Let Me Know (I Wonder Why Freestyle)

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
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    Let Me Know (I Wonder Why Freestyle) · Juice WRLD
    Let Me Know (I Wonder Why Freestyle)
    ℗ 2019 Grade A Productions, LLC, under exclusive license to Interscope
    Released on: 2019-12-07
    Producer: Nick Mira
    Main Artist: Juice WRLD
    Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Tatsuya Sato
    Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Romel Williams
    Composer Lyricist: Nick Mira
    Composer Lyricist: Jarad Anthony Higgins
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Comments • 239

  • Itzz_bxbe
    Itzz_bxbe 3 days ago

    His last song😓

  • ski mask AR
    ski mask AR 4 days ago

    But tell me that line doesn't hit 0:46

  • The OG Brother Reed
    The OG Brother Reed 6 days ago +1

    Lester, a heist master in the streets, a freak in the sheets

  • HondoMcChando
    HondoMcChando 10 days ago


  • Arc Future
    Arc Future 10 days ago

    2 days before death damn

  • Aidan Evans
    Aidan Evans 10 days ago


  • Blanca C
    Blanca C 11 days ago +15

    It feels like a year ever since he died

    • Blanca C
      Blanca C 4 days ago +1


    • Annas Results
      Annas Results 4 days ago

      @BlackShoutKickZ that's so sad...

    • BlackShoutKickZ
      BlackShoutKickZ 5 days ago +1

      @Annas Results yea he died on December 8 2019 a few days after his bday

    • Annas Results
      Annas Results 6 days ago

      He's... dead?

    • Blanca C
      Blanca C 9 days ago +1

      Oh I just noticed that my comment was highlighted

  • Brittny Gordon
    Brittny Gordon 11 days ago

    Tik Tok brought me

  • Kassidy Reiman
    Kassidy Reiman 17 days ago

    R.I.P 😭😭😭

  • Tyela Dawson
    Tyela Dawson 17 days ago


  • Joshy
    Joshy 22 days ago

    was my go to even before that terrible day. I still think one of his most fire, and darkest songs to day. LEGEND AND CLASSIC FOREVER 999!

  • Domii _ gaming
    Domii _ gaming 24 days ago +1

    I love you juice.

  • the prince familly damien

    You miss so moche

  • JuiceFn
    JuiceFn 26 days ago +1

    RIP bru said asf 🌧🌧🌧

    999. 😢🖤

  • Blinkzz
    Blinkzz 27 days ago


  • Caleb Goins
    Caleb Goins 28 days ago

    The two Legends xtrection and juice wrld R.I.P we miss you two

  • chacho ANTHONY
    chacho ANTHONY Month ago

    Rip juice wrld

  • ahrken
    ahrken Month ago

    This is old but still fire asfff R.I.P brother

  • ItsGacha Girl
    ItsGacha Girl Month ago

    Who’s miss him

  • Marcos Martinez
    Marcos Martinez Month ago

    999 gang forever 😔😔

  • AdamDoesMadden
    AdamDoesMadden Month ago

    I already miss this legend, the WRLD won't be the same without him. Juice was apart of me and a lot of people's souls. Rest easy young king
    999 forever

  • Kyle Brooks
    Kyle Brooks Month ago +1

    miss ya bud :*(

  • Jovem Prince
    Jovem Prince Month ago

    this remaster sounds good

  • Valanity
    Valanity Month ago


  • Lil Wvp
    Lil Wvp Month ago

    A reupload 2 days before his death that’s weird this song atleast 2 years old

  • Harris Rajkumar
    Harris Rajkumar Month ago +2

    'I wonder why' it was him..

    ROCKY RAGE Month ago +1

    R.I.P juice wrld a young rapper legend only 21 years old but your music will never get old see you again my friend 😢😢😇😢😇😢😇 we will miss you but see you again in heaven R.I.P XXX lil peep juice wrld

  • Casting with Javin
    Casting with Javin Month ago

    1:48 shit bang

  • Kayden Jacobs
    Kayden Jacobs Month ago

    Why this just come out again, I heard this in 2017 lol

  • Chewy
    Chewy Month ago

    wait why does it say this was released on Dec 6, 2019? this song mad old. part of his 999 album

  • j diaz
    j diaz Month ago

    why is this being released now?

    • j diaz
      j diaz 19 days ago

      @Morgan Scarborough i know that it was already released. i meant on all platforms, this was only on soundcloud

    • Morgan Scarborough
      Morgan Scarborough 19 days ago

      j diaz it was already released

  • Skater Boii17
    Skater Boii17 Month ago

    Only the real one bumped this 2k18 summer

  • Thanos Boi
    Thanos Boi Month ago +1

    who else here only knows juice wrld becuase of lucid dreams?

  • Script Kiddie
    Script Kiddie Month ago

    Bruh all these little kids crying... Like if you have actually rolled, or gotten high asf and listened to his music, fuckkkkkkk.

  • Jesse
    Jesse Month ago

    why does this sound different now

  • 2000 Subscribers With No Video

    Spotify finally added this beauty into Juice's playlist.

  • Uber Tutorials
    Uber Tutorials Month ago

    hopefully this means UMG will put his old shit on spotify
    999 shit.

  • hellboy
    hellboy Month ago +1

    Truly the king of the rap industry, but sadly kings don't rule forever.

  • hellboy
    hellboy Month ago

    this is so fire

  • Diogo Costa
    Diogo Costa Month ago

    this song isnt new,here its the original:tvclip.biz/video/swDam6Hrsm8/video.html.

  • Ilaria Flower
    Ilaria Flower Month ago +1

    Rest in peace Juice Wrld 🙏💔

  • Bored
    Bored Month ago

    last upload...

  • Littlekinder
    Littlekinder Month ago


  • Jacques Uys
    Jacques Uys Month ago

    rest in peace man this is unfair all the rappers from our generation dying we only get one life and we are only going too remember how they all fucking died mean while our kids gonna be listening too lil dj robot wanka or some shit

    FF6_HONOR UNIVERSE Month ago

    rip juice

  • Ohayseus
    Ohayseus Month ago

    the label released it on TVclip just to try and make money. SMH

    • Ohayseus
      Ohayseus Month ago

      Dylan Holmes still this is old

    • Dylan Holmes
      Dylan Holmes Month ago

      Released before his passing.

  • Tourette syndrome
    Tourette syndrome Month ago +1

    A lot of these songs including this one have been on TVclip for a bit now it just sounds clear cus it’s not recorded

  • Alex Fields
    Alex Fields Month ago +28

    I won't forget him he was my role model and he was brokenhearted just like me and he inspired me to think and actually try to change the outcomes of the future. Rest in peace I won't ever forget you and when comes time I have children I will show them you and they will love you when it comes time and they are old enough. So rest in peace love you and thank you 🙏❤️❤️❤️🙏

  • darknight agent47 team dark

    Let me know let me know what up wit u

  • csm go
    csm go Month ago +1

    rip this song has bean out

  • T-ONE
    T-ONE Month ago

    2017 vibes

  • baby bella
    baby bella Month ago +3

    I found your vibe and I, and I found my high, yuhh.

  • Jaion Irizarry
    Jaion Irizarry Month ago

    they reuploaded it because its mastered and mixed

  • dark cloud
    dark cloud Month ago +1

    R.I.P juice wrld my nigga 😞♥️🥺

  • Og Cloudz
    Og Cloudz Month ago +2

    I always played this when i was in my feelings lol
    Rip juice999

  • Alpaca Plays
    Alpaca Plays Month ago +22

    For you guys who don’t know. It got rereleased because it’s on Spotify now

  • Liam Crosby
    Liam Crosby Month ago

    why rereleased

  • Liam Crosby
    Liam Crosby Month ago +1

    RIP to my second favourite artist :(

  • ItsMe X
    ItsMe X Month ago

    I love u, juice.

  • ItsMe X
    ItsMe X Month ago

    Bro, this song is old. Why is it posted now?