Steve-O Tells Insane Stories While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 3, 2017
  • Jackass star Steve-O must have more than nine lives-the hall-of-fame prankster has snorted wasabi, shot fireworks out his butt, tight-rope walked over alligators, and much more. But can he survive the wings of death? Find out as he battles the likes of Dirty Dick's and Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Sean Evans on this highly-anticipated episode of Hot Ones. Along the way, the Wildboyz legend shares truly insane anecdotes, gets a call from Johnny Knoxville, and offers some genuinely inspirational moments of reflection.
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Comments • 17 688

  • Adiamus
    Adiamus 7 hours ago

    should of dared him to snort the last one XD

  • Carly Gadberry
    Carly Gadberry 11 hours ago

    I'd love to know what recipe you guys use for you vegan guests

  • Sito Knockerz
    Sito Knockerz 14 hours ago

    Feel like stevo

  • G T
    G T 14 hours ago

    OK so that dude ROCKS! Who Knew? Dude kept eating after it was done... Time to up your game I guess!!

  • Bxo34
    Bxo34 18 hours ago

    I am convinced Steve-O is a zombie. He died years ago his corpses just keeps going through the motion.

  • batcoon the legend

    Sorry for my country being a dick

  • cbmagician
    cbmagician Day ago

    11:00 Steve-o goes deep

  • Mohammad Amin Hussaini

    He should stop because he is going to die one day

  • Meandme youknowwho
    Meandme youknowwho 2 days ago

    "get off your ass and just start fucking doing it" --Steve-o.......... Something genius about that..

  • Darin Simmons
    Darin Simmons 3 days ago

    DA Bomb: 16:37

  • GoldLaney2k10
    GoldLaney2k10 3 days ago

    Very true 17:30 minute onwards

  • Laura Segura
    Laura Segura 3 days ago

    Wow this is the best interview! I remember seeing him on jackass thinking this guy is creaaazzzy! Look at him now, so happy for you Steve o!

  • SluggaSlamoo
    SluggaSlamoo 3 days ago

    fuck yeAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Casey King
    Casey King 3 days ago

    I used to like Steve-O, until his voice changed into an 80 year old lady who smokes cigs.

  • Tell Me More About it
    Tell Me More About it 3 days ago +1

    He's so crazy, I bet he has a million friends and every single one of those hates him! XD

  • Jack Weezer
    Jack Weezer 3 days ago

    Huh I wonder can he still have kids

  • Brown Beard
    Brown Beard 3 days ago

    I am happy steve o got his life together think many have been on a pathway of self destruction but the world is a better place with him still here in it

  • Philip Martin
    Philip Martin 3 days ago

    That call with Johnny Knoxville was as wholesome as they come.

  • Virolock
    Virolock 3 days ago

    I always thought Stev-O is a fucking idiot, never watched Jackass but that clip where he brought that old dog from his travels to his home got to me. Since then I've watched some interview s with the guy and damn he's genuine af. I like people like that. All the best to you legend.

  • Ajoni Webb
    Ajoni Webb 3 days ago

    you fukin fucker

  • DrLeroyGreen
    DrLeroyGreen 3 days ago

    Horrible shirt. Just one button? Please?

  • lagaman11
    lagaman11 3 days ago


  • A H
    A H 4 days ago

    “Stapling my nutsack to my leg”

  • Hans Loo
    Hans Loo 4 days ago

    even after all the fame he acquired, he still calls Johnny "Captain" #CaptainOhCaptain

  • Ms_Princess Of Attitudes

    Steve O is really chill.

  • Sadie Devers
    Sadie Devers 4 days ago

    He’s such a genuine guy, saying how he didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin and always had his costume. It takes a lot to admit stuff like that and here he is just doing it flawlessly.

  • Rex Sterling Buchanan

    God bless you Steve .......................

  • Caitiedeee
    Caitiedeee 4 days ago

    I’ve watched three or four of these and a bunch in my watch later. I want wings now.

  • G3nerikz 668
    G3nerikz 668 5 days ago


  • J sin
    J sin 5 days ago

    Damn, those real words from Steve-O at the end brought tears to my eyes.

  • Arredondo C93
    Arredondo C93 5 days ago

    Going through the dead guys pockets to take his weed LOL

  • mista187 _
    mista187 _ 5 days ago

    Steve o is a cool ass nigga

  • James Leferink
    James Leferink 6 days ago

    The cartoons is this one depiciting Steve's greatest hits are the best. Great job :)

  • 8MichaelAnthony
    8MichaelAnthony 6 days ago

    I was in another room listening to who he was interviewing. And I could’ve sworn that I was hearing Whoopi Goldberg.

  • Eric Magee
    Eric Magee 6 days ago

    Steve O is a peach. What a stand up guy!

  • Better Solution Inc.

    I think steve Os voice is so high is because of how any times he’s been hit in the balls

  • Nick Courie
    Nick Courie 6 days ago

    Great interview all cool dudes

  • Exterioris-vallem
    Exterioris-vallem 7 days ago +3

    Steve-O is a good person, and it's nice he has realised that fact..

  • Maggizmurf
    Maggizmurf 7 days ago +3

    who is still re whatcing ot in 2018

  • adam ekstam
    adam ekstam 7 days ago +1


  • Jimothy McGiggles
    Jimothy McGiggles 7 days ago

    He's the only one who handled Da Bomb okay haha

  • Stephanos Georgiadis
    Stephanos Georgiadis 7 days ago +1

    I thought he was vegan?

    • Kyle Moran
      Kyle Moran 4 days ago

      The wings are vegan you can tell there are no bones

    • Hal Banero
      Hal Banero 6 days ago


  • Gina Rodriguez
    Gina Rodriguez 7 days ago +1

    Favorite interview ever!

  • Blake Ward
    Blake Ward 8 days ago

    Edit: Fuck Jon Bon Jovi

  • Aaron Barger
    Aaron Barger 8 days ago

    Forgot he's vegan so those aren't real hot wings ya'll!!!!

  • Michy Peace
    Michy Peace 8 days ago

    Where’s the love button? ❤️❤️

  • ECO dom
    ECO dom 8 days ago

    What is stevos shirt all about?

  • Nick Rippy
    Nick Rippy 8 days ago

    That shirt came out of Red Dead Redemption

  • Legendairy_Angel 94
    Legendairy_Angel 94 8 days ago

    Dude I could listen to him for fucking hours. Me not even talking just him spitting out stupid shit he did in his life. He tells stories without the dude even asking lol

  • E M
    E M 9 days ago

    OK, I'm sorry...but he easily said at least 5 words that I wouldn't of guessed he'd even know, ha... He's def smarter than I initially thought...

  • Mikke
    Mikke 9 days ago

    I know, I KNOW, HOW THE FUCK DID I SURVIVE THAT hahaha i relate

  • Evan Raineri
    Evan Raineri 9 days ago

    That is bullahit that you never targeted innocent bystanders or people outside of yourselves. I have seen a really old video, granted i think made by bam, but none the less involved a few of the Jackass crew, where one of their crazy ass relatives smashes his skateboard in to someone's skull and where i believe the same guy provokes and then beats the shit out of several guys. I mean yeah, impressive, but totally uncalled for. I didn't watch them for a long time after seeing that, but it was not any of them. They were just there and filming, just wish they would have defused that situation instead of staying silent and filming it.

  • Rockland Skateboarding

    Thanks for the sprite cranberry ad 🗿🗿🗿

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog 9 days ago

    Honestly I want to see Steve o drip hot sauce into his eyes. I bet he would do it for the right price and I'd be willing to pay. He is just literally a live human dummy with a personality.

  • Roshan Amin
    Roshan Amin 9 days ago +5

    His Santa tat is actually really cool 😂😂 crucified Santa, deep af

  • neilsco
    neilsco 10 days ago

    Interviewers top is horrible.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 10 days ago

    He aged so well

  • Villager
    Villager 10 days ago

    Swimming down too fast can kill you cause pressure difference.

  • sufyan bader
    sufyan bader 10 days ago +1

    I thought he was vegan?

    • Hal Banero
      Hal Banero 6 days ago


    • DrNickRiveria
      DrNickRiveria 9 days ago

      those are vegan wings. made out of recycled plastic and chinese newspaper.

  • Alex Corredor
    Alex Corredor 10 days ago

    Of course bro your in a good place you've got tons of money

    • Alex Corredor
      Alex Corredor 10 days ago

      You can always donate to me🤪

    • Alex Corredor
      Alex Corredor 10 days ago

      Hook me up with some of that money and i think I'll be in a good place. Love ya

  • Will Mach
    Will Mach 11 days ago

    Get Johnny Knoxville on there next!!!!

  • Will Mach
    Will Mach 11 days ago

    Those wings are vegan????

  • Delicate Flytrap
    Delicate Flytrap 11 days ago

    Knoxville is such a dad it's adorable

  • Swansen Lock
    Swansen Lock 11 days ago

    No wings but the stories made up for it.

  • tidy kun
    tidy kun 11 days ago

    YEAH BRO DUDE. lmao

  • Calvin Mobley
    Calvin Mobley 11 days ago

    Steve-o and Johnny Knoxville dominated this shit.

  • TJO
    TJO 11 days ago

    I met Steve O once at a house party about 11 years ago. My boy was a club promoter in NYC at the time, and met him through that. As I walked through the house, I found Steve O on a couch, drooling, and speaking somewhat incoherently. It was around the time he was messed up on drugs. I sat down and chilled with him and his boys for a little while. He eventually became more lucid, and able to conduct a somewhat normal conversation. He is a really good dude, even when he was blasted on angel dust, and lots of cocaine. Lots. Lol, glad he pieced his life back together. Truly a legend in his own right.

  • Rudolph Arteaga
    Rudolph Arteaga 11 days ago +4

    those vegan wings look so good

  • dusk knight
    dusk knight 11 days ago

    Butt chug

    BAGAKOOS 11 days ago

    wow... what the hell happened to his voice? sounds very robotic.

  • Dirtie Mits
    Dirtie Mits 11 days ago

    I'm happy he is sober, he seems at peace now

  • June Adams
    June Adams 11 days ago

    He’s from jackass. I think he can handle some hot wings.........maybe....

  • hans lund
    hans lund 12 days ago

    what is wrong with his voice?

  • Kushtime420
    Kushtime420 12 days ago

    I thought he was going to put some in his eyeball

  • Dylan McQuaid
    Dylan McQuaid 12 days ago

    Wow what a couple of genuinely sweet guys.

  • Dj Watson
    Dj Watson 12 days ago

    So disappointing.. your best episodes are from people who actually eat the wings.. your worst are from people like Jeff Goldblum and this one from Steve-O (who I actually have much respect for and it was disappointing for me to watch this) who just take like a tiny nibble from the wing then pretend to have a reaction.. its it's nonsense.. you might as well have skinny French fries there to dip into the sauce to get a tiny taste out of.. it defeats the purpose of your platform.. either people 'man/woman up' like Tenacious D and eat that s#/[g curb!

  • N sane
    N sane 12 days ago

    STEVE-O GIANT !!! only positive vibes as always

  • Nicklas Nordgren
    Nicklas Nordgren 12 days ago

    realy nice channel guys😎 lets subscribe

  • PokerZen87
    PokerZen87 13 days ago

    Steve-o is like the posterboy for making the turnaround from narcissistic drug addict to someone who can have some humility and laugh at himself. As someone with two drug abusing parents that passed away he's a real inspiration

  • uhhhhNick
    uhhhhNick 13 days ago

    Is Steve-O eating chicken tenders?

  • Matthew Rosa
    Matthew Rosa 13 days ago

    Those wings would get cold af

  • BEN12806 122
    BEN12806 122 13 days ago

    I feel like Steve-o has had the chance to die doing something like everyday he could die eating the last drop

  • Jweeks Gaming
    Jweeks Gaming 13 days ago

    MIchael J fox Please ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jhanna Houston
    Jhanna Houston 13 days ago

    I have always loved him since I was a kid lol

  • The Geek Buzz
    The Geek Buzz 13 days ago

    he looks in shape these days ! (not in shape shape. but far better than before haha)

  • D u a l i t y
    D u a l i t y 13 days ago

    Still waiting on “Jackass 4 We’re Not Dunn Yet.”

  • Avery Bondeson
    Avery Bondeson 13 days ago

    I like how he has no regrets but thinks he deserves everything that happened

  • A Hugh
    A Hugh 13 days ago

    We all knew before watching Steve-o was gonna kill this challenge.

  • Dunning Kruger
    Dunning Kruger 13 days ago

    Where is the restitution for the food companies that have been poisoning us for decades.

  • antoine griezzman
    antoine griezzman 14 days ago

    "I went from taking 2 oppiados to 7 TO 7....7" Kanye West

  • Waldemar Słodowy
    Waldemar Słodowy 14 days ago

    Yep. " f**k John Bon Jovi"

  • Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw 14 days ago

    Now that he's sober....we will never see footage of him vandalizing hotel rooms ever again.

  • Jonny McDobbsy
    Jonny McDobbsy 14 days ago

    17:53 "bystandards" nice...

  • New Cult King
    New Cult King 14 days ago

    Those wing's may be boneless, but i'm rock hard for this shit

    CACOD3M0N 14 days ago

    Get the whole jackass crew, The Dudeson or Dirty Sanchez

  • John Kaitlyn
    John Kaitlyn 14 days ago

    I don't know about boneless chicken.

  • Jen Farmer
    Jen Farmer 14 days ago

    Restitution to the "city" of california😂

  • nathan birch
    nathan birch 14 days ago


  • Ramses Ovalle
    Ramses Ovalle 14 days ago

    He chews like a pig.

    • Ramses Ovalle
      Ramses Ovalle 13 days ago

      +D u a l i t y you're so right!! 😆

    • D u a l i t y
      D u a l i t y 13 days ago +1

      I wouldn’t expect class and etiquette from any former Jackass crew member.

  • Ethan Price
    Ethan Price 14 days ago

    Steve-O's shirt is amazing