Metronomy - Wedding Bells (Later... With Jools Holland)

  • Published on Nov 7, 2019
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    Metronomy perform Wedding Bells on Later… with Jools Holland, BBC Two
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Comments • 28

  • banana rasher
    banana rasher 2 days ago

    How did this make it onto television?

  • Larry Paul
    Larry Paul Month ago

    Boring safe predictable music

  • Christoph Brady
    Christoph Brady Month ago +1

    It’s a really poor attempt at writing a Smashing Pumpkins song

  • Etienne Bunbury
    Etienne Bunbury Month ago

    Rename themselves “Garbage” Pleeeeeease

    • Ariya Shariat
      Ariya Shariat Month ago

      Buddy relax

    • Etienne Bunbury
      Etienne Bunbury Month ago

      Mad Banana Ok let’s go with “Pants”

    • Mad Banana
      Mad Banana Month ago +1

      There's already a band called Garbage. Hits include 'Stupid Girl', 'Paranoid', and 'Only Happy When it Rains'.

  • MermaidRapunxel
    MermaidRapunxel Month ago +6

    Anna forever 🌈💫

  • WBM
    WBM Month ago +1


  • Collette Post
    Collette Post Month ago

    I saw them at the Roundhouse last night they weren’t bad

  • dayINlife TV
    dayINlife TV Month ago +1

    Beautiful wedding clips and wedding dances over here guys: @-4O4 please come over and support me! I appreciate you so much, thank you!

  • bob ellison
    bob ellison Month ago +1

    tune your guitar

  • Alex Cabré
    Alex Cabré Month ago +6

    this song is so great on record but never seems to live up to its potential live. still one of the best albums of the year though

    • deviation1000
      deviation1000 28 days ago

      @kennytwat34 you're tone deaf buddy. It's off-key and anemic

    • kennytwat34
      kennytwat34 28 days ago

      it sounds much better live

    • deviation1000
      deviation1000 Month ago +1

      They'll perfect it over the years. Rarely do new tracks sound good in initial live performances.

    • Collette Post
      Collette Post Month ago

      Alex Cabré I thought it was ok at the Roundhouse but have to watch your drinks standing!!

  • Alexander Bell
    Alexander Bell Month ago +1

    Sound feels 20 years old but not in a great way? Feels nostalgic but just doesn't cut the mustard for me.

  • Rage Against The Numpty

    Dreary, here today, gone.........sooner than later.

    • gearodeo
      gearodeo Month ago +2

      Rage Against The Numpty here 10 years actually

  • jhunt5578
    jhunt5578 Month ago +13

    "Lately" is the best tune on their new album.

    • banana rasher
      banana rasher 2 days ago

      And "Hopefully" it will be their last...

  • Bibi Tyl
    Bibi Tyl Month ago +8

    Reminds me of the Pixies.

    • Collette Post
      Collette Post Month ago

      Bibi Tyl and Bloc Party’s Kele, ladyhawke style sound on this and The Wombats hearing them live was good

  • john Jones
    john Jones Month ago +5

    lame, weak, gash.

    • Mad Banana
      Mad Banana Month ago

      I don't agree but I still had to give you a thumbs up for the word 'gash'

    • Gordon Bennett
      Gordon Bennett Month ago

      Completely agree. The first 2 albums, when they were just a three piece with the old bass player and no drummer, were creative, raw, interesting and driven by electronica and detuned synths. The new stuff is far removed in my opinion and sounds lame in comparison.