Steve-O Tells Insane Stories While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 3, 2017
  • Jackass star Steve-O must have more than nine lives-the hall-of-fame prankster has snorted wasabi, shot fireworks out his butt, tight-rope walked over alligators, and much more. But can he survive the wings of death? Find out as he battles the likes of Dirty Dick's and Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Sean Evans on this highly-anticipated episode of Hot Ones. Along the way, the Wildboyz legend shares truly insane anecdotes, gets a call from Johnny Knoxville, and offers some genuinely inspirational moments of reflection.
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Comments • 18 865

  • Danya Valentin
    Danya Valentin 23 hours ago

    Listen to 19:36 and pay attention to how he met Motley Crew... At 13 years old mind you. That is the best piece of advise you'll hear from this episode. He took his own creative initiative and bc of that, he got backstage passes at AGE 13. And he then applied that to the rest of his life... You gotta make shit happen bc no ones gonna do it for you. Sometimes you have to be bold and believe in what you're doing! That story he told is a piece of gem. Amazing guy and some amazing life lessons!

  • Jeff Linton
    Jeff Linton Day ago

    For a guy that snorted Wasabi... respect. Utmost respect.

  • Bird Up
    Bird Up Day ago

    Steve-O is way more intelligent than I thought he was.

  • Colin
    Colin Day ago

    Lol meat eaters always trying to defend their guilt when they arn't even being confronted about it

  • Mrs. Lemon
    Mrs. Lemon Day ago +1

    I like how hes just says ask me anything, he's never says no, I don't want to talk about that.. he's awesome

  • zinny999
    zinny999 Day ago

    But Steve O does this pretty much every breath that he is taking.

  • Mickmillion
    Mickmillion Day ago

    Love Steveo, -1 for having vegan wings *eyeroll*

  • Sarah Anderson
    Sarah Anderson Day ago

    How is he still alive truly lol

  • Connor Plaut
    Connor Plaut 2 days ago

    1 2 3 go

  • Floyd Barker
    Floyd Barker 2 days ago

    Steve O is a legend! God bless my friend

  • Lalo Castro
    Lalo Castro 2 days ago

    steve O is a G bro much respect to the guy for being where he's at after everything

  • Nick B
    Nick B 2 days ago

    Brillaint to see steve o doing soo well. Such a genuine guy. Much love man

  • Hardstyle818
    Hardstyle818 2 days ago

    Steve-O requested chicken nuggets instead of wings? Every other guest ate traditional wings (bone in). Thought Steve-O was gangster

    • jennshar67
      jennshar67 Day ago

      He's vegan frim what I've heard and boneless wings are superior anyway, more meat!

  • Steven Parra
    Steven Parra 2 days ago

    Those last words Steveo said, to me, are authentic and were said in a way that connected with me. Good for you Steveo! I just had to write this, thanks!

  • Quintus Aurelius Symmachus

    That last answer, though. Is someone cutting onions in the chat?

  • Rey Rumbera
    Rey Rumbera 3 days ago +3

    That Salsa Valentina tho making a special cameo lol..only true Mexicans know whats up

  • HatashiLuvsU
    HatashiLuvsU 3 days ago

    Fucking good for you Steve-O!

  • The Legend of Old World

    Hot ones beats are dope

  • Louis Ri
    Louis Ri 3 days ago

    Motherfucker didnt even break a sweat, hes the type of guy to finish those wings after the episode cause hes hungry smh

  • Jacob Jackson
    Jacob Jackson 3 days ago

    Fuck Jon Bon Jovi

  • Jacob LaBruzzo
    Jacob LaBruzzo 3 days ago

    I didn't realize for a while that they were vegan wings and I thought he just bit that chicken wing directly in half and ate the bone. I wouldn't have been even a little bit surprised.

  • Allen Catalan
    Allen Catalan 3 days ago

    I like how him and Knoxville said they never target innocent people but how many times do you see them pissing off strangers to the point they want to fight them?

  • Midnightrunner X
    Midnightrunner X 3 days ago

    How do they make or get there wings

  • Hannah/Jude Vicious Lopez

    Steve-O is a legend. He's always been my favorite out of all the jack ass crew although all the guys are great. Steve-O is someone to look up to. He's not afraid of a whole lot. That's the way to live. Don't be afraid to live and just have fun. It's good to hear he's doing well. I know he was a bit depressed a few years back but it seems like his mental state has grown happy again. I'm so relieved to hear how well he's doing

  • redbeardsescapades
    redbeardsescapades 4 days ago

    love you steve-o

  • darwen davis
    darwen davis 4 days ago

    My mom beats me

  • TheRezzo01
    TheRezzo01 4 days ago

    Always under promise and over deliver 🤘🏽

  • MrAnthonyramon
    MrAnthonyramon 4 days ago

    I know Steve-O will never have kids from how much he abused his ballsack

  • Moody Red
    Moody Red 4 days ago

    Damn steve o. That was super fucking deep bro. One love

  • Andrew Orto
    Andrew Orto 4 days ago +3

    Steve-O is such a cool dude! Almost cried when he was talking about him not being comfortable in his own skin and thanked Sean for his compliment.

  • Paul V Barbar
    Paul V Barbar 4 days ago

    WTF is a vegan wing.

  • Wandering Metalguy
    Wandering Metalguy 4 days ago

    3:52 Iron Maiden shirt ftw. I'd recognize that text from their killers album anywhere

  • A.
    A. 4 days ago

    steve-o is admired by death himself... like wow

  • Michael Nieves
    Michael Nieves 5 days ago

    I always wondered what brand vegan nuggets do they use they look good

  • HardtHorned Outdoors

    The only thing I’ve ever heard steve say that I like is fuck John Bon Jovi Hell yah

  • Jayden Castro
    Jayden Castro 5 days ago

    Gotta get ScHoolboy Q on here

  • Terry Byte
    Terry Byte 5 days ago

    Would it be offensive to say that his voice sounds like habitual drug use

  • Christian Menchaca
    Christian Menchaca 5 days ago

    12:30 Knoxville

  • Down L
    Down L 5 days ago

    1, 2, 3,... Go.. *Never back out* !

  • launiz
    launiz 5 days ago

    Sean, you might eat chickenwings on youtube, but you are an incredibly good interviewer/host. 5 million subs speaks for it self

  • Mega Zord
    Mega Zord 5 days ago

    anyone know what t-shirt steve-o is wearing?

  • That Boy
    That Boy 5 days ago +5

    jack ass team love eachother and got eachothers back till the grave. the support he had from his team to get him to rehab especially the support from johnny is just pure love. without them steve wouldnt be here. ask steve

  • Aaron G.
    Aaron G. 5 days ago

    Probably the only full interview im going to watch

  • Daniel Ferris
    Daniel Ferris 5 days ago

    his voice wtf dont remember it this fucked up

  • dayward1
    dayward1 5 days ago +1

    "I'll compromise with a smear"

  • dayward1
    dayward1 5 days ago

    He got a skull tattoo from Henry Rollins. That is LEGENDARY.

  • dayward1
    dayward1 5 days ago

    I love Steve-o. I watched him oh so many years ago. I'm trying to kick alcohol. I'm going to print a picture of him to yell STOP IT!!! and put it on everything that I look at.

  • Gwambua
    Gwambua 6 days ago

    Under promise but over deliver


    Is that Santa on a cross 2:37

  • GetFit WithMe
    GetFit WithMe 6 days ago


  • Akeem Cox
    Akeem Cox 6 days ago

    Steve O is insane in the brain. Lol

  • Antonio Petrazzuolo
    Antonio Petrazzuolo 6 days ago

    Get Dave Portnoy frm Barstool Sports

  • Douglas Mijangos
    Douglas Mijangos 6 days ago

    It makes me happy to see him doing so good ... 👍🏻

  • pokemanikangie
    pokemanikangie 6 days ago

    Steve-O is the most bad ass person i have ever seen.

  • cvt cvt
    cvt cvt 6 days ago

    You can do anything. Literally, you can fly.

  • Robert Daniel Curtis

    At 18:33, Steve-o turned into a cat. I was playing on my phone and listening to this, and got a little freaked out because I don't have a cat and I definitely thought I heard something meow, haha

  • Joakim B3gballs
    Joakim B3gballs 6 days ago

    Damn he is so cool.. i love this guy...:)

  • Romans Uno Uno Sies
    Romans Uno Uno Sies 6 days ago

    The city of California... Love it haha

  • Eshu Prakash
    Eshu Prakash 7 days ago

    I like how he appreciates Sean

  • Ria flores
    Ria flores 7 days ago

    he should snot the hot ones for a good one.

  • Brandon Norris
    Brandon Norris 7 days ago

    Steve O has been through some shit and he is lucky to be alive, but he is so humble to people and he is open about his experiences. Idk to me Steve O is more of an interesting person than his known rep or outlook may make people perceive.

  • BigDirtyRecords
    BigDirtyRecords 7 days ago

    "I'm getting harder than Portland cement just thinking about it"

  • Libby
    Libby 7 days ago

    double crush

  • Robert Carter
    Robert Carter 7 days ago

    Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce is fuckin amazing. I got in a Fuego Box order one month and I only use it on special occassions, so much flavor!

  • nwo reble
    nwo reble 8 days ago

    Damn how many times has he had his jaw broken or is that normal thats what it sound like and looks like well thats one

  • DRAGOO production
    DRAGOO production 8 days ago

    Steve O is an good person.

  • Van HasVoice
    Van HasVoice 8 days ago

    izzat vegan wing?

  • Matlock Wallace
    Matlock Wallace 8 days ago

    "I'm getting harder than Portland cement just thinking about it." *lmao*

  • Miss Beauitful
    Miss Beauitful 8 days ago

    Early 2000's Steve-o was the man.

  • sason putra
    sason putra 8 days ago

    this guy is a legend. he went thru a lot of torture solely for our entertainment. respect

  • TNP'R sheepodog
    TNP'R sheepodog 8 days ago +3

    For a guy as gnarley as steve o is you would think he wouldve went crazy with the last dab.

  • Tiny Supreme
    Tiny Supreme 8 days ago

    The only thing worse than boneless wings is vegan boneless wings.

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 8 days ago

    He had a shit load of sauce on some of them dam

  • Ree Ree
    Ree Ree 8 days ago


  • Songfury
    Songfury 8 days ago

    I own Steveo's rap album :)

  • M_street Rocker
    M_street Rocker 8 days ago

    Just watching this made me see how good steve-o would play the role as the joker

  • Hansi135
    Hansi135 9 days ago +5

    I think this might be the best "Hot Ones" episode ever :) I have never seen anyone else eat those spicy wings with such ease :D And on top of that the interview is full of true and real life lessons!

  • Bruce Siefken
    Bruce Siefken 9 days ago

    youre a brilliant guy to come up with this, and youre a wonderful interviewer

  • Forrest Gonsalves
    Forrest Gonsalves 9 days ago

    This is by far the best hot ones IMO. Steve-O was always kind of a clown to me. But when I watched this episode, I gained a whole new respect for him.

  • MacGruber
    MacGruber 9 days ago +4

    "Always under promise and always over deliver."

  • Alicia Duff
    Alicia Duff 9 days ago

    The subtitles in this are mistranslated

  • Anthony St.Clair
    Anthony St.Clair 9 days ago

    My bad.....

  • Anthony St.Clair
    Anthony St.Clair 9 days ago

    I guess everyone has their own opinion....

  • Anthony St.Clair
    Anthony St.Clair 9 days ago

    They should do all tenders and eat the whole thing, smaller ones tho

  • SteveErnst117
    SteveErnst117 9 days ago

    anybody else think he has the voice of a guy who's been repeatedly hit in the nuts for most of his life?

  • Sofia H K
    Sofia H K 9 days ago

    No one has slayed like him in this show.

  • GippyHappy
    GippyHappy 9 days ago

    I really love Steve-O. He's just such a cool, honest guy.

  • Eddie Hellgren
    Eddie Hellgren 9 days ago

    A drunk or high Steve-O would eat the wings with his asshole.

  • TJ Jackson
    TJ Jackson 9 days ago +1

    i find myself clearing my throat every time i hear steve o speak. it sounds like it hurts for him to talk.

  • Paden Bell
    Paden Bell 9 days ago

    The most wholesome episode ever

  • Neco Harmeggido
    Neco Harmeggido 9 days ago

    Dead men doesn't need weed.

    MICHOACANNA 9 days ago


  • Jed
    Jed 9 days ago

    Every time Steve-O talks I cringe. It's like it hurts his throat every time he says a word

  • East Bakes
    East Bakes 10 days ago

    wow he's such a great person

  • That Gamer Alex
    That Gamer Alex 10 days ago

    They killed Kenny! Haha I love Steve-O

  • Cornell Taylor
    Cornell Taylor 10 days ago

    Couldn’t even tell he was on the hot sauce;)

  • Charmaine Selwood
    Charmaine Selwood 10 days ago

    condiment disorder is what i'm taking from this - i love that

  • Alex Gehring
    Alex Gehring 10 days ago

    Good on ya mate. Steve-O is the man.

  • interconnectiveOM
    interconnectiveOM 10 days ago


  • tastemysaucer
    tastemysaucer 10 days ago

    Steve-O not even breaking a sweat. I remember as a kid watching him on TV snorting wasabi. Good times!