HomeMade Electric Airplane

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
  • aaaannnd now to fly out of ground effect! The homemade airplane does indeed fly! This part 103 electric plane has probably been my craziest build yet!
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  • FliteTest
    FliteTest Year ago +3999

    Absolutely amazing Peter! You must be on cloud 9... Now we need to bring the paramotors down and do some flying! Keep going my friend! -Alex

    • Anthony McDonald
      Anthony McDonald 19 hours ago

      Y'all should do one of these

    • True love Katyusha
      True love Katyusha 9 days ago

      Because i'm a kid

    • True love Katyusha
      True love Katyusha 9 days ago

      FliteTest, uhmm.... my problem is The Crazy plane din't started

    • ResumeRobin.com
      ResumeRobin.com 2 months ago

      how far is that gonna go? a kilometer ... need a gas engine to make it useful

    • Nyneer
      Nyneer 3 months ago

      "would die to live somewhere" XDXDXDDXDXDXD

  • Tim Chitpatima
    Tim Chitpatima 30 minutes ago

    Are you an ABT (American Born Thai)? Proud of you and your great accomplishment

  • Harry Canary
    Harry Canary Hour ago

    Very impressive !Looks like fun !
    You should be proud of this big project.

  • EnlightenedSavage
    EnlightenedSavage 3 hours ago

    The most dangerous thing on that plane is the wheels. I am part of ppprs which races homemade electric carts . Many of us have tried to use those wheels and they are nothing but trouble. Besides blowing up the rims themselves will also break. Replace those ASAP.

  • john. wayne
    john. wayne 4 hours ago

    Dude you are tha man heck yes I love it 😍😍 now I wanna build one

  • thatcher
    thatcher 7 hours ago

    Can you register that?

  • anant navgire
    anant navgire 7 hours ago

    On Battery this is extremely difficult

  • siebe w
    siebe w 7 hours ago


  • tiger Steel
    tiger Steel 10 hours ago


  • Mgraemem
    Mgraemem 10 hours ago

    Very cool. A prestigious engineering university should grant a large scholarship for you!

  • Brwin Mirrow
    Brwin Mirrow 12 hours ago

    Every airplane needs name please drop like if you do pick a name

  • bigpappahemi426
    bigpappahemi426 12 hours ago

    The FAA is PISSED!! LOL

  • Bogboy 1992
    Bogboy 1992 12 hours ago

    Absolutely incredible!

  • Bobby B Bobu 69
    Bobby B Bobu 69 13 hours ago

    elon musky wants to know your location, peter

  • Quinton P. Young III
    Quinton P. Young III 13 hours ago

    Totally COOL !!!!!!! Congratulations; so inspiring Thank You from a fellow Earthling

  • Daniel Rakowski
    Daniel Rakowski 13 hours ago

    That’s just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Kevin Kanak
    Kevin Kanak 14 hours ago

    Hey Peter! What made you opt for pushing design motors instead of pulling design? Just curious.

  • laraki
    laraki 15 hours ago

    Expected Title: "How I died in my home-made aircraft". Pleasantly surprised.

  • Jon Hohensee
    Jon Hohensee 15 hours ago

    Seems AWFULLY risky.

  • Roquejo
    Roquejo 15 hours ago

    The Brothers make the first plane 1903 Colorized

  • E Santana
    E Santana 16 hours ago

    close to 20 ft very good progress

  • GEN. Newbies
    GEN. Newbies 17 hours ago

    If you guys ever do anything more insane than this, and need a crash-test pilot, let me know!

  • Andrew Payonk
    Andrew Payonk 17 hours ago

    Well done

  • Sotha Kem
    Sotha Kem 18 hours ago

    What your dog ass smell like?I like to smell it to.

  • Adam Carpender
    Adam Carpender 19 hours ago

    Awesome plan adorable dog

  • Super GANjaH LEaf
    Super GANjaH LEaf 20 hours ago

    Thiz iz what youtube iz all about man!!!

  • Goodol'boys
    Goodol'boys 20 hours ago

    Wow that is so awesome! I’ve always wanted to build a home made plane and fly it!

  • Brian notafan
    Brian notafan 20 hours ago

    i cant wait till you get your hands on a turbocharger and build the first homemade jet

  • Brian notafan
    Brian notafan 20 hours ago

    keep up the good work you remind me of myself when i was in my 20s any thing that flys gave me a woody

  • The Mystic Griffin
    The Mystic Griffin 21 hour ago


  • Why Me
    Why Me 22 hours ago

    What would be cool if you build a drone big enough to carry two people in tandem.

  • James Nelson
    James Nelson 22 hours ago

    Believe i walked around this plane at oshkosh but it still wasnt painted.. So amazing! i dono if i woulda had the guts to fly it tho!

  • Antonius Anonimus
    Antonius Anonimus 23 hours ago

    But where you find building plants for the aircraft?

  • Rex Morgan
    Rex Morgan Day ago

    Amazing. Awesome work.

  • Douglas Quaid
    Douglas Quaid Day ago

    Flight of the phoenix

  • dano
    dano Day ago

    i have watched this video (the flying parts) thee times now and i get high each and every time!!!!!!! cant imagine how you felt throughout the fly ts!! amazing!! just sayin x2

  • Sigma Mahameru
    Sigma Mahameru Day ago

    OMG... I want to do this too

  • Wintlink
    Wintlink Day ago

    Waouh it' sur AMAZING

  • Jeffery Trevathan

    How does your dog's butt smell?

  • kenneth ryder
    kenneth ryder Day ago

    This is awesome man!

  • Giuseppe Vernese

    impressive as hell!

  • Ed Ayres
    Ed Ayres Day ago

    How Long Will This Plane Fly On One Charge?????

  • team prankster
    team prankster Day ago

    Youre so smart

  • BestViewedWithCable

    I bet it has a tiny radar cross signature..... Totally stealth !!!

  • shre mes
    shre mes Day ago

    Idea: Dangerous but would be fun to watch; Build 2 and have a dogefight

    ROTAXD Day ago

    Ok, I'm not exactly into flying...but I'm extremely impressed. You burned through 1/2 the batteries capacity...how much time were you actually airborne ? I'm assuming a second bank of batts could be added in paralel to extend flight times ?

  • jcatl
    jcatl Day ago

    It's really wonderful.

  • Motorized Junk
    Motorized Junk Day ago

    Wait how long of a flight did you get?
    I think what you just figured out is that electric/brushless in a part 105 is actually cheaper with longer flight times and better range
    From one arfcommer to another, rock on brother!

  • Danny Zurlo
    Danny Zurlo Day ago

    That's just frikkin awesome bro!

  • alphatrion100
    alphatrion100 Day ago

    Keep safe man

  • Larry Ahee
    Larry Ahee Day ago

    You're amazing I never doubted you at any time I knew you can pull it off great job!

  • explore your mind

    You sir are radical

  • Arnold vd M
    Arnold vd M Day ago

    Good looking airplane.
    What I don't understand about this airplane is the force of the low pressure.
    You created a low pressure behind the airplane instead above the wings.
    It works but it's different than other airplanes.
    Most of the airplanes want a very low pressure above the wings.

  • Les Markiewicz
    Les Markiewicz Day ago


  • A Skaare
    A Skaare Day ago


  • Trevor p
    Trevor p Day ago

    Put solar panels on wings

  • Mikey B
    Mikey B Day ago

    Man your a cool dude . You tube is an amazing place. Thanks for sharing your creations really inspiring . Keep up the good work .

  • Brian Melum
    Brian Melum Day ago +1

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

  • Kevin nonyobusiness

    imagine like hey mom and dad look what i just built

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown Day ago

    Your a bright kid not lazy and chasing dreams!! Wish best for you!!!

  • Mark Griffis Jr
    Mark Griffis Jr 2 days ago

    One word. DOPE!

  • Gromium
    Gromium 2 days ago

    Man I love this channel keep up the great work Peter

  • Above _
    Above _ 2 days ago

    Amaizing Work! Keep it UP!

  • Charlie D
    Charlie D 2 days ago

    got any hobbies?
    "sometimes i build planes in my garage"

  • Justin Ray
    Justin Ray 2 days ago

    You are a genius

  • Keith Long
    Keith Long 2 days ago

    That's just amazing RC powered plane that a human can pilot freaking awesome man you and your family and friends are always in my prayer and the world also love everyone the key to Life Is Love your friend Keith from Asheville North Carolina just a young country boy LOL trying to come up big in the world

  • Popinmo
    Popinmo 2 days ago +2

    Ok i have no experiance I wanna build a electric p51

  • Zephnir Hoodsmash
    Zephnir Hoodsmash 2 days ago

    Where I live this will get you in prison

  • Greg Pavitt
    Greg Pavitt 2 days ago

    That's pretty cool... The Wright brothers would be Mighty proud

  • reyza hadi
    reyza hadi 2 days ago

    how much thrust you need to makes this fly?

  • GammaWave
    GammaWave 2 days ago

    That was awesome but absolutely stupid and the most dangerous thing I've seen

  • Miller Built
    Miller Built 2 days ago

    you should put model jet engines on it

  • ReefleksPlayz
    ReefleksPlayz 2 days ago

    Is this tax evasion?

  • Luke Hay
    Luke Hay 2 days ago

    Do u have to have a FAA part 103 license

  • Clayton Mcminn
    Clayton Mcminn 3 days ago

    How much of the AC 43-30 did you guys use?

  • Clayton Mcminn
    Clayton Mcminn 3 days ago

    Flight of the Phoenix .... model airplanes are the same...

  • Jay Man055
    Jay Man055 3 days ago

    This man the new Wright brother

  • Sodium Hypochlorite
    Sodium Hypochlorite 3 days ago

    How much did this cost to make?

  • Jack Combrink
    Jack Combrink 3 days ago

    what is the highest altitude

  • Will Treaty
    Will Treaty 3 days ago

    efsenesin abicim

  • Fucked Gplus
    Fucked Gplus 3 days ago

    How to fly for less than 10k

  • Techcreations
    Techcreations 4 days ago

    Great man
    Rc hobby is awesome

  • Barry Young
    Barry Young 4 days ago

    Bravo Peter. Nice work. Love your channel. Now it's about time to take a pissπŸ’¦ on my neighbors shrubs🌿 and drop a turd on their porchπŸ’©

  • To the skys
    To the skys 4 days ago

    hi peter I was wondering why your in front of the wing I am making a sky pup style airplane and was just wondering ,also you could have made a shorter fuselage with larger control surfaces

  • Snurge
    Snurge 4 days ago

    He’s gotten so big!

  • oxman0313
    oxman0313 4 days ago

    I went away for a little while and came back to see you out there literally and figuratively spreading your wings. From Flight Test to here, awesome sauce. Go get it.

  • James Madden segura
    James Madden segura 4 days ago

    I know it has been almost a year since this video was uploaded, but does anyone know how much money did it cost to build this airplane?

  • Mugua Panda
    Mugua Panda 4 days ago

    Where did you buy the propellers?

  • Phillip Flanders
    Phillip Flanders 4 days ago

    Congratulations Peter.

  • Abishan Design Xpert

    Bro have purchased every items you listed. But cab you please show off a full video about how to make a flying rc plane please?

    LANI HARFISANI 5 days ago

    Your are danger for airplan company bro...

  • Funny Show
    Funny Show 5 days ago

    Great jobπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Ratna Dewi
    Ratna Dewi 5 days ago

    for helicopter that can fit one person

  • twitch.tv/whos_nathan

    boy am i jelious

    i want dat

    GINGER HALL 5 days ago +3

    This guy deserves 1mil like if u agreeπŸ‘

    GINGER HALL 5 days ago +3


  • NonSane
    NonSane 5 days ago

    I really wanna ride that

  • Bella Ivanyuk
    Bella Ivanyuk 5 days ago

    Attach airsoft guns

  • Tejas Rajan
    Tejas Rajan 5 days ago

    I have only four words to explain this dude... A God Damn Magician!!!!

  • El tres piernas.
    El tres piernas. 6 days ago

    This is beautiful.