How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

  • Published on Jun 27, 2014
  • Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? Here's Julian Treasure to help you fix that. As the sound expert demonstrates some useful vocal exercises and shares tips on how to speak with empathy, he offers his vision for a sonorous world of listening and understanding.
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Comments • 6 874

  • Vignesh Amin
    Vignesh Amin 21 hour ago

    24M views on this video
    His idea should definitely work guys 馃榾

  • Merve Kitapsever
    Merve Kitapsever 22 hours ago

    Anlay谋艧谋n oldu臒u bir d眉nya istiyorum

  • Adam Gray
    Adam Gray Day ago

    First. Explain Donald Trump. Second. Explain why you鈥檙e not captivating. Hit the books. Do research on oration and listener retention. Then start over.

  • ARoweOutdoorAdventure

    Did anyone else get this on their recommended in 3063?

  • xiao cao
    xiao cao 2 days ago

    very interesting speech..and his head is really brighter !!

  • Johnny Watson
    Johnny Watson 2 days ago

    Geez! Doesn't this guy have the best public speeching posture?

  • Aidan Stewart
    Aidan Stewart 3 days ago

    What was the point of this presentation? Poorly organized with information that holds no real value. These are all things that we all know subconsciously are bad and that we try to stay away from. What is the point of reiterating it?

  • el flesh
    el flesh 3 days ago +1

    Karate sensei: wishes you well and judges you at the same time.

  • Lydia Moolenaar
    Lydia Moolenaar 4 days ago

    Watch "Julissa Emile - "Tropical Depression"" on TVclip

  • Zephyr360
    Zephyr360 5 days ago

    8:01 - 8:56

    SKADRIN 5 days ago

    The guy at 1:24 is a confirmed rebel

  • Cymon Evo
    Cymon Evo 6 days ago

    Starting from 8:15, all audience look like a fool robot lol XD

  • Austin McCue
    Austin McCue 6 days ago +1

    He took control of the crowd with his voice

  • mike4ty4
    mike4ty4 8 days ago

    The problem is, from the _listening_ end, what is an "excuse" and what is a call to empathy? When does dismissal based on the _thought_ that what you're hearing is "excuses", become cover for a lack of empathy?

    KITA BISA CHANEL 8 days ago

    inspiratif and very usefull

  • Joe Kelly
    Joe Kelly 8 days ago

    brrrrrrrr underwater now !

  • dawn rettew
    dawn rettew 10 days ago

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  • Jhonaida Bilal
    Jhonaida Bilal 10 days ago

    Honestly, I find it hard to stay away from gossip, whether it's listening or doing it myself. I'm not proud of it, I try to stay away from it but when I socialize, I can't help it especially it's something common to do when I am with other people and I can't just stay alone all the time.

  • Jackson Kelley
    Jackson Kelley 10 days ago

    Speaking with demonstration is also pretty handy

  • Julian Dominic Tamaray

    May panot may panot, panot, notpa

  • battlefield fan
    battlefield fan 11 days ago +1

    I bet people don鈥檛 want to listen my comment.

  • sara tizra
    sara tizra 11 days ago

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  • Chris Consultant
    Chris Consultant 11 days ago

    Amazing technique from Mr. shinny...

  • memes_are_dreamz45 dank memes

    It looks like he spray painted his face gold

  • Quantum Management Guru
    Meditation work only 1% in entire life scenerio

    SILVINO ESTEBAN 12 days ago +1

    Es bueno encontrar, alguien quien se expresa, piensa y act煤a igual que yo

  • Krishna Kumar
    Krishna Kumar 12 days ago

    Beep: irony alert!

  • Garvit Angnani
    Garvit Angnani 12 days ago

    Could vocal warm up be the cure for minor mumbling while delivering a speech?

  • Francis Maxino
    Francis Maxino 12 days ago

    You can wish someone well and be judgemental, judgements can be positive, like 'You look pretty today', this is a judgement.

  • Slurpy Dup
    Slurpy Dup 12 days ago

    ok boomer

  • Nikki C. Roccafella
    Nikki C. Roccafella 13 days ago

    I don鈥檛 know what he talked about because I was focused on his cool glossy head

    • Andrew Weiss
      Andrew Weiss 4 days ago

      @Nikki C. Roccafella Haha okay had to make sure

    • Nikki C. Roccafella
      Nikki C. Roccafella 9 days ago

      Andrew Weiss I was just kidding. I actually did learn quite a bit.

    • Andrew Weiss
      Andrew Weiss 12 days ago

      You really didn't get any insights?

  • Emperor Qin
    Emperor Qin 13 days ago

    Over 24 million views, damn!

  • Soli ProdigalCreators
    Soli ProdigalCreators 13 days ago


  • Mody Ayman
    Mody Ayman 13 days ago

    Now i know who is the voice coach of Thomas Shelby

  • Ishu Mishra
    Ishu Mishra 14 days ago

    1 men is sleeping 馃ぃ馃槂

  • Sadaf Naz
    Sadaf Naz 14 days ago

  • Positive Side
    Positive Side 14 days ago

  • Frank Blackcrow
    Frank Blackcrow 14 days ago

    Need another video.. how to tell if people are listening to what your saying.. and not just clicking on a random video..some people look like they want to listen.. but really just want you to stop talking.. and will agree with you.. that you think they wanted to listen, is in your own imagination.. just like me.. not watching this video.

  • Frank Blackcrow
    Frank Blackcrow 14 days ago

    The real problem with making sense to other people is.. you tend to piss them off on how ignorant they are, about how you just made sense.. and that they really are as ignorant as they think they are.. surprises them.. to be even more pissed, with how you made sense to them... memory loops and they crash.

  • Canterbury-Forge
    Canterbury-Forge 15 days ago +2

    His shiny chrome dome is a snipers dream.

  • Zeki Cosgun
    Zeki Cosgun 16 days ago

    脰yle bir yerde ya艧谋yorum ki ahhh ahh e艧ek ho艧 laftan ne anlar demekten ba艧ka bir 艧ey diyemiyorum be hocam...

  • ila
    ila 16 days ago

    He's amazing.

    • Andrew Weiss
      Andrew Weiss 12 days ago

      @ila Well I actually specialize in helping people speak like that if that's something you'd like to improve on! And I'm actually hosting Julian as a guest speaker in my mastermind next week if you want to hear from him directly. Send me an email to and let me know which you'd prefer!

    • ila
      ila 12 days ago

      @Andrew WeissI like most when he purposely lower his voice... When he speak, he did it with confidence. Wish I could speak like that.

    • Andrew Weiss
      Andrew Weiss 12 days ago

      What did you like most about the content? :)

  • reuven segal
    reuven segal 17 days ago +2

    This speech should be taught in all the schools and universities!

    • reuven segal
      reuven segal 11 days ago

      Andrew Weiss wow! Sure! Thanks a lot, dear Andrew!
      I couldn鈥檛 find your email, sorry.

    • Andrew Weiss
      Andrew Weiss 12 days ago +1

      @reuven segal well I'm actually hosting him as a guest speaker for my mastermind next week if you'd like to join and sit in on the call! If that interests you send me an email through my account :)

    • reuven segal
      reuven segal 12 days ago

      Andrew Weiss unfortunately, I don鈥檛. But would like to. :)

    • Andrew Weiss
      Andrew Weiss 12 days ago +1

      @reuven segal Do you follow any of his other content?

    • reuven segal
      reuven segal 12 days ago

      Andrew Weiss the whole speech. Very useful. :)

  • Janet 脜kerlund
    Janet 脜kerlund 18 days ago

    I have noticed all people will listen to me when I gossip. Even people I do not know. 馃槀馃ぃ

    • Andrew Weiss
      Andrew Weiss 12 days ago

      I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing haha

  • Angel Leroux
    Angel Leroux 18 days ago

    Sounds like my boss

  • Crazy Buddha Radio 2.0

    great! love it! thx!

  • Crazy Buddha Radio 2.0

    great! love it! thx!

  • Carlos
    Carlos 18 days ago

    The comments are better than the video. That's why I let my dislike. Thanks, that was my TED Talk

  • Priceless Earth
    Priceless Earth 18 days ago

    I made it to about two minutes馃槀

  • Sam Spade
    Sam Spade 18 days ago

    What about "have something interesting to say." Otherwise it is just decorating a dead body.

  • Dooday
    Dooday 18 days ago

    '' hail'' hmm i know this word it goes like "hail hitl..." oh wait !

  • 丕賱夭賴乇丕亍 毓賲乇


    • Andrew Weiss
      Andrew Weiss 11 days ago

      @丕賱夭賴乇丕亍 毓賲乇 It'll be a zoom call. If you send me an e-mail by going to the "about" section in my profile I'll walk you through next steps!

    • 丕賱夭賴乇丕亍 毓賲乇
      丕賱夭賴乇丕亍 毓賲乇 11 days ago

      @Andrew Weiss that's sounds good, where it'll be?

    • Andrew Weiss
      Andrew Weiss 12 days ago

      @丕賱夭賴乇丕亍 毓賲乇 Well I 'm actually hosting a mastermind meetup where he is coming on as a guest speaker next week if this is something that'd interest you and you can hear from him firsthand!

    • 丕賱夭賴乇丕亍 毓賲乇
      丕賱夭賴乇丕亍 毓賲乇 12 days ago

      @Andrew Weiss no, not yet .

    • Andrew Weiss
      Andrew Weiss 12 days ago

      @丕賱夭賴乇丕亍 毓賲乇 Have you seen all his videos yet as well? :)

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 19 days ago

    Human voice and source of distance from electronics gadgets.... Either a tv speaker behind, front or side but what about speakers of mobiles..... Generally headphones soooooo near source
    Oh blam through off..... Languages...???..applicable on any language.... gossip/wispering so close to ears due to headphones

  • euphoria156
    euphoria156 19 days ago

    How about just saying the TRUTH? Which DOES include Gossiping, Judging etc. How abt emphasizing that ppl who ONLY tak positive are Pretentious Liars and are NOT Truthful. Like this man- Julian Treasure could be one of them. I am sick of those "Wanna be a Good Human Hypocrites" !! Just be Truthful

  • Daniel
    Daniel 19 days ago

    7 things to avoid in order to be a good system cuck.

  • Persian Amazon
    Persian Amazon 19 days ago +1

    This talk is about 鈥 how to be a boring fake phoney British guy鈥

  • Breno Reis
    Breno Reis 20 days ago

    The voice is really a powerful instrument, it is always good to learn and review a little more about communication and vocal techniques. Although the speech of the video is well systematized and easy to understand, the systematization also caused me a little monotony, but the examples were great and broke this mood, were the best part as well as the vocal exercise with the audience, I confess that I followed from home. Finally, I propagate your conviction that the idea of 鈥嬧媢nderstanding deserves to be spread.

    • Andrew Weiss
      Andrew Weiss 12 days ago

      Great feedback! Have you seen his other videos as well?

  • Shah
    Shah 20 days ago


  • mello wello
    mello wello 20 days ago +1

    I find that in some culture, people end their sentence with a high pitch and sounds like a question. eg. scottish. I might be wrong