Steve-O Tells Insane Stories While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 3, 2017
  • Jackass star Steve-O must have more than nine lives-the hall-of-fame prankster has snorted wasabi, shot fireworks out his butt, tight-rope walked over alligators, and much more. But can he survive the wings of death? Find out as he battles the likes of Dirty Dick's and Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Sean Evans on this highly-anticipated episode of Hot Ones. Along the way, the Wildboyz legend shares truly insane anecdotes, gets a call from Johnny Knoxville, and offers some genuinely inspirational moments of reflection.
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Comments • 19 583

  • Boris Mutante
    Boris Mutante 10 hours ago

    Check Steve-o's skateboarding footage, it's fucking beautiful

  • Riley Craig
    Riley Craig Day ago


  • Ivo de Bruin
    Ivo de Bruin 2 days ago

    Everyone dies at the bomb. Steve-O: a little smile and says “smokey”

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 2 days ago

    Nobody else notices he is eating "Vegan wings"?

  • Jacob Corbin
    Jacob Corbin 2 days ago

    Wonder what Steve-O doesn't eat without hot sauce?

  • Chaos Coincast1107
    Chaos Coincast1107 2 days ago

    Are those boneless wings because Johnny eats full bites out of those

  • Tim Orosco
    Tim Orosco 3 days ago

    much love Steve-O❤️

  • Domingo Garzoria
    Domingo Garzoria 3 days ago

    Under promise and over deliver mmmmq

  • Domingo Garzoria
    Domingo Garzoria 3 days ago

    Steve o is a champ!!

  • Mike Fry
    Mike Fry 3 days ago

    Has he had his finger tattoos lasered? Fuck shit?

  • ali G
    ali G 3 days ago

    He went to UM? Explains a whole lot

  • joseph roszell
    joseph roszell 3 days ago

    I love the jackass crew but I can't help but love bieber because of the unnatural amount of hate he inspires people who know literally nothing about him hate him with a fireball of disgust. I honestly would love to ask Steve o if he is a greater menace to society than the dark lord bieber a man so reviled by the media that Steve o had to disassociate himself with him even though Steve hung out with crazy tribal guys who tried to eat him and him jumping into shit makes it to DVD.the negative association with bieber is like a black hole

  • Taylor Marie
    Taylor Marie 4 days ago

    I’m such a fan of Steve-O, he seems like such a nice fucking dude. Also super proud of him for overcoming so many personal obstacles

  • Moboots Gaming
    Moboots Gaming 4 days ago

    He didnt pour the last one in his eyes? 1/10

  • XR
    XR 4 days ago

    Dude I’m very impressed by your talent
    Ok thanks

  • Tfatk Fan
    Tfatk Fan 4 days ago

    isnt steveo vegan lol

  • Thomas Ladders
    Thomas Ladders 4 days ago

    Does Steve-O not sometimes look like Chris Rock in certain angles?

  • jerthon1
    jerthon1 4 days ago

    his last words are going to be 1.2.3. go!

  • Gerry Bougher
    Gerry Bougher 4 days ago

    Best wing eater yet. Never bothered Him.

  • famaplay
    famaplay 4 days ago

    not even red eyes, damn, took it like a champ xD

  • Nathan Scott
    Nathan Scott 4 days ago

    What a fucking legend Steve-o is man

  • Rich Barnes
    Rich Barnes 4 days ago

    I love that Steve o has come to realize his demons would eventually take him. Much respect

  • Time to Squanch
    Time to Squanch 5 days ago

    Stevo is a Beast

  • AJ Soul
    AJ Soul 5 days ago

    Steve-O is a genuinely great dude!! He's always been one of my favorite Jackass guys, so impressed with his sobriety and the way he defends/fights for what he cares about

  • Jerry Knuckles
    Jerry Knuckles 5 days ago

    Steve o is straight up getting his lunch on. Lol

  • Jason Hines
    Jason Hines 5 days ago

    Top 5.

  • rabidmonkey69
    rabidmonkey69 5 days ago


  • Eat Snacks Plz
    Eat Snacks Plz 5 days ago

    Oohhh these ones are boneless!!

  • Jay Shutler
    Jay Shutler 5 days ago

    Do a show with wee man

  • David Weld
    David Weld 5 days ago

    I think he’s immortal forget it wolverine

  • The Insomniacs' Theater

    Both of you I see as family. Including the captain

  • skyrim sweetroll
    skyrim sweetroll 6 days ago

    You sent stev-o home with heart burn 🔥

  • White Walker
    White Walker 6 days ago

    Steve-O handled Da Bomb like a champ! Impressive.

  • Nightblade
    Nightblade 6 days ago

    They don't make em like this anymore! What a guy. Well done!

  • Joab Muñoz
    Joab Muñoz 6 days ago

    I am so hungry right now

  • GypsyRock
    GypsyRock 6 days ago +2

    It’s Impossible not to laugh when Steve-O laughs. What a great stpryteller

  • Helen N
    Helen N 7 days ago

    I held back on this episode for a long time. I’m so glad I finally watched it. I don’t know much about Steve’s personal life, but I can tell he is living the best version of himself. That alone is the greatest accomplishment one can achieve.

  • Savion Coley
    Savion Coley 7 days ago +1

    I found one of his Louisiana hot sauce at the dollar store

  • Cory Swanson
    Cory Swanson 7 days ago

    Why did Steve-O get chicken fingers what tf

  • K1dSmirk
    K1dSmirk 7 days ago

    Ok but did anyone get the NPH ad of him and his kids wishing his mom happy mothers day

  • Os Co
    Os Co 7 days ago

    Steve-O sounds like someone choked the ghost of a fucking throat cancer patient

  • sebastian rincôn manjarres

    he doesn't feel a thing on those sauces

  • mushtardino
    mushtardino 7 days ago

    Big respect Steve 'O
    Just so glad you were still alive to this point

  • Alex Jain
    Alex Jain 7 days ago

    looks like he is drunk

  • Raymond Carrigg
    Raymond Carrigg 7 days ago

    Id like some hot wings right about now. I could love off hot wings

  • #Game Life
    #Game Life 8 days ago

    Nothing against Steve O, but wtf does he sound like Yoda

    • welp, kelp.
      welp, kelp. 5 days ago

      Watch his documentary on his experience with drugs if you haven't already. It's entertaining, funny, emotional and very uplifting.

  • Just Imagine
    Just Imagine 8 days ago +1

    Sean speaks so fluently. Yes he is talented. My brother was like Steve-O

  • Benn Winkler-Reidy
    Benn Winkler-Reidy 8 days ago

    Steve O ur mah hero haha

  • Jvon Lebron
    Jvon Lebron 8 days ago

    steve-o’s a fucking legend

  • Josue
    Josue 8 days ago

    anybody else tear up when steevo said “i’m chillin” at the end

  • Mlg Squeaker
    Mlg Squeaker 8 days ago +1

    Honestly really suprised he didnt take a couple lines

  • mikkei
    mikkei 8 days ago

    no magnum 357..... french doggys

  • Alexander White
    Alexander White 8 days ago

    Any one know where I can get that shirt Steve o is wearing? Looks sick

  • SandmanEnters
    SandmanEnters 8 days ago

    Inspirational. Great stuff guys

  • Tsepo Dladla
    Tsepo Dladla 8 days ago

    This dudes voice is the stuff legends are made off

  • DarklordIra
    DarklordIra 8 days ago

    You guys never did anything to bystanders? Didn't Dave England shit in a department store toilet?

  • Toxcity
    Toxcity 9 days ago

    I can deal with almost any hot thing but the second it touches my lip nah fuck that burns

  • Rogue-Spear
    Rogue-Spear 9 days ago

    Years ago I used to suck dick for crack. I practically had no skin left on my knees. Then one day I was attacked by a group of people who all stuck me with needles in some dark alley. A couple of weeks later I went to the clinic and that's when I was told that I am HIV positive.

  • crash bandicoot
    crash bandicoot 9 days ago

    Has anyone else noticed how fresh to death Steve-o's new watch Wilkesboro and she looks nice as hell

  • Nicholas Factor
    Nicholas Factor 9 days ago +1

    I think this is one of my favourite episodes
    Steve-O should be the Joker in DCEU

  • Rigid Ironworks
    Rigid Ironworks 9 days ago +2

    I was always under the impression Steve O was an A-Hole, just goes to show you never judge a book.

    • Rigid Ironworks
      Rigid Ironworks 4 days ago

      I honestly have no idea but I know I was wrong.

    • tharbk01
      tharbk01 4 days ago

      why did you think that? he was always a wild crazy dude but was always nice. except for you know when he's pounding nitrogen gas and destroying his apartment, but that was a dark phase in his life.

  • Mix
    Mix 9 days ago +1

    He should do the voice of The Joker

  • Adie Clozer
    Adie Clozer 9 days ago

    ez for steve-o .. haha

  • Chad Cooper
    Chad Cooper 9 days ago

    Awesome interview the first time watching you Steve-o's the best thank God he straighten his life out before the drugs killed him being clean this harder than anything else did he's probably done and will have to do for the rest of his life one day at a time

  • Francisco Atempa
    Francisco Atempa 10 days ago

    Such a cool guy.

  • Antony Hernandez
    Antony Hernandez 10 days ago

    Hot ones champ! Steve-O

    FAZE_ ALEX 10 days ago

    (The host) we need hot wings
    (Hot wings maker) yes

  • Max Welsh
    Max Welsh 10 days ago

    Say to hecklers, "I don't come down to your job and knock all the dicks out of your mom's mouth and ass while you're filming, now do I ? This is my job, don't bother me at work!"

  • Todd
    Todd 10 days ago

    Is he taking it like a champ because he has a high pain tolerance or because he beat the nerves out of his face?

  • widepeeposad
    widepeeposad 10 days ago

    what the fricc is rong with Steve-O's voice ?

    • widepeeposad
      widepeeposad 9 days ago


    • Exocomp
      Exocomp 9 days ago

      He was diagnosed with some type of pre-cancerous throat condition because of eating crazy shit back in the day

  • Lamtitude
    Lamtitude 10 days ago

    “Fuck Jon Bon Jovi” - Steve-O

  • Richy Rich
    Richy Rich 10 days ago

    Steve-O is the BEST!! Didn't flinch!

  • Jelle Dirk Schuitemaker
    Jelle Dirk Schuitemaker 10 days ago +2

    What t-shirt is steve-o wearing?! Really want to know

  • G00ober
    G00ober 10 days ago +2

    The amount of drugs and co2 cartridges hes inhaled, its a miracle hes alive today

  • Garrett Pittman
    Garrett Pittman 10 days ago

    He straight murdered this challenge...guess when you realize all the crazy shit that he has done you shouldn't expect any less

  • Richard Clark
    Richard Clark 11 days ago

    The realest mutha fucka ever.

  • Monwilhelm Torres
    Monwilhelm Torres 11 days ago

    This guy's a real Joker

  • speC
    speC 11 days ago

    13:30 - i need that tune. Any ideas ?

  • Miyu Miyu
    Miyu Miyu 11 days ago

    The only man on earth that can't be arrested even when he tries to get arrested. . .

  • Kess Mynus
    Kess Mynus 11 days ago

    You can see that Steve-O has lived enough time in Mexico when he can't stop eating Salsa Valentina. Lol...
    But seriously I am surprised that the gringos eat spicy food and hot sauce... 🔥🍲🌶 😳

  • Jackie Cortez
    Jackie Cortez 11 days ago

    It took me a while to realize that Stevo was eating boneless wings

  • the chomp
    the chomp 12 days ago

    steve-o is fucking BOSS

  • Brooke Burbank
    Brooke Burbank 12 days ago +2

    Steve-O is just the best person

  • Puggle _Bois
    Puggle _Bois 12 days ago

    Why in Louisiana

  • Jule Rulez
    Jule Rulez 12 days ago

    Ez-PZ He had 5 gram coke before he came in :) No pain!

  • TheLoneCabbage
    TheLoneCabbage 12 days ago

    Wow, considering everything he's put himself through, he looks really good for his age.

  • Marcio Mendes
    Marcio Mendes 12 days ago


  • Lily Popz
    Lily Popz 12 days ago +1

    Steve o i NEVER liked you. But I respect how free you can be. And how you take the world on balls n all

  • pro mast
    pro mast 12 days ago

    If that was black guy on the crane you'll hear the police hunting him from down by a sniper.!

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones 12 days ago

    Get merkules on here

  • Annie Miller
    Annie Miller 13 days ago

    8:37 r yal lookin at what I’m lookin at? 👀

  • Watson Delmick
    Watson Delmick 13 days ago

    I love how steve wanted chicken tenders instead of chicken wings. You and me both brother, you and me both

    • Watson Delmick
      Watson Delmick 12 days ago

      +Sky Lane I realized that once they said it, I still find it funny. I personally find eating around a chicken bone to be too much work and prefer breasts for that reason, so I wouldve loved the offer of chicken tenders instead of wings ! Vegan or not !

    • Sky Lane
      Sky Lane 12 days ago

      Those are vegan wings

  • Daz Tyson
    Daz Tyson 13 days ago

    Why do I hate his voice

  • Talisea
    Talisea 13 days ago

    hey are you a fan of
    Steve-o: Fuck Bonjovi

  • K Lundy
    K Lundy 13 days ago

    Of course he’s from Florida

  • Remily Raxter
    Remily Raxter 13 days ago

    You guys should have david dobrik on

  • Gage Gonzalez
    Gage Gonzalez 13 days ago

    Very inspirational

  • hacksdp3
    hacksdp3 13 days ago +4

    This was great. Stevie O is a legend. I love that the Captain called to check on his craziest crew member.

  • Shaqueasha T
    Shaqueasha T 13 days ago

    I am new to watching these and so far out of Gordon Ramsey, Gabrielle Union, Chrissy Teigan, Joe Budden, the guy that shit his pants and Andy Cohen THIS ONE BY FAR IS MY FAVORITE! Love his personality and his spirit. So glad that he learned to put himself first and really enjoy life more positively. I love this show!

  • partygirl801
    partygirl801 13 days ago

    Fuck yeah 🤘😛