as adventurous and mysterious as the first one. It was a pretty good humorous film. It's a good laugh. The Rock and the rest of the cast were great but maybe the director misunderstood the whole jumanji story. I mean there was not a lot of crazy creature/animal scenes like the original film which I wanted to see brought back into this film. The characters gets sucked into the jumanji game, so I wanted to see the focus on the game itself with animals and more of the action with the villains but that was missing. Overall it was an ok fun film but doesn't beat the first one. Not even close. The story line was kinda off to me compare to the first one. It should've been better and more exciting.

  • Austin Dickerson
    Austin Dickerson Month ago

    Let me just say one thing:

    (bleep) THIS MOVIE!!!

  • Christi G
    Christi G Month ago

    Just saw this movie... LOVE!! So funny and I was tearing up a few places too. Was not aware of internet outrage over Gillan's outfit... UGH!! I'm so sick of it!! Please stop all the feminist nonsense!! She had some of the best scenes, I won't give anything away. Lol I also lovedddd the nineties references. I miss the nineties. Best decade. :)

  • Christelle R
    Christelle R Month ago

    Disappointed I couldn't find a review of The Truman Show. It better be uploaded next week the latest.

  • Sudhir Kashkari
    Sudhir Kashkari Month ago

    I just feel disconnected with lots of reviews of this movie if this movie was not name Jumanji I would be slightly ok with it but it does not feel like a Jumanji movie this is no essence of the old movie in a way they have ruined a classic

  • Ascendo Tuum
    Ascendo Tuum Month ago


  • Ellis Porch
    Ellis Porch Month ago

    Do greatest showman🎩

  • DJ Gamera
    DJ Gamera Month ago

    Just saw it today and had a blast. You hit the nail on the head with your review and I agree 100%, Jeremy. :)

  • rushikesh Mahajan
    rushikesh Mahajan Month ago

    I dont buy it.... jumanji 2 was horrible.... it had no layers.. no depth... nothing... hated it... waste of time

  • Hector Arredondo
    Hector Arredondo Month ago

    the way jack balcks character reacts to a penis is priceless and they address the girl avatar has very little clothing makes no sence and i think the villain is not supoised to be memorable just a very generic video game villain

  • Shawn 2025
    Shawn 2025 Month ago

    “How many things can you fit in that” well now we have fortnite we’re you can only have 5 items like what!

  • Kevin Reynart
    Kevin Reynart Month ago

    I gotta see this movie so badly! It looks so excellent and fun! Sounds like this was a long overdue sequel.

  • Don Burke
    Don Burke Month ago

    I don't agree with your opinion, I genuinely hated this movie, The humour was awful some cheap one liners and dragged out montages of not funny moments, trying to tie in with the original jumanji was useless, the depiction of the characters on the outside were just bland and somewhat of stereotypes of 4 different types of students in high school, The ending doesn't make any sense whatsoever, In the original Alan would come out of the game decades later while the pilot guy (can't even remember his poorly written character's name) comes out when he entered, I just don't know how the managed to squeeze in so many stereotypes and unfunny jokes and quips in a 2 hour movie when they could have made something with an incredible story and breathtaking visuals.

  • Epl_fifa 24
    Epl_fifa 24 Month ago

    It was really good

  • Nicole G
    Nicole G Month ago

    I really liked Jumanji. It was one of the funniest movies I saw in December & had some good twists.

  • Borderose
    Borderose Month ago

    I had zero to negative expectations about this movie.
    Now, I'm proud to say, I FUCKING LOVED IT! Grab your friends and have a good time. It's great!
    Hella better than The Last Jedi.

  • subaveragejoe2
    subaveragejoe2 Month ago

    My favorite part of the whole thing was that it was actually made by someone who has played a videogame before in their lives. Like, I could almost SEE the 8bit graphics in some parts and it's little touches like that that can really help sell a movie.

  • Christopher Lago
    Christopher Lago 2 months ago

    I would love to donate money to your channel. I support homeless people that can't even afford to shave yet talk more about drinking than a country song.

  • Bruce Mayne
    Bruce Mayne 2 months ago

    This movie was corney

  • BeowWulf
    BeowWulf 2 months ago

    Pretty much how I came out of it as well. Went in with not the highest of expectations but came out thoroughly (and surprisingly) entertained!

  • Conrika
    Conrika 2 months ago

    The trailers are bad, but this movie was actually good

  • Shuxy
    Shuxy 2 months ago

    I saw it in theaters and now I’m definitely buying it on Blu Ray

  • Derek Furst
    Derek Furst 2 months ago

    Most action comedies... aren't.... directed well. Like, the comedians are directing the movie. theyr'e funny, but not shot well. this was shot like an action movie, and some of the moments seemed reminiscent of the original. not in tone necessarily, but in terms of shot composition and pacing. hard to pull that off. reminded me of night at the museum.

  • Eric Manso
    Eric Manso 2 months ago

    I stupidly went to go see father figures my girlfriend want to see this movie and I'm like blasphemy because of Robin Williams now I regret it because father figures with the dumbest movie I've seen since mission to Mars

  • Chris Wincek
    Chris Wincek 2 months ago

    the movie was pretty good

  • Paulo Lambert
    Paulo Lambert 2 months ago

    da face hahahaha

  • ASpecialSoul
    ASpecialSoul 2 months ago

    I think the movie wasn't promoted like it should have been. I laughed through the whole movie. Loved it!!

  • Dean Estandian
    Dean Estandian 2 months ago


  • WatchWithGregg
    WatchWithGregg 2 months ago

    Fun movie. Better than expected

  • Flynn Nolen
    Flynn Nolen 2 months ago

    Gonna be honest. Didn’t quite like the trailer. I compared the trailer too much to the original that I thought it was terrible. Then I actually saw the movie, and now I think it’s one of my favorite movies of Janiary

  • Charlene Denton
    Charlene Denton 2 months ago

    thought the villian was uber creepy he had bugs in his head@!

  • Charlene Denton
    Charlene Denton 2 months ago

    i thought breakfast club too!

  • LerryBurdTV
    LerryBurdTV 2 months ago

    This movie was great.
    Wasn't even worried about the villain, because the heroes were the main selling point.
    Actually, the villain was just like an average sega genesis villain. There through 3 or 4 scenes to let you know,
    hes evil and stuff.

  • Shearper2
    Shearper2 2 months ago

    i was very surprised by just how good this sequel is. it didn't really suffer from what many, many sequels suffer from and was at the very least on par with the original. the trailers did not do the movie justice. and I would say, if you want to have a good time watching a movie this movie is right up your alley. 8/10. thought the movie could have addressed some things a bit better, but, those things didn't really effect the story of the movie at all.

  • All Alone
    All Alone 2 months ago +1

    The movie was funny but that’s about it... Plot was soooo fucking cliche and Jack Blacks character made me want to bash my head into a wall. Felt like I already watched this movie concept twice this year in Power rangers and Justice league. The original movie was a classic that didn’t rely on typical bullshit to keep it interesting. I’d rate it a 5/10, could’ve been better but the movie fell off a cliff after the flirting scene

  • Grim Motion
    Grim Motion 2 months ago

    Up I fucking loved this movie, it made me piss myself laughing 🤣

  • Miguel Rocha
    Miguel Rocha 2 months ago

    This movie was dope

  • John cruz
    John cruz 2 months ago

    "Cake makes me blow up.. Yeah" lmao favorite part XD

  • John cruz
    John cruz 2 months ago

    Pretty Good. Wished someone would of dragged me out of the Last Jedi and sat my ass in Jumanji instead.

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 2 months ago

    also, Karen Gillan is Nebula from Guardians of the galaxy, how did I not see that? 🤤

  • Josie's Film Chats
    Josie's Film Chats 2 months ago

    This movie 100% surprised me too-I didn't even think I was going to go and see it but it was the only one on at our cinemas that looked reasonable and it turned out to be really really fun to watch and I am so happy I went along. I totally agree about the comedy-it had some very well timed comedic moments

  • Harsh Browns
    Harsh Browns 2 months ago

    I feel like I’m the only person in the world who didn’t really enjoy this movie. The only time in the movie I was really interested is when Jack Black was on screen. He was for sure the best part of this movie.

  • Otitis Grimm
    Otitis Grimm 2 months ago

    Liked it better than The Last Jedi.

  • Gavin Beard
    Gavin Beard 2 months ago

    Well everybody Ik loves this movie so not sure if I should give it a shot

  • Miles Trombley
    Miles Trombley 2 months ago

    It is an enjoyable movie.

  • Marco antonio
    Marco antonio 2 months ago

    The movie was super funny loved it

  • AdamWho
    AdamWho 2 months ago

    I need to keep my kid busy for a couple hours and I went to this movie thinking it would be totally retarded.
    But I actually had a good time; it is funny, it was coherent and told a decent story.

  • Miguel Pabello
    Miguel Pabello 2 months ago

    The villain was a new version of the Van Pelt hunter in the first movie.

  • joep de kruijk
    joep de kruijk 2 months ago

    I think the film was great only a little cheesie

  • RollerDeep27
    RollerDeep27 2 months ago

    Jack black was the best character in the movie lol

  • Aaron Boys
    Aaron Boys 2 months ago

    Will Ferrell would've also been perfect for Jack Black's role

  • TristanStacker28
    TristanStacker28 2 months ago

    It was pretty good but they should have just made it without Jumanji, it made no sense but it was good

  • Niop Tres
    Niop Tres 2 months ago

    Zathura next! !!!!!!

  • TheScottishDan
    TheScottishDan 2 months ago +1

    Enjoyed this way more than The Last Jedi

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor 2 months ago +1

    I may or may not go see it But I love Ruby Roundhouse I like her the most she's so sexy

    • Brandon Taylor
      Brandon Taylor 2 months ago

      Jonathan Cohoon thanks for telling me🤑😸

    • Jonathan Cohoon
      Jonathan Cohoon 2 months ago

      Brandon Taylor you know the actress who plays her is the same actress who plays Nebula in the MCU. Now that's surprising.

  • Dalton Kerstetter
    Dalton Kerstetter 2 months ago

    I thought it was good I wanna see it again

  • Iwillone
    Iwillone 2 months ago

    I think Karen Gillan should do a action movie (0 0) She was such a turn on in this movie

  • JakesbigboychannelV2
    JakesbigboychannelV2 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who didn’t like it..

  • AJA Ryan1994
    AJA Ryan1994 2 months ago

    I wonder what this says about movies when people said the new Star Wars trailer was like the best thing ever and then movie comes out and fans say it’s shite( which it 100% isn’t) and people say this looks like the worst movie of the year when it turned out to be great.

  • Kyle Campbell
    Kyle Campbell 2 months ago

    If people think this movie was good, then I hope they don't take the sequel for granted

  • Lie1295
    Lie1295 2 months ago

    I thought Karen Gillan was dressed like that because of her Strengths and Weaknesses.

  • RedInterceptor
    RedInterceptor 2 months ago

    You forgot the cutscene scene.

  • Joseph Archer
    Joseph Archer 2 months ago

    On target review. Yea, I liked the movie also!

  • Jizzfreeficus
    Jizzfreeficus 2 months ago

    1. it looks TERRIBLE especially because Kevin Hart is in it. and 2. out of respect for Robin Williams, I can't see this crap

  • Cat Garcia
    Cat Garcia 2 months ago

    Saw the trailer at Star Wars VIII. It legit, looked great.