Kobe Bryant analyzes film of Scottie Pippen's defense | 'Detail' Excerpt | ESPN

  • Published on Jun 21, 2018
  • Kobe Bryant encourages young players entering the NBA to idolize the heart and defense of Scottie Pippen. Watch full episodes on ESPN+.
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Comments • 2 573

  • Mr Del Rio
    Mr Del Rio Day ago

    Scottie's underated.

  • Daniel R
    Daniel R 3 days ago

    Kobe needs to be a HC very soon.

  • starlight miach
    starlight miach 6 days ago

    Jordan would have only 1 ring without Scottie

  • Amadis Demitrius
    Amadis Demitrius 6 days ago

    Few people remember what scottie went on to do after Jordan left, with the entire sports world watching and wondering, he took over where MJ left. When MJ came back, Scottie had become his equal.

  • Amadis Demitrius
    Amadis Demitrius 6 days ago

    0:37 Scottie slows down and relaxes for like one stride, baiting the passing lane he's leaving open, and forcing the ball carrier into MJ, he even turns his head and watches for it with his peripherals and looks loose like he's not ready for it, waiting to snag it with his 7foot wings. Epic. Every moment is a subtle manipulation. This is what the greats do... Gretzky, Federer, Bird... they control you by forcing you defend the options they show, and then trick you into giving them open lanes. The game is won in the mind before the pass/shot is taken.

  • Empty Giddy
    Empty Giddy 14 days ago

    that first clip would be called a flagrant 2 nowadays

  • Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia 17 days ago

    Damn, Scottie’s anticipation on the weak side is some great studying on the opposing team. I wouldn’t have caught that in a regular game. Kobe really pointing out the nuances of defending. But, what else do you expect from a 9x All-NBA First Team Defender.

  • Wiggywonka
    Wiggywonka 20 days ago

    scotties arms are looong. Reminds me of paul george how he always has his hand in the passing lane.

  • mack 2k
    mack 2k 26 days ago

    Lebron left the group

  • Denis Jerkovic
    Denis Jerkovic Month ago

    Pippen might be the most well rounded defender in the history of basketball, he had the size to defend the post and quickness to get after perimeter guards. How valuable would he be in todays small league, cant fathom.

  • heyal251
    heyal251 Month ago

    Sadly The only closest player we got today comparable to Scotties defense is Kawhi

  • Tovey Chow
    Tovey Chow Month ago

    With kuzma consistent push. Lbj can be better than pippen.

  • Jordan Bryant
    Jordan Bryant Month ago

    In today's game pippen qouldve been in foul trouble by the time.he reached the half court line lmaooo the NBA is a joke today what good is offense with no defense smfh also this isnt anything spectacular. This is called defense . Something you young niggss dont know about.

  • Matthew Dave
    Matthew Dave Month ago

    Pippen was the ultimate defender. The best defender to get snubbed as DPOY.

  • North South
    North South Month ago

    Seeing things like that makes you appreciate the likes of Draymond Green even more as a player.

  • don chito
    don chito Month ago

    Scottie Trying To Play Like That Today Will Be Getting His 6th Foul Before 2nd Half Is Over ! Look At Lebron That The Defense They Play

  • Louis DiCre
    Louis DiCre Month ago

    #33 the real GOAT!

  • Cesar Valerdi
    Cesar Valerdi Month ago

    But in this time and how players flop around the league that would be a foul. I see players just look at the shooter take the shoot wishing it doesn’t go in. Best years 1900 to early 2000

  • Mistah Unknown
    Mistah Unknown Month ago


  • Otis Thomas
    Otis Thomas 2 months ago


  • nilssonharrison
    nilssonharrison 2 months ago

    LeBron James is Scottie Pippen super saiyan/fully realized.

  • Teetee
    Teetee 2 months ago

    Scottie pippen did this all the time. He was covering all five positions

  • Thomas Lavina
    Thomas Lavina 2 months ago

    Straight from the Mamba's mouth..

  • manfred edilson
    manfred edilson 2 months ago

    Kobe-Scottie was brilliant...but he fell ashort of stopping me..

    KING ACE 2 months ago

    “Jordan did it by himself”

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith 2 months ago +2

    Bulls fans went from watching this guy, Jordan, Ho Grant & Rodman, All-NBA defensive players, to Jabari Parker who literally said he doesn't get paid to play defense

  • swl9380
    swl9380 2 months ago

    i agreed i wish to see more def like this era of nba

  • Chadz TechWorld
    Chadz TechWorld 2 months ago

    Kobe needs a show already. Fr

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis 2 months ago

    Scottie played against the offensive mind of MJ often in practice. To counter the GOAT offense you have to master and become one of the GOAT on Defense.

  • Luka Nikolic
    Luka Nikolic 2 months ago

    He should've been DPOY at least once

  • Joe Mana
    Joe Mana 2 months ago

    Skillwise, pippen is actually not far behind of mj. He even outshines mj in some circumstances. Only those who have actually seen the bulls play in the 90s would agree. So, remind me again how mj gets to take all the credit for winning 6 chips, like he's the lone star of that squad.

    UNO BLOCKZ585 2 months ago

    "Homework will give you all the answers" listen up young ppl

  • Teezhen Naz
    Teezhen Naz 2 months ago

    The most underrated player in NBA history

  • BroKhalidMuhammad
    BroKhalidMuhammad 2 months ago

    Perfectful breakdown

  • luffy uzumaki
    luffy uzumaki 2 months ago

    Useless because that's an old school defense. Scottie will break his ankle in today's NBA because of step back euro step etc.
    Todays era is fast.

    • Ceazmatic
      Ceazmatic 2 months ago

      Put prime pippen in today's warriors and he is instantly the team's most athletic player.

  • Sean Santos
    Sean Santos 2 months ago

    Mjsexuals: jOrdAn hAd nO hELp

  • Juanita Lee
    Juanita Lee 2 months ago

    Back when you could actually play defense. Sneeze ref blows whistle

  • Snowflake Pillow
    Snowflake Pillow 2 months ago

    Watched Zion today and even on O he was moving without the ball with way more energy than the other 9 guys. If he keeps studying he can try to get to this level because he has the motor to go HAM on both ends.

  • X Stream
    X Stream 2 months ago

    Pippin has always been highly underrated. He was just as essential to the bulls dynasty as Jordan was. No chips without either of them

  • Ace Williams
    Ace Williams 2 months ago

    James Harden needs to watch this.

  • Jerry Wilkinson
    Jerry Wilkinson 2 months ago

    In hoops defense is about understand angles and working as a team. Scottie and his teammates perfected these tactics.

  • Nathan Bauman
    Nathan Bauman 2 months ago

    It is clear Kobe was fanatical about preparation and the mental aspects of the game. Like him or not, there is no denying his greatness; or basketball genius.

  • Ricardo Williams
    Ricardo Williams 2 months ago

    I believe Pippen's play created players like Penny and Westbrook!! In my opinion

  • Olay Ja
    Olay Ja 2 months ago


  • TalkIsCheap 90sBaby
    TalkIsCheap 90sBaby 2 months ago

    Dam you See Kobe got some of that defense from Scottie game ! Never noticed that

  • Przemysław Kujawa
    Przemysław Kujawa 2 months ago

    Kobe MJ and Pippen on one team... I pay for this

    WHO DAT 2 months ago

    what kobe is trying to tell you is jordan had alllllooooooottttttt of help .

  • Southsideman
    Southsideman 2 months ago


  • Edward Scissor hands
    Edward Scissor hands 2 months ago

    When you love the game

  • Kevin Hardimon
    Kevin Hardimon 2 months ago

    You know its real when one of the best say it!!

    DON FETUCCINI 2 months ago +1

    The old school homie

  • lai saechao
    lai saechao 2 months ago

    That is some good defense the guy covers half the floor.

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson 2 months ago +1

    Everybody seems to think that Scottie was just the second to MJ and nothing more but everyone has their role to play . Scottie could have been the lead player on any team back then. Don't forget...after MJ retired...Scottie lead the team in just about EVERY category on defense and offense. He was more to the team after MJ left than MJ was before he left. Scottie is my all-time favorite player.

  • Robinson R.L. Wigfall
    Robinson R.L. Wigfall 2 months ago

    Scottie Pippen is better than Labron James.

  • xrated 1990s
    xrated 1990s 2 months ago

    can you guys us insight on how the refs won the series for the lakers vs the kings?

  • Jacob Staton
    Jacob Staton 2 months ago

    I mean when you have MJ with the ball on the offensive end you sure as hell have the energy on the defensive end, what a beast tho

  • SledNYC
    SledNYC 2 months ago

    I see a lot of bad floor spacing in all this
    Niggas couldn’t shoot making it easier for dudes like Scottie to play D

  • SledNYC
    SledNYC 2 months ago

    0:34-0:37 you giving up a three to curry right there lmao
    Especially if Jordan gotta Guard a shooter dawg

  • Rob Mangeri
    Rob Mangeri 2 months ago +2

    More Kobe, less politics ESPN, thank you,
    All Mankind

  • Eugene Williams
    Eugene Williams 2 months ago

    MJ prostitutes are the worse bitches in the history of fans. This video is about the great Scottie Pippen and all I see is MJ comments. Get over it. No Scottie no ring. Everybody needs help

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 2 months ago

    Scottie Pippen made his teammates better. One of the best all around players.

  • steven frederick
    steven frederick 2 months ago

    Bulls fans knew this. haha

  • Miran Kevic
    Miran Kevic 2 months ago +1

    Great defense, it's amazing to see. I think in today's game they would call a foul when Pippen is holding his arm while following the player. I think it's impossible to play defense like this in today's soft league. If he was doing this to harden, harden would just pull up for tree trough his arm and get 3 fts.
    Good old basketball when people actually played defense

  • Paul Jason
    Paul Jason 2 months ago

    MJ is the GOAT, but Pip is the best all around player in the NBA.

  • steve walker
    steve walker 2 months ago

    Most underrated player in the history of the association

  • steve walker
    steve walker 2 months ago

    That's a beautiful breakdown

  • tarzaneo binulditko
    tarzaneo binulditko 2 months ago

    We also have scottie in our country whose a guard that can rebound tremendously.

  • Logan Ross
    Logan Ross 2 months ago

    Man the NBA new rules suck

  • Charlie Ison
    Charlie Ison 2 months ago

    GS now doesnt stand a chance against any championship bulls team.

  • topspinaurelius
    topspinaurelius 2 months ago

    very similar today is AD who can challenge a 3-pt shot at the elbow and still recover back in one step to the rim for rebound or block shot, that is what happen when you marry pure ball knowledge and freakish athleticism

  • David H
    David H 2 months ago

    Isn't that "pull the chair"? Or only in the block when posting up?

  • Robert Prescott
    Robert Prescott 2 months ago


  • Agree2Disagree
    Agree2Disagree 2 months ago


  • Stephen Jackson
    Stephen Jackson 2 months ago

    It's great when one of the greats acknowledge another great one, that's all kinds of cool.

  • Cubano Porvida
    Cubano Porvida 2 months ago

    Wow great work Kobe even though you embarrassed Scottie when he used to play for Portland

    • S E2333
      S E2333 2 months ago +1

      Cubano Porvida Scottie was old and Kobe embarrasses everyone

  • Aly  Julmiste
    Aly Julmiste 2 months ago

    Scottie Pippen is the most complete player in NBA history. That was the reason after he won gold with the Dream Team in the Olympics, they asked him to come back 4 years later to play in the Olympics again. Chuck Daley the coach of the Dream Team said it best. He said Scottie was the MVP un the Olympics. He played both small forward and power forward in the Olympics and always guarded the best player. He should down the best player on the Croatian team which happened to be Tony Kukoch who would later become a great asset to the Bulls especially when Jordan retired the first time. When both point guards Magic and Stockton was hurt and out of the lineup to play, Chuck moved Pippen to play point guard and he stilled maintained his stamina to keep playing defense at the same player. Bottom line, no Pippen; no championship for Jordan. Here is the biggest secret and the biggest deception off all time. Not to take anything away from Stockton but, his assist numbers had nothing to do with him being a great passer at all. Take out Carl Malone and it will literally drop his assist by 50 percent. Carl made Stockton look like a great passer not the other way around. When they were in a fast break, as big as Malone was, he ran the floor like he was a 6 feet point guard. When he ran towards the basket no one was close enough to Malone which made it easier for him to pass to the ball fo Malone and because of Malone's speed he almost never had no one next to him to make that layup. I said all of this to make a point. I don't think Stockton was really hurt. He didn't get to play with Malone too much in the Olympics. So, if a player like Malone is not there to play with him, he couldn't pass the ball as well and know one really new his game to accommodate him the way Malone use to. So when Magic went down, he had to play more minutes and he didn't want that much pressure on him. And he could never drive left even when his teammates would create a screen for him to go left. He never could do it and he faked being hurt so he wouldn't be exposed. Watch his highlights; never passed the ball with his left hand and he had no layups with his left hand.

    • Jameel Isaac
      Jameel Isaac 2 months ago

      Lmao damn thats a great analysis.

  • Quanjaquan Stewart
    Quanjaquan Stewart 2 months ago +1

    Kyrie would’ve tapped that ass

  • Tremain ???
    Tremain ??? 2 months ago

    Most of this would be called a foul nowadays so it’s hard to try and implement this into your game

  • Relax Kamu
    Relax Kamu 2 months ago

    and for Kobe, seeing that every little detail of defense shown that you are also a genius in terms of defense

  • Frank Tony
    Frank Tony 2 months ago

    Pippen is the GOAT perimeter defender. Nobody was as good as him defensively on the perimeter.

  • Y2kSd4
    Y2kSd4 2 months ago

    It is an amazingly analogy from the greatest of the west ever..vs the one of the main pillars of the now ancient Dynasties of the 90$!! And they never liked each other, plus 0lder Scottie couldn't never ever Get a grip onnn KOBE'$ offense. then, the Young & dynamical autosufficient and fearlesss hungrier Wolf!!!

  • Jimmy JAM
    Jimmy JAM 2 months ago

    Thats why Bulls were 6-0. Pippen and MJ two best defenders in the game

  • The Nimble Ninja
    The Nimble Ninja 2 months ago

    Constant hustle and being aggressive, always in your face. Where has this defense gone?

  • Paul Tibbot
    Paul Tibbot 2 months ago

    As a lifelong Blazer fan, Pippen is one of my fav's. Rasheed was our best player, but Pippen's leadership and experience were huge during the 2000 playoffs.

  • Mitraboomin
    Mitraboomin 2 months ago

    Sottie woulda been fouled out in the first quarter in todays soft ass game

  • Jaytee Cervantes
    Jaytee Cervantes 2 months ago

    And Isaiah is saying he's better than Pippen? Fuck that dirt.

  • Bryan Moreno
    Bryan Moreno 2 months ago

    Best thing to come to espn in a while.

  • daryl holloway
    daryl holloway 2 months ago

    Awesome breakdown not sure why ppl bring LeBron into the convo ....when there's other player like James harden that could use some defensive knowledge

  • Dominik Prokscha
    Dominik Prokscha 2 months ago

    Every All Star Game in the 90's and early 2000's has more defense than regular games now

  • Dominik Prokscha
    Dominik Prokscha 2 months ago

    Good old days today it where all the ladies play it would be a foul

  • Adam Turner
    Adam Turner 2 months ago

    Top 5 defender ever

    MIKE JONES 2 months ago

    Today's NBA defense isn't the same..

  • AHB
    AHB 2 months ago

    Growing up on 90”s all i can say is that Scottie and Rodman”s defense is the best of all time “

  • lvukalovic
    lvukalovic 2 months ago

    Props to Kobe , he was the unbelievable player. But his analysis is off a bit. Sure Scottie is great defender and maybe this is the wrong video to show that. Scottie is pressing the ball but then rely on the help from the wing.Secondly Mark has the opportunity to slip between Jordan and Scottie because Scottie is obviously off balance, but he doesn’t. Probably because he wants to set a play and not rush. Thirdly, Scottie then let’s Mark drive to the middle of the paint and if Mark’s teammates had any sense they would position better and he would get a layup or a pass to a wide open guy. As for the last defensive play, Scottie does cover a lot of ground, but partially because he’s running at the edges of the paint and don’t close out the guy on the 3 pointer( probably a garbage shooter). That’s how I saw it.

  • Gman
    Gman 2 months ago

    Great defensive analysis by a superb two way player, the one and only "Black Mamba" on a hall of famer whose defensive skills earned him accolades from across the spectrum of critics not to mention his legend be serenaded on songs.

  • sneijder023
    sneijder023 2 months ago +1

    What was the common factor between kobe, mj and kawhi?

  • Lions of War
    Lions of War 2 months ago

    I thought you copied Mj on everything????

  • whizzbang
    whizzbang 2 months ago

    Well done. Thanks.

  • Jordan Bryant
    Jordan Bryant 2 months ago

    Kobe swears hes Michael Jordan lbvs relax mf

  • Fi Yah
    Fi Yah 2 months ago

    Dayum Scotty was all over the place . Shit he played all positions in one scene. What the hell was his team doing? That's my question.