OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Settle In

  • Published on May 14, 2019
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    For years, I’ve been recommending OnePlus phones as the best value you can get, period. Well, I've just spent a week and a half with the all-new OnePlus 7 Pro, and it’s the best value you can get … comma … in a certain buyer segment. Let’s see what it means when OnePlus goes Pro in the OnePlus 7 Pro Review!


    MrMobile's OnePlus 7 Pro Review was produced following eleven days with a OnePlus 7 Pro review sample provided by OnePlus. Preproduction device running prerelease software.
    Disclosure: OnePlus provided travel and lodging reimbursement to some members of the media to attend the OnePlus 7 Pro launch event in NYC, including MrMobile. No other compensation requested or provided; no copy approval requested or granted.

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  • RampageExtreme 5820K
    RampageExtreme 5820K 5 hours ago

    Can you do a re review of the camera with 9.5.7 update?
    Camera is WAY better now and fixes all the issues you mentioned

  • PurpleRupees
    PurpleRupees 6 hours ago

    "The simple fact is that a lot of folks buy phones based on the camera these days." If that is the main reason to upgrade why not just buy a real camera?

  • Jacob Soloski
    Jacob Soloski Day ago

    Walking down the Acela to make a point 😄

  • Robert Ri
    Robert Ri 2 days ago

    Pretty sure one plus will roll an update on that camera making it one of the best

  • Sayf Mir
    Sayf Mir 2 days ago

    can you review the regular oneplus 7

    btw mrmobile is the best tech youtuber period!

  • Antti Heinonen
    Antti Heinonen 2 days ago

    they are water resistant just not officially...

  • C. Tauber
    C. Tauber 2 days ago +2

    Can you review the Sony Xperia one please

  • jay suka
    jay suka 4 days ago

    just wondering if the galaxy s10 plus would be the same price which one is better

  • Jason Saw
    Jason Saw 5 days ago

    OnePlus 7 Pro is very expensive in my country. The price for the base model is the same as the price for a base S10+.
    Samsung also have a much much better customer service + official support for VOLTE, Samsung Pay...
    BUT the slow charging speed is holding me back from buying

  • Hari Sankar
    Hari Sankar 7 days ago

    Camera of this phone significantly improved after recent software updates. There is the gcam option for you to tap into as well ( it significantly improves nighttime Photography and portrait shots).

  • Jack Mcmillan
    Jack Mcmillan 7 days ago +15

    You should revisit the camera after the 9.5.7 update.... Great work on OP's part. It's like a different camera now.

  • van de hean
    van de hean 7 days ago

    Pls make sub indonesia

  • Balken Kreuz
    Balken Kreuz 8 days ago

    Imho, the Amber Red is still there best looking one plus. Nonetheless, would you say that the one plus 6 was a better phone a year ago compared to the competition than this new 7pro?

  • TankQ
    TankQ 9 days ago

    OnePlus is now a flagship

  • Shloeb
    Shloeb 9 days ago

    5 years down the road is fine however they would not support the software for 5 years for sure. 2 years at max. This is preventing me from buying this phone as I do not change my phones very frequently

  • Erik Alvarez
    Erik Alvarez 9 days ago

    Waiting to see what the Pixel 4 brings to the table

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  • David Martrano
    David Martrano 11 days ago

    Very honest review, I would miss ip68, wireless & no micro s/d support. 90hz display, warp charging, speed demon are things I like. Still, at 750.00, 12gb's & 256gb's of storage not to shabby!

  • Abhay Kumar Official
    Abhay Kumar Official 11 days ago +4

    Hi Sir, Waiting for your One Plus 7 and the Asus Zenfone 6 review.
    When is it coming?

  • Garrett Brown
    Garrett Brown 12 days ago

    Being that I've always been a name brand guy buying only Samsung and Apple I can say I'm happy with this phone. Them again I'm not a fan of wireless charging yet, I've never comes close to filling my phones up storage wise, and I own three pairs of Bluetooth headsets missing those features isn't a big deal to me.
    The camera to me is fine, I'm not a professional photographer, although the last between shots is noticable, though I don't take a bunch of photos compared to allot of people so it doesn't bother me to much.
    Where it does make up though is in what I feel the most important aspects speed and screen. Being able to watch videos without a notch or hole punch, and being able to switch between apps quickly are more important than the camera that I use maybe twice a day.
    OxygenOS has also become my favorite as with Samsung's design language hasn't really changed, only tweaked so like iOS it became stale. Also within my first two weeks owning the de ice I've gotten three OTA updates which shows they're on the ball with software.
    Everyone's usage is different though, so this phone isn't for everyone. I do enjoy it, my girl is slowly coming around, but she prefers simplicity, so naturally she's still eyeballing the S10 but is atleast giving this phone a shot.

  • Pritish Shakya Blogs
    Pritish Shakya Blogs 12 days ago

    OP needs to reboot their phone series and start back by making budget phones with the essentials like the headphone jack. I don't care for it all that much but other people certainly do. Their competition is beating them hard. Just to sell those bullets earbuds, they jeopardized their smartphone front. If they continue like this, they'll lose out to the competition and die out. We can't have that.

  • Danieloncarevic
    Danieloncarevic 13 days ago

    Well... one of the not so many honest reviews. You earned a subscriber. The same way many others lost one after praising a phone too much without mentioning any of the flaws that come with it...

  • Charles Miles
    Charles Miles 13 days ago

    The s10e rotflmfao.

  • Charles Miles
    Charles Miles 13 days ago

    I don't understand some of the stuff these reviewers complain about.

  • Angelo Aquino
    Angelo Aquino 13 days ago

    I'll just wait for a couple of more years when it has micro sd expansion an ip rating and wireless charging it might boost the price but i hope they still keep it below flagship prices

    • xOr
      xOr 12 days ago +1

      Angelo Aquino
      Deep down inside me I know it’s never coming back
      And that’s why am sad

    • Angelo Aquino
      Angelo Aquino 12 days ago

      @xOr yeah me too Ip rating is just for peace of mind i guess but i can live without that but Micro Sd and a jack might never come so..

    • xOr
      xOr 13 days ago

      Angelo Aquino
      Up rating make the phone more expensive
      But companies said that the phone is water proof and you an watch reviews
      So I guess am fine with that point
      I want expandable storage and headphone jack

  • Velocity
    Velocity 14 days ago +1

    Op3t is still good (I upgrade my phone each 3 years as that is when a lot more features are added rather than incremental ones per year)

  • Arnav Kathuria
    Arnav Kathuria 14 days ago +3

    Watching this again because i am addicted to your animations
    Nice job keep it up

  • Samir Avdovic
    Samir Avdovic 15 days ago

    Well.. I'm happy that I went with the S10+. Such a great allrounder.

  • Jonathan Jong
    Jonathan Jong 15 days ago +9

    good review but disagree on the value, just switched from iphone x to this and if you're not that into photos this is the BEST phone for everything else. loving the switch

    • TheGamingAudiophile
      TheGamingAudiophile 12 days ago

      Download the GCAM mod and now you have image quality close to the Pixel 3. Now the 7 Pro goes from excellent to WTF.

  • Νικόλαος Μπούκας

    Will you review the redmi k20 pro?

  • bbeal2325
    bbeal2325 15 days ago

    For anyone who has a OnePlus 7 pro are you facing the screen ghosting issue? That’s been keeping me from purchasing it definitely would love some feedback

  • Amr Nail
    Amr Nail 15 days ago

    Im still using the samsung S6 edge (16MP) and I gotta say, the camera quality is still on par with the current flagships phones. Yes, you can pick out some minor differences here and there but all in all camera quality has not improved that much since 2015.

  • Eddie R
    Eddie R 15 days ago

    I have no idea how you get your battery to last all day. I can barely make it through half a day.

  • B Posey
    B Posey 16 days ago

    OnePlus camera is trash!

  • Omar H
    Omar H 16 days ago

    If you care about camera's, wireless charging and a headphone jack then go with the S10 series. If you just want a big 90hz display then go with the Oneplus. Everything else is minimal. I own both and it just depends on what you truly care about

  • DOGE™
    DOGE™ 17 days ago

    Mr.Mobile, all your videos have such a unique and almost nostalgic production quality that I just can't put my finger on it. There's no other channel that does tech videos like you do, really love all the subtle details that goes into these videos.

  • TechEnthusiast
    TechEnthusiast 17 days ago

    Do you think you’ll get your hands on the standard OnePlus 7?

  • Μłκε ŠøLø
    Μłκε ŠøLø 18 days ago +1

    Too big. Its time to minimize size something like S10e or XZ2 Compact

    • MA-AF
      MA-AF 16 days ago

      WTF are you doing here then -- go buy those phones instead...

  • Beastz
    Beastz 18 days ago

    5:35 FBI please we've got a raging peado

  • Leo J
    Leo J 18 days ago

    I think this phone would be great for me. I don't use the camera at all, and everything else is great, especially for the price.

  • giannhs oikonomou
    giannhs oikonomou 18 days ago

    the wors for the money can buy even my huawei p 2019 has ip68 700$ for one pluse not even ip67 joke mi9 500$ the best of the best

  • patrick tolentino
    patrick tolentino 18 days ago

    the only thing that one plus improve is the price!

  • Ke Ming Yu
    Ke Ming Yu 18 days ago

    You use your screen 100 percent of the time you use your phone, while you use your camera less than 1 percent of the time. Having a good screen and a lousier camera scores higher than the opposite in terms of pure utility

  • Bennett Huke
    Bennett Huke 19 days ago

    Really hoping for a google camera mod. The sensor got lots of potential just needs good software. Still think that OnePlus is the Phone of Speed. With best in class Os and Best possible specs and now also the fastest screen. S10 is now the allrounder phone. It does nothing the best but everything great. If you want the Allrounder take the S10, If Speed and Fluidity is most important take the OnePlus. Simple as that.

  • Narayan Parajuli
    Narayan Parajuli 19 days ago +1

    Placed order for S10 after watching your video.

  • Doctor Awesome
    Doctor Awesome 19 days ago

    Still the fastest smartphone on earth!

  • Tyrkane
    Tyrkane 20 days ago

    I love your reviews and will always value your humble opinion, but I feel like you've been a bit harsh on this phone. Fair enough there was a lot of hype building, but there are valid reasons why. It's getting software updates like twice a week at the moment, the sensor is extremely capable, just software letting down a bit. Keep in mind that OxygenOS is a really clean experience, but it is down to personal preference. And trust me, after seeing 90hz on OLED, go to a store and compare to anything else more expensive, and you won't be able to go back. (BTW I Bought the phone and is currently my daily driver, 0 regrets, 100% satisfied, popup camera is sexy)

  • GuuzakaTube
    GuuzakaTube 20 days ago

    Given a number of missing hardware on this device, it's no surprise why he would not recommend it as "the one you must get". 😐

  • Kathleen Torres
    Kathleen Torres 20 days ago

    This seems like a review on the camera alone which is what this should have been called... At the end of the day it is the most phone you'll get for your buck. It still is an amazing phone for the price.

  • Howtwoeasy
    Howtwoeasy 20 days ago

    Who cares about the camera? Smartphone camera is only good for when you leave the real camera at home... Everything else is perfect but you rate it nothing special? wtf?

  • Donnavon Hallgren
    Donnavon Hallgren 21 day ago

    That curved screen.. Umm no.

  • VirtualFunction
    VirtualFunction 21 day ago

    Am I the only one that couldn't give a flying fuck about the camera(s)? Could you please not devote so much time to them? If you want good cameras buy an actual camera.

  • Mandragoras
    Mandragoras 21 day ago

    Still my favorite source for phone reviews.

  • A Sam
    A Sam 21 day ago

    Video quality is so baaaaad.

  • Edward Ferguson
    Edward Ferguson 22 days ago

    Some One 7 Plus Pro's are suffering Phantom touch issues. Reported by the Android Police. Also One Plus Lied about the third camera. 🤔

  • Brook布魯克
    Brook布魯克 22 days ago

    2:45 發現 @阿滴英文

  • Morgan Dawkins
    Morgan Dawkins 22 days ago

    You spent half the time talking about the camera and didn't review much of the other features of the phone.

  • Mike Lin
    Mike Lin 23 days ago

    Wowwww haptics were a deal breaker for me before... Stereo speakers and haptics topped my wish list on op6t... This baby will be mine.. #byes9

  • Yong David
    Yong David 23 days ago

    Any new update for Oneplus 8 Pro?

  • Perry F
    Perry F 24 days ago

    So for the same $ as the pro costs; what other phone out there equals or beats it in features & performance?

  • Steam Line
    Steam Line 24 days ago +5

    really harsh opinion from you, I think this review is just wrong, people DON'T buy smartphones for the camera and the proof is in the MKBHD blind camera test, other than that oneplus 7 pro has one of the best screens ever, best design, best performance, fantastic software, super fast charging, decent battery etc. and it still costs much less than competition....

  • Steven Ritchie
    Steven Ritchie 24 days ago +2

    The Samsung galaxy S10 e doesn't have more features . You would have to be stupid to buy a galaxy or an xr over the one plus .

    • Steven Ritchie
      Steven Ritchie 21 day ago

      Yes true and also an ip water resistant rating , wireless charging etc . But one plus research has revealed that these things arnt as important as cheaper price . I guess it's up to what you like .

    • Ravenwing19
      Ravenwing19 21 day ago +1

      Headphone Jack. Better Cameras. Basically same screen quality.

    FARES SALAH 24 days ago

    why i feel that you avoid sony whatever they offer lately , with the xperia 1 it doesn't worth a shot ?

  • 章猫文Melvin
    章猫文Melvin 24 days ago

    OnePlus is slowly raising their prices with each new model. Time to review cheaper alternatives with similar performance. Not everyone has few hundred to spare for something that goes obsolete in 3 months.

  • Lyricc Master
    Lyricc Master 24 days ago

    please do giveaway

  • scupking
    scupking 25 days ago

    2 isues. The curved screen. Curved screens are a downfall on any phone with them. 2nd the camera performance. Camera is important. Though if they update the camera software I will get this phone and deal with the curved screen.

  • darko pašalić
    darko pašalić 25 days ago

    camon people dont you see that you hacket by chineze prices they grow up time by time

  • Luis Fuentes
    Luis Fuentes 25 days ago +5

    Wasnt mr mobile too harsh on the OP7pro?

  • Jack Teo
    Jack Teo 25 days ago

    Do you think they will launch a 'Special' edition like the Oneplus 6 Mclaren edition?

  • irokatcod4
    irokatcod4 25 days ago

    How long did you stand on line at neta Boston? I was on line for 2 hours weeks after they first opened.

  • Kunal Kaushik
    Kunal Kaushik 25 days ago

    Hey Michael! I love you videos they are intresting 😍I bet you know abt the zenfone 6 kinda same catory as one plus. Can you review it too. That'll be great 😎

  • TheDiabolical One
    TheDiabolical One 26 days ago

    Serious question,
    If budget is not a problem, which phone should i go for? S10+ or oneplus 7 pro?

    • TheDiabolical One
      TheDiabolical One 24 days ago

      Thanks man :)

    • HazOfficial
      HazOfficial 24 days ago +2

      I mean it all comes down to preference really.
      On one side, with the S10 you get wireless charging, a headphones jack, IP rating, better camera in most areas...
      With the 7 Pro you get a 90HZ screen with no notch and Oxygen OS. Dash charging some say makes up for the lack of wireless charging and the camera is in no way terrible. Plus it is "water resistant" so it's a tricky one.
      For me personally I don't care about the things I listed about the S10 and so I'd rather get the 7 Pro for the new features rather than features that I won't use on the S10. But everyone's different 😃

  • Alberto Gomez
    Alberto Gomez 26 days ago

    I'm watching this on my OnePlus 7 pro

  • Mit Patel
    Mit Patel 26 days ago
    Speaking of camera, there's an module for oneplus phones, worth checking out.

  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner 26 days ago

    Sooo , it's the best phone they've ever made but it's "settling"? I got one the day it was released on T-Mobile (coming from a Note 8) and it is amazing -for the quality and support- and the sum of its parts! Samsung is great but I didn't feel pride in it anymore like I do with the 7pro! That's my own hang-up I guess.....

  • Nick Wey
    Nick Wey 26 days ago

    Great camera(Not the best) + trashy performance(display+spec+battery) = Great Budget Phone(Pixel 3a); Mediocre camera + top performance = Not Recommended. Meh... I don';t think this is common people's shopping logic.

  • crazybeartimba
    crazybeartimba 26 days ago

    Appreciate the honesty and not over hyping the phone. It's definitely a looker but you're right. The OnePlus cameras are lacking and they rely on the software far too much. Will stick with the 6 for now :)

  • jetscreamer1
    jetscreamer1 27 days ago

    Without IP 68, wireless charging and headphone jack, the base model should only retail for $299 and the top-of-the-line model at $450. Besides, Orange Hitler will come after Oppo when they get too big like Huawei.

  • Ziwang Yang
    Ziwang Yang 27 days ago

    Im sorry but if you want a phone with wireless charging, incredible camera, and an official ip rating, you're gonna have to expect to pay more than the price of this. For this price, this phone is hands down the best.

    CZARNYEU 27 days ago

    SoT is terrible ☹️ 4h 'cos 90hz screen refresh...

  • Sanchit Arora
    Sanchit Arora 27 days ago

    Sir i want an honest opinion. I’ve been using iphone 6plus for the past 2.5 years and i’m heavily backed up by the eco-system. I use earpods,beats headphones(with w1),i’ve got a mac and ipad pro(15). Now i’m gonna buy a phone soon. What should i buy? I’m really interested in xr but op7pro’s display is insane. I’m not a big samsung fan so not gonna go down that road for sure. Where should i go? Should i choose a brand new all screen 90hz class display with snappy animations and a decent camera or should i go with an inferior display but with smooth ios buttery experience and that ecosystem!

  • K M
    K M 27 days ago

    Shutter-lag _that_ long? How is that possible?

  • K M
    K M 27 days ago

    Could you please use numbers (like 2560x1440) instead of the letters (like QHD+) when displaying display resolution? The letter codes are for... who are they for, somebody tell me.

  • Dezzz
    Dezzz 27 days ago

    Shout out to Boston

  • Nget Sothearith
    Nget Sothearith 27 days ago

    I don't like the audio recording , it suck.

  • Jameel Rahhal
    Jameel Rahhal 27 days ago

    The only youtuber who reviewed the phone, rather than advertised/showcased it. Hats off champ

  • Claudia Bailey
    Claudia Bailey 27 days ago

    yes, we have to ask one plus for the things you are naming but if you moan about the price now if they included what you asked would you be willing to pay for it? A company has to grow and the starter price is still great £649 and if we are comparing prices lets do it honestly the s10e cost more when it came out but it's now that it is cheaper it was in the UK the same price as an iPhone XR. Time doesn't stand still yet we keeping asking companies to do so whilst giving more.

  • Natsumei
    Natsumei 27 days ago

    amoled panel wont survive 5 years without shadows and screen problem

  • Eric Rains
    Eric Rains 27 days ago

    I have the unlocked Galaxy S10+ and went to my local T-mobile to compare it to the 7 pro. The 7 pro is a beautiful looking and a well made phone but it is big and it is HEAVY more than a note 9. The screen looks to wrap more around than my S10+. I tried 90hz vs my S10+ my old eyes can't tell I guess. The notchless screen is awesome but the things that scared me off were no AOD, speakers were not as crisp as the S10+, no headphone jack, no SD card expansion, tried the camera it is ok but yeah not at the S10+ level, motorized camera is a don't care as I do not take a lot of selfies but the two big no go's is wireless charging I have it everywhere and it is a feature I really would miss knowing yes not as fast as warp charging but so darn convenient and the weight and size over time may become a burden. My S10+ feels feather light by comparison. I traded in my old Pixel 2 XL and got the S10+ for less the the base 7 pro. Great review Michael!

  • WilsonxDoom
    WilsonxDoom 27 days ago

    Review the asus zenfone 6 pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!

  • Hosam Wasem
    Hosam Wasem 27 days ago

    best & coolest tech reviewer ever .. I was going to switch my s10+ for it .. but is it better than mate 20 pro ?!

  • Ivan Trudeau
    Ivan Trudeau 28 days ago

    D Brand takes too long for shipping..

  • I Have No Name
    I Have No Name 28 days ago

    still no sd card?

    CHIGOZIE ATUEGBU 28 days ago

    People love but Americans don't they are all apple sheeps just iphones for them. Please do Asus zenfone6 review😀

  • azascan
    azascan 28 days ago

    Out of the 5 reviews I've watched this is the first one that took a big shit on the 1+7 pro

  • archie gonzalez
    archie gonzalez 28 days ago

    Dose the oneplus 7 pro work with sprint

  • Hector Alvarado
    Hector Alvarado 28 days ago

    435 MKBHDs don't agree

  • jamjr7411
    jamjr7411 28 days ago

    Maybe I'm missing something but I have no love for Samsung devices. I'd take the 7 pro over the 10+ any day even if they were the same price. And comparing the 10e to the 7 pro, really! This is a flawed review.

  • G r B
    G r B 28 days ago

    DC dimming isn’t just for creating good videos .... as mentioned it’s Flickr free.. so it helps us the minority hopefully have much better tech in our hands. Amoled is a nightmare for us and finally finally we have some adjustment to what the rest take for granted. No issues with a screen. It’s been a nightmare and I hope just hope this works DC Dimming, not just for good videos but the minority:)

  • Captin Obvious
    Captin Obvious 28 days ago

    This would have been my next phone but for that camera, shame. S10 it is then