Kobe Bryant analyzes film of Scottie Pippen's defense | 'Detail' Excerpt | ESPN


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  • expergisci
    expergisci 9 hours ago

    Pippen learned from Harden.

  • Kevin Liu
    Kevin Liu 9 hours ago

    Great analysis kobe like always. Scottie pippen is the best defensive player ever in my opinion!He would absolutely destroy the golden state warriors today on defense.

  • niko enciso
    niko enciso 5 days ago

    Do Rodman

  • Lamar Van Buren
    Lamar Van Buren 6 days ago

    This is a brilliant segment they created.

  • Claudio Bardales
    Claudio Bardales 9 days ago

    This is something like conditioning a player into thinking that hes going to press up on him in the paint, and since scottie knows that he backs off?

  • Asian Boy
    Asian Boy 12 days ago

    omg those bulls team mj pip and rodman is like three kawhi on defense...plus harper at 6'6 is a good defender...

  • The Universe Galaxy
    The Universe Galaxy 13 days ago

    Ba ba booey would not be phased by Scottie Pippen waters

  • Kuba Olszewski
    Kuba Olszewski 13 days ago

    Why Scottie didn't won DPOY?

  • nesnejls
    nesnejls 14 days ago

    Pippen had all the physical tools to play defense and then he went and did it like his job depended on it - probably the best defender I've ever seen play live over the course of a career.

  • Hoop Fan_
    Hoop Fan_ 15 days ago

    Someone tell why MJ has a dpoy award even he was never a better perimeter defender or more versatile defender than pippin? MJ the goat but pippin just gets shit on by MJ fanboys. Zero rings without pip

  • joshua dela cruz
    joshua dela cruz 16 days ago

    Scottie Mr. All around.

  • James E. Williams
    James E. Williams 16 days ago

    How this man has NO defensive player of the year awards is disgusting... Smh

  • adifferentsystem
    adifferentsystem 18 days ago

    what about Reggie Miller coming up from that back side. Miller could have read that play a little better. But ahhh, 1 possession

  • Orangeratio
    Orangeratio 18 days ago


  • Shermaine Brown
    Shermaine Brown 20 days ago

    That's why Golden State wouldn't beat any of those 90's Bulls ..

  • Jeremy Pape
    Jeremy Pape 21 day ago

    Jordan was amazing but no 6 rings without Scottie

    KLD DIMALNA 21 day ago

    Kobe,defense this days in nba dont exist.not in the 90's where defense is the main priority than offense

  • Dominique Williams
    Dominique Williams 22 days ago

    "Homework will give you all the answers" words to live by.

  • Zandromeda
    Zandromeda 23 days ago

    His voice is honestly super relaxing

  • Mark Wigfall
    Mark Wigfall 24 days ago

    Today's nba, they would be called for a foul unfortunately.

  • LeMagic James
    LeMagic James 24 days ago

    If mark would have done a behind the back scottie would have went flying😂

  • battle room
    battle room 24 days ago

    Kobe if you like what Scottie brought defensively, check out film of Kirk Hinrich during the Thibodeau Bulls era.

  • Will To Win
    Will To Win 24 days ago

    It's content like this that makes me proud to wear my Kobes!

  • shohokuslamdunk
    shohokuslamdunk 24 days ago

    I feel like Scottie's style is actually tailor made for today's game, a 3 and D guy with great length and athleticism. Ain't no slouch on offense either. Given how soft the league is today he'll probably do even better.

  • Jason Babilonia
    Jason Babilonia 26 days ago +1

    how can he be so great but an awful commentator.

  • Ishhod Collins
    Ishhod Collins 27 days ago

    You're damn right.

  • Ak F
    Ak F 27 days ago

    Another illuminatti sign but great DET∆IL

  • Donavan McDabb
    Donavan McDabb 27 days ago

    Kobe you played 0 defense fam

  • jungshin87
    jungshin87 27 days ago

    Every freeze frame mj looks aesthetic af

  • Ch1cago-Sports-Fans
    Ch1cago-Sports-Fans 27 days ago

    L3-Blame got outscored by jason terry lol
    pippen >>>> L3-6ron

    PAPAMEXICO10 28 days ago

    Lebrona should take note.

  • Victor Williams
    Victor Williams 29 days ago

    Amazing videos! Kobe shows us attention to detail can be applied to literally anything we do in life.

  • ChristianDFuller
    ChristianDFuller 29 days ago

    In 2018 you cant put a hand on a Nigga. Sooo

  • David Chandler
    David Chandler Month ago

    kobe is wrong, m jackson was very slow player, so scottie could pressure him like that without worry about him blowing by..with the pg's nowdays and couple back then he couldnt pressure them full court like that. scottie was probably the best all around defender ever cause he was taller n longer and almost as athletic as lebron..he was almost as quick and most importantly he gave EFFORT and gad a pretty good offensive game as well..one of the greats

  • IFollowAfter
    IFollowAfter Month ago

    Not taking anything from Scottie, but in today's game 1:37 is an easy 3. You can't play monster man in today's game like that because all 5 players can shoot so well. Pippen is essentially not guarding Oakley or #54 Smith because he knows they can't shoot. However, I get Kobe's point about the energy level.

  • acedogg692005
    acedogg692005 Month ago

    Back when Basketball was "real"

  • Terry Park
    Terry Park Month ago

    what's crazy is that MJ was even a better defender. sure, he didn't have Pippen's length, and he might not have focused on it as much in later years, but trust me, he was better.
    young kids don't even realize that Chicago Bulls used to kill teams by defense, rather than scoring

  • careless
    careless Month ago +1

    Defensive Attack.

  • Niczer0
    Niczer0 Month ago

    Kobe should also analyze how Shaq carried him for 3 straight years.

  • Phillippe Curry
    Phillippe Curry Month ago

    Would have love to see pippen body up on curry as he try to bring the ball up the court like that...

  • Andrew Gancinia
    Andrew Gancinia Month ago


  • COWTown Tx.
    COWTown Tx. Month ago

    Pippen 33.

  • Dylan Dickeson
    Dylan Dickeson Month ago

    Love u kobe 🐍

  • JRLM
    JRLM Month ago

    Today's game ... They don't play defense like this. Some do.but most nope

  • phrozenmenace
    phrozenmenace Month ago

    very nice defense

  • Omar Carrington
    Omar Carrington Month ago

    One reason Golden State would get destroyed by the Bulls. Especially under the old rules.

  • Big Pump
    Big Pump Month ago

    The 96 bulls would beat the 18 warriors hands down because durant wouldnt do shit with pippen on him

  • William Cruse
    William Cruse Month ago

    Unfortunately since 2005 defensive rule changes have made it illegal to play D like Pippen.

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith Month ago

    Isn't the phrase "pulls the chair out"?

  • C Brown
    C Brown Month ago


  • Joseph Mateo
    Joseph Mateo Month ago

    I got ESPN plus for this. This is something that has to be advertised more.

  • dave latumbo
    dave latumbo Month ago

    Hey did pip won any dpoy awards?

  • Caden Cressman
    Caden Cressman Month ago

    And this is why he's the best defensive small forward

  • Enrique Jimenez
    Enrique Jimenez Month ago

    Mr Scottie pip. Was the sheit! This do was for real. My favorite player of all time, he is one of the biggest reasons why the Chicago bulls won six titles along with Michael Jordan.

  • Mason Jackson
    Mason Jackson Month ago

    A team has 11-13 players, and a coaching staff. Everyone has a ring because of someone else, it's a team sport... Damn, can we enjoy the film?

  • Louk i
    Louk i Month ago

    Boring like your personality..

  • Danny Lee
    Danny Lee Month ago

    This day and game..... scottie fouled him 5x

  • Adi Wbw
    Adi Wbw Month ago

    Isiah Thomas dislike this video...

  • AzizR
    AzizR Month ago +1

    They about to revoke Pippens rings just to keep the curse alive.

  • Joey Sparks
    Joey Sparks Month ago

    Back then players were taught to move the ball to the basket. You could come up with some decent defensive transactions. Now, every player shoots the three, they also can shoot it deep.
    That's more floor to cover which makes DEFENSE harder. Playing defense is over looked.

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams Month ago

    Reason number 20 the bulls are better than the Warriors will ever be

  • Johnny Blade
    Johnny Blade Month ago

    Kobe digging up old Mike Fratello telestrator demos now?

  • Harbo Empires Productions

    MJ was LUCKY to have Pippen

  • JD82
    JD82 Month ago +2

    That’s the reason Jordan won all those chips, what u think it was only Jordan ?

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business Month ago +3

    Saying that you should play defense like Scottie Pippen is like saying you should play offense like Michael Jordan. Easier said than done. Great analysis by Kobe though.

  • John M
    John M Month ago

    That was great

  • Pautenio
    Pautenio Month ago

    Scottie defends like I do in 2k which makes it easy to see everything since it’s from a high point of view and I just think it’s crazy how Scottie can defend like he’s sees the whole court. Brilliant

  • alaskanasassin1
    alaskanasassin1 Month ago

    Scottie was amazing.

  • Khalie Robinson
    Khalie Robinson Month ago

    This should be shown when people question why he's in the Hall of Fame

  • Old Man Boxing
    Old Man Boxing Month ago

    As I said before Jordan's Bulls would've destroyed GS because those Bulls had a strong tight defense and the stuff GS does Jordan's Bulls would've figured them out and exploited them.

  • Grace JD
    Grace JD Month ago

    Carmelo hates this! Playing defense takes effort and heart which Melo has none!!!

  • Wildy Pantoja
    Wildy Pantoja Month ago

    Pippen is in the TOP 50 for a reason.

  • Julius Ulit
    Julius Ulit Month ago

    1988-89 Fleer

  • Marcus Thomas
    Marcus Thomas Month ago

    Thank you Kobe. Not many people give/gave Scottie his props. That man played D that was attacking, disruptive, ahead of the play. He played D that made plays, not sit and react. Has anybody looked at all time steals leaders along with blocks? Look where Scottie is. Used to be a waterboy and now NBA Top 50 with 6 rings and a place in the HOF. Greatest Robin of all time and accepted that. Look at all the Bulls historical records. Look where he places. 23 & 33 = 6 (2*3 or 3+3 is 6 all day!) ====> Obviously a Bulls fan since 1980 when I started watching NBA in 1st grade.

  • trymy2tricks
    trymy2tricks Month ago

    Nice to see Kobe who crossed over Pippen once or twice in their match ups sending some well deserved love to Pippen whose immense talent got constantly underappreciated by fans and players alike...

  • Bishop Dong Magic Shlong

    Harden plays D the same way..... 😐😐😐

  • Johnathan Vic
    Johnathan Vic Month ago

    Lmao, ppl forget mj never guarded the best player. Not hard to be an Eli eye defender” when ur not guarding the best player

  • JJNZ1000
    JJNZ1000 Month ago

    This is basketball science... Kobe is just an amazing scientist...

  • T. Way
    T. Way Month ago

    I knew Scottie was a great defender. However, after watching this, its very clear that he was easily the greatest perimeter defender of all-time.

  • michael lewis
    michael lewis Month ago

    Scottie was an elite defender. One of the most underrated players of all time. His ability to defend made the Bulls a pretty good defensive team.

  • Jonathan Leung
    Jonathan Leung Month ago +1

    Jordan would have no rings without pippen. Even if he replaces scottie with another star.. pippen is very underrated

  • Matthew Martinez
    Matthew Martinez Month ago

    Kobe’s throwing Pippen a bone after he killed him in the 2000 playoffs

  • VibesByLuxury
    VibesByLuxury Month ago

    Scottie always been my favorite player of all-time even tho its an unpopular opinion, I always studied him and his defensive skills. Some of these NBA players ought to do that

  • moneforallr
    moneforallr Month ago

    Thank you sir

  • thelegend George
    thelegend George Month ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel like Scottie pippen is the kawhi Leonard of today’s nba? Not in terms of achievements but in terms of being a great two-way player, having great offense and defense

  • alphasker312
    alphasker312 Month ago

    Scottie pippen top 50 all time!

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen Month ago

    And they say today's Warriors would beat the Bulls in a series with Scotty, MJ, Rodman, Harper tearing you up on defense.

  • Leo Wattimena
    Leo Wattimena Month ago

    Pippen x Jordan made for each other. The best duo to ever lace the court

  • captaincooool
    captaincooool Month ago

    Best defensive player ive ever seen and I grew up in Chicago in the 90's. He drew the tough assignments most nights so Jordan could dominate offensively. It's crazy to think about having probably the 2 best defensive players ever on the same team. Rodman was a monster defensively as well.

  • Johnathan Hernandez

    Kyrie or AI could break him down

  • Eli Joseph
    Eli Joseph Month ago

    Feel free to tune into my TEDx talk pertaining to sports analytics! tvclip.biz/video/D1Myr0AAQJU/video.html

  • lyes215
    lyes215 Month ago

    In a defensive all time team with no doubt

  • KT Channel
    KT Channel Month ago +2

    MJ wouldn't have won any chip if not for Scottie lol. MJ too overrated

    • Francisco Pizarro
      Francisco Pizarro Month ago

      KT Channel Scottie was great no doubt but remember he was only a 17 ppg scorer on 44% shooting in the playoffs. MJ averaged 33 ppg on 49% shooting lol

  • antonio aquino
    antonio aquino Month ago +1

    End everybody think that only Jordan carried the Bulls XD

  • Eric Wong
    Eric Wong Month ago

    opened my mind

  • stvsueoka1
    stvsueoka1 Month ago +1

    This was bad ass

  • Ralph Hayes
    Ralph Hayes Month ago

    That d against the knicks was video game stuff

  • P A
    P A Month ago

    Except... Pippens defens is a foul in today's game

  • Shockwave Angel
    Shockwave Angel Month ago

    Isiah Thomas should watch this! Offense wins games.. Defense wins championships! Mj on offense and Scottie on defense.

  • nephz ice
    nephz ice Month ago

    Pippen can lockdown lebron