HomeMade Electric Airplane

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
  • aaaannnd now to fly out of ground effect! The homemade airplane does indeed fly! This part 103 electric plane has probably been my craziest build yet!
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  • FliteTest
    FliteTest 5 days ago +1458

    Absolutely amazing Peter! You must be on cloud 9... Now we need to bring the paramotors down and do some flying! Keep going my friend! -Alex

    • Youexterminated Bruh
      Youexterminated Bruh 10 hours ago

      FliteTest he should make the wings out of a type of metal

    • Diamonddog Rider
      Diamonddog Rider Day ago

      hy ground affect when you can fly

    • Mordon2
      Mordon2 3 days ago +1

      Speed Build Kit?

    • Travis Craig
      Travis Craig 3 days ago


    • beingatliberty
      beingatliberty 3 days ago

      now youve flown yourself in your own machine, surely manned flight is now where its at for you from this point onward ?

  • Michelle Dana
    Michelle Dana 6 minutes ago

    good music

  • Abel Ladeau
    Abel Ladeau Hour ago

    If you need help painting btw I paint cars I'll make the drive to paint that for you I'm near Youngstown

  • Abel Ladeau
    Abel Ladeau Hour ago +1

    I was at EAA Oshkosh today and I was thinking peters plane NEEDS to be here in the pioneer section of the museum you're not the first electric plane but definitely the best I've seen thus far!

  • Tanner JS
    Tanner JS Hour ago

    I cannot believe you actually flew that plane! Did you even go to flight school!?

  • sebastian cipolat
    sebastian cipolat 2 hours ago

    amazing! great job.

  • Charlie Bowman
    Charlie Bowman 2 hours ago

    I love this guy and his dog also! The airplane is absolutely delicious. Genius!

  • NoblenessDee
    NoblenessDee 2 hours ago

    Fun stuff bro.... How about A Indoor "bladeless" circle fan type of setup ????????????????????

  • Copernileo
    Copernileo 3 hours ago

    Hey peter, i'm into making something similar, what are the props are you using or recommend ? Also what is the thickness of the foam and the thickness of the wood? Thanks!!!

    SHAWN BLOCK 3 hours ago

    Peter Man, your the Coolest Dude Man.

  • Nyneer
    Nyneer 3 hours ago

    I wonder what precautions and rules he had to go though with the FAA

  • Ayenz fpv
    Ayenz fpv 3 hours ago

    you are amazing man..i wan to be like you😁😁

  • Tachanka Chanka
    Tachanka Chanka 4 hours ago

    The Wright brothers started off with essentially kites, wood and cloth, and built their own engine
    Anyone can, that’s if they care enough

  • Jamcof
    Jamcof 5 hours ago

    Add some lights: strobes, beacon, nav lights, AND LOGO :D

  • SuperPlushiePlanet
    SuperPlushiePlanet 5 hours ago

    It’s pretty hard to believe you ONLY have 408k subs, people show respect for this amazing youtuber. He should have over 10mil by now!

  • EndingJaguar 380
    EndingJaguar 380 5 hours ago +1


  • monochrom
    monochrom 5 hours ago

    It's a dream.

  • Adrian Dumitrache
    Adrian Dumitrache 7 hours ago

    man ,can you give me the dimensions you used fot the airplane ?

  • Seieki Akuma
    Seieki Akuma 8 hours ago

    This is fucking amazing!! Coming up with this all on your own? So much progress to accomplish something like this.. who knows what else you can do!!

  • Piotr
    Piotr 8 hours ago +1

    This guy built a fucking airplane 😂

  • VinnyFPV
    VinnyFPV 8 hours ago

    This is how I want to die. Something failing on my homebuilt airplane.

  • Rafael2884
    Rafael2884 9 hours ago

    Didn't expect this to fly

  • Matt Stockton
    Matt Stockton 9 hours ago

    Legendary job!

  • Mario Roberts
    Mario Roberts 10 hours ago

    You've absolutely killed it with this 1 lol definitely set the benchmark

  • SeeTheCity
    SeeTheCity 10 hours ago

    3:04 the most butt clenching moment in Battle field 1. Like if you agree

  • Thorsten kotroba
    Thorsten kotroba 11 hours ago

    Blutet a plane anadaone

    TITAN G4MER 11 hours ago

    Ele so sobe isso

  • The DIY Science Guy
    The DIY Science Guy 12 hours ago

    This is really really really really really really really really awesome!!!!!!

  • pieter pretorius
    pieter pretorius 12 hours ago

    i thinking of trying to replicate this amazing electric machine in the xplane 11 flight simulator but need actual proper specs like:
    motor horse power, weights and center of mass, center of lift and center of thrust positions. wing span would also be use full

  • Dewey Davenport
    Dewey Davenport 12 hours ago

    Peter, congratulations and job well done. I am proud of your accomplishments in so many ways. First off you have opened up another dimension in flying. This allows people to dream and go beyond the dream. You are the definition of being a Pioneer. Dr Lewis Jackson would be proud. #petersripoltvshow

  • Frederico Lopes
    Frederico Lopes 12 hours ago


  • joey garcia
    joey garcia 12 hours ago

    Make an RC track for lightweight RC by applying Gabriel Dawe's rainbow string art concept. Use thick strings and lay thick fabric on top of the "track"

  • Christian Saludes
    Christian Saludes 12 hours ago

    Great pilot

  • Jani Lovrenčak
    Jani Lovrenčak 12 hours ago

    kamikaze :D

  • moussa balla keita
    moussa balla keita 13 hours ago

    Wooow!!! You have my respect PeterSripol

  • Silvio Barbero
    Silvio Barbero 14 hours ago

    Wow! Great job, greetings from Italy.

  • robflyrc
    robflyrc 14 hours ago

    It is amazing thing. What is maximum flight time? Can you do few circles around airfield at once?

  • Chris S-D
    Chris S-D 15 hours ago

    Wow respect guys that's so amazing !!

  • E. Sebastiaan Heerooms
    E. Sebastiaan Heerooms 16 hours ago

    Can you make a toy car with an actual rocket engine on it like in rocket leage

  • tecnoavancespbb
    tecnoavancespbb 16 hours ago

    In total... how much you calculate that costs all the materials

  • UAVfutures
    UAVfutures 17 hours ago


  • hyqhyp
    hyqhyp 17 hours ago

    First letter W. Last letter W. Middle letter O. Exclamation mark.

  • Jhon Doux
    Jhon Doux 18 hours ago

    I am disgusted with myself.... I just noticed I haven't subscribed yet

  • Luis Mario
    Luis Mario 18 hours ago


  • Lucas the stone dragon
    Lucas the stone dragon 18 hours ago

    It looks like a full size toy aircraft :-O *amazed*

  • Christopher
    Christopher 19 hours ago

    Couple of questions; would solar panels on the wings help at all? Have you tried to contact Elon? Cheers!

  • Konstantin Kolotov
    Konstantin Kolotov 19 hours ago


  • doh1976
    doh1976 22 hours ago

    This is great. Build a starship next. =)

  • Hammer ToeNail
    Hammer ToeNail 23 hours ago +1


  • RC FPV Chelyabinsk
    RC FPV Chelyabinsk 23 hours ago

    Привет из России! Очень крутой самолет:)

  • Root Beer
    Root Beer Day ago

    My sister had a dog named Lucky. He was a runt. Cutest little puppy. My sister's ex boyfriend crushed Lucky to death under his SUV's tire. :(

  • Hein Zin
    Hein Zin Day ago

    Wooooo AMAZING .. PETER Good Job Man .. (y)

  • legionbunny
    legionbunny Day ago

    out of all the royalty free music in the world
    fucking why
    why this fucking song.

  • Hat Man
    Hat Man Day ago

    If you welded some metal cooling fins on the motor, or devised some other lightweight active cooling, you could get the motors to operate at a higher power setting for a longer time

  • Ricky Racer- Aidan Henson

    That is so freaking cool!!!!!!! I wanna build one!!

  • Llaneel Yort
    Llaneel Yort Day ago

    I remember reading an really really really old article in popular science magazine about how people will be flying to work in 50 years. Things have been overly complicated by lawyers, political figures and interest groups.

  • Schluesselmensch

    I applaud your decision to wear a helmet. I'm curious about the string/strap around the nose on the aircraft, what is that? Very enjoyable video.

  • David Manger
    David Manger Day ago

    You rock!!!!! So awesome!

  • MARVIN  Thomas
    MARVIN Thomas Day ago

    Congratulations Peter on you accomplishment, how long will it take you to fly to Airventure 2018? Haha!!

  • KingDeckReviews
    KingDeckReviews Day ago

    Are you an Aerospace engineer???! I love your work, I plan to become an aerospace engineer..

  • kd8poi
    kd8poi Day ago +1

    Holy shit. You did it!

  • sandspar
    sandspar Day ago

    You don't see that everyday! Nicely Done !

  • Gettin Radd & Fuggin Bustn

    131 people are just mad that it worked. Nice job man, pretty awesome !

  • Vince Stubbs
    Vince Stubbs Day ago

    Congratulations. Impressive. Love the dog.

  • puddingpimp
    puddingpimp Day ago

    You should have two banks of batteries (a small and a large) with a switch to go to reserve bank if something goes wrong with the main bank. Then you know for sure when your battery is drained, you still have reserve. You don't want to get caught out because a cell went bad since last time you flew.

  • Corrupted
    Corrupted Day ago

    I have never seen such a STUNNING! Act before Great Job Peter keep it going.

  • Austin Arnold
    Austin Arnold Day ago

    You should try making a small RC submarine. And then try making a large version that you could ride in and be able to drive it underwater.

  • shinukism shnuck

    i fucking hate that outro

  • shinukism shnuck

    meanwhile in yemen

  • TechKnowCSS
    TechKnowCSS Day ago

    As a child in the 60s-70s I started RC in 74 I KNEW THIS WAS POSSIBLE. Thank you for proof. I had many great Ideas as you do, Please contact me for details on my other ideas you may use for your platform.

  • 𝑩𝒓𝒖𝒕𝒂𝒍 𝑨𝒔𝒔 𝑴𝒂𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒓

    If you're ever looking for some CC music, there's plenty on here: soundcloud.com/protocat

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike Day ago

    Song at 3:10 ??

  • 1041ferret
    1041ferret Day ago

    I rate this plane 9/11

  • kissben
    kissben Day ago

    Congratulations, what a fantastic project.  I'd love to make an electric plane.

  • Durbrukh
    Durbrukh Day ago

    pls dont die! I like your vids

  • aoxilus
    aoxilus Day ago

    what about incorporating a pixhawk for autonomous flight?

  • aoxilus
    aoxilus Day ago

    now make it RC!

  • Jester Waterwizard

    Well done mate! amazing , really proud of you dude

  • R0ck3t_101
    R0ck3t_101 Day ago

    when are you going to build a float/sea plane??

  • arnom6057
    arnom6057 Day ago

    Hi Peter,
    Man, this is a great project and great videos! Thank you for the fun watching this. Many us have been dreaming of this since we were little kids.
    Respect! In the video you said something about a lighter version of a rescue parachute. If you do not want a hand thrown version like I use with my paramotor, you may want to take a look at a light ballistic version for paramotor trikes from the German paramotor manafacturer Fresh Breeze: www.fresh-breeze.de/en/products/accessoires/rocket-rescure.html
    It weighs about 6,5 Kgs, but is not very cheap.
    Please continue, as I am looking forward to a video from the clouds ;)
    Regards, Arno

  • GunPilot64
    GunPilot64 Day ago

    Amazing job. Designed, engineered, constructed, test flown. And in a crazy short timeframe. Big kudos to you Peter!

  • Mr Steele
    Mr Steele Day ago

    AMAZING PETER!!! That thing looks way to fun man. Congrats on finishing that project and opening up a whole new can of worms ;)

  • Ricardo Trujillo

    Peter, is there any way you could share a list of the powertrain components you used? I have a Minimax that I want to convert to electric. Thanks and congrats!

  • acidcrawl
    acidcrawl Day ago

    How much did you spend on this in total, if you don't take into account what was donated?

  • indoor vapers
    indoor vapers Day ago

    Is this real cause if it is im going to make one.

  • Northern Flyer
    Northern Flyer Day ago

    Great stuff Peter!

  • Nikolaos Karountzos


  • The golde Ingot
    The golde Ingot Day ago

    You are amazing!

  • Ton Verkleij
    Ton Verkleij Day ago

    Why pusher props? They make more noise and are less effective than tractor props.

  • Rohan Sully
    Rohan Sully Day ago

    solid effort Peter!! happy flying!

  • Bullet Isaac
    Bullet Isaac Day ago

    change the small two small engine to big one!

  • Doran Jaffas
    Doran Jaffas Day ago

    Another note here real quick about model airplanes.
    Years ago a friend of mine bought plans for an SE5A. He looked at them, rolled them up and put them away. Then he went out and bought a Sig model airplane kit of the same airplane and used those plans to build his SE5A. His workmanship was spectacular and the airplane is still flying and draws attention wherever it goes. It has been proven over and over again that model airplanes are an extremely good testing ground for full size aircraft. Anyone that tells you otherwise frankly needs more education. Again, a beautiful job and thank you to all those who helped you put this video together!

  • Doran Jaffas
    Doran Jaffas Day ago

    I just watched this. As an experimental airplane pilot and almost extreme enthusiast ( ask my wife ) CONGRATULATIONS are definitely in order.
    Has E.A.A. Headquarters seen this? Anyone that has built models usually can build a really nice full size bird. You are more proof of that.
    Also... Superb video. The best out there in my opinion. Absolutely Wonderful TEAM WORK.
    Are there plans for this bird? You have taken the electric airplane a major step forward to " average" pocket books and melded old school looks with modern technology. Very well done.
    I am also interested in your ballistic parachute if you care to contact me at:
    Doran Jaffas
    Central Lower Michigan
    Pilot...33 plus years

  • Constant Throwing

    I'm here making memes and you're there making planes.

  • iMeMySelf
    iMeMySelf Day ago

    This guy is the Einstein of UAVs, nothing is impossible to him lol

  • Rich77UK
    Rich77UK Day ago

    ONLY in America is this allowable. The laws and regulations i would busted apart doing this in Europe is unreal.

  • Ben Islip
    Ben Islip Day ago

    Well done Peter!

  • Bernhart Dambacher

    what an achievement !!! if you were to make a total sum , how much do you think the plane cost you to make ?

  • xDrone.rs
    xDrone.rs Day ago

    all the complements !
    bravo !
    thats what this hobby is about !