Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make The Perfect Scrambled Eggs | Season 8 Ep. 5 | MASTERCHEF

  • Published on Jun 28, 2017
  • Gordon Ramsay turns an ordinary breakfast into something extraordinary.
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    Award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, acclaimed chef Aarón Sánchez and renowned restaurateur Joe Bastianich put a new batch of talented home cooks through a series of challenges and elimination rounds. This season is more exciting than ever with a surprise-filled journey that takes the contestants on the trip of a lifetime. Ramsay and the judges will serve as mentors to these skilled home chefs as they compete to claim the title of MasterChef and the $250,000 grand prize on MasterChef’s milestone 10th season.
    Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make The Perfect Scrambled Eggs | Season 8 Ep. 5 | MASTERCHEF
    #MasterChef #GordonRamsay
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Comments • 2 286

  • lee macdonald
    lee macdonald Hour ago

    Some people are easily pleased

  • Someone call 911
    Someone call 911 7 hours ago +1

    Me: *Makes scrambled eggs in the morning for breakfast being very relaxed and comfortable and thinking today will be great*
    Gorden Ramsay: *Makes scrambled eggs seriously with epic music playing in the background while the contestants go "ooooooo"*
    The level between us and him is beyond Mount Everest

  • Icey Junior
    Icey Junior 10 hours ago

    reaction is so fake

  • 2815Juan
    2815Juan 16 hours ago

    My wife has made eggs like this for years. Absolutely amazing taste. Our kids expect this dish every weekend

  • Tomasz Marciniszyn
    Tomasz Marciniszyn 19 hours ago +1

    Thumbs up if you cringed at fake reactions and the watery egg soup called "fluffy"

  • Justin Meyer
    Justin Meyer 20 hours ago

    Sorry, I don't like my scrambled eggs snotty. "Perfect" is a matter of taste when it comes to cooking.

  • JAKE Sorensen
    JAKE Sorensen 21 hour ago +1

    Every body you should look into my channel I love cooking

  • Baumann Johannes

    Testet it once..... Since than, there is no other way for me to make scrumbled eggs :D

  • Hector Agosto
    Hector Agosto Day ago

    Ramsay is great but I never really liked his scrambled eggs. They always look way too gooey and runny in all of his presentations. Which is fine if that's the way you prefer it but I like it fluffy but with a little more texture and no gooeyness. Still, he's awesome at 99.99% of everything cooked. lol.

  • The42car
    The42car Day ago

    Ive never seen eggs that creamy

  • Nero Verweiss
    Nero Verweiss Day ago

    1:48 NANI???!!

  • naan
    naan Day ago

    Those scrambled eggs look disgusting

  • Zakk Branks
    Zakk Branks Day ago

    They look runny Gordon

  • m_train Gaming
    m_train Gaming Day ago

    No thanks. Those eggs look disgusting

    VIC ROMANOV Day ago

    That looks raw

  • Zai
    Zai Day ago

    To be honest that doesn’t look very good when they come out all creamy like that

  • Joshua Nathaniel Mesa


  • Cuca Beats
    Cuca Beats 2 days ago

    1:48 that face tho

  • David Manock
    David Manock 2 days ago +4

    Light and fluffy...more like heavy and wet

  • Remeez Jackson
    Remeez Jackson 2 days ago

    I'm sure all Americans Trying this Recipe. Because that's all they know to make decades now for breakfast eggs toast bacon

  • baseballhunter42
    baseballhunter42 2 days ago

    I've tried this. Many ways to make scrambled eggs, this is good if you like a small curd scrambled eggs. After adding the creme fraiche, would have cooked another 30 seconds to fluff the eggs more, was runny at the end.

  •  2 days ago

    Looks so frikin uncooked and disgusting

  • Donut Kiddo
    Donut Kiddo 2 days ago

    Gordon: **puts water in a glass**

  • D Main
    D Main 2 days ago +1

    From cooking to ordering pizza

  • Hind Gamer
    Hind Gamer 2 days ago


  • Taylor Dietrich
    Taylor Dietrich 2 days ago

    This is the most extra way to make scrambled eggs I’ve ever seen

  • Ryuu Koyazaki
    Ryuu Koyazaki 2 days ago

    He's all talk and showbusiness (putting up a nice fancy show in his demontrations) but imagine if someone actually tasted the result, the eggs and went: "Oh well..". "Looks a little watery to me". He would go raving mad for sure.

    CENTRA STUDIOS 3 days ago

    The reaction shots are all out of sync you notce you rarely see Ramsey and the crowd in the same shot. Juts a room full of actors complete with painted on beards and over reacting to chives. This is bizzare.

  • Kim TaeTae
    Kim TaeTae 3 days ago

    I just see Second Video😪😪😪

  • BlueWolf _GAMEZ
    BlueWolf _GAMEZ 3 days ago

    1:49 *nani?!*

  • Harrison Levin
    Harrison Levin 3 days ago

    They are basically still alive lmao

  • helloasroma
    helloasroma 3 days ago +2

    Everyone's all like "OoOoOhHhH" when I'm certain they've all seen the youtube videos 1000 times before

    • helloasroma
      helloasroma 2 days ago

      @Adnan Moin not nearly as old as his scrambled eggs videos, my friend

    • Adnan Moin
      Adnan Moin 2 days ago

      You do know this is quite old

  • Sur Jeudi
    Sur Jeudi 3 days ago

    Where I'm from those eggs look gross. Guess I don't know to to make "proper" scrambled eggs.

  • IllestGaming
    IllestGaming 3 days ago

    It's so raw I can still hear it clucking

  • Jason Bernard Frias
    Jason Bernard Frias 3 days ago

    Gordon: cracked the eggs
    Contestants: WOW AMAZING!!!

  • Paul Bullecer
    Paul Bullecer 3 days ago

    I thought I know how to cook scrambled eggs I guess not

  • Kyong Kim
    Kyong Kim 3 days ago

    I actually made this and it was so good

  • Tan Minh Pham
    Tan Minh Pham 3 days ago

    Are they raw?

  • Skersaroony
    Skersaroony 3 days ago

    It’s raw

  • I Don't Care
    I Don't Care 3 days ago

    Impressive, but can he make a sandwich?

  • leroy jenkins
    leroy jenkins 3 days ago

    I'm sorry but I don't like drinking my eggs from a straw.

  • Uncle Fjester
    Uncle Fjester 3 days ago

    And, everyone has crème fraiche in the fridge🙄

  • iXue YT
    iXue YT 4 days ago

    Dam Gordon!, I can smell that through my screen!

  • Angie Natoyn
    Angie Natoyn 4 days ago

    Can somebody explain why eggs turn grey if seasoned early?

    • Uncle Fjester
      Uncle Fjester 3 days ago

      salt is white and pepper is black =grey?

  • Drawned
    Drawned 4 days ago +1

    lightly season
    drains the whole salt from ocean

  • Drawned
    Drawned 4 days ago +1

    "take yoh` buttah`"

  • Phú Quý Trần
    Phú Quý Trần 4 days ago

    It looks beatiful.

  • Steven Zepeda
    Steven Zepeda 4 days ago

    Why do US reality tv shows depict people as dumb as a rock?
    Amazed at the concept of salt.

  • Realtalk Z
    Realtalk Z 4 days ago

    1:48 NA in a nutshell 🤣

  • ImR0nBrgndy
    ImR0nBrgndy 4 days ago

    Not sure I would want my eggs that “creamy”. But I’m going to try this because who knows...he’s a chef and I’m not. Could be delicious.

  • Bram Copermans
    Bram Copermans 4 days ago +1

    1:47 dude has never seen a pair of scissors hahahah

  • Pwnzer
    Pwnzer 4 days ago

    With the intense music, it just gets better

  • • iJam
    • iJam 4 days ago +31

    Gordon: *Puts a jar of salt in the table*
    Also Gordon: *and that is how a master chef puts a jar of salt in the table perfectly*

  • Kevin Tran
    Kevin Tran 4 days ago

    Sorry those scrambled eggs look disgusting. I imagine the texture would be closer to grits?

  • Johannis Brisebois
    Johannis Brisebois 4 days ago +2

    When I cook eggs I normally run around the island in my kitchen before they go in the pan but I guess u could just put them straight in the pan

  • B J
    B J 4 days ago +1

    Baby vomit eggs

  • Jovani de la Cruz
    Jovani de la Cruz 4 days ago +2

    Looks like dog's vomit which I'd be more than happy to give it a try. I bet my dog it's delicious

  • Maddy Davidson
    Maddy Davidson 4 days ago +3

    I tried to make these eggs and they are super good

  • Cruster Master
    Cruster Master 4 days ago +4

    There s no perfect food every one has his own liking

    • FinishMe
      FinishMe 3 days ago

      Well your liking sucks, your mouth palate is unrefined and inexperienced to the great amalgam and combinations of flavors there are in this world. I hope you stick to your top ramen and leave all the good food for the rest of us.

    EYESORE NOLAN 5 days ago +3

    I feel useless, I don't even know how to cook scrambled eggs properly!

    • Deathtickle81
      Deathtickle81 Day ago

      @Crosshairs Deleon I know how to make them and it doesn't make me a chef. I was just commenting because they looked disgusting.

    • Crosshairs Deleon
      Crosshairs Deleon 2 days ago

      @Deathtickle81 he wouldn't be a chef if he didn't know how to make em

    • Deathtickle81
      Deathtickle81 2 days ago

      Neither does Gordon apparently!

  • Saint Niko
    Saint Niko 5 days ago +4

    Especially love the winner dude with Johny deep look in his eyes

  • Juggie Bonebrain
    Juggie Bonebrain 5 days ago +3

    They look more runny than creamy. And I don't remember ever saying: I wish my scrambled eggs were creamy.

  • Juggie Bonebrain
    Juggie Bonebrain 5 days ago +3

    Snippet of chives.... cuts whole stalk.

  • BrieIhateMenLarson
    BrieIhateMenLarson 5 days ago +1

    Dino at 1:48 all like 😮

  • Blu Rooster
    Blu Rooster 5 days ago +3

    Why don’t people applaud when I make scrambled eggs?

  • sas mac
    sas mac 5 days ago +1

    Woow never realized that even making scrambled eggs was an art amazing

  • speakermanx
    speakermanx 5 days ago +1

    I've never wanted scrabbled eggs so badly

  • Josh Trevino
    Josh Trevino 5 days ago +2

    The eggs are all f'n raw lmao

  • kreepercraft
    kreepercraft 5 days ago

    I don't like creamy scrambled eggs

  • Kareem B.
    Kareem B. 6 days ago

    I have 100% faith in Gordon Ramsay but those eggs look like they needed more time.

  • J
    J 6 days ago

    That look disgusting

  • JaanKashmiri
    JaanKashmiri 6 days ago +4

    1:48 When I see my grade i taught would be an A+

  • C Koston
    C Koston 6 days ago +3

    Probably charges 54.99 for that plate

  • Neymar Jr
    Neymar Jr 6 days ago +26

    Gordon: opens fridge.
    Everyone: amazing, great job chef

    • Ismail x
      Ismail x 2 days ago +2

      Don't forget to season it

  • It be like that Sometimes

    1:36 a bit creamy? Just a bit? Now you’re just lying to yourself Gordon

  • Heather Vickers
    Heather Vickers 6 days ago


  • Elias snow
    Elias snow 6 days ago +7

    Sry but I tryed it and it's gross af

  • Victor Nguyen
    Victor Nguyen 7 days ago +1

    They’re acting like they never watched his video on how to make scrambled eggs

  • Karan Biradar
    Karan Biradar 7 days ago +2

    I wonder what character Gordon Ramsey would be on shoukugeki no souma

  • Off-White-Rice
    Off-White-Rice 7 days ago

    Eggs are not raw. It’s butter, cream fraiche, and a little bit of technique that give it that texture.

  • Prof.F
    Prof.F 7 days ago

    And that’s how a master chef leads the blind

  • Random Account
    Random Account 7 days ago

    Honestly Americans are just a living breathing freak show...exaggerate at everything like as if it’s the end of the world or it’s the most amazing thing they’ve seen ever. That’s why our British humour is better and your films are more exciting

  • Random Account
    Random Account 7 days ago

    Honestly Americans are just a living breathing freak show...exaggerate at everything like as if it’s the end of the world or it’s the most amazing thing they’ve seen ever. That’s why our British humour is better and your films are more exciting

  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas 8 days ago

    I hate sloppy scrambled eggs!

  • Ashley Adriano
    Ashley Adriano 8 days ago

    his eyes are looking extra blue in this

  • william lobur
    william lobur 8 days ago +1

    had his eggs, for myself i prefer them a bit dryer

  • Conrrado Torres
    Conrrado Torres 8 days ago

    Guys it's just watery scrambled eggs with roasted cherry tomatoes and mushrooms that were heavily drenched in olive oil with salt and pepper.

  • Henry Tan
    Henry Tan 8 days ago


  • British Navigators
    British Navigators 8 days ago

    Even if its not perfect...all the people watching consider it perfect....because Ramsay doing this...

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson 8 days ago +1

    Who nods their head like these morons? No one is saying anything for them to agree with... just nodding because the director is telling them to... this is not how real people act.

  • Rahsaan Robinson
    Rahsaan Robinson 8 days ago

    Those look good ima try to make those

  • Snicker Doodle
    Snicker Doodle 8 days ago

    1:49 did he just try to open his eyes even more

  • Meryl Montgomery
    Meryl Montgomery 8 days ago

    Looks like dog vomit on toast 🤢

  • David Popovic
    David Popovic 9 days ago

    No one:
    Not a single soul:

  • Legend 27
    Legend 27 9 days ago +1

    Anybody tried that recipe? How is it?

  • Julio Andrino
    Julio Andrino 9 days ago

    I been doing this wrong for 24 years 😟

  • Virtual-Zero Zero
    Virtual-Zero Zero 9 days ago

    So basically the UK's scrambled eggs are raw, while in the U.S., they're overcooked? 🤔

  • vishkiller23
    vishkiller23 9 days ago

    But India was tough for gordon

  • Elias RA
    Elias RA 9 days ago +33

    We are going to Lightly season it- Covers the egg with half of the peper 😂