HomeMade Electric Airplane

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
  • aaaannnd now to fly out of ground effect! The homemade airplane does indeed fly! This part 103 electric plane has probably been my craziest build yet!
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    3195 Dayton xenia RD STE 900
    Beavercreek OH 45434
    ThefatRat-Xenogenisis (credit Tasty records)
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  • FliteTest
    FliteTest 5 months ago +2727

    Absolutely amazing Peter! You must be on cloud 9... Now we need to bring the paramotors down and do some flying! Keep going my friend! -Alex

    • Daniel Lyubchik
      Daniel Lyubchik 25 days ago +1

      Cloud9? CS:GO?

    • praneta mahawar
      praneta mahawar Month ago

      msnpassjan2004 yup there is a number on the battery which says how long the battery will last at a particular rate of drawing amps, for eg 3200 mAH means if an appliance draws only 3.2 amps, it can last for an hour.

    • Roqayyah Abidey
      Roqayyah Abidey Month ago

      FliteTest , congratulations you won , congrats my deep heart

    • 11초 banchan
      11초 banchan 2 months ago

      how many states could it go? if you don't know please make test video

    • cooler FILMS
      cooler FILMS 2 months ago

      I watch both of you!

  • M_Faraday
    M_Faraday 12 hours ago

    All your videos are excellent. Thanks for these!

  • Amitai Medan
    Amitai Medan 13 hours ago

    Big like... You actually flew your own plane model like a plane.... 😛

  • Aidan Geist
    Aidan Geist 19 hours ago

    That was amazing, can't help but subscribe.

  • Neeraj Singh
    Neeraj Singh 23 hours ago

    Which motor do you used ??? In this plane

  • Syaiful Umam
    Syaiful Umam Day ago

    Waww.... Thats realy flight with small Electric motor

  • darkracer125
    darkracer125 Day ago

    get that fucking dog's ass out of your face

  • darkracer125
    darkracer125 Day ago

    if only you werent breaking a whole list of laws

  • atheist _guy0413

    So just build a plane?

  • atheist _guy0413

    This why i fucking love the Internet!!!

  • VZ_ 342
    VZ_ 342 Day ago

    Awesome aircraft!

  • al7aalim
    al7aalim Day ago

    Excellent job. How much did it cost you to build it?

    DICK MARVEL Day ago

    Dude so nice I want to have it why? Because I wanted to be a pilot someday

  • Jurassic Rozzi
    Jurassic Rozzi Day ago

    imagine if he use eclectic jet engines

  • Drawsyves
    Drawsyves 2 days ago

    You should really use solar pannels and it will be perfect

  • exobyte317x astroneer

    Why not put pontoons on so it can land on water

  • Sam06berg -
    Sam06berg - 2 days ago

    I cant believe that thing is homemade!!!!

  • Rock Climber
    Rock Climber 2 days ago

    Dude you're a Genius, I was wondering if todays batteries would do just what you did and you did it thank you're Awesome I had to subscribe right away to check all your video's.

  • Cms 10672
    Cms 10672 2 days ago

    How much power do those engines make

  • Miles Fpv
    Miles Fpv 2 days ago

    Can I fly it fpv 😂

  • JungleKing03
    JungleKing03 3 days ago

    My question is did he Shevardnadze any flight training?

  • Bandorax
    Bandorax 3 days ago

    Do you need a license to fly this?

    JJ 2 FLYFORU 3 days ago

    What would happen if you put floats on the plane

  • Will Asproth
    Will Asproth 3 days ago

    Your who I want to be like when I’m older

  • Haza VS Games
    Haza VS Games 3 days ago

    Why didn't you use a car battery then you could fly for a Lot longer

  • HitMerKerz PS3D
    HitMerKerz PS3D 3 days ago

    How is the structure of the plane able to fly and carry your weight with only two propellers

  • HitMerKerz PS3D
    HitMerKerz PS3D 3 days ago

    Wow, I wish I have this

  • Manuel Scherrer
    Manuel Scherrer 3 days ago

    Build and fly in a bassment ? The expirience is no problem but flying in the bassment might be.

  • Landen Sippel
    Landen Sippel 3 days ago

    Can you log this as multi time? asking for a friend

  • Hung Tran
    Hung Tran 4 days ago


  • Denys Poyner
    Denys Poyner 4 days ago

    Would ducted fans be more (efficient) just a thought.

  • daniel99oslo randome stuff!!!!

    That there was crazy! good job!

  • prop maker
    prop maker 4 days ago

    LOL amazing

  • Omindu Senaruka
    Omindu Senaruka 4 days ago

    I am getting many expirians from you peter. I am also making a plane like you.my name is omindu. I am 13 years old.i am from sri lanka please peter. Send your number to me. I want to get some more expireans from you. So please care my message peter......

  • RC films
    RC films 4 days ago

    great job

  • The fluffy bear gaming

    So did you need to register this plane?

  • Mariya Risu
    Mariya Risu 4 days ago

    nice video please subscribe back

  • Nick O
    Nick O 4 days ago

    How long does the battery last?

  • Hal
    Hal 4 days ago

    Contratulations! did you designed your aircraft from scratch or used other's blueprints? did you have previous flying training? what was the total project's budget? (if you want to share) thanks.

  • Rdawgs
    Rdawgs 4 days ago +1

    No way I want to fly that so badly

  • AriVovp
    AriVovp 5 days ago

    Oh awesome. Can i buy one from you guys? The Asian Wright brother finally make it! :D

  • Branson Costa
    Branson Costa 5 days ago

    Lol I would buy that plane for 50k jk these rich people buying stuff...

  • Eamon Shields
    Eamon Shields 5 days ago

    Amazing !!

  • Kalil Vera martinez
    Kalil Vera martinez 5 days ago

    Congratulations! by the way Do you have any drawings of the plane?

  • Odin_Vlogg
    Odin_Vlogg 6 days ago

    That so coool!!!!

  • Nathan Zhang
    Nathan Zhang 6 days ago

    Hey Ryanair, hire Peter as a pilot. He can butter a landing with a plane with stuff glued from Home Depot, yet your pilots can’t land a 737.

  • William Parmenter
    William Parmenter 6 days ago

    Unbelievably Incredible!😱😅👌🏻

  • WafflesAreAwsome 69
    WafflesAreAwsome 69 6 days ago

    Good job

    LUIS-AWW 6 days ago

    wooow estoy flipando en colores saludos peterSripol

  • pokemaster 2D7
    pokemaster 2D7 6 days ago

    OMG I flew 😲😲

  • Guter Preuße
    Guter Preuße 6 days ago

    Add a mg

  • Kapow Gaming
    Kapow Gaming 6 days ago

    You should put fireworks on the wings an shoot them at ground targets. I would definitely like to see that.

  • Cmdr Unkownkiller
    Cmdr Unkownkiller 6 days ago

    dat land tho

  • Babar Javed
    Babar Javed 7 days ago

    plz give me your whatsapp number plz plz

  • Babar Javed
    Babar Javed 7 days ago

    Give me a wabside for rotomax motor 1500cc wings plz

  • 차원붕가기
    차원붕가기 7 days ago

    Nice landing HAHAHAHA Was definitely softer than my cessna landing lol

  • Rana Usman
    Rana Usman 7 days ago

    absolutely annoying music but great work! you didn't wear any safety? It's like gambling your life on few pieces of wood.

  • Tristan the LEGO guy
    Tristan the LEGO guy 7 days ago +1


  • Theofficial_Gamer
    Theofficial_Gamer 7 days ago

    Next you should make a gas airplane

  • Adrian Valbuena
    Adrian Valbuena 7 days ago

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!That was awesome!!! DIY Master king!!!!!!!

  • Budi Aryo
    Budi Aryo 7 days ago

    ae bro make that thing could land on water !!! i would be cool!!!

  • Sergej Nadaždin
    Sergej Nadaždin 8 days ago

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... It's Peter...

  • peter 26
    peter 26 8 days ago


  • Gaming Notice
    Gaming Notice 8 days ago

    Erst dachte ich es sei Clickbait aber er hat es wirklich gemacht!

  • Thecounterpart A
    Thecounterpart A 8 days ago

    this has inspired me i will attempt to fly as well! BREAKING NEWS MAN GET'S GENITALLIA CUT OFF BY HOMEADE AIRPLANE.

  • Thegamered
    Thegamered 8 days ago

    Is this legal XD

  • Floating Pine
    Floating Pine 9 days ago

    The Poeing ---- the poor Boeing

  • Tananchai Dabing
    Tananchai Dabing 9 days ago

    Make a tank rc thatr can fly

  • Ken Javor
    Ken Javor 9 days ago

    What is total KW, static thrust developed, and gross weight of plane?

  • Zordeaux
    Zordeaux 9 days ago

    Well, Now you own a good plane.

  • kyren clayton
    kyren clayton 9 days ago


  • Lil' Legit
    Lil' Legit 9 days ago

    I think you need to put a solar panel so it can recharge while flying?

  • Tis Oosterholt
    Tis Oosterholt 9 days ago

    Witter pleen

  • LauriraDog
    LauriraDog 9 days ago

    Better than the wright flyer tho...

  • Jason Creech
    Jason Creech 10 days ago

    Like a Boss

  • Conrad Hamel
    Conrad Hamel 10 days ago


  • Larry George
    Larry George 10 days ago

    I want to see this again

  • 소크
    소크 10 days ago

    Make it RC

  • Scriptminer
    Scriptminer 10 days ago

    That is simply awesome!!! Well done!

  • Ari Baker
    Ari Baker 10 days ago

    Just found these vids, sooo cool. btw awesome song choice, no amazing song choice. I do not know the song either it just goes sooo sweet with the video.

  • bicanoo_magic
    bicanoo_magic 10 days ago

    NO BS. I never thought I'd ever see an electric plane in my lifetime...let alone a backyard build of one! I can see you've got the hang of it now so banged that sub button just like my ex!!!

  • Ayaan Ayaan Rishmy
    Ayaan Ayaan Rishmy 10 days ago

    Make it able to land on water😉

  • Jones Matthew
    Jones Matthew 10 days ago

    Good for you Peter!!! I'm so glad to see you accomplish this!!!

  • Lol Vids
    Lol Vids 10 days ago

    This is fantastic! Well done Peter!

  • MechTools
    MechTools 10 days ago

    Your dog is too lazy Pete!!

  • averagecoasterenthusiast

    Can I have it?

  • k
    k 11 days ago

    But what if your wing will release while flying?

  • 김동현
    김동현 11 days ago


  • focex movies
    focex movies 12 days ago

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  • Astronaut 13
    Astronaut 13 12 days ago

    Nice drone shots

  • Ck Panganiban
    Ck Panganiban 12 days ago

    U did good ur good at making that electronic things ah keep going I'm going to support you

  • praneta mahawar
    praneta mahawar 12 days ago

    As for the speed, I would suggest a switch from the biplane configuration to the monoplane configuration with the same total wingspan as the two wings on the biplane. But still you are awesome Pete...👍

  • عندنا فضائية

    you must get licence to fly or not because it electric plane ???? 😆

  • عندنا فضائية

    so good

  • RCmaniac
    RCmaniac 12 days ago

    You are so inspiring! I'm totally going to that when I'm older!!!!

  • Lida Silver
    Lida Silver 12 days ago

    Man I want to try an ultra-light but I have to be do I have to be 18 and up to do that kind of stuff because I am only 13 years old and I want to fly an ultra-light is it risky to build one and fly one

  • pavan chaudhari
    pavan chaudhari 13 days ago

    good job, like it people

  • Happy Chickens
    Happy Chickens 13 days ago

    The Best chanelL in TVclip !

  • kenzo Calascalau
    kenzo Calascalau 13 days ago

    Saya sangat gila dengan mini pesawat seperti ini.... i love. Love love

  • Razer Bl4de
    Razer Bl4de 13 days ago

    Absolute madlad