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  • ON TAPE ;_;
    ON TAPE ;_; 3 days ago

    0:20 when you say ground cumin i thought you said human. xD

  • Zivago Bunting
    Zivago Bunting 25 days ago

    Nice and simple.

  • EPA Sketch
    EPA Sketch 27 days ago

    This approach worked really well, though I kept mine in a little longer. I also did a totally different seasoning, but I was really interested in this video for the approach. If anyone's curious, I used thyme, mustard powder, oregano, sage, garlic powder, and onion powder. It turned out really well! Using the cold butter, versus how I usually just take a piece of room-temperature butter, made a huge difference in the pan sauce texture.

  • Woe Trice
    Woe Trice Month ago

    I hate cumin it makes u stink

  • Lee Davey
    Lee Davey Month ago

    Gonna try this one this weekend, very excited. I think I'll use the Traeger for the oven cook with asparagus. Thanks for posting.

  • Gerwin Bergsma
    Gerwin Bergsma 2 months ago

    "Healty"... Adds sugar

    • EPA Sketch
      EPA Sketch 27 days ago

      Sugar is not nearly the horrible thing people make it out to be.

  • Kilo Kilo
    Kilo Kilo 2 months ago +4

    Call it a broth

  • Christopher John Connor

    You dint say what temp the oven is

    • keneblana
      keneblana 3 months ago +1

      They did, 375 but I'd go with 450

  • Yogurt Man
    Yogurt Man 3 months ago +5

    Its 1:25 am right now.... what am I doing with my life

  • Sayuri
    Sayuri 3 months ago

    Rub ingredients:
    teaspoon pepper
    tsp salt
    tsp cumin
    tsp brown sugar

  • gvstradamvs
    gvstradamvs 4 months ago +13

    Please, do yourself a favor and work on eliminating that 'rising intonation' when you speak. It makes everything you say sound like a question? and like you're really unsure of yourself?
    See what i mean?

  • King Slayer
    King Slayer 5 months ago

    When you cook wine or any alcohol doesn’t it lose all alcohol content after cooked??

    • Christina Liew
      Christina Liew 4 months ago

      King Slayer Yes, but it’s not the alcohol content you want, but the liquid, flavors, and sugars from the wine.

  • Rochelle Johnson Cabil
    Rochelle Johnson Cabil 5 months ago +13

    I made this tonight for dinner with roasted potatoes, carrots and onions along with fresh spinach, garlic and lemon juice. The pork tenderloin was juicy, moist and the carmelization of the brown sugar was perfect. We ate and we are better people because of this dish.

  • roshbob
    roshbob 5 months ago

    Is the sauce supposed to be that runny and thin?

    • Michael Kelley
      Michael Kelley 3 months ago +1

      Probably should be reduced down about half to intensify the flavor and pour better onto its intended target.

    • Robert Cheung
      Robert Cheung 4 months ago +1

      Just add some cornstarch to your liking

  • nilsonneto
    nilsonneto 7 months ago

    You guys could show the temperatures in Celsius, since she also said the temperatures in Celsius...

  • 9 months ago

    Great video and info. Thanks! I've never made a Pork Tenderloin... now, I will!

  • szorohov85
    szorohov85 9 months ago

    hi. plz visit in jewish supermarket. they have very intersting kosher fod seperated meet and dairy kosher wines

  • fralican
    fralican 10 months ago

    Why drain excess oil but then add butter? Does it emulsify differently?

    • sombo sombo
      sombo sombo 2 months ago

      Monter au beurre

    • fralican
      fralican 7 months ago

      Thanks, that's what I thought!

    • ApplepieFTW
      ApplepieFTW 7 months ago

      fralican it's unusual to drain the oil; you deglaze, then burn off the alcohol (flambé-esque), then add butter/cream. You can also do as shown, but it's worse.

  • Paras Bendi
    Paras Bendi 10 months ago +2

    Amazing, I loved it ! Like this comment if you loved it and want to try this recipe !