The Genius Way Tana Mongeau’s Getting Back At her Cheating Ex | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
  • Already on a journey to rebuild her reputation following 2018’s disastrous TanaCon, Tana Mongeau reclaims her future (plus, seeks a little revenge) in the midst of a bad break-up and her looming 21st birthday.
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    ‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child Tana Mongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. New episodes premiere Mondays on MTV TVclip.
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  • MTV
    MTV  Month ago +358

    Episode #2 of Tana Turns 21 premieres TODAY, 7/16 at 5p ET on TVclip!! >>>

    • Alice Garlock
      Alice Garlock Day ago

      how much do you guys pay for them?

    • Wafflecorn Playz
      Wafflecorn Playz 4 days ago

      MTV Kids want Jimmy Neutron to come back at 10pm on April 29 2020

    • Wafflecorn Playz
      Wafflecorn Playz 4 days ago

      Can you accept Invader Zim to air at 9pm on September 23rd and Danny Phantom at 9pm January 30 2020

    • Mexi After Dark
      Mexi After Dark 24 days ago +2

      fucking trash tv. What happened to Music television?

  • Lil Diy
    Lil Diy Hour ago

    Im glad she learned from her mistakes from rushing into a realtionship.....👀👀👀

  • Hannah goucher
    Hannah goucher 2 hours ago

    Wait where are Ashly's camo pants from that's all I care about atm

  • Euton Thomas
    Euton Thomas 3 hours ago +1

    Look at the manager's face when Tana was talking to him

  • NameMeDonna
    NameMeDonna 5 hours ago

    How is no one talking about the bye sister reference 😂😂

  • Burtasaurus Rex
    Burtasaurus Rex 5 hours ago

    But wait isn't Tana Poly? Why didn't he just ask her from the jump if they could have a poly relationship?

  • jordyn von Heimburg
    jordyn von Heimburg 8 hours ago

    i love imari

  • daniel
    daniel 19 hours ago

    What abunch of brainless sluts

  • whitney
    whitney 19 hours ago

    This is so boring compared to Tana's own TVclip channel. MTV sucks the fun out of her on film. I can't even finish watching it. 😔

  • Thoth EmeraldTablets
    Thoth EmeraldTablets 21 hour ago +2

    Tana turns 21 but, the botox got her looking like a rich middle aged housewife. Yikes. What were you thinking? Who tf let her start turning herself into Sylvester Stallone?

  • Alyssa Ross
    Alyssa Ross Day ago

    No shade love you tana

  • Alyssa Ross
    Alyssa Ross Day ago

    Anyone watching this after the jana wedding and tana is saying she’s going into this single and everyone knows she’s now single

  • Audrey Morales
    Audrey Morales Day ago

    there like she’s 21 watch out but they’re saying it like she’s a grandma she still has time

  • wieebb
    wieebb Day ago +1

    Her manager is secretly (no, literally) the star of this series👏🏽

  • Alaa Atari
    Alaa Atari Day ago

    This is a perfect example of how much she facetunes her pics.. smh. And let’s not forget she only dated Brad for the fact he looks like Justin; Tana is and always will be a hoe.

  • Liam Johns
    Liam Johns 2 days ago

    “You want me to be a wh*re”
    You already are!

  • T DMJ
    T DMJ 2 days ago

    This young with this much $ and this much immaturity is a disaster! Our current youth is already a failed generation.

  • Ashley Pitcher
    Ashley Pitcher 2 days ago +2

    She looks closer to 40 than 21. She acts twelve. Pure cringe!

  • Tonia Kilman
    Tonia Kilman 2 days ago

    He's also trisha paytas manager

  • King static
    King static 2 days ago


  • Brooke Shuttleworth
    Brooke Shuttleworth 3 days ago

    .... no filter???? Filters everything ?????

  • marshall mathers
    marshall mathers 3 days ago

    she can make blow jobs ?

  • Megan Mcnamara
    Megan Mcnamara 5 days ago

    Is this think on?????

  • Lila K
    Lila K 5 days ago

    Does Ashley ever wear a shirt?

  • Jessica J
    Jessica J 5 days ago

    She looks like hot garbage in the thumbnail.

  • Samantha Plotnick
    Samantha Plotnick 5 days ago


  • Savannah Swope
    Savannah Swope 6 days ago

    I want sum friends like tana 😭💔 I literally look up to tana she’s everything 🥰

  • J0se Yanez
    J0se Yanez 6 days ago

    Do more

  • Malana booth
    Malana booth 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who seen the chair on the roof?

  • Alicia Hughes
    Alicia Hughes 6 days ago

    Is nobody going to mention how underweight that poor little dog is?

    SPAM EMAIL 6 days ago

    jordan tryin to get an acting job from this shit lmao. stop playin for the camera u dopey fuckboy

  • Sumaya Ali
    Sumaya Ali 6 days ago +1

    Anyone notice her manager wearing Jana merchandise

  • Pauline Jones
    Pauline Jones 7 days ago

    Can y’all start numbering the episodes like damn

  • Antoinette Jolie - Madame Sade

    I Have No Idea Who This Person is. She’s Pretty Though

  • Ashley S
    Ashley S 7 days ago

    Do i just burn all the designer shit i let him borrow?
    LMFAOO i love her

  • lkauv27
    lkauv27 7 days ago

    I always feel bad for Bella when tana talks about Imari and Ashley

  • d z b
    d z b 7 days ago

    Tanas assistent tho, and now she has a new one

  • alina a
    alina a 7 days ago

    i’m so confused why she’s mad at brad for cheating when she’s “all about polyamory”

    • Clarissa Zick
      Clarissa Zick 5 days ago

      alina a When you enter into a polyamorous relationship all parties have agreed to it, and usually they’re all involved. He cheated, went behind her back and was hiding it from her, they obviously didn’t have a poly relationship or an open one at that. There’s a huge difference, and a lot of it has to do with communication

  • Millies Cattailes
    Millies Cattailes 7 days ago +1

    She feels really old haha I love to be 21 again I just turned 34 in March so what the hell

  • dangboof
    dangboof 7 days ago

    tana's demographic wants 1 thing: a train wreck. if tana was doing something productive and constructive like going to college, being a humanitarian or donating and sponsoring a charity.. nobody would watch it. just know Every move is calculated and defending this person based off a fake situation created for attention views and controversy is just.. silly. tana isnt a victim of jake or this show. she 100% signed up for it.

  • Tracy Laing
    Tracy Laing 8 days ago

    Jordan with the cup yo 😂😂 keep him around I love it

  • Idc
    Idc 8 days ago

    The background music really has me fucked up

  • tlwest21
    tlwest21 8 days ago

    Oh by the way it's clear that those are extensions I can see where your real hair in so whoever's doing your hair needs to step up their game

  • tlwest21
    tlwest21 8 days ago

    I'm disturbed bythe fact so many people want to watch this boring person like she's stupid as rocks and y'all were watching this? Aren't y'all at least slightly ashamed? This is way worse than the Kardashians

  • tlwest21
    tlwest21 8 days ago

    You bitches are nothing but cum dumpsters. Low IQ no talent. I've never even heard of you but I was listening to I guess his name is Luther Lee luster some s*** I don't know I don't get so into f****** TVclip personalities like everybody else is lame ass but yeah fukin worthless ass people that's why they're doing this rather than using some skill that they actually have because obviously they lack having any.

  • Chloe Hughes
    Chloe Hughes 8 days ago

    "tana over reacts" he then over reacts about what tana might do. haha

  • Ryan Toast
    Ryan Toast 8 days ago

    this feels like keeping up with the kardashians but tana edition

  • Buck Bee
    Buck Bee 8 days ago

    Why is tana talking about being single when Jordan’s wearing a Jana shirt

  • tom 1258
    tom 1258 8 days ago

    ok can we appriciate how hot Jordan is? plus i also think that they ll end up together... facts... anyone here agrees?

  • Karina Wan
    Karina Wan 8 days ago

    Bahahahaha, Jordan’s sweater!!🤣🤣

  • Lauren Krue
    Lauren Krue 9 days ago

    Omfgg yes Tana is my favorite person of literally life!!😍😍😍 🤞🏻PLEASE keep this series going!!🙏🏻

  • Margaret Laing
    Margaret Laing 10 days ago

    Hayley made me
    Laugh so fucking hard she just looked annoyed the whole time hahahaha

  • greenartisticfiend
    greenartisticfiend 10 days ago +3

    yikes tana is so rude lowkey like her personality is so strong

  • ca11m3kay xo
    ca11m3kay xo 10 days ago +3

    Tana's manager is wearing a sweatshirt with a pic of Tana & Jake on it at 5:23 .........but at the end of this episode and into the next we are just introducing Jake?? I'm confused 🤔🤔

    PATRICK RIDGE 11 days ago

    oooo we got that raw exclusive tana footage baby

  • M Diabz
    M Diabz 11 days ago

    She is so trashy omg... seems like she’d smell like fish😂😂😂

  • Oliva Olive
    Oliva Olive 11 days ago

    Why does Tana and Trisha Pastas look like men? Both of them have these very strong manly traits. I swear.....i think they both were men and transitioned. They just look so gross as women.

  • Grace Perlman
    Grace Perlman 11 days ago

    It sounds like she is having a lot of trouble and having actual feelings about being hurt with her relationships and how people see of her and it’s kinda sad. Everyone is making fun of her saying it’s boring. Maybe she did it for clout or maybe she’s really struggling but it’s still fucked

  • Aishi_Passer
    Aishi_Passer 11 days ago

    This video was made on the day of my birthday

  • Sabrina Whitelow
    Sabrina Whitelow 12 days ago


  • jada rose
    jada rose 12 days ago

    Lil ZAN

  • Dreemz maaele
    Dreemz maaele 12 days ago

    Is tana from Vegas ?

  • Ancient City Gaming
    Ancient City Gaming 12 days ago

    "Delusional youtube thot turns 21"
    There we go... fixed the title for yall

  • ginax marie
    ginax marie 12 days ago

    They’re conversation 😂😂4:59

  • Jessica Paden
    Jessica Paden 12 days ago

    jordan gives me middle school basketball coach vibes

  • alxne bby
    alxne bby 12 days ago

    bro I'm sorry I love watching Tana but.. she's an asshole to Jordan I low key feel bad for him

  • Maryann Rodriguez
    Maryann Rodriguez 12 days ago

    Is Tana related to Trisha Paytas?🤔🤭😆

  • ximena ormeno
    ximena ormeno 12 days ago

    i love tanna

  • Angela Rizza
    Angela Rizza 13 days ago

    petition to have a jordan show instead of a tana show

  • Erika Miller
    Erika Miller 13 days ago

    When she’s 35 she’s gonna look 55. Guarantee it. She 21 looking 35 now.

  • Britt Schwei
    Britt Schwei 13 days ago

    When she said she had her own mtv show, I never knew they had a mtv you tube 🙄

  • llama dog
    llama dog 13 days ago

    Tana:does a photoshoot in a thong
    Me:eats salami and cry's

  • EI
    EI 14 days ago

    Seeing her face at different angles is fascinating

  • Sydney Squared
    Sydney Squared 14 days ago +4

    Jordan is literally the only normal one on this show😂 in my opinion and I hate how tana treats him

  • Gianah Reyes
    Gianah Reyes 14 days ago

    Jake is just gonna break her so bad,,,we waiting 🤡