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  • majesticalps
    majesticalps 2 days ago

    You’re so pretty 😊❤️

  • Phil Tron
    Phil Tron 7 days ago

    Got that same stove as you.

  • Marvin Mcmiller
    Marvin Mcmiller 21 day ago

    The only way i cook any meats is my charcoal grill or my smoker. Low and slow..yummy!!!!!!

  • Marvin Mcmiller
    Marvin Mcmiller 21 day ago

    You must try smoked pork tenderloin. Yummy!

  • Swayzeo
    Swayzeo Month ago

    what, no garlic? still looks good

  • Siege
    Siege Month ago

    Good recipe but if you make the sauce it takes to long to reduce the wine i would just add cornstarch if you do the wine the pork will be practically cold by the time your sauce is done.

  • Marian Pantilei
    Marian Pantilei Month ago

    Left it 14 min in the oven at 375 and it was totally raw

    • Gr8 M9ds
      Gr8 M9ds Month ago

      Marian Pantilei: even after searing the exterior? Must had started with a very cold piece of meet.

  • Free 100
    Free 100 2 months ago

    im going to try your method tonight.
    it looks delicious. i dont have a thermometer so that part will be guess work

  • MayuriKurotsuchi
    MayuriKurotsuchi 2 months ago

    Pan seared pork and a sauce to boot! Nice!

  • matt standage
    matt standage 3 months ago

    Have you heard of oven mitts?

  • Lucas Moses-Thomsen
    Lucas Moses-Thomsen 3 months ago

    mannnn she can handle meat

  • pmichael73
    pmichael73 3 months ago

    This is about as fail-safe as recipes get and the result is great. It's the foundation for everyone to do what they like: thin sauce, thick sauce; wine, stock, whisky; cumin, mustard; sugar, honey. . . Start with this basic method and you're away. (Did it say it was great as is?)

  • NoBuddy89
    NoBuddy89 3 months ago +2

    To call that a sauce is quite bold. Its basically melted butter and parsley.

  • Annihilator100 Daymon
    Annihilator100 Daymon 4 months ago


  • mrearlygold
    mrearlygold 4 months ago

    mmmm, nice and dryyyyyyyyyyy

  • Mike Snyder
    Mike Snyder 4 months ago

    Too much prep for me..Marinate in Dale's in a zip lock,grill over charcoal,turn one time,slice end to end into medallions,done deal....

  • Daniel Plowright
    Daniel Plowright 4 months ago +1

    Eh... not so perfect pretty boring. Stuff the tenderloin with Mexican chorizo and a little cream or goat cheese then wrap with bacon, sear bake serve on a bed of sautéed oyster, shiitake and cremini mushroom medley or sautéed spinach using butter and smoked sea salt.

  • ChefGiovanni
    ChefGiovanni 4 months ago

    This was interesting . I got the digital thermometer @ chefdepot.com/therm2.htm

  • Flavius Manu
    Flavius Manu 4 months ago

    Made it today and it was delicious!!!

  • Enderwiggan1
    Enderwiggan1 4 months ago +11

    Nice recipe, but you need to reduce your sauce more.

    • Prof Chaos
      Prof Chaos 4 months ago

      Yeah looks more like a broth

  • B West
    B West 5 months ago

    um... what oven temp did you use???

  • bearpapie69
    bearpapie69 5 months ago

    Most dreadful taste...do not have a clue as a whatever she want to call herself...certainly not a cook...

  • Darrah Peklak
    Darrah Peklak 5 months ago

    Made this tenderloin last night and it was awesome! The cumin and brown sugar were a great combo. The pork came out juicy and flavorful. I did have to cook the pork about 6 minutes longer to get the meat to 140.

  • Name
    Name 5 months ago

    "It's also lean, so it's's healthy"
    Are you implying fat is not healthy? Because that would make you wrong.
    Then you proceed to add suger...

    • Name
      Name 5 months ago

      +Darrah Peklak
      That is out of date information.
      There has never been any study that demonstrates a causal relationship between saturated fat and increased risk of heart attacks etc. most recent studies are showing saturated fat not to be the menace it was once thought to be.
      High cholesterol is not what is causing problems.

    • Darrah Peklak
      Darrah Peklak 5 months ago

      Animal fat is saturated fat. Healthy fats are mono and poly-unsaturated. Saturated fats should be consumed in moderation.

  • TrueHero123
    TrueHero123 5 months ago +3

    Finally, a cooking demonstration where the cook uses a meat thermometer to be 100% sure about the doneness of the meat. Unless you're a professional cook and cook meat on a daily basis, I do not see how the "touching your palm" could be a reliable method.

  • Bobby Frydell
    Bobby Frydell 5 months ago


  • Ernest M
    Ernest M 5 months ago

    Women’s place is in the kitchen however men are way better chefs

  • yabes Entertainment
    yabes Entertainment 5 months ago

    great video thank you! Tasted great!

  • Poguito33
    Poguito33 5 months ago +20

    Do you people realize that the people in these videos are real people. They see your comments, and they react to them, even if they don’t respond. Would you say all the things you comment on the internet to the person, if the person were right in front if you? If not, keep it to yourself next time. She cooked a simple meal, and all most of you did was criticize the way she did it, and criticize her way of talking. I bet all of you are perfect, and cook better than everyone..... 🙄

    • Idi Amin
      Idi Amin 28 days ago

      I read your comment expecting to see a bunch of horrible comments but didn't find any. One person commenting on her tone and a few comments asking her questions about the recipe or criticizing it. None of them seemed overly mean or off topic. Just because they don't word it in the most sensitive way possible doesn't mean it's hate, it's just a bit of constructive criticism.

  • Siege
    Siege 6 months ago

    well a few things how much wine? "Some" Isnt a measurement. also its either less than a 1 1/2 cups or by the time the sauce is done the pork is cold =.= anyway didnt ended up not finishing the sauce because it was taking to long 1 1/2 cups of wine down the drain used a1 the pork was good just wanted to point out that the measurement for that wasnt very specific.

  • Paul Catalano
    Paul Catalano 6 months ago +1

    What kind of wine.. does it make a difference??

    • Paul Catalano
      Paul Catalano 5 months ago

      +Joe Habana ha.. thx joe .. the logic is undeniable

    • Joe Habana
      Joe Habana 5 months ago +1

      If you can have a glass of it and enjoy it then is good to go.

  • Bobby Drake
    Bobby Drake 7 months ago +6

    do yourself a favor, mute the volume, turn on the closed captioning. Her incessant intoning the last 1/3 of each sentence, as though she's constantly asking questions yet actually making statements, is unbearable.
    Closed caption this!

    • ̇ ̇
      ̇ ̇ 3 months ago

      you looked that deep into it you probably coulda focused on what was actually happening are you that dead inside everyone must talk to you in monotone? what kind of music do you listen to? probably some monotone genre where it all sounds that same so you are sure its the kind that you want huh

  • OnTape just a person ok

    0:20 when you say ground cumin i thought you said human. xD

  • Zivago Bunting
    Zivago Bunting 8 months ago

    Nice and simple.

  • EPA Sketch
    EPA Sketch 8 months ago

    This approach worked really well, though I kept mine in a little longer. I also did a totally different seasoning, but I was really interested in this video for the approach. If anyone's curious, I used thyme, mustard powder, oregano, sage, garlic powder, and onion powder. It turned out really well! Using the cold butter, versus how I usually just take a piece of room-temperature butter, made a huge difference in the pan sauce texture.

  • Sniper K
    Sniper K 8 months ago +2

    I hate cumin it makes u stink

    • Club Soda
      Club Soda 3 months ago

      Just shut your mouth you sweaty testicle

  • Lee Davey
    Lee Davey 8 months ago

    Gonna try this one this weekend, very excited. I think I'll use the Traeger for the oven cook with asparagus. Thanks for posting.

  • Gerwin Bergsma
    Gerwin Bergsma 9 months ago +1

    "Healty"... Adds sugar

    • Will Fulkerson
      Will Fulkerson 2 months ago

      came here for this!!!

    • Name
      Name 5 months ago +3

      +EPA Sketch
      Thanks, I particularly enjoyed the detailed and nuanced argument you put forth in your first comment also...

    • EPA Sketch
      EPA Sketch 5 months ago +2

      +Name well, you've convinced me, what an argument

    • Name
      Name 5 months ago +2

      +EPA Sketch
      Yes it is

    • EPA Sketch
      EPA Sketch 8 months ago +5

      Sugar is not nearly the horrible thing people make it out to be.

  • Kilo Kilo
    Kilo Kilo 9 months ago +9

    Call it a broth

  • Chris C
    Chris C 10 months ago

    You dint say what temp the oven is

    • keneblana
      keneblana 10 months ago +1

      They did, 375 but I'd go with 450

  • Yogurt Man
    Yogurt Man 10 months ago +37

    Its 1:25 am right now.... what am I doing with my life

  • Sayuri
    Sayuri 10 months ago +1

    Rub ingredients:
    teaspoon pepper
    tsp salt
    tsp cumin
    tsp brown sugar

  • gvstradamvs
    gvstradamvs 11 months ago +29

    Please, do yourself a favor and work on eliminating that 'rising intonation' when you speak. It makes everything you say sound like a question? and like you're really unsure of yourself?
    See what i mean?

    • Club Soda
      Club Soda 3 months ago

      Just shut up you sweaty testicle

    • ̇ ̇
      ̇ ̇ 3 months ago +2

      no your question marks are ineffective in the real world. this is her way of doing things so its all suggested and, im only explaining that cause you don't seem to understand?
      lol why would she be asking you a question? is this dora? are you that programmed?

    • Júlia da Silva Moreira
      Júlia da Silva Moreira 5 months ago +3

      Oh go fly a kite!

    • sleep depp vegas
      sleep depp vegas 6 months ago +1

      gvstradamvs amen!

  • King Slayer
    King Slayer Year ago

    When you cook wine or any alcohol doesn’t it lose all alcohol content after cooked??

    • Frank Balmer
      Frank Balmer 5 months ago

      No. A percentage of the alcohol remains depending on the method of cooking e.g. flaming or reduction

    • Christina Liew
      Christina Liew 11 months ago

      King Slayer Yes, but it’s not the alcohol content you want, but the liquid, flavors, and sugars from the wine.

  • Rochelle Johnson Cabil

    I made this tonight for dinner with roasted potatoes, carrots and onions along with fresh spinach, garlic and lemon juice. The pork tenderloin was juicy, moist and the carmelization of the brown sugar was perfect. We ate and we are better people because of this dish.

    • finanzas en acción
      finanzas en acción 4 months ago

      u dont put any salt on it right?

    • Joe Habana
      Joe Habana 5 months ago

      Next time glaze the potato and carrots with honey mate, it takes the experience to a while new level

  • roshbob
    roshbob Year ago +7

    Is the sauce supposed to be that runny and thin?

    • stewjd76
      stewjd76 3 months ago

      It's a lighter, French style sauce.

    • Michael Kelley
      Michael Kelley 10 months ago +3

      Probably should be reduced down about half to intensify the flavor and pour better onto its intended target.

    • Robert Cheung
      Robert Cheung 11 months ago +2

      Just add some cornstarch to your liking

  • nilsonneto
    nilsonneto Year ago

    You guys could show the temperatures in Celsius, since she also said the temperatures in Celsius...

  • Crushi! Official Music and Video Channel

    Great video and info. Thanks! I've never made a Pork Tenderloin... now, I will!

  • szorohov85
    szorohov85 Year ago

    hi. plz visit in jewish supermarket. they have very intersting food.like kosher fod seperated meet and dairy kosher wines

  • fralican
    fralican Year ago +4

    Why drain excess oil but then add butter? Does it emulsify differently?

    • sombo sombo
      sombo sombo 10 months ago

      Monter au beurre

    • fralican
      fralican Year ago +1

      Thanks, that's what I thought!

    • ApplepieFTW
      ApplepieFTW Year ago +3

      fralican it's unusual to drain the oil; you deglaze, then burn off the alcohol (flambé-esque), then add butter/cream. You can also do as shown, but it's worse.

  • Paras Bendi
    Paras Bendi Year ago +3

    Amazing, I loved it ! Like this comment if you loved it and want to try this recipe !