Prosecutors looking into R. Kelly as documentary renews focus on sexual abuse accusations

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Prosecutors are asking R. Kelly accusers to come forward with their claims following the airing of Lifetime's docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly." But critics say because his alleged victims are women of color, they are struggling to gain #MeToo levels of attention. Boston Globe associate editor and columnist Renee Graham joins CBSN to discuss.

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  • Where House
    Where House 4 hours ago

    who put their finger in my Jell-O Pudding....w/Bill Cosby..just look at Elvis,Jerry Lee Lewis and Rockstar's!! THEY have THEIR pick of the litter..They been doing it for decades, doesn't make it right.. NO!! SO TOO THE FANS OF Celebrities....... JUST SAY NO!! Nancy Reagan taught me THAT a long time ago...don't give in, don't be weak...and yes people were hurt..and now will become stronger,in the future. I HOPE

  • YAWH Yahoshua
    YAWH Yahoshua 9 hours ago

    The black support is not misguided, we will always support R Kelly! These women liked him, wanted him, slept with other women, come on!!!

  • YAWH Yahoshua
    YAWH Yahoshua 9 hours ago

    Asking people to come forward, begging folks. They coming for brown men, as the potus said, they are rapist. However, the allegations on the Catholic pedophile priest, crickets! I'm a female, educated, never abused and I'm listening to his music more than ever and not afraid....Go after all those rock n roll groups, surviving KISS!!! I will always support R Kelly, and these women chose to live with him, 50 shades!!!! They like being dominated, submissive.

  • fire wall
    fire wall 4 days ago

    Leave the man...these women love throwing themself on dudes like those and when there's lack attention they're like a plague now just some accusations and some money .

  • Chev Chelios
    Chev Chelios 6 days ago +2

    What a joke those girls were only with him because of his money that's what they get.. you don't play with fire and not expect to get burned.. I don't feel sorry for no gold diggers

  • Brendan Betts
    Brendan Betts 7 days ago

    Huey tried to tell us lol

  • Tasha G
    Tasha G 7 days ago

    N there is evidence but staue of limitations but wen criminal i thought that goes out the window let those girls leave or talk totheir families

  • M- Nice
    M- Nice 7 days ago +1

    A music genius

  • Richard Eduardo
    Richard Eduardo 7 days ago

    This is old stuff they took him to court and he was found innocent. By the court.

  • Red pilled patriot
    Red pilled patriot 8 days ago +1


  • Supercar Qatar
    Supercar Qatar 8 days ago


  • Niashe
    Niashe 8 days ago +7

    My problem is why say something now after 30yrs? Him, the parents, and the so called victims all need to be jailed Andrea needs to be investigated too, she was just online defending him. Its sad, they should be ashamed of themselves. They all knew this man was like that.

    • Niashe
      Niashe 4 days ago

      +fire wall right and its so sad.

    • fire wall
      fire wall 4 days ago

      For real bro the parents are the ones behind it pushing fire all about the money.

  • mrkjsmooth16
    mrkjsmooth16 8 days ago +3

    So these girls parents were cool with it until they stopped getting checks. “Victims”? let’s see if they’re willing to get on a stand and implicate their parents role in this

    FRANCO PEREZ 8 days ago +3

    every time i read or hear someone say person of color it makes feel like the nation has gone backwards. it sounds like a contemporary version of the old racist term "colored".

  • Clown Cat
    Clown Cat 9 days ago

    This needs to be investigated.. I'm a male.. I don't like feminism.. but IF he is guilty.. then try and convict.. if not.. drop it. We need TRUTH.. not just finger pointing and attacks without proof.

    • Chris Robinson
      Chris Robinson 6 days ago

      So him marrying a 15 yr old and pissing on another one on video isn't enough proof he's a pedophile?😂😂😂😂

  • Dicken Bahls
    Dicken Bahls 9 days ago

    Racism in America

    EL PERFUMÉ 9 days ago +7

    This really proves that Hollywood singers, rappers, even actors have an influence of Satanic culture of doing witchcrafts and demon work yet people still listen and support his music!! Those tunes and sounds you hear are evil spirits.

    EL PERFUMÉ 9 days ago +2


    EL PERFUMÉ 9 days ago +3

    It's a choice
    -Kanye West

    EL PERFUMÉ 9 days ago +6

    Yo if R Kelly gets outta this one he's definitely a Kingpin.

  • A Glass of Freshly Squeezed Ass Juice

    Don't forget Asia Argento.

  • Paul H. Kircher III
    Paul H. Kircher III 9 days ago

    But how Did Planet.

  • mrkjsmooth16
    mrkjsmooth16 9 days ago +1

    All those negroes in that documentary are just as sick as R Kelly. All of them.

    • Niashe
      Niashe 8 days ago

      right thy need to got o jail too.

  • HowardU Grad
    HowardU Grad 9 days ago +5

    cut his nuts off...and house him with his fellow perv buddy, Bill Cosby in the same cell.

  • Alysia Janell
    Alysia Janell 9 days ago +4

    He can't come back from this...

    • M- Nice
      M- Nice 7 days ago

      He is fine

      FRANCO PEREZ 8 days ago

      for it to possibly happen he would have to be convicted

  • ronchane1
    ronchane1 9 days ago +3

    Sooo...the "ME GET PAID TOO" movement
    only benefits white women??? SHH!!

    • Azteca
      Azteca 9 days ago +2

      +Deus Ex Machina
      He knows now.

    • Deus Ex Machina
      Deus Ex Machina 9 days ago +3

      You do know that the founder of this organization is indeed a woman of color correct?

  • Sir BigHead
    Sir BigHead 9 days ago +2

    Yes! Only the blacks. No Weinstein, No Polanski, No little boy lovers, just the Black's.

  • Aydin Öztürk
    Aydin Öztürk 9 days ago

    When will you prosecute Mick Jagger or other rock stars 🤦🏻‍♂️ 👎🏻
    R Kelly - Who wants to come to my hotel room to suck ... ?
    Girls - Me, me, me, me too 😂
    Now they are playing victim #MeToo lmao

  • Claudette s
    Claudette s 9 days ago +5

    'Bout time.

  • j roccavelli
    j roccavelli 9 days ago +1

    Theses hoes lying like a muhfucca facts

  • C&M T
    C&M T 9 days ago +11

    Keep it on the downlow. Nobody has to know.............
    ...Guess that didn't workout too well.

  • Top Rate Gaming
    Top Rate Gaming 9 days ago +4

    He needs to be charged. Period. His best songs are Ignition remix and Same girl

    • ummm ummm
      ummm ummm 8 days ago

      Top Rate Gaming naw, check his catalog bro

  • FBI Open up
    FBI Open up 9 days ago +22

    Ladies and gentlemen, we got him


    • Niashe
      Niashe 9 hours ago

      +YAWH Yahoshua elvis is dead so that is a dead end.

    • YAWH Yahoshua
      YAWH Yahoshua 9 hours ago

      Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Start with the Catholic pedophile priest, then we can talk! Go after elvis, all the rock bands!!!!!

    • Niashe
      Niashe 8 days ago

      +FBI Open up ok great because andrea can't possibly say she don't or didn't know. She was in the house with him. And the parents in my opinion sent their kids there. No way they just go by themselves. (my opinion)

    • FBI Open up
      FBI Open up 8 days ago


    • Niashe
      Niashe 8 days ago

      They need to Get Andrea and the parents too. She had her part in it too and so did the parents. (my opinion.)

  • I Rate Your Comments
    I Rate Your Comments 9 days ago +18

    Didn't R. Kelly pee on a girl?

    • M- Nice
      M- Nice 7 days ago

      He is pretty innocent

    • Niashe
      Niashe 8 days ago

      +sulufest ewwww nasty! i didn't see that. This man is sick and disgusting.

    • sulufest
      sulufest 8 days ago +1

      In a 16 year old girl’s mouth on video.

    • Luis Ignacio
      Luis Ignacio 9 days ago +1

      Saw that on boondocks

  • iam jay
    iam jay 9 days ago +7

    _When a woman's fed up, there is nothing you can do about it_
    *- R.Kelly*

    • Joseph Brenda
      Joseph Brenda 6 days ago


  • junior 4bears
    junior 4bears 9 days ago +30

    R Kelly getting R Rested .

  • potatomato :p
    potatomato :p 9 days ago +18

    Leave him alone! His mind told him no, but his body, his body told him yes!

    • Edwina Barry
      Edwina Barry Day ago

      That is why I don't see nothing wrong if he get jail time🎧🎵🎶. I don't see nothing wrong if he get jail time🎵. I don't see nothing wrong with that🎶🗣️.Pedofiles, rapist should get locked up for life.🎶🎵and so R Kelly child molester, pedophile, rapist, black woman abuser, lock him up for the rest of his life.🎵

    • Ali Lilma
      Ali Lilma 7 days ago

      your not ok tf so your saying him being a pedophill is ok bruh i think you need help

    • June Amarillo
      June Amarillo 9 days ago

      I'm stealing that.

  • lady D
    lady D 9 days ago +16

    He needs to be prosecuted for his sick crimes against all the women he hurt.

    • Niashe
      Niashe 8 days ago

      Andrea and the victims and parents need to go too. They all knew so they should go too.

    • mrkjsmooth16
      mrkjsmooth16 8 days ago

      Hope of those women are willing to put their parents in jail too. Yeah negroes really think 15 minutes down the road

    • Drama Pirate
      Drama Pirate 9 days ago +2

      I AM Zero223 man you're just drastically misinformed.
      Your idiocy is certainly, sad.

    • I AM Zero223
      I AM Zero223 9 days ago +3

      Are you serious!!!! those women were there willingly he paid those women they took his money they lived in his home and now that they're broke they want to be a problem and you condone this. Sad!!!