'Avengers: Infinity War's' Chris Pratt Would Rather Talk About Bass Fishing Than His Divorce

  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
  • Chris Pratt may be keeping mum on his split with Anna Faris, but he's more than down to talk about bass fishing! The Marvel star jokes with Access' Scott Evans about his ideal topic of conversation on the "Avengers: Infinity War" press tour. Then, Chris and fellow Guardian of the Galaxy Zoe Saldana get candid about their on-set habits in a hilarious game of "Access Arrow Avengers."
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    'Avengers: Infinity War's' Chris Pratt Would Rather Talk About Bass Fishing Than His Divorce | Access

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Comments • 521

  • CnTES CO.,LTD.
    CnTES CO.,LTD. 3 days ago

    Good vibin people

  • windowpane
    windowpane 3 days ago

    Why is the room so warm?

  • mike Last
    mike Last 3 days ago

    wasn't it his fault for cheating?

  • Kieran Crockett
    Kieran Crockett 5 days ago

    Ayy man, agreed with these comments, this interviewer is dope.

  • Nuruhuine
    Nuruhuine 5 days ago

    Now that he got divorced, he'll be able to bang the fuck outta J.Laurence's ass.
    Unless that is the reason why he divorced in the first place?

  • CharlesFilms
    CharlesFilms 6 days ago +1

    damn, best interviewer ever.

  • Emile Gauvin
    Emile Gauvin 7 days ago


  • Mia Haugh
    Mia Haugh 8 days ago

    literally the cutest interview i’ve ever seen

    AKSHAT JAJOO 16 days ago

    Chris Pratt! Dude if you ever read this, i want you to know you are a genuinely nice person. I wish you always stay happy!🙂

  • Scott Crosby
    Scott Crosby 16 days ago +1

    How can a woman be so perfect??

  • luke law
    luke law 18 days ago

    Chris Pratt looking like a famous country singer

  • Joseph L
    Joseph L 18 days ago

    chris pratts a douchebag

  • ash2060
    ash2060 19 days ago

    Aww.. the way zoe describes karen and dave.. she really adores them!!!

  • Блог Alipart
    Блог Alipart 20 days ago

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  • GodricThe
    GodricThe 21 day ago +1

    Zoe is mesmerizing

  • Lamisa Ibnat Urbi
    Lamisa Ibnat Urbi 21 day ago

    This interviewer guy is really smart. Maybe the best one I've seen in this kind of interviews.
    Btw..Chris still looks hot when he sweats as hell. 😂❤

  • Seungyeon Ryoo
    Seungyeon Ryoo 22 days ago

    Zoe Saldana is so pretty

  • Xander Cruz
    Xander Cruz 23 days ago

    Did you get married

  • Herida Cristina
    Herida Cristina 23 days ago +1

    Zoe Saldana is such a great actress and she really cares about her characters. I remember when i find out she was the one to play Gamora and i just got extremely happy. Gamora is my favorite character, she's so intelligent, so strong. I think they did a great choice casting Zoe for the role. She and Chris Pratt have such a beautiful and joyable chemistry you can see that they really have fun and love working together. It's beautiful.

    • Herida Cristina
      Herida Cristina 22 days ago +1

      Ellie Mehaffy yeah, you can see there's a lot of passion and love when she's talking about a character that she's playing. I love her movies.

    • Ellie Mehaffy
      Ellie Mehaffy 22 days ago +1

      Agreed! I was having a conversation with my friend the other day about how much she seems to really love and believe in the characters she plays, which helps bring an extra layer of phenomenal acting!

  • chloe x
    chloe x 24 days ago

    bless chris' heart :'( i was literally fanning myself at the same time as him hskfg i was literally sweating and crying for him

  • Ginger Bread 1
    Ginger Bread 1 25 days ago

    Zoe is the most beautiful black woman in the world. I swear. I love Rihanna but she is so incredibly beautiful. Maybe its a tie.

  • Agimus78
    Agimus78 26 days ago

    Zoe is sooooo beautiful and has such a cool personality 😍😍

  • ericakim503
    ericakim503 27 days ago

    I love Zoe so much!!! she's such a sweetheart

  • Toxic Melody
    Toxic Melody 28 days ago +1

    I need a woman that stares at me how Gamora stares at Starlord

  • simat007
    simat007 28 days ago

    That interviewer is an extremely polite, lovely person!

  • Andreas Norup
    Andreas Norup 28 days ago

    Zoe is so hot

  • Billie Dahling
    Billie Dahling 28 days ago

    Everybody was being so fake. 😂

  • qura Dra
    qura Dra 29 days ago

    Pratt is very very good guy...

  • Soul Burn
    Soul Burn 29 days ago

    God, this interviewer was so annoying. Dude, we get you got to "up" your game since Chris Pratt can literally get many women even by being clueless whereas you have to subtlely mock and act stupid just to get attention. If I was interviewed by this guy I would definetly let him know to be more professional. So cringe mi cabeza duele.

  • אוהד זהר
    אוהד זהר 29 days ago

    that interviewer was so great, such a respectful dude, and the actors, love it!

  • Flora Paredes
    Flora Paredes Month ago +1


  • Romit Naikwadi
    Romit Naikwadi Month ago

    She is clearly checking the interviewer out at the beginning.

  • Carl CIFER
    Carl CIFER Month ago

    "We don't have to talk about it..." ... *STARTS AGAIN*
    What an idiot, what a jerk!

  • Paige A
    Paige A Month ago

    This was such a respectful and kind interviewer

  • João Jóia Paulo
    João Jóia Paulo Month ago

    this dude must be the coolest

  • Richard Strong
    Richard Strong Month ago

    Smelliest costume? I've heard this multiple times from different interviewers, are these pre-prepared?

  • Samson Crosswood
    Samson Crosswood Month ago

    I feel bad for them. This is painful. Days of bullshit, edge and awkward questions.

  • Auro Prasad Jena
    Auro Prasad Jena Month ago

    Calling the interviewer "the best" is an understatement 🙌

  • Yjorik
    Yjorik Month ago

    She DTF

  • Get Reel Bass Fishing

    my man

  • Subby
    Subby Month ago

    So fucking awkward in the beginning!

  • Diego Montilla
    Diego Montilla Month ago +1

    first interviewer i like

  • GenStudios
    GenStudios Month ago

    Give this interviewer a raise. Most would pry and make him give an answer. Man this guy was super chill and treated them like HUMAN BEINGS.

  • Loner#3
    Loner#3 Month ago +1

    pratt handled this like a champ

  • Zork1915
    Zork1915 Month ago

    Great interview, good feeling in that room!

  • Tommie Bennett
    Tommie Bennett Month ago

    He's still awesome even though he loves bass fishing

  • Rahul Brahmin
    Rahul Brahmin Month ago

    i do not find the lady next to chris attractive
    i know she is in avengers... but then what was the reason for her choosing ... we could've had a ms. alva or a halle as a storm or whoever .. but why was she chosen ?

    • BXB
      BXB Month ago

      That better not be you in that picture trying to call Zoe Saldana unattractive 😂😂😆 It can't be

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst Month ago +1

    Zoe is the most beautiful women on this planet!

  • Roy Shirley
    Roy Shirley Month ago

    Got to say that was a great interview that interviewer was probably the best one I've seen in years. Very up beat and so respectful

  • KherMoon
    KherMoon Month ago

    This was awkward and I regret clicking on it hahahahaa

  • alakabaz3
    alakabaz3 Month ago

    Zoe's laugh is just the best

  • kryptoNITE_
    kryptoNITE_ Month ago

    amazing interviewer

  • DarkLatios777
    DarkLatios777 Month ago

    Why is Chris Pratt sweating like a hooker in church? *still cute btw*

  • berryfairy68
    berryfairy68 Month ago +2

    Bite Beyoncé?! 😑 😒

  • Spider-Man
    Spider-Man Month ago +2

    Absolutely love this interviewer - such a genuine personality.

  • Summer Toney
    Summer Toney Month ago

    this ended up being way less cringey than I thought. I really hate when people pry into celebs personal lives, especially delicate things like divorce. kudos.

  • Ant_boi_ 05
    Ant_boi_ 05 Month ago

    Pratt- the back's nice too.
    Jesus, you don't want to end up with a Zoe Saldana version of the Jennifer Lawrence affair.

  • SavageMonkey
    SavageMonkey Month ago


  • Feao DovahKiin
    Feao DovahKiin Month ago

    i dont say this much but the way the interviewer eases his way in and out of sticky convos is brilliant.

  • N G
    N G Month ago

    Gamora seems to like him very much. Every time some one talks about him or whenever she's next to him, you can tell there's a lot of admiration. They seem to have a nice friendship

  • ____
    ____ Month ago +2

    i respect zoe and the interviewer how they made chris laugh. but starting the interview with that question tho

  • Trina Marie
    Trina Marie Month ago

    Zoe and Gamora couldn't be more different.

  • Shubham singh
    Shubham singh Month ago

    zoe is queen

  • changezthezworldz
    changezthezworldz Month ago

    Love these two! Esp Chris Pratt! I wish I will meet a guy like him someday... :)

  • Tobi J
    Tobi J Month ago +4

    Who in their right mind would Divorce Chris Pratt. I'm a straight guy and I wouldn't mind living with Chris like everyday dude is positive and Funny as hell !!

  • newbyrobert49
    newbyrobert49 Month ago

    Ahh the fluff

  • mrsterrell1994
    mrsterrell1994 Month ago +1

    Omg how could you not love Chris Pratt (Pratty) 💙💙

  • Siang C
    Siang C Month ago +1

    Awww. Gamora... Such a babe

  • Gal Axy
    Gal Axy Month ago +1

    Who would divorce Chris Pratt?

  • Dreyah
    Dreyah Month ago

    I just finished iw. I'm just happy I can look through the comment section now

  • Ricardo Umana
    Ricardo Umana Month ago +2

    Zoe so sweet.

  • davidsirmons
    davidsirmons Month ago

    Every interview with Zoe makes me adore her even more. Which I didn't think was possible!

  • bknightify
    bknightify Month ago

    Scott Evans is an amazing interviewer he was able to touch sensitive topics and still be considerate, respectful and fun!

  • Sebastian Schille
    Sebastian Schille Month ago +1

    This interviewer is so weird and annoying. Why did he have to ask a such a private question?

  • Meaghan Mahoney
    Meaghan Mahoney Month ago

    I don't care what anyone says. I will forever hold out hope for an Anna and Chris reunion.

  • chumark54
    chumark54 Month ago

    I can feel Chris's very "uncomfortableness." This must be a very touchy topic for him and he didn't want to get into it, but too polite to tell the interviewer "can we not talk about it?" And it made him sweat. I'm the same: when I'm nervous, embarrassed, upset, or angry, I sweat like hell. Sorry for your divorce, bro.

  • Bakhtawar Hussain
    Bakhtawar Hussain Month ago +1

    I so desperately want them to be a couple. I know Zoe's taken but 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Nghi Trần
    Nghi Trần Month ago


  • Nghi Trần
    Nghi Trần Month ago


  • Nghi Trần
    Nghi Trần Month ago


  • mjölnir
    mjölnir Month ago

    the interviewer was so sweet. plus zoe looks stunning here. she is so beautiful

  • Demoth
    Demoth Month ago

    that room look like it burning up, like everyone is sweating

  • joo 3500
    joo 3500 Month ago

    Look how she looks at him 😭😍

  • uwut m88
    uwut m88 Month ago +3

    Zoe's smile is worth 10000 years, i could give my whole belongings just to see her smile live...

  • Jay New Deen Zee Dan

    he's into JL

  • Deborah Martin
    Deborah Martin Month ago

    he is literally the most sweetest, kindest interviewer.

  • Look
    Look Month ago

    "Are you a sweater?" Yes. I'm a sweater. I get worn in the winter time, and in the summer time I am placed on a hanger. I, am a sweater.

  • OnySi TV
    OnySi TV Month ago

    such a down to earth actor.

  • Rea Black
    Rea Black Month ago

    Love you two!

  • Ryndan Riley
    Ryndan Riley Month ago

    That British guy from that channel 4 thing should watch this and see what respectful interviewers do.

  • Maggie Williams
    Maggie Williams Month ago

    this interview is so freaking cute

  • Kelvin Dules
    Kelvin Dules Month ago +2

    The interviewer got it really nice. Congratz to everyone there :)

  • Pablo De Bella
    Pablo De Bella Month ago +1

    lol Zoe looks at Chris like a lion looks at a zebra

  • Jill J
    Jill J Month ago

    Great interviewer!

  • Danny Tedford
    Danny Tedford Month ago

    Damn Zoe is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Mmmmhhh hunnie

  • Jehn
    Jehn Month ago

    I don't know who this interviewer is, but he really deserves a raise

  • Ivy
    Ivy Month ago

    this guy is the best interviewer ive ever seen. he was incredibly respectful and not at all awkward. omg im genuinely surprised cause im on like an avengers interview binge and all of them were either awkward af or just plain bad. *clapclaps to you dude!

  • Christina Choe
    Christina Choe Month ago

    Lmao interview strategy fail

  • Marcos Alvarado
    Marcos Alvarado Month ago

    Lets play a “game”

  • Poppy Stils
    Poppy Stils Month ago

    She's so gorgeous.