Letting Starbucks Baristas Pick Our Drinks For A Week...

  • Published on Aug 19, 2018
  • Soooo I decided to have the baristas at Starbucks pick my drinks for the whole week! I always get the same thing so it was fun to switch it up by ordering something different! Comment what you get at Starbucks so I can try more new drinks haha 😋
    Syd 💕
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  • dutasaranainst dutasaranainst

    Starbucks is the best coffe

  • Isabella Alhay
    Isabella Alhay 2 days ago

    I think it means that

  • Isabella Alhay
    Isabella Alhay 2 days ago

    cmrf means Carmel Frappuccino

  • jaiden Galvan
    jaiden Galvan 3 days ago

    You guys should do boba match outfits

  • Jazzy D
    Jazzy D 4 days ago

    Also I think 'crmfr' means 'cream' 'frappucino' so yeah....

  • Humayra Shamim
    Humayra Shamim 4 days ago

    I don't like this girl.she is so Annoying.when you both switch the drinks.that girl everytime clean the straw with her hand super annoying.please don't bring her again.and I love you.

  • raegan stock
    raegan stock 5 days ago

    Cmrf is cream frappe

  • jenncoffill13
    jenncoffill13 5 days ago

    crmfrp : cream frapp

  • Josi Yu
    Josi Yu 6 days ago

    Crmfr means cream frap

  • Gee Noe
    Gee Noe 6 days ago

    I just tried my first pink drink today

  • Little Sunshine
    Little Sunshine 6 days ago

    The gaming references they were trying to do or remember.. my gaming heart can't take it. Mario and Pikachu are two different characters not even part of the same franchise.
    Pikachu = Pokemon ( The frap is supposed to represent a pokeball. The thing you catch pokemon in. )
    Mario = Mario video game/movie/tv series ( His brother Luigi also has a few games of his own. Princess peach has a game too. )
    Wait, don't drink the pokemon! Their too cute to drink! LOL.
    There is a game where Mario and Pikachu are both involved in, Super Smash Bros orginally on Gamecube.

  • Jessica Nguyen
    Jessica Nguyen 8 days ago

    For the second day maybe it was a creme frappe?

  • Angelica Mah
    Angelica Mah 9 days ago

    crmfr is cream frapp

  • A L
    A L 9 days ago +1

    crmf is cream frappe

  • RobotE12
    RobotE12 10 days ago

    If I was the barista, I would’ve given them the most expensive drink so that I could earn more money.....

  • Aesthetic Channel
    Aesthetic Channel 10 days ago

    The first digit of your last like on ur first video is what your drink u will get
    0.dragondrink refresher
    1.pinky drink
    2.friuty pebbles frappe
    Others:something from the secret menu

  • it ́s complicated
    it ́s complicated 10 days ago

    syd was ever that pretty!?

  • Isabella Rubietta
    Isabella Rubietta 11 days ago

    I think Cmfr is custom made Frappuccino

  • pup pee
    pup pee 12 days ago

    in my country , $12 can’t get you 2 drinks 😂

    CHARLOTTA OFFICIAL 12 days ago

    you are so beautiful😍

  • Help
    Help 12 days ago +1

    "Pokémon is a video game right? Yeah, that yellow thing! Uh......PIKACHU!"
    J E S U S C H R I S T

  • EllyGhodsi
    EllyGhodsi 12 days ago

    Crmfr is the abbreviation for ‘Cream Frappuccino’

  • Mystical Vlogs
    Mystical Vlogs 13 days ago +5


    Read the second word 🙃😊🥰🥰😘😘😇😍

    Oh wait...


  • kota
    kota 14 days ago +3

    "pokemon is a video game right? its that yellow thing."
    "pikachu!" "pikachu!"
    me: what.

  • Amber Kalkman
    Amber Kalkman 14 days ago

    cmrf is creme frap

  • Katelynn Venter
    Katelynn Venter 16 days ago

    Crmfr means cream frappacino

  • lizelle anderson
    lizelle anderson 16 days ago

    I love your vids

  • Gumdazzies
    Gumdazzies 17 days ago +1

    omg this was soo fun! please do it again :()

  • Dani Justine
    Dani Justine 19 days ago

    next time you go to starbucks, try the strawberry açaí with strawberry purée and 2 pumps of raspberry syrup blended...trust in me ;)

  • Sailendrasingh Sawdagur

    Is Starbucks good I want to drink it

  • Liliana Lopes
    Liliana Lopes 24 days ago


  • Daniella Jovel
    Daniella Jovel 25 days ago

    If I did this challenge I would say hi, can you please pick my drink and make it creative

  • Liliana Augusta
    Liliana Augusta 25 days ago

    If only I had friends like that, all my friend groups are friends and they just ditch me, and I’m not asking for likes just for you to have a good day

  • Sabrina A
    Sabrina A 25 days ago +1

    3:42 OMG am dieing

  • Myra Crookham
    Myra Crookham 26 days ago

    crmfr mean cream frappuccino lol

  • Brianna Scollon
    Brianna Scollon 27 days ago +2

    Can you do more of the barista one because it helps me find different drinks at Starbucks lol

  • Lucy Vielma
    Lucy Vielma 27 days ago

    crmfr means cream frappe

  • Aveforever That’s me

    Cotton candy is really good

  • Sufian Aziz
    Sufian Aziz Month ago

    why don't you like coffee

  • Sufian Aziz
    Sufian Aziz Month ago

    sydney why do you laugh so much

  • Janna Keats
    Janna Keats Month ago +1

    crmfr means cream frappucino

  • Ella Pihalja
    Ella Pihalja Month ago

    crmrf hahahahaha
    A Carmel Frappicino

  • Josi Yu
    Josi Yu Month ago

    Crmfr / cumurf is cream frap

  • karlee haeley
    karlee haeley Month ago

    Probably a vanilla frappe

  • ria shridher
    ria shridher Month ago

    she literally NEVER uses the reusable cup

  • Yzabel Felice
    Yzabel Felice Month ago +2

    I was the barista in the first day im glad you like the drink💓

    • Anna Capri
      Anna Capri 6 days ago +1


  • Amanda W
    Amanda W Month ago

    the cotton candy one used to be pink

    HEBA HUMMAYUN Month ago +1

    My mum and dad always drink chai ☕️

  • Rozmin Akolawala
    Rozmin Akolawala Month ago +1

    How old are u

  • Aliyah Sleeper
    Aliyah Sleeper Month ago

    cmrf= cream frapachino

  • PunchPlayz
    PunchPlayz Month ago +2

    8:58 When she said "I just want to make sure you like it" that was so sweet she was so nice :D it warmed my heart

  • Zia Ico
    Zia Ico Month ago

    Hey new subscriber here to support....And i love your videos sooo much😘You make my day happy❤️❤️

  • Laiba M
    Laiba M Month ago

    crmfr stands for cream frap lol

  • annam shreya
    annam shreya Month ago

    Crmfr - cream frappuccino maybe?....

  • Daymie Sim
    Daymie Sim Month ago

    I’m pretty sure crmfr means Caramel frappe?

  • AB Vlogs
    AB Vlogs Month ago

    Plz make a part 2 of it....plzzzz

  • Daisy Productions
    Daisy Productions Month ago

    Crmrf is it cream frappe
    I’m Aussie we don’t have Starbucks I’m just guessing.

  • Jessy Vang
    Jessy Vang Month ago +1

    Rachel- Pikachu yeah yeh....Mario?
    Sydney- nah no no no

  • Rishika Gohil
    Rishika Gohil Month ago

    Cmfr= Cream Frappe

  • Jabami Yumeko
    Jabami Yumeko Month ago +1

    Comment your go to Starbucks Drink 💫🌤✨
    Peach citrus iced tea ✨😌